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Why They’re Denying You Healthcare And Financial Support During A Pandemic

An old adage known as Betteridge’s law of headlines asserts that “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.”

There’s a Bloomberg story trending on Twitter right now about China having the ability to control the weather, with the headline reading “Has China Mastered Weather Modification? Should We Worry?

According to Betteridge, no.

It just goes on and on and on. Every single day the western mass media are bashing us in the face with stories about horrifying scary things other countries are doing which we all need to be afraid of, and from which we must turn imploringly to our own kind and beneficent rulers for protection.

Today China is controlling your weather. Yesterday the Russians were hacking your mind. The day before it was Kremlin microwave guns. Before that it was Chinese super soldiers. Tomorrow Venezuela will be using communist gamma rays to ruin your performance in bed.

And on and on and on and on. And, strangely, at no time will these media institutions warn you about the fact that your government is constantly murdering people in other countries every single day while you and your neighbors struggle to survive.

Right now the hot topic in US lefty discourse is the fact that Americans are struggling financially and medically as a result of Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdowns, yet the US government is doing virtually nothing to help with this. Americans received a piddling one-time $1200 payment eight months ago, and now after all this time they’re looking at receiving an even more ridiculous one-time $600 stimulus check.

There’s also the debate that’s been raging in US left circles over the call initiated by commentator Jimmy Dore for House progressives to force a floor vote on Medicare for All legislation, a big part of the argument being that it’s more important than ever to start pushing for a normal healthcare system in the United States right now. Millions of people are being thrown off their employer-provided insurance during the economic downturn and it is both a necessary and opportune time to either implement universal healthcare or at least draw public attention to which elected officials are standing in its way.

Both the campaign to get the US government to implement a proper healthcare system, and the fight to get meaningful financial support during the pandemic, will fail. Necessarily.

They will not fail because there’s a lack of public support for these things. They will not fail because of the number of seats controlled by members of a given party in the House or the Senate. They will not fail because “It’s just not realistic right now”.

They will fail, ultimately, because an entire globe-spanning empire depends upon keeping Americans struggling financially.

The US has a system of deliberately institutionalized poverty because if wealth were more evenly distributed in the most powerful nation on earth, there’d be no ruling class to ensure the domination of the globe-spanning empire. Plutocrats wouldn’t be able to use their massive wealth advantage to buy up influence over the political class and control public thought by purchasing mass media outlets and other mechanisms narrative control in order to ensure the continuation of the global status quo upon which those plutocrats have built their kingdoms. The system would belong to the people.

This is the real wall US progressives keep crashing into in their fight for economic justice in America. Ultimately their efforts to work within the official political system to implement economic justice fail because that system is set up to preserve economic injustice. It’s not ultimately about this or that political faction or any one particular politician, it’s the fact that there’s a massive amount of power riding on the ability to keep Americans too poor and powerless to interfere in the operation of the nation which serves as the hub of a massive global empire.

It’s like attempts to end the war in Afghanistan. Anyone who isn’t a brainwashed dupe knows there’s no legitimate reason for western forces to continue that 19-year occupation, yet whenever there’s a major push for withdrawal something always comes up. We can’t leave because of Al-Qaeda. We can’t leave because of women’s rights. We can’t leave because of Russian bounties. The official talking heads of the political/media class agree that it would be great to withdraw from Afghanistan, but for this or that blah blah reason, “It’s just not realistic right now”.

The unspoken reality is that those troops are in Afghanistan primarily due to that nation’s prime geostrategic location relative to the most powerful nations who oppose the dictates of the US-centralized empire, namely China, Russia, and Iran. The fall of those unabsorbed governments is the only thing that could ever bring about a military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In the same way, the American left is fed all kinds of reasons for why they need to remain impoverished for a few more years until conditions change in some way, when really the only reason is because there’s a massive globe-spanning power structure which depends on their remaining impoverished. It’s a larger-scale version of the real reason why Palestinians need to remain oppressed instead of treated as equal citizens in Israel: there’s just too much power riding on the control of that crucial geostrategic part of the Middle East for a population with no loyalty to the empire to be given any control over what happens there.

American leftists and progressives will keep crashing into this wall, over and over and over again, every time they try to work within the official US political system to ease the crushing poverty and inequality in the wealthiest nation on earth. If by some miracle they are able to overcome all the many, many, many obstacles built into the plutocrat-controlled system and put themselves in a position to implement policies of economic justice by following all the rules to a ‘t’, there will be an antisemitism scandal. There will be a Russia scandal. Someone will say they were raped. Whatever needs to happen to keep the people from obtaining wealth and power which could disrupt the global world order which depends on endless warmongering that benefits zero ordinary Americans.

Americans will never succeed in fighting economic injustice by appealing to the official US political system, no matter how many charismatic lefty politicians they find and no matter how energized their grassroots campaigns are. Only direct action outside the system, with the people using the power of their numbers to force real change, stands any chance of changing this.

But the bastards have bolted shut that escape route as well. People are prevented from using the power of their numbers to force real change by a highly sophisticated domestic propaganda operation controlled by the media-owning plutocratic class and heavily influenced by sociopathic government agencies. As long as people are being successfully propagandized by mass media manipulation into accepting the status quo, they will never rise up and make it change.

So the US left needs to address the problem of establishment narrative control first, before any change can even begin to occur. This can happen by way of a grassroots information rebellion with a sufficiently forceful push to help their countrymen realize that they are being propagandized. Trust in the mass media is at an all-time low and our ability to network and share information is at an all-time high, so we absolutely do have the ability to pry the rapey fingers of the establishment manipulators out of the minds of the public and help people see that they can have something better. If enough people awaken to the lies of the propaganda machine, they can shrug off the oppression machine like a heavy coat on a warm day, without a shot fired.

But it needs to happen soon, because our rulers understand this as well. This is why we’ve been seeing escalation after escalation in internet censorship protocols being rolled out by government-aligned Silicon Valley tech giants; they know they need to cut us off from our ability to wake each other up. And they know they need to hurry, because we’re already rapidly beginning to do exactly that.

That’s where you need to place your emphasis if you ever want economic justice, America. On overthrowing the establishment propaganda machine, and doing it now. Save yourselves and you might just save the entire world.


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Latest comments

  • This article is great, and the article about defeating the empire is also great. I’m impressed that the plan is so simple and effective (if people do it).

    – This is a tricky subject, and so this is my fourth attempt to write a comment on it. There is one more angle that needs to be added to all that.

    – There is a thing in our head (which is part of our subconscious mind) that tracks how often we hear things, and it most strongly believes what it hears the most. It is also a simple little thing, and doesn’t track complexity well. This is why the expert propagandists stick to simple themes. They add colorful song and dances to add weight and depth to the theme, and then endlessly repeat the theme. This is why they repeat, over and over, “the Russians did it”.

    – Caitlin has a good point about the need for a guerrilla psyop. If we repeatedly say something like “the billionaires always co-opt all concentrations of power”, which is true, which is why building a national organization will ways fail to change the status quo, the deep state will churn out oodles of propaganda to discredit that statement.

    – However, we still need some blunt, simple, true statement to fill that little thing in our heads, and counter the deep state propaganda that is currently filling it. The intellect has very little to do with what ends up in that little thing in our heads.

    – Frequently doing careful, thoughtful observation of self, then reflection time, having really serious chats with your self about what you really want to believe in, and looking for gaps between your behavior and beliefs, can clean out most of the propaganda that gets lodged in your subconscious mind. The more often we hear true statements, the less mental house cleaning we will need to do.

    This outline for an article will accomplish those objectives:
    – XYZ lied when they said blah and more blah.
    – Facts and more facts
    – XYZ lied when they said blah and more blah.
    – Consequence and more consequences
    – XYZ lied when they said blah and more blah.
    The articles must begin and end with the blunt, simple statement, so of all statements in the article, it will stick in the mind the most.

    The key point that will be hammered home is “they lied when they said”. The underlying message is all MSM journalists and all government figures are liars. If they weren’t liars, then they wouldn’t keep those jobs. Diligent lying is an essential part of those jobs.

    – It seems to me that saying, in many ways, in many different places, about many different people, “they lied when they said”, will be too generalized for an effective targeted attack using propaganda. They are already discrediting everybody that says things like that, and yet people keep publishing and reading these articles. So it will be a gain for us to be more blunt and direct in saying They Lie When They Speak.

    – Many alternative journalists are basically saying this message, but in a lot more words, which passes right by the thing in our head that tracks how often we hear things. The thing in our head is very simple and doesn’t recognize complexity. It only process very simple messages like “the Russians did it”. Our core message must the just as simple and direct.

    – This is no time to be polite or use professional formal speaking. We need to hammer, directly and bluntly, on the fact that They Lie When They Speak.

    – Psyops are about forcing messages into the subconscious because out of 10 votes for what you believe, the subconscious gets 9. This is why rationalizations and other defense mechanisms are rampant in society. People notice their actions aren’t what their professed beliefs are, and instead working to get internal congruity, they rationalize to explain the gap between their actions and professed beliefs.

    – If we include solid facts, with those messages that are forced into the subconscious, then our statements will be defensible and the intellect will be supporting (not resisting) what the subconscious thinks is true.

    – Remember: blunt and simple “XYZ lied when they said blah and more blah”.

  • Why not doxx the plutocrats and their corporations, families, address, emails, etc. And of course what criminal and oppressive acts they are doing and where. Make everything about them transparent.

  • I don’t doubt you. Just be aware they’re generally thought of as very high doses.

    • Sorry, that was meant for ‘JIMMY GULAG’ right at the bottom of the page.

  • And…
    “…if wealth were more evenly distributed in the most powerful nation on earth, there’d be no ruling class to ensure the domination of the globe-spanning empire.”
    Preposterous. When wealth was more evenly distributed, especially before the 1970s, the US still had its “ruling class to ensure the domination of the globe-spanning empire.” US imperialism has dominated the capitalist world since WWII, thus its ruling class didn’t magically appear in the 1980s or with neoliberalism. It’s been around since at least 1619.
    The converse is closer to reality: ‘If there were no ruling class to ensure the domination of the globe-spanning empire, the wealth would be more evenly distributed in the most powerful nation on earth’. And then some.

  • “May you live in interesting times” is upon us. Interesting also is that it has been attributed as a “Chinese Curse” which requires but slight contemplation as to why that statement might be a curse as opposed to a blessing… a matter of perspective, surely. But the current globalist oligarch conducted narrative is to hold all things Chinese harmless and instead blame the Russians for all slights whether real, perceived, imaginary or internally constructed. Of course this is subject to change without notice.

    Personally, my own crossbred “born in the USA!” genetic makeup is officially closer to Slavic than Asian but I’ve heard rumors that the Mongol hordes pretty well spread their own genetic material across Eastern Europe so who knows? I do have a bit of Oriental flushing syndrome (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcohol_flush_reaction) so perhaps this explains a personal affection for things oriental, either that or I simply like “strange stuff”? Regardless, I enjoy testing that particular reaction as occasion permits.

    The truth of the matter is that I have developed an appreciation and love for the whole variety of human beings currently manifested on the face of the Earth. I am therefore forced to fall into a cognitive camp close to that of our beneficent site author and host, at least as I perceive it, which identifies the origin of most accusations of transnational evil deeds as consisting of manipulative, long practiced propaganda in support of a certain status quo.

    But things apparently go much deeper than that. In the interest of testing the current level of world-wide paranoia, I’d like to suggest that the various leaderships of supposed nations in conflict (of some sort) are, shall we say, much more in touch with each other’s needs than they would have their common citizens suspect. While certain so called “leadership” attempts to demonize “those foreign devils” as the source of so many problems which those same leaders are quite probably directly responsible for either by their own action, lack of action or pure ineptitude, it is nevertheless hopeful that the real people of this whole world nevertheless manage to find a full appreciation of our true brotherhood.

    That said, we collectively must be aware of and on the guard against any false flag operations designed to manufacture consent into a quick response operation against “leadership’s” intended foe of the day. That is a favorite and truly evil trick because it most often works so very well. “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor!”. Trust also that an ultimate reckoning shall be made in truth and light.

  • “If enough people awaken to the lies of the propaganda machine, they can shrug off the oppression machine like a heavy coat on a warm day, without a shot fired.”
    In the immortal words of Nancy Marie-Antionette Pelosi, ‘That ain’t gonna happen’.
    People awakening ‘to the lies of the propaganda machine’ is only the very first but necessary step to overthrowing an entrenched ruling class, along with its remaining means of defence when all the brainwashing fails, when everyone is ‘woke’: its violent and blood-drenched state machine.
    If no-one is recognising or identifying this elephant in the room, then all the ‘awakening’ in the world won’t help. The next necessary condition then is a program that effectively addresses the burning needs of the majority that can mobilise masses to take power, in dealing with the bourgeoisie and their state. Such a program is based on understanding that the state machine is there precisely to prevent the great ‘unwashed’ from taking real power; and on the understanding that social power is crucial to achieving any fundamental social or economic change. It’s not just ideas and ‘awakenings’, and not simply street marches either.
    Real social power is concentrated in the hands of the working class with its ability to stop and start production and distribution at will. ‘Shut shit down’ really can only be done by those who ‘run shit’. This power is crucial both to making a revolution and laying the organisational basis for capitalism’s replacement. Then it’s not simply ‘people’ awakening to the lies of the rulers — it’s the majority of workers coming to the understanding that they have the means and motive to take power, and that it’s up to them to do so because no-one else has that kind of power. Well after ‘awakening to the lies of the propaganda machine’, the working class can attain the needed revolutionary consciousness only in the heat of actual struggle, not in debates between us ranters, printed words, or pixels on screens.
    And it’s not a matter of addressing “the problem of establishment narrative control first, before any change can even begin to occur”. History isn’t so well ordered and doesn’t work that way. In fact, narrative control is only really ‘addressed’ when the bourgeoisie’s media outlets and its communications channels are seized and taken over by the insurgents and used for revolutionary propaganda and agitation. And well before that happens, when masses are on the streets protesting, and when workers are defending strikes with pickets and more, then and there bourgeoisie’s ‘narrative’ figures little. In actual pitched battles against oppression, it’s the cops who institute ‘narrative control’ with their batons, teargas, water cannon, rubber bullets and lead. The George Floyd uprisings have taught many that salutary lesson. The bourgeoisie’s narrative is literally beaten out of people’s heads by police batons, and rather suddenly.
    The fundamental condition, the state-enforced machinery of capitalist exploitation — ie, “…the economical subjection of the man of labor to the monopoliser of the means of labor, that is, the sources of life, lies at the bottom of servitude in all its forms of social misery, mental degradation, and political dependence” [Marx] — is no ‘oppression machine’ that can be shrugged off so simply and easily like a ‘heavy coat on a warm day without a shot fired’. Shots most certainly will be fired — by bourgeoisie’s cops, military and fascistic auxiliary — and if anyone seeking real change is deluded enough to think otherwise, then they will be killed.
    A revolutionary ‘program’ or ‘counter narrative’ also is just words if not applied, and like an ‘awakening to the lies of the propaganda machine’, counts for little if a leadership doesn’t exist that’s determined to organise and carry out a revolution to rid us of the fundamental condition as expressed by Marx above. This lack of revolutionary leadership is the real crisis mankind faces. Until one emerges from from natural leaders thrown up in the heat of class and other struggles who are organised into a party of the Bolshevik type, then ‘the same old crap’ [Marx again] will only continue to drag our species down to its demise.

    • Stephen, you got it exactly correct. Thank you, really truly, for putting this out there. This is what has been on my mind endlessly aside from another personal crisis, that one even more endlessly. This above aside from the last remark [very personal and forefront] is what has been worrying me. I can activist all I want but it won’t matter if enough numbers and those in necessary spaces take action or step forward. It is this barrier of action that has formed a even bigger crisis. Now that it’s gotten more personal than myself I have so much more close to attend to as my concern. It is so sad to see this taking place with said awareness above and still no action. Something must be done, seriously, others do not understand, simply not acted or are manipulated to not realize how grave all has become. Hope for realization and the above is all one can hang on when it becomes so much more personal to oneself. Keep doing what you’re doing. This message, as it recited my exact sentiments and worry for such a long period, is the primary for necessary attention and far past due at that.

  • Caitlin, I think you are spot on in your perception that what is required for the liberation of humankind from the destructive (and ultimately suicidal) misinformation promulgated by its worldly “leaders” is a grassroots information rebellion. And I agree with your assertion that “if enough people awaken to the lies of the propaganda machine, they can shrug off the oppression machine like a heavy coat on a warm day, without a shot being fired.” But I don’t think that such a thing can occur through the internet. The internet is a worldly entity which is ultimately controlled by worldly people with worldly agendas, and as such it is fundamentally inadequate for the task at hand. (For example I think that our “leaders” will find a way to terminate this website when they perceive you to be a significant threat to their BS.)
    Where, then, does the solution to the problem lie? Again, I agree with your (apparently intuitive) insight that the beginning of the solution requires an understanding of our own true nature. But how will this lead to a solution? I think that we can better understand this when we understand the implications of
    Why have you come out to the countryside? To see a reed shaken by the wind? And to see a person dressed in soft clothing, like your rulers and your powerful ones? They are dressed in soft clothes, and they cannot understand truth.
    —Gospel of Thomas Saying 78
    To understand what I am getting at see the discussion of Saying 23 of the Gospel of Thomas in Chapter 3 of Part 3 of “The Tomb in the Garden, the First Easter and a Gospel of Jesus.” This ebook will be available at no charge from the Amazon online bookstore from December 24 through December 28.

  • NOT pandemic but PLANDEMIC

  • Let us be realistic: people will NOT awaken to the lies of the propaganda machine and the rulers know they can keep controlling their minions one way or another. But the world’s great Liberator announced a strategy for defeating the evil empire and it only requires a small number of dedicated revolutionaries: “I did not come to bring peace to the world, but a sword…..I came to liberate this civilization but they hate me because I testify that their actions are evil…….I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…… everyone on the side of truth listens to me……I came to give abundant Life……leave the dead to bury the dead and you come follow me….. whoever is not with me is against me……if you preserve my word (message) you will perceive the truth and the truth will liberate you.” He was not speaking of mere spiritual liberation or experience, but of real, political, social, financial and emotional liberation on earth in the age to come. He was speaking of real liberation from deception, injustice, tyranny, indoctrination, oppression, violence, prejudice, illness and vaccinations which they claim will prevent you getting sick as a result of the grossly unhealthy products and lifestyle they sell you and convince you to consume. Then after you get immune compromised and sick they sell you their vaccinations.
    Caitlin urges: “take the leap into the UNKNOWN.” But the world’s great liberator declared: “I am the light of the world……. whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life…… leave the bind to follow the blind and come follow me.” He stated that this ancient, evil and almost everlasting empire, namely the so-called “Holy Roman Empire” established by Roman Catholic bishops and cardinals and sustained by their allies until today will continue to deceive and corrupt the inhabitants of the earth with their tacit approval until His followers carry out His instructions and then their actions will precipitate the end of this evil empire. THE FUTURE IS KNOWN only the timing is unknown because the future depends on human action.

  • “Only direct action outside the system, with the people using the power of their numbers to force real change, stands any chance of changing this…. As long as people are being successfully propagandized by mass media manipulation into accepting the status quo, they will never rise up and make it change…. Trust in the mass media is at an all-time low and our ability to network and share information is at an all-time high, so we absolutely do have the ability to…help people see that they can have something better.” In these three sentences outlining three steps, Caitlin explains how to awaken Americans en masse from the neoliberal nightmare of the past 50 years: (1) erode residual trust in the MSM, (2) promote narratives about a better society within reach, (3) take the tidal wave so created into the streets. The progressive left is currently locked into step 1, relentlessly deconstructing but not yet constructing. At the most, ad hoc proposals are pushed but without the power and appeal of a larger narrative context. Because we can’t get to step 3 until we’ve taken the first two, that second step must begin in earnest as we continue to hammer on Step 1. So right now, we need prophetic visionaries like MLK who, standing on the mountaintop, paint portraits of “the beloved community,” “the promised land,” that better, more beautiful world our hearts know is possible (to use Charles Eisenstein’s phrase).Our second Gilded Age has yet to find its counterpart to the Edward Bellamy of the first Gilded Age, whose compelling portrait of a radically egalitarian society rivaled “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in popularity and social impact not only in America but across the world. Most of you, like me, never heard about him, did you, in all the years you were in school? Wonder why….



  • Researchers have uncovered a novel way in which Vibrio cholerae, the aquatic microbe that causes cholera, may increase its competitive fitness, and the likelihood of creating pandemic strains of the bacteria.

    Really!!!! It’s pretty obvious that these people who own the world, don’t love us, or you, or me ,or anyone without a lot of money, so I feel personally that since they don’t love me that I should just kill myself. I know when I’m not wanted.

    • You sound as though you’d prefer there was no research into what distinguishes pandemic and environmental strains of cholera. Why, when this disease is still a serious threat in parts of Africa and south-east Asia, with death rates up to 50% in untreated cases?

  • “Why They’re Denying You Healthcare And Financial Support During A Pandemic”
    Every day – in every way — they convey to us: “You” count for NOTHING, and “We” are the Special Ones that deserve all the good stuff of life. “You” will settle for whatever (if anything) “We” decide that you will get.
    The more They push our faces into the dirt, the more They benefit. Feeling privileged and enjoying abusing others is all They know how to be. No good crop ever comes from bad seed. And Their seed is as bad as the depth of the depravity of Their empty souls.
    “Americans received a piddling one-time $1200 payment eight months ago, and now after all this time they’re looking at receiving an even more ridiculous one-time $600 stimulus check.”
    And, NOT all Americans ever got that piddling $1200 check, either. And as for the pending whopping $600 check… with the destruction of value in the US Dollar that’s occurred without pause since 1913… that $600 buys about $100 worth of value of which it did 20 years ago. And some of those… ahem… “Public Officials”… have proposed that if you get take the damn damaging Covid vaccine then you shouldn’t get the $600 check, either. What’s $600 when weighed against a lifetime of resulting health problems. If they do tie the payment to taking the poison, then tell them to take that $600 check and place it squarely and firmly way up in their (deleted).
    “…we’ve been seeing escalation after escalation in internet censorship protocols being rolled out by government-aligned Silicon Valley tech giants; they know they need to cut us off from our ability to wake each other up.”
    ‘Vee vill tell you vhat to do and vhat to believe and you shall LIKE IT WITHOUT QVESTION!”
    We the People decide when to wake up. Not those Silicon Valley Sluts.

  • An area overlooked here in regards to occupation of foreign lands besides strategic locations is the need to extract natural resources. In the case of Afghanistan, vast mineral deposits, opium, etc. In Venezuela, oil. Of course political control and maintaining the MIC go hand in hand with all of it especially with the MIC being the largest business enterprise in the world. And recall that the U.S. uses (purportedly) 25% of the worlds resources and only comprises 5% of the worlds population. Oddly, for the cost of maintaining control of all these countries militarilly we probably could have spent far less just doing business and promoting good trade relations, quid pro quo. So much for “The art of the deal.”

  • Why They’re Denying You Healthcare And Financial Support During A Pandemic:
    1) They can’t even split the take among elite factions any more.
    2) When one faction beats the other it will be time to really cull the herd (us).
    3) We are the source of blood meat and work.
    We don’t GET the blood, meat and work.
    4) It’s all broken, anyway, and one faction of elites won’t really win decisively to control the empire.
    5) We have to “fix it”, without help from the unfixable system, in our spare time, while feeding ourselves.

  • Caitlin, I love your work, but I have to agree with Khatika on this one. I live in the belly of the Beast and I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone tell me they don’t want to hear anything that contradicts the MSM narrative, even when their own experience contradicts that narrative. I have come to think of it as a form of Stockholm Syndrome. I am called crazy, told to stop reading, stop listening to “those people,” stop questioning what is presented on TV.

    Aside from that, you missed a major reason why US troops will never be withdrawn from Afghanistan. It is because they are there to create, maintain, and facilitate the opioid crisis. A veteran who returned from there told me that his orders while in Afghanistan were, “Protect the poppy fields.” Several years ago, a local news commentator did a segment on his show outlining the statistical correlation between years of the Afghanistan occupation and the steady rise of both legal and illegal opioid use in the US. Big pharma gets huge profits, people are kept busy dealing with addictions of either themselves or family members, and the oligarchs laugh all the way to the bank.

    • Not only has the amount of opium produced in Afghanistan increased dramatically since the US invasion, but the opium is now refined into heroin there instead of being exported raw. It’s what economists refer to as adding value.

  • As this Pandemic continues, is there an ever-increasing crisis of (U.S.) people not having (or losing) healthcare coverage? Don’t worry. As soon as the Biden administration comes in, the Individual Mandate will be reinstated, the related fines for not being covered will be doubled, and the IRS will be given even more power to implement/check compliance and audit (primarily the poor – 95%?). When this all takes place many will wonder what happened to the promised Public Option. Then, just as back then, they will hear and see: That’s “just a sliver.” “Let’s not let the good be an enemy of the perfect.” Summary: “Now that we have created (forced) ACCESS to (corporate) healthcare, the entire issue is resolved.” And then, just as back then, don’t pay any attention to this: “If a mandate was a solution, we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating everyone buy a house.”
    As far as “Financial Support,” we wanted to give another special message when that $1200 was reduced to only a “possible” $600. If you still did not get the message, try these: “Learn to Code.” “Personal Responsibility.” And, “Just think about all the new entrepreneurial opportunities we have provided for your plates!”

  • Piercing, painful insights in this post of Caitlin’s about the quandary of the current American left. Once upon a time, when I was young, the American working class had managed to fight its way into being decently paid, and working class families like mine (especially white ones) were able to live fairly secure and enjoyable lives. For the first time, working class kids could afford to go to college. So we poured into campuses across the country, read the great books, engaged our professors and one another in conversations about the meaning of life, and came to realize that our country was falling far short of the ideals we had been taught in school. Our country was waging a criminal war in Vietnam; black people and other minorities continued to be oppressed, etc. So the campuses became the centers of a new renaissance, not a full-blown revolution but a counterculture that infused the antiwar movement and the civil rights/black power movement with the inexhaustible energy and idealism of youth. THAT scared the shit out of the PTB. So they flooded the counterculture with drugs, killed off the political leaders of the new renaissance, jacked up the cost of higher ed while freezing wages, and thus made sure that never again would working class kids have the opportunity to afford college, come together, raise their consciousnesses, and in turn raise hell with the status quo. Having lived through all of this, here’s the question I ask myself: Can the internet somehow take the place of the campus in awakening the young and building solidarity among them? It’s a longshot, I know, but there are some encouraging signs, and the older I get, the more I cling to them and babble on like this.

  • This is another excellent big picture column from Caitlin. This is the reason I am a Marxist and support the Socialist Equality Party and socialist revolution. The empire is a greedy, hungry, violent beast that demands to be fed with the resources and human sweat it needs to continue its ravages of the planet. There is no way to “reform” a ravening beast.

    Regarding Afghanistan, read the writings of Mackinder and the idea of possession of the World Island. That goal, of controlling the World Island, has never been forgotten or put aside. The British Empire wanted it. Now the U.S. empire wants it. Nothing else matters to them and all of these wars and slaughter are done in pursuit of that mad aim.

    Capitalism and imperialism must be done away with and replaced by socialism. Not Stalinism, which was a distortion of Marxism created by Josef Stalin, but true socialism. The expropriators must be expropriated.

    • Quite correct: There is no way to “reform” a ravening beast.

    • Socialism is even more of failed philosophy. Socialism isn’t about equality. Why should we be equal anyway? Who thought that up -well St-Juste and Robespierre, who created a tyranny based on terror that furnished the blueprint for communism. You have the ruling elite who control everything and the general public under their thumb so the elite can stay in power. Venezuela is a beautiful example of where socialism leads. Leftists are always hung up on theories and fantasies but never want to look at cold, hard reality. Better to be oppressed by capitalism than starved by socialism.

  • This article is almost everything I would have said on the topic. But let’s also not forget that heroin comes from poppies and that Afghanistan has the best poppies in the world. We’re not really fighting a war on drugs, since they help those in power control a large segment of the population.

    • Not really fighting a war on drugs? A Google image search for ‘us troops opium fields afghanistan’ shows what kind of drug war it is, and drugs are clearly not the victims.

  • It is imperative that we work together on a multifaceted assault on the misinformation that we’re constantly given. Yes, this includes dissemination of information. It also includes ensuring that those in political positions of power fear the consequences when considering the writing and signing of legislation that takes food from the mouths of the hungry. Get involved.



    • You’re going to use the state (Facebook) against the state (the rest of the machine)? Good luck with that. I suggest that those with moderate technical chops look into peer-to-peer communication, for example Peertube (//https://peer.tube/) and its kind. You’re going to need alternate channels.

      • Generally, we’re using a CDN that disseminates from DNS restriction-proof IPs. Facebook is just one piece of a network of systems we utilize. This is about direct action. We will be in DC on Jan 20th. Don’t care what Facebook does.

      • Also, P2P is neat and all, but if it comes down to it, the DNS has allowed throttling legally now. The comcasts and Charters of the world will kill that in an instant. There is 0 preventing it. This is wide open. view-source:https://peer.tube/

  • Let me tell you that our every movement are monitored by GAFA and reported. So if someone wants to waken his fellow and assume the leadership of inform other, as soon as the establishment will see that this call is going to make people realize their state of slavery, they will distroy that person by accusing him of being a russian spy,…or any other pretexts. We all need to turn to GOD. Jesus, peace upon him, said that if you see a snake is going to bite a fellow human and you do not try kill the snake or save that human in other way, you become an accomplice. The same way, if you see a tyrant droping bombs on innocents and you do not try to stop bhim your are accomplice

    • Superstition is no cure for imperialism.

  • An energy reality lesson for all your renewable energy dreams. What they are not telling you. Just something to distract you while their true agenda moves forward.


    • One of PragerU’s less ridiculous offerings, until the idea that increasing use of hydrocarbons will better serve the world.

      • Just a comparison of our energy predicament which is being papered over with renewables. However reducing the population should help alleviate that.

        • I hear that Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum have plans for reducing our numbers. Does PragerU have a short instructional video regarding how we might cooperate? Will taking a vaccine help?

  • One of your best pieces ever. You just keep getting better. All praises to you.

  • Afghanistan…….wonderful RESOURCES esp Lithium and the rare metals. Fantastic gemstones……Lapis Lazuli since 5000BC. Source of Utramarine Blue. Kunzite. etc. How could you forget OPIUM and Morphine base??? Poppy heaven !!!

  • And after this revolution is successful, what will we do? Why we construct, or allow to be constructed, a “new and better” government. Which will immediately embark upon a repeat performance. That’s the fundamental nature of governments. They acquire power until they over extend the use of it and fail. There may be occasional periods with benevolent leadership, but they don’t usually last long. There will be nations that simply can’t afford to assume such power, but they are usually swallowed up by those who can. Such has been the case at least since Alexander the Great. Which is one of the earliest known because that’s about the time we first started writing things down. My history may be off, but you get the idea. The power of government is viscously sought by psychopaths, which often being quite intelligent and charismatic, eventually control it. The “legitimate” use of violence to compel compliance with their wishes as “law”, which essentially defines government, is the prefect environment for them.

    • Thank you for popping the dream bubble with a reality pin. My view exactly. Thinking everyone can just “wake up” and revolt is silly. People never wake up and only revolt when conditions become unbearable. Otherwise they follow orders. Wear your mask, keep social distance. Remember we are all in this together. Sound familiar.

      • And yet the world has changed in some ways. German and Arabian tribes destroyed the Roman Empire. Capitalism destroyed feudalism, hereditary monarchy, and established religion. The Internet has the capacity to destroy capitalist media and other crucial institutions of control. It is true that everyone is not going to revolt at once. But one by one people are going to wake up, and many of them, being capable of elementary perception and reason, will decide to take a walk.

        • Rome did exactly what I stated above. Acquired power until they overextended it and destroyed their currency in an attempt to save itself. Finally failing to the point they were unable to defend themselves. Capitalism did not destroy feudalism, monarchy, and religious control politically, it did so economically. No other economic system has delivered more prosperity to more people. Too bad it no longer exists. It was eliminated by the bank cartel with the willing assistance of its cohorts in governments and corporations. We now have a top down controlled economy. Free markets don’t offer them such opportunity. In such only providing a product or service that people need or want at a price they are willing and able to pay can garner any wealth. In other words, only by serving their fellows. We are now compelled at gunpoint to deliver wealth to the bank cartel , politicians, and corporations, regardless how they serve us, or don’t.

  • Nikola Tesla discovered AC/DC current in 1883 and we have NEVER been able to come up with anything better since !

    Weather manipulation has been practised by the US for at least 50 years !!

    The people don’t understand because they have been kept so dumbed down !

    There is no NEW water – the ‘jet stream ‘ is manipulated with frequency that cause floods – droughts and extreme weather around the globe – there is NO doubt that the recent floods in China were caused by weather manipulation !

    Resonant frequency comes from the earth every 1 hour 48 minutes ( like clockwork ) – Tesla said pushing that frequency back (he likened it to pushing a child on a swing) would result in the frequency coming back stronger and stronger the more it was pushed back !1
    Causing earthquakes !

    People don’t understand physics !!

    Tesla also used ZERO point energy to create a SCALAR wave ( which travels faster than light ) and sent it to Tunguska where it flattened the entire target – the result is still evident today !

    Warfare today involves the ‘unseen’ – frequency causing floods – drought – earthquakes !!
    There is 3x the OIL under the Arctic ice as there is in the ME – melting the ice by ‘reflecting’ frequency off the ionosphere is obviously possible !!

    Short wave radio works by reflecting frequency off the ionosphere – THAT is how ‘Ham’ radio enthusiasts used to communicate !

    Believe me – there is NO need for bombs – MIC makes them strictly for profit !!
    The ‘Hadron Collider’ is another weather manipulation tool !

    Russia – China and even Iran are way ahead in this science – they know EXACTLY what the US are doing and I would venture to say that the reduction in severe earthquakes worldwide – is a result of Russia/China blocking the frequency !!


    • Recently, some scientists from NASA have claimed that there may be a black hole like structure at the centre of the earth. We show that the existence of life on the earth may be a reason that this black hole like object is a black brane that has been formed from biological materials like DNA. Size of this DNA black brane is 109 times longer than the size of the earth’s core and compacted interior it. By compacting this long object, a curved space-time emerges, and some properties of black holes emerge. This structure is the main cause of the emergence of the large temperature of the core, magnetic field around the earth and gravitational field for moving around the sun. Also, this structure produces some waves which act like topoisomerase in biology and read the information on DNAs. However, on the four-dimensional manifold, DNAs are contracted at least four times around various axis’s and waves of earth couldn’t read their information. While, by adding extra dimensions on 4 +n-dimensional manifold, the separation distance between particles increases and all of the information could be recovered by waves. For this reason, each DNA has two parts which one can be seen on the four-dimensional universe, and another one has existed in extra dimensions, and only it’s e_ects is observed. This dark part of DNA called as a dark DNA in an extra dimension. These dark DNAs not only exchange information with DNAs but also are connected with some of the molecules of water and helps them to store information and have memory. Thus, the earth is the biggest system of telecommunication which connects DNAs, dark DNAs and molecules of water.
      Massimo Fioranelli (co-author of ‘5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells’) et al., Open Access Macedonian J Med Sci, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6910781/

    • YOU don’t understand physics. Stop spreading hysterical falsehoods.
      I have a degree in physics, just to let you know that I do know a bit about it.

  • On fire today sister Caitlin, right on!

  • I’m always amused when some poor victim at the CIA has classified weapons used on them because they use them to torture anyone that threatens to expose any of the horrible things the CIA, FBI or police officers do on a regular basis. And now corporate America and neighborhood watches are in on the game against (TIs) targeted individuals. Torturing people without leaving a mark on them is a trillion dollar industry that exists only in the form of black budgets without oversight. I know this is beside the point of this great article I just don’t want people to believe that our government would never torture people ln these heinous ways with classified weapons systems. Because they do and they do it every second of every day.

  • Not sure if my post got thru so a precis is – how does the impoverished US population pay enough tax dollars to pay for all MIC and oligarch stuff?

    • The MIC and oligarchs use the resources they control to produce the stuff they want. Thee US population is paid according to market rates, ie. however little they can get away with.
      Tax dollars don’t enter into it, except to ensure most of the population remain in economic precarity.

    • Taxes don’t fund federal spending. On the federal level, the currency-creation level, fiat money is created merely by spending decisions that credit certain accounts. It’s been that way since Nixon eliminated the Gold Standard. If Americans are to wake up, as Caitlin implores us to do, then one of the first awakenings must be the awareness of this fact. Is the answer to go back to some sort of Gold Standard, some artificial limit on the money supply? No, because we desperately need that same power of money creation to meet dire human and environmental needs. The only way out is not back but through. Bill Mitchell’s blog, also from Australia, lays all of this out in exhaustive detail, and I encourage Caitlin’s readers to pull up “billyblog” and spend some profitable time nosing around…and awakening.

    • They print it out of thin air – it is then ‘recycled’ into MIC corporations through Wall St !

      This causes hyper- inflation in the ‘markets’ but not on main street !

      The FED has already admitted printing 7 trillion in 2020 !1

      Weimar here they come !

  • Don’t the rich companies get rich and the Pentagon get the weapon manufactures rich by using taxpayer dollars? If the US population is kept in poverty where are the tax dollars to pay for all this coming from? Printing the money which eventually becomes worthless, perhaps?

    • Not taxpayer dollars. That is just about obedience and control. They just print more money with nothing behind it but faith. That is why we are trillions in “debt.” Will it eventually become worthless? Perhaps when it is no longer the world’s “reserve currency”. Maybe it will turn out like Star Trek, and the concept of money will become obsolete.

      • There is something else behind the money and that is force. The sovereign can make a unit of money worth anything it likes, at least up to the totality of usable resources, simply through the use of force. That might seem like theft, but since the sovereign gets to define ‘theft’ it’s not theft after all.

  • An excellent read on the reality of “America” in *our* world. Better get busy before the wide-scale rollout of 5G tech and maximum intrusive AI, folks! This is the “Time of The People”. Better get on it.

  • Yep.

  • ‘An old adage known as Betteridge’s law of headlines asserts that “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.”’

    There is a common saying in German: “blöde Frage, blöde Antwort” – stupid question, stupid answer. Meaning, if you ask a stupid question you will get a stupid answer.

    From this I derived the the rule: if a title consists of a stupid question you can absolutely rely on that the article is at least as stupid as the title.

  • Now the Chinese are being accused of plundering the oceans:
    Thank fuck us white Caucasians don’t do shit like that.
    Greed is the disease.
    Extinction is the cure.

    • Not the Chinese but the world in general have overfished the oceans.

    • Sharing this FYI:
      “Salmonopoly” – a documentary about the global giant Salmon farming company Marine Harvest and their operations in Chile.
      I have started here from time 33:24 – just watch the few minutes following that – and the last few minutes from 47:50 minutes in particular.

  • You say this to a world that overnight was scared shitless into wearing a mask and keeping up social distancing. You are wasting your breath. The world is full of ignorant followers. The only way anything happens will be if enough of them lose their cell phones or start to go hungry.

    • Thank you for bring reality into this topic. A scared shitless humanity does as it is told and thanks the MSM for warning them in time.

  • Caitlin, your keen insights into the machinations of American politics continues t inform my perceptions of same; thank you for that. Carry on!

  • The reason you’re being denied, is because most of you just aren’t all that profitable to have around, and it was already decided years ago, and published last year. On the internet for all to read, but very few bothered to do so, that one hundred million of you Americans have to go. Either emigrate from America and go elsewhere or die, you aren’t wanted anymore.

    • Not just Americans. Look to your own backyard too. The harvesting is coming beginning in 2022 and continuing through 2025. Pandemics and food shortages along with at least a 4x increase in the cost of food. Many will perish worldwide as planned.

      • There are already food shortages, not because there is a shortage of food, but because of the way in which the food is distributed. There are people going hungry _now_, while truckloads of food are dumped in vacant lots or allowed to rot where they grew.

        • All part of the plan. Less food. Less energy. Less people.

  • Avoid Rockefeller medicine doctors and hospitals at all costs for the rest of your lives. Up your vitamin C and D levels throughout your lives. Thank me later!

    • The snake-oil salesmen didn’t capture regulatory agencies like the AMA and the CDC; they created them for the sole purpose of facilitating sales of snake oil. Be wary of any advice coming from those sources, as it may or may not be factual. If you don’t mind, Bill, I’ll thank you now. I’ve been following your advice for years and, so far, it’s served me well.

      • Fully agree. Even local doctors have been corrupted by such advice along with the pharmaceutical industry. Dont just blindly do what they tell you. A great example is statins. It only lowers cholesterol by 10 or 15 points but damages your liver. No one yet knows the long term effects.

        • The cholesterol hypothesis was always weak. Statins do reduce arterial inflammation. So does vitamin-D. You can take both. If you take statins, it is good to take Co-Q 10, which statins deplete.
          Vitamin-D dose if you weigh over 100# is 5000 units/day.

          • That’s generally considered a very high dose with possible adverse affects, especially for someone so light (assuming # means pounds).
            “The IOM report noted possible harm (eg, hypercalcemia, soft tissue or vascular calcification) for intakes above the tolerable upper limit, which is the highest level of intake likely to pose no risk of adverse effects for most adults. … The recommended dietary allowance for vitamin D is 600 IU/d for adults 70 years or younger and 800 IU/d for those older than 70 years. The tolerable upper limit is 4000 IU/d; beyond this level risk of toxic effects increases.”

            • i was prescribed a dose of D3 like this:
              50,000 IUs each Monday for 12 weeks.
              or 7,000 a day.
              a slim female friend also tore her cartilage and got the same presciption.
              my Dr. called low D3 levels a SF epidemic.
              this city gets very little strong sun.

              • I don’t doubt you. Just be aware they’re generally thought of as very high doses.

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