While the Capitol riot is being hysterically compared to Pearl Harbor and Kristallnacht by the political/media class, the Trump administration has done something far, far worse that is receiving far, far less attention.

The US State Department has officially announced its intention to designate Yemen’s Houthis as a terrorist group, as many had previously warned. Humanitarian organizations have been condemning the move as it will make it more difficult to provide aid to a population that is already being brutalized by the worst mass atrocity in the entire world, a Saudi-led atrocity which could not occur without the help of the western power alliance.

We are already seeing some effects of this designation.

Antiwar‘s Dave DeCamp reports the following:

The terror designation will hamper the efforts of international charities that deliver food to Houthi-controlled areas, where 70 percent of Yemen’s population lives and malnutrition is the most widespread.


Aid agencies fear their work in north Yemen will now be criminalized since the Houthis are the authority they have to deal with and make transactions with. US terror designations open up sanctions on any individuals or entities that do business with those Washington brands as terrorists.


Pompeo said exemptions would be made for humanitarian goods. But any additional roadblocks for aid agencies will cause more suffering in Yemen since the situation is so dire. “Even with exemptions, the operation will be compromised,” said Janti Soeripto, the president of Save the Children, according to AP News.

The United Nations conservatively estimates that some 233,000 Yemenis have been killed in the war between the Houthis and the US-backed Saudi-led coalition, mostly from what it calls “indirect causes”. Those indirect causes would be disease and starvation resulting from what UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calls “the worst famine the world has seen for decades”.

When people hear the word “famine” they usually think of mass hunger caused by droughts or other naturally occurring phenomena, but in reality the starvation deaths we are seeing in Yemen (a huge percentage of which are children under the age of five) are caused by something that is no more natural than the starvation deaths you’d see in a medieval siege. They are the result of the Saudi coalition’s use of blockades and its deliberate targeting of farms, fishing boats, marketplaces, food storage sites, and cholera treatment centers with airstrikes aimed at making the Houthi-controlled parts of Yemen so weak and miserable that they break.

In other words, the US and its allies have been helping Saudi Arabia deliberately kill children and other civilians on mass scale in order to achieve a political goal. Which would of course be a perfect example of any standard definition of terrorism. The unfathomably savage and bloodthirsty US empire designating the Houthis as a terrorist organization is the least funny joke that has ever been told.

This move is quantifiably far, far worse than anything Trump could possibly have done to incite the Capitol riot, as it will kill far, far more people, yet the mass media fixate on one news story while virtually ignoring the other. This is because the Capitol riot story feeds into partisan narratives and manufactures consent for authoritarian domestic terrorism laws, while the Yemen story highlights the depravity of US imperialism. The plutocrat-owned media does not exist to give you a truthful representation of the world, it exists to keep the wheels of the empire rolling along.

There’s a weird taboo against saying some things are worse than other things, especially when it involves things the mass media tell us are of cataclysmic significance. People shriek “Why are you minimizing the Capitol raid??” and “Why are you comparing them! It’s not a pissing contest!” This is stupid. All things are not equal to all other things, and figuring out the ways in which news coverage is disproportionate and not reflective of reality is a very important part of making sense of the world.

So now Americans are being fed a steady diet of narratives about the threat Trump’s radicalized base poses to people of color, while ignoring the fact that Trump is currently implementing policies which facilitate the butchery of people of color. Only difference is the latter is hidden behind geographical remoteness, and is far more egregious.

It matters that the mass media do not cover news stories with an accurate degree of proportion. It matters that they keep the public’s gaze diverted from the horrors of empire while radically distorting their sense of reality. This isn’t some idle “contrarian take”. This matters.

In the last couple of centuries we’ve progressed all the way from expecting our leaders to murder brown-skinned people while saying racist things to expecting our leaders to murder brown-skinned people while condemning racism. The murder hasn’t changed, and the racism hasn’t really changed either. All that’s changed is the norms of how it is put into practice.

This matters.


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103 responses to “FYI Trump’s Latest Yemen Move Is Far Worse Than The Capitol Riot”


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  2. Caitlin, I have a word for you, and knowing your penchant for Narrative, I hope you see this comment as you will undoubtedly recognize the utility of it.


    Feel free to use it as your own if you want. Words want to be free too.

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  3. If you voted Dem or Rep you are an accessory to murder.

    1. This! Get your act together Americans and start founding/trusting new/other parties and persons untainted by the deep rooted corruption. Quit voting for the same old mafias over and over again. Whoever says democracy can only work with two ‘centrist’ (neoliberal) parties is a miserable liar. Besides, it’s the center that acts most extremist these days, as Caitlin repeatedly proves with her analysis.

      Greetings from Germany.

  4. Some other views and more representative video from people in the completely peaceful march, who found some “grungy men” already at the capital when they arrived, already going in and so on.

  5. bitchute [dot] com/video/5hZnpmZ5MlaF/

    Odd CENSORSHIP parameters in these parts.

    1. TRT 1:33:25~ish. That’s Whitney Webb and Ryan Cristian – speaking on 1/7/21 about the 1/6/21 events at the Capitol – and the foreshadowing in media which preceeded it. Whitney’s an amazing investigative Journalist – with sympathies that seem often to parallel Caitlin’s own. She even mentioned and compared Trump’s involvement in DC, with his crimes in Yemen… So strange that Caitlin’s blog won’t let me post a functioning link.

      If you see this Ms. Johnstone…I’m curious who sets the link blacklisting criteria, on your blog, and upon what basis? If your website doesn’t like a link in my comment – I lose all of the commentary that went along with it – into the ether of cyberspace.

  6. Everyone needs to read this article. This is what humanity is facing. Instead we talk about assange, yemen, biden. All of that is meaningless when compared where we are headed. We are on the edge of systemic collapse and widespread death by disease and famine.


    1. This article adds even more dimension to the matter:


      That said, the bullshit actions and narratives concealing them that is being scrutinised in the writings on this site are a significant reason why the underlying problem exists and why it remains unaddressed. A set of especially ugly Russian dolls if you like. The largest one, that encapsulates all of the others, is kept hidden by the myriad that spring from it.

      An amazing things really. Apparently humans are not good at seeing elephants that reside in their lounge rooms. They are far more readily obsessed with elephant dung.

      1. This is the underlying cause of climate change hysteria and covid plandemic. Organized efforts to slow down consumption before total collapse.

        1. If that were true (not saying it isn’t) then it’s not a completely bad thing. The evil lies within the aspects that seek to maintain the iniquitous power structure on the way down.

        2. climate change is not “hysteria”. neither is focusing on assange. the elites are taking advantage of climate change, which they as much or more than anybody are responsible for causing. that doesn’t make it a hoax.

          1. Climate change isn’t a hoax. The bullshit response is a hoax.

            Can you fathom the stupidity (deception?) of advocating commodity trading as the solution when an excess of exactly that is a fundamental part of the cause of the problem?

            Instead of identifying and stopping the vast array of stupid shit we are doing, the proposition is that we add another element of stupid shit to the existing inventory. Can such quality of consciousness perhaps be described as greed induced autism?

  7. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “There’s a weird taboo against saying some things are worse than other things, especially when it involves things the mass media tell us are of cataclysmic significance.”
    Some things are bad, and some things are good, and some things are just plain neutral. Yet there is among many a need to compare and rank them as if they are competing for positions in one’s Class Ranking in school. Some things are a little bad. Some things are dreadful sins. A thing should be called what “it” is on its own accord without regard for anything else. It’s not a competition. Bad is bad and good is good. It’s not popular to say that anymore, but that doesn’t change its factual state and that Karma judges these things every moment. And Karma doesn’t take orders from humans or anything else.
    “So now Americans are being fed a steady diet of narratives about the threat Trump’s radicalized base poses to people of color, while ignoring the fact that Trump is currently implementing policies which facilitate the butchery of people of color. Only difference is the latter is hidden behind geographical remoteness, and is far more egregious.”
    People of color have always been under threat. This has gone on way before Trump. Check out the European powers who subdued native populations all over the Earth hundreds of years ago. Still goes on in many places today under different “powers”.
    For some reason, now only Trump and his supporters are the great big problem in the World today. Without being a fan of the man…one must ask… Was Trump the problem in America in the 1950s in the American South and in the 1960s in America’s Northern cities when terrible racial strife was going on? Was Trump one of the Conquistadors that conquered Mexico many generations ago and wiped out the native culture? Are Trump’s people “burning books” like the Holy Big Tech powers are doing now to erase chunks of their websites? Such is life when any certain group gets fully demonized to promote an agenda for somebody else. The problem today is that it’s not only people of color who are being threatened. Plenty of Whites – working class, Middle class – any Whites who have ideas that differ from All of Today’s Sacred and Most Holy Approved Dogmas – are under heavy siege today as well. Trump is no angel as we know (far from it) nor are some of his supporters. He has plenty to answer for. But many of “his” policies would be going on anyway today if he never left his business empire four years ago. And — believe it or not! – not all of Trump supports are rotten to the core and terrible racist deviants. Very many are hard-working people that have been made to feel worthless in a society that does not value them in any way and likes (love with a passion) to marginalize and call them names. And many were Democrats that couldn’t stand the stench that the Party has devolved into. I guess our World will never leave our grade school playgrounds. We’ll be ten years old forever…

  8. The best way to kill the beast is starvation. In this case I mean financial starvation. Start promoting a plan to orchestrate nation-wide withdrawing deposits from banks, selling all investments, bartering instead of buying and selling, stop using cash and then you do not have to pay taxes. This is the only effective strategy but too hard for us comfortable financial slaves.

  9. Crimes against humanity, orchestrated by the USA’s Deep State agencies, cannot be carried out without billions of dollars of taxes paid by USA citizens and without billions of dollars obtained through illegal arms, drugs and slave trade carried out by the Deep State’s agents while the great majority of USA citizens choose to ignore, or they justify as necessary for their security. Shame on the great majority!

  10. So if the oligarchs are so smart, how come they haven’t figured out a way to make money from unpalatable truths?

    1. They have. They make a fortune from hiding them.

  11. Or we could just do the Math. So if the most dangerous animal on the planet, gets a mind disease, goes bad and enters your house at night with a knife or baseball bat studded with nails. Protecting your wife and family with a ‘firearm’ with a 120gr projectile is really in bad taste simply because you ‘feel threatened’

    On the other hand they say 10 million at risk of famine in Yemen. So 370 million Americans divided by 10 million equals 3.7 we will round it down to 3. So Every American is now willing to see 3 people in Yemen die because they are, not threatening their family in an evil rampage. Not they are ‘threatening our National interest’.

    So we kill 30 million ‘Russians’ in a preemptive ‘limited’ nuclear strike. 370 million divided by 30. So here we American are willing to Kill (dead) 12 Russians for each man, woman and child in the U.S. Because ‘They threaten us” But ‘Gun control is a very, very important issue. Don’t forget that.

    1. It’s interesting that during the official war on Iraq, anyone there seen with a gun was a legitimate target for US troops. Interesting because back home in the Benighted States, carrying guns around is viewed as a sacred constitutional right, an essential means of protecting their so-called democracy. Amazing that so few see the inconsistency.

      1. Right, as long as our troops are in your country, you have no rights. Total domination. Not ‘concern for the people’ total domination.

      2. Perhaps we might see that difference shrink as more ordinary US citizens become enemies of the State? The compounding polarity is not heading in a direction that the on-ground participants will gain much comfort from..

  12. “It matters that (the MSM) keep the public’s gaze diverted from the horrors of empire while radically distorting their sense of reality. This isn’t some idle ‘contrarian take’. This matters.” I think that we have fallen short in figuring out ways to take on the MSM. Creating a marginalized alternative media can go only so far. What we should do IMHO is launch an organized, nationwide consumer boycott of ALL the advertisers on the MSM. Call them out and refuse en masse to buy their products and services until the MSM ends the diversion and distortion, starts to provide true and timely information about the most important issues in our nation and the world. Combine the Trumped-up rightwing hatred of the MSM with the longstanding disdain of the principled left, and big dents indeed could be put into the profits of the pimps behind the pressitutes. Don’t just deconstruct the ideas of the MSM; also hit them square and hard in their pocketbooks.

  13. How my government operates!
    It is estimated that 30,000 Argentinians were murdered and disappeared during the dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla. Declassified documents pertaining to Operation Condor clearly show that the U.S. was informed of the systematic process of disappearing Argentinians opposed to the dictatorship and it also provided the helicopters used for the death flights. “A human rights source contact in the medical profession whose reporting has been reliable in the past informed the embassy in late June that terrorists and subversives selected for elimination were now being administered injections of ‘ketalar’.” The substance administered was used to induce rapid loss of consciousness in the victim, facilitating the dictatorship’s practice of disappearing their opponents by throwing the bodies off helicopters into the ocean. Since the declassification of these documents, it has become known that contrary to what was previously believed, the death flights were not only used to disappear detainees who had already been murdered by the state – some victims were only sedated after torture. The death flights, therefore, were both used as a form of murder and disappearance of dictatorship opponents.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Declassified Documents Are Only One Part of U.S. Accountability in Latin America by Ramona Wadi!

    1. Horrible secret crimes but I am not the least bit surprised.

  14. I tried to watch the Arnold comedy hour video, It was really too hard to do so i quit I must confess. One thing I did notice though as I attempted to watch it again was the background music and the prop (sword) If you take away anything from this video make it be the power of persuasion more than anything. Perhaps what we all need is our own personal Audio of the most awesome background music made. We could have different music even for different settings and circumstances. Yes, you could have small speakers that throw the music like a Bose wave machine embedded into your clothing and a small detachable micro control panel so everything is machine washable. Then as you sit at the dinner table and that subject comes up again. You will hold sway over the conversations. People will listen and say, “Joey just really made sense tonight I think”

    1. Oh, the prop, If forgot the prop. Maybe they will one day start selling designer staffs. Larger than walking cane but not quite as large as regular staff, more inconspicuous. Still a long thing you carry around that makes people sit up and notice..They may ask, “is that a staff” and you just quietly and solemnly say, “no”. The trick though is to always have it, never let it down. So there you are at the dinner table staff in hand. People will think, magic. Gandalf will make a resurgence in common baby names.

  15. Caitlin Johnstone wrote:
    > In other words, the US and its allies have been helping Saudi Arabia deliberately kill children and other civilians on mass scale in order to achieve a political goal. Which would of course be a perfect example of any standard definition of terrorism.
    That’s clear, even mainstream dictionaries and encyclopedias have to agree:
    “Terrorism: Violent action for political purposes.”
    — Cambridge English Dictionary
    “Terror: Violence or the threat of violence used as a weapon of intimidation or coercion.”
    — Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary
    “Terrorism: The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”
    — Oxford English Dictionary
    “This article is about terrorism sponsored by the United States.”
    United States and state-sponsored terrorism — Wikipedia
    “This article is about allegations of US state terrorism.”
    United States and state terrorism — Wikipedia
    See also:
    Posts Tagged “Terrorism” — Caitlin Johnstone
    Posts Tagged “Peace” — Caitlin Johnstone

    1. And, of course (see tags under each article):
      Posts Tagged “Yemen” – Caitlin Johnstone

    2. And we’re now terrorist sympathisers for pointing out the US and its allies have been helping Saudi Arabia deliberately kill children and other civilians.

    3. Its only terrorism when the other guy is doing it.

    4. Got to wonder if CIApedia is the best place to go for info on the US and terrorism?

      1. Check out the respective Wikipedia pages on investigative Journalists Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley and Whitney Webb. It condemns itself irrefutably with the collective sum of just these three entries.

        In dealing the alleged ‘conspiracy theorist’ of the former two with respect to Syrian gas attacks it make zero mention of the OPCW whistleblower event.

        It is not a credible source. Unfortunately this is not well enough known.

  16. Diana Allen, MS, CNS Avatar
    Diana Allen, MS, CNS

    Wondering if Biden can simply reverse Trump’s new “designation” of rebel Houthis as terrorists, in keeping with his campaign promise to withdraw US support for the Saudi-led coalition? Or is this a bait and switch?


  17. Thanks Caitlin for blasting us with the real reality, I wish to add this, because while you point out what is essentially hidden, I am like the little boy shouting the king is naked and pointing out the obvious: Legitimizing Democracy

    Can real democracy exist with capitalism? In many countries lobbying is illegal since it is akin to bribery. The difference between lobbying and corruption lies in the fact that lobbying is a way of seeking influence which is accepted within the laws of a given country while corruption is illegal. 

    In the USA it is legal which has resulted in the buying off of if not all, almost all of those who have been elected to represent the wishes of the public. And those with the most money, the corporatocracies and billionaires have the ability to influence the most. 

    It is similar to the fact that those with the most money have the most options available, which translates obviously to the most freedom while those with very little money have the least options available and hence, the least amount of freedom, which by itself creates an unjust system.

    The history of American government is riddled with hundreds to thousands of scandals going all the way back to the beginning(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_federal_political_scandals_in_the_United_States). There should be a course in all the schools just on the scandals to alert the public to how corrupt the government is and has always been, rather than being swept under the carpet so to speak and hence forgotten. 

    The world we live in is like a dirty fish bowl, it is so full of corruption, contamination, and unethical behavior. And like fish perhaps, people get so accustomed to it that they either believe it is impossible to end or they become numb to it. 

    All the abuses, the criminal behavior of the police, the marginalization of minorities, the endless wars and injustices, can be attributed to this. Extinction and tyranny are what humanity is now facing as the end result of this negligence. Call it karma, call it redemption.

    The United States government that Americans are so proud of is founded on over 300 years of slavery and the genocide of the indigenous people. “When Columbus arrived in 1492, it’s estimated that 5 million to 15 million lived in North America. The number declined sharply to fewer than 238,000 by the late 19th century.” (https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1199196.shtml).

    It seems obvious that our 2 party system limits the range of choices of the American people. If both candidates are highly dubious to the thoughtful voter, the reality is that the only choice one has is to vote for the one perceived as the least evil or corrupt. This makes a mockery of democracy.

    In a real democracy there cannot be secret agencies with no accountability or money produced by a private agency that falsely calls itself the Federal Reserve that charges interest on every dollar printed. 

    Openly spying on the public for our safety, our health, for whatever reasons is contrary to the ideals of a real democracy. Undermining attempts at democracies in foreign countries is hypocritical to a country that espouses freedom (http://www.biostat.jhsph.edu/~rpeng/docs/ciabooks.html).

    All of the above seems rather obvious yet strangely it is overlooked and we have patriots who are proud to be Americans, which seems exceedingly foolish considering what I have pointed out above, Recently they invaded (were allowed in by the guards) the White House to prevent the accession of Biden to the presidency because they believe that the votes were fraudulently counted, the controlled media falsely overreacted by calling this an attempted coup which results in the left calling for further censorship to prevent this from ever happening again.

    It seems that the main distinction between humans and the rest of the animals is that humans are the only insane animal. The dodo bird went extinct because it couldn’t fly from its predators, humans are going extinct because they cannot self-organize sufficiently to live peacefully, harmoniously and justly with respect for the environment of which their lives depend on.

    To separate the influence of money on government, all governments need to be restructured from vertical to horizontal, decentralized, direct bottom up democracy, by and for the people, which is virtually incorruptible. I have produced, scripted and am the voice over in this 7 minute animation that explains horizontal governing: Horizontal Government – The Conscious Solution to End Corruption in 2021 – YouTube

    1. There is no question that your above observations are credible, but then you continue,
      “…Recently they invaded … the White House”
      Speaking symbolically, as I am sure you are aware, the ‘Capitol’ may be a ‘white’ building, but it most definitely is not ‘The White House’
      It is the occupant of the White House who instigated and goaded his minions to storm the legislature building “to prevent the accession of Biden to the presidency because they believe that the votes were fraudulently counted, the controlled media falsely overreacted by calling this an attempted coup which results in the left calling for further censorship to prevent this from ever happening again.”??? Really!
      So, let’s throw out elections in their entirety and just re install an insane demagogue to lord it over us; saying, going ahead, try to violently overthrow the duly elected government, he’s got our backs.
      Yet through all of his tenure in office he has been throwing ‘us’ – the working class, under the bus, while successfully conning one and all, all the way.
      So, the ‘they’ – the right patriots, you refer to as being “allowed in by the guards” (insider trading) are justified in their actions to further destroy what little democracy remains.
      If, after what Mike Pence, the vice President, went through on Wednesday the sixth, for carrying out his constitutional obligation, and then being publicly humiliated, for not obeying the orders of ‘The White House’ occupant – the president of the vice, is incapable of seeing the truth of the character of Donald Trump, is it any wonder that so many others blindly follow his will.

  18. Thank you Catlin for bringing this to our attention.

    The cow-hat revolution dominates our news and important things that happen far away are ignored. I’m no fan of Bone-Saw and understand Houthis are people having nothing to do with international terrorism. Conspiracy theories are common in the Arab world and there is one apparently that says the US is in kahoots with Israel to wipe Islam from the map or something like that. Houthis have a slogan about it and that makes them terrorist . Quod erat demonstrandum. Where Houthis get such crazy ideas I have no idea. In America we are not sure where Yemen is so me not knowing is understandable. Seriously if you ask most of us if Yemen is in Central or South America they will choose one or the other. I know where it is!

    1. I really, honestly wish I never had to hear the term , ‘Conspiracy theorist’ again for as long as I live. This was not a term born of honest debate but is simply a way to shut down a honest debate by disqualifying the person on the opposing side. it is simply a smear.
      People lie, People lie all day. Some politicians and media types lie for a living like an actor plays a part. They lie because it gives them an advantage and is beneficial to them. If two people with overlapping goals or priorities happen to bump into each other and neither one has the normal reservations about lying then presto ‘Conspiracy’. They are just working together. This is not like two electrons bumping into each other in a collider. We are talking everyday business. Especially in certain parts of the country. So people unless you want to convince me that 1. people don’t lie 2. they can’t lie together 3. there is no motive to lie 4 this has never happened before. 5. this is not a form of stereotyping and generalization 6 when they do conspire they don’t attempt to hide it 7 sometimes a theory is all you have because it is not on the front pages and out in the open. Please stop using it. it is ridiculous.

      1. You sound like a conspiracy theorist sympathizer to me.

        1. I am 100% a conspiracy theorist sympathizer. When I was 11 ( now 58 ) me mum told me for the first time about her daylight, middle of the day, fly over your model T UFO encounter. Now as the Christians would say, Jesus (Mum) is either a crackpot, a liar or telling the truth. I chose the last one. Since then and having grown up in the Bible Belt where aliens where persona non grata and having been ridiculed through the 70’s, 80’s and into the 90’s. I decided to turn the tables. I think society in general is just, well stupid in a sophisticated way. The term “conspiracy theorist” is kind of like fish food you need to feed them every so often to keep them alive and mentally healthy. (they just can’t cope with the unknown)

        2. The problem with the world we live in today is that there is no logical or rational accepted system of measurement. It is simply determined by the individual as they ‘see it’. What if we lived in a world where there was no system of physical measurement, inches, feet, centimeters. Can you imagine that world, the chaos. The Architect says to the builder. “well you can put a wall about here about and an electrical outlet somewhere here and here. Make the roof pitch about like this (he angles his hand)” Using the term ‘Conspiracy theorist’ does nothing to better the world we live in. “uh, Jim lives up North a ways, ha ha ha”

  19. Famine is coming. The signs are there for those willing to look. China is importing rice from India for the first time. Climate change, covid both are part of the same agenda. Starve out the poorest among us. People are blind. By 2025 it will be evident to all. Food inflation will be rampant between now and then. I can take each point of the New Green deal and point it back to overpopulation, lack of water and lack of energy. Dont eat meat, takesvtoo much water to raisecthrm. Not thecanimal but the feed. One example.

  20. “When people hear the word “famine” they usually think of mass hunger caused by droughts or other naturally occurring phenomena”
    Which they almost never are. The vast majority of “famines” are caused by government action by one gang of psychopaths or another. By forbidding people to prosper, intercepting aid for profit, confiscating the wealth of their victims, or sheer psychotic meanness. Trump has not been exceptionally more evil than any other agent of the state. This crap has been going on in US government circles for decades. The very purpose of the false Left vs Right paradigm is to obscure their evil. Division and fear are the primary tools of tyrants. We’re getting megadose of both, if we buy the product. Any time any gang of psychopaths gains authority to hold a gun to people’s heads and force them to do this, or not do that, to confiscate their wealth at whim, and use it to reward their sycophants, don’t expect a fountain of virtue from them.

  21. God help us that we have become so far removed from the realities of war that are able to justify any aspect of our involvement by blaming anyone but ourselves. And God help us that we will soon have to face the monster that we have allowed ourselves to become as a nation.

    1. This is a weird tie in but anytime I hear politicians or activist pushing for ‘Gun Control’, which i am against. I just think what you said. “Guns” are small arms and as long as war is a thing on this planet and it always has been there will be weapons and Humans should be seen for the dangerous animals they are.. Gun control is simply a shift of even more power to the people who give us Yemen an cane just label people ‘Terrorist’.
      My real point though is I just don’t think people understand the scale of the weapons in possession of these gov. The just absolute raw killing power. I wish every school child would be required to take a tour of a naval base or a military base at least once. We need submarine and tank and aircraft control.

      1. A bomber pilot once referred to 500 pounders as “the tiny ones”. I replied that is relative to just how close you are when it (500 lbs.of HE) goes off. The fact the big boys typically drop dozens at a time on to a given target area can really ruin someone’s day. But that’s old school. The same platform can launch dozens of cruise missiles from a hundred miles out, each carrying a tactical nuke. But oh yes, let’s take grandpa’s shotgun away because that’s dangerous.

        1. Thanks! 100% Oh God how I wish every man, woman and child had to tour a Trident Submarine. Judge, jury and executioner of millions in a microsecond. Because they are the ‘bad guys’. Total absolute insanity. Because we can’t rectify our different perspective and we can’t. That is the sad part. We could start though by getting our wits about us and addressing the obvious. These weapons are Too big and surreal for the majority of people to even think about. But, ‘Gun Control’ is a BiG issue!. “You don’t need a gun, nobody would ever harm you and you wouldn’t want to someone else either would you?”

        2. Things a Nuclear weapon will burn up. Your house, Your neighborhood, your pets (including the fish), your truck and that Toyota corolla your parents gave you. Your BBQ grill, The park, your workplace, your grocery store, The police and fire stations, Your John Deere mower and the new patio set you just bought at Lowes, (which is no longer there)

  22. Well, thank God Isreal is doing all it can to offer aid to the poor starving Yemeni. Why the omission? Afraid of becoming a victim like Jeremy Corbin or Julian Assage? That’s mean, I know, they’re trying to kill me the same way as Julian, only I get to walk around, and as they my killers always say, “”You can run but you can’t hide”, And, I can’t talk either, because I’m a pathological. Iiar and all I have to do is snap my fingers and all the stars in the universe will disappear with the blink of an eye. I’m so happy that I can sleep easily at night knowing that it was Osama bin Laden that took down the World Trade Center. I bet you sleep easily at night as well.

    1. Amazing how we live in a world where actual physics, the ‘science’ our entire world is based upon is of no relevance when it comes to 9/11. if Architects and Engineers for 9/11
      for 9/11 truth doesn’t make a person think 2x about the official story then nothing can. if nothing else I wish people would just acknowledge the power of societal pressure and say yes, ‘Yes, I am dominated by societal pressure, I will always fall in line, It is the path of least resistance, I don’t want to be a societal outcast, I admit it” I wish they would at least say that.

      1. They do say it…with their lives. Albert Schweitzer famously remarked that when it came to explaining and defending “reverence for life,” his life was his argument. And so it is with each of us. Our lives are our statements of who we are, our arguments for what we believe. Words are cheap, which is why Thoreau noted that for every virtuous person there were 999 patrons of virtue, today called virtue-signalers.

        1. Thanks Newton
          in my life and from my observations. It is all about, “having your cake and eating it too”. People motivated by self-serving evil often choose to take measures or withhold measures according to what benefits the ‘self’. Yet at the same time they greatly desire, foster and lay claim to the character of the person who did the opposite.

  23. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    The Extreme evil corporate class in wonderland should be renamed Roundup disease a type of human so vile it kills all .It,s the stuff of Orwell,but sadly, it is the way of of the world,backed by wonderland governments and the courts

  24. This designation of Ansar Allah as a terrorist organisation will also stifle discussion of this barbaric war, as anyone not following the official US line may now be liable to charges of glorifying terrorism. Which is probably entirely intentional.

  25. If the Donald thinks that the warmongers who run Congress will go easy on him with respect to impeachment because of these latest bloodthirsty actions, he’s still kidding himself.
    I know, it’s true that the only times the establishment ever complimented him for doing the “right thing” was when he ordered missile or drone strikes on some hapless foreign country, usually in the Middle East. Otherwise he was deemed nothing but a madman, a traitor and a puppet of Putin. So, he may still be grasping at straws, or the people here who said that he never actually governed the country but just basically rubber stamped whatever the neo-con apparatchiks in his cabinet wanted are absolutely correct.
    At this point in time, Trump has been so demonised by the entire media and condemned by most politicians that I doubt that any government agency will be taking any orders from him whatsoever for the duration of his term. This they will gloat over and taunt him with a “whaddya gonna do about it?” Even the historians are patting themselves on the back with having definitively identified the official “worst president ever ” in all of America’s exceptional existence. The next eight days will be a public festival of Democratic high fives and kicking the corpse… you know, just short of what they did to Piggy in the “Lord of the Flies.”
    None of this makes Trump worthy of the adulation he gets from his loyal followers, but it accurately places most of his media and political opposition square in the hog wallow where they all belong.

    1. You are a fool and are an analytic NOBODY !

      1. You have a genuinely winning way of getting your point across… not!

      2. Hmmm. Seems I agreed with more of what you said (see below) than the alternatives, but I’m a fool. Doesn’t that make you a bigger fool?
        You are not pleasant, but amusing. Don’t have a stroke.

  26. The U.S. government’s violent and depraved actions turn my stomach where ever they occur. It is very sad that most U.S. citizens do not care about it at all!

    1. You can get involved, get really uptight and anxious about it. Or you can write a check to soothe your conscience. Or you could turn on netflix and not think about it. Either way you will make no difference. You decide which is best for you.

      1. Do you categorise Caitlin’s responses as ‘getting uptight and anxious about it’?

        Which of those three options do you follow, or is there a fourth that you’re not telling us about?

    2. Thoreau put his finger on this after spending a night in jail protesting an unjust tax and then walking by his village neighbors after being released. He observed that they were different from him in an elemental sense, “that they did not greatly propose to do right.”

  27. The US also killed millions in its attempts to maintain the old French colonies in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam as part of its empire, and many South and Central American nations never had much connection with either Britain or France, yet the US continues trying to run their affairs, often as not by military force.

    1. Sorry, that’s meant as a reply to JRGJRG’s “I’m beginning to believe the Larouches …”

  28. The Houthis are a Yemeni tribal group.
    Ansar Allah is a coalition of Yemeni forces which the Saudi/UAE/US/UK/etc alliance has been waging a savage war against for over five years.
    Even Pompeo knows the difference, saying in his press release, “The Department of State will notify Congress of my intent to designate Ansarallah – sometimes referred to as the Houthis – as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.” – https://www.state.gov/terrorist-designation-of-ansarallah-in-yemen/
    Couldn’t you mention this even once, instead of referring throughout to the Houthis?

    1. It’s a point of reference that I wasn’t fully aware of. Thanks for making it so clear.

      That said, it really doesn’t change the thrust of the article in any substantial way. The article seeks to make a particular point, It’s not a technical lesson. Maybe that’s what the comments are for, to pick up tangential aspects that are lost within the task of writing a succinctly compelling, fundamentally accurate article.

      1. I sort of agree, nothing wrong with the rest of Caitlin’s article, especially the point this will kill far, far more people than the Capitol theatrics.
        I still think we should try to be clearer than the MSM, who hardly ever mention Ansar Allah, preferring the simpler, and pretty inaccurate, Houthis.

        1. I agree it’s good to know. I wasn’t aware of it so your point is proven there. I guess I’m sympathetic to the imperative of getting the message across without log-jamming peripheral detail in the way, even if that detail is vital the a full understanding of the overall situation. 30 second attention span and all that. Especially when it presents a whole new concept divergent from the MSM narrative. One novel concept is possibly all that most people can struggle to confront at any given time.

          But a different article, yes, it is an important aspect to make as clear as possible.

    2. Fair call, I’ll take that on board for next time.

      1. Wikipedia still confusingly redirects from Ansar Allah to Houthi movement, where it explains, with plenty of muddle:

        “There is a difference between the al-Houthi family and the Houthi movement. The movement was called by their opponents and foreign media “Houthis”. The name came from the surname of the leader of the movement Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi who died in 2004.
        The Houthis avoid assuming a singular tribal identity. Instead, the group strategically draws support from tribes of the northern Bakil federation, rival to the Hashid federation which had been a traditional ally of the central government. The Houthis’ lack of centralised command structure allows them to generate immense support, as Yemenis from diverse backgrounds have joined their cause.
        As of 2015, the group is reported to have managed to pick up swaths of new supporters outside their traditional demographics. On 5 February 2016, Iran’s PressTV reported that Men of Hamdan, one of Yemen’s most powerful tribes, rallied to the north of the capital, Sanaa, vowing to provide support in the form of potential mobilisation for the country’s fighters resisting the Yemeni government. In a gathering held in the capital, hundreds of tribesmen from the southern parts pledged union against what they described as a U.S.-Israeli initiative targeting the country, which was being implemented by Saudi Arabia.”

        Large sections of the Yemeni armed forces also went over to Ansar Allah (aka. Ansarullah) in the early days of the conflict.

        We all got used to talking about al-Qaeda and jihadis; perhaps we should learn to say Ansar Allah when that’s who we mean.

        1. Hardly surprising that Wikipedia gets it wrong. Or maybe it gets it correct in accordance with its sponsors viewpoint.


          1. or phillip cross edited it. the professional editors who act as wiki gatekeepers, at this point have been called out quite effectively. Using wiki as a reference point for anything except to support the perspective of corporate war mongers is irrelevant.

            1. Except in this case, Wikipedia’s perfectly typical of what the MSM, Mintpress and even Caitlin say. At least Caitlin says she’ll ‘take that on board for next time.’

              1. Here’s Mintpress, only mentioning Ansarallah when quoting Pompeo:

              2. Wikipedia is supposed to be an Encyclopaedia. The expected standard regarding inclusion of peripheral and comprehensive facts is far higher. Articles are not written to ventilate particular issues. Or at least shouldn’t be.

                But no worry. Pompeo got it right. Wonder what he reads?

        2. Wikipedia massages facts as necessary.

  29. What is wrong with you ???

    It is quite obvious that Trump has NO say in ANYTHING and hasn’t for his entire Presidency !!

    Pompeo is former CIA and was PLANTED as the Secretary of State !

    The Pentagon runs the the show and the Zionist/Apartheid state of Israel runs the Pentagon !

    Which part of this are you missing ??

    The Yemeni’s will be treated just as the Palestinian’s are treated !!

    Israel are loathed in the ME and are the ONLY country not to sign up to the BRI !!

    Yemen has signed up – Syria has signed up – they all hope for a brighter future WITHOUT Israel !!

    1. I completely agree minus the Israel part. The military industrial complex runs this country. She is displaying alot of anger in the wrong direction. I guess Trump Derangement Syndrome is a worldwide phenomenon.

      1. Why do people think Israel runs the world.

        1. It absolves the poor, hard done by, wrongly blamed, victimised, powerless but basically benevolent USA of any responsibility for anything.

        2. Sociopathic banksters rule the planet with their [imaginary] money weapon that is used as both stick and carrot. Such is the pure insanity of the current state of the world.

      2. Why (or better HOW?) see any particular Trump bashing in this article? His name is mentioned three times. Once in the headlines as a statement of basic of fact. He is notionally in charge. Again in a reference to the Trump Administration. Again a statement of basic fact. And then this:

        “This move is quantifiably far, far worse than anything Trump could possibly have done to incite the Capitol riot, as it will kill far, far more people, yet the mass media fixate on one news story while virtually ignoring the other.’

        This is clearly a reference to the manipulated character of the narratives being spun around Trump and not about Trump per se. That, and the attendant Business as Usual projection for more of the same by ‘Biden’ (or his string pullers) under cover of such narrative manipulation, is the main focus of the whole article.

        Why are Trump supporters so thin-skinned? Or is it paranoid? FFS people. Get a grip!

  30. I’m beginning to believe the Larouches when they say the US has been reabsorbed into the modern version of the old British Empire and its perpetual wars as its muscle. They recovered their Colonies. Explains a lot of things.

    1. The US also killed millions in its attempts to maintain the old French colonies in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam as part of its empire, and many South and Central American nations never had much connection with either Britain or France, yet the US continues trying to run their affairs, often as not by military force.

  31. If you think this is bad now, wait until Uncle Joe gets in office in a week. Not excusing Trump. He vetoed the Yemen bill. Hell is coming.

    1. Only if we let it.

  32. The US government borrows money to fund its wars. Therefore, anyone buying US treasuries or stock in US war corporations or mutual funds that are, essentially, investing in US war corporations, is investing in the US’s perpetual wars.
    BTW. speaking of blood money, I think investing in private prison corporations would be a very wise decision, profit-wise. I’ve been looking in my crystal ball and I see wildly increasing demand for their services from the federal and state Governments in the near very future. (There will almost certainly be a big boost in demand for barb wire, tear gas and pepper spray, too, so get in while you can.)

    1. 1984, The Blueprint.

    2. Doesnt matter if you invest or not. They will just print it regardless.

    3. The US has structured the global financial system in such a way that other countries are almost forced to invest in its war machine. Libya and Iraq tried to escape this trap by setting up independent currencies, and look what happened to them. Russia and China, among others, are trying to extricate themselves, but it’s not easy if they want to participate in the global economy.
      Michael Hudson explains this clearly, for example here: https://youtu.be/Rr_swuerrto

  33. Not to split hairs here, but the war against Yemen is not Trump’s doing. It has been going on since 2014 and will continue after Trump leaves office with no end in sight.

    1. When we threw in our lot with the Saudis, we made a fatal pact with the Devil.

      1. You people are so naive – Israel is behind the Yemeni war – Israel owns the US and the US owns the KSA !

        KSA is almost out of oil – Putin in 2016 offered the KSA oil ‘prospecting’ contracts in Russia – KSA indicated they would get out of the Yemeni war and were obviously overridden my their masters – the US!

        Putin did the same thing with Qatar by selling them 15% of oil giant Rosneft and in return Qatar would stop sponsoring terrorists in Syria – it WORKED !

        Trump meanwhile wanted to pull US troops out of Syria – next thing Trump Towers catches fire and a Porn Queen comes forward making baseless accusations against the POTUS !!

        Image that – a Porn Queen with ZERO credibility makes accusations against the POTUS and getting an enormous media platform !!

        Trump had NO say in anything – he tried to drain the swamp but the swamp was too deep !

        Now Caitlin Johnstone posts a picture of an emaciated Yemeni child and indicates that it is Trump’s fault !!

        This type of journalism is nothing short of disgusting.

        1. Think you’ve missed a bit there champ. The article sheets the fundamental blame home to the US machinery, albeit with Trump as its immediate agent. Which he i right now. That’s a fact. The essential point of the article, beside the utter horror depicted, is that this is Business as Usual for the US. It won’t change an iota in its essence just because Trump is gone. Try to look past HOW you want things to be written to see what is actually being written. You may find the different perspective is actually not as far from where you are as your first reflex perceives it to be. That newness may also help trigger new insights and ideas.

          1. Well lets see. If I write an article with the title that says you are a disgusting person how would you interpret the article. I think the title pretty well sums up tge thrust of the article.

            1. I’m assuming Trump put his name to this action as an executive order. Was he held down with a gun to his head or did he do it more or less willingly as the Supreme Commander of this shit-show called a nation? How many paragraphs do you want the Headline to run to satisfy your need for exquisite precision?

        2. Fully agree. She is reaching a low point with this piece.

        3. Even assuming for a moment that you’re right, and Israel owns the US, it’s the latter’s unconditional worship of property rights which perpetuates this barbaric war. Our governments think they own us, so do we meekly agree, or tell them where to stick it? Likewise, the USA is wealthy and powerful to stick it to Israel, and if it doesn’t, that’s because its ruling class identifies its goals with those of Israel, not because it has no other option.
          The USA is not Jordan or Palestine, it’s the world’s greatest economic and military power. Portraying it as a mere helpless victim of the mighty Israel is a stupid and sickening attempt to let it off the hook.

          1. wealthy and powerful enough to stick it to Israel

      2. One devil with another.

    2. It will end when the US and Saudis get access to their oil.

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