I made the mistake of involving myself in a sectarian Twitter spat when I was halfway through my morning coffee today and I instantly felt like an idiot.

People from the Left Twitter faction I’d offended rushed in to push back against the offense I’d caused them, and within minutes I felt it: the all-too familiar sensation of inspiration and creativity draining away from my body. Tension, coldness and defensiveness where previously there was playfulness and the crackling sensation of an exciting new day in which anything was possible.

If you’re active online, you’ve probably experienced this too. The days when you’re involved in sectarian bickering are the days when you are at your least creative, your least inspired, and your least effective at fighting against the machine. At best the drama gives your ego a tickle (as social media platforms are designed to do), after which you feel a bit yuck. The longer you engage in it, the lower the probability that you will produce something creative and inspired that day.

As a general rule, you may find that it works best to reject cliques and factions altogether. When you “belong” to any group you feel compelled to defend it, and to move with it wherever it goes even if that’s not where you feel like the energy is. You get invested in wanting the collective to move in a certain direction, and you get frustrated when it just wants to focus on silly nonsense and sectarian feuds.

So my advice to you here, which you of course can take or leave, is to just blast off on your own and fight your own revolution in your own way.

The unfortunate fact is that our society is insane, and its madness pervades literally every political faction to varying degrees. Marrying yourself to any group means marrying its madness. Instead, focus on becoming more sane, and then act based on that sanity.

Just blast off. Don’t wait for your comrades. Don’t try to pull them along with you before they are ready. Just blast forward into your own revolution, burning brightly and scorching the machine with your own light. If you shine brightly enough, the others may follow when they are ready.

One of the most frustrating things is seeing where we need to move and not being able to get the collective to come with you. You’re like, “It’s there! Let’s move!”, and they just want to bicker and ego spar. Just blast off into health yourself, and trust that the others will follow if and when they are able.

Be your own revolution. You have all the media access you need to help wake the world up with the power of your own inspired action. Reject cliques, factions and sectarianism, and have the courage to stand on your own two feet attacking the machine with your own unique abilities.

This doesn’t mean you can’t organize and work collectively; you absolutely can. If you see people doing something you want to uplift, uplift it. But when you’re done, don’t stay and become a member of the club. Move on and retain your self-sovereignty. If you’re doing something that people want to help uplift and amplify, let them do so. When they don’t want to anymore, let them go. Don’t try to manipulate them into staying.

You are free to collaborate with anyone on any issue at any time. You don’t actually need to be a member of the Blah Blah Whateverist Club to do this. And when nothing is happening that you want to collaborate with others on, you can attack the machine on your own, using your own unique set of tools based on your own inspiration. You are not owned or bound.

All these debates we’re seeing lately over who should be let into and kept out of the Revolution Club, how the Revolution Club should act, who should lead the Revolution Club etc are based on the assumption that there has to be a Revolution Club in the first place, and there just doesn’t. Organize and collaborate on a case-by-case, issue-by-issue basis while remaining sovereign.

Have the compassion to prioritize the needs of the collective and the courage to stand as an individual. Trying to impose your will on exactly how the collective revolution should and should not be moving is a doomed endeavor, because you cannot control the collective, you can only control yourself. So be your own revolution and attack the machine wherever you detect a weak point in its armor.

I’ve avoided all cliques and factions like the plague, and I’ve been far more effective in this fight than I would have been if I’d chosen to glom onto some faction and uphold all its -ists and -isms. It would have killed my ability to move with agility in whatever way is demanded by each present moment, because I would have been binding myself to the movements of a group that isn’t seeing what I’m seeing and can’t move the way I move.

This is just what’s worked for me, and of course your mileage may vary. But if you’re like me and you don’t see the various groups, organizations and factions getting us to where we need to go, consider stepping out of the vehicle, standing on your own two feet, and waging your own revolution.


Image via Pixabay.

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63 responses to “Be Your Own Revolution”

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  2. Thank you,

    I appreciate your knowledge.

    When you start your own revolution you should take the following 5 factors into account: 1. The Moral Law.; 2. Heaven; 3. Earth;
    4.The Commander; 5. Method and discipline.

    Sun Tzu

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  4. Thank you, Caity, for recommending what I’ve 99% been doing for years. I do guess that how you define ‘the club’ is what matters. I don’t use Twitter at all – when I opened an account last year, after resisting for years – it took me all of 5 minutes to discover that I was completely correct about what a sound-bite laden waste of time it is. I deleted my account that same day and have no desire to return.
    However, belonging to certain online groups does provide me with information about what is happening. Then, since I always use my own mind, I research whatever interests me, before taking a stance if, indeed, I do find it worthwhile.
    I’m young enough that my brain still works as well as when I was young – and old enough to be able to say that I won’t accept someone else’s conclusion unless my own independent research lands me in the same place.
    There are time that I even disagree with you, caity. Few, but some.

  5. Been running my own revolution online since 2001on several different venues and under several different identities, always writing articles from a libertarian perspective about whatever issue happens to catch my attention. To draw readers to my articles I post a headline, short blurb and link to my article on several Facebook sites, Twitter, and other places. I’m currently writing under the name “Libertarian Opinionizer.” I interact with respondents to encourage them to read my article but sometimes get too involved in the back-and-forth infighting. Sometimes its fun but as you say it sometimes sucks all the positives out of me. Will continue to minimize that nonsense and stay positive. Thanks for the great article.

  6. You have a lot of followers for someone striking out on your own trip ,fellow traveler on the journey to the grave, I noticed a comment/quote, a few years back that sort of trumps your thought, it goes something like this ” It truly sucks to be forced down into the muck everyday to fight these trolls ;but, the alternative is to allow THEM to control the narrative and to some extent your life”

  7. Great advice. I don’t get too hampered because I’m free to not align, but a constraint is not working through to a real collective bargaining power. Too much cancelling and you never get that far.

  8. Wow! Of all the delightful and inspiring works I’ve seen from Caitlin so far, this has probably been the absolutely most relevant for me in my own particular version of Leftist in-fighting madness. I’m on social media much less often nowadays because the “progressives” I’m currently staying with have turned out to be less progressive than I’d hoped they would be. It’s made sharing a small space virtually unbearable. Being plugged into this wacky Matrix has exacerbated my anxiety about knowing so much about what’s going down in the US without feeling empowered enough to do anything about it. There’s really no feeling more hopeless for a Leftist, I think, than knowing that too many folks are busier fighting each other than learning how to unite to fight against the real enemy, that being the AmeriKKKan imperial government. It’s no wonder I haven’t spared a precious moment to consider returning to my writing projects, which used to bring me so much joy that I could not imagine life without being able to write my stuff. It’s no wonder why I find myself distracted all too often away from devoting regular time each night to meditation and working on my spiritual path. Social media is heroin and I’m not ready to surrender my soul to the addiction of tuning out when being tuned in hasn’t felt much more helpful. Thank you for your words of wisdom, CJ! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Lynn, for the Global Research article on the murder of three exceptional Americans, exceptional in a way their nation is not and has never been. I look forward to Part II of the article and remind everyone that the same covert powers, inside the U.S. government, which committed these heinous crimes are responsible for countless other deaths, including an additional 3,000 innocent American citizens sacrificed for geopolitical reasons on September 11, 2001.

  9. Is there anything wrong with being an honest, generous, caring, realistic, responsible, peace-loving, eco-friendly person when one’s values, ideals, worldview and philosophy of life has been inspired by and copied from an exceptional revolutionary leader? I don’t think so but open to challenge.

    1. Can’t argue with that.
      Neither could Lenin and that is why he respected Kropotkin, even though both Lenin and his transcriber, whose name I have forgotten, had Kropotkin wrongly characterized in their minds. Oh well, it is what it is. Sometimes in the end mistakes are made.
      Still – can’t keep a good idea down!
      Mutual Aid is where it is at for the future and the beauty is no “grand editor” can change that genetic reality and neither can the twisted ideas that contorted what Darwin learned through hard study. The ideas twisted for the sake of a sick few who wanted to perpetuate……ah, you know what I was going to say – don’t you?
      So to me, that means things are fixing to get better and I’m glad I got to meet you Tired and No Longer Active Revolutionary – there must of been a time though, where you had energy…..I understand. I’m in the same club. Still – well, it is fun to go around —- time and time again.
      I’ll trade you one tired revolutionary for a fresh one! What you say?
      Ha, ha – BK

      1. Nice to hear from you Buffalo Ken. Several years ago I discovered an infallible investigative procedure called the Keys of Knowledge to reveal misinformation, half-truths, fallacies, or clever lies promoted by politicians, salesmen and religious leaders. This accurate numerical procedure requires a small group of people to collaborate in the investigation and every member of the group is required to devote some time and effort to their participation in the investigation. I then spent hundreds of hours trying to convince people and especially religious leaders to participate with me in investigating and discovering the highest level of knowledge and insight possible to human endeavor, but none were interested. Therefore, self-opinionated people will continue to argue, compete, denounce others and lose themselves in the dark until life becomes intolerable and then some will decide to use the Keys of Knowledge to find their way out of the darkness.

    2. QUOTE: ***Is there anything wrong with being an honest, generous, caring, realistic, responsible, peace-loving, eco-friendly person when one’s values, ideals, worldview and philosophy of life has been inspired by and copied from an exceptional revolutionary leader?***

      Don’t copy. Instead, study the thoughts, beliefs etc of the leader you look up to, maybe his life story and socio-historical background as well, then reflect on why his thoughts, beliefs etc appeal to you, evaluate them, and once you are persuaded of their worth, ask how you can live by them in the context of your unique life situation. Confucius actually expected his students to question his views and ideas, and got upset when all they did was agree with all he said.

  10. OK, we are having fun here correct?
    If so, then I will tell.
    Here is how it all went down. This article about revolution was published on the other side of the planet that I live upon, so when it was night there, it was day to me, and so by the time I saw the article and said I was going counter-clockwise, well she was practically just up ahead at that time. There was no way we were going to meet on the “dark side of the moon”.
    But guess what, since I’ve explained it all now, and done it with no combativeness, then I’m guessing the chances of me meeting her on the dark side of the moon have increased. Simple really – if you understand the small things.
    I’m just glad the American Bison lived despite effort to exterminate them.
    Like I said – things are fixing to get better for all of us – no thanks to the DNC, or Biden, or America. No – despite those things – things are fixing to get better. Oh gracious – my number is up. Got to go.

  11. So well written, Caity. So vital to get this. Thank you for being you. <3

  12. Yes! I need to remind myself of this every day.

    1. Twitter is a kind of metafaction. It’s a sewer, and many otherwise intelligent people seem to willingly fall into it. Then they’re in the sewer faction, no matter which side they think they’re on. You can throw bombs in a sewer all day, and when the sun goes down, it’ll still be a sewer, and you’ll be covered with what it conveys.

  13. Ms Johnstone, this article is worth reading.
    Aldous Huxley in his brilliant sinister dystopian novel “Brave New World” published in 1932 clearly foresaw modern United States of America and the West – an elitist, carefully regimented society in which any dissent or the slightest hint of existential independence or private taste was “compassionately” snuffed out by drugs and repression.

    Mr. Huxley lived to become a significant architect of this same world in Post World War II America. But even he did not foresee the satanically comprehensive systems most fatal flaw – Its propaganda was so convincing that the people who most fell for it were its own beneficiaries.

    The rulers and participants in the oppressive system have now come to fully believe their own absurd lies. And this blinds them to the colossal tidal waves of frustration, alienation and rage slowly yet remorselessly building up against them across the land.

    The real lesson of the Inauguration that nobody watched and nobody really cared. Nobody really believes in any of the absurd propaganda.

    Inauguration Day never happened.

    The media fantasies of a New President eagerly supported by 81 million people and Reaching Our Compassionately to 74 million are just phantasms.

    They are a handful of words scribbled on a paper note pasted with sticky tape on the Washington Monument. They are a Philip K. Dick dream. They are not real. They never were. They never will be.

    The United States of Americas Collapse of Government and Crisis of Legitimacy has not gone away.

    Denial and repression never work.

    The Worst is Yet to Come.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Can You Steal a Presidency That Does Not Exist? by Martin Sieff

    1. Ron – yo, I agree.
      I’m around 8.2% on my revolution because it is timed with the rotation of planet earth – is that clockwise or counterclockwise is ask. The planet I’m guessing most of us here in this conversation were born upon and live in. Anyhow, that is where I am, what 8.2% is that close to 1 hour? Just divide 100 by 24 to get to what percentage each hour is, and I don’t think I’m far off timewise from my original post, but hard to know here, because the time stamp is not precise!
      OK, I figured out way to make sure that I will encounter that witch lady flying the other way, cause I already know her speed, but I’m not sure I really want to meet her. Probably, will just be a fly by. Still for me – this discussion has been a once in a lifetime!
      It has been great talking to everyone here. Lets talk across the table folks – that is the sensible thing to do.

  14. You want to really start a worthwhile revolution, encourage people to get off ALL social media. Let them censor it all they want, it doesn’t matter if you don’t use it anymore. Fuck all the silicon valley libertarian assholes and their manipulative algorithms. I don’t have sectarian spats online anymore, or online spats of any kind, since I killed all my accounts. What a peaceful last eight months it has been. Viva la revolution!

    1. Chuck – I’ve made a bit of a revolution just so far now….it ain’t easy, I’m going counterclockwise, but I couldn’t help myself then to interject here or reply or respond or you know let you know what I thought about your post. Man – I like your post Chuck.
      OK, I’m getting ready for a meeting on the dark side of the moon, but I’m already thinking we are just gonna fly by each other?
      Oh well. That is statistics and probability for you. Just study those first if you want to have an early interest in understanding entropy. If I meet that chick on the dark side of the moon, that is what I’m planning on discussing with her. What do you think? Is that a good plan?
      oooooh, got a go an obstacle up ahead. Peace-out and 10-4.

  15. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Yes we have to think by ourselves; we do not have to follow the msm and their constant 24/7 medical reporting.

    But we can read other sources such as Caitlin Johnstone for example.

    I have discover recently this article about the famous “vaccine”; maybe we should wait a little before pulling down our pants to get a vaccine in the b…:


    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

  16. I like the way that witch was flying around the moon and the grass was growing. Wonder how long it will take her to make a full revolution?
    The best Revolutions are the ones that resonate with the People!
    OK, now in my imagination, “the witch” was flying clockwise and I’m gonna take off just now counter-clockwise and she and I will meet on the dark side of the moon.
    I’ll let you know how it went later!
    Ha, ha. ha. ha…ha.

  17. “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche (strike one for socialism?)

    “This American system of ours, call it Americanism, call it capitalism, call it what you will, gives each and every one of us a great opportunity if we only seize it with both hands and make the most of it.” – Al Capone (strike two?)

    Think maybe I need to start reading up on anarchy (if it’s a political system, then bald is a hair color)

  18. We do need to link our lives in pursuing shared purposes. We need to reclaim and re-create a thriving commons. We also, as you suggest, need to avoid unnecessary sectarian bickering and keep our eye on the big prize, but overweening individualism is one of the big problems we should be opposing at every turn. Corporate capitalism/neoliberalism wants us to each be a little corporation-of-one viciously competing with every other individual. That’s at the heart of the war machine and it’s one of the lies that MSM keeps selling and selling. So yes, avoid cliques and in-fighting, but don’t isolate selfishly and forget your neighbors and your global community.

    1. Personally, I have never felt the need for “anti” social media. The micro hits of dopamine will never feel as good as the endorphins I get from my daily exercise routine which I perform Solo. People just can’t seem to understand that the SM is there to steal your time and money and they’re much better at it than you will ever be defending against the mind control time sapper. There will be no revolution, certainly none from cyber with no physical courage required the participants become as mean and nasty as the members of the worst mind controlling church. It’s like a mob of chickens finding a worm and all attacking. In the physical real world on a one to one the cowardice is apparent. So easy to have anonymous click courage. A whole different world in the arena.

  19. There are days I agree with you and days I disagree with you, and days I really, really disagree with you. Those really, really disagree days are the days you make me think. Today is a really, really agree day. You’ve got a big heart and brain to match. Keep on keeping on.

  20. “The unfortunate fact is that our society is insane, and its madness pervades literally every political faction to varying degrees. Marrying yourself to any group means marrying its madness. Instead, focus on becoming more sane, and then act based on that sanity.” Yes, that is essentially an accurate statement about our current reality and useful advice about maintaining one’s freedom of thought and action. “This doesn’t mean you can’t organize and work collectively; you absolutely can. If you see people doing something you want to uplift, uplift it. But when you’re done, don’t stay and become a member of the club.” I’m not so sure, on the other hand, about the wisdom or helpfulness of this statement. There is something to be said for hanging in there with a group struggling to do good things, even when one thinks it may be going astray, undermining its own mission. Serving as the corrective is a tough but necessary job in situations like this. Lone wolves do not bring down a moose. Never have; never will.

  21. Caitlin Johnstone:
    > Just blast off. Don’t wait for your comrades. Don’t try to pull them along with you before they are ready. Just blast forward into your own revolution, burning brightly and scorching the machine with your own light. If you shine brightly enough, the others may follow when they are ready.
    That recalls, for example, how the cause of the Challenger disaster was discovered by Physics Nobel Prize laureate, Richard Feynman, by ignoring official procedures — much to the dismay of the organizers — and going directly to find out the facts:
    “After the space shuttle Challenger and its crew were destroyed in a fiery, catastrophic explosion on January 28, 1986, NASA appointed members of the Rogers Commission to investigate the cause of the disaster. When he was asked to be a part of this commission, Feynman rather reluctantly accepted. Little did he know that he would be the one person to discover the exact cause of the explosion.
    “Feynman was always the inquisitive type; he had to have the facts. To find out what happened to the shuttle, he went straight to the people who put the shuttle together.”
    The Challenger Disaster — Richard Feynman
    His wife convinced him with the key reason why he should be on the committee investigating what went wrong with the shuttle:
    “If you don’t do it, there will be twelve people, all in a group, going around from place to place together. But if you join the commission, there will be eleven people — all in a group, going around from place to place together — while the twelfth one runs around all over the place, checking all kinds of unusual things. There probably won’t be anything, but if there is, you’ll find it.”
    What Do You Care What Other People Think? — Richard P. Feynman
    Naturally in the fight for truth and light all people from all views should be freely involved. It’s not a fight against people, but against ignorance and darkness.
    Lord of the Rings — The Return of the King — The Last Move

  22. Posting expresses the desire to be in a club someone to share traveling in the same direction.
    We are members of the CaitinJohnstone Club

  23. I suspect the reason for the development of such factions is the fundamental notion that the state which can only exist by holding a gun to people’s heads, is a necessary evil. As a result, the only way to defend oneself from the state is to be in a faction. Whether one intending to alter such state, or one intending to control it. There are only a couple of factions that prefer abolishing the state. Since they prefer no personal power over others, they aren’t terribly successful. Those wishing to alter or control the state do intend to gain power over others, using the very same goons with guns to do so.

    1. The state will be abolished in heaven, if there is one. Yet perhaps even heaven itself will be a kind of “kingdom” presided over by God, if we put stock in some of the sayings attributed to Jesus. Frankly, anyone calling for the abolition of ANY form of government on this earth has lost his or her grounding in reality and forfeited the right to be taken seriously. As Bill Mitchell and Tom Fazi urge us, the task is to “Reclaim the State.” Why? Because it’s the only earthly power capable of taming and ultimately eliminating the manifold evils of oppressive and ecocidal neoliberalism, the state itself having perversely helped to create them.


      1. Oh gee Newton. Did I misunderstand? I thought “the State” and neoliberalism when hand-n-hand, and I think I’m correct in that sentiment. Do you think otherwise or do I misunderstand what you are saying?
        Please respond here and tell me “which is which”.
        oh, and by the way, or course we need government, we are social animals, are we not? The smaller the better is the way I like to day it – the bigger the worse is another way to say the same thing sort of in a slightly different way depending on your perspective?
        Get the drift?
        Your friend, Ken

        1. I sincerely apologize for all the typos in the message above and I’m not sure I can figure it out myself but maybe you all can.
          As for Newton Finn, just for the sake of full disclosure: I consider him a friend.
          Sort of like in the picture I have on my bulletin board of several Dutch artist in Rome in 1937 contemplating the future. Little did they know, that war was approaching. That is history.
          OK, screw it, I’m about 24% in and I have already figured it out. She flew past me a long time ago today and I don’t care cause I’m still learning. I hope you are as well, because if we learn together you would be amazed at what imagination can accomplish!
          Ken Hausle

          1. Sorry – last post.
            It was 1837
            Hansen was the artist.

        2. The state should be the instrument, created by the consent of the people, to ensure and protect inherent freedoms such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Such is the definition of government in the Preamble to America’s Declaration of Independence, among the most succinct and sublime expressions of Enlightenment values (albeit largely written by slave-owning hypocrites). What the state has become, on the other hand, is the captured slave of the capitalists, a slave tasked solely with maintaining and expanding the interests of capital at the expense of the people. Thus the call of Mitchell and Fazi that the left “reclaim the state” and repurpose it to perform, for the first time, the egalitarian purposes for which it was designed in the quickly-aborted American experiment.

          1. Fine. How about we call it something besides the “State”. That just has bad connotations. Like some sort of big authority trying to tell everyone what to think.
            Just remember this Newton and I’m not kidding around, fiat is NOT unlimited and so these MMT ideas it seems you ascribe too are part of the problem. We need to get back to the basics.
            I’ll trade me my river rock for your coast shell. Is it a deal or is it not?

          2. The ink was barely dry on the Constitution before it was defied with the Insurrection Act of 1807. Which demonstrates my point succinctly. Consent of the governed? Does that exclude me from submission if I don’t consent? Or am I subject to the whims of the 51%? Gang rape is democracy in action.

  24. Right on! The good sense you talk fills me with joy.

  25. I don’t know about anyone else, but Socialism (whatever brand, type, or imagination of unity/goodness) is a club I’ve seen proffered here more than once.

    When someone sees who is behind this, but refuses to name them, they are in a club. The imagination game club, where nebulous entities have control, but naming them causes one to lose all of their money, job, family, place in history… life. Even doubting their imaginary ‘causts out loud in many countries gets jail time (coming soon to the USA).

    Yep. That’s a club that is winning because everyone is afraid to say it out loud.

  26. Perfect.

    I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member. Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others. – Marx (Groucho)

    I’m the only member in the world’s smallest secret society. Doctrine has forever been the Devil’s bootstrap. All organized opposition is controlled opposition.

    What is it about entropy that it must be increased? If this is true we must agree that mankind is the least, that evolutions past iits prime, we’re going the other way. Time to return to be the slime, to hear the wisemen say. – The Wisdom of Men

  27. Simply Brilliant, as always.
    Proverbial string around my finger
    tied gently in brightly woven colors.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  28. ‘Indeed in nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides all those who still oppose him.’ – Tolkien (LotR, p.366 in my edition)

  29. Vincent Tayelrand Avatar
    Vincent Tayelrand

    Eloquent as ever 😉

    In my experience group-think always turns to evil, regardless of how enlightened that group’s thinking started out.

  30. In truth, Trump will emerge a hero when USA emerges as a genuine free republic and party politics goes out the window. When Nesara and Gesara come into operation and we enter into an era of peace among nations. It is going to happen.

  31. Exactly. Kudos. Side note, throughout history, in times of chaos and mass deception,/destruction regular working people, we the masses, ground ourselves and actions via religion and and long held belief systems. Not in politicians, nor rulers, nor serfdom systems of govt. People always cry out for freedom. Never centralized power structures.That fact will never change and never has throughout written history.

    1. Some of the groups I referred to in my earlier comment were indeed religious. It doesn’t matter what group though. Sometimes we choose to go The Road Less Travelled”

  32. I make comments on Utube for which I receive a few comments in return. I stopped viewing them just so I
    can keep a smile on my face. I don’t feature the praise and I’m happy not to get the grief.

  33. I got an email today that said what needed to be said:
    The United States of America is a Capitalist criminal enterprise and its agencies have been employed for generations in sick, vicious, treasonous operations against the world and the American people.- Mr. Paul Edwards

    1. Leave out capitalist and its a good argument. As much if not more evil has been done under socialist control. Neither being what they claimed to be. We haven’t experienced capitalism is quite some time, and socialism has never succeeded except among small groups in which all were in agreement. The instant either proposes to hold a gun to someone’s head and force compliance, they lose any valid claim to be what they say they are.

      1. We experience what capitalism must always become – the control over masses so that the owning class may exploit them without a genuine fear of their rising up to claim the fruits of their labor.

        Thus is rejected your “No True Scotsman” argumaent.

  34. Yep, “Do What You Can”
    Blogger and public health Doc pictured with roto-tiller part way through a very long and thorough garden bed expansion a couple of months ago.
    You just have to do what you see, because nobody else sees what you see until you can show them, and it will look different than in your mind, too, and you;ll know more about it.

  35. Thankyou Caitlin. During my lifetime I have left many groups that I felt attached to at the time. Leaving them without malice doesn’t guarantee that any of the friends you made there are interested in how you are going. I have done it so often that I wondered if there was ever a cause I could be committed to and have provisionally said No.

    We all know about “If you want to be a leader, sometimes look over your shoulder and see who is following.”

    It turns out sometimes we need to go some places where no-one wants to follow. You do that. So do I.

    Your words resonate with me.

  36. Good advice, but friends are nice, too. On the other hand how often have we found the oligarchs agent wasn’t in fact the head of our very group? There’s a very high probability that we’ll all be very much well on the way to our own deaths within the week. Is that really what we want to be thinking about as we take our last breaths? If the skies go quiet, that’ll be the oligarchs flying to their bomb shelters.


    “I am dying over here. “
    Before Mum travelled upstairs — on 3-17-2016 — she shared. She shared her disclosure as a legit socialist & as an admirer of senator Patrick Leahy & as an admirer of Joseph Biden. Regarding Trump, she said very little. So on 3-15-2016 I cast a primary vote for Bernie Sanders. Then two days later my Mum died. Insight? Never mind about my possible November 2016 betrayal of what Mum told me. Look who’s calling the “impeachment” “shots.” 2020 was a big-enough nightmare. Specific to your blog post: about actual Revolutions? I was exposed — at age 3 — to a “doctor Zhivago” revolution snapshot. Although severely unfaithful to pasternak’s “Zhivago” book, the 1965 movie remains a “trigger.” Let me explain. History tells us, that a loyal Bolshevik named Yakovlev, actually “woke up.” He said “whacking an entire family of imperial Romanovs? That is excessive.” Later the Bolshevik big shots whacked Yakovlev. So is this the fate of all Yakovlevs & all Yakovlev wanna — be liberals? “Like me?” I hear the WORD revolution & it sounds ominous.


    1. It sounded ominous to King George too.

  38. “As a general rule, you may find that it works best to reject cliques and factions altogether.”

    Easier said than done, but when done, it can make all the difference in the world.

    I’d say it may be the hardest discipline of all.

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