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YouTube Financially Deplatforms Swath Of Indie Media Accounts

The Google-owned video sharing platform YouTube has demonetized numerous independent media accounts, a jarring escalation in the steadily intensifying campaign against alternative news outlets online.

Progressive commentators Graham Elwood, The Progressive Soapbox, The Convo CouchFranc Analysis, Hannah Reloaded and Cyberdemon531 have all received notifications from YouTube that their videos are no longer permitted to earn money through the platform’s various monetization features, as has Ford Fischer, a respected freelancer who films US political demonstrations. No explanation has been offered for this decision beyond the vague claim that “your channel is not in line with our YouTube Partner Program policies” due to “harmful content”.

Like all large online platforms, YouTube’s appeals process is notoriously opaque and unaccountable. These accounts could remain demonetized for months, or forever, without any clear explanation at all. Ford Fischer, who has been in this situation before, said on Twitter that his account was left demonetized for seven months before YouTube reversed its decision.

“Last time you demonetized my channel, I spoke out for seven months. I didn’t delete a single piece of content. You admitted you were wrong. I forgive you. Please don’t do this again,” Fischer tweeted.

“No superchats, no ad revenue, no YouTube premium money,” tweeted Elwood, who also said “I have a call with my lawyers later today.”

“You guys have destroyed my channel without legit explanation as to why,” tweeted Jamarl Thomas of Progressive Soapbox. “No videos are given – and frankly there is literally zero ‘harmful’ content on my channel. This is a radically bad error that needs to be corrected.”

The Convo Couch’s Jonathan Mayorca tweeted the notification he received from YouTube which gave the reason as “Harmful content: Content that focuses on controversial issues and that is harmful to viewers,” saying no specific video or subject was named. Nobody receiving these notifications appears to have any idea what is meant by “harmful” or “controversial” or why YouTube is mentioning them in the same breath as though these two things are connected or synonymous in some way.

YouTube has been providing template responses saying “We recommend making the needed changes to your content and reapply in 30 days” while refusing to specify what the “needed changes” even are.

Speaking for myself, I can say with absolute certainty that I would not be able to create content at anywhere near the pace I do were I not making enough money from it to do it full time. Life is far too demanding with far too much else going on for me to be able to maintain anything like daily output; being financially deplatformed and having to get another job would force me down to an essay a week in my spare time, if that. Anyone who works in independent media full time knows this, and so do the powerful people who are steadily ratcheting up the campaign to silence anyone who hasn’t passed through the gatekeepers of the plutocratic media.

Financial deplatforming is censorship. People were given an opportunity to devote themselves to the vocation of creating media outside the gatekeeping apparatus of billionaire news institutions, which is arguably the single most important vocation anyone can give themselves to in our world right now, and they built their lives around their ability to do this. Now it’s being ripped away from them; their literal jobs are being taken away. They were offered a reason to think they’d be able to make a living doing very important work, and then they were sucker punched with what amounts to political censorship.

This has been a continually escalating trend for years. The general population is herded onto huge monopolistic social media platforms offering democratization of information where your voice can be heard, and then those platforms proceed to censor an increasing amount of political speech in increasing coordination with the US government.

If the democratization of information online is successfully reversed and the mass media gatekeepers are again the sole authorities on what’s real and true, people will be locked into forming their ideas on how to think, act and vote based on what they are told by the same plutocratic media institutions which have been deceiving them into every war and manipulating them into accepting the status quo for generations.

If the door is locked to the possibility of a grassroots information rebellion against the narrative hegemony of our rulers, we will remain doomed to continue along the same ecocidal, omnicidal trajectory these bastards have us on until it reaches its inevitable conclusion. This must be resisted.


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  • OK, time to download anything worth sharing asap and go guerilla networking via email.

  • Whoa! This is a NATO allied country doing coordination with multi-national Big Tech–

    New laws will break the backbone of agri sector: Arundhati Roy
    “The new agriculture laws will break the backbone of the farm sector and give the control to the corporates,” she said, alleging that the Union government was trying to discredit the agitation.
    PUBLISHED ON JAN 30, 2021 10:23 PM IST

    Updated on : Monday, February 1, 2021, 3:03 PM IST
    ‘The Caravan’ magazine’s official Twitter handle withheld in India
    By FPJ Web Desk
    Twitter accounts of actor Sushant Singh, activist Hansraj Meena and many others have also been withheld in India “in response to a legal demand”.

  • Summary (it’s more coordinated than most realize):

  • I was reading a very odd article just now about how freedom of speech/silence and many other things are privileges. Fair enough, thought I. We should try to extend these privileges to everyone! However, the author of the piece took the view that, /in the interests of fairness/, these privileges should be /denied/ to everyone. Frightening, but seems to encapsulate the zeitgeist.

  • So I think my idea about folks in the “gubment” wearing a vest in a representative gesture to acknowledge that they are vested by the folks who enabled them to get in the gubment is a good idea. It helps with perspective. The vest could have badges on it to represent achievements made. What is the harm in that.
    The main thing is I want these gubment individuals to have a bit more awareness about who it is they are employed by and from whom their authority is vested. If they can’t figure this out and they won’t wear the vest then that tells you all you need to know – don’t it? What more do you want to know?
    So seriously – Rule #1 – if you are being paid from the People’s purse, then wear a vest showing who you work for, and where your pride resides. Wear the vest with honor in mind and do your job with dignity. Remember this, if you have no resilience you won’t last. People voted for you, so you must have some skills – make a difference for those who voted for you why not and wear your vest with pride.
    If you can’t do that, then don’t put it on. Don’t put on the vest if you don’t know what it means to be vested. If you put it on and soon realize you are not up to the task, no harm in backing out, but don’t pretend you are something that you aren’t.
    If you have the vest on and you do a gubment task not in the interest of the People, then that is a crime, but lets keep things in perspective – most of the time this should never come into play and there is good reason for that cause folks have to do what they have to do sometimes in the normal day to day business interaction we all understand. On the other hand, if you take the vest off and act as a gubment entity with no vest, then that is a crime as well, and it most serious because it typically entails a crime of many who are usurping the will of the People. These sort of crime deserve serious punishment.
    I suppose the People will decide if this goes the way it seems to me…..what do you suppose?

  • You are killing me lol. The article is about denying service for what you think. Thus rent denied for what you think. There are laws against what google, twitter and facebook are doing. If I applied there logic I could refuse servjce for being a republican or democrat or gay or whatever. World logic is being turned upside down. Anything is possible now. Mostly bad.

    • Don’t kid yourself Khatika. Humor is good….irony is funny…malady is sad….and pussery is undesired. Consider it a poem whether you want to or not – I could give a flip!
      2021 – the year of the reckoning

    • Would it be ridiculous of me to suggest that those who are deplatformed might seek another venue? For instance, there is PeerTube (https://peer.tube). Or, a group of bloggers, video makers, and so on, could set up a competing service. Google is not the government (yet). Bypass them.

      • Oligopolistic capitalism doesn’t really work that way, sadly. UToob channels are financially viable – because of the vast potential audience that you can reach (assuming that they aren’t using their algorithms to hide you from
        the people who would be your natural audience).

        Graham and the Convo Couch are already on RokFin.com, for instance…but most of their potential viewers are not. At some point the smaller competitors won’t be able to keep up with the demands of the bandwidth and traffic on their sites, either.

        ScrewToob/Screwggle are PARTNERS with US National Security STATE. They received backing from In-Q-Tel – a CIA/NSA front. So this Censorship should be as unconstitutional as would be direct actions from the Government. There is also a significant amount of evidence that this is being pushed by legislators in the Congress and Senate, too. They hold hearings and make threats (about section 230, for instance) – which appear to provide a public rationalization and justification for this wave of Censorship.

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    • May all of the ” spammers ” be brought tremendous misfortune from the heavens!!

  • LOL, now I know why my laptop was messed with. Any suggestion that the deplatformers aren’t Gods in their own right is justification to commit any sort of crime against humanity. This from the humanists.

  • Some words of hope as internet freedom finds itself between rock and hard place:


    • Newton – I hope all finds you well. I read the title and I agree.
      Sometimes you gotta see the water falls from a distance to get a sense as to what might flow down the river. If you get this opportunity consider yourself fortunate, but I’m guessing there are places in the “land down under” where this can be achieved on the cheap. Just a hunch. Anyhow, I love the river, so that is why I have no trouble with seeming chaos heading in my direction – flowing towards me.
      The river flows and the chaos will go with all the rest of the water that just flowed down the falls. That is the beauty of it. Watch it while it streams on by……a thing a beauty and beauty is not to be denied!

  • Well, either these big companies can legally do what they like in these matters /or/ once they’ve unfairly deplatformed sufficient people we can expect a big class action suit.

  • Here is where society is going off the rails. I can open a business, offer a rental etc and by law I cannot exclude you because of your sex, gender etc. Today however I can exclude you for how you think. So I guess I can now refuse to rent my house to a black woman because she is a democrat.

    • Wrong on that Khatika.
      You don’t even know how many ways you were wrong on that.
      Shall I tell you one at a time or would you prefer to keep
      this amongst ourselves?
      nothing wrong with a little marketing – how is the market ever gonna happen if it gets no advertisement? Just be discriminate and it will all be so easy.

      • How about a restaurant that refuses to serve republicans. Is that better.

      • Here is where you went wrong.
        1. You cannot refuse to rent your home to anybody else based on anything besides their ability to pay the rent.
        2. You might be better off not even meeting future tenants because being discriminate is different than discrimination.
        3. Why do you give a flip if she is a democrat – all that should matter is if she can pay the rent.
        there are more…..I could come up with….
        Personally, I have an extra place, a sweet detached well-built old mill house, but I’ve decided not to try to monetize it – I want to offer it up for my friends and family if they need somewhere to get-away from it all.
        If you don’t have debt, you have more freedom and I’m thankful that my wife and I are frugal.
        Are you ready for another revolution!
        are your ready?
        might peace be on the horizon…….???.

        • I guess you’re both talking about the USA. Can you refuse to rent a home to someone you believe will conduct criminal activities there?
          Where I am, police have sometimes come after the owners for that – they can be held responsible for whatever goes on there, unreasonable as it may seem sometimes.

          • My advice would be that any potential tenant must sign some paperwork saying they ain’t intending on committing any crimes. If they do, you ought have no liability, but goodness gracious me there are so many lawyers flying about liability has turned into a game.
            Anyhow, this is the exact reason I have no intent to ever monetize a real estate place. To much hassle and not worth the trouble not to mention the angry spirits you might release.
            Did this answer your question Ian?

            • Not really. I was asking about your “1. You cannot refuse to rent your home to anybody else based on anything besides their ability to pay the rent.”

              • Wow now I know even more cause that is BS
                Hey Ian go home why don’t ya.
                You said something about criminal activity and now you are chaning your story and so now you must know that I know more about you than you do about me.
                Whether somebody has been a criminal or not in the past has nothing to do with whether they can pay their rent in the present time. Agree or not, and if not, I sure hope you keep your pompous attitude in check.
                Check on you Ian. I call for a check on you.

                • Got home a few hours ago, thanks.

                • It was meant as an innocent factual question about the law in the USA versus here. Why do you take it as a personal attack?

                  • You can only be held liable – if YOU ARE AWARE of the Criminal activity going on, and then do nothing about it. I don’t know where you are – Canada, Australia, UK? But I would suggest that there is no wsy even in those locations, that an owner could be held liable, unless they were probably negligent. Leases typically have a clause or more about illegal activity. They also generally forbid the owner to make random unannounced entries. So unless a landlord were informed about something – how would they know enough to face liability?

    • What you said far below was spot on, Google would just buy them. I agree with what you post here as I see it simply as a thought experiment. Lately I have found a new way to explain the world that makes a little more sense, at least to me. There seems to be so many double standards, one would be as you commented here or BLM which fights racism using racism, does 500 million damage and 1,300 business effected, 300 burnt down? In Minneapolis alone. Yet all fine with ‘Liberal’ society.
      So here is how I now understand today’s ‘Liberalism’. I think the key word is ‘Society’ and from there sociology. Remember in H.S. how you may of or at least I did, often wondered “what makes the popular kids popular”. It was always like a great mystery. This was simply sociology and the mysteries of how societies function in action. And that really is the key. So back to my point. Today I see ‘Liberalism’ simply as a segment of society who have ‘leveraged’ those mysteries of sociology for their own purposes, whatever those may be and I believe they are varied. It has nothing to do with right, wrong, reason, etc. It is simply will my peer group object and how will the perceptions, needs and wants of the greater society react to my opinions , actions etc. This is why they constantly contradict themselves, seem irrational and in general have just lost their minds. It is because none of that matters, at least not until their ‘friends’ object and they never will. On top of all this and what leaves the door wide open to abuse for self-serving agendas is the total lack of a measure of ‘reason’
      The person who is the most reasonable in today’s world is the person who screams the loudest and who has a strong peer backing or societal license.

      • Come on Clint. Too much gobbeldygook in that post…..ok, go ahead label may ass.
        Some of what you say made sense to me, but it got lost in the explanation. So, if I was forced to guess – what do you think I would say?

        • meant to say “label ‘my’ ass.”
          Which cheek to you want?

        • I’d say you are full of shit.
          I admit I could be wrong.
          When I am I learn from it.
          Ready for the Revolution!

  • Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Anyone who couldn’t see this comming was wilfully blind. So called, social media has become a de facto monopoly and it acts accordingly , IMHO, none of them should have been allowed to become quasi monopolies and they should never have been allowed to be “Free” which means an advertising business model where your time is wasted being hustled and the corporate controller decides what you see. If it ain’t yer mother, it ain’t free.

    • Social media is an option not a necessity. Opt out. Problem solved.

      • Only part of the problem solved.
        What about mobs getting themselves wound up and bent on killing by what they see on social media, as has happened with deadly results?

  • “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen”.

    ~Samuel Adams

    • “Speaking for myself,…”

      The audacity! Ownership of your own thoughts, let alone things, is in itself an act of terrorism. You’ll own nothing, you’ll be entirely beholden to a system that delivers your lab meat, clothes, baby formula, etc., by drone.

      Until it doesn’t.

      • “They own you”! George Carlin; it’s a big private club and you ain’t in it. BTW, you never own anything, whatever you have owns you. I never fail to have a good laugh when I see someone responding to a commercial for a $40,000 vehicle being sold as freedom… haaaaaaa, now you are a debt serf/peon, better be nice to the boss. I enjoyed my work life but it cut into my free time so I started taking winters off before I was 50 and full retired at 60 and again, I enjoyed my work. I actually built real wealth, I didn’t do meaningless, mindless, paper shuffling or huckstering, or trading in the fraud of money. I basically lived below my means which is a lot freer than buying things you don’t need with money you don’t have, you know, the amerikan way of chaining myself to the debt machine.

      • Thanks for the video post! It was great. I was able to make it about half way through. Some thoughts; This all smells of elitist, I don’t think this concept would ever occur to anyone in my small town. It seems very foreign from the ‘common man’. Two how do these idiots always make it to TED? Three, this person obviously has never raised any children and moving constantly and having no car would be a disaster there. Four, she used the word, “banned” which seemed rather strong and ominous at the same time.

      • And yet, Bill Gates has most notably been buying up all the farm land he can get his hands on… go figure.

        • All are getting worked up about Gates owning a minor quantity of 3.5m square kms. “ID 2020” is more exciting, or “Event 201”. How much power does he hold with his foundation, and how does it increase?

          And yes, concenration of farmland in the hands of less and less owners is tragic, to say the least.

  • Hey – you all don’t mind a bit of a distraction from all this serious talking do ya?
    If so, I’ll keep it short. Here is one “typical” town in Australia (read the history) that will be near of of my journey on a combustion vehicle (mostly) commencing in Margaret River and running through the heart of the country! A super exciting adventure is what it is gonna be.
    OK, sorry for this minor interruption.
    Oh yeah, almost forget – here is the town: Camooweal

  • Let’s deplatform Google! Let’s DeGoogle our devices and our lives. It can be done.

    I actually believe that an uncensored YouTube would rank among the great inventions of the modern world. The problem is that it is censored. And if we participate in YouTube, we participate in censorship.

    While we may not think of Google (or other corporations) as Government, the amount of governance some corporations wield is now so vast that we must start recognizing them as government, as a branch of empire.

    Imagine your government taking away your entire income without any due process. Imagine your government exiling you without any due process. If Google chooses to behave like an authoritarian government, then we must treat it like an authoritarian government.

    There are many things you can do to deGoogle your life and your devices. Here are just a few immediate recommendations:

    * If you have a Premium YouTube account, cancel it immediately.

    * Stop watching videos on YouTube videos for any reason. Most videos are available on other platforms. Remove the YouTube app from your devices, especially your phone. Don’t text or email YouTube links to others.

    * Uninstall Chrome. Install Brave, Firefox or the Tor browser.

    * Stop using the Google search engine. Make DuckDuckGo or another privacy-minded search engine the default search in your browsers on your phone and on your other devices.

    * Migrate from Gmail. Admittedly, this is a tough one, but you will find it liberating. Purchase a secure email account from ProtonMail or some other privacy-minded email service. When you buy a secure email account, you have some control over what you purchase, and you buy a little freedom.

    There’s no getting around it: De-Googling is key to revolution.

    • Some of us have to use Google (docs, spreadsheets, etc.) for work.
      And I think DuckDuckGo piggy-backs off Google. It might offer more privacy, but you’re not really de-Googling by using it.

    • Forget it. If we all did that the other platform would be popular and google would buy them out.

      • Ha, ha, ha……
        You know I referenced 1331 posts of mine at another site and many of those posts dealt with the monopolies of the day. I have the order that I wanted them to be forced to depart the scene. I think I need to go back there are read what I said. I remember this though the first two in my opinion that need to go are:
        1. Facebook
        2. Google
        In that order. The rest of them will follow as need be.
        Seemed that way to me when I posted that post somewhere else besides here, but oh well…..you know I’m glad Phil predicted six more weeks of winter. I like it when it is cold!

        • For the breaking up of a Facebook, this is what I think. I’ll keep it super simple.
          1. There should be a Facebook Ireland.
          2. There should be a Facebook New Zealand.
          3. There should be a Facebook Pakistan.
          4. There should be a Facebook Ecuador.
          5. There should be a Facebook Nova Scotia.
          6. There should be a Facebook North Carolina.
          Get my drift?
          Break it up into a bunch of smaller entities each of whom are autonomous from each other. It makes so much more sense and it will be better for each community is what I think.
          That is why I want the monopoly of Facebook to be split up – permanently.
          2421 12:34 pm EST

        • For breaking up google, alphabet, whatever you want to call it, it won’t be the same way as for facebook.
          Google deserves to be put under the metaphorical guillotine and I say this mostly for all my old French socialist and libertarian friends out there who when push came to shove were not afraid to pull a few out of their castles and set their necks in place.
          It ain’t nothing but history and I’m just telling it like I sense it, so don’t get pissed at me for being able to read the tea leaves. I could be wrong, but I could also be in the middle of Australia just now feeling the heart beating for those who were there before the others arrived. You can feel this sort of heart beat everywhere – especially as the water comes flooding down the river of chaos! I feel it in my house. It feels pure and feels genuine. I feel it. It is strong. What do you feel – honestly. More importantly – what do you want for the future?
          The best dreams are the ones we dream together

      • After facebook and google, the order goes something like this….
        1. Microsoft
        2. Apple
        3. Netflix
        4. TSLA – oh wait.
        Move TSLA up to the top of the list. Talk about taking advantage of the mathematical derivative instruments (the worst sort of ones…), TSLA is a company of hot air. They are basically nothing but expectation created using fiat money formed out of good faith that is rapidly disseminating. I don’t appreciate mathematical constructs that cause harm for the common man. Do you?

        • To clarify if you don’t mind:
          I hope the good faith is disseminating.
          I hope mathematical constructs of harm will be diminishing. I think there are just a few individuals who are perpetuating them and I’ve already said what cities these individuals most likely reside within.
          Why not go there and see what they are up to? Check it out. What could be the harm in that.
          In the end with or without home sapiens Mutual Aid always prevails in the end. Honestly. Think about it at the most basic level. Once something exists, it chance for future existence increases if it is mutual with its surroundings including those within it who are not inanimate.
          That is a fancy of way of saying Mutual Aid is where it is at!
          Can be done with no violence by definition, cause if there is violence, then it won’t happen.

  • Hi Caitlin.
    Read your email daily. Have you tried getting on bitchute?

  • Full spectrum dominance is here. GloboCap has won. You will be absorbed or “demonetized”. Only information and thought approved by Empire will be permitted.

    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.

  • Truth can easily withstand any scrutiny, criticism, or argument. It neither needs, requires, nor desires protection by censorship. LIES DO!!

  • What was subtle is now in your face. This is happening because these commenters are having an impact and the oligarchs are concerned and worried. It is working but we must find another outlet to be able to continue. It would be nice to boycott you tube if there ever is a another option.

  • Ms Johnstone, while reading this article I thought of your articles about Mr. Assange. A ” tit for tat ” win – win solution??
    There is apparently no recognition in the White House or the State Department of the huge irony that the charge the United Kingdom is using to accommodate the United States and continue holding Mr. Assange, whom a British magistrate already ruled could not be extradited to the United States, is for having jumped bail (in a case that has long ago been dropped by Swedish prosecutors). That is the same “crime,” in other words, that the United States is demanding that Russia release Mr. Navalny for committing.
    This fine article can be read here:
    Back to Cold War 2.0 with Joe Biden and His “Diplomacy-Favoring” Secretary of State Blinken by Dave LIndorff!

  • The owners and the masters demand that everything and everyone comply with their orders and demands. If they could they would herd every independent thinker into chamber for elimination. The Evil Empire is losing its deathgrip stranglehold on humanity so every day it will take more measures against the peons that it still has a hold of. Indie media may soon be made completely illegal.

    • Don’t consider a roundup and extermination to be out of the question. Such has been done many times, locally and nationally. In fact, the very tech that allows us to publish and view alternatives is also the tech that will make the roundup much easier. They know who you are, and where you’re most likely to be found. Snowden’s sacrifice was largely in vain, since the practices he exposed didn’t miss a beat, and continued as is, if not worse. The “security” apparatus said “Whoops, you caught us” then said “Sucks to be you because we really don’t give a damn what you think”, and carried on as if nothing happened.

      • Very unfortunately the crimes that ” whistleblowers ” uncover and reveal to the general public hardly ever cause any changes at any level of any government. Not being corrupt gets you called ” a weirdo ” and worse. The government really does not care what gets revealed to the public; because the ” public ” can not do a damn thing about it. The owners and the masters have all of the cards and us peons are not ever allowed any input or empathy. Taxpayers are idiots in a coma; our country is falling apart physically and morally while ” the rich and their lackeys ” terrorize this entire planet to add more money to their ” worth “! Yes they can round up everyone that does not kneel down to them and lick their boots and disappear them forever. I do not know how or when but the ” universe ” will someday bring ” justice ” to the owners and the masters and absolutely no punishment would be too harsh for their many crimes!

  • This is just another stage in the slow boil of low intensity warfare. A psyop war of attrition. The internet was created by the us military. It was always intended to be just another tool for empire maintenance and it’s being called to heel. Meanwhile the US is “officially” designated an anoncracy, which is astonishing for the honesty and for the lack of control over the organization in charge of such designations. Pointing this out is dangerous to the mass delusions necessary to carry the whole historical moment of an empire forward, regardless of how deformed and depraved it is. This may be the moment that the weight of karma bearing down on a massive accumulation of debt written in blood is playing out its end game.
    By the way the blueprint for every color revolution is found in Gene Sharps book from dictatorship to democracy.
    Read the appendix and believe that the forces at large are also reading this carefully and unwinding all of the avenues by which people are able to shut down civil society, which then forces the regime in power to capitulate or escalate into a bloody civil war. Perhaps it needs to be updated for our age with the dependencies on internet access and social media and the ease with which misinformation can disrupt everyones plans including the connivers of continued empire. The deck is stacked full of jokers in this game.

  • But it wasn’t a problem when only conservative commentators were being demonetized.

    • When was that?
      And anyway, some of us were and are against censorship in their case too.

    • Caitlin has written several articles, that nobody shouuld be excited about the hounding of conservative producers, and said, that they soon will come for the left. She writes with no fear or favour. She is one of those wonderful, old school Australian women, who are getting less and less, who has no affiliations with parties, but fearlessly calls out evil when and wherever she sees it. Her blood is wort bottling!

  • How gut microbes drive brain disorders

    Evidence is building that the trillions of bacteria in the gut could have profound effects on the brain, and might be tied to a whole host of disorders. What was once a fringe theory — the gut–brain axis — is seeing an explosion of interest. Now, researchers are working to separate hope from hype to develop better and easier treatments for brain diseases.

    Nature | 12 min read

    If it seems that some ethnic groups are over represented in the harm they inflict on humanity, maybe it’s a result of the ethnic foods that they consume that alter the microbiom in their guts. Although, humans like to think that they are the masters of their minds, the overwhelming evidence is that everything that people think, do and say is the result of some pathogen afflicting their mind; including the so-called good people who fight the good fight against the so-called bad people. We are, therefore, as a species little more than insects that swarm when conditions are just right.

    • “the overwhelming evidence is that everything that people think, do and say is the result of some pathogen afflicting their mind”
      I read the Nature article I think you’re referring to, ‘How gut microbes could drive brain disorders’, and I don’t recall it saying anything so extreme.

  • The capitalist system is disintegrating. The year of the pandemic — 20/20 — made it clear to so many people around the world what a failure capitalism has been. And the full effects of the recession that we’re in hasn’t hit home yet. America has state capitalism — the corporations (Facebook, YouTube, Google, Amazon) and their politicians are melting down, scared shitless that they’re losing control.

    • Hear, hear. The World Socialist Web Site has been telling people this for decades.

  • I left both Facebook and Twitter some time ago for their nazi bullshit and although I enjoy some content on YouTube I’m establishing a personal ban on them as well and will seek whatever alternatives those content providers come up with. Call it a walk away and if given opportunity I will say as much to whatever advertisers I come across. These guys probably make for good shorts on the market for some time.

  • All ‘publicly traded’ corporations have all relevant ownership information available ror everyone to view if they look.
    All ‘parent company’ trails eventually lead back to entities which operate in the ‘jurisdictions’ of a handful of cities who operate as the nerve centers and head(s) of the global imperial structure. Such cities include ‘city of london’, ‘vatican city’, ‘district of columbia’, and a few other notorious centers of imperial operations.

  • This should be a lesson to everyone is making a living using YouTube to have an alternate funding mechanism in place.

    • Yes. What serious revolutionary, even one who acts only with words or images, should expect to be paid via the very system he or she is revolting against? Coming up with a new communication system–global, instantaneous, and able to help support its principal communicators–is essential if neoliberalism is to be overthrown.

    • I wish, I were as smart as you.

  • To refuse to examine any dissenting view .This is a transposition of the totalitarian spirit

  • @WILLD

    Really you should read the article first and then you would have some context. They have not been “removed” or “suspended”.
    Instead their ability to be able to get paid by advertising, and often even by direct donations, called “superchats” has been removed. So they can upload their videos but they can no longer make a living out of it.

    • Can they make videos requesting donations via PayPal?

  • November 18, 2016: What to Do About ‘Fake News’
    So, who are the “responsible” journalists who should be anointed to regulate what the world’s public gets to see and hear? For that Orwellian task, a kind of Ministry of Truth has been set up by Google, called the First Draft Coalition, which touts itself as a collection of 30 major news and technology companies, including the Times and Post, tackling “fake news” and creating a platform to decide which stories are questionable and which ones aren’t. Formed in June 2015 and funded by Google News Lab, the First Draft Coalition’s founding members included Bellingcat, an online “citizen journalism” site that has gotten many of its highest profile stories wrong and is now associated with NATO’s favorite think tank, the Atlantic Council.
    December 16, 2017: A Report to Our Readers
    We are seeing … Google, Facebook and other Internet giants impose algorithms and other artificial intelligence to ferret out and marginalize information that a collection of mainstream media outlets, known as Google’s First Draft Coalition, deems “propaganda” or “fake news.”
    May 2, 2017: NYT Cheers the Rise of Censorship Algorithms
    Since the Times is a member of the Google-funded First Draft Coalition – along with other mainstream outlets such as The Washington Post and the pro-NATO propaganda site Bellingcat – this idea of eliminating information that counters what the group asserts is true may seem quite appealing to the Times and the other insiders. After all, it might seem cool to have some high-tech tool that silences your critics automatically.

  • “Deplatformed” “Demonetized”? What’s wrong with removed, or suspended, or other normal terms to describe what happened. Come on, Caitlin, Australians don’t use such bad grammar. Sorry, but it annoys me to see the language mutilated like this.

      • What wrong with whatever adjective you want to use?
        What are you willd – the adjective cop?
        I think “demonetized” is most descriptive, and so if the money these sites were making was their only means of living – do you not think they will fight back? I’m thinking, and I reckon, the would fight like the dickens. Fight for their freedom of expression.
        The bigger you are the harder you fall and we all know that. Some things are obvious. Now, I’m heading off to New Zealand. There is somebody there I need to meet and this will be private. I won’t ever say anything about this secret meeting in New Zealand. Have I made myself clear?

        • Your apophasis is clear.

          • Thank-you Ian. I genuinely appreciate that.
            I don’t know if what I’m thinking is entirely correct, but I know I just learned something and for that I send thanks. Just like the place you referenced….what was it again….oh yeah, it was Peterloo….what a massacre that was – way worse than the one in Boston. But, PR is PR and if you got a good PR machine, well, you can change the world.
            Hey, you want my opinion don’t blame the silver or the gold for those who desire the metals…..the way of getting those precocious metals does matter and the blood of the innocent holds power reminiscent. So those who died digging out gold or silver did not die in vain because their spirits remain, and let me tell ya, those spirits have power!

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