In a new interview with CBS Evening News, President Biden confirmed that his administration will not be lifting sanctions imposed upon Iran in order to bring Tehran to the negotiating table for the restoration of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal.

“Will the U.S. lift sanctions first in order to get Iran back to the negotiating table?” Biden was asked by CBS’s Norah O’Donnell.

“No,” the president replied.

“They have to stop enriching uranium first,” asked O’Donnell.

Biden nodded in response.

There are a few things that are ridiculous about this, the first being that the JCPOA does not require that Iran “stop enriching uranium” at all. As explained by Al-Monitor‘s Arash Karami, the deal only calls for Iran to “keep its level of uranium enrichment at up to 3.67 %”, a level it only began exceeding when the Trump administration backed out of the deal and imposed sanctions. The administration later clarified that Biden meant Iran would have to return to its JCPOA levels before negotiations could begin, but the fact that neither the United States president nor the high-profile reporter interviewing him appear to have been clear on this says a lot about the vapid nature of America’s political/media class.

More importantly, this is confirmation from the horse’s mouth that Biden is in effect continuing Trump’s Iran policy. Trump began strangling Iran with crushing sanctions in an effort to force it to obey US dictates, and Biden is continuing that exact same strangulation while continuing to demand compliance with its dictates. The demands might be a little different, but the effect is identical since Tehran would never bow to either of them.

The Iranian government has repeatedly made it abundantly clear that it will not be rejoining the JCPOA until the United States comes back into compliance, since it was the US who first abandoned it. It claims, correctly, that it was in full compliance with the agreement when the Trump administration unilaterally backed out in May 2018. The argument that it is therefore Washington’s responsibility to come back into compliance first is indisputable. Why would it re-enter a deal with a government that is clearly acting in bad faith and could just back out and impose civilian-killing sanctions on the nation again?

And that’s just getting back to the negotiating table for re-entering the deal as it is written. Gareth Porter reported last month that the Biden administration may plan on using the sanctions regime it inherited from the previous presidency as a “Trump card” to try and coerce Tehran into agreeing to a modified version of the deal.

Neither of these things are going to happen. Iran will not modify the deal, and it will not come back into compliance before the government which first abandoned the deal comes back into compliance. And the Biden administration appears to be perfectly fine with this, reportedly toying with the idea of waiting all the way until after Iran’s presidential elections in June to even begin approaching the deal.

The end result being that we still have a US presidency waging economic warfare upon Iran in exactly the same way it was before the 20th of January. Civilians are still having the life squeezed out of them by a far more powerful nation which does not view them as human beings, and it’s only a matter of time before this administration or a subsequent one causes another flare up which pushes things to the brink of hot war like we saw a year ago.

Biden’s Iran policy is in effect just a continuation of Trump’s Iran policy that liberals can feel good about. It’s Trump’s Iran policy with gender pronouns in its bio.

Choosing to continue an immoral course of action is just as immoral as choosing to initiate an immoral course of action. If you’re beating someone up and you leave when I get there, and then I choose to continue assaulting that person, I am just as culpable in that assault as you are. Presidents who choose to perpetuate one another’s depraved policies are just as guilty of that depravity as their predecessors.

Starvation sanctions are the only type of warfare in which it is considered normal and acceptable to deliberately target a civilian population with deadly force. But it is not normal, and it is not acceptable. Biden and his team of ventriloquists fully own the effects of their warmongering. They don’t get to just scribble “TRUMP’S FAULT” across them in crayon and act like they’re innocent.

The mainstream media are fixated on the differences between the Biden administration and the Trump administration, just as they were fixated on the differences between the Trump administration and the Obama administration four years ago. If you can mentally mute that vapid soundtrack and look at the similarities between administrations instead, regardless of party affiliation and campaign platforms, you’ll learn a lot more about what’s really going on in the world.


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58 responses to “Biden’s Iran Policy Is Just Trump’s Iran Policy With A Rainbow Flag Emoji”

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  2. I think Iran is still in compliance with the JCPOA; the treaty allows Iran to depart from its limits when the U.S. violates the treaty. Iran’s response has remained within the parameters of the treaty so far, as I understand it. Both Trump and Biden are basically following Israel’s orders.

  3. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    American Democracy is about as authentic as Professional Wrassling–only less dignified.

    Disguised behind all their fake “partisan differences,” the Democrats and Republicans are nothing more than a wrestling tag-team.

    Ultimately, the American Empire only has one party: the War Criminal Party.

    Joseph Trump or Donald Biden.

    It makes no damn difference who is America’s War Criminal-in-Chief.

  4. ZIO/US is now trying to install the Al Qaeda leader as PRESIDENT of Syria in the upcoming elections !!

    You couldn’t make this shit up !

  5. Pre conditions – they are what ruined our healthcare system and our policy disputes with North Korea. Now Joe is again ignoring the lessons of history, but what’s new about the US doing that?

    1. Of course it does, but over a 99.99% chance you will be dead before you get the cancer.
      Now if you are worried about long-term effects (with an “e”) all these chemicals being sprayed to ward off the bacteria and virus probably does more harm than good. There are many other things so much simpler than that dealing with basic risk prevention. Like today some fellas were working in the neighborhood and I saw with my own eyes, several of them did not have hearing protection even though the equipment they were operating was loud as hell (I know – I have audited industrial facilities for ESHA purposes). Anyhow, I’m guessing that damn cutter was putting out about 135 db if you got too close and I had to walk past that thing and I didn’t appreciate it. Not one bit.
      I told my wife, I betcha several of the crew, who were very young, are already hearing impaired. For no good reason other than they weren’t wearing hearing protection. What a shame.
      I’m not a robot.

  6. Back when Darth Cheney was threatening Iran, the Christian Science Monitor put out an article about how the US had been claiming that Iran was 5 years away from a bomb since their revolution in 1979. It is no longer available as a full article, but you can read it in parts.
    For some reason there was pushback on Cheney, including the spy agencies releasing a rebuttal and the Admiral in charge of the Middle East saying “Not on my watch”.
    So they dropped it, only to have Obama waltz into office and pick the bullshit right back up where Cheney had left it.
    The deal was always meant to ”fail’. The US never did its part, even before Trump.

    1. Darth Cheney aside, the bigger question really boils down to who gets to have the weapons of mass destruction….now doesn’t it?
      So whether Iran has them or not is really not pertinent. There is another country in the region who has them and why not the furor when that country came into possession? That is a fair question.
      In my opinion, no one entity should have the weapon of mass destruction, but just now that really ain’t the case and that is precarious – many entities have it already and only more will get it if something don’t flip towards the better. We could all be dead in a relative moment due to somebody suffering from dementia or complete lack of empathy, or they just had a bad day, and then just due to their whim at the moment they push the metaphorical button……there are literally a few individuals in the world who have this power at any moment, but there are enough of them for the probability of an error to be non-trivial. Is that a risk you are willing to take?
      That is why I support elimination of all weapons of mass destruction. It can be done systematically in a fair way for all to sense and judge as it is happening. Violators will be discovered and there will be a serious price to pay. From the People’s perspective this seems to be the best way in my imagination.
      What do you think?

  7. Ignore Dopey Joe and lame duck Donald. Elite reclusive super-wealthy globalists control the USA and the world, not the top politicians and state officials who are mere puppets chosen and paid by the elite globalists to execute their secret agendas. Agents within the Deep State know the general population will resist and rebel against the globalist secret agendas and so they disguise their hidden motives under plausible policies and strategies which fool the gullible public into thinking that everything is done in the best interests of the common man. And ironically the common man believes them.

    1. Its not ironic to me. I don’t buy it. I think the “common man” as you say knows more than you realize. Time will tell.
      As for top politicians doing the business of reclusive super-wealthy globalist, I’m guessing they are just a few steps up the chain from that fellow who supposedly was the one making the “insurrection” on the capital building happen. So work your way up the strings, choose ones that are tough, and when you get to the top – deliver some justices as you slide back down.
      Simple really. So simple almost now worth typing…..

      1. What I mean more specifically is that there was an article on Consortium News…..let me go find the link~~~~~~~~~~~:
        Here it is:
        So apparently some “proud boy” had already turned informant and said proud boy was in the thick of it during the……oh my gracious…oh so me…please cover my eyes of weakness…..”insurrection” at the capital. Eff the italics, but they would of helped.
        Anywho, I want to know who was pulling the proud boys string(s) pulling on him. Then, I want to find the strongest of those strings, with consideration for liability scale in mind, and work my way UP. Then we will get to the bottom of it. Assuming survival occurs, once you have climbed up to the top of what seems to be all of it, be careful when you are up there. The oxygen is slim. Find out what you can and let them know what you are going to do and then slide down back as quick as you can. Presumably before you get back on the string to slide down, you will have already shared the news of what you learned. Tell them that before you go back down and tell them it is time for the chips to fall where they must.
        Cause we should all know there were many aspects of the so-called insurrection at the capital that were NOT random. I want to know more about them. There is a bunch about this event I want to know more about and the best time to learn is while the topic is hot. And if you have a forum during an impeachment hearing, well let me just say – could there be a better time than that?
        This is a golden opportunity to get the fact out there for all to judge.

    2. ISRAEL controls America and the Rothschilds control ISRAEL !!

      Nothing else is relevant !

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  9. So keeping matters close to home. Lets consider this rogue journalist place our home just now. It is mine as I type this – I feel at home here.
    So I’m guessing that there are not really actually individuals behind the spam messages speaking to easy money. No. I think it is more likely that there are entities who get a “free pass” past the ReCaptcha. And so they get to post their spam cause somebody already paid the dues.
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    The biggest bullshit to most of it was when they put an image just barely into one of the frames. The acceptance of answers on those occasions has been woefully wrong and now their trying to get it right, but it is too late. We know!

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  11. We can all point our fingers at why the world is the shit bag that it is, but the very long read at this link;
    (You may want to copy and paste to an easier format to read) Nobody is coming to save our sorry asses because on the whole, through the years we’ve been nothing but the same sort of shit people that these shit people are, in other words we’re all going to die and there’s nothing that can be done about it

    1. Lynn – I call you bluff.
      And if it wasn’t a bluff, I call you ass.
      And if you have not ass, then I’m calling you out.
      This is exactly what I mean when I say tired of sour pussery!
      I raise you the max amount. It is now your bet.

  12. I’ve gone on record so many times over so many years expressing my outright dismay at the continued denigration of the great county of Iran. I did this because I didn’t want another fight and I knew what was happening was so unfair. I’m not kidding – I’ve seriously gone on record on this for more than a decade – time and time again, and I’m sick and effing tired of the same story. I’d like to go to Iran one day and study the tilework.
    On a separate matter, on another post here a couple days back somebody (“with another worldview”) postulated the following:
    You can only be held liable – if YOU ARE AWARE of the Criminal activity going on, and then do nothing about it It was in the context of offering a place up for rent. BUT….to expound upon the premise:
    I think I basically agree with this, but it is more complicated when you think about it in your day-to-day real world activity and interaction with your neighbors. I also think there is “scale of liability” and for most folks their liability associated with the premise above would be minimal almost all of the time. For others, especially those in gubment (where they still don’t have to wear a vest), the liability should be proportional to those whom they represent and the SCALE of the supposed “criminal activity” (how many affected, magnitude of affect, duration of said, etc.)
    If those currently in elected positions in lets say the “DC” abided with this premise, cause they felt it was valid or they took an oath to do as so, I doubt there would be many left standing, so to speak in this time and day we find ourselves within. None of them would be able to throw a stone.
    I guess the only difficulty would be the “need” for a freaking definition of the term: “Criminal activity”. Who is going to come up with that and who will agree with the definition? It could be all the “countries” want to hold onto their sovereignty from a legal perspective, and I can understand that, and so they would say “you got your definition I got mine” – shove it back at you. That is why I can’t believe so many countries across the pond will be remitting their own jurisprudence sovereignty – this will happen the moment Julian Assange is placed on whatever vehicle would be used to extradite his crazy ass because he told the truth. Man, I wish there was more I could do about it besides type, but there ain’t. It just so emblematic of it all.
    What the hell was I talking about……ah come on……..this story ain’t over yet! I got one more place in Australia I plan on going – in my imagination……imagine if you can, and if you can, then you just took the derivative of my mind. Still – it ain’t the same. I like to share with friends and the best way to do that is face-to-face.

    1. Man oh man.
      Sorry about the italics.
      Supposed to end after the first it in the “it It” typing in 3rd P.
      I would like to go to Iran and I don’t think that is asking too much.

      1. BK, one of my close friends comes from Iran and still has all his family there. He says people should go and see his country for themselves. All the problems in his country are being caused by US sanctions.

        1. OK then, lets agree. If I go there (for real) and you and I are still talking, then before I go I will ask you your friend’s name to see if he will give me sanctuary while I go to see the beautiful tilework that inspires me. I find it inspiring.
          I miss Persia and I miss Iran. They are not one and the same, but they are so connected. I miss treating your brother like you want your brother to treat you.
          I miss it most because I know it is so unnecessary. That is the saddest part about it all in my mind.
          You know, sitting back and thinking about it, today has truly been a beautiful day in my life that I will treasure in my “memory hole” (ha, ha). So, I consider every day a gift and the best days depend on your memory – now don’t they?
          It is good to remember good things but it is better to have good friends…..saying of the day.

          Link to a terrific viewpoint from recently deceased journalist Andre Vitchek.

          1. Herr Gregory Herr –
            I took the bait and so far,
            I’m glad I did.
            I don’t know about you but
            I prefer cherishing things..
            there is no harm in that!
            I wish I didn’t need to check that “I’m not a robot”, but I know that the time of checking that is coming to a rapid end as the chaos flows down the river gurgling and churning and doing even moreso after it flows down the falls of balance. I’m not a robot.

          2. If you don’t mind me asking Herr Gregory Herr.
            How did Andre Vitchek pass away. I hope it was from natural causes even if those can also be so difficult. If it wasn’t from natural causes, then give me a link that shares the story cause I want to know.
            You must know about Cyrus the Great and there is a place dedicated to him I believe that in a not too distant past moment some secretary from some state made mention of possible harm to that place, and that is when…on a dime….my resolve firmed into a serious epoxy resolve. The kind of connection that doesn’t give easy cause it is based on principle. I figured if I live in a country that would be willing to destroy historical landmarks of great significance in the long story of human history, then that is not the kind of country I want to live in. I figured if that happened I would do something about it and I figured one step deeper and to how I would do it and not go the same way as so many past folks had. I figure out another way and that is how I figured it and I’m not gonna say any more about it cause I’m sure you are tired of the whimsical meandering wondering around talking of the tip of my fingertips.
            Oooh. Got a got to go. Somebody is texting me.
            I’m sick of my phone.

            1. I feel the same way about historical landmarks.
              Vitchek was a good dude. You too.

  13. Plus ca change, plus c’est EXACTEMENT la meme chose, no matter what the color or added flavorings.

    1. I disagree. Iran’s supposed nuclear development, the JCPOA, the suspension of the JCPOA, and its restoration, are all primarily theatrical., the point being to stimulate the war and imperialism business. The issues are shuttled back and forth to accomplish this end. Sherman Adelson is dead, but maybe his heirs can be hit up for a few billion ‘to keep the pressure on Iran’ or start a war or whatever other evil they believe in. Regardless, Biden and company will pursue their interests, which are not your interests, for the most part.

  14. Caitlin, like so many of the more radical pundits, has unfortunately fallen into the “bad spouse” trap of continual nagging and bitching, staying completely negative in what they say. Biden, as he begins his administration, does some things–not all, but some–to address what Caitlin calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world; namely, Yemen. On the other hand, Biden does not do much of anything, at least not yet, to address the atrocious sanctions levied on Iran. Mixed bag here, so how does Caitlin respond to Joe Biden’s first couple of weeks? Not a peep in her blog about what Biden did in the Yemen situation, which she relentlessly and admirably kept hammering on, but instead a new post about what Biden didn’t yet do in the Iran situation. And then, to boot, she throws in the tired, facile, and false equivalence bit about Biden and Trump being essentially identical twins. Come on, Caitlin, you’re much better, much smarter, much fairer than this. That’s why many of us come here.

    1. Remember how the Obama Administration would arm and train “vetted moderates” in Turkey, who would immediately defect to ISIS, weapons and all (oopsies!), just as soon as they had crossed the border into Syria? Or how weapons sold to Gulfie tyrannies would mysteriously disappear, only to rematerialize in the hands of Al Qaeda in Syria?

      So what’s to stop the Biden Administration from selling the same arms to the UAE or some other Gulfie tyranny and then those weapons just happen to get re-sold to the Saudi despots?

    2. paul battenbough Avatar
      paul battenbough

      why should anyone trust the US…they broke the deal! plus there’s a grey area over the supposed end to the war in Yemen like caveats ‘we’ll defend Saudi Arabia from rocket attacks’, and the bogus Iran supplying weapons to the Houthi’s which is virtually impossible, seeing as it is completely blockaded. Then there’s the usual al Qaeda/ISIS operatives we know is just another word for proxy army. We have to keep the pressure on the US as their hubris is ridiculous considering that this is a part of the world that it is none of their business interfering with in the first place.
      He won’t even give proper refief to his starving population, so these adventures abroad are ridiculous in the circumstances of a pandemic. I say let’s not reward these corporate butchers until we see a dismantling of those 700 bases dotted around the globe.

    3. I think the characterization “continual nagging and bitching, staying completely negative” is overdrawn. There are all kinds of positive vibes (waves?) I get from Caitlin’s work.
      But anyway, timely reporting on what the President said on Face the Nation yesterday is appreciated. It’s kinda important to understand that Biden understands how power is leveraged, shall we say? Biden has no trouble with starvation sanctions, or kickbacks, or snipers at Maidan, or proxy terrorists doing unspeakable things. Joe is an an old hand at what makes our foreign policy go around…and he likes it.
      If he gave a damn about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, he would call for an end to all hostilities and get clean water, sanitation and other civil infrastructure up and running….immediately. There is no “false equivalence” about imperial policy under either s.o.b.

  15. Wholly relative: Iraq Fully Complied:
    The inspectors … found no evidence of any weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) in Iraq.
    Not only [was] there no “smoking gun,” there’ [was] no gun at all. The U.S. refuse[d] to turn over all the intelligence information it claim[ed] it ha[d] to the UN.
    How the Press That Sold the Iraq War Got Away With It
    “Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.”

    1. As a general rule, it is not a good idea to report finding WMDs within former client states gone rouge which bear the stamp of “Made in (fill in the blank)” such that said items can be easily traced to the originator of those banned items. One might simply resort to asking the neighboring Persians or the “domestic terrorist” Kurds whether Saddam ever used WMDs on them and how effective they were as was historically reported in real time to those paying attention. Perhaps we could even track down some former Republican Guard guys for a “beer summit” on the topic and maybe even ask where in a bordering country much of it might have been quickly moved to along with some accompanying foreign technicians (some of whom would perhaps rather drink vodka) as also historically reported. The official narrative follow up spin would of course paint any of those witnesses as “damn liars” regardless of all the available “damn lying” documentation. “No WMDs were ever actually found” is the official story line for NPC reporting after the fact, but how and why could our intelligence agency geniuses and talking head politician puppets have previously reported with such certainty that Iraq’s strongman dictator “our guy gone rogue” was playing dirty with whatever deadly crap he could import for his particular killing field “testing grounds”? Whatever we do, let’s not examine the fingerprints and return address labels on any internationally condemned WMDs that somehow found their way into such a total madman’s deadly arsenal. Therefore as usual, there’s nothing to see here folks… move along. Men, women, children and babies literally dusted off as if so many troublesome insects? A total plague on all your castles, you murderous pirate bitches! The Reaper with the big toothy grin knows you all too well. IMHO

  16. Am I missing something here? Why can’t it be agreed that the sanctions be lifted at the very same time Iran agrees to resume enrichment at the old level. win-win

    1. See above. The point is to work both sides of the issue for donations and votes.

  17. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    “Hades shook his head sadly.
    “The world has changed so much over the centuries. Empires became republics, princes and princesses became celebrities, and as this thing called democracy caught hold, ordinary people have begun to think that their opinions matter. They do not.
    Hades’ face became hard.
    ‘Here, you will not find democracy. This is a true kingdom. It is my kingdom. My realm. I rule it with absolute power and iron discipline. […] To be the King of the Underworld is to be, if it is required, the man who condemns the entire population of this planet to death. That is my task. That is my duty.

    Matthew Reilly – “The Four Legendary Kingdoms” (Jack West Jr #4)

    1. Yes, I UNFORTUNATELY know.

  18. “Starvation sanctions are the only type of warfare in which it is considered normal and acceptable to deliberately target a civilian population with deadly force.” Would that it were so. Civilian populations have been deliberately and routinely targeted by western military action ever since the US so called Civil War (the south did NOT try to take over the nation). The supreme evil of sanctions is that the civilian population is the ONLY directly effected target of sanctions. A very special type of warfare that explicitly attacks women and children the most.

  19. Nutty-Yahoo threatened Crazy Joe in some way during their recent conversation on Iran and the ME. He certainly made plain that he would not accept renewing the JCPOA. And, what he says goes. Have you ever seen otherwise? Under the Nutty-Yahoo Plan peacemaking with Iran would require the delivery and detonation by America of a great many bombs over that country. All costs to be born by American citizens and taxpayers, of course.
    Call it a key feature of “Bait and Switch” American “Democracy” if you like. Elect Slick Willy, you get Killary in the bargain as co-prez (BOGO free). Elect Dubya, you get Prince of Darkness Dick Cheney running the show. Elect Obomber, you get to keep Cheney’s agenda expanded to a new cold war with Russia. Elect The Donald, you get four years of a slow-motion soft coup against Trump by the Deep State, including the daily demonisation of Putin and his White House “puppet.” Elect Crazy Joe and you get charges of a coup BY Trump and his excitable fan boys with Benny Nutty-Yahoo overtly making American foreign policy. It’s all part of a wonderful concept called imposed “unity” through maximum “diversity,” or a race to peak chaos. Chaos is good because it maximizes leverage of those already monopolizing wealth and power. To learn more read Eric Blair’s parables.

  20. Caitlin, the elephant in the room, Israel, made it clear to the Biden administration that it won’t agree to ease sanctions toward Iran. The Israeli Chief of staff even threatens to attack Iran. To expect Iran to comply with US dictates is foolish. For 40 years, sanctions against Iran didn’t work. The country has already changed its orientation towards the Far East and Russia. The Iranians should tell the Zionist US administration to fuck off. So far, the US has not the faintest clue about Iran’s culture and religion, which determines large parts of their policy. How can a country with a Mickey Mouse culture understand an ancient civilization’s political acumen?

    1. Please don’t insult Mickey mouse by comparing him to us non culture.

  21. Dealing with the ” evil empire ” is a waste of time and just stupid. The United States never honors any deal it makes with anyone. It never has and it never will.

    1. Including its own citizens. Americans that disagree with the Psychopaths In Charge are now categorized as “domestic terrorists” who threaten the “nation”, the “nation” being the Psychopaths In Charge.

  22. Just a thought. Can we perhaps leak all the power peoples’ xanax subscriptions, yes subscriptions, not prescriptions, and expose their decades of legal drug abuse while in public office?
    Asking for a fren.

  23. All so obvious and easily confirmed. In fact Iran was the ONLY signatory in full compliance with the JCPOA, the others either for their own reasons and or because intimidated by the US, the threat of secondary sanctions, never gave the agreed sanctions relief. Israel wants missile development to be included in a new deal, this Iran would never agree to for obvious reasons. A simple rhetorical question is why would Iran agree to ANY new terms when at any time the current or future US administration could simply renege?

  24. But I like rainbows…..

  25. Dear Caitlin: The bottom line is (I mean the lowest of the possible bottom lines), is that they are trying to kill us. Kill us as in real dead!!!

  26. Dear Caitlin: The bottom line (I mean the very bottom of the possible lines) is that they are looking to kill us. As in for real!!!!

  27. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    Old news for readers here I know but still worth sharing …
    • ISIS is US’s Secret Army in Syria and Iraq: Majid Ghanadbashi
    Washington seeks ISIS revival
    “Commenting on the reason behind the increase in the ISIS attacks and activities in Iraq recently, Mr Ghanadbashi said that two important factors are involved in f the current chaotic situation. The first factor is the willingness of the Democrats and Biden to revive the terrorist group. The reality is that the ISIS was created during President Barack Obama administration, with Biden also serving as vice president. The US investment in ISIS and the gains it has made from the terrorist group’s activities have led it to consider restoring the group’s power in the region. On the one hand, they presented a violent and fierce image of Islam to the world and on the other hand destroyed the infrastructure of Iraq and Syria.
    “The second factor can be linked to the ISIS itself. The remnants of the group, along with the reactionary Arab regimes and Israeli regime, seek to pave the way for a continued US presence in the region. The common concern of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, and the Israeli regime is that Biden and the Democrats will be preoccupied with the internal affairs and this will make them unaware of the growing power gain of the Axis of Resistance forces that include Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, and some other regional movements. So, now they are focusing on a sham fight against ISIS. In fact, both sides seek to prepare the ground for US troops stay and to delay the implementation of the Iraqi parliament’s resolution on the expulsion of foreign troops from the country.””

    1. Hard to get ISIS recruits these days !!

      Russia – Iran and the SAA have already turned more than 200 thousand of them into fertiliser !!

      Morale is LOW !

  28. My apologies Caitlin,
    Your article is very good.
    The horse hockey is the mess of the whole situation.
    I happen to be emotionally invested in things not staying this fucked up is all.

  29. Meet the New Boss…Same as the Old Boss!!! Couldn’t have said it any better than you just did, Caitlyn!!!

  30. I find several things about this pile of horse hockey worthy of note,
    First, wasn’t creepyjoe the usvp during the original negotiation?
    Second, isn’t that about the time that the Syrian war started in the first place (coincidence?, not likely)?
    Third, in what way exactly did Trump change the trajectory of this foreign policy path (except to slow down the obviously pre envisioned conclusion, aside from the killing of Solemaini which almost ignited a catastrophic exchange of fire that may have resulted in the northern hemisphere becoming immediately uninhabitable for human beings, and which I do still believe was the direct result of Israeli and state department leverage on Trump personally by way of his daughter’s obvious vulnerability to the apartheid regime)?
    Fourth, wasn’t the illustrious ’20 percent enrichment’ part of the deal (ie, if everybody would have played nice, wasn’t that the agreed upon finality of the advancement of enrichment at the successful conclusion of the deal)?
    Fifth, why was it necessary to make this deal in the first fucking place? So Iran could get some of its own damned money back which the us had stolen at around the time of the revolution? In exchange for not doing anything wrong in the first fucking place?
    Fucking really?!?!
    Just fucking saying, is all…

  31. Whoever thought that Biden was really much different from Trump or that the GOP is really much different than the DNC: Do Not Care = Get Over Poor. Most of the policies are interchangeable.

  32. Know why? Because puppet presidents come and go, but the SHADOW (deep state) GOVERNMENT stays the same.

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