The US government’s armed goon squad executed a 13 year-old special ed student whose hands were empty and in the air and they’re telling Americans to worry about Russia and China.

The word fascist gets thrown around a lot, but if admitting you support police executions without trial as long as the victim is a “thug” doesn’t meet the definition, I don’t know what does. And that’s exactly what anyone who smears such victims is admitting.

Send all cop apologists to a desert colony where they can set up their Judge Dredd dystopia that lets police execute anyone without trial if they’ve been labeled a “thug”.

Defending the most powerful is always the wrong position. Defending cops from the people. The rich from the poor. The US empire from weaker powers. White people from the causes of people of color. Men from feminism. Israel from Palestinians. You’re just helping to create a more unjust and imbalanced world.

Most people intuitively grasp this, which is why a lot of effort by the powerful goes into making the up-power party look like the down-power party. But that just proves that power knows it can make itself more powerful by getting more people to defend and side with it.

You’ll see such distortion in attempts to spin the leaders of empire-targeted governments as the up-power party just because they’re the dominant power within their own nation, even though they’ve got the might of the entire US-centralized power alliance stacked against them.

That distortion is also what you’re seeing when the US plays the poor widdle victim to Russian hackers and terrorists, or when people talk about Israel as this tiny little underdog surrounded by enemies when it’s armed to the teeth and backed by the entire US power alliance.

That distortion is also what you’re seeing here:

You could make the case that the US State Department exists primarily to reverse the perception of the powerful and the weak in the eyes of the international community. Read Tony Blinken’s Twitter page; that’s practically all he ever does.

This is generally who I spend all my time arguing against: people who are defending powerful from the weak, and people who are trying to spin the powerful as weak and defenseless.

In totalitarian countries the government spy agency tells the news media what to publish, and the news media unquestioningly publish it. In free democracies the government spy agency says “Ooh buddy have I got a scoop for you,” and the news media unquestioningly publish it.

“It’s not about ‘left’ versus ‘right’ Caitlin, that’s just something the elites made up to divide us.”

Okay well what do you call the thing where there are no elites because we took what they stole and created a fair and equitable society where everyone has enough? I want that.

Who cares if there are extraterrestrials? If there are we’re nowhere near mature enough as a species to interact with them anyway. Hell, we have giant-brained leviathans swimming in our own oceans whose mental lives we don’t understand at all, and we’ve nearly killed them off.

Some people hope the ETs will save us from the conditions we’ve created for ourselves. No they won’t. If there are ETs and they have noticed us they’re certainly not going to give a psychotic omnicidal species powerful energy technologies. There will be no ET ex machina ending.

Our species is like a guy with a completely fucked up personal life who keeps chasing goals and accomplishments outside of himself thinking it will make him happy. We need to stop looking up to the stars and focus on our severe issues right here. We’re on our own for this one.

And while we’re on the topic, what are we doing about this?


Anything? No? Okay, well, cleaning this up needs to happen, and soon. We’re choking ourselves to death here and it’s madness and no one talks about it because cleaning is not sexy or profitable. One of the many reasons capitalism is unsustainable is that it offers no reason to pour human effort and ingenuity into eliminating the giant garbage continents forming in our oceans, or to leave fossil fuels in the ground, or to stop strip mining, or leave forests as they are.

One way we could make it profitable is fining the corporations for every branded piece of garbage of theirs that we find in the Patch. Ten bucks for every Coke can, etc. That will fund the operation and put the responsibility for closing the loop on packaging right where it needs to be.


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82 responses to “Stop Siding With The Powerful: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. I have no problem using the word FASCIST. When my nation does everything in its power to support fascism in other sovereign countries, that makes my nation FASCIST. When there is virtually no public discussion of endless militarism, endless wars, endless corporatism, that makes my nation FASCIST. When I was young I was far more hesitant about using the words fascist and evil. I’m old now and everywhere I look I see fascism and evil.

  2. Right wing authority of the type that is the current law:

    don’t hurt anyone, don’t steal, don’t harm society is 90% of the law. Can otherwise think and do almost entirely what one wants.

    Left wing authority of the type currently dictating terms:

    if you are marginally outtside of their narrow set of extremist beliefs will unironically punch you as a Nazi.

    These extremist beliefs and their violent enforcement somehow constitute “not fascism”, “not power”, and “not boots”.

    We won’t get into the terrorizing of innocents in the commons, often donning their style of choice: black boots.

    Yea, but “don’t lick boots” or “side with power”. We getcha.

    Its just if we choose not to comply then you exercise “not power” through as much violence as you can get away with.

    Which is somehow about as much as you want for the “not powerful” and “not fascist”.

    We have seen this movie many times too often.

  3. “It’s not about ‘left’ versus ‘right’ Caitlin, that’s just something the elites made up to divide us.” Okay well what do you call the thing where there are no elites because we took what they stole and created a fair and equitable society where everyone has enough? I want that.“

    I want that too!! I think most non-psychopaths do, but for those of us without Caitlin’s gift of summing it up, it’s so hard to articulate that idea without using words historically equated with ecocide, enslavement or mass murder. Or that makes people throw hissyfits because their propaganda programming engages at the sight of the particular word (-ism).
    How about Unity? Peace and Unity Community.

  4. Thirteen year-old Adam Toledo, known as “Lil Homicide” to his friends, was allegedly shooting at random cars at 2:30 AM with another gang member. The “goon squad” body-cam video shows that after a chase down an alley, Toledo surreptitiously tossed the gun behind a fence 4/5 of a second before he turned and was shot. The “goon” had no way of knowing “Lil Homicide’s” age, or that he’d been unarmed for almost a second prior. True to form, MSNBC and CNN edited out the frame in the video that showed the gun in his hand a split second before he ditched it – the better to stir up racial animosity. It’s all well and good for an Australian residing half-way around the world to sanctimoniously condemn the “goon squad” for this tragedy, but in this country it’s not all so black and white (so to speak) and we live with this stuff. Please don’t fall for this race-baiting, Caitlin, it’s beneath your intellect and talent. I’ve appreciated that you’ve remained aloof from this sort of nonsense previously.

    1. Bullshit. The cop absolutely did have a way of knowing that Toledo was unarmed- his own body camera proves it. He was standing with both hands up and open looking directly at the cop when he was shot, and that’s how it was recorded.

      1. Sorry, a cherry picked frame is “not how it was recorded” on video. Its propaganda, and it is the willful deception that you are supporting.

        An armed suspect fresh from running down a dark alley and making furtive movements to hide a weapon?

        The only people who see this as an issue want to defund police, and the result will be mass genocide once the police are gone. That’s what youa re agitating for. Fuck you.

        Sorry, society doesn’t side with fucktards who can’t be minimally honest because they resort to childish “lick boots” bullying. And the 1930’s wants its insult back. Better the cops than your mixed intellectually incompetent and mentally ill lot 1000x over. Go suck on a pacifier douchebag. No one normal likes your kind. You are a media / Fed State creation, full stop.

        1. You don’t believe the picture was real? His hands weren’t up and open? WTF, are you trying to save Tinkerbell or something? It’s a recording, something that exists in the real world- unlike your crazy genocide fantasies.

    2. These poor souls are used like contestants for “American Idol.” George Floyd and Chauvin knew each other from working at the same job. Was there any mention of that in court? This was possibly a personal vendetta that had nothing to do with racism.

      Another thing they like to do during their “People’s Court” programming is bring in new evidence at the last minute. Floyd’s resistance to being put into the Police vehicle and the kid throwing the gun away are both good examples.

      They always provide us with broken people as a way for each side to remain divided and feel justified in the way they see it.

      Hopefully, Chauvin will be found guilty or people will retaliate by burning down their own cities just as Trump had his fools hunting down their own Vice-president.

      Racism is bad. But mass stupidity is worse.

      1. And there you go, siding with the powerful.

        1. By not allowing them to manipulate me? I’m glad their tool was found guilty.

          If it wasn’t for those damn liberals, we could bring back the gladiators to help assuage the bloodlust of the mob.

          1. Meant for OHWELL.

        2. Why?

          There is no mandate to not side with the powerful, or to side / not side with the non-powerful. We side with whom our interest lie.

          Some people’s interests do not lie with pre-genocidal mentally ill communists and their very sober leaders. Just how many agents do you think were leading those riots?

          Who says that the anti-Police group aren’t the powerful? You have full fucking support of the media and Fed State beyond theatrics. You were allowed to riot in the commons for a year without being completely suppressed, complete with murdering innocents. That’s power. The Police can’t buy a complimentary article and the ridiculous “defund” movement has legs. The pro Police contingent can’t even protest without it the media supporting anti protest thugs against them and making it into a moral crisis for the next two years.

          That’s not you. That’s the most powerful institution in this Nation: the Media who supports you. More powerful than POTUS.

          Sorry, permanent revolution isn’t the forever mandate. Especially when the revolutionaries present as mentally ill murderers. “Power” also stops genocides and the specific agitation to disarm public police smells like it.

  5. FACT: Capitalism will stop working and most of the world’s population will die if we made corporations, manufacturers, family businesses, farmers and the fishing industry seriously punishable for trashing the planet and depleting natural resources. Capitalism is not the problem. For more than 70 years, scientists have known that undesirable genes are the root cause of society’s problems. Good economic systems, constitutions, honest laws, and judges, etc., partly restrain but do not eliminate evil. Super-wealthy psychopaths own the big banks which instigate and sponsor wars, revolutions and violent strategies which enrich these psychopaths. But Yeshua, whose name means Liberator in Hebrew, explained how we can precipitate the downfall of their evil empire. He instructed His followers to withdrawn financial support and cooperation in state crimes against humanity. After the evil empire implodes, the ensuing wars, revolutions, pandemics and famine will eliminate all but a small group of survivors who will repopulated the earth with only good quality genes. But no one believes and follows the world’s Great Liberator because His strategy and tactics are too challenging for us. Even critical journalists, dissidents, protesters and looter continue to enjoy the benefits of remaining part of the establishment and remain complicit in perpetrating their oppressive, short-sighted system. Yeshua explained everything in detail but for 1700 years the Catholic Church twisted and corrupted His lectures and brilliant revolutionary strategies through translation errors and/or massive censoring of relevant ancient records. The Catholic Church is the mother of abominations, collaborating with governments in fraud, mind control, aggression and oppression. Read more of this here:

  6. I am unhappy with the word fascist. The US term for the same concept is “communist”, which degrades the word and the concept. Can I suggest using the word “woke” to mean intolerance of dissent instead? eg “The inquisition tortured Galileo for suggesting that the Earth goes around the sun. How woke is that!?

    1. TIM GLOVER, was Galileo actually tortured? The oligarchs of the day, whose descendants are also oligarchs today offered him a retirement to the end of his days in comfort; Galileo, choose instead to stay with the Church that had, “tortured”, him. There’s a lot more to the story than that, but I would probably be censored.

      1. The church forced Galileo to recant under pain of torture. As typical with all religions – you must believe or be punished because God in his infinite wisdom (HA HA HA) loves you.

  7. SIR ISO. LOL, you are so woke, some others also say that folks like you are also the Adam of Adam and Eve, the original, to come and save us from the evil. Well, why not? I worked at a mental hospital for 5 years and it appeared to me that almost every male there was committed because they claimed to be Jesus. Obviously, not only an indication of severe mental illness, but of criminal behavior as well. Please, never stop talking.

    1. Dude, in the mental ward…

      Some guys actually called me “Father”, “Jesus” and “God”. And It’s not because I was really stubborn. It’s because they were on drugs. And I provided those drugs, in fantasyland.

      Here are my credentials?

      Seriously though, I’m being honest. Though I know I’m actually crazy, too. But not as crazy as the mental ward’s nurse asking me if I’m a Sangoma, or that Moldovan girl like climbing ontop of me while I was sleeping and starting to kiss me and shit?

      That’s very awkward for a “puritan”.

      And I’m not saying I’m Jesus, I just kinda look like the broken neglected walmart version (someone actually told me that) of Jesus. My name is sir isO. I’m older than jesus, ffs.

      But because of all that recaptcha shit, I can’t post anymore.

      1. ‘But because of all that recaptcha shit, I can’t post anymore.’

        Thank God!

        1. “Thank God”

          Acutely emblematic of comments that didn’t need to be made.
          Were you trying for irony?

      2. sir isO, yeah, recaptcha, it’s so that they have time to read what you want to post, before they let you post it, if they let you. I used to post as Roy, but then they didn’t like that anymore, so I switched to Lynn, but they don’t like name anymore so I’m back to Roy. Anyway, yeah, by the end of the first week on the job at the hospital I was so tired of all the guys introducing themselves as, ‘Jesus’, I started shaking their hands, telling them that I was happy to meet them and that my name was Jesus, too. It went over relatively well, and no sweat on the diagnostic, most so-called mental illnesses are caused by very ill psychopaths creating a sick society. I could go on, but then I’d be censored. In the meantime try keeping track of what time you go to sleep and what time you wake up. It worked for me as a child, if you see a pattern develop your mind may cure itself as mine did, with no conscious input from myself. Its all self narrative and sometimes we just forget what page we’re on. Only reason that I can think of for why it worked for me.

        1. Sorry, but I don’t trust the advice of anyone who worked at a mental ward. I saw and experienced a LOT of total bullshit there, horrible conditions.

          I was court-ordered into the mental ward because of, well, what I’d call lashing out at trauma and abuse (along with ignorance of much of society’s bullshit).

          Like someone broke my room’s door a bit before that, anyway, one night I drank a LOT of rum, got a bit angry, vocal and punched that already broken door.

          I figured that’s okay, enough venting, so I sat down again…continued drinking, next thing, 5 cops in my room and it’s like “Wait what?”

        2. One of the big problems I discovered at the mental ward is that the drug usage(imposition), shit even the food policy, worsens numerous problems. The psychiatrists are generally not very useful, imo. I saw a totally harmless girl get sent to a mental institution for the criminally insane, from that mental ward.

          Why? From what I can tell, because she was pretty. She was incredibly cogent, perhaps the most intelligent girl I’ve met. Even when drugged, but was not happy about being there and made that clear.

          I tried to explain to her that if she wants to get out of there, she has to kinda stay calm. That apparently didn’t happen, coz after I got out (3 days of observation)…I went to visit them again, after making them some rum infused fudge (everyone there loved that, btw, nurses and doctors too) and that girl was no longer at that mental ward.

          Oh and another thing, there’s likely going to be a large earthquake or something similar in the next few days probably. But that’s very speculative, of course.

  8. Caitlin: “Okay well what do you call the thing where there are no elites because we took what they stole and created a fair and equitable society where everyone has enough? I want that.”

    …it seems to me SIMPLE things like a movement DEMANDING complete ‘government transparency’ [LIVE cameras in courtrooms and all important governmental proceedings, federal reserve board meetings, etc.] and DEMANDING egalitarianism [equal treatment under the law] could take the biggest bites out of injustice, insanity, etc…

    …btw, ime, VERY VERY few people understand that ‘money is a function of law’ [tax law, etc.,]… i’m convinced that truly treating people equally ‘under the law’– ESPECIALLY as to the issuance of money— would be a huge universal boon towards justice, sanity…

    …the system we have now, where a certain class of [esoteric, very secretive] people ALWAYS get to use/direct newly created money in ‘the first round of spending,’ is inherently corrupt, insane, intolerable, etc….it survives because the citizens of the world are LARGELY ignorant of monetary reality….

    …in my yankee experience, a staggering number of republicrat-level monetary ignoramuses falsely believe ‘the government prints the money’….ugh…

    1. “ignoramuses falsely believe ‘the government prints the money’….ugh…”

      You mean corporations use bonds? Along with derivatices and leveraging of that? When contracted by govt? Coz govt is proxy?

      Sorry, I’m just speculating as an escrow agent with associated hegemony.

      1. Yeah, *derivatives

        I explain worth like this.

        So, there is an apple tree. It makes apples.

        Some guy is like “You know what, with this apple, from this apple tree, which is I claimed, I actually already have 20000x new apple trees, each producing around 5000x apples each.”

        So this I got apple representing those, I can sell to you, on the bond market, for a couple of trillion dollars? Oh btw, that apple is you.

        But anyway, if you take the tree away, there are no apples.

        So what I’m saying is, if you remove something, and it does not meaningfully hurt you, perhaps even benefit you…oh I dunno, like your existing money being appreciated by the dissolution of some banking entities, maybe blackrock, capital street corporation, vanguard, that sort of thing….you functionally gain enormous amounts.

        That’s how worth is established over perceived value, coz it’s about your belief in that stupid fraudulent bullshit. Remember, money is fraud, to begin with. You should be kinda careful about how that’s used. coz monetary inflation (along with your belief in it) is the a pretty significant enslaving projection.

        1. Sorry, I typed a lot without reviewing that. I guess I’ll stop now. But at least, since it concerned finances, mammon, many errors are somewhat suited.

  9. I just wanna point out something which I think is a bit of a perception problem.

    1. Okay, I make a corporation. But, I don’t use that corporation for much, just kinda like escrow to maybe trade some plants I personally grew. Okay? No big deal. No real “industry” as such. I don’t use pesticides, herbicides, etc.

    2. But then, I make another corporation, and I grow shitloads of another GMO plant in an area where that plant shouldn’t grow, but then I also use shitloads of pesticides, herbicides and such.

    Now the thing is, even if you take away the “corporation” there, because one case, it is not damaging, or imposing, as such, you’re still left with a problem. On the one hand, you have excess, toxic industry. On the other, individual “enterprise”.

    Now the thing is, if you substitute corporation, like totally get rid of it there, but you have a govt or whatever with the methodology in the 2nd scenario there…you have problems. Potentially worse problems, since that would likely exclude the option for your own corporation or enterprise, if you consider what sort of “systems” would allow the 2nd scenario.

    Essentially, we have a bunch of very large, monolithic pyramids pointing up /\ (govts and corporations), at the top, the CEOs, directors, presidents, etc. Of course, totally reliant on what’s below it. That is, they don’t carry the weight.

    So, wouldn’t it be a good idea, to use those same means, but with opposing principles? Many smaller, \/ pyramids, where the leaders actually carry some weight. And then those smaller pyramids, are still free to associate as they choose.

    As a basic idea. A sort of combined reply to some things, but especially because I’ve been seeing a lot of propaganda of people trying to push for (contracting to) common law, and it’s like “But dude, that just lowers your status and disadvantages you more”.

  10. Nice essay, interesting replies.

  11. Re the link to the plastic vortex, indeed what are we doing about it as things are much worse than it presents. We’re eating, drinking and breathing the stuff every day:

    Plastic waste isn’t just leaking into the ocean; it’s also polluting freshwater systems and even raining or snowing down from the sky after getting absorbed into the atmosphere, according to another study led by Steve and Deonie Allen. With microplastics being so ubiquitous, it should come as no surprise that they are also present in the food and water we drink.

    Drinking water, including tap and bottled water, is the largest source of plastic in our diet, with the average person consuming about 1,769 tiny microplastic particles each week, according to a 2019 report supported by WWF. Other primary sources of microplastics include shellfish, beer and salt.

    A new study published this year in Environmental Research found that microplastics were even present in common fruits and vegetables. Apples had one of the highest microplastic counts, with an average of 195,500 plastic particles per gram, while broccoli and carrots averaged more than 100,000 particles per gram.

    “The possibility of plastics in our fruit and vegetables is extremely alarming,” John Hocevar, ocean campaign director for Greenpeace USA, said in a statement. “This should prompt additional studies to assess how much plastic we are consuming through our produce each day and examine how it is impacting our health.”

    “Decades of plastic use have contaminated our air, water, and soil,” Hocevar added. “Eating just a bite of an apple could now mean eating hundreds of thousands of bits of plastic at the same time.”

    Through normal water and food consumption, it’s estimated that the average person consumes about 5 grams of plastic each week, equivalent to the size of a credit card, according to the WWF report.

  12. Hello Caitlin,

    I’ve appreciated some of your articles over the past few years, so yeah, just want to say thanks.

    I’ve posted a fair bit on OffGuardian (if you’re familiar with it) as SocioPsychoPatriotism recently, though numerous other names there (as they like censoring me for trolling their hegelian dialectic fraudulence, hypocrisy and spamming music videos, I guess).

    I’m from Orion, btw. And yes, I appear to a white male. In the very racist South Africa area (if you’ve heard of that). I actually grew up near an area known as Adam’s Calendar and I got a pretty good revision of Genesis (which is far more accurate).

    There are a couple of peculiarities I want to ask you about though…”Stop siding with the powerful”, you say? Okay, so what’s your gauge of Facebook or Twitter’s power? I find that peculiar.

    And, do you think idiots peddling like vaccines, or even their idea of “viruses” at all, you know, people who practically function on religious faith and project the usage of very toxic substances for degeneration to profit for a fundamentally fraudulent medical system, is a problem of the powerful?

    I could for instance suggest, that this human species in this world (which I’m not from or of) guarantees itself extinction, by for instance, injecting infants with known toxins, only toxins, AND lying about it…while also suggesting it’s “good” for those children. So I wouldn’t worry about much while that sort of is happening, coz this world is doomed, just so you know.

    Humans, are in fact, the only species I have EVER seen to be so unbelievably stupid and the only species that ACTUALLY devolves. With homogenization being a rather alarming sign of that. In case you didn’t know, homogenization is the bane of creation and life, btw.

    So now, there’s a little problem I encountered, I’ve noticed many of those things claiming to be human, are in fact not human. Yes, they look like they could be human, according to what you’ve been taught, but I’m here to remind now that this is the underworld and those empty, soulless, hollow husks and shells are in fact what you may know as Qlippoth (a legion of borg-like demonoid thingies).

    Anyway, do remember to get some sunshine. Take care.

    1. Excuse my various typing mistakes.

      Sorry about that.

      And I tried to space that in nice paragraphs, now it looks all messed up.

  13. Jesus, whether he existed or not Caitlin, had some wise words on this subject.
    He (or his proxy) said:
    ‘I am in the world, but not OF it’
    The Buddha (another ‘fictional’ dude?) also spoke of non- attachment’
    Good advice, I reckon.

  14. I dont know the answer but defunding the police is not the answer everytime a mistake intentional or on purpose happens. Blame the people running this country for militarizing the police. Dont blame the men and women doing a hard job. Cities that defunded and laid off their police have crime off the charts. The people of color want the police since the majority of black crime is committed by other blacks. As I said I dont know the answer and neither do you.

    1. Broom handles aren’t military issue, last I checked anyway:

  15. “Okay well what do you call the thing where there are no elites because we took what they stole and created a fair and equitable society where everyone has enough? I want that.”
    I call it pie in the sky. There’s just as much opportunity for corruption there as there is here. If a thing can be corrupted, it will be. Nearly all the governments in the world focus on little else. The US being the biggest bully on the block, for now.
    It would largely depend on everyone agreeing with you. They won’t.
    Governments created corporations, and corporations are the demons that haunt us. They have no soul. They have only one ethic, profit. They are completely amoral. There are abundant immediate ecological threats that they in large part are creating as we speak. But we focus all environmental energy on climate change, which I will not argue here except for the timing. Its not immediate. I suspect a lot of corporate support for anti climate change action is intended to create exactly that circumstance.

    1. Do you mean that since climate change isn’t an immediate threat – a dubious idea anyway – we should wait until it is before tackling it?

      1. No. I’m saying if you are in a burning building, concern about tomorrows weather forecast is not even a secondary issue. If a ton of bricks is falling on your head, whether or not you brought your umbrella with you is hardly a concern. The lack of prioritizing one’s actions results in useless actions. The planet is being actively poisoned NOW. Whether the climate changes a degree or two in the next ten years is irrelevant.

        1. That’s right, and minimizing excessive, destructive industry is the first thing to do, imo.

          With that, of course, promoting constructive “industry”, such as people growing way more plants, actually communicating, fostering communities.

          Environmental transformation is kinda important. From what I can see, if you are in a toxic environment, you are toxic. And if you are a certain kind of toxic, you make the environment more toxic, too.

          1. The fault lies in the notion that this or that gang of psychopaths is the solution. We are the solution. No guns need be held against our heads. All those guns do is cement the psychopaths in their tyrannical anti-human position of power.

            1. Well, I basically agree with you, but I dunno ift’s just anti-human as much as anti-life, like I suggested with the Qlippoth thing.

              Coz “Si monvmentvm reqvires circvmspice”

              I see animals, habitates, environment, life in general being attacked…which is the definition of Qlippoth (or whatever you call them).

              1. lolwork well

                Sorry for the posts and breaking the site. The aliens aren’t coming, you’re right about that. They’re already here, and you didn’t notice?

                Anyway, you might want to change your site comment layout shit to be more amenable for wallpaper (and potentially multi-level discussions).

                But if I get banned, that’s okay too. This recaptch shit is annoying enough to make me mention that.

    2. The environmental movement has been hijacked by green energy and climate change.

    3. “If a thing can be corrupted, it will be”

      I don’t think I can agree with that, though I will say that is of course very likely (depending on what sort of support is lended to it). Though I have mentality that is not quite normal.

      That might be a very key problem with current human psyche, that innate pessimistic, destructive tendency. And then people, mostly by virtue of intentions and actions then…actually manifest that.

      So why that innate “brokenness”? Inherited corruption, perhaps? “That’s how it always was and should be” sort of clinging to legacy, the machinations (cultures, societies, industry, systems)? I mean, most of “history”, many supposed “facts” and much of “established science” is complete bullshit, often fundamentally designed to perpetuate worse bullshit.

      Somehow, people have to get past those legacies.

      That’s a problem humans have with monolithic establishment and particularly institutions, imo. And then of course, reversion to fundamentally flawed methodology. Their, hamster wheel, as it were.

      1. It’s fundamental. There are evil people in the world, and if they can find a path to commit their evil, they will walk on it. Right into any human activity that exists. Vigilance is the only defense, and we typically are not terribly vigilant as a species. We tend to delegate our vigilance, as in expecting some public “servant” or
        journalist” to do it for us. Never mind that such are usually part and parcel of the evil we wish to be watched for.
        “That’s how it always was and should be” Is half right. By accepting it as “should be” we do indeed perpetuate it. By accepting instead that corruption is always assaulting us, we stand some chance of defeating it.

        1. “There are evil people in the world, and if they can find a path to commit their evil, they will walk on it. Right into any human activity that exists. Vigilance is the only defense, and we typically are not terribly vigilant as a species. ”

          Yeah, and I would argue, they can be stopped (less complicity is a good start)…except, in these societies, sociopsychopathetic behaviour is promoted and rewarded…which means…more evil people (which I refer to as the Qlippoth, as in another post).

          Which reminds me of the 3 pillars of “schooling” (imo you can apply it to any number of systems):

          1. Education (indoctrination).
          2. Punishment and reward (affirmation, validation of indoctrination).
          3. Promotion, marketing, zealotry (propagation of indoctrination).

          Now, systemically, societally…I notice people are tending to rather retarded “schooling” methods.

          The other problem is, all these physical toxins have very real behaviour, genetic, physical effects. Which of course causes say, hormonal dysfunction, lymphatic dysfunction, mental dysfunction…and then, those people are “broken” but then attempted “fixes” most often worsen that, too.

          With that, that “Problem-Reaction-Solution” cycle, people keep falling for, where a “problem” is suggested, after a “solution” was manufactured…”reaction” engineered and projected, to sell that “solution” (which causes more actual problems) and NEVER addressing fundamental causative factors.

          The medical system being kinda overrun and fundamentally based on that, as an example. Tied of course, to say, food, water, and air quality.

          Regarding these Qlippoth I mention, it seems to me, they are incapable of improving, fundamentally don’t have the sort of function that could enable that (like a soul, maybe?). So then, since they are driven to positions of control, they most often use that to degenerate (as they pretty much invariably sociopaths and psychopaths). That is, they cannot create as such, they cannot improve, so they try break you down. Perhaps it is even an insecurity? Perhaps they are incapable of transcending? They are the tree of death, so to say…

  16. There’s something extra horrifying about the shooting of the 13 year old- the cops aren’t even bothering to say it was a mistake. They’re basically saying “well that’s our policy” as if he was trying to return a shirt at Macy’s.

  17. Coming up with a solution to clean up those twice the size of Texas plastic garbage patches will take an effort equivalent to the Manhattan Project or Apollo Project.
    A guy in San Diego California contacted me who had a couple of commercial fishing trawlers and suggested that we string a net with different mesh size at different depths to capture macro size, micro sized and nano sized plastic particles, while separating the trawlers by two hundred yards/meters while dragging the nets through the garbage patch.
    We would then station a 500 meter barge at a strategic location and empty the net, when they were filled with plastic, into the barge and when the barge was filled, tow it back to San Diego, empty it, and take it back out for more garbage.
    When I looked into this, I found that someone else did the calculation of how it would take to clean the garbage patch up using this method, and he came up with about 100 years.
    There have been other proposals, one the would use booms driven by the wind to corral the plastic garbage and then dump it into a barge, but even though they got 30 million dollars seed capital to build and deploy it, it failed.
    The problem is, as that plastic is sitting out there bobbing in the waves, the Sun’s ultraviolet light is breaking it down turning it into micro and nano plastic which mixes with the sea water which then gets metabolized by sea life causing all sorts of diseases, but more importantly it finds it’s way into our bodies, because we consume sea food. This is on top of the heavy metals found in all sea life now, like methyl ethyl lead and methyl mercury. We have no idea how this is going to effect the genetic code of all life. We are already getting a credit card’s worth of plastic in our bodies every week.
    Yes, this problem needs to be addressed. So rather than China and the United States posturing for domination of the planet, these two behemoths should be cooperating at every level to ensure that there will still be life on this planet post 2050. Unfortunately the leadership on both sides seems to be mentally dysfunctional or at least incapable of understanding the problem.

    1. That is a true environmental emergency. Expect average lifespans to again shorten in the next 100 years. Just a few centuries ago most only lived to 45 or 50.

  18. They put forth the narrative they want, often holding the murder videos to be later revealed at a more opportune time. They try them in the court of public opinion and their surviving victims unleash their rage and destruction upon their own neighborhoods at the whims of the madmen who decided to twist the outcome.

    Just another bunch of terrorist tools for trash. We have no chance until we move in our time and not in theirs. And no violence. They use it as justification for tightening the noose.

  19. Although it may appear to be the case that oligarchic psychopaths are the cause of all the world’s troubles, this is in fact not the case. Something far more basic, fundamental, SYSTEMIC and, most importantly, ANCIENT is the cause.
    My wife and I recently watched the sci-fi movie “Passengers”. At its beginning, a gigantic spacecraft, moving along smoothly and silently through space, runs into a cloud of rocks that just happen to be in the path of the fast-moving craft. One of the rocks is massive enough to penetrate the craft’s invisible shield and strike some unknown part of the craft. The spacecraft’s “passengers” and crew have all been placed in a state of hibernation or suspended animation since even before they were installed on the craft so none of them realize what’s happened. The AI control system of the craft attempts to make corrections to compensate for what turns out to be a mission-fatal strike by the rock, but small, seemingly insignificant, failures begin to occur in the various systems that the AI system controls long before “the big one” will occur.
    One of those initial failures causes the early awakening of one of the 5,000 passengers. He soon realizes that he is the only passenger that is awake and, not only that, that he has been awakened ninety-something years before the craft will reach its destination. To put it bluntly, the probably-early-thirties passenger is going to die many years before the craft reaches its destination.
    Two other passengers wake up — one intentionally by the lonely wokee, and the other by another AI mistake — the latter being, luckily, one of the ship’s crew who is very knowledgeable of just about all technical matters concerning the craft. The latter also soon determines that the AI system is failing and will continue to fail, massively, to correct something that cannot be corrected until the craft self-destructs.
    Working and searching effectively through all the crafts complicated systems, together, the only three woke people among the 5,000 un-woke people discover the deep-down fundamental flaw – the penetration by the rock of the craft’s propulsion-control hardware – a flaw that would cause the inevitable failure of the mission and the deaths of all the passengers.
    IMO, “Passengers” is an allegory of the human race’s journey through space on the spacecraft-earth that created us. We must all, not just a few of us, “wake up” and discover the REAL, fundamental, flaw in our NOT-artificial intelligence system, or we will suffer the same fate as those passengers in that movie. The great thing is that in the case of our very real journey, the fundamental flaw is, once again, basic, fundamental, SYSTEMIC and, most importantly, ANCIENT and it is not any problem with any of earth’s environmental or other systems. Human beings created the fatal flaw long ago. Human beings must correct that flaw today. Fortunately, the fatal flaw can be quite easily determined by logical analysis – which is something human beings have proven themselves to be quite adept at (I’m typing on that proof right now).
    The question is: can we correct the eons-old flaw that is causing the rapidly deteriorating conditions of our lives TODAY? “Things” are getting so deteriorated that we now even have great difficulty agreeing upon the meanings of words — a problem that can not be overemphasized. Band-aid solutions/repairs are “working” for shorter and shorter periods of time.
    Because we have to start our search for the “rock-strike” on spaceship earth somewhere, let’s start by answering a question. Just exactly HOW do population, wars and financial crises “relate” to each other?
    Population size by itself is important, but it is the economic and political ramifications that accompany, or even force, an increase in population that are even more important. For just one example, what the Bank of Japan and Japanese government are both doing, hand in hand, is the one and only possible response that a formerly growing, growth-requiring, capitalist system can have to a national economy that has a stable, let alone shrinking, population.
    (During our diagnostic journey, let’s also keep fully in mind that the Japanese government did not issue a diktat or pass a law that the Japanese population must get smaller. There is a “systemic” reason why it did, and that very same reason is why the same is happening in various capitalist nations around the world.)
    To put Japan’s untenable situation very simply, just as it is impossible to contain liquid hydrogen in an un-vented steel tank at room temperature without that tank eventually exploding as a result of the “natural” physical properties of hydrogen and steel at room temperature, I say that the constrained internal “pressure” of the present Japanese capitalist system will likewise “naturally” increase until the Japanese people are literally forced to either have more babies, or, more importantly, import more people, thereby increasing the population and causing “economic growth” which is, again, right or wrong, the present fatally-flawed criteria of judging the success or failure of an economy.
    The explosion must inevitably occur or the fundamentals that form the “foundation” of the present economic system must be replaced! (Unfortunately, those people or corporations that benefit from, or, more importantly, are invested in, the present system will do, as Mario Draghi has put it, “whatever it takes” in their financial and political power to keep the system exactly as it is in order to prevent or infinitely delay the realization of losses on investments– the economic equivalent of the hydrogen tank exploding, and that includes rigging elections and passing laws that allow the 24/7 propagandization of a citizenry.) Let me explain why those are the only two possibilities without any reference to “money”.
    The life-expectancy of each generation determines or restricts the total number of generations that can be alive at any moment. If a 2-child-per-couple rule is followed/enforced, a stable population will be reached (assuming no early deaths) in a relatively few decades.

    However, I can not over-emphasize enough that all of the “stuff” produced by the individual members of each generation — the homes and contents, the tools, capital equipment, technology and, in particular, the labor-saving devices– do not die with their creators! All of these things are passed on to (inherited by) the next generations.
    This means that if the “inheritances” passed on from the dead generations are “built to last a thousand years”, the succeeding generations do not have to produce any of these vital things for themselves. (I’m going to ignore all forms of money, including gold, fiat, credit, IOUs, etc. as inheritances.)
    Therefore, the succeeding generations can do something else rather than spend their lives re-creating all that stuff. They’ve got spare time on their hands. And this leads us directly to the ultimate question for all of humanity, at any moment in time, including today. What will that “something else” be? In other words, just exactly HOW are all these inheritances — these investments for the future; these opportunities; this inherited capital equipment; this land — going to be used (to be “cashed in” or further invested) by their living beneficiaries IN THE PRESENT ECONOMY?
    Over many thousands of years there has always been living among the populace (on spacecraft-earth) a very small number of very powerful, vastly-wealthy people (up in the control room) who have, in one way or another, inherited, and therefore owned, a large percentage of all the stuff, including the land, and, “naturally”, those few people wanted to have a “return” on their inheritances (investments). “Naturally”, they did not “invest” the stuff that they had inherited in anything that they did not believe would end up INCREASING the value (the size) of their inheritances/investments. Stated differently, they did not allow anyone to benefit from (to use) their stuff/inheritance/investment unless that anyone gave back to them (the owners of the inheritances) something of GREATER size (value). The difference in size (value) between what was used and what was returned eventually came to be called profit or interest.
    The vast majority of the people of past and present generations were (are) born with very little or no inheritance/investments. That is, very little has been bequeathed to them by their similarly-poor ancestors.
    And, therefore, with all of the aforementioned fully in mind, all we now have to do is study history to observe the result (humanity’s previous “answers” to the aforementioned ultimate question) of an ancient system in which, over the centuries, a microscopic percentage of the population has owned and controlled the vast amount of stuff (including capital equipment, labor-saving equipment, natural resources, etc., for their own astronomical profit), upon which the vast majority of the population vitally depends for its day to day existence.
    As of today, human beings’ “answer” has been to create over 7 billion people (many of whom have been, and still are, essentially, slaves); more and more stuff; more and more war; and to suffer all of the increasingly-horrible consequences of those “answers”. In short, even though those answers may not, and probably were not, the results that were consciously intended or expected by the beneficiaries of inheritances over the ages, they were, under such a system, literally the only ones possible!
    And, therefore, absolutely ALL of the economic/financial/monetary/political acrobatics and juggling and churning and outright lying and regime-changing and vote-rigging that are being performed by the governments and central banks of the world at the present time are the one and the only way to prolong a fatally-flawed economic system that has in the past proven beyond any shadow of doubt that it required, and still requires, both a wildly-expanding population AND gigantic, vastly destructive, real wars — both of which, by “whatever it takes”, providing the inheritances from perhaps-long-dead generations to their present beneficiaries, the “profit” that their beneficiaries demanded through the generations, and continue to demand now, or else.
    Speaking of “or else”, the above is the reason for the “whatever it takes” future-taxpayer bailouts of the worldwide TBTF banks a few short years ago. Elite VIPs Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner etc. were absolutely correct when they said that the financial system (again, of a very few people owning the vast majority of wealth) would have “failed” had those VIPs not done what they did. However, doing what was done has steered the present whatever-you-want-to-call-it “system” into what is essentially a laboratory experiment in the nature of economics. At the very least, one would have to say that what the transnational Elite’s central-bank slaves have be doing since the financial crisis a few short years ago is “flying by the seat of their pants”. Or, as Lord Jacob Rothschild put it a few years ago:
    “The six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world.”
    Unfortunately, to ensure humanity’s long-term survival (to continue its journey through space) the “failure” of that fatally flawed system is precisely what MUST happen and the sooner the better, because the drums of irresistibly-profitable, capitalist-system-prolonging, human-race-eradicating wars are being beaten harder and harder as I type. The “pressure” of impending loss is rising. WHO is going to take that unavoidable, inevitable loss? THIS is what wars have been, and will continue to be, fought over. Ultimately, this is what “Ukraine” is all about!
    Unfortunately, all 7+ billion passengers on spacecraft earth are fully awake (at least their bodies are). Two or three individuals or 2 or 3 thousand individuals who know exactly what’s wrong with “the system” have to somehow convince the rest of the passengers not only that the fatal flaw in the human-created system (a BEHAVIORAL system) must be corrected, and that very soon, but they must also imagine in great detail a non-fatally flawed behavioral system to replace it. The former can/must not happen until the latter has been designed. THAT is the challenge for those who understand the true seriousness of the seemingly insignificant rock-strike that took place in human brains literally centuries ago……….. on a spacecraft that used to have very few human “Passengers”.
    Very soon the number of corrections (the amount of “money” and exactly how it should be used being just one of literally millions of ultimately-futile adjustments and corrections) required to keep the present system going will exceed the capacity of human or artificial intelligence to make. (Neither human nor AI will be able to get blood out of a stone.) This will be the point at which, as Georgi Derluguian told Oksana Boyko, one of the 5-D chess players picks up a brick and smashes the other players in their heads.
    Here’s the biggest problem of them all that has to be overcome. In the late 1990s my wife and I used to know a then-70-year-old man in Florida who was a heavy smoker. After the three of us finished eating a meal of fried chicken and banana-cream pie in our favorite restaurant, he told us that about a year before we met he was diagnosed as having lung cancer and his doctors told him that it was unlikely that he would survive for long. But a miracle happened. He was operated on, got radiation and chemo therapy and after that treatment he was told that his cancer (his fatal flaw) had been completely cured (repaired). While he was telling his amazing story, he lit up a cigarette and started puffing away and (unlike Bill “Mr. Cigar” Clinton) inhaled deeply. Of course we asked him how he could possibly be doing that after his brush with death and miraculous cure. “My life isn’t worth living without smoking”, he replied. And he was a man who had very little money and absolutely no political power.

    1. Could you summarise that in, say, a mere two hundred words?

    2. Linda Jean Doucett Avatar
      Linda Jean Doucett

      Well done Ishka
      Great analogy
      I concur with your assertion that the psychology of neverending consumption is the driving force of attracting immigrants as new consumers to countries with shrinking populations.
      Some imagine that the concerted influx of people who have faced grave hardships in their own countries can(are) intentionally being weaponized against the host populations who must compete for housing and jobs.
      Of course no endeavours are ever made to stop creating the havoc that is causing their exodu$
      Consumerism is the rock that hit our ship.
      It is the rock that will kill us all.

      1. Consumerism arose in the middle of the last century, as a way of keeping the economic ship afloat and on course. The ship was there long before.

      2. “I concur with your assertion that the psychology of neverending consumption is the driving force of attracting immigrants as new consumers to countries with shrinking populations.”

        No, I did NOT assert what you said I asserted. What you said I asserted was in fact a complete fabrication of your own.

    3. The system could just collapse with massive death and destruction only to revert to an earlier simpler form. This is usually happens with great civilizations.

    4. I see the basic problem as excessive industry. That simple.

      That’s where the implementation, machination of most the destruction, exploitation, greed and possessiveness is.

      We have “science” that isn’t science, corporate states that trade birth certificate bonds, make up debt, also using derivatives and leveraging of that (fun fact, pretty much all of congress, including bernie voted for OTC derivatives in the clinton presidency, which had remarkable parallels to the reagon admin), backwards medical system based on maintaining a diseased more easily controlled population clamorous for more pharma and such. “Entertainment” which is about 99.9% political propaganda. Completely braindead agricultural systems based on homogenization, inbreeding and toxification, etc.

      All of that, of course, industrial problems. Because the “economies” (what a bastard term, considering it actually represents the very OPPOSITE of economy, like so many terms these days) are of course worshipped much like mammon itself and requires that industry.

      That’s also why I see no significant difference between a capitalist state (say, america) and state capitalism (say, china, soviet russia), although those lines are a bit blurred. They’re fundamentally corporatist, which is not necessarily the problem itself, the excessive, industry though, pushed by that corporatism and “economic” need however enables that.

      Kinda like that guy who said “My life isn’t worth living without smoking…”, I don’t have any hope, ambitions, practically no material possessions and I despise this world and generally dislike people an enormous amount (especially with their behaviour the past 16 months or so). So I’d just change that to “My life isn’t worth living.”

      I’m just glad I don’t have children as I seriously do not consider this world fit for life.

      Note, there’s a distinction between world and earth which many people don’t seem to understand. The world needs the earth, the earth does not need the world. The world is a manufactured derivative.

  20. In this focus of what is right to “Defend,” or stand up to, let us also “Stop Siding With Powerful [Wokeness]” as a solution – when it reaches a certain level of destructive extremism. Once it is clear that “the wrong position[s]” are being promoted within absolute hypocrisy/”distortion” (all White people should be ashamed and are to blame/all men are essentially pigs and should be ashamed since all of them are to blame/we should no longer fill in birth certificates with “male” or “female” because….) may we rise up with adversarial clarity (truth) in defiance.
    If not, “[we’re] just helping to [further facilitate] a more unjust and imbalanced world.”

    1. Indeed, all power is NOT accumulated by some conservative hate group. Far from it. How many millions in property has that BLM founder purchased with donations?

      1. Anyone, supporting ANY political group is subversive, imo.

        Seriously, if you’re trying left vs right hegelian dialectic shit, and you are popularized on say, corporate media or even openly considered “opposition” to establishment, by say govt, you’re almost invariably fraudulent and it’s VERY obvious. Funding and your expenditure often betrays you.

        Egalitarian societies have existed before, but of course, because they were unfamiliar with say, waging war…they did not get any sort of support from the more industrial types and were victimized.

        Now, I’m just an old white man, and tbh, I spend practically all my time backing them up (like, attacking people who inject children with only toxic shit based on fraudulent premises).

        Obviously I’m very used to abuse, demonization, false accusations, betrayal, etc. But hey, as the father of the father of lies, I too, can be VERY honest. About almost anything.

        It might not seem like my text is particularly powerful, but I do know how to rip a rug from beneath, whatever I judge to be irrelevant. I’ve got this big bright light, that I kinda know super well. Like I communicate with it often.

        I learned how to be ultimately judgmental from society, btw. Like they say “Don’t judge”, but judging practically all they do. Along with projection and imposition, of course. I mean, how difficult is it to explain to someone, every opinion, or even actionable choice is judgment? I reckon my judgment is super extreme, considering my origins (which is still a mystery).

        Sorry, I channel the things. Sometimes Lucifer, sometimes Qafsiel. Sometimes I’m just really Frank. And super insane. But then again, if you’ve eaten 120 datura seeds and wondered “What’s it supposed to do?” you would know Kali too (she’s really quite friendly). Kama Kama Karmalion, I come you go, Yuga dat rite.

        Sorry about the rant, I have been banned on Disqus for mentioning sunlight and thus “threatening public health”. Completely disallowed to comment on youtube videos (for suggesting there’s some peculiar empirical relation of sunlight deficiency and RTIs). I also like to kinda cynically joke and show you God’s hand.

        Seems legit.

        1. Sorry not Disqus (which is utterly useless, broken bu llshit)…I meant Discord…which is somehow even worse!

          Within about 2 minutes of mentioning sunlight and the relation to RTIs, how vitamin D is essential for genetic regulation, how your genetic material breaks without it…I was banned for “threatening public health”.

          But as my brother said, undoubtedly I threatened the state of public health. I threatened to improve it, which is of couse tantamount to genocide.

          1. Oh right, here’s god’s hand. Take it or leave it. Break it or heal it. I do love grapes. My hand when playing poker is 47, btw. I think it’s a really cool number.

  21. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    The powerful are asking people to lower their pants to receive a vaccine. So, if I understand well, it is better to do not take it. It is again the powerful who ask people to wear a mask.

    However, there are experts who say that the masks do not really protect and that moreover they are harmful to health.

    I never thought I was going to see what I see now. You are right that alignment with the powerful has a lot to do with what is taking place now.

    To claim to have seen wreckage in the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001 just because powerful people claim to have seen these wrecks probably got us where we are in 2021.

    It really is the return of the days of Noah when the lie becomes the truth. The end of the world is surely very near, I see no other explanation.

    Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    1. If the end of the world is surely very near, why worry about vaccines, masks or powerful people?

      1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
        Michel Bélisle

        You misunderstood me. I say that all we see are “signs” that the end of the world is near. Already I considered the fact that politicians and mainstream media told us on September 11, 2001 that there were plane wrecks visible at the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania when it was indistinguishable as a sign that society was decadent and indulged in lies, and as a consequence the end of the world was near. Indeed, it was only at the time of Noah and the flood that people were delighted in this kind of lie. And Jesus said that right before He returned, the world would be like it was in Noah’s day.

        Keeping my Rosary on hand!

        1. I did indeed misunderstand you. I thought that when you said, “The end of the world is surely very near,” you meant the end of the world is surely very near.

          1. Well, I’d say this is only a joke…but it’s unfortunately true.

            Hi gyze, I bak.


            And yes, I’m *STILL* a virgin, even though I’m older than before.

  22. Reminds me of a joke: during the South African apartheid, this white judge asks the white farmer who’s killed a black kid with his 4X4: “And at what speed was the child crossing the road when he threw himself under your wheels?”
    More seriously, this is all part of what Etienne de la Boétie explained back in the XVIth century (which doesn’t make us any younger) in his Discourse on Voluntary Servitude. One of the reasons folks put up with their servitude, apart from the desire for protection born out of fear (hence the blind eye for cops’ crimes) is that they project themselves into entities bigger than themselves, which makes them feel bigger than they are and boosts their egos: their country, their political party, their church, the company they slave for, their football (soccer, baseball, basketball…) team and into people displacing more oxygen than they do: music and movie stars, political leaders, billionaires (who own the companies they slave for), in some countries royals and aristocrats… And they want them to win because it gives them the illusionn that they themselves are winning. They’re mentally incarnated in those guys (except that they don’t pocket the millions :o) They hate losers of all descriptions who send them back the image of their own failures and support winners because they reflect the image of what they’d like to be and see themselves as if they get drunk or stoned enough. It “could be them” as they say when someone has a horrible accident – which is just as much personal empathy the guy is ever gonna get from society. The rich and powerful wouldn’t last two seconds without the complicity of the average narcissistic asshole. These guys’ main talent is to know exactly up to what point they can go too far without seeing pitchforks on the horizon and the goal post in moving fast beyond the limits of extravagance these days. But who’s gonna cast the first stone and to whom? :o)

    1. Well, I’m an alcoholic, I’ve smoked marijuana for decades and I have some things to say.

      You’re saying those people have a need for institutionalization? And I thought I was crazy.

      I can’t read so well, as I’ve not had any appreciable levels of alcohol today and that is usually associated with practical dysfunction. So, perhaps I misread what you tried to convey there.

    2. An alternative way I’ve phrased or framed that previously was by equating it as the Ego Mob and Mob Ego duality. Almost like abbreviated as a broken EMME or MEEM, if you prefer.

      The “leaders” and the “supporters”, the two aspects, obviously.

      Of course, enabling each other. Very conveniently though, like hegelian dialectic, projecting failings on to only the other side. “Leaders” blame supporters, and supporters blame leaders. In such a way, the actual progress is never attained, as they’re essentially their own captors in denial.

      Which also reminds me to mention that at least “conservatives” and “liberals” have something in common. Either is neither conservative, nor liberal. Hohoho. Good to be a servehivewhore, isn’t it?

      And what the hell, this “progress” people speak of? It’s just a path straight into the abyss, and they’re progressing very nicely along that path. Like that joke in the Bible, paraphrasing coz I don’t read garbage, but it was something like “God gave men dominion over Earth” or similar. And I gotta say, from what I can see, the only reason God would do such a thing is to see how deep a hole they could dig. And they’ve done a sterling job, as they’re practically knocking on my ceiling.

      So, what are you tending to? The floor of heaven or the ceiling of hell? Coz hell is a place where the ceiling keeps getting lower.

      Also, I have neat tricks regarding the number 47. Just to freak out those “freemasons”.

  23. In utter disgust and disbelief:

    “The US government’s armed goon squad executed a 13 year-old special ed student whose hands were empty and in the air and they’re telling Americans to worry about Russia and China.”

    It’s obvious, to those who have the luxury of sitting back, a Nano-minority; apparently still eons from being able to tip the scales in favor of the majority, too gullible, to see the forest for the trees.

    Daily bread and water issues have always been the tainted fertilizer that poisons the crop before it has a chance to properly seed and flourish.

    In India a quarter of a billion farmers are on their feet, out on strike! Kind of a proof that in the Imperial West perceptions are highly distorted; intentionally so, by you know who.

    Would a quarter of the American population – comparatively, a mere 82 million souls even dare to challenge their democratic government in this manner???

    The framers of the crock that is America, no longer possible to poison the only planet beneath their feet without cease?

    A simpletons simple-minded view!

    1. As I understand it, India’s farmers, a huge proportion of the population compared to the USA, have been protected from corporate price-gouging for ages. Now that the government plans to let corporations do their thing, millions of farmers are up in arms.
      In the USA, corporations sank their fangs into agriculture a long time ago. Cesar Chavez mobilised farm workers with the United Farm Workers union, but without great success – I think support from other unions was half-hearted at best.

      1. Let those who work in the field, so to speak, speak!

  24. This tragedy is going to keep on happening because no one wants to talk about or demand that people properly raise their own children. Nowadays children are brought up by TV, music videos, and video games; not by their parents. Drugs and guns are available everywhere and no one really cares if our society collapses or not!

  25. You mention plastic. It appears “there may now be more microplastic blowing out of the ocean at any given time than there is going into it. Put another way: So much has accumulated in the ocean that the land may now be a net importer of microplastic from the sea.”

    1. Except, the sea never produced those microplastics…

      Bottom-crawling humans did, remember, the atmosphere is fluid, no different to the ocean, and you’re not a bird, more like p(r)awns.

      I live here.

      1. I have those kind of green eyes, btw.

        I’m sure you think I fuck around, but I really, really don’t.

        Sorry, but I gotta do diss.

  26. The projection of power to achieve full spectrum dominance
    is insidious, perhaps even intrinsic?

    Dominion by the powerful and their handmaiden control freaks
    over everything on this planet includes the self imposed helplessness
    attitude. Loving their servitude isn’t it obvious, or at least a nagging notion,
    the target is humanity itself. Mind control is the battlefield.

    Folks know there are choices to escape this death embrace
    of corporatism. Each choice has consequences. Languishing
    along with the controlled narrative of corporatism is the masterful
    illusion lulling us into compliance.
    WAKING UP – Peter Mayer

    May the forest be with you.

    1. Right, it’s a proxy war.

      But, unlike the sort of proxy war people see glamourized on television. You’re the territory, so don’t let them and their bullshit ideals claim you. Coz they use you to implement their shit, as delegation, deferral, fodder. And I mean, practically ANY “group”.

  27. We execute entire countries without a trial, and then we laugh about it and thank the goons for their service and hold parades in their honor. Black lives only matter if they’re in the US.

  28. “Defending the most powerful is always the wrong position. Defending cops from the people. The rich from the poor. The US empire from weaker powers. White people from the causes of people of color. ”

    Normally, I agree with 99.9% of what you say, Caitlin, but when you say I am “more powerful” because I’m white, you lose me entirely. You sign onto this whole “white is bad” agenda, and you lose all respect from me.

    I grew up poor, we were on the “commodities” program before food stamps existed. My brother and I literally went hungry when my mother couldn’t manage to feed us. I worked all my life at crappy dead-end jobs. I will take early retirement at the end of this year, and you know how much my monthly SS benefit will be? Barely $300 per month. Powerful. Because I’m white.

    Shame on you for buying into that fashionable nonsense.

    1. “Because I’m white. Shame on you for buying into that fashionable nonsense.” In support, please see my response above.

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