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Taking A Week Off For Our Anniversary

This is just to inform everyone on my mailing list that Tim and I will be taking a week off for our fifth wedding anniversary. Doesn’t look like the empire needs our help showing everyone how evil and dishonest it is at the moment anyway. Stay safe and please don’t end the world. Love you all.


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  • I just watched a documentary on Gore Vidal, in which he quoted Pericles, who said something to the effect of “An empire, once acquired, is hard to get rid of.”
    I suddenly wondered what will happen to the US when we are forcibly divested of our empire – hopefully from within. Although I have been encouraging my fellow citizens for years to think about what we would want when we do take our country back.
    When you get back from your anniversary, could you please think about how the United States will handle being divested of the empire and give us your opinion?
    I hope you have a wonderful time this week.

  • and the gifts just keep on coming
    it finally happened

  • Here is another song. It touches me.
    I don’t understand the language, but the beauty is, it doesn’t matter cause the music is universal.
    In celebration of love.
    Ghalla Gurian, by Punjabi MC
    I pray for the Palestinians and I know peace is on the horizon.
    love is timeless

  • Anniversary present from Ireland

    Irish MP lays into Israel’s ambassador. No such spine exists within any member of Uncle Scam’s government, not even Omar.



  • Is one week enough . . .

    Celebrating You .
    Endless Cheers : )

  • The world’s going to hell in a handbasket and you’re taking a week off?! You’d better have lots of wild sex and fun to last a year!

  • My advice on your 5th Anniversary get away time, is to ignore all calls – even suspicious ones. Suspicious things are all round and they are easy to sense. Anyhow, ignore it, especially since it is from the UK, turn off your phone and kiss your hubby on the anniversary during the getaway time.
    Here is another song:
    Just Gimme the light….

    • ps – that ain’t the first song I wanted to play, and that song wasn’t really what I wanted.
      Let me try again. Here is a good one.
      From Stevie Wonder – a child genius.
      ps – I told my partner for life today a defensive solution for the times we live in…..it was told in confidence, so I won’t repeat it here, but it had to do with rockets coming from all directions and others messages of defense…based on good science…..based on technology that recognizes windows of opportunity – very precisely and amongst the home-made rockets of frustration.

  • Happy Anniversary x

  • You take the fifth and you shut up 😛 Too bad for us, too good for you. Happy anniversary :-))

  • Happy anniversary. Enjoy and relax.

  • Enjoy. Happy anniversary. Stay safe and blessed.

  • Caitlin — if you click on link below, you will see Mike Pompeo confessing that as CIA Director, “we lied, cheated, stole”, “we” referring to the CIA and to himself — this bizarre confession, should be publicized far and wide, and would be far more effective (to anyone undecided about this matter) in exposing the truth of how Pompeo, and all others like him, lie all the time, and are therefore never to be trusted — I believe that I’ve written to you before on this matter, and have so far received no response, which I find decidedly strange — what gives? — do you even read these comments — if not, why have them????

  • Happy Anniversary My Dear
    Love you to bits.

    Canadian Gal

  • Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful week! 🙂

  • Happy anniversary guys

  • You sure deserve the week off! Have a great time!

    –One of your biggest fans

  • Enjoy

  • Happy Anniversary.

    Thanks for your contributions to humankind.

  • Happy Anniversary you two, peace and love.

  • Happiness, love rest and relaxation wishes for you both. We love you

  • You’ve earned it. Just don’t forget to come back.

  • Happy anniversary!!!❤️

  • ❤ Happy anniversary! ❤

  • Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you enjoy the time away from shining light on the dark evil cesspit that is the Empire.

  • Happy Anniversary!

  • Enjoy
    Thank You For Your Comments
    Insight Galore

  • Happy Anniversary to you both!!! Have a rocketload of fun!!!

  • Happy Anniversary ❤️
    Enjoy your time together xxx

  • Happy Anniversary! And thank you for all you do. I’ll try not to suffer from withdrawal 😉

  • Its our anniversary week too! 30 years…

    Happy Anniversary – enjoy yourselves!!

    • Happy Anniversary from the CIA to the CIA’s Caitlin Johnstone!

    • Leann R.
      My 30th is coming up as well.
      There are high expectations.
      OK, lets keep the music going….here is another song that I found from this place from another who posted here and the music resonated with me, so why not.
      In celebration of Caitlin and Tim. Long may they be together.
      Come on what is there to lose. Throw out your music ideas for the times. There ain’t gonna be any more posts for a week or so, and so why not I ask?

  • Happy Anniversary. We will continue to monitor world events while you are on holiday. You deserve it.

  • We love you, Caitlin. Enjoy your break.

  • Have a good one.

  • Adding my best wishes and congratulations to everyone else’s. Have a lovely break, and come back recharged for more incisive and revelatory musings
    PS I don’t think I’m a robot, so always tick the box that says i’m not. But if I was then wouldn’t I still tick it? After all, there’s never an I AM a robot option, is there?

    • Good point you raise there Tony. And funny, seriously funny as well…..ha, ha.
      I raise a toast to Caitlyn and her honey named Tim. I mean look at the picture. They must love each other. I just love that.
      That is the kind of binding together that makes us special and I think it is beautiful.
      I raise a toast to the truth!
      May it be revealed in all its glory.

      • Oh yeah, for the sake of correctness….make that Catlin.
        Happy 5th Anniversary and let the dancing commence. It is a celebration of the truth and it will be memorable.
        Perhaps others will offer up some songs of joy for the occasion, but whether they do or not, let there be music to celebrate LOVE!

  • Happy anniversary! Try not to think of anything that’s not fun!

  • Happy Anniversary, Caitlin and Tim! My wife Jan and I are celebrating our 50th on May 15th.

  • Wishing a very happy and rejuvenating anniversary to a couple that I respect and admire very much!! ❤️

  • Happy Anniversary, to yous!

  • Happy Anniversary! Also wanted to say I’ve been enjoying hearing Tim’s readings of your writings!

  • Good for you! Happy anniversary!

  • Happy anniversary!

  • Happy anniversary and thanks for it all.

  • Happy, happy anniversary!! Sending you much love & gratitude for your courage and perspicacity. Have a wonderful time!

  • Happy anniversary to you both! Enjoy your time and thank you for everything you do. Cheers!

  • Relaxing means cutting off the output AND THE INPUT. Just do it! It’ll change ya for a while at least.

  • Right on. Happy anniversary you two 🙂

  • Best wishes! Have a good break for our broken world.

  • Good for you! Enjoy and recharge!

  • 1049 41421
    A well deserved rest. We all need to rest sometimes. Peace and congratulations!

  • Wishing you a lovely week. May legions of angels watch over you.

  • Happy Anniversary!

  • Love you both too! <3

  • All the best to you both! Cheers, Neil

  • Great! Have fun!

    • Awesome!
      Enjoy your time away!

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