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In totalitarian regimes they have massacres and wars. In free democracies they have humanitarian interventions.

In totalitarian regimes they use torture. In free democracies they use enhanced interrogation techniques.

In totalitarian regimes they fund terrorist groups to create instability. In free democracies they fund terrorist groups to create stability.

In totalitarian regimes evil dictators bomb their own people. In free democracies we do it for them.

In totalitarian regimes a single party upholds and enforces the status quo. In free democracies, two parties uphold and enforce the status quo.

In totalitarian regimes the government controls the press and determines what information the public is allowed to have access to. In free democracies it is billionaires who do this.

In totalitarian regimes they wage brutally violent crackdowns on protesters to quash dissent. In free democracies they do this also, but then they kneel while wearing kente cloth.

In totalitarian regimes you know exactly who rules over you. In free democracies the true rulers hide behind fake puppet governments.

In totalitarian regimes any elections they have are rigged, and challengers are hand picked by the authoritarian rulers. In free democracies the rulers rig the elections and hand pick the candidates, and they do this to other countries as well.

In totalitarian regimes they imprison journalists for revealing inconvenient truths about the powerful. In free democracies they imprison journalists for revealing inconvenient truths about the powerful, and all the other journalists jump on social media to say he deserved it.

In totalitarian regimes they don’t let political dissidents speak. In free democracies they just refuse dissidents any influential platforms and use algorithms to keep revolutionary ideas from being heard by a significant number of people.

In totalitarian regimes they circle the planet with military bases, wage endless wars which kill millions, and work to destroy any nation which disobeys their government. Whoops, sorry, that’s actually free democracies.

In totalitarian regimes political speech is heavily regulated by the government. In free democracies political speech is heavily regulated by the government via Silicon Valley.

In totalitarian regimes the citizenry are kept impoverished while the rulers live lavishly with more than they could ever spend. In free democracies the citizenry are kept impoverished while the rulers live lavishly with more than they could ever spend.

In totalitarian regimes there is lack. In free democracies there is artificial lack.

In totalitarian regimes the government spy agency tells the news media what stories to run, and the news media unquestioningly publish it. In free democracies the government spy agency says “Buddy, have I got a scoop for you!” and the news media unquestioningly publish it.

In totalitarian regimes bands of armed thugs patrol the streets to enforce obedience to authority. In free democracies bands of armed thugs patrol the streets to enforce obedience to authority and Hollywood makes movies about how heroic they are.

In totalitarian regimes students are taught to mindlessly worship a picture of the evil dictator. In free democracies students are taught to mindlessly worship the flag.

In totalitarian regimes students are taught never to question authority. In free democracies students are taught never to question the news reporters.

In totalitarian regimes they commit evil deeds which free democracies could never get away with doing. In free democracies they have totalitarian regimes commit those evil deeds for them.

In totalitarian regimes the people are kept too brutalized and cowed to rise up against their rulers. In free democracies the people are kept too propagandized and brainwashed to rise up against their rulers.

In totalitarian regimes the powerful determine what happens regardless of the desire of the people. In free democracies the powerful determine what the people will desire to happen.

In totalitarian regimes everyone is a slave to the powerful. In free democracies everyone is a Slave™ to the Powerful™.

In totalitarian regimes you are forced to obey. In free democracies you are trained to think your obedience was your own idea.

In totalitarian regimes you are not free, and you know it. In free democracies you are not free, and you don’t know it.


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42 responses to “The Difference Between Totalitarian Regimes And Free Democracies”

  1. Caitlyn, Thank you for providing your articles in audio. It means more than you know to those of us with failing eyesight.
    Thank you

  2. moussa semghouni Avatar
    moussa semghouni

    Le règne de l’anomie عهد الشذوذ
    Le wahhabisme tout comme le protestantisme s’inscrit sans doute dans ces soubresauts que connaît l’humanité à chaque fois qu’elle se trouve confrontée à une crise de sens.
    L’idéologie wahhabite, loin d’être une radicalisation de l’Islam, en est au contraire la négation.
    L’idéologie wahhabite, ce violent mouvement nihiliste religieux a été instrumentalisé par les Britanniques pour mener une guerre d’usure contre un Empire ottoman à l’agonie.
    Les wahhabites passeront ensuite sous contrôle étasunien avec la création de l’État arabe saoudien (Al Aoud de souche juif) le wali (préfet) de la ville sainte la Mecque Moulay Ali El-hachimi a était expulsé vers la Jordanie, puisque c’est un descendant du prophète Mohamed صلى الله عليه و سلام الله عليه ألف سلام كم صلى على سيدنا إبراهيم
    On est en réalité en présence d’une sorte de front uni sioniste-wahhabite-néo-fasciste qui vise tout simplement la dislocation du monde musulman.
    Les évangéliques, qui s’inscrivent dans le mouvement des chrétiens sionistes, prétendent que la création d’Israël est l’accomplissement de la prophétie biblique annonçons le retour du messie. Ils se donnent ainsi pour mission l’épuration ethno confessionnelle de la Palestine historique pour la repeupler de juifs ramenés des quatre coins de la planète à coups de milliards de dollars
    Djihadistes, c’est avec ce qualificatif que les Occidentaux gratifiant les wahhabites pendant la guerre soviet-afghane. Aujourd’hui, ces mêmes wahhabites sont chargés d’une toute autre mission. Celle de dévaster à la fois le monde musulman et de pervertir l’image de l’Islam que le monde occidental se fait de l’Islam, une image déjà suffisamment ternie par plus d’un siècle de colonisation. C’est ainsi les preux Djihadistes se sont subitement métamorphosés en criminels pervers: lapidation, décapitations, immolations, égorgements… autant de raffinements puisés dans leur livre de chevet, « la gestion de la barbarie »

    1. I didn’t get all of that, but I think a lot of people are getting tired of Wahabis and zionists, and evangelicals too. Fanatics, like children, shouldn’t be allowed to play with guns.

  3. ….caitlin touches my political funny bone like only two others have touched: bill hicks and george carlin…

  4. Thonas Prentice Avatar
    Thonas Prentice

    Totalitarian Capitalist US Chamber of Commerce Narrative ie The Big Lie on steroids and crystal meth::

    There Is No Labour Shortage, Only Labour Exploitation

  5. Can we do an anarchy yet for fucks sake? Please.

  6. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    Someone is always in charge. Group rule is chaos. They all seem to govern the same way as you have shown regardless of the system……..Imagine a commune run by group rule. Every decision or disagreement decided each evening by the group. It would devolve into semi political discourse where some individuals would be more respected and persuasive. These individuals would be sought for their wisdom and advice. Favors would be curried for their influential help. They eventually would be the defacto leaders of the group telling others what was needed. One would rise in influence to lead them…….human nature would rule.

    1. Group rule is not the same as rules made by groups.
      NO leaders required.
      A flock of birds.
      A school of fish.
      An army of ants.
      All function perfectly.
      Science can’t figure them out.
      Funny that.

  7. In the “autocracies” the g7 set themselves opposed to, you know who’s who in the governing hierarchies. Putin calls the shots in Russia, Xi in China, Khameni in Iran. etc etc. You may not be able to vote them out (although Putin could be if he wasnt actually popular) but at least you know who’s in charge. In the US we have no idea who actually sets the political overton window. They are neither voted in or out. We know they usually select who can be president and Trump was an anomaly in that somehow he got in. But once there he demonstrated exactly how little that mattered. The contiguity between Trump and Biden further illustrates they are spokespeople or the new cover art on the next edition of the same book. The incredible waste of resources, time and emotions that go into elections in the US ( less certain if its the same in the rest of the g7) are just an extreme charade reminiscent of a football game or professional wrestling match.

    1. I agree that the US has a more nebulous set of nodes that ultimately make policy decisions, but I think it helps to look at things top down. There are a lot of moving parts, but historical knowledge of how things have unfolded in the recent centuries, there are a few invariants and a continuity that case be traced.

      The US is ultimately captured by an old financial power, whose modern face is Wall Street and the more ancient City of London, but London itself was spawned by the migration of Venice earlier.

      The intelligence operation is actually best understood by looking at how Venice historically function. It profiled everyone, sucked people in sex cults and mysticism, and ultimately controlled finance and trade, despite have no real army of its own.

      Today, we have just this, and it’s called “The Five Eyes” which serves as the intelligence are for these financial interests.

      That being said, it should be pointed out that the WHOLE Wall Street City of London speculative system is now reached a critical juncture. The endless money printing hasn’t worked . While the US and its allies try to encircle Russia and China, they are ultimately just being drawn down as a bloated bankrupt military power. Short of nuclear war, these guys are stuck. The system is crashing and Eurasia is developed at a rapid rate.

      However, pointing out how broken the system is and now fragile is a good thing, because it means certain changes will have to be made, or the whole Western system implodes.

      The latest piece is a rare example of where the author provides some concrete solutions, something even a lot of the better writers are struggling with.

    2. If this can be any solace, Macron, the French president, was openly once a Rothschild employee. In the 2017 election, the whole oligarchic media painted him as the Second Coming in an unheard of ecstatic campaign for a guy with basically no program at all and the charisma of a maybug. Then the French deep state managed to get the so-called left, exhausted by five years of power (with austerity at home and terrorists attacks over foreign policy) out of the way and Macron’s mainstream rightwing opponent, Fillon, a former prime minister, prosecuted over a dubious jobs scandal. Remained the far.right girl, Le Pen, whose troops were of course blasted as nazis, antisemites, Holocaust deniers, conspiracy theorists and more generally filthy rats. Macron was elected in a landslide, which tells us all we need to know about globalization: same everywhere now :o)

  8. If they still taught what used to be called “Civics” (US) this would be worth nailing to the wall and made into catechism. Maybe recited before the pledge of allegiance – if that is still done? I’m 75+ and won’t wait for it.

    Your ideas about vaccines find their way onto Facebook and so on in countries where the main or only jabs available are Chinese.
    People here come across these ideas about “All COVID vaccines are dangerous because blah blah blah,” and now you basically admit half of it doesn’t apply to Sinovac’s or Sinopharm’s (which constitute over 95% of doses delivered here so far).
    You’re hopefully not responsible for producing this stuff, but it’s irresponsible enough to promote it, and grossly irresponsible – at best – when you know it doesn’t apply to all COVID vaccines.

    1. There have been f a r too many official and amateur shenanigans surrounding both the magic bug and the equally magical scienterriffic counter-bug cocktails – that imho anything that encourages second thoughts + personal research is to be celebrated.

      1. Except by Big Pharma trolls :o)

    2. That’s a funny one about Facebook, Ian.
      The following links provide the most recent updates from VAERS and the European equivalent:
      And here is some more blah, blah, blah:
      “The SARS-CoV-2 has a spike protein on its surface. The spike protein is what allows the virus to infect other bodies. It is clear that the spike protein is not a simple, passive structure. The spike protein is a “pathogenic protein” and a toxin that causes damage. The spike protein is itself biologically active, even without the virus. It is “fusogenic” and consequently binds more tightly to our cells, causing harm. If the purified spike protein is injected into the blood of research animals, it causes profound damage to their cardiovascular system, and crosses the blood-brain barrier to cause neurological damage. If the Vaccines were like traditional bona fide vaccines, and did not leave the immediate site of vaccination, typically the shoulder muscle, beyond the local draining lymph node, then the damage that the spike protein could cause might be limited.
      183. However, the Vaccines were authorized without any studies demonstrating where the spike proteins traveled in the body following vaccination, how long they remain active and what effect they have. A group of international scientists has recently obtained the “biodistribution study” for the mRNA Vaccines from Japanese regulators. The study reveals that unlike traditional vaccines, this spike protein enters the bloodstream and circulates throughout the body over several days post-vaccination. It accumulates in a number of tissues, such as the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands and ovaries. It fuses with receptors on our blood platelets, and also with cells lining our blood vessels. It can cause platelets to clump leading to clotting, bleeding and heart inflammation. It can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause brain damage. It can be transferred to infants through breast milk. The VAERS system includes reports of infants suckling from vaccinated mothers experiencing bleeding disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. These risks have not been adequately studied in trials, or properly disclosed to healthcare professionals or Vaccine subjects.
      The mRNA Vaccines induce our cells to manufacture (virus-free) “spike proteins.” The “spike proteins” are in the same family as the naturally occurring syncytin- 1 and syncytin-2 reproductive proteins in sperm, ova and placenta. Antibodies raised against the spike protein might interact with the naturally occurring syncytin proteins, adversely affecting multiple steps in human reproduction. The manufacturers did not provide data on this subject despite knowing about the spike protein’s similarity to syncytin proteins for more than one year. There are now a remarkably high number of pregnancy losses in VAERS, and worldwide reports of irregular vaginal bleeding without clear explanation. Scientists are concerned that the Vaccines pose a substantial risk to a woman’s reproductive system. This increased risk of sterility stems from an increased concentration of the spike proteins in various parts of the reproductive system after vaccination. Not enough is known to determine the risk of sterility, but it is beyond question that the risk is increased.
      Since Plaintiffs filed their Motion for Temporary Restraining Order in this case, new evidence has emerged that further confirms the risk. A leaked Pfizer document (below) exposes that Pfizer Vaccine nanoparticles accumulate in the ovaries at an extraordinarily high rate, in concentrations orders of magnitude higher than in other tissues. Billions of aggressive spike proteins are accumulating in very delicate ovarian tissues, the one place in the human body where females carry a finite number of fertile eggs…
      The spike proteins are perceived to be foreign by the human immune system, initiating an immune response to fight them. While that is the intended therapeutic principle, it is also the case that any cell expressing spike proteins becomes a target for destruction by our own immune system. This is an autoimmune disorder and can affect virtually any organ in the body. It is likely that some proportion of spike protein will become permanently fused to long-lived human proteins and this will prime the body for prolonged autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases can take years to show symptoms and many scientists are alarmed at giving young people such a trigger for possible autoimmune disease. These risks have not been adequately studied in trials, or properly disclosed to healthcare professionals or Vaccine subjects…
      Observational studies in Delhi and Mexico City show dramatic reductions in COVID-19 case and death counts following the mass distribution of Ivermectin. These results align with those of a study in Argentina, in which 800 healthcare professionals received Ivermectin, while another 400 did not. Of the 800, not a single person contracted COVID-19, while more than half of the control group did contract it. Dr. Pierre Kory, a lung specialist who has treated more COVID-19 patients than most doctors, representing a group of some of the most highly published physicians in the world, with over 2,000 peer reviewed publications among them, testified before the U.S. Senate in December 2020. He testified that based on 9 months of review of scientific data from 30 studies, Ivermectin obliterates transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and is a powerful prophylactic (if you take it, you will not contract COVID-19). Four large randomized controlled trials totaling over 1500 patients demonstrate that Ivermectin is safe and effective as a prophylactic. In early outpatient treatment, three randomized controlled trials and multiple observational studies show that Ivermectin reduces the need for hospitalization and death in statistically significant numbers. In inpatient treatment, four randomized controlled trials show that Ivermectin prevents death in a statistically significant, large magnitude. Ivermectin won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015 for its impacts on global health. Inexplicably, the Defendants never formed or assigned a task force to
      research and review existing alternatives for preventing and treating COVID-19.
      Instead, the Defendants and others set about censoring both concerns about the Vaccines,
      and information about safe and effective alternatives.
      The Associated Press, Agence France Press, British Broadcasting Corporation, CBC/Radio-Canada, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, Financial Times, First Draft, Google/YouTube, The Hindu Times, Microsoft, Reuters, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Twitter, The Washington Post and The New York Times all participate in the “Trusted News Initiative” which has agreed to not allow any news critical of the Vaccines.

      Individual physicians are being censored on social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), the modern day “public square.” Plaintiff AFLDS has recorded innumerable instances of social media deleting scientific content posted by AFLDS members that runs counter to the prevailing Vaccine narrative, and then banning them from the platform altogether as users. Facebook has blocked the streaming of entire events at which AFLDS Founder Dr. Simone Gold has been an invited guest, prior to her uttering a word. Other doctors have been banned for posting or tweeting screenshots of government database VAERS. YouTube censored the testimony of undersigned counsel Thomas Renz, Esq. before the Ohio legislature.
      226. The censorship also extends to medical journals. In an unprecedented move, the four founding topic editors for the Frontiers in Pharmacology journal all resigned together due to their collective inability to publish peer reviewed scientific data on various drugs for prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19.
      227. Dr. Philippe Douste-Blazy, a cardiology physician, former France Health Minister, 2017 candidate for Director of the WHO and former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, described the censorship in chilling detail:
      The Lancet boss said “Now we are not going to be able to, basically, if this continues, publish any more clinical research data, because the pharmaceutical companies are so financially powerful today and are able to use such methodologies, as to have us accept papers which are apparently, methodologically perfect but in reality, which manage to conclude what they want to conclude.” … one of the greatest subjects never anyone could have believed … I have been doing research for 20 years in my life. I never thought the boss of The Lancet could say that. And the boss of the New England Journal of Medicine too. He even said it was “criminal” – the word was used by him. That is, if you will, when there is an outbreak like the COVID-19, in reality, there are people … us, we see “mortality” when you are a doctor or yourself, you see “suffering.” And there are people who see “dollars” – that’s it“

  10. Succinct.
    And SHITHOT Caitlin.
    This should be shouted from the rooftops, framed, broadcasted and taught alongside ABCs and 123s.

  11. Hey, it’s not too hard to fool people who “believe” there’s an invisible man in the sky pulling all the strings. If you can believe that in 2021 you are way beyond hope. Unfortunately, that describes the majority in the USA. Of course the propaganda nowadays is much better than it used to be and people are as easy to fool as ever, especially those who don’t believe that they can be taken.

    1. I think this was covered by the quote (Jacques Barzun or earlier) “Mankind has shifted his blind faith from the black-coated priest to the white-coated priest. And while we were/are only talking to the consiglieri to the man-in-the-sky, these white-coated guys seem to have their own share of problems.

  12. Simply brilliant. Thank you once again, Caitlin!

  13. Good one. Free democracies rely on bullshitting the brainwashed while hard tyranny has no more need to lie. As I watch the basketball heroes on tv and their cheering fanatics who can’t afford a ticket spilling over into the streets outside the incorporated sports arena, it’s pretty easy to tell the stage where America is at and the direction it is going.

  14. Plus the classic: in a totalitarian regime, you have to say you live in a democracy while in a democracy, you can say you live in a totalitarian regime. Which we do and we’ll never stress enough the quality of the brainwashing we are submitted to since it is enforced by the average asshole thinking he’s a free agent, the last example being the Covid scare. Here is a pandemic which, to the best of our knowledge – and that’s not saying much since the PCR tools to measure that shit are officially unreliable – has killed in a year 2.5 million people, 0.03% of the world population, i.e. next to nothing (99.97% have survived). Out of the 59.2 million people who died in 2020 (among whom 18,5 million from cardio-vascular diseases and 10 million from cancers), 4.2% died from Covid while pulmonary diseases kill 7% of the world population year in year out and the flu has miraculously vanished from the stats since Covid appeared, which casts a doubt on how many flus have been written down as Covid. Worse! Out of the 176 millions who did get infected to this day (2,2% of the world population in 18 months, 80% of them over 80 years old and/or with comorbidities), 160 millions have survived, i.e. 90,9%. Nine out of ten of… THE INFECTED. The global rulers have rushed experimental vaccines and they say, presenting no evidence, that they’re 95% effective. People repeat that nonsense although it’s 95%… wishful thinking since we’ve had Covid spikes in highly vaccinated places like the Seychelles, Chile or Israel (where they have slightly more deaths per million in spite of mass vaccination than in Palestine, 689 v. 676, where it was not the case). Besides, as we’ve reached the end of the flu season, the Covid cases naturally drop like they did last year but this is attributed, where they drop, to the vaccines by… the vaccinators (“my husband is very clever, he says it himself” kinda stuff :o) and their media shills. Healthy kids run even less risks than the general healthy adult population (already close to peanuts) and yet the global powers now want to jab them and make their experimental vaxe$ mandatory. I’m asking you…
    Half of the population is OK with that, which proves that they’re either dimwitted, ill-informed or brainwashed to perfection by the armies of Big Pharma shills trolling the corporate and social media and when Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier says this is insanity…
    … Big Pharma sends battalions of so-called “fact-checkers” to distort his pure common sense warning that there’s no need to panic and that a vaccine we don’t know much about should be handled with care. (Being French myself, I guarantee the accuracy of the translation in the above video). However nearly half of the citizens of the “free democracies” will approve of the mandatory policy (even while a third of health workers disapprove of it) while neither Putin nor Xi think it would be a good idea. And they’re supposed to be the dictators :o)

    1. Evidence for “preconceived agendas”, courtesy of one of your fellow Frenchman:
      Astonishingly prescient, wouldn’t you say? Then there’s Event 201. Pandemic preparedness? Or plandemic preparedness?

    2. Are you aware of RAIR?
      Bible Belters cannot be trusted.

  15. A fine back and forth showing we only have totalitarianism by different names. The totalitarian rule of money and those who serve it takes many shapes and has many names.

    The end result is the same.

  16. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    The difference between totalitarianism and a democracy is that during a government enforced “lockdown” the totalitarian regime chains the populaton’s doors shut causing starvation and death, while in a democracy the bureaucrats allow the citizenry to shop for food.

    1. The empire is happy to use starvation as a weapon, as well as allowing its own poor to go hungry.
      Madeleine Albright – The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq’s non existent WMD’s (22 sec)
      Children in Yemen starve amid rising fears of famine (3 min)
      U.K. And U.S. Food Insecurity In 5 Staggering Numbers
      “1 in 10–the number of Americans without enough food
      3 million–the number of British people currently going hungry
      34.5%–the number of food insecure families with children in the U.S.
      1.8 million–the number of U.K. school children at risk of hunger in the morning or 1 in 5 (20%)
      56%–the number of senior Mississippians experiencing food poverty”

    2. ForgedConsent Avatar

      Except that during the totalitarian lockdown in China, the totalitarian communists gave free food to its citizens whereas the freedom-loving capitalists gave its citizens the freedom to either starve inside or to catch Covid outside.

  17. :: prolonged applause ::

  18. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Whang in the gold, Caitlin! Again. Your list represents all of the truths the Empire wants forgotten. Our job is to make sure the people don’t forget.

  19. Looking behind the deranged curtains of the ” Evil Empire “!!
    This shift of the United States economy from its former role as an industrial producer economy to a consumer cult of speculation and monetarism was accompanied by a broader international shift then being orchestrated by a cabal of misanthropic technocrats managing an organization known as the Trilateral Commission founded in 1973 by Chase Manhattan President David Rockefeller III and a sociopathic grand strategist named Zbigniew Brzsinski.
    “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”
    Nationalist leaders among those target nations who had a different idea were targeted for assassination or regime change throughout the 1980s.
    The dream of social Darwinists of an unregulated world of each against all where only the strongest and fittest and most sociopathic survive was now real.
    This relevant article can be read here:
    Financial Blowout Ahead: Lobotomized Economists Clash on the Deck of the Titanic by Matthew Ehret!

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Karl Marx knew this in the 1840s, as did Frederick Engels. Vladimir Lenin knew this and so did Leon Trotsky. We who are Marxists learned it from them. This is why I am a socialist. Most of us know what the Empire really is. But I will check out the link.

  20. In totalitarian regimes the dictator dictates policy. In free democracies leaders come and go but the policy of slaughter and theft of natural resources contiue.

  21. And today once again, the Buddha Ms Caitlin Johnstone presents another masterpiece to her readers. Thank You for the ” goose-bumps ” Ms Johnstone!

  22. Thank you Caitlin. I have never read a more effective advocacy for AnCap. government is the problem, not the solution. Every single one of them is founded on the notion they have sole authority to kill you if you don’t go along, Any system will work, as long as all are agreeable to it. Without the right to walk away, tyranny is required. In the US, that right was abolished in 1865.

  23. “In free democracies the powerful determine what the people will desire to happen.”
    ‘Are advertisers coming for your dreams?’
    The technology certainly isn’t fully functional yet, and maybe it never will be. On the other hand, it could be at least partly functional in a few years, and some companies can’t wait to deploy it. Alexa, am I dreaming?

    “People are particularly vulnerable [to suggestion] when asleep,” says Adam Haar, a cognitive scientist and Ph.D. student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology … Haar invented a glove that tracks sleep patterns and guides its wearers to dream about specific subjects by playing audio cues when the sleeper reaches a susceptible sleep stage. He says he has been contacted by three companies in the past 2 years, including Microsoft and two airlines, asking for his help on dream incubation projects. He helped with one game-related project, but says he wasn’t comfortable participating in any advertising campaigns.

    Work by Harvard University dream researcher Deirdre Barrett has also attracted corporate attention. … This year, Barrett consulted with the Molson Coors Beverage Company on an online advertising campaign that ran during the Super Bowl. Following her instructions, Coors, which features mountains and waterfalls on its logo, had 18 people (12 of them paid actors) watch a 90-second video featuring flowing waterfalls, cool mountain air, and Coors beer right before falling asleep. According to a YouTube video documenting the effort, when the participants awoke from REM sleep, five reported dreaming about Coors beer or seltzer.
    – Barrett’s Youtube video:

    1. – the article isn’t at all technical, and the video’s only three minutes long

  24. “In totalitarian regimes students are taught never to question authority. In free democracies students are taught never to question the news reporters.”
    In totalitarian regimes students are taught never to question authority. In free democracies students who question authority receive failing grades..

  25. “In totalitarian regimes they use torture. In free democracies they use enhanced interrogation techniques,” In both, the Geneva Conventions become “Quaint.” “They imprison journalists for revealing inconvenient truths about the powerful, and all the other journalists jump on social media to say he deserved it.” Once everything ever actually accomplished/set for the good is overwritten in new codifications for a “War On Terror,” the (color-coded) Terror Alerts will never end.

    1. Another summary to the whole article:

  26. “The rulers live lavishly with more than they could ever spend”:

    The WSWS had a recent piece on how much tax US oligarchs pay – or should I say, how little. The same probably goes for oligarchs elsewhere.
    the 25 richest Americans paid federal taxes on their increased wealth at a far lower rate than the typical US household.

    Between 2014 and 2018, Forbes estimated that these 25 people saw their wealth increase collectively by $401 billion. The documents obtained by ProPublica show that these same individuals collectively paid $13.6 billion in federal income taxes over the same time period, for a true tax rate of only 3.4 percent.

    Bezos, the world’s richest man, did not pay a penny in federal income taxes in 2007 and 2011.
    Musk, now the second richest person in the world, did not pay any federal income taxes in 2018.
    Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as billionaire investors Carl Icahn and George Soros, have also had years when they paid nothing in federal income taxes.
    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki … threatened criminal prosecution of those who leaked the IRS documents to ProPublica.

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