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Who Wants To Hear My Crazy, Kooky Conspiracy Theory About 1/6?

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Glenn Greenwald has a new article out titled “Questions About the FBI’s Role in 1/6 Are Mocked Because the FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media” about the backlash against right wing media highlighting the incredibly suspicious fact that rank-and-file participants in the January 6 Capitol riot have been harshly prosecuted while many of its actual leaders and organizers have not been.

Greenwald goes over the FBI’s extensive and well-documented history of using undercover agents and informants to entrap easily manipulated individuals into participating in “terror” plots that they themselves initiated and then swooping in to save the day, how unlikely it is that such informants and undercover agents would not have been active in the groups responsible for the Capitol riot, and how unacceptable it is that so little is known about what the FBI and other government agencies were actually doing with regard to these groups in the lead-up to an incident they absolutely knew was coming.

Greenwald also ridicules the way the mass media have used punditry by literal FBI veterans to mockingly dismiss these points as crazy conspiracy theories using fallacious arguments.

Journalist Whitney Webb also has a new article out titled “Who Is A ‘Terrorist’ In Biden’s America?” about the White House’s new government-wide strategy for confronting the latest big scary boogie man the US public is being trained to fear, namely “domestic terrorism”. Webb flags how the strategy is framed as an approach to countering widely loathed groups like white supremacists, but the White House document describing what it actually does makes it clear that it intends to operate in “an ideologically neutral, threat-driven manner,” as the law “makes no distinction based on political view—left, right or center.”

“However, the document itself puts ‘anti-government’ or ‘anti-authority’ ‘extremists’ in the same category as violent white supremacists in terms of being a threat to the homeland,” Webb writes. “The strategy’s characterization of such individuals is unsettling.”

“For instance, those who ‘violently oppose’ ‘all forms of capitalism’ or ‘corporate globalization’ are listed under this less-discussed category of ‘domestic terrorist,'” Webb adds. “This highlights how people on the left, many of whom have called for capitalism to be dismantled or replaced in the US in recent years, could easily be targeted in this new ‘war’ that many self-proclaimed leftists are currently supporting. Similarly, ‘environmentally-motivated extremists,’ a category in which groups such as Extinction Rebellion could easily fall, are also included.”

(This lines up with an assessment by the ODNI released in March in which the US intelligence cartel places “anarchist violent extremists” and “anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists” on the same level as racially motivated extremist violence. The document says that activism and mere advocacy of political or social positions “may not constitute violent extremism, and may be constitutionally protected,” which of course implies that it “may” not be.)

Webb describes the dangers in the White House strategy’s “call to essentially fuse intelligence agencies, law enforcement, Silicon Valley, and ‘community’ and ‘faith-based’ organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, as well as unspecified foreign governments, as partners in this ‘war,’ which the strategy makes clear will rely heavily on a pre-crime orientation focused largely on what is said on social media and encrypted platforms.”

And you can call me a crazy tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist if you like, but I can’t help wondering if these two stories might perhaps be related somehow. If maybe, just maybe, the FBI’s suspicious behavior before and after the Capitol riot has something to do with the agenda to implement authoritarian measures designed to stomp out any revolutionary impulses that might emerge in an increasingly impoverished and oppressed population.

If maybe, just maybe, the opaque government agencies who run America in alliance with the plutocratic class are deeply afraid of the rising discontent of the masses who greatly outnumber them.

If maybe, just maybe, the fact that the mainstream narrative about the Capitol riot has been full of plot holes, outright falsehoods and narrative spin from the very beginning and has been used to advance preexisting agendas from day one is a bit odd.

If maybe, just maybe, QAnon being an obvious psyop should have been a bit of a hint.

If maybe, just maybe, the fact that the incoming Biden administration had already been working on adding new domestic terror policies before January 6 should raise a few eyebrows.

If maybe, just maybe, the fact that Biden has often boasted that he was the original author of the Patriot Act is not irrelevant to the timing of all this.

If maybe, just maybe, the fact that the Capitol riot was immediately used as an excuse to target the left should have been seen as a warning of things to come.

If maybe, just maybe, the leftists who jumped aboard the CNN narrative about the Capitol “coup” in the hope that it could be used to rally the left were misguided and should now adopt a more critical posture.

If maybe, just maybe, the agenda to sustain an unsustainable economic model and an unsustainable empire is expected to require a few more screw turns than the public is likely to accept voluntarily, and precautions are being put in place to prevent a meaningful backlash.

If maybe, just maybe, there was an agenda to implement frightening new “domestic terror” laws to keep Americans from mobilizing against their rulers, and an excuse was cooked up to manufacture support for that agenda.

I know I’m being a crazy, mentally ill conspiracy theorist here by using this space to wonder about these things. I know it’s practically against the law to voice theories about what conspiracies might be taking place behind the thick walls of government secrecy which prevent us from seeing anything. I know we’re not supposed to speculate, and are supposed to instead trust that these known liars and abusers are doing the right thing until they see fit to inform us that they are not. I know we’re supposed to wait patiently until all the facts come in from institutions which we all know will never give us the facts.

I am behaving badly. I am breaking the rules.

But hey, don’t mind me. I’m just your friendly neighborhood lunatic.


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  • With a bigger and bigger push for automation in all jobs, more and more people will be left without any hope of a job. Once huge numbers are permanently unemployed and rendered “useless eaters”, the Big Brother globalist government system being set into place without our consent will not need to care if the little people get riled up. Once enough of the economy is automated, the little people will not be capable of disrupting it for the elites. The “Great Reset” isn’t something that the People want. It isn’t something we are even being asked if we will accept. They are DOING it to us by force, everywhere, and our opinions are not welcome. Any opposed are “terrorists” and “radicals” that need the jackboot of government to squash. Make no mistake, the powers that be are embarked on a deeply authoritarian agenda that includes the Defund the Police agenda, CRT in schools and other outrageous blatant propaganda being pushed in all public schools. Defund the police is actually an agenda to create an entirely federalized police to replace the local control police so anything (ANYTHING) the federal government declares to be done, from more lockdowns to shutting down any protests, WILL be done in lockstep across the country. Wheels within wheels and we ALL must fight against it.

  • I speak from my gut here, no apologies about it. Haven’t done any research. The riot looked genuine, nothing staged about it. They looked like real ‘patriots’ to me. And it looked very violent, regardless of what the truth is about the police officer who was killed. The other one who almost got crushed to death, that was all on film, no interpretation needed.


  • USSR redux. Same instigators. Same request for folk to turn each other in. Seen it all before. Just remember that they slaughtered upwards of 60 million of these white Russians in slaughterhouses repurposed for the task. The accounts would make you shudder. Don’t think it can’t happen again. I concede they think the “vaccine” will sort it out for them, but the refusers are the same ones who oppose the “Biden presidency”. They’re not easily fooled or led.

  • Yep, that’s the plan. Too transparent to ignore.

  • Naomi Klein in ‘Disaster Capitalism’ describes how capitalists take advantage of natural or economic disasters to force policies on the affected peoples that they would never choose otherwise. I think it is no stretch to ascribe ‘Disaster Politics’ to the 1/6 insurrection, just as was the case after 9/11.

  • Power always takes the opportunity to take more for itself. The questions should always be who knew what and when and how did they use that information. Questions the establishment media has no interest in asking seriously, as the answers could be against their interests. Those who do asks those questions have always been dismissed as kooks and crazies to keep the population from listening to them.

  • In my youth there was a well-known book by a Right Wing anti-Communist called
    None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

    Looks like that could be revived as a title these days.
    But the content would need to be all redacted.

    • Actually, the title was None Dare Call It Treason, for what it’s worth.

      • There were two books. It was a long time ago, and my memory is a bit vague, but I think they were very different books. “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” was a flashy book by a man named Gary Allen, who went on to write a number of other books, including one about Jimmy Carter. I did a bit of following-up of references and so on, about “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” once, for the purpose of writing a review of it; I found that although the language in the book was flashy and, to my mind, silly, the references checked out. I think it was basically sound.
        I don’t remember much about “None Dare Call It Treason,” except that I think it was a much bigger book, and more soberly presented.

  • The alternative hypothesis is simple enough: The most important movers behind the attempted insurrection are too well connected politically to be prosecuted. The most obvious example is Trump, but other senior Republican politicians, bureaucrats appointed by senior Republicans (like the acting Secretary of the Army) and Republican/conservative leaning high-ranking military officers also count.

    Busting the low-level drug dealers who work the street while never touching the money men is not a conspiracy by their bosses to get them arrested for undefined political gains. That is the other huge hole in your post, the simple fact that this elaborate conspiracy is not getting rid of any real opponents by rigged up prosecutions. Dragging Josh Hawley into court would be the sort of reason the nefarious masters of the universe would do this sort of thing. But they aren’t, so that puts paid to your ‘theory.”

    Unfortunately, neglecting to consider alternatives means you aren’t even thinking. Neglecting to ask such an elementary question as, cui bono? without worrying about not having an answer means you’re not even trying to think. So, yeah, you are a loon. Sorry for your self-esteem, it has nothing to do with being too smart to fall for the scam. You’re just a fool.

    • It’s quite rude for you to call someone a fool because you don’t agree with them. Caitlin’s post is well thought out and supported by multiple undeniable facts and patterns of behavior by US intelligence agencies. You don’t address those facts at all and instead regurgitate the partisan drivel fed to you by your corporate media overlords. You Steven T Johnson are a useful idiot and will never be part of the solution.

    • To Steven:
      (a) Your alternative hypothesis does not contradict Caitlin’s observations – on the contrary. (b) You missed the point: there was no intention to get rid of any real opponent – on the contrary!
      (c) Your comment shows where you come from and whom you represent – that’s my conspiracy theory.

  • I think the “insurrection” may have been a PR black op. against the Trump movement, an establishment countermove against Trump’s threat to contest the election. Besides the police spies among the demonstrators, the Capital Hill police also had abundant warnings that a major demonstration was about to occur and did nothing to prepare, as they normally would have. I think this means that either:

    1) The Capital Hill police– especially the leadership, were Trump supporters who secretly wanted to help the “insurrection”.

    or 2) The police leadership were in cohoots (or bribed?) with a larger conspiracy to create an incident to discredit Trump.

    I lean toward explanation 2) but am not sure. At any rate, I think the police negligence was deliberate. One of Obama’s last actions as president was to lift the prohibition against domestic government propaganda.

  • Absolutely spot on observations. Most Americans 1) don’t care anyway 2) believe whatever they’re told 3) think that life and politics is a football game, my team versus your team 4) see point one.

    I talked to a Russian woman a few years ago about the anti-Russian hysteria that even then was being so widely promoted. Her main observation, to paraphrase: “In Russia, we know the government and the media lie all the time, it’s taken for granted. In America, people believe whatever they’re told.”


  • Nothing lunatic about these musings. It is all maybe, just maybe, possible. We don’t know because “democracy” has become totally opaque. So carry on musing! If we don’t stir the shit, the shit will settle on us.

  • If Washington’s spooks have the will and the resources to spend 5 billion big ones on infiltrating Ukraine, precipitating a violent coup, installing a new putsch regime and solidifying a neo-Nazi government that has lasted seven excruciating years, they surely must have every institution in America that you can think of and hundreds that you never knew existed thoroughly penetrated and under their influence if not control. They also seemed to have a shovel-ready insurrection in the works along with their pre-selected choice of a new president in Belarus that, thankfully for that country and world peace, came a cropper. That operation must have required mega-bucks and plenty of foreign deputized auxiliary spookettes. They’ve undoubtedly got people who oversee people who micromanage local busybodies everywhere down to the most obscure shitholes within shithole countries.

    We already know about their influence if not downright control of the media in the land of exceptionalists who build edifices to their greatness and goodness only atop the highest shining hills. Their former agency heads all get jobs as on-the-air daily propagandists in this land of the free and home of the brainwashed. They are like most major police departments in the USA who are empowered to investigate, judge and discipline their own alleged acts of misconduct and lawbreaking. I think they have tentacles as deep as the Stasi did in East Germany, or the Mossad in Yaweh’s Promised Land. With so many resources at their disposal (basically a blank check), they would be remiss if they didn’t cover their asses six thousand ways from Sunday. They can probably afford to hire best-selling novelists off the New York Time’s Sunday Book Review to write their expansive vault of false narratives creating the media matrix in which we are all consigned to languish.

    A veritable plethora of people that could be connected to what should be major “incidents” if not downright scandals and even crimes involving the Clintons, from Vince Foster to Seth Rich to Jeffry Epstein to Christopher Sign (names that readily pop to mind–there are more), so frequently end up meeting an early demise in some violent fashion, often purportedly taking their own life! No exhaustive police investigations are ever pursued. Profound questions surrounding the existing evidence are left completely unanswered. Yet it is Russian President Putin who is accused of being a killer of his political opposition in the consistent absence of any supporting evidence. Moreover, rather than plausible scenarios to account for such alleged crimes, it’s as if some bombastic scenario were being composed as an exercise in creative writing by that best-selling author again. Putin doesn’t just snuff his critics in ways bringing as little attention as possible (which would be the smart thing) but he allegedly goes in for the most flamboyant mechanisms possible (which would be as dumb as possible), including devices ranging from radioactive Polonium (obtainable only from a weapons grade nuclear reactor) to the world’s allegedly deadliest acetylcholine esterase inhibitor that the CIA fancies calling Novichok and tracing, sans evidence, to Russia. Other details of these purported crimes were equally implausible and frankly cast more suspicion on Britain’s MI5 den of spooks than they do on Russia.

    The hypocrisy becomes especially thick in Washington when it comes to that supposed benchmark of freedom and democracy, the constitutional right to the freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Russia and Putin are lambasted for suppressing these rights with respect to one financial confidence man, Alexi Navalny, who was tried and convicted of defrauding a French corporation with which he did business. He was actually given probation but violated the terms of his parole so he is back in a Russian jail. Washington, having invested much money and effort yet again in developing another dupe, this fellow, as a gadfly to hopefully some day bring down the Putin government, a scenario as dumb as a bag of rocks because the kook has basically no political following in Russia, except perhaps for a few acolytes of the oligarchs who picked Russian national assets clean during the Washington-instigated collapse of the Soviet state. Navalny was not even a plausible Juan Guaido, polling perhaps 5% of the total vote. Yet Washington staged a fallacious poisoning of the guy (again relying on trusty old “Novichok”), pinned the “crime” on Putin, “saved his life” in Germany and then sent him back to Russia where they knew he had to be returned to prison for violating his parole. Now Washington says he is a martyr to freedom and democracy. He is being denied his right to spread untruths and slander in the political arena, say the Americans. The individuals who are truly the most notable martyrs to freedom and democracy, including the issues of free speech and a free press, are Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. They are being persecuted by the regime in Washington, most notably by a cadre of vituperative talking heads monopolizing the media and representing the interests of Washington’s so-called intelligence agencies, i.e., the guys handsomely overpaid to muck about the world raising hell and then to re-write the history of the chaos they have sown.

    • You might find this interesting: “At the height of the Cold War in the 1950s, law enforcement and intelligence leaders like J. Edgar Hoover at the F.B.I. and Allen Dulles at the C.I.A. aggressively recruited onetime Nazis of all ranks as secret, anti-Soviet “assets,” declassified records show. They believed the ex-Nazis’ intelligence value against the Russians outweighed what one official called “moral lapses” in their service to the Third Reich.”
      https://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/27/us/in-cold-war-us-spy-agencies-used-1000-nazis.html (Straight from the horse’s mouth)

      • Project Paperclip comes to mind, in which one Henry Kissinger helped oversee the “cleansing” of “former” Nazis and their pasts, so the State Department would let them in and let them practice their wares on people via projects like MK Ultra.

        Meanwhile, the focus was always on the “Reds,” disguising the reality that real live Nazis by the hundreds or thousands came West to do their thing.

        • The following comment is insightful: “They believed the ex-Nazis’ intelligence value against the Russians outweighed what one official called “moral lapses” in their service to the Third Reich.”

    • I’m not sure why you call Navalny’s poisoning fallacious. Russia agrees he was in a coma, making poisoning a possibility at least. And unlike the Western laboratories that confirmed (‘confirmed’ if you prefer) he was poisoned with a novichok, Russia wasn’t kindly provided with a reference sample of the novichok in question for testing purposes.
      Other than that, yes.

      • The Russian doctors said they thought his distress was caused by a physiological disorder, most likely diabetes (could have been insulin shock leading to blood sugar readings low enough to cause a coma), though they did treat him with the antidote for an acetylcholine esterase inhibitor (which could not have been Novichok or both he and everyone in his vicinity would be dead) just to be safe.
        I contend he was not poisoned by Novichok in Russia (not in his hotel, not on the plane). Firstly, because effects not consistent with that agent (see above). Secondly, because they would never have sent him to Germany knowing he had been so poisoned. That claim by the West is fallacious. At worst he drank a few ounces of a commercial insecticide, which he would have immediately realised. An interesting question would be why this could ever happen.
        If he did ultimately have any Novichok in his system it was administered in Germany by someone from the West attempting to frame Russia. But, as you say, the West never shared any data or tissue samples with Russia. Moreover they refused to examine Navalny’s tissue samples made available FROM Russia. (Source material cannot be faked b/c DNA. Novichok, if present, cannot be scrubbed out w/o altering sample.) All this smells of fraud by the West, same as the White Helmet hijinks in Syria where again, only accusations, never any objective evidence proffered. Only weaseling when asked for hard evidence. Such blatant obstruction of justice would be cause for summary dismissal of charges in an American criminal court hearing an attempted murder case. US or EU did not take the case to a bona fide court of law, where they would have been charged with fraud.
        It’s the same kind of issue holding back any definitive legal finding on the Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine. The West stubbornly refuses to admit any of the copious evidence that Russia has tried to submit because they know their case, handled entirely by the NL and Ukraine!!, is fraudulent and would be exposed for all to see. That’s as bad as allowing police departments and intelligence agencies to investigate themselves and adjudicate the cases. Any case of international justice involving the US is usually a complete charade.

        • What on earth makes you think everyone in the vicinity would have died if Navalny had been poisoned with a novichok? Have you been listening to Hamish de Bretton-Gordon? Unless an attacker over-used a novichok spray formulation (easily seen, and liable to poison the attacker too), it would have had to leap out of his body into everyone nearby – how do you propose it would have done that?

          • And, why on earth wouldn’t MI6 or whoever have used a novichok? Not using one, then pretending or arranging to find it in Navalny, would have been a damned sight more complicated.

          • Exactly what would happen. It would volatilise from his breath, his sweat, his piss, saliva, etc. Any medic just touching his body would be lethally contaminated if the stuff is as potent as the Western press advertises. Then you start doing vein puncture, drawing blood contaminated with the stuff. British intelligence was down and dirty on the Skripal case, NOT Navalny. That is why I made passing reference to MI5. Navalny is just one example of ubiquitous American hypocrisy when it comes to relations with Russia. I’m done with it at this point. If you don’t like every detail I mentioned, tough luck.

  • The BLM/Capitol Riot combined psy-op also has the effect of breathing new life into the ‘two party system’ scam.

  • The real lunatics aren’t in the asylum.
    They own it.
    Locks, stocks and smoking barrels.

  • I always get a good laugh when I accidentally stumble across lame stream media and they refer to ‘the attacks on the capitol.”

  • HAHAH you are such a fucking loser. We have plenty of statements from Trump to Guiliiani and rebpublican leadership calling for an insurrection. The indictments of Trump supporters trying to overthrow the will of a democratic election is clear. You are a crazy tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who is grasping at straws to prevent facing the fact that your lack of education, economic resilience and, frankly, reading comprehension levels, leave you with no option than to adopt authoritarian, fascist ideologues as your preferred form of political leadership

    • CIA, FBI or other? Please state your provenience.

    • Gosh, and people call me rude.

    • your vitriol => i guess she must have enlightened you against your will. Now you have to work to re-dull yourself. That must be annoying.

    • Your response typifies the kind of blatant ignorance that passes for “leftist” politics these days. “HAHAH you are such a fucking loser.” Look in the mirror and keep repeating that to yourself, troll. It must be kind of embarrassing to put your stupidity and lack of rational arguments on public display, but I doubt anyone who starts off with such a statement as you did has any moral character whatsoever over which to be embarrassed.

      Crazy tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Man, is that the best you can do? Go back to kindergarten and start all over again. And maybe just stay there. Lame beyond words.

    • Please do not casually use ‘you’ in your prose. I have no idea whom you refer to. Do you mean another poster? Me? Catlin Johnstone?

  • Dear Lunatic,

    You are absolutely brilliant.

    Keep up the great work. We are not alone.



  • I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy theory Caitlin, I would call it a logical evaluation of the available information. Capitalism needs enemies both foreign and domestic, to justify the unjustifiable. The pretexts evolve over time, but they are always pretexts, whether a commie scare or a domestic terrorist scare. Those in power have to have a boogeyman, and since there aren’t any really good ones around, they need to invent them.

    • Good point, maybe the FBI didn’t specifically plan what happened- but I think it’s likely those in government who wanted to clamp down on American protesters knew somebody would do something stupid after the election. The US government, which couldn’t produce even a vague plan for Afghanistan even after 20 years, took only a few months to produce a detailed, fleshed out plan to identify and punish troublemakers at home. Too bad the troublemakers are the ones paying taxes.

    • Yes, they need bogeymen, but they are the only bogeymen around – and they can’t use themselves, can they?

    • John: OK, but the scheme is simpler and broader: The 0.1% oligarchs need to control the 99.9% masses, and the more they rob the 99.9%, the tighter they adjust their grip on them, by generating fears of some “terrorists” – both abroad (in the colonies) and (more importantly) domestically. This is how they domesticate and pacify the “crying babies” – the masses whom these oligarchs fear so much. And an outside enemy is of course welcome (and invented, if needed). Read “1984”.

  • All the conspiracy theories in the world cannot make the January 6 insurrection anything other than what it was — a group of angry, majority white Trump supporters raging about the outcome of an election that would take their MAGA leader out of power. I saw & heard trump’s call to arms. I saw & heard Guiliani call for “trial by combat” – I saw & heard Elizabeth from Knoxville proudly proclaim, amid her tears of being maced, “It’s a revolution – we’re storming the Capital.”

    To say “domestic terrorism” is not a real threat is more than a conspiracy theory, it’s a huge step out of reality. Ask Emmett Till, who was tortured & shot & drowned by a group of angry white men because a white woman (who admitted she lied on her death bed) said he whistled at her. Ask James Byrd, who was tied to the back of a truck and drug until his head was dislodged from his body. Ask the 9 Black people at Mother Emmanuel church who were killed by Dylann Roof in the who boasted of his neo-nazi and white supremacist beliefs.

    In September, 1919 white men in Black face raped & assaulted a white woman, and a “suspicious-looking” arthritic Black man who could barely walk was arrested, a crowd of over 10,000 white people demanded the sheriff turn him over to them & when they refused, they set the jail house on fire, and when the Mayor tried to reason with them, they hung him from a light pole, he was cut down and remained in critical condition for 3 days. When the jailhouse employees pleaded from the rooftop of the burning building, they finally released the Black man who was lynched and his body was burned. These thousands of out-of-control white people were just as real as the thousands of out-of-control white people on January 6.

    Images don’t lie & I saw the images of the January 6 insurrection & it was what it was & no amount of spin can make it anything else.

    • Statist Tool

    • You seem to be tarring all tne Trump supporters with the same brush by tying them to a series of unrelated incidents going all the way back to Dylan Roof Emma. I think your brush strokes are too broad, this is over-generalisation.

      By the same token, no one should be suggesting that racism doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem, but Globocap are busy weaponising this type of identity politics to draw attention away from their happy clappy green-leftish fascist coup and to justify their draconian crackdowns.

      Just sayin’

    • Did you see those images of your statesmen (the ones who vote gleefully for war and destruction without fail, sending thousands of your youth to die for what?) cowering under their desks, hiding in their offices, and fleeing?
      Including veterans and ” heroes”. Not a single one gave a moment’s thought to standing up and confronting their disgruntled fellow citizens.
      Not one in many hundreds showed the slightest merit Profiles in courage, indeed …

  • Selling out your future
    For the rantings of a king
    The one that you leave standing
    Is still part of the machine

    Let the politicians hovel in darkness
    And wait for the bombs to fall
    Serving any of these lizards
    You’ve agreed to serve them all

    Arise you ancient grovelers
    Or stay on their road to hell
    Led by demonic psychopaths
    Ringing the dinner bell

  • Keep digging Caitlin you have only just scratched the surface plenty more to find their yet.
    I find your blog interesting, informative, enjoyable and entertaining and I am probably further to the right than you are to the left!

    • Thats the spirit CJ
      Look out Globocap, left and right are chewing bullets, burying the hatchet and finding common cause. They’ve overplayed their hand.
      We can resume normal hostilities once we have sent all the billionaire fascists to the penal colony on Mars (and dismantled their systems)

  • The World Socialist Web Site and Marxists in general have long known that provoking people into protest gives the government more excuses to slam back with ever more violent repression against the protesters. Unfortunately, the provocations are a part of capitalism’s inherent exploitation of the working class the world over. Capitalism is designed to favor the accumulation of profit over the human rights of the majority of the people of the earth. Even without staging deliberate provocations, the system itself is a provocation.

    It is the same with foreign policy. The more the depradations of world capitaism and its bastard child imperialism attack and provoke the world’s working class with its wars and sanctions, the more reason for those countries to resist. And with that resistance come more violent attacks and worse sanctions. The capitalist monster never stops eating. It is never satisfied. That is why, in the end, if it is not overthrown it will destroy the entire planet and everything on it.

  • Keep in mind that Joe Bite-Me claims he deserves credit for the original (so-called) PATRIOT Act. He stated in 2008 that the skeleton for that POS was sitting in his desk in his Senate office since 1995 (coincidentally, the year the Alfred A Murrah Building in Oklahoma City was destroyed), and was just waiting for an even bigger event to unfold before he sprung it upon an unsuspecting public. Never has a piece of more anti-American horseshit been dumped upon Americans than when that crap was passed through Congress and signed by lamebrain George W Bush.

    FBI: For Bad Intent.

  • Here is an excellent partial historical background of these behaviors of “Five Eyes” governments.
    As Usual,

  • Reichstag Fire anyone?

    • I’d better clarify. I’m not implying, like Fox etc., that this was staged by the Left (Antifa, etc.) to blame the right, I’m agreeing with Caitlin that it may have been staged by the Nat’l Sec. State (I don’t like the term Deep State) using Right forces to advance THEIR agenda. Blaming BLM etc. is a bonus.

  • I want to believe

  • The blatant election fraud enabled my friends who all consider themselves to be staunch conservatives to be open to all the conspiracy theories I have been bleating about over the decades. Oklahoma City and 9-11 are now open to discussion.It is the pseudo left clinging to TDS who succumb to the false narratives provided by CNN and MSNBC. There could be a Great Awakening if the election audits in Arizona and Georgia uncover the massive fraud.
    The Anonymous actor, ‘Commander X’ was living as a political refugee in Mexico. He recently came out of hibernation and was interviewed. Commander X presciently said the the Colonial Pipeline extortion was a Deep State construct and expected that the ransom money would be retrieved. He was right. US government agents went down to Mexico and extradited Commander X. He is now in the Santa Rita California jail.

  • Our ” owners and masters ” intend to have ” martial law ” throughout the entire United States. They intend to promote chaos everywhere to reach that end. The goal is no more ” constitution “; no more ” congress “; no more ” courts “: just total martial law where every ” government agent ” has the ” power of Judge Dredd ” to execute anyone that they please for anything that is not permitted!! There will be no questions asked and no review of anything!! You will obey or you will die-nice and simple!!!

  • Let me cut to the chase, without facetiously apologizing for being a “conspiracy kook. Some activity during 1/6 was an obvious FBI “entrapment setup,” designed to be used by the “CIA mainstream media news” as fodder or propaganda against a “working-class populist movement” (Trump’s base). These “rageful” are actually one third or probably more of the US population who’ve been economically displaced over decades of neoliberal exploitation.

    Trump, was just the catalyst or useful idiot fueling the security state narrative. Trump’s “theatrics” allowed mainstream media news to characterize populists as “insurgent racist domestic terrorist screwballs.”

    Trump or shall I say “Mr. Warpspeed” was “never” a threat to the “powerful.” In fact, he was a helpful lightning rod pushing their agenda. COVID, proves that.

    Everything the Orange con artist said about COVID was subsequently demonized and then became weaponized to advance big pharma as well as the security state’s agenda.

    Here’s some examples: the experimental gene therapy jabs, the dismissal of inexpensive cures, the needless lockdowns, the bacterial laden masks, the psychological torturing of millions, etc…

    Releasing COVID from a biological warfare lab and causing the resulting mayhem is one of the biggest crimes against humanity.

    VAERS ( Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) is attached to the CDC and other such governmental organizations. It keeps very “conservative statistics.” Only about 1% of all deaths and adverse reactions to vaccines are retained by VAERS. That’s because the CDC is a handmaiden to big pharma. The money involved is in the trillions not the billions. There’s 10 new “vaccine billionaires” who emerged by distributing lethal RNA toxins. As of now, close to 6,000 US deaths have been reported to VAERS– that’s only 1%. You do the math…… Some scientists believe the long term effects of spike proteins ravaging the bloodstream leads to leukemia for some, hodgkin’s lymphoma for others, and sterility for young women when the toxins are lodged in the ovaries. Remember, this is an experimental vaccine.

    The bottomline– COVID was released to destroy the vestiges of Western democracies, and the Idiot Trump was an excellent goad to trigger resentment against US “working-class deplorables,” newly characterized as right-wing racist fascists. This united naive liberals while simultaneously enhancing the power of identity politics. All perfect ways to segment a population terrorized by COVID.

    This was the biggest psyop operation of all time committed against the West by International finance ghouls and technocratic monsters.

    • Bingo! You’ve nailed it.

    • A psyop put together by tried and true professional liars, and even they can’t seem to keep their story straight.

  • What a Beautiful piece… “The Capitol riot was carefully planned by the Masters of the Universe”
    I could remember sending one of your articles to a friend, but i was shocked by her response.
    This is her exact words “you should pls raise your self above this trash uttered by a demented soul”..
    This reminds me of a saying by a philosopher..” when a Web of lies have been sold to the masses for a very long time, the truth sounds preposterous and the person saying it will look like a raving lunatic ”
    Caitlin pls continue the good work..

  • Mme. Caitlin, Once one is able to discern that the USA is run by a murderous offstage oligarchy that has hired a theater company to provide the entirety of its visible politics, none of your speculations seem aberrant. it does seem – esp. since Dallas Texas, 1963, that the ‘conspiracy theory’ crazies have been proven right time after time.
    The USA citizenry now faces full-on information war with its enforcer class and court $cribes, and is very poorly prepared for this thanks to its public miseducation.

    • Indeed, I’m always looking for new conspiracy theories, because my old ones all turned out to be true.

  • ok…so the FBI staged the raid on AOC and Pelosi?!
    the guy w/ the headgear horns? so the Zions could blow up Al jazeera.

    killing kids is a war crime or should be.
    they shot the chick squeezing through the broken glass.
    shoulda shot ‘en all. these trails and investigations are too long.
    next comes the cops who helped Chauvin while 1,000 other murders go unpunished.
    sun’s up and i need a drink.
    Perez podesta pelosi and richard blum. difi, kamala. CA and da dumbercraps.
    we are not going to be saved. you will have to save yourself.
    the g-7 psychopths decide NOT to de-patent da vaxes. so the southern states will continue to incubate mutalte strais of hate to infect the NEXT. ted tuner says the proper # for planter Earth is 800 million. or almost half India or China. they want to kill off 7billion people. some of whom can even read.

  • What, exactly, is the “homeland”?

    • Heimat: This is a German usage – uncommon to English – and can be found in Wagnerian operas and other places. It seems to have been introduced by the DHS – which – fittingly – hired Markus Wolf (STASI # 2 ‘The Man Without a Face’) as a consultant.

    • The first I heard or it was GW right after 9/11

      • Quite right. “Homeland” was never used by the United States to describe itself until after 9/11. But it was used by the Nazis in Germany. I made that association immediately. It was a giveaway of what was coming.

    • It is that part of an empire that is not a distant, even overseas, foreign holding. It is where the nationalist base of the empire originated and remains prevalent.
      For the American Empire it is basically all the North American landmass that is neither Canadian nor Mexican.
      All of Washington’s sundry island holdings with territorial or protectorate status plus about 900-1000 military bases on foreign soil constitute most of the rest of the directly ruled Empire lands. The role of several other polities, such as Ukraine, which seem to have a sort of quasi-colonial status is debatable. The other four of the “Five Eyes” (Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand) are not yet part of a fusion state with the North American homeland but are as close to a cultural union with the United States as possible. They seem to have, practically speaking, given up most of their sovereignty to Washington and so are integral bastions of the Empire. All of the other EU and NATO countries, including Muslim Turkey, Albania and Bosnia have a looser bond to the American Empire but all are cringing supplicants to Washington, having ceded any sovereignty since the end of World War II or the First Cold War with Russia. Count them as part of the Empire. Washington does whether these vassals like it or not, just as all of Latin America, except Cuba, is considered by North America to be part of its Empire whether they presently kiss Washington ass (most of them) or defiantly choose not to do so (Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia). Some seem always to be in a state of flux with the Empire, coming and going depending on who wins the local elections (Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador). A key fact is that Washington will always vigorously subvert any national government in the Western Hemisphere that purports to abandon the American orbit, relying on the Monroe Doctrine as a deed of ownership to the entire rest of the America’s, even the humblest of Caribbean islands such as Grenada. Finally, there is an array of Far Eastern countries of Oriental ethnicity which were either defeated in World War II (Japan), assimilated during the Korea War (South Korea) or pulled from China’s orbit (Taiwan) during the Chinese Civil War following World War II. These are also considered independent parts of the Empire with no real sovereignty. The Empire attempted to dragoon Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia into its area of control, along with the neighboring Philippines which have been part of the Empire, through force or treaty, for most of the last 120 years. It took a 15-year long war in Southeast Asia to finally convince the Americans that some folks simply do not want to be a piece of American real estate. Various states in Micronesia and Melanesia, in South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa remain outside the Empire but indications are that the Empire ultimately covets them all, irrespective of their wishes of course, especially places like Iran which the Empire once considered its property. Israel’s relationship to the Empire is as solid as they come, though left in doubt is who exactly is slave and who is master. Some would even say that the USA is simply that province in the Israeli Empire that exists to furnish Israel its world class military without which it would be nothing but a shit stain in the desert. So, there you have it, Homies, a thumbnail of your affectionate relationships with the rest of this vast far-sweeping American Empire… and why so many of them absolutely loathe you.

  • Tyrannies do not improve with age. The longer they go on the worse they get, until like a poorly adapted parasite, it kills its host. Remember a while back when virtually all federal offices were arming up, buying guns and ammo hand over fist to protect Social Security, HUD and the like? I wonder what’s going on with that right now. Are they preparing to destroy all opposition, by force if censorship doesn’t work? By murder if so required? Beware attempts to disarm the population. Criminal use of firearms is a pale tiny reflection of the death and destruction delivered by the state. Common criminals are an inconvenience compared to the real criminals with their hands on the triggers of nuclear weapons. As many tyrants have correctly surmised, its much easier to load people on trains to camps if they aren’t armed.

    • To think your ‘arms’ would stave off the most powerful war machine on earth is nonsense.
      If anything it makes you a target. Poof… gone.

      • Who said anything about staving off? Do imply that the enforcers are unconcerned with their welfare? Do you think they are just as likely to engage in force if the target is armed as they would be if disarmed?
        On the other hand, licensed hunters alone, which excludes a lot of shooters such as myself, would constitute the largest armed force in the world “A rifle behind every blade of grass.”

      • Read up on the history of armed resistance, LJD.
        On paper, in the minds of the sheep, no such resistance was was ever a match for powerful war machines. And yet … and yet many of these resistance movements were crowned with victory. (What happens after is another story (which occasionally also works out well).)

  • John Pilger (2002): as “outlined in prophetic detail”: https://www.newstatesman.com/node/192545 For “this [new, domestic] ‘war’ … [which] will rely heavily on a pre-crime orientation,” [what will be] needed” is another “catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor,” or insurrection at the Capital (if you will). “I’m just your friendly neighborhood lunatic” – whistleblowing into the wind. https://seaclearly.com/2020/12/23/curtain-risin-on-a-new-age

  • What is described by Caitlin Johnstone in this column is not really a conspiracy theory but rather common sense and much history. Agent provocateurs have been around for a long time, as long as evil men have been planning. That German-establishment supported leader (Hitler) claimed he was only protecting Germans in other countries when he first began invading other countries after anti-German events created by his gang happened. We did this at the Gulf of Tonkin. No one is telling us a good reason why the leaders of the 1/6 attack are not being prosecuted.

    The FBI has a long history, including COINTELPRO which included assassination of civil rights leaders (See Wikipedia!) It is not way out there to use the evidence to propose an FBI role in fomenting the 1/6 attack in order to make the FBI seem more necessary instead of a dangerously violent opponent of American democracy. It is not way out there to propose knowledge and at least cooperation of some other leaders in our government in the attack on 1/6.

    In any case, the reaction is evil. Evil because the laws being proposed are too vague in their scope – which should make them bad by the rules of our legal system. But this requires a far right Supreme Court to say that and that is not so likely. A vague law is one reason why Julian Assange is being tortured in Belmarsh now. The other reason is the murderous flouting of existing laws by the UK and US governments.

    • I agree with most of what you say Alan, but like the Empire itself, the FBi is not a monolith either. There must be people there who are pro USA and anti globalist too. A couple of elementary mistakes were apparently made during the assault which had they not been made, we would have had a TV screen of the Proud Boys and MAGA storming into the chamber full of senators and beating the crap out of them. One guy took them on an inexplicable wrong turn while the chamber was evacuated. .

      So it was definitely a psy op but I am not sure it was a false flag. There is an alternative school of thought that it was JSOC secessionists putting a shot across the bow of the ancien regime, though the ancien regime has responded instead with these draconian new laws. Guess we may never know the m/o but we can all know the result.

    • The FBI has been a bed of corruption and deceit since its inception with J E Hoover in charge of the blackmail files.

      • J. Edgar was born too early … he could have been the first LGBTetc director of that institution had he planned things better …

    • Your illustration of the vast, cruel American Empire seems mostly correct. Its overreach, however, in terms of military expenditures and lack of attention to the climate catastrophe will be its end.

  • Caitlin, you are not kooky but absolutely sane. The FBI was in the lead on 6 January, storming on US Congress by supposed Donald Trump supporters. The famous journalist Glenn Greenwald asks the right questions. It has been a false flag operation by the Deep State and by America’s criminal organizations. The fake news media such as CNN and all the others are ramming their conspiracy theory into the minds of the American people and the world. The 6 January so-called insurrection has been a false flag operation such as 9/11.

  • I know there are a lot of old school lefties on this blog, Caitlin included. It occurs to me that this isn’t about Left-Right in the trad sense.
    This may be about choosing to defend the devil you know or succumbing to something far more sinister and terrifying, somethng we thought we had slain in the bouncing, smoking rubble of Berlin in 1945.
    To that end, old school lefties may find themselves in the unlikely position of fighting for the Confederacy 2.0 , which wont be about slavery, but freedom. (Althougn there will be lots of such deplorables in it)
    This was highlighted to me when i saw old school lefty cancelled satirist CJ Hopkins doing interviews on Fox News.

    Its an absolute bloody tragedy on so many levels.
    Please tell me if i’m full of shit.

    • You’re not full of shit, but the people who’ve fed you the lies about Trump supporters are most definitely full of shit. Trump supporters want nothing different than the vast majority of people on the planet want for themselves. They’ve been vilified because they (working and middle-class people who have a higher tendency to be armed) are the only ones with the financial capabilities, along with the arms and sheer numbers, to put up a fight against the techno-fascist globalists (World Economic Forum’s Great Reset crowd) and their plans to control all of the world’s resources.

      They are lying to you. What they fear more than anything is the anti-authoritarian, populist right aligning with the anti-authoritarian populist left. That is their greatest nightmare.

      • Gday JM
        I imagine tne Trump supporters contain racists and other riff raff just as much as the lefties have head banging authoritarian Utopians in their ranks. I won’t idealise them but what they are facing is pure evil. Confederacy 2.0 wont be perfect, we cant idealise it, but its all we’ve got to take on the Fourth Reich.

        I guess my observation was about ordinary hard working small folk from across the political spectrum are startiing to coalesce to oppose this thing. I guess tne precedent is the West joining forces with the Soviet Union last time around.

        The battle lines are blurry, its not clear cut where the enemy lies . In Australia there is much less of this because the middle class have not been hit as hard as the US, although this appears to be rapidly changing.
        Great insights you seem to have for all of this, thanks fer sharing.

        • Good ideas J. … take a closer look at WWII and observe who actually won.
          The West hoped the Hitler gang would flatten the S.U. If they had, then favorable terms would have been offered to AH and things would have been peachy.
          When the Germans failed, at least the West could hope for the decimation of the Soviet population. This would permit a quick, regime change takeover by 1947.
          When that failed … the Cold War.

  • Interesting too that PM Scomo’s minions announced massive drilling plans while he is standing there with the Great Resetters. Basically he gave them The Twelve Apostles middle finger. He has dragged on the vax and quarantine facilities.
    Everyone I meet in the bush is busy dosing themselves with Ivermectin sheep drench and vowing not to take the vaccine.
    Its confusing fer sure, but my sense Australia is having a bet each way and seeing who comes out on top, while the Sneaky Poms will be backing both sides as usual.
    BTW Whitney Webb highlighted the role of the Edelman PR group in all of this, a firm which emerged out of WW2 military psy ops.
    These assholes are based in Australia too, be interesting to find out who they are advising


    • And althougn PM Scomo is an uninspiring Dick it appears the Fourth Reich Grate Resetters have been out to get him for quite some time.
      He was close to Trump. The Tudge / Porter sex scandals hung around his neck, now Q-anon. Guess our Scomo is TDFD (Too Daggy For Davos). Guess he is also in tight with the old Anglo establishment fossil fuel right.

  • I notice the real extremists who want war on China, war on Russia, war on Iran, or war on wherever don’t seem to get a mention. I guess Extinction Rebellion must be the greater threat.

  • It should be obvious by now that the Jan 6th riot was orchestrated by those who want to silence all opposition to tyranny. The feds have been deep in both the right-wing and the left-wing populist, anti-authoritarian movements. They’ve also been lying to all of us about the motivations of the legitimate protesters on both sides.

    We’re witnessing a long-planned global shift in power from the U.S. to China (with elements from the U.S. and Europe, with a heavy emphasis on the royals). That’s what the Great Reset is all about. The GND and Agenda 2030 have nothing at all to do with environmentalism (notice the lack of “greening” in the GND; zero discussion about dirty tech/electronics/batteries/solar, etc; no comment about planned obsolescence, and international trade — all more dirty than driving one’s car to work or the grocery store). Agenda 2030 is also not about solving the problem of inequality — ask the self-appointed billionaire “leaders” of the movement how they feel about steeply progressive income or wealth taxes.

    Agenda 21/Agenda 2030/GND/the Great Reset are all about giving globalist billionaire techno-fascists more control over the world’s resources. These “anti-terrorism” laws are being put in place to stop anyone who opposes their rule.

    • I think you’ve nailed it there thank you JM
      Feels very disempowering for us small folk, but best to face reality I think.
      Just finished reading Deryk Jensens “Bright Green Lies” and the abomination of renewable tech is simply staggering.

      • Yep. Too many people don’t look into what “Green tech” is really all about. In many cases, it’s the very same corporate interests who fouled up the planet in the first place. They create the problem, and then pretend to solve it with more expensive trash.

        The Green New Deal/Agenda 2030 would cause far more environmental destruction than just keeping what we have now. There are many things we can do to genuinely improve the planet and the environment (carbon dioxide isn’t anywhere near the largest threat). We need to make things that are designed to last for decades, if not longer. We need to build and buy locally whenever possible. We need to reverse global trade, which is one of the leading causes of ocean pollution and carbon dioxide increases.

        We also need to stop making people think that they need to have children in order to have a meaningful life. So many people have children that they truly do not want to have simply because they think that’s what they’re supposed to do.

        • We don’t need to stop making people want children, because they don’t need to be made to in the first place. Every single creature on this planet is born with that desire.

        • JM nails it again

    • Don’t leave out depopulation to keep their lessers from using “their” resources.

  • If you’re like me and I know many leftists are. One day I was protesting in Ferguson and urging people to burn the city to the ground in front of the police chief and a couple few weeks later I’m at home being attacked by exotic weapons. It’s extremely unpleasant but I very much doubt very many dangerous right wing lunatics will ever be targeted as a domestic terrorists. Historically the security apparatus of the blood soaked USA targets leftists over and over again at every turn and every chance they get. Groups like occupy, anonymous, antifa and others scare the government shitless as it should. If people aren’t willing to walk the talk and risk it ALL to say and do what is right and challenge power then there is no hope. People should buckle up. Their domestic terrorist machine is not for the faint of heart. Goodluck and God bless everyone. Be kind to animals.

  • Forgot to mention that its probably not coincidental that the Southern States are all busy outlawing vaccine passports and the Arizona recount is still being watched closely, rightly or wrongly , dud election perhaps being the trigger for the Old South to rise agin.


  • Sorry if i seem presumptuous or rude in recommemd this but I find Steven Snyder aka ‘Recluse’ and his ‘The Farm’ podcast essential reading/viewing in getting to the botrom of this stuff.
    While i agree with Caitlin in principle that the actions of those on 1/6 6/1 or whatever the hell it was are being used to ram through draconian Globocap countermeasures, the anatomy of the forces that assaulted the capital that day is much more nuanced.
    We have
    Proud Boy Thug street muscle
    Oathkeeper command control reconaissance and intelligence
    MAGA rabble providing cover, numbers and plausibility.

    Recluse seems to think these forces represent the backlash to the corporatocracy in the sense that they are the forces of those (fossil fuel) elite elements that oppose the current WEF Great Reset Fourth Reich. Not that they are good guys or will populate the countryside with Rainbows and Unicorns, but they effecrively represent the rising of the old Southern Confederacy in full secessionist mode should the US fall to the Euro Trash Green Tech Fascists.
    No, the Empire is not a monolith, and we the people are basically along for the ride while they duke it out.

    The Fourth Reich may have elements of the FBI and CiA pulling for it but i darsay the Jan 6 Confederacy has the shadowy 60000 strong JSOC in its corner, led by the Generals Flynn.

    Caitlin, I see your conspiracy theory and I raise you !

    Jan 6th ‘Coup’ , Proud Boys and Oathkeepers As Highly Structured Confederate Libertarian Seccessionist Paramilitaries (+ MAGA Rabble) – Visup

    • As described by Recluse, the actual assault was a single envelopment patterned after the 490BC Battle of Marathon.
      Very sophisticated plannning. This was no mob.

  • When I mention the ideas listed in this essay to others, I do not get crazed looks or calls for putting me in a padded room. I get comments like, “Of course” or “Yeah, is this news to you?” My point is that there are far more who think this way than I realized. Maybe we are not alone.

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