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Humanity is becoming more conscious.

It is. This is not a popular thing to say in the more cynical and pessimistic corners of the internet, but it’s true.

I’m not referring to anything “out there” or “spiritual” when I make this assertion. I’m talking about a mundane reality that is easily verifiable by casual observation, if you just look past all the headlines and narrative chatter to see the big picture as a whole.

Humans are becoming more and more aware of what’s going on, both in our world and in ourselves, as our ability to network and share information with each other becomes greater and greater. Because of the ubiquitousness of smartphones and social media, things like police brutality and the abuse of Palestinians are no longer regarded as mere verbal assertions made by their victims but as concrete realities which must be addressed. The most viral posts of the day on apps like Twitter, Reddit and TikTok are routinely just people making relatable observations about their feelings and psychological tendencies and what it’s like to be human.

These things matter. Seeing into each other and around our world all the time like this, in a way we never could before the internet, can’t help but change things. It’s a consistent rule throughout history that every positive change in human behavior has been preceded by an expansion of consciousness, whether it’s becoming collectively conscious of the injustices of racial discrimination or individually conscious of the motives and consequences of our self-destructive behavior. Increasing consciousness is always a movement toward health.

And a movement toward health absolutely is what’s been happening. The young today are the kindest, most sensitive and most awake generation that has ever lived, no matter what the bitter old farts say about them. My kids are having conversations with their friends that are vastly deeper and more tuned-in than I was having with my own friends at their age. The independent content that people are creating without the authorization of the cultural filters in New York and Hollywood can take your breath away every single day if you know where to look, while the movies from the eighties which once enthralled us are today virtually unwatchable because of how shallow and artless they are compared to what we’re now used to seeing.

It’s happening in a weird, sloppy, awkward way, like an infant learning to walk, but it is clearly happening. It’s happening through an internet whose origins are rooted firmly in the US war machine, it’s happening through billionaire-owned social media platforms with extensive ties to powerful governments, it’s happening through technologies that are the fruits of all the most exploitative tendencies of global capitalism, but it’s happening.

It’s happening in spite of all the best efforts of the corporate powers who control the mass media and the government agencies which collaborate with them in doing so. It’s happening in spite of all the mountains of government secrecy which the powerful use to keep the public from becoming conscious of what they’re up to. It’s happening in spite of an entire globe-spanning empire having a vested interest in the public not becoming conscious of the realities of their world and doing everything they can to keep things distorted and unseen. It’s happening against all odds, but it’s happening anyway.

This is very odd, and this is where it does start to look a little “out there”. We know that there are forces in our world which have a vested interest in keeping things hidden and unconscious, yet the light of consciousness keeps expanding. These powerful forces should be able to prevent this, but they aren’t. Even their own infrastructure is used to expand public awareness of their ugly behaviors. The light of consciousness is creeping faster and faster toward them, along wires they themselves laid out. This means this movement is happening in a way they don’t understand, and that it is much, much bigger than they are.

Because of the internet, humanity has probably changed more in the last 25 years than it did in the previous 2500. Practically overnight, we transformed into a completely new species. A species whose brains are networked in real time around the world to a steadily increasing number of other brains in a steadily increasing number of ways with a steadily increasing amount of intimacy. Outwardly an individual human looks very much like an individual human looked prior to the internet, but as a collective we’re mentally a completely different kind of animal than we used to be.

The powerful people who’ve been poisoning our world with ecocide, oppression, exploitation and war clearly believe they’ll be able to ride this radical transformation and remain in power with the status quo perfectly intact; if they didn’t believe this the internet would’ve been shut down before it even got off the ground. But I don’t see how they can stay in control of this headlong plunge into rapidly expanding consciousness we’re experiencing; harnessing the forces that are at play here would be like trying to surf on a tsunami, like trying to hang glide through a tornado.

There are aspects of humanity which the CIA doesn’t understand, which the plutocrats can’t control, which the manipulators can’t anticipate. Something is brewing here, and we’re almost at the boiling point. I don’t know if it will be enough to save us from all the existential hurdles our species faces in the near future; I just know that we are rapidly becoming a conscious species, and consciousness and dysfunction cannot coexist. We won’t need to wait long to find out which one wins out.


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66 responses to “Humanity Is Sloppily, Awkwardly Lumbering Toward Consciousness”

  1. For all you Caitlin lovers (like me) – New fav site:

  2. The ability or the pathways to consciousness have become easier to access, but consciousness is a squirmy little bugger to master. First, I think you got way more fears to grapple with today (am I rich enough? smart enough? pretty enough? good enough? then WHO AM I?) Then factor in all that background noise deceiving and distracting. To me at least, consciousness becomes almost impossible to connect with, especially with all this false signaling being transmitted and of course how it is received. My honest opinion is that the jury is still out on this one—yes consciousness can be raised if we get some good parents doing the leading. You know guys like Joe Biden…look how conscious Hunter and Beau were

  3. I rather like the Idea that we’re becoming a much more conscious species. However, we also seem to be, somewhat paradoxically I think, simultaneously less engaged in doing real things in the real world. I find myself diving into the internet sometimes just to escape reality, and I suspect a lot of other people are doing the same thing.

  4. Blair Schirmer Avatar
    Blair Schirmer

    Would that this were true, but for every sign of progress there are more signs trending in the other direction. In addition, well over half of any population simply won’t possess the wattage necessary for a speedy transformation of consciousness. That’s a lot of dead weight to try to drag towards a new Enlightenment.
    “The independent content that people are creating without the authorization of the cultural filters in New York and Hollywood can take your breath away every single day if you know where to look, while the movies from the eighties which once enthralled us are today virtually unwatchable because of how shallow and artless they are compared to what we’re now used to seeing.”
    —Perhaps, but look at thousands of “B” movies in particular from the 40s and 50s, now called “noir,” which showed the cowardice of veterans, the violence of police, and the abject, deadly grind of capitalism. That was Hollywood and its studio system, just as it was Hollywood in the 1930s and especially the 40s into the 70s that exposed the brutality of racism, the greed of the rich, and the absurdity of denying women, people of color, and working men a seat at any table.

    1. I think anyone can, but not everyone will.

      And there are still a handful of 80’s movies that remain profoundly insightful.

      1. Exactly! Terminator comes to mind.

  5. Consciousness is immutable, intelligent and universal. It is what you are, not who you are. The fictitious entities do not experience consciousness, rather it experiences them. What is taken for personal experience is the interface between consciousness and the interpretive mechanism of the body, hijacked by that mechanism.

  6. A fascinating and dovetailing resource published in 1959 by philosopher and Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin, “The Phenomenon of Man”:

  7. One route to such a global advance in consciousness m i g h t be – through (a priori arcane) Morphic Resonance – the idea of Rupert Sheldrake (backed by several observed phenomena) that once an idea or structural concept has occurred (for the first time) it seems to be communicated spontaneously to other groups of animals (incl. maybe humans) – and plants and chemical syntheses! But there is as yet no known field associated with MR. It seems to be a faint but distinct echo of the problem faced in the Einstein-Podolski-Rosen paradox.
    If true it would have the potential to destroy the unified oligarchies that have the planet locked in the banksters’ jaws. It even might explain their desperation to force more control on humsnity before any such ‘breakout’ in consciousness occurs.

  8. You’re delusional (not the first time I’ve noticed that) as is everybody that agrees with you on this latest crackpot claim…..I suggest reading John Gray for an antidote. Try starting with ‘Straw Dogs’.

    1. Which particular claim are you referring to?

  9. It has also brought out the worst in humans, or simply exposed what was already there. For example women dress up and sexualize cartoon characters that 11-14 year old boys like. They then act lewdly on twitch “game” streaming service. After that these women (pedos) upsell these vulnerable boys onto their anal gape twitter pages. Given the opportunity to easily make money as a whore many women *choose* to do so. This would have been unthinkable 20 years ago.

    Not to mention the denial of epistemological reality; I don’t become Napoleon by wearing a silly hat, but I DO become a “woman” by wearing a dress. It is nice to think of a more enlightened future, but how is this supposed to happen when millions have injected themselves with experimental gene therapy. The worst is yet to come in terms of death, sterility, long term side effects and digital “wallets”. Don’t forget the Universal Basic Slavery and Gov Coin people are going to get.

    The people you talk about do exist, but perhaps they existed in every generation? I hope they don’t get steam-rolled by the lemmings. The oligarchs know they are losing control both financially (due to crypto) and over the media. This is why they are rolling out their “Technocracy” in order to maintain more direct control. A Chinese saying goes, to defeat your enemy, educate their children, this is what they want to do. They are already erasing and re-framing the past. Children raised within a technocracy will not even be aware that they are living under what Aldous Huxley termed a “Scientific Dictatorship”, and they will – in his words – “come to enjoy their servitude”.

  10. Michael Packman Avatar
    Michael Packman

    So true. Humanity is evolving despite its apparent reluctance. It really has no choice. Life is the force that defies the law of gravity, despite being laden with a material shell. All living beings grow, strive towards the light. Just as matter is attracted to matter, light is attracted to light. Thus, trees, insects, animals, humans, all lifeforms grow upwards defying the natural law of gravity. Life force compels us to reach for higher levels of consciousness, like or not.

  11. Heike Auermann Avatar
    Heike Auermann

    Speak for yourself, please. I was extremely sensitive and caring and had very profound conversations with my best friend when I was a kid and teenager. I spent my childhood out in nature, roaming through the Teutoburg forest on my horse, accompanied by my dog, and once in a while I’d come across an injured bird and knew what to do to safely transport it to our wildlife rescue station (my mom had taught me). I cleaned stables, groomed horses, took in and cared for rescue dogs, cats, goats and rabbits. Starting at 4 years old my mom taught me how to grow veggies in our garden. She was a great role model, biked wherever she could instead of driving the car, and washed and cleaned with vinegar and kernseife (curd soap?) to be as ecologically friendly as possible. I was born in ’66, so I’m talking 70s to mid 80s. Germans, at least in some circles, were very eco-conscious back then, there were ‘biolaeden’ (organic food stores), people wore organic cotton clothes and carried jute bags, we had solar panels on our house, everyone was worried about nuclear war and acid rain, there were many demonstrations against US missiles and Ronald Reagan that we attended. Alternative holistic medicine was a thing, people were opposed to big pharma and trusted their homeopath more than their doctor. In high school we were taught critical thinking and the dangers of media manipulation, believe it or not. And back then it was the left that was against globalization (many left-wing protests against it at G7 summits etc).
    So, there was quite a lot of awareness which I feel has since decreased, especially concerning nature. While they might tweet about saving the planet, kids are much less in tune with nature these days, even those that grow up right next to a forest don’t explore it, prefer to sit indoors instead which is one reason for the rise in childhood obesity.

    1. HOW DARE YOU ?????

      Greta Thunberg :o)

    2. Propaganda and social engineering have done their thing – pretty effectively – but it all comes at a price for the oligarchy: The sheer cognitive dissonance it induces teaches at least a few (million) people what is really going on – and how to analyze and dissect the scripted ravings (polished lies) of the MSM/academics and their spook masters who turn the oligarchs’ whims into a scripted, controlled reality..

  12. Brava, Caitlin!

  13. The question is not whether the glass is half full or half empty.
    It’s whether the contents are the ‘Kool Aid’ of extinction or the Elixir of survival.

  14. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “Humanity is becoming more conscious… Humans are becoming more and more aware of what’s going on, both in our world and in ourselves, as our ability to network and share information with each other becomes greater and greater.”
    There is an clear, ongoing bifurcation of humanity going on right now. One branch of humanity is indeed becoming more ‘aware’, while another sizable group seems to be devolving just as quickly and enthusiastically into delusion and retreat from common-sense thinking and bedrock human values. Like two large groups pulling in opposite directions for all-they’re-worth on a cosmic worldwide tug-of-war rope, it’s not clear which side will prevail. But it’s not likely that both sides can coexist for much longer.
    “…every positive change in human behavior has been preceded by an expansion of consciousness…”
    Positive changes in human behavior begin in a single human heart. Then, this radiates outward finding receptive souls that grab on to this refreshing change like holding on to a life preserver in stormy seas. Then more of the change radiates outward from more of the changed hearts and souls. Consciousness is not hatched in a group but takes root in a single heart one at a time… then another and another. Suddenly, a ‘group’ begins to take form.
    “Because of the internet, humanity has probably changed more in the last 25 years than it did in the previous 2500.”
    There’s more at play than just the Deep State electronic plaything. People are changing from within, for both good and bad. These kind of fundamental societal changes have happened many times in history and long before the internet. Whole thriving cultures have disappeared without a trace. And with the stories about Atlantis and all they were about (and other oral traditions about other great societies), perhaps whole continents of advanced cultures have disappeared. All the internet does is throw fuel on narrative fires of one kind or another.
    There is massive change going on, without a doubt. But how and why it is happening now is a big open question. And whether this is leading us to the long-hoped-for Paradise on Earth or a horrid decent into a Prison Planet from Hell is another huge question mark. Either way, it sure ain’t dull around here.

    1. “Positive changes in human behavior begin in a single human heart.”
      Yes, I believe this can in fact occur and transform the whole of the planet.

      1. “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth remains the truth”.

        Mohandas Gandhi

  15. Judging by the comments here, the bitter old farts still have a lot of complaining to do.

    1. I don’t think you engage much with the 18 to 25 group. Though there may be a few that get it, most are hopelessly lost in their iPhones and popularity contests. My roommate was 23 years old, and though she expressed some thoughts of enlightenment, she still embraced Elon Musk hook line and sinker and hooked up with someone that shared that perspective.
      I did meet someone today who is 18 years old that gets it to some extent and has learned to cook his own very nutritious food. He, however was completely oblivious to the documentary “Do You Trust This Computer (,” or anything else like this. I did meet a 10 year a old a few months ago that lamented that all his friends are hopelessly hooked on their iPhones to the extent that they are completely missing this beautiful real world out here. They, however are the exception. Most are happy to discuss the latest famous person identified on social media to the complete exclusion of reality, perhaps because the ugly urban world is the only reality we have left.

      1. Oblivious to the documentary? For shame! It’s a good thing he’s not some bitter old fart who resents young people though.

  16. Roll me some of what you are smoking Catlin. I hope you are right but information is not enlightenment. I just wrote a thousand words on my website expressing that America has become apathetic among other things. Apathy like income inequality has been around a long time but it like income inequality has been growing. With the stain of Trump gone. America sleeps.

    I think the strain of weed you smoked before writing this article goes by the name ‘Steven Pinker’. A sativa / indica hybrid known for feelings of euphoric false hope. If you look the high water mark has come and passed. Now we recede into oblivion and all we can do is enjoy the show

    “You can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.”

    And this is where I say America sleeps:

    You won’t be feeling so chipper way when energy runs out and people begin to starve. But for now Steven Pinker can get you high. Enjoy.

  17. Speaking of consciousness, the Western oligarchical faction has largely lost the war to Russia and China. However, Western countries will not be able to seize the new potentials and possibilities for progress and change for as long as they cling to this uni-polar lala land fantasy where they don’t realize that civilization is essentially no longer under Anglo-American rule. The world has fundamentally changed; the world strategic situation is no longer what it was for the last several hundred years and the major financial institutions that have run this thing are now largely all bankrupt, sitting on hundreds of trillions of dollars of worthless paper. It’s something different than what we’ve seen in any recent century.

    While I really appreciate Whitney Webb and company, I think that when we look at the strategic situation on a global level, that’s where we can actually recognize the total incompetence and fantasy world that people like Klaus Schwab and all these old aristocratic Western oligarchical elite types inhabit. They are not in the real world, and while they still have power over an increasingly smaller and less relevant portion of the world population, much of the world is actually moving on and not playing that game anymore. The Wall Street-London system is bankrupt and they are military completely unable to actually do anything to change Russia, China and company.

    That ship has sailed. They are done. The real danger for the West is the average person not recognizing that, and as a result not actually thinking about the real world solutions and things that have to be done in order to preserve our own civilization and rebuild much of our destroyed and rotten Western society and culture.

    The Western oligarchs have been dealt blow after after, defeat after defeat. The Western oligarchy and its establishment has failed to implement the kind of regime change that could have stopped Russia and China, and now an increasing number of other nations are also beginning to act as truly sovereign nations who are not run by kind of imperial capital and merchant banking interests that have cannibalized much of the industrial and productive sectors of the economy in the Western world. Virtually none of this is reported in Western media. The Western financial establishment has completely lost control of the game.

    There is no better example of this than the jaw-dropping new Russian military technology based upon what experts refer to as ”new physical principles.” Weapons like the Poseidon submarine missiles powered by nuclear engines mean they can cruise and travel in any manner they like, at very low depths, make their way to the Eastern coasts of the USA and create nuclear explosions that would send tsunamis across the entire continent, effectively wiping out every major US city. The US would effectively be wiped out.

    Despite all the saber-rattling and threats, the US and NATO have NOTHING that can counter these kinds of weapons. They have NOTHING that counter the new hyper-sonic weapons unveiled by Russia. They also recently tried to get the Ukrainian army to launch a war, but their forces were presented with the threat of such a devastating and quick response by the Russians that they had to completely back out because the devastation and defeat would have broadcast to the entire world the degree to which they no longer have control, and that they are militarily and technologically beaten by nations other than those under the thumb of the Western financial slime mold.

    The advanced military breakthroughs by the Russians literally puts them generations ahead of anything the US military is capable of doing. No matter how many ABM systems they have around Russia, no matter how much they try to encircle China, they are ultimately just wearing themselves out and using up the very last resources they have on a pointless military strategy. Any nuclear strike means they have literally signed their own death warrant, and destroyed the rest of civilization along with it.

    When I listen to various talking heads from networks on both the left and right, I laugh seeing how clueless they really are. They are so deluded and blinded by their unchallenged assumptions that they really can’t see what’s unfolding before them. And that’s tragic.

    The war in Syria was another recent total fail for the Western Anglo-American establishment. Russian bombing liquidated the 100,000-strong Medieval-type ISIS crusade, which the Western military and intel agencies had built up as arguably one of the most evil, ugly and brutal force to ever rear its head in recent history. It was total dark age stuff, and it was literally crushed. It was also made possible by the fact that under Trump, the military was actually allowed to bomb and destroy terrorist targets, while under Obama the military was not allowed to strike any target without first signing off with president. All the oil tankers, the oil trade being used to fun the ISIS army of death, all of that was allowed to freely operate during the Obama years, but quickly came to halt soon after.

    Most of these talking heads and media types are so blinded by their own narratives about US “leadership” in a uni-polar world that they have no ability to recognize the world they believe to be inhabiting no longer exists. It’s gone. They have completely lost. There is no way for them to impose their will on these other nations, who despite their problems are actually acting as sovereign independent nations not beholden to the kind evil old imperial interest that has almost brought Western society to the point of extinction.

    China has raised like 800 million people out of poverty. What have the US and Western countries been doing to fight poverty? Nothing, they’ve been creating it by trying to save their bankrupt financial centers throughout bailouts. Anyone who thinks the West has some kind of moral authority is not living in reality.

    Were this to be recognized, it would be a great thing. It means people would actually be forced to live in reality again, to actually recognize that we have to deal with real-life cultures and nations, instead of these fake abstractions who we’re told only want to enslave us and destroy everything we believe in. It means that we would recognize the need to deal with the kind of real-world problems which can only be solved on a basis of international cooperation among sovereign nations, according to the general welfare principle. Nothing else would actually work. Western society and culture has made amazing achievements, and these achievements need to preserved. Furthermore, new progress can made based upon these foundations. But all of this is only possible if we recognize the new strategic reality.

    We just can have the Wall Street-City of London slime mold running things anymore. It is bankrupt. Nothing will be able to plug the financial black-hole emerging as all the debt bubbles start to unwind–and this AFTER the Western establishment has used everything in its ”tool-box” to keep that financial implosion at bay for a couple of years.

    Were we to free ourselves from all these fake enemy image narratives cooked up by an increasingly irrelevant MSM media, we would actually be in a position to have a talk about the new kind of world financial architecture that will be needed to replace the current bankrupt bubble system, which has very little life left in it. It would mean having to discuss a new kind of Bretton Woods system. It would mean a new fixed exchange rate among currencies so that the private merchant banking interests would no longer be able to subvert the currencies of any individual nation who decides to do something sovereign, like invest in major infrastructure and defend the general welfare of its people from IMF and Globalization. It means there could actually be new viable long-term credit tied to actual production and real-world economic development.

    The Belt and Road Initiative is the largest infrastructure-building program in the history of civilization, and the Western establishment has done everything to try and paint that as some new kind colonialism, but it’s pure fantasy, pure projection. In reality, the Western world needs its own BRI that could ultimately work in concert with the Eurasian world.

    The vision of Gottfried Leibniz and a few other great thinkers was always the unification and complete development of Eurasia. The whole game of British geopolitics–a term coined by Lord Mackinder–has always been premised on keeping Eurasia–the world island–divided and making sure no substantial economic integration is ever allowed between the various Eurasian nations. This was the worse nightmare, and it’s coming true.

    I think the saner people in the West have a responsibility to preserve and defend the best traditions of Western culture, but at the same time being able to recognize that world has changed, and we need to start dealing with the realities of a new multi-polar world, which is something different known by anyone living today or in recent times.

    I love Whitney Webb and people doing similar work, but I also think that because they don’t really recognize or appreciate this broader strategic reality, there is often a sense that the oligarchy is in complete control over everything and that everything is supper dark and getting ever more twisted (it is in some ways). The research and stuff uncovered in places like UnlimitedHangouts is fantastic and much needed, but I think when we zoom out and get a better picture of this more global strategic situation, it really changes the mindset and I think it frees people up to think in more creative and future-orientated terms, rather than sinking into a more survivalist prepping for the apocalypse type of attitude.

    The evils being exposed by things like the Corbett report, Whitney Webb etc… need to be known, resisted, and defeated. But to really accomplish that, there needs to be a positive vision, and that means something more than just forming autonomous communities and letting international law and international trade vanish because we’ve allowed all of our basic institutions to disintegrate.

    As the proverb goes: where the is no vision, the people perish. Western civilization has lost a sense of vision, and that’s what needs to be restored. It’s arguably of the highest strategic importance, and it’s what preventing many people from operating with a bold solution-orientated outlook, rather than a pessimistic dour survivalist mindset.

    1. Biden and Blinken have had two sobering reality checks lately in Alaska (for the latter) and Geneva (for both) which must have changed them from the psychopathic fantasies of their warmongering journos at home.
      Remember when the “last generation” USS Donald Cook was completely disabled by two Migs in the Black Sea?
      That was already over six years ago!
      Of course the real hard times will come when someone asks: “But where’s all the “defence” money gone all these years – with a budget more than doubled from $312 billion in 2000 to 740 billion in 2020?
      On second thought, there’s little chance of that since the ones who could ask that question in media and Congress are likely the ones who have pocketed most of it :o)

    2. China’s financial encumbrances IS a type of new colonialism and something that would be responded to by the West if the West recognized that China has already passed the West in terms of economics and power. China will play no nicer than the United States once they become the unchallenged global hegemon and if the West would be honest with it’s people and admit as much, perhaps they could be in a position to negotiate within the context of a new multi-polar world.
      More than that, however, if the world is going to recover climatically and environmentally, then it is going to have to embrace local culture, local economies, and local industry and agriculture in order to foster more diversity which had been shown time and again to be far more sustainable than global or mono-culture.
      How we do that without having local cultures warring with each other will be our challenge. Polybius wrestled with this back in 160 B.C.E. when describing the virtues of the constitution of the Roman republic. See: “POLYBIUS AND THE ORIGINS OF THE SEPARATION OF POWERS” ->
      This illustrates that the United States is now seeing third and fourth generation heirs of the estates of once virtuous leaders fall into despotism. The protection provided by the separation of powers has broken down and has taken the nation of the United States with it.

      1. Dear Timothy,

        The reality is that China has always been a relatively closed and isolated country. China does not have former colonies across the world. Go back throughout history, they just don’t. They don’t have military bases all across the world either. The Us on the other hand has the most military bases, the most bio warfare labs (BY FAR) and has been involved in the foreign overthrow of national governments for decades.
        How many national governments has China overthrown recently?
        The China narrative is pure wartime propaganda. The reality is that Americans know virtually nothing about China, they know nothing about Chinese culture, Confucianism etc…
        The media line is of course to attack anyone who introduces any nuance to as vast and complex a subject as the history of China, making sure that no one thinks of them in any less of a way than some cartoonish beyond evil empire that can’t be trust.

        It’s all projection.

        As for agrofarming, the problem has always been the intentional planned destruction of agriculture and monopolizing it under a few imperial corporate powers run by the same folks over in Wall Street and the city of London. They are the ones who implemented the controlled disintegration of the USA and project 1980s. They intentionally forced entire generations of family farms into bankruptcy.

        This also includes the earlier artificially controlled oil crisis and other “shock therapies.”

        There was a great historical breakdown of all this recently on Rogue News:

        Nations need to be able to produce their own food and it should be produced from their local area, but I think we should be wary about all this autonomous communities “breaking off from the system.” That’s actually something being encouraged as part of this new technocratic feudalism dark age. There is no more international trade, no more international law, all you have is basically an old “Europe of regions” ie dark ages when you didn’t even have nations states or self-government, just individual fiefdoms run by a ruling hereditary class. In fact, it’s even worse. Prince Charles called for everyone to look to the Canadian Indigenous populations for a better way to live in harmony with “Mother Nature.” You see where this is going?

        They’re talking about a post-nation state, post truth, post-industrial society. It’s feudalism.

        The BEST way to fight pollution is to eliminate poverty. However, that is nowhere on their agenda because it goes against their Malthusian outlook.

        1. “They intentionally forced entire generations of family farms into bankruptcy.”
          And I think the likes of the World Bank have mainly invested in agriculture in developing nations that doesn’t compete with Western, principally US, exports – so not so much rice and wheat as cocoa and coffee, neither of which are particularly nutritious.

          1. There have been EOs as of late to further remove more family farms. To no protest. Intent is garnerable.
            This explains the Gates purchases of farmland to his now being the largest holder in the US and what that means too.

    3. “It means there could actually be new viable long-term credit tied to actual production and real-world economic development.” Do you consider China’s BRI unviable, or not tied to production and development?
      “Western society and culture has made amazing achievements, and these achievements need to preserved.” Would they be endangered by the decline of the USA as world hegemon?

      1. The BRI is great and the effects are already being seen across Eurasia and Africa.

        Egypt just finished building his highest skyscraper. Kenya has also been able to connect its ports to key cities. We’re talking a place where even when there is food grown or ready, it can’t get to where it needs on time because of the heat and lack of infrastructure across continent. That is the legacy of the colonial powers. It’s taken this long to change, but the changes are sweep. China needs resources and Africa needs infrastructure, power plants, etc… they were never allowed these kinds of things under Anglo-American domination. The train tracks were also never unified and different countries specifically had different tracks so that they could not be connected and so that there could be no economic integration of any country or region.

        There is an interesting overview of the global implications and how the BRI emerge, which will never be discussed in the MSM.

        There’s a really fun trailer on the overall concept and uni-polar shift here:

        As for Western culture being in danger because of the nee Eurasian alliance, not at all. Right now we are the biggest threat to our own culture. There is the saying “the Russians will eat their boots.” They really care about their culture, have been through carries of war to defend it, they’re not about to give it up. On the other, many of the nations of the West have suffering from a self-induced cultural and economic destruction in which many of the basic foundations of our society are not being attacked in ways beyond belief. The counter culture has effectively been “normalized” to use Yuri Besmenov’s term.

  18. Caitlin,

    The kids you know must be above average.

    I read few years ago(I don’t remember where):
    86% of humans know absolutely nothing about what is happening in the world
    11.6% know very very little
    2.4% know more, but controlled by 1% of this 2.4%

    Also most adults and kids are getting dumber and dumber because they depend on computers to do the thinking for them.

    The brain washing machines keep on churning, the flood of information drowning most of us to confusion. My concern is NOT knowing if what you write is delivered to us raw. As you know the “man” in the middle controls everything and with AI it will only get worse.

    keep us positive.
    Thank You

  19. If you haven’t ever seen it, search for “NSC68 pdf” and check out how our government was planning world hegemony back in 1950. It is report #68 from the National Security Council. In between all the nonsense about our supposed core principles, which were probably meant to make it all sound noble to future historians, it is filled with the exact same kind of arrogant, hypocritical hegemonic crap that we are still hearing from the corporate media and their spook friends. They have been planning and doing this crap since WWII, and even before. It’s a depressing but enlightening read.

  20. ???, have you not been paying attention? Looks like 70% are willing to be experimented on. They dance on top of Ambulance taking away shooting victims.

  21. Linda Jean Doucett Avatar
    Linda Jean Doucett

    Love you my Dear but you have it backwards
    This generation is braindead and I have witnessed the decline up close.
    I have worked closely with students at a major University for many years.
    I have seen them come and go and trust me, kids like yours Caitlin are in a very small minority.
    They are infants when it comes to current/foreign affairs (with the exception of poli sci majors who are fed the University approved syllabuslop).and most of them have no desire to learn.
    They are easily upset when world views are threatened and will not tolerate any guest lecturer who does not espouse the approved narrative. I have heard the phrase “it is hurtful to me/ this hurts my feelings” too many times to count in the last five years.
    They are 10 times moore likely to make excuses for late projects than students 20 years ago.
    They play on their cell phones during lectures
    They are inconsiderate, interrupt you constantly and expect you to listen to them or they will complain that you have hurt them.

    The on campus Mental Health facility just got its own building to accommodate the little fluffs.
    They cannot care of themselves and are zombified cell phone addicts who walk into walls and knock down blind people
    This is a major league facility,… the big show. These students are the cream of the crop not a cross section of society.

    I am glad I will not be around to see what their spawn looks like.
    It only takes 3 generations and complete media monopoly to obliterate undesireable histories and create the ones they want.

    Patriot Act 2.0 Bill C10 and others are currently underway sewing up the ‘free internet’

    1. I think you’re talking about the USA.
      Is it true everywhere? I don’t see it here.

  22. AS you know i prefer “awareness” or suspiciously unconvinced, seeking back stories, simple translucence not transcendence, having hunches like our best detective stories, and wondering why when climate is changing NOTHING is being done about it. too much “Nice job, Brownie!”
    my big QQ is do they plan to kill us all off?
    they’ll have to do that to put an end to our whining, for sure. and go play on the deserted beaches and a brand new freshly purified Grand g their Canyon, while growing their lettuce in abandoned high rises in Nueva York.
    we live in a culture of Law n’ Order — it’s all left brained/right-handed. R & R is for the Rich Rules and Regulations on the poor. You wink and wait on da wary pigs and their con venal shibboleths….so say it this way and tell me how ya feel. We live under Laws and Orders …in our precious AMerd Rica. shitrich thieves who think they are as immortal as their corpo-rat creations.
    Their massive appetites exceed their ability to cover-up: we got orders of rank and rules of behavior. E.g., we got rules of sex that’s make you laugh like You cannot talk dity to yer wife when fucking in Oregon but she can and you may with your mistress or if youRe just dating. why can’t a wo=ife hear some sweet slut talk when she’s ballin’?
    In Oregon. what nice guys rammed that one through?
    makes ya laugh except the Lolita Plane to Loli Island, tucked Bet. St Thomas and st. john…there is something relevant ab0ut that huh? exposing the dirty double standards for our big Dickies who’d be jailed for statutory if poor.
    War is the rape of Gaia. you can get used to anything. the US Army is so sloppy rich we’ll find out they left enough weapons for the Taliban to force us back in again going, SEE?! We never should’ve left.
    lotsa little things all going on at once. and the imbalance making change nearly impossible. If one of us gives 1.1,000th of our net worth to a cause, say, 30 bucks. maybe. don’t laugh at me! but if Bezos gives 1/1,000th he gives The Proud Boyz something like, $190 million. THAT is why they’re in this. Not for soul or not for democracy.
    j. gould once said, when warned the union movement was coming, “i got enough money to pay half the poor to kill the other half.” Henry da K. said, “Do what you want. they’re all useless eaters anyway.” Nathan Rothschild, hinted broadly, “He who controls the currency controls the >GOV, and I control the currency.”
    Henry da Kiss of Death finishes: “who controls food controls the people.”
    Billy gates is buying up land in Great Prairie and making it fallow again. for the Buffalo? Ted Turner quoted as saying, “the proper population for planet Earth is 800 million.” Smiling as he did the stroll back to his buffalo ranch in Montana.
    and i say, what a perfect planet for a poet.

  23. The end of student dissent:
    Slaughterbots ->
    I got this by looking at the references in the documentary “Do You Truth this Computer” ->

  24. Yeah, people are waking up because they are having the truth shoved down their throats. The “equal and opposite reaction” has begun. As it continues to unfold, the willfully ignorant will become a threat to those who have followed their vision and prepared for the worst.

    Truth will lose much of its allure when standing in the bread lines at the FEMA camps. It will be a cruel reminder for the suckers who can no longer do anything about it.

  25. I’ve seen computers evolve from being a tool for discovery to being a tool for discovering what everyone else is up to. This hall of mirrors is not entirely healthy. We can’t function alone, but neither can we function without a degree of separation from the collective. Like those monks who went out into the desert to be alone together.

  26. [Some] Human[s] [Are] Sloppily, Awkwardly Lumbering Toward [True] Consciousness: “[I am referring to something] spiritual when I make this assertion.” Just yesterday (Notes From the Edge), it was written/put forth: “I mean just the fact that spiritual enlightenment is a known, well-documented phenomenon should give us pause here.” As “Humanity becom[es] more conscious,” it is within this “expansion of consciousness” and evolving “light of consciousness” that one may find, then accept new doors. Once entering, one can know: infinite awakenings exist for those who choose to put aside the ignorance of an unbelieving past. This initial “aware[ness],” as a first key, can unlock those barriers – previously limited within cognitive sets of what is allowable or acceptable. What follows? Higher power[s]? God? Holy? Heaven? Ancient Texts? Trials and Reincarnation? Take a (first) chance. What do you have to lose? The “CIA doesn’t understand” these paths. But, you may.

  27. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    I wish that were true but I think the world is sloppily, akwardly, lumbering toward societal collapse. Supply systems are over stretched and complex. The energy grid is old and at maximum capacity. Infrastructure is approaching 100 years old in many places. Inner cities are deteriorating. We are in a slow motion slide into collapse. Perhaps then will we see our consciousnness elevated.

    1. Are you confusing the world with the USA? Most of your points seem to apply mainly to the latter.

  28. Thank you Caitlin for an excellent analysis which bears scientific scrutiny. It is a most helpful vignette into this rapidly altering moment of our era, highlighting the material changes which are the basis for our noted spiritual advance. We are all living through a moment of what used to be referred to (a century ago when I was young) as a pre-revolutionary period where collective human understanding makes a developmental leap in a relatively short time creating new social and environmental contradictions.

    The general trigger in my view is the functional failure of the prevailing economic mode with a now irredeemable debt burden, the interruption of Covid-19 providing a coup de grâce in the form of inadequate surplus value production to service the debt.

    Of course it is and will at first, continue to be a very confusing, contradictory, and highly complex process. So additional gratitude for pointing it out at this timely early moment. But the die has been cast by Mother History. So keep up the good work, and I will republish this piece in Ireland where the same growths in consciousness (particularly among the young) are slowly becoming observable.

  29. Hm. Most people I know who got smartphones have been broken by them.

  30. I wish what you say here was true, but …
    Google tailors each search and the news feed according to the world view of the person searching.
    Most of the people I live with in their twenties are playing multi player role playing games.
    Most of the people I see on a daily basis in their early twenties are clueless about the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and the problems with the vaccines that have not been tested long term. I have to fight some people in their 20’s over the vaccine passport which will allow governments and corporations the power to turn people’s assets off if they express ideas online that are considered disinformation. They think this is a good idea to help keep people safe.
    I see people who have PhDs in their respective fields having their content removed from the internet as disinformation because they have expressed an opinion in the area of their expertise. Meaning young people today will not have the advantage of learning about the best research in the areas they are interested in.
    Then I saw this yesterday: Why We Should Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons –
    I know you are trying to be positive here Caitlin, but I see the current young generation as the most controlled and manipulated generation in the history of mankind.

    1. I agree. Most of them seem enthralled by the latest memes in social media, like BLM, LGBTQ, etc. soon to be replaced by the next politically correct trend. Not really critical thinkers. Meanwhile, they will be tracked for the rest of their lives, especially if they line up to be jabbed so they can go to college and concerts!

    2. This so tragically true. A friend of mine wants to go to the local state university in the Fall, but in order to do so she has to be vaccinated. She knows the risk of vaccination and desperately does not want to get vaccinated, but she sees the situation as get vaccinated and be able to attend college or don’t get vaccinated and try to make it without a college education. It’s a horrible choice to have to make. I don’t think the current vaccine comes with any tracking nano particles, but this could change in the future, especially if they use the sugar spike grid delivery system that leaves an ultraviolet QR code on the skin after application that can be read by an iPhone.
      On a positive note, I met an 18 year old guy this morning that cooks for himself, because he realizes that commercial food is unhealthful. We exchanged recipes, I make a big pot of stew every day that has just about everything in it that the body needs for good nutrition and he does something similar except he starts with a roe and makes a creamy sauce with meat and vegetables. Like I told him, every little effort adds to the welfare of the whole and if enough of us start taking care of ourselves, then we begin to rebuild a healthier world. Notice I did not refer to him as a kid just because he is only 18 years old, but rather as one of us, one of the whole, who is just as capable as I of making a difference.

  31. To accelerate the expansion of consciousness, some schools are already teaching mindfulness to children for emotional responsibility and social-emotional skills for interpersonal responsibility. Approximately one third of parents are not teaching their children these skills because they never learned them themselves which accounts for approximately a one third politically conservative base in most countries.

    1. Ah, mindfulness, the universal panacea.

  32. Thomas prentice Avatar
    Thomas prentice


    RE: “The independent content that people are creating without the authorization of the cultural filters in New York and Hollywood can take your breath away every single day if you know where to look”

  33. The Sociopaths In Charge have trouble understanding humanity because they possess none of the human virtues. Sympathy, charity, remorse, conscience, guilt, regret, etc. These concepts aren’t a thing they reject, they are a thing they are completely unaware of. They don’t overcome them, they have no ability to comprehend them, except as weapons to be used against the mostly sane.

  34. Thank you, Caitlin. I agree. I think change accelerates at an exponential rate. I also think that external forces and internal work both effect the zeitgeist. I love your work.

  35. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    Actually it’s quite the opposite, it’s the most “unconscious” generation of all time. What else would explain the unquestioning embrace of the full official COVID narrative. In some cases, the politically senseless went as far as tattooing the names of Astrazeneca, Pfizer, or Moderna on their deltoids paying homage to big pharma and their peddled experimental toxins . The internet has freed the population in the same way that television has educated it. Yes, in some ways technology and science can be cheered for liberating lives offering
    convenience and comfort, but the same science produces atomic bombs and an assortment of other weaponry, killing incalculable millions.

    Today, mainstream media’s Ministry of Propaganda won’t even think of creating films which were easily produced and distributed decades ago. For example, “Missing” starring Jack Lemmon portrays a US businessman searching for his son who disappeared during the Chilean Military Coup, or how about the Sally Field movie “Norma Rae” which focuses on the misery of US factory workers. I could go on, but the point is having a rainbow colored flag, same sex marriages, or litigating Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment does not increase the power of billions who are increasingly being tortured under the clutches of a sociopathic transnationalist oligarchy who now thanks to technology can “track, trace, and monitor” each human like a library book.

    1. I figure it’s a mixed bag but there’s nothing in your comment that is incorrect. Coupled with capitalism’s ability to absorb nearly any resistance, I don’t see any light on the horizon. Change will come when we are forced. That will most likely come in the form of an ecological threat to our existence. Only when we realise that we can’t eat money or likes will we alter course. Until then, business as usual.

      1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
        Charlotte Ruse

        After WWII ended, the US “absorbed” thousands of Nazi’s and then replicated their practices.

        Inhuman ghouls never choke on money or on the blood they use to wash it down with.

      2. Tinned fish is used as money in many prisons!

  36. I think you are correct. The world is becoming more conscious even though it seems otherwise at times when all we see in the news is more catastrophe, natural and manmade. Nevertheless, getting the truth out is easier than it ever was before. There are holdouts of course , those who cling to the past as though it were a life raft, but they are becoming more and more the minority. I also agree that the. younger generation is becoming more conscious. I think many of them came into this world that way. I always find them inspiring. I’m old and take my inspiration where ever I can find it but these young people are worth getting to know. Thanks for an inspiring article.

  37. I dunno. Would you be prepared for a MORE conscious species? Looking at the queues of young people for fake vaccination, and the mostly masked delivery drivers turning up here in the rural sticks……will they still be around when the vaxxoplan assumes its real shape.?

  38. Humanity is undergoing an Evolutionarily Leap we’ve retarded our own evolution for thousands of years and now we’re making up for lost time ❤️

  39. I want to believe this. I might be part of that pessimistic and cynical corner though.

    1. Indeed, there are a great many who appear to flatly refuse to expand their consciousness. They drink the Kool-Aid eagerly. Its a race to the bottom for them, against a race to the top for the rest of us.

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