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We’re Destroying Our World Over Imaginary Nonsense: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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We are killing each other and our ecosystem over an economy made of debt books and imagination.

In Hollywood the US military is usually either shown fighting Nazis in World War II or in modern times fighting fictional enemies and fantasy monsters like zombies, aliens, or Godzilla. This is because in all modern real life conflicts, the US troops are the villains.

You get a lot of moral clarity and focus once you understand that the US and its allies are the most murderous power structure on earth by an extremely massive margin. You see that criticism of other power structures is not just hypocrisy, but a distraction from the real evil.

Rather than the American flag or the bald eagle, the symbol everyone uses to represent the United States should be the Pentagon.

Notice how both “progressive” Democrats like TYT and The Squad and “populist” Republicans like Trump and Tucker Carlson pay lip service to opposing war, yet still want the US to remain the global unipolar hegemon. This is bullshit, because you cannot have such an empire without endless violence.

You can’t have a globe-spanning unipolar empire without using mass military violence to hold it together, because otherwise the world will just do what it wants to do. Opposing war without wanting to dismantle the empire is like opposing the use of whips and chains but not wanting to end slavery.

If you think making military personnel get a Covid jab is barbaric wait til you hear what else they make them do.

Censoring people for talking about Covid policies that affect everyone is what you get when your institutions have such an extensively established track record of deceitful and unethical behavior that you know you can’t win the public over through simple argumentation and facts.

The more your ideology prohibits you from seeing capitalism as the problem, the more frantic you will be to seek out other explanations for why the world keeps getting more unjust and tyrannical.

I don’t know what narrative manager came up with the brilliant idea of training Covid skeptics to start referring to the “Great Reset” as a “leftist” or “Marxist” agenda, but it’s a great way to alienate leftists who’d otherwise be sympathetic to opposing plutocratic power grabs.

We all grew up watching movies about heroes saving the world from fictional threats and now we’re just sitting here watching the world die in real life.

During the partisan debates about the latest IPCC report, remember that our ecosystem is hurtling toward collapse on many other fronts besides climate change; there are many other indications of collapse besides warming. The way the debate fixates solely on temperature and carbon levels is like if someone has stage four cancer throughout their body and they’re in a coma and their vital signs are dropping and the doctor says death is imminent, and everyone’s arguing over whether or not low blood pressure is necessarily a bad thing.

For decades people have been saying climate change is a hoax that’s being used to set up a one world government, and all that’s happened during those decades is the planet getting hotter while the powerful do nothing because ecocide is profitable.

Everyone who thinks climate change is a hoax being used to advance sinister agendas can relax; no actual things will be done in the name of preventing climate change. The news cycle will move on once again and everyone will forget all about it. You know how you keep saying Democrats are trying to take your guns and nothing ever happens? This is that.

For generations incremental reform has been the dominant political strategy for advancing positive change, and the only incremental reform we’ve seen is toward more war, more ecocide, more corruption, more exploitation and more oppression. It’s time to admit incrementalism doesn’t work.

How to fight climate collapse by working within the system:

  • Elect corporate warmongers who promise to start moving toward sustainable energy in the next century as long as it doesn’t inconvenience the powerful
  • Cloth grocery bags
  • Maybe Elon Musk will save us?
  • Paper straws

Don’t just ban evictions, cancel the rent. Don’t just cancel the rent, cancel the predatory scam of renting itself. Don’t just cancel renting, cancel capitalism. Don’t just cancel capitalism, cancel the entire competition-based model of human behavior that’s driving us to extinction.

War is just the most overt manifestation of the manifold abuses inherent in a system where human behavior is driven by competition rather than collaboration.

There are centuries of institutional infrastructure supporting capitalism and generations of mass-scale psyops programming public thought, and people wonder why it’s so hard to effect real change.

Our entire civilization is a bubble that’s going to have to burst fairly soon. Only thing we have any degree of control over is how that bursting happens.

At this point the only change agent I still have faith in is humanity’s latent potential for a mass-scale collective awakening from egoic consciousness.


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  • And then there’s the widespread belief that all problems can be solved by deploying more managers.

  • …..oh yes…i don’t think we in the western consumer section of the planet have the courage or the inclination to actually form a coalition or movement that would be worldwide and be powerful enough to bring about an effective change…..we’re to alienated from each other and the issues at hand….ignorance, ego, and the firmly entrenched “individualism” (eat shit, i was here first!) stand in the way…perhaps the much larger non-consumer section of the planet may bring about a movement….they are in touch with reality, (carrying water, searching for firewood to cook, just one example) as opposed to we who are in touch with our keyboards, latte’s, and…….shopping….a p.t.barnum wet dream……

  • Seems to me, I could be wrong, but I’m just tapping my toes in the water here….
    Seems to me something is afoul.
    I don’t like the smell of it.
    Something is amiss.
    I’m thinking it
    is coming
    form the
    yeah – one party splitting in half and another fixing to be subsumed into oblivion I reckon…..
    Will a Phoenix come out of the smoldering……..I doubt it.
    Whatever – I’ll check back later if there is real debate going on here or just the sentiment of one.

  • Boy is that right!
    Boy is that right!
    Boy is that right or what!

    Preach it, did tah !

  • ……consumers…consumers….we’ve been enjoying the benefits of the mega-corporate hold in it’s many cruel and brutal implementations….now consuming the results of being “shocked,shocked”, at the cruel and brutal end to the world we’ve created and come to know….webfootsites, hash browns, pastey posts, mental ejails…..all designed to keep us “individuals” free to make our own “choices”…making up our own shit to make ourselves feel valid amidst the collapse…..raising consciousness will only happen when we stop pursuing solutions that are actually the problems…..people have access to so much bullshit that’s put the app of realty tv inside their heads….i don’t want to be a guest star…..here we are wringing our hands over the overwhelmingly obvious….is there a mass movement growing?……where?……i’ll keep watching this channel to see…..understand, no matter where you go….there you are…..before raising consciousness…duck and cover…homo asshollus has plenty of weapons to be be raised first……

    • Homo ass-holl-us means asshole us according to Brian per previous post a few days ago.
      All movements stew for awhile and then they either bloom or die on the vine.
      Some blooms are exponential. Most I think.
      The facts are starting to accumulate
      Just off the shore now
      A tsunami of em.
      No escalating against a tsunami of facts.
      Can’t be done.
      Get away from the metaphorical shore or hunker
      Down be my advice.
      “If you tell the truth what do you have to lose especially when you looking at a tsunami in your face”

      • ken……homo assollus is just a play on words….from the first breath to the last….we consume metaphors….to survive….here’s 2 now….be well, be kind……

        • Here are two idioms back atcha for consideration….
          On the fly……
          Better to be good than lucky….and another
          A brian in the brain is a play on words……
          Or make tat letters.
          Metaphors are all that keep me alive lately!

        • Hey this was by happenstance, but check this definition of “tat” out if you care to…..
          I found the noun definition #1 interesting. Who da thunk it? Not I, but now I know it. By happenstance.
          The definition of “tatting” is also most interesting to me. How one can make something so beautiful with but a single thread.
          Peace is easy.

  • The Pentagon and a host of nasty flea bitten vultures!

    • I like vultures.
      They eat dead meat.
      I don’t care for fleas, but they must have a purpose.
      Ever seen a bloated flee?
      Easy to kill.
      The pentagon is like a bloated flea.
      So full of blood……and wasteful as well.
      For what has all the currency given to that agency been used?
      Don’t seem it been in the interest of every day citizen.

  • If you do not want More Of The Same, here is what you must do — do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises!

  • Here is what I texted to my daughters today, and I can prove it, but why should I. I texted it.
    To daughter #1:

    1. Per the recent Cape Cod data, 74% of those who tested positive had already been vaccinated.
    2. Data out of Israel, whose population was highly vaccinated demonstrates that the efficacy of the vaccine diminishes after a few months. Many break-through cases are occurring there as well.
    3. In Sweden, where they decided NOT to implement most of the mandates required elsewhere, life is getting back to normal and their morbidity rate is below most other European countries. I suspect Sweden has achieved herd immunity or is close.
    4. In Australia, where lockdowns have been severe, the opposite is happening (versus Sweden) and now their population is more vulnerable because they tried to prevent exposure. Ironically, the Australian citizens sacrificed their liberty yet it just made things worse.
    5. What is the point of a vaccination, an experimental one at that, for a virus equivalent to the common cold for most healthy folks, that is going to require booster shots for the rest of your life? Do you want that?
    6. Low cost treatments have now been identified and they work.

    I’d just assume let my body’s immune system do what it does so well. I’m not afraid.

    To daughter #2

    I don’t want an experimental vaccine that doesn’t seem to work. I don’t want a bunch of spike protein potentially causing clots down the road. I believe I’m vulnerable to that.
    Do you know that they apparently have never truly “isolated” this supposed new coronavirus (a member of the family of course). Therefore, how can they make an accurate test for its presence? Lastly, do you truly believe that nobody in the whole world had the “flu” last year? I don’t and I’m most dubious and I have good call to be. Bunch of lies and propaganda all over the place just like them covid droplets that can settle in an animal vector just as easily as you and me.
    Are we gonna have to vaccinate all the animal vectors as well? What about booster shots?
    Thanks for your retort.

    Poem of the day.
    81121 1223 est

    • Obtuse cherry picking of data to rationalize continued oppositional/defiant behavior to the detriment of humanity. Unless this COVID-19Δ thing really takes off and literally decimates the population of anti-vaxxers.

      • Seriously?
        You didn’t retort anything I said you just…….jesha meesa.
        Are you kidding.
        You lose the debate.
        My daughters debated way better than you.
        My daughters are good debaters.

        • Easy. 1. You are not dealing with rational thought.
          2. Your confirmation bias is overwhelming.
          3. I’m done. I hope you do not cause anyone else to suffer as a result of the poor choices you are making.

          • Well once again, you are not saying anything that isn’t ad hominem. You accuse me of confirmation bias, yet you do NOT refute the points I’ve tried to make in a fair debate. I think the bias resides on your end not mine pal.
            I’ll say it again – you lose this debate because you can’t deny the facts. They are rolling in……
            BIG TIME!
            I’m not saying it is easy to deduce the reality, but I am saying that you have offered up nothing besides ad hominem attacks because I reckon you got no facts on “your side”.
            Glad I got me some Ivermectin – just in case cause I’m dubious about what the so-called “scientist” on the MSM have to say and do you really want to get booster shots for the rest of you life J. Rockhill – is that what you want for all of us?
            You are suspect in my book, but who cares cause this is a comment that will go into the void being no comments allowed here anymore – even though I read a few yesterday….(ha, ha).

  • Read this piece and thought of the recent movie produced by Michael Moore, Planet of the Humans. It was nitpick slammed by folks like Glen Greenwald because it attacked some sacred environmental cows. Excellent way to avoid dealing with the core messages of the movie: the human footprint on the planet is far too large and we are much closer to the cliff than we know.

    • BS – the planet is completely mismanaged !
      CHINA knows how to manage it !

    • This planets fine and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s the people on it who will be though. Earth is four and a half billion years old and has seen off countless species to extinction but earth just keeps on going which just shows that no species is guaranteed its continued existence. But humans may be the only species that has ever had an awareness that life is finite and knowledge on how to keep the planet healthy but has chosen to largely ignore that knowledge. I could never work out why that is so but my personal opinion on why is that l now believe the super rich will just build themselves a giant enclosed air conditioned city with fully controllable climate and us plebs will be locked out to fry. Just as we can turn on our air conditioners now when it gets too hot, they’ll just do that on a grand scale. When they talk now about establishing new colonies on Mars what they really mean is they’ll be doing this on earth but we’re not part of the plan.

  • Caitlin, the comments seem to be disabled on your latest piece, “You can never do everything…”

    • Sometimes no comments are needed I reckon.
      Most times the reading is better when there are comments.
      Per the discretion of the host I suppose.
      No harm in that.

      • Thank you, Caitlin Johnstone. Some of the comments get me down from time to time.


      • I think it would be a shame if the comments got “banned” for too long.
        Did you all hear about the latest thing they are trying to ban? “Deceptive behavior amongst police officers” – I kid you not.
        Who is going to enforce that?
        I think it boils down to a few disgruntled ones and their army of buearocrats (I effing can’t ever spell that damn word….) who just have fallen in love with making rules that make no sense.
        Well – the solution is easy. Let’s get this message out:
        “Too many rules just ruin everything”……

      • Incidentally though….let me add.
        I happened to click on one of the links for sure and the other one I believe as well, soon after published, and it seemed to me as if comments were desired. But then that changed.
        Seems a tad odd to me, but whatever…….it could just be a blip so-to-speak.
        I hope so.

      • Now, let me comment directly on your comment cause why not.
        Are you policing your site?
        Is this done in real time?
        Since when did the Jews rule the world?
        What is a “shitty” person?
        We all work hard and I for one appreciate this site and I have proven that with contribution.
        Now, when I contributed it was based on the assumption that comments were part of the arrangement. If that is not the case anymore, then count me out.
        Best to you,

  • The human species could well be viewed as an infestation on the earth. Like an infestation in an individual, the invading infective agent , itself, creates toxins (poisons) which at some point destroy the individual by curtailing it’s natural functions. Humans create toxins from their own bodies and from the processes they use to manufacture goods and substances to enhance their lives. This entire destructive process will end when the population of humans on the earth is reduced to a level that will be miniscule compared to the current level. The means of reducing the human population is well underway and is being brought about by humanity itself. Perhaps, like the lemmings, humans on some subconscious level understand that eliminating most of the species will be required for any of the species to survive at all.

    • Except the lemmings story is a modern myth propagated by Disney. From the Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica: https://www.britannica.com/story/do-lemmings-really-commit-mass-suicide

      “. . . the biggest reason the myth endures? Deliberate fraud. For the 1958 Disney nature film White Wilderness, filmmakers eager for dramatic footage staged a lemming death plunge, pushing dozens of lemmings off a cliff while cameras were rolling. The images—shocking at the time for what they seemed to show about the cruelty of nature and shocking now for what they actually show about the cruelty of humans—convinced several generations of moviegoers that these little rodents do, in fact, possess a bizarre instinct to destroy themselves.”

      Let’s tamp down that meme.

  • Am I still shadow-banned?

    • Yes: the site rejects citation of an article by the saker (one-word) which
      asks why there is to resistance to the wo[o]kies.
      Very interesting!

  • @TJRICH @IAN PERKINS ( probably they same SHILL )
    They are part of the Zionist misinformation ARMY !
    The TRUTH about the HASBARA shill army !


  • Faith.. WOW, that’s something like hope; not a good game plan. In fact, it’s not any better than Snoopy asking the great pumpkin for the new battle plan. China, you know, those horrible commie authoritarian monsters just unprivatized the tutoring system, wiping untold billions out and giving working class people a better chance. Xi also set a floor in the gig economy and mandating the opportunity for the worker’s to form unions, how unfree. If we survive, it won’t be the west that does it. It will be the competent authoritarians in China.

  • In the States, our decision was made FOR us. Poppy Bush, Albright, Cheney, Kerry, Obama all read their script; then jumped atop the fracking pyramid. Rice & Hillary just got sidetracked by Bitumen refining and ethane cracking… but, now we’ve doomed younger folks to terrifying death by LOTE-ing in drooling zombie & sneering thug psychopaths to grab what they can, as media simply ignores our catastrophic, exponential extraction, wasting and destruction of our final chance; before it’s totally out of control and we’re made offers we can’t refuse, as facing extermination?





  • There are two opposing solutions to the pollution/poor resource management crisis facing our world today. One is the western hegemonic Malthusian (closed system) solution to just halt progress in the productive economy, drastically reduce the global population and return the world to a neo-feudal status. (Only the upper class would be allowed education and a continuation of extravagant lifestyle.) The other is the multipolar (open system) world view that believes in progress for all, in fueling human ingenuity to solve problems, as it always has in the past, though much of it suppressed in the name of control and profit. Matt Ehret has many YT podcast discussions on this topic.

    I found Cayce’s Russia prediction fascinating, since you can see this emerging today. Russia, with their advanced weaponry systems, is blockading further attacks in Syria and other regions. Though far from perfect, any nation willing to counter the mindless death machine has my respect.

    “What then of nations? In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” ~ Edgar Cayce

    “Democracy cannot be exported to some other place. This must be a product of internal domestic development in a society.” ~ Vladmir Putin

  • ZIO/US has ALL the Bio Weapons labs around the world !
    This is a great factual site !

  • Thank you Caitlin for not giving up.

  • I have not watched TV for 2 decades – however I was visiting my dear mother in Sydney and she was watching a quiz show.
    The question was asked – ” How many people have walked on the moon ”
    I thought to myself – well – ZERO !
    Quick as a flash the contestant says 12 !
    CORRECT says the host !
    It has been complete BULLSHIT from start to finish – including both world wars !
    If you don’t have the ability to think for yourselves – well- there is NO way you will survive what is coming !
    Kudos Caitlin on your expanding popularity in other forums recently.

    • HMMM – sucked into the nonsense the ‘Moon Landings’ was faked (to deflect critical thinking from far more important issues? )

      The reason for both world wars is, in fact, bullshit, but they did, in fact, occur just as the moon landings did.

      Here is how you would know they were real.

      Russia, China, India, Japan have all explored the moon with high-resolution video and robotic vehicles, which of course, have sighted the material left behind by the Apollo landings.

      If China or Russia knew the moon landings were faked (HA HA HA), they would certainly tell the world. Unless you believe Nasa got them to both sign Non-disclosure Agreements. HA HA HA

      As one Russian scientist put it, “85% of the Russian people believe the American Moon landings were faked. Fortunately, the Russian scientists studying the Moon rocks recovered by the Apollo crews do NOT believe this” LOL

      • For decades, the USA and USSR maintained a joint military base on the so-called dark side of the moon, at which they received orders from their alien overlords.
        In January 2019, a Chinese robotic craft touched down there, and less than a year later, the fake hoax harmless bioweapon COVID virus was announced to the world.
        What further proof could be needed?

        • I’m glad to learn it was the aliens, after all. For awhile I had been thinking it was the humans screwing things up.

    • A more interesting question might be, how many people have walked on the earth. An exact answer is not possible but extrapolations based on the existence of documented generations have put the number at around 100,000,000,000. If you knew the exact beginning of generations, I expect that number would be considerably higher.

  • Lebanon is getting some bad press because they kicked the Stolen/Zionist/Apartheid state of ISRAELS brains in !


    Construction began on the Pentagon on 9/11 1941 – 60 years later ( to the day) the Zionist/Khazarian mafia showed their true contempt for Americans !

    People have NO idea how weak ISRAEL is now – IRAN – masquerading as the ‘Palestinian Resistance’ destroyed an untold amount of ISRAELS military assets during the recent GAZA episode !

    ISRAEL had to negotiate a ceasefire because they were unable to FVCKING continue !

    Here is Doctor Assad accurately predicting it before it happened !


    And this is happening in IRAQ almost DAILY !


    And YEMEN is lobbing BALLISTIC missiles at Saudi Arabia military bases !

    see here


    I mean !!

    Where the FVCK did YEMEN get ballistic missiles ??

    It is OVER for the Zionist/Stolen/Apartheid state of ISRAEL in the ME !

    Looks like Australia is FVCKED as well !


    Looks like Lebanon will soon call out ISRAEL for the Beirut bombing !


  • I’m just turned 61. I hold zero hope for Mankind nor our biosphere. We’ve had a fabulous, rare peace period but I won’t make a quiet 85 I reckon. Winter is coming, indeed. Like Prince said “I’m gonna party like it’s 1.9..9.9!” coz an Apocalypse is coming. I’ll be too old, too weak to fight in the rubble so I’m going to find a good drug dealer, some MREs & a shed load of guns…and PARTY!

  • I’d figured, the entire grift is to unleash the methane kraken of runaway AGW, declare “it’s simply too late, damn those bad, stupid Luddites!” So, here’s how Gates, Brazos, Bloomberg & Musk will SAVE us drooling fools with snazzy: geoengineering, GE monoculture agribusiness, carbon sequestration, privatized filtered fracking brine, arable land, 1099’d gig serfdom, crowd-sourced oathkeeper private security, HAPPY News… Right this way to the cat food abattoirs, ladies and gentlemen?


  • you are brainwashed by a global network of ruling oligarchs your life is a construct of lies and deception those around you have been also lied and deceived too..Your education the system you live in your religion are all lies you all are vassals of apathy to serve and provide for your invisible handlers you are slaves for the privileged cabal that owns this world- it is time to see the real world through the fog this planet our only home is made up of a finite soup of genetic cascade as are all living things ,so when humans manufacture offspring or dogs or cats they choose to hoard the limited planetary rna dna denying other fauna or flora a share of the planetary genetic soup hence the growing extinction of the other fauna flora and desertification of this planet literally turning this planet into a narcissistic manifestation of the human ego our home will die. as for economics what ever form be it capitalism or any other name if it is based on profit or gain by denial of other planetary fauna or flora their share of the finite genetic soap then it is a load of lies or ignorance which ever form of economic verbatim is chosen the illogical concept of it all is deferred accountability for the theft that is accruing in the name of the human species to the detriment of our home planet.also one should not ignore the human theological construct called religion whatever form or name it truly is the greatest manifestation of propaganda mind control and indoctrination every created by humans if there is one lie to rule them all then this is it the word propaganda itself was invented by a religion..hope you all open up your minds or this planet will die..

  • Good thinking! Yes, not incremental change, we need to change the system. The powerful actually are trying to set up a one world government (because ecocide is profitable) and control is essential. Of course it may not be called a one-world government as it may be a one-world digital currency issued by the central bank of central banks, the BIS. BlackRock’s ‘going direct’ plan for the Fed was implemented in September 2019, about when the Fed quit reporting the money supply, months before the pandemic Yes indeed it is a power grab and money is their tool. I think money is the leverage point in the system, the exhaust port in the death star.

  • So anti-globalists carry on about the nefarious plot to create a one world government. Well, that’s already in place and we’ve been living under that for quite a while now. It’s called the US Empire and its seat of government is Washington DC and they’ve got perilously close to completing the mission but now they’ve hit a serious roadblock they won’t overcome called China and Russia. When the empire collapses, the world can begin the process of learning how to breathe again – l hope!

  • Recent testing shows UVC reaching the ground, which it never has before. This has a sterilizing effect on life. I bet we have 2 years or so. We will have to live underground for some time. When the atmosphere is compromised, (and we have lost 24% of our magnetic protection already) gamma radiation will kill bone marrow, and people will die within 2 weeks for lack of red blood cells. Dane Wigington quotes a whistleblower scientist about the why and what of geoengineering in #313 and 314. Later, the man was found dead, his wife does not believe it to have been suicide.
    Fuck politics. Mutual support, now!

  • Money, and the pursuit of money, is what ” Capitalism ” is all about! Enslaving people and making them work for nothing is capitalisms dream. Nothing matters except the money; ” Capitalism ” is the ideal life of completely ” soul-less ” human beings. There is no way to enlighten these people about their evil ways because they are completely addicted to Capitalism and money!!

  • Hi Caitlin,
    I want to start off by saying I love your thought provoking work. However, Is there anyway you can get Tim Foley to sound a little more engaging when he reads it. I don’t mean no harm but if you are gonna get someone to read your work, you might want to get someone who is excited about what you are saying, or at least sound like it, Perhaps. I have tried several times to listen to the read, but to be honest, I prefer my computer’s audio robot. I would offer to do it for you, but I am already swamped with several projects to keep my lights and air-conditioning going. Just wanted to give you some feedback on the listen to the read feature. Nice try, but not so much. Thanks for all you do, Nana Baakan

  • “I still have faith in is humanity’s latent potential for a mass-scale collective awakening from egoic consciousness.”
    Well, sorry but I don’t. History shows us quite clearly that humanity evolves very slowly. What we need now is very rapid awakening, and unless you’re religious and believe in a divine intervention sometime in the next few years, it is just not going to happen in time – if at all.
    Let’s face it, humanity is screwed, and it’s only got itself to blame.

    • What if we have a new religion that centers the Earth? Islam changed much of the world quickly. Maybe we could do the same if we found something to believe in.

  • I’m not gonna lie; I really like your style.

  • I just always re-share these Narrative Matrix Notes now. There are too many good ones, and I agree with 95%. Some of my favorites:

    There are centuries of institutional infrastructure supporting capitalism and generations of mass-scale psyops programming public thought, and people wonder why it’s so hard to effect real change.

    Our entire civilization is a bubble that’s going to have to burst fairly soon. Only thing we have any degree of control over is how that bursting happens.

    At this point the only change agent I still have faith in is humanity’s latent potential for a mass-scale collective awakening from egoic consciousness.

    That being said, I think that it’s important to emphasize there are different historical factions in the United States, and while much of recent history since the assassinatinos of JFK and others was truly traumatic and demoralized much of the population, I think the broader historical fight for progress still needs to be remembered and kept in mind when thinking about the strategic situation today.

    America became the first real republic by rejecting the British imperial system, rejecting the British East India “free trade” dogma. The US continental railroad and other major infrastructure and connectivity projects are what made the US a great power, and the spread of these policies in Europe is what actually led to the strategic outflanking of the British Empire’s maritime rule. The old European oligarchical establishment, corrupt and degenerate as it had become, believed that British maritime supremacy was essentially a “law of nature.” They couldn’t imagine a world in which this wasn’t the case, and yet, that’s exactly what happened thanks to the leadership of people like Lincoln, Henry C. Carey, their allies, McKinley, and many others in both the US and Europe. And yes, most of them were assassinated as a result, but if anything that was just proof that the establishment was completely terrified by what they saw spreading across the Western world.

    This was all made possible thanks to the American System of Political Economy, which was an explicit and unequivocal rejection of the British Empire outlook. This is the tradition that needs to be revived today. The oligarchical establishment has gone to great lengths to try and wipe this history clean, to create a “blank slate,” but despite that, regardless of how small the chances are, that history is real, and that’s what those in power fear most. What’s needed is an elevation of the discourse, and once again placing ideas and historical facts in their proper place. Confucius called this the ”rectification of names,” saying:

    ”If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success. When affairs cannot be carried on to success, proprieties and music do not flourish. When proprieties and music do not flourish, punishments will not be properly awarded. When punishments are not properly awarded, the people do not know how to move hand or foot. Therefore a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there may be nothing incorrect.”

    We need a serious rectification of names, which goes hand in hand with the final Narrative Matrix note: ”At this point the only change agent I still have faith in is humanity’s latent potential for a mass-scale collective awakening from egoic consciousness.”

    If there is one documentary on American history that I would recommend over all others, it’s this one:

    1932: A True History of the United States

    Were this history to be properly understood, none of the highly effective subversion campaigns run to destroy the minds and morale of the American population would be possible.

    • The obvious solution has been staring them in the face:
      A New York Times Bestseller The Deficit Myth
      Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People’s Economy
      The leading thinker and most visible public advocate of modern monetary theory — the freshest and most important idea about economics in decades — delivers a radically different, bold, new understanding for how to build a just and prosperous society.
      Stephanie Kelton’s brilliant exploration of modern monetary theory (MMT) dramatically changes our understanding of how we can best deal with crucial issues ranging from poverty and inequality to creating jobs, expanding health care coverage, climate change, and building resilient infrastructure. Any ambitious proposal, however, inevitably runs into the buzz saw of how to find the money to pay for it, rooted in myths about deficits that are hobbling us as a country.
      Kelton busts through the myths that prevent us from taking action: that the federal government should budget like a household, that deficits will harm the next generation, crowd out private investment, and undermine long-term growth, and that entitlements are propelling us toward a grave fiscal crisis. MMT, as Kelton shows, shifts the terrain from narrow budgetary questions to one of broader economic and social benefits.
      With its important new ways of understanding money, taxes, and the critical role of deficit spending, MMT redefines how to responsibly use our resources so that we can maximize our potential as a society. MMT gives us the power to imagine a new politics and a new economy and move from a narrative of scarcity to one of opportunity.”

  • I was thinking of the Pentagram being the more appropriate symbol for the US, but the Pentagon is an actual structure.

    As for capitalism being the problem: It’s a better system than what all those other shit-hole countries have decided to use. The real problem is that the US is importing everyone else’s bad ideas and inflicting them upon their own citizens.

    • Got fairies in the garden Kev?

  • This is a duo-polar world now China and the Untied States. China is more powerful economically, the United States is still more powerful militarily. However, without an economic base, the United States cannot long remain the most powerful militarily.
    Neither country, however, is reigning in either green house gasses nor reigning in covering the world in toxic plastic. China needs to continue to grow it’s economy and the United States needs to continue to receive the goods manufactured in China, so they can sell them domestically and make a profit so they can continue to fund their military. So neither are interested in reigning in their destructive practices that is poisoning us, cooking us and flooding us.
    We need a new system that honors local communities, respects the rights of individuals, respects the entire biosphere. Maybe it is time for a new enlightenment.

  • While we dither,
    the world withers.

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