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After the US troop withdrawal established conclusively that the Afghan “government” they’d spent twenty years pretending to nation build with was essentially a work of fiction, thus proving to the world that they’ve been lying to us this entire time about the facts on the ground in Afghanistan, you might expect those who helped pave the way for that disastrous occupation to be very quiet at this point in history.

But, far from being silent and slithering under a rock to wait for the sweet embrace of death, these creatures have instead been loudly and shamelessly outspoken.

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has posted a lengthy essay by the former Prime Minister who led the United Kingdom into two of the most unconscionable military interventions in living memory. Blair criticizes the withdrawal as having been done out of “obedience to an imbecilic political slogan about ending ‘the forever wars’,” bloviating about “Radical Islam,” and asking, “has the West lost its strategic will?”


It’s essentially a 2,750-word temper tantrum, authored by the same man who fed the British people this load of horse shit after 9/11:

The starving, the wretched, the dispossessed, the ignorant, those living in want and squalor from the deserts of Northern Africa to the slums of Gaza, to the mountain ranges of Afghanistan: they too are our cause.


This is a moment to seize. The Kaleidoscope has been shaken. The pieces are in flux. Soon they will settle again. Before they do, let us re-order this world around us.

Blair promised that by helping the Bush administration usher in an unprecedented new era of military expansionism they could seize this unfortunate event to “re-order the world” in a way that would benefit all the world’s most unfortunate people. Mountains of corpses and tens of millions of refugees later it is clear to anyone with functioning gray matter that this was all a pack of lies.

And now, like any sociopath whose reputation is under threat, Blair has begun narrative managing.

This is also why George W Bush has released his own statement through his own institution. It’s also why Bush-era neocons like Paul Wolfowitz and John Bolton are doing media tours condemning the withdrawal, and why Bill Kristol, whose neoconservative influence played a key role in the Bush administration’s military expansionism, is now promoting the arming of proxy forces against the Taliban. They’re narrative managing.

They’re narrative managing because they’ve been proven wrong, and because history will remember them as men who were proven wrong. Their claims that a massive increase in military interventionism would benefit the people of the world have been clearly and indisputably shown to have been false from top to bottom, so now they’re just men who helped murder millions of human beings.

It’s about preserving their reputations and their legacies. No no, we’re not mass murdering war criminals, we are visionaries. If we would have just remained in Afghanistan another twenty years, history would have vindicated us. If we would have just killed more people in Iraq, it would be a paradise right now. The catastrophe cannot possibly be the fault of the people directly responsible for orchestrating it. It’s got to be the fault of the officials who inherited it. It’s the fault of the ungrateful inhabitants of the nations we graciously invaded. It’s the people and their imbecilic desire to end “the forever wars”.

But of course it’s their fault. None of this needed to be this way, it was made this way by stupid people with no functioning empathy centers. They can try to re-frame and spin it however they like, but history will remember them for the monsters they are. The saner our society becomes, the more unforgiving our memory of their crimes will be.


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7 responses to “Bush-Era War Criminals Are Louder Than Ever Because They’ve Lost The Argument”

  1. Those sanctimonious so called leaders like Blair and the like will go down in history as the criminals they have shown themselves to be .The world is waking up slowly to their crimes .
    We in the West should never have gone into so many countries to steal their wealth / resources . Just like the fake pandemic was declared to cull the population of the planet , 9/11 was planned in order to invade how many countries now ?
    We have been lied to par excellence and most have followed the narrative like good sheeple herded by the border collie .
    Let the Afghan people deal with their Taliban as the same goes for Iraq ,Iran,Libya etc. The changes will not come about through the barrel of the gun .Those days are dying a welcomed death .Humanity has better tools to effect positive changes for nations that mistreats it’s citizens .

  2. But, I’d thunk Trilateral Commission founder Zbigniew Brzezinski and several “Poppy” Bush pals gather jihadi oligarch scions like bin Laden to fuck with evil Rooski plots to lurn Afghan girls to be transplant surgeons, robotics engineers and get them the heck outa the eighth century? (not SPAM! It’s simply an “unavailable” book about where WTO, Atlantic Council, CFR, CAP… all came from?

  3. I wrote this letter to the editor of our daily paper:

    In order to understand the breathtaking collapse of the US-trained Afghan military at the hands of the Taliban, Americans need to face an unpleasant truth about our country: Despite mountains of self-righteous rhetoric to the contrary, the US doesn’t really want meaningful democracy to flourish around the world. This is because many of the world’s countries are poor. If you go to a country where 60-70 percent of the population lives in poverty (more in Afghanistan) and you hold free & fair elections, the people will vote for the candidates promising education, health care, housing, jobs, food, etc. In other words, the people will elect leaders more like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez than like the conservative businessmen or military generals that the US typically like to see running those countries.

    So, this notion that the US is inherently good & right and that we are admired around the world as great champions of freedom & democracy is simply not true. How many times have you seen angry, brown-skinned people burning American flags on the news? The US can be staunchly pro-capitalism or it can be pro-democracy, but it doesn’t get to do both. The Afghan people may be poor, but they’re not stupid.

  4. We need a new acronym to help pin down what”s going on inside the minds of these people: DAOS – Delusional and/or Sociopathic. In other words, are they lying to us or lying to themselves or both?

  5. What is your answer, Caitlin? The Taliban, and like groups, appear to be deranged, violent psychopaths to me. Can’t imagine living under their draconian rule. Women are domestic animals, there to be raped at will. All at the point of a gun or hand-held missile. Do we just accept their existence? I doubt they can be re-educated. ? Who is to re-educate them, and what would they be taught? Since they are willing to wreak such harm on those they can subjugate, what is the answer? Extermination comes to mind…but, where to stop, and who is to do the job? Meanwhile, into your burka–except while being raped–no school for you, stay home and be available…

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      The U.S. should never have been in Afghanistan in the first place. The Taliban are the problem of the Afghans now. The Taliban was created by the U.S. The people of Afghanistan are the only ones with a right to deal with them. It is none of the U.S.’s business. The U.S. is not the “cop of the world”. Your comment indicates that you think the U.S. and the west hav the right to tell other people how to live. They don’t. Besides, the U.S. and the west were really only ever there to steal the country’s resources. Don’t pretend that the warmongers and capitalist exploiters give a fuck about the fate of women in Afghanistan, because they don’t. The proof is in the number of women and children the U.S. and UK have murdered over 20 years.

    2. the Taliban were much better than the warlords they overthrew, and the people that perpetrated the harm in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya are spouting the same lies you are. coincidence?

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