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Human civilization is being engineered in myriad ways by an unfathomably wealthy class who are so emotionally and psychologically stunted that they refuse to end world hunger despite having the ability to easily do so.

The United Nations has estimated that world hunger could be ended for an additional expenditure of $30 billion a year, with other estimates considerably lower. The other day Elon Musk became the first person ever to attain a net worth of over $300 billion. A year ago his net worth was $115 billion. According to, America’s billionaires have a combined net worth of $5.1 trillion, which is a 70 percent increase from their combined net worth of under $3 trillion at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So we’re talking about a class which could easily put a complete halt to human beings dying of starvation on this planet by simply putting some of their vast fortunes toward making sure everyone gets enough to eat. But they don’t. This same class influences the policies, laws, and large-scale behavior of our species more than any other.

To get a sense of how insane this is, imagine if you had seen a video clip of me calmly watching a child drown to death in a swimming pool and doing nothing to help. After watching such footage, would it ever in a million years occur to you that I am someone who should be in charge of the entire world?

I’m going to guess no. I’m going to guess that, in the unlikely event that you ever decided anyone should rule the world, after watching me let a child drown I’d rank somewhere near the very bottom of possible candidates.

Now imagine if instead of letting one child drown, it was millions.

That’s how absolutely insane it is that we allow this class to shape our civilization.

And we most certainly do allow them to shape our civilization.

Take Bill Gates. He spends a fortune on narrative control ranging from immense contributions to The Guardian to tens of billions of dollars in grants, and he’s committed hundreds of millions of dollars to shady political influence groups as well. He’s been influencing Covid policies around the world, from intervening against the waiving of vaccine patent restrictions to facilitating the worldwide rollout of digital vaccine passports; he’s been giving countless media interviews about Covid-19 and vaccines despite having no medical degree or indeed any qualifications at all apart from a net worth of $136 billion. This is after falsely pledging to give his immense fortune away over a decade ago; his net worth has more than doubled in that time.

Jeff Bezos has been a contractor with the Pentagonthe CIA, and the NSA, and experts have claimed that Amazon is trying to control the underlying infrastructure of the economy. As sole owner of The Washington Post he ensures that a hugely influential news outlet will always be staffed by people who will help manufacture consent for the status quo upon which his empire is built, and his grand vision for humanity involves shipping us offworld to breed in giant rotating space cylinders.

Billionaires Reid Hoffman and George Soros have teamed up on a narrative control operation called Good Information Inc. with the stated goal of countering misinformation and disinformation in the news media, and the unstated goal of elevating empire-authorized narratives about what’s happening in the world and undermining unauthorized narratives.

The World Economic Forum has laid out an agenda for giant corporations to move beyond their unofficial and unacknowledged role as unelected rulers of our world and become open partners in the governance of world affairs alongside our official elected governments, with more power than ever before.

There are almost infinite examples I could highlight, but I think my point is clear. Billionaires and billionaire corporations own our media, influence our thinking, manipulate our economies, interfere in our politics, determine the fate of our ecosystem, and shape our world. And they are the very least qualified among us to be doing so.

Nobody who chooses day after day to let millions of people die of starvation has any business making decisions which affect other people, much less decisions which affect everyone. The fact that the billionaire class and its lackeys make this depraved decision day in and day out permanently disqualifies them from any legitimate claim to having the empathy and compassion that would be required for such a job. They are too narcissistic and dysfunctional to be permitted to have any power or influence whatsoever, much less the ungodly amount they wield today.

Billionaires should not exist. They should have their power and wealth taken from them, and the steering wheel of humanity should be given to the ordinary people who are infinitely more qualified to navigate us through the rough waters ahead for our species.


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41 responses to “Billionaires Are Not Morally Qualified To Shape Human Civilization”

  1. …the ways they think are the manifest destinies of humanity….
    j. gould: “i have enough money to PAY half the poor to KILL the other half.”
    Me, “If disaster capitalism exists, why not manufactured disasters for capitalism to grow by?”
    {Like wars.}
    Henny da K: “whoever controls food controls the people.”

    …that’s why he got the big bucks…

  2. Keep up the fight.

  3. A vida é permeada por relações de poder e dominância. E o meio mais inteligente para busca-los é através de processos essencialmente conspiratórios. A história deixa bem claro essa realidade, mas para quem quer enxergar…

  4. YES, I believe it’s criminal, that individuals possess more money than nations do, clearly there is something VERY wrong with the favorite capitalistic system. Now that’s out of the way. let’s deal with the starving peoples Cait is talking about. We hear much about climate change and over population, it is claimed World resources are not finite and will eventually run out. When that happens, all the money in the World is not going feed the starving masses. So the bottom line is, when are people going to wake up and realise there must be limits to the World population. If not, then mother nature will step in and take care of it for us.

    1. That idea is false. You would think centuries of it being proved wrong would allow it to die out, but it’s embedded in many societies. Malthus is wrong. As population grows, we advance. We find new ways to feed the population or to produce food better. Also once societies advance enough, population declines. There won’t ever likely be a situation where we run out of food due to overpopulation. Food shortages currently are a result of poor logistics. A lot of food goes bad before it ever reaches the market. If all food could be preserved until it was ready to be sold and there were better supply chain systems in place, Africa alone could feed the entire world. The problem is not with the population growth, but with food distribution.

  5. State of Morons Avatar
    State of Morons

    Australia is almost 2 years living in quarantine and this fat fuck never wrote a single article protesting. Go fuck yourself with Neoliberals and Assange you hypocrite.

    1. Do you believe in free speech or just the free speech that agrees with your point of view. If you cannot provide factual counterpoints to Caitlins opinions without resorting to personal attacks, I suggest you refrain from commenting in the future.

  6. Hard to believe being a multi-billionaire is even legal. Add in the media control piece—essentially a coup. Why not just install all the still extant Royal Families of the world as puppet leaders, and carry on with added pomp? Tiaras rock.

  7. Billionaires, millionaires, plutocrats, technocrats and warmongers come and go, and just like us, they all die.
    It’s when they morph into control freaks, OCD’ers, narcissists or worse, become Messianic, they scare the shit out of me.
    They are on a mission to nowhere.

  8. Billionaires are good at making money.
    That is what they are mainly good at.

    Which has nothing to do with the Environment, World hunger, or creating a Socialist world.

  9. “To save man from the morass of propaganda, in my opinion, is one of the chief
    aims of education. Education must enable one to sift and weigh evidence, to
    discern the true from the false, the real from the unreal, and the facts from
    the fiction.”~ M. L. King (1947)

    What is “The Program”?
    Listen At Time index 10:55

    Do/will you approve of “The Program”?
    What has “The Program meant?
    What does it mean?
    What will it mean?
    Whose Program?
    Do you have your own Program?

    “If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded,
    unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts. Be careful,
    “brethren!” Be careful, teachers!” ~ M. L. King (1947)

  10. Some call them sociopaths but, psychologically speaking, sociopath is just a sub-category of psychopath, which what I’ve bee calling those billionaires since the Reagan administration – and it has just gotten worse. The slow slide toward totalitarianism that we’ve been on is picking up speed. The race to see who will is between them and climate change..

    1. Psychopath…Sociopath…Narcissist —> Sounds like a spectrum disorder to me.

  11. World hunger is not primarily an economic issue, it is a power issue. It is the same issse that led the US millionary and the settler rangers to burn the corn and kill the buffalo of the Indigenous Americans.

    but it is quite true that it is a moral issue our political morality being perverted by Americanism.

    1. Did you see the article today about some UN guy on CNN saying if the world billionaires would donate 6 billion dollars to the UN, they could solve world hunger. Elon Musk who is worth 131 million said he would sell Tesla stock and give them the 6 billion if they had open accounting to show how the money was spent and provide figures showing it would indeed solve world hunger. The guy started backpedaling immediately. Virtue signaling is rampant today. Act indignant and righteous but do nothing. Hypocrites all.

  12. Those pics of Bill Gates and Elon are REALLY CREEPY. Perfect accompaniment to the text (and today being Halloween‍♂️). Bravo Caitlin for yet another on point article.

    1. Oops I guess iPhone emojis don’t translate well to the comment section.

  13. Ever since the corporate global profits started to pile up, due to covid restrictions on the economy, I have been advocating for a 99% windfall profits tax. The 99% being symbolic as well as practical. The tax should be used to make whole lost businesses, but also to restructure systems to make them more transparent, and responsive to the actual expressed needs of a particular community. Since things are increasingly structured toward no transparency, or accountability, and the maximum extractive activity to benefit usually absent corporate coffers, this would accomplish a democratic restructuring of economic systems, and a jubilee, in the biblical sense; a return of assets and lands to the peasants. Believe me, the peasants can run things, given control over the money systems and the internet. Hey folks, why not shoot for paradise? I want to wake up every morning knowing that no child is hungry or unsafe. That everyone has the time, space, and security to follow their dreams. A world where psychopathy is restrained. So be it!

    1. I’m in. Plus, we can make stocks and bonds subject to property tax!

  14. well, that was brilliant!
    totally you! totally true! and quite daring i must say. falling upon the deadened souls of humanity who knows how the truth will fare?

    we agree. now, how? brown cow? as my ol’ dad used to say….

    let’s elect…ummm….can WE? who is we? elect anybody for anything?
    doesn’t the death of democracy enter the room as promised to capital
    and they leave married forever and ever with their best offsprings, War, ie., Thor, More and heartily, Core. their guards are Sore and Bore. they’ve lived so long life is their only church, called Chore.

  15. Who could disagree with Caitlin’s assessment of the moral caliber of the billionaires? Yet I wonder about her proposed solution. Are “the people,” as a whole, fundamentally more moral than their elite overlords? Or do these overlords simply reflect the materialist values, embody them in maximized form, which currently drive most of humanity? Might the only solution, however unimaginable, be a moral revolution necessarily antecedent to a political/economic one, a moral revolution which changes the minds and hearts of most all of us…including the billionaires?

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      What is needed is socialist revolution.

  16. Hierarchical “Meritocracy” bullshit, only works on damaged narcissistic hammerheads, delusional enough to buy-into sucking-up for Massa’s trickle down. Sneeringly susceptible, speciously gullible, cravenly servile nincompoops; trying to pretend to be as seen on TV, or sumptin? Nah, it’s just ‘ol BAD Joe and Kyrsten… give me a BREAK! STFU and eat your Golden Rice & Glyphosate Crispies!

  17. Love you Caitlin and your empathic, enlightened writings that truly resonate with me all the way! If only the rest of the world would now apply the wisdom and insight you espouse for all!

  18. I don’t know about ordinary people being more qualified to steer humanity given that most billionaires started precisely as ordinary people and went from “rags to riches” thanks to their intelligence, industry, cunning, deceit and lack of empathy which can also be found down the road in prisons, loony bins and town squares but there’s definitely a case for saying that billionaires don’t fit the bill.
    Not only, as you mention, have they done nothing since we started to hear about world hunger in the sixties to change the fact that one Earthling dies of starvation every three seconds (!), largely due to the intensive bombing of the planet by their military, but in the eugenicist circles where these people evolve, the credo is: birth control didn’t work, we’ll have to take them out through wars, famines and diseases – and, as Bill Gates is frequently quoted saying on video, new vaccines… So whoever holds their breath in hope for a change is promised to a horrible death.
    Since the billionaires started to get really organized in 1973 via the political arm they sponsor, the G7, we’ve gone from one financial crisis to another (1979, 1987, 1993, 2001, 2008 and 2016-2019 finally resolved by the Great Reset Covid scam with massive Fed bail out), wiping out the middle class and leaving millions unemployed wriggling in the iron fist of the “cold monster”.
    In that same period, the Anglo-Saxon world – with some overflowing – has been thrown by the chemical industry billionaires into the throes of an obesity epidemic with dramatic health consequences that have squeezed a bunch of people out of their properties and savings. Nobody’s done anything about that either, except for twisting the narrative to make obese nice and dandy, the new normal and calling whistleblowers bigots because this is Big Pharma’s wet dream. When billionaires profit from people’s bad health, good health is nowhere on the agenda!
    Last but not least, these guys have developed such metastasized egos that they now want to achieve immortality – which you only used to find in comics before the bastards started meeting on a regular basis at Bilderberg, the WEF and Bohemian Grove.
    Couldn’t get more insane than that if you tried!

    1. Covid isn’t a scam, it’s real and it’s killing the workers that keep us fed. We can stop it by getting vaccinated and stopping the mutations that bring newer and more contagious variants.

      1. $$$$$$$$$$UCKED IN John.
        Try these trusted brands:

      2. No “fascist” this time? You’re getting soft… Anyway the countries where they have the most new cases these days are the most vaccinated, Israel and Singapore and lo and behold! In Ireland:
        Ever heard of the Streisand effect? :o)

      3. Agree Covid itself is not a scam, but the rest of your statement is just not true, according to Dr. Robert Malone, a virologist and the inventor of mRNA technology used in most of the Covid vaccines. The vaccines are very “leaky”, meaning a vaccinated person can be infected, and transmit the virus to others. This means we will not stop the virus nor prevent future mutations with the present vaccines.
        This is why countries with high vaccine rates are still dealing with very high infection and hospitalization rates.
        According to Dr. Malone we should have only vaccinated the most vulnerable (elderly, and those with pre-medical conditions) in society, allowing the virus to become endemic, thus weakening future mutations.

        1. Not only Covid has been a scam from the get go (starting with the worthless PCR tests that are used to detect it and only spot RNA viruses at large) but it’s good faith people like you that make it possible. Why do you think top virologists like Malone (and Yeadon, Montagnier, Raoult and all the guys who disagree with the way Covid has been dealt with, including forbidding treatments known to work) have been smeared and banned from all media?
          And John Knox is another scam. Covid doesn’t kill the “workers that keep us fed”. The average death age for guys with Covid is 82 yo and 94% have three comorbidities according to the CDC itself. The scam includes counting them as Covid deaths whatever comorbidities they may die from (see Dr Birx announcement):

          Only an infinitesimal number will catch Covid if they’re young and healthy (general survival rate without vaccine or treatment the first year 99,97%) like workers generally are. Might get side effects from the experimental mRNA gene therapy the scammers abusively call vaccine though. And that includes death.

          1. Assuming that strangers are plotting against you is literally a symptom of paranoia.

            1. You mean like the Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Asian Communist hordes and Terrorists on our doorsteps ?
              Wake up John.

              1. There might be a chemical imbalance underlying it. Have you seen a Dr.?

  19. Powerful analysis, Sister Cait. Thanks.

  20. I’d like to see a much more blunt diagnosis of the psychological state of those running the world. Toward that end, I propose the following acronym: DAOS – Delusional and/or Sociopathic. It’s just that it’s so hard to put your finger on what’s going on inside the minds of these people. Yes, they lie. But are they lying to us, lying to themselves or both? The DAOS acronym addresses this question.

  21. What is “Good” information? Remember Katherine Graham: “We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn’t.” They decide. What is “Acceptable” information? WMD: “But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.” They decide. What is “Realistic” information? “OPCW inspectors found no evidence to support allegations of a Syrian government chemical weapons attack in the city of Douma.” They decide – who, what, when, where, why, and how. You can decide whether or not to ever trust them again.

  22. There ARE no should, could, might or MUST, for the likes of us! The billionaires bought them all, & our boss, landlord, creditors… Creative Class™ & retired yuppie BETTERS sold ’em any say we had. Just THINK, what’s going to follow, from Nancy, Chucky & Joe yanking out the football, with so many in ever more OBVIOUS race to the bottom?

  23. It should be highly illegal to be a billionaire.

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