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The US staging a domestic uprising in Cuba and no one showing up for it reminds me of that old saying “What if they had a war, and nobody came?”

So much of what the US empire used to do covertly through the CIA it now just does openly. Says a lot about how much more effective its narrative control has gotten over the years.

The CIA used to infiltrate the media, now spooks openly do punditry for mainstream news outlets.

The CIA used to oust governments covertly, now the NED openly funds subversion.

The CIA used to stage uprisings, now the empire just says HEY WE’RE GONNA START SOME PROTESTS IN CUBA!

If anti-government protests were proportionate to a government’s actual malfeasance, Washington DC would be completely inoperable 365 days a year because its streets would be continuously packed with millions of demonstrators.

Why are people suspicious of US behavior in the Horn of Africa? It’s not like it’s in an extremely geostrategically crucial location or anything.

US interventionism always makes things worse and never makes them better. This one self-evident fact should make headlines like these impossible and the fact that it doesn’t is an indication of how propagandized the populace is:

Socialism leads to government waste and inefficiency, unlike our current system which wastes half of all food produced, leaves more homes empty than there are homeless people, and sees clothing manufacturers destroy billions worth of excess inventory so poor people can’t wear it.

Capitalism is so good at eliminating scarcity that it has to artificially create it to survive.

If you think Glenn Greenwald is a Trumper or Joe Rogan is a fascist it’s because you’ve disappeared as far into your own ideological anus as people who think Biden is a Marxist. You can disagree with someone without making them the extreme opposite of everything you value.


If I wanted to crush socialism and anti-imperialism in the most powerful nation in the world I’d train Democrats to believe being on the left means shrieking about Trump all the time and train Republicans that the left means forcing your son to wear a dress at kill whitey class.

It’s weird how much of left discourse is about obscure sectarian disagreements instead of like hey we don’t have the numbers to accomplish literally anything and we should probably try and do something about that.

Criticize Beijing’s Xinjiang policies all you want, but its deradicalization campaign was indisputably infinitely less draconian than the western “war on terror” which has killed millions and displaced tens of millions since 9/11.

And now it’s winding down, while the US empire’s “war on terror” has been continually expanding. These two things are not equal. They’re not even comparable. The US and its allies are indisputably far, far worse.

All the western hand-wringing about Muslims in China is worse than hypocritical; it’s a joke. The US empire pretending to care about Muslims is like Exxon-Mobil pretending to care about the environment.

The vastly more egregious offender should be criticized vastly more. Instead it is criticized far less. This is due solely to western propaganda.

Healthy people want power to be proportionate to responsibility; the more your actions affect others, the more accountable you must be. Unhealthy people want power without responsibility; they want maximum power but want all culpability offloaded onto the collective. We are ruled by very unhealthy people.

We’re in this strange human soup full of billions of people, pesticides, all kinds of radiation, vaccines, drugs, food additives, petrochemicals and other artificial substances and we have no idea what it’s doing to us in the long term. It’s a worldwide biochemical improvisation.

People are tripping on mRNA vaccines right now because they’re the newest addition to the soup, but there’s all kinds of stuff happening in this weird improvisation we’re all mushing ourselves around in and we don’t understand how it will all dance together at all.

And we also don’t know what’s happening with our dying biosphere, our plunge into dystopia, our flirtation with nuclear war, our unsustainable systems and our collapsing empire. We don’t know where any of this is all headed. And, from a certain point of view, it’s quite beautiful.


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38 responses to “What If They Staged A Cuba Uprising And Nobody Came? Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Somehow educated people are quite stupid. Believed are so many myths that I remain cautious about any literate trained bourgeois type ever escaping the strangulation of fascist memes. Didn’t any of you drop out, turn on, and escape? Nazi propaganda spews forth from all the babblers. The nazis did abandon Germany way before the war was over and come to the Amerikas. So, if you worship xian culture including its subset, Jewish culture, you are sideliined from ever thinking outside your self-imposed mental prison. What is a communist? A communist is a person who wants common people to have a life with dignity. What is a Fascist? A fascist is a monarchist who wants the rich to keep the poor poor. You don’t have to read Marx or Engels to be a communist. You just need to know and acknowledge that a common person lives life as a slave of the rich. These are axioms, not beliefs. Believing is a mental disorder.I love Cuba and, of course, I’ve been there. I love Nicaragua, and of course, I’ve been there. I love China, and once again I’ve been there. It’s best to travel without a formal group, because you meet everyone and they take you home. Amerikan mainstreamers are dying like flies from chemicals at all levels. The ruling class knows that chemicals kill. Every article you buy is laced with chemicals. Do you eat organic food? If not, you will be dead soon from cancer and other diseases that kill. So all the clever arguments lead to the morgue. Who will save you? Do you know what hippies are hip to? The stinking corruption of all social institutions. I am a hippy. I dropped out from my university teaching job during the hideous Vietnam invasion. And yes, I took a lot of acid to escape my conditioning. I recommend you all do so before you write another silly word.

    1. This is just an eye-wateringly long version of the old cow analogy which I am too bored with to repeat. This thread needs some action. Where is that sniper guy again? That bastard can shoot straight, as we say in Australia.

  2. Cuba must be a continuing source of embarrassment and frustration for the US oligarchy.
    So close and so unconquerable.
    Then again, who have the ‘conquered’ in the last 100 years?
    Oh yeah, Granada. Bring out the flags!

    1. Never had a cigar from Granada. Can you send me a box? I smoke about four of the long Rum and Honey-saked ones with the Russian name but my Humidor is currently empty.

  3. Just exactly WHAT do people do after they’re all woke up — pick up a gun; guillotine some VIPs; march hand in hand down Penn. Ave. forever and demand, demand, demand that the Elite behave better, or else?
    Here’s what you are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why.

    1. We call it Rule 303 here in Australia. Summary execution.

  4. Glenn Greenwald and Joe Rogan try to get to the bottom of things beyond prejudice and partisanship and I can see the point of the commenters here that are not happy with this. Life in society would be a lot more harmonious if we had systematic face recognition and everybody’s FBI file was blue or red, according to who they’d voted for. Then if they was involved in a crime, no need for all these prosecutors, lawyers, jurors and judges (sometimes incorruptible) who waste people’s time and money. Depending on who was in the White House, the defendant would be declared innocent if he’d voted for him or guilty if he’d voted against. Simple, tasteful and economical. Come the political change, the defendant waiting on death row (on the feeble pretext that he’d slaughtered fifteen people with an axe before eating them) because he hadn’t voted for the right guy would be pardoned by the new one and everybody would be happy. It’s already a bit like that actually. Wouldn’t have to stretch it that much. Just vote it into law as an amendment to the Constitution and make it mandatory that when two alcoholic morons disagree on something, people side with the one who voted for the sitting president. Ain’t nuffin’ like simplicity and what’s more beautifully simple than the legislative, the executive and the judiciary working hand in hand to eradicate domestic terrorism by exterminating once and for all the folks who don’t think like them?

    1. I suppose you will be pulling the trigger personally? Jeff Kennett here in Victoria refused to reinstate the death penalty because he would have to sign the warrants, and everyone knows how many innocent people have been executed in the US. Better 10 guilty men go free than 1 innocent man hang. You sick cunt.

      1. What a difference a day makes! Yesterday, you invited Caitlin to stay at your house and I thought that was very noble of you and said it. And today you’ve been making a fool of yourself non-stop by spewing unjustified knuckle-dragging abuse all over the joint. As far as what I wrote above is concerned, it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that this was satire aimed at the people who criticize Greenwald’s and Rogan’s laudable attempt at impartiality. Of course I understand that you’re too full of yourself to be able to grasp the details of the reality around you but the overall picture remains that you have less of a sense of humor than a chamber pot but this in common with one that hasn’t been emptied for a few days that you are full of shit up to the brim.

        1. I am busy building a free medical clinic in Coffs Harbour and I check my emails on my tea break. Piss of and leave me in peace.

        2. He’s ‘decalcified’ his pineal gland Pascal, but that must have supercharged his testosterone.
          Aggro-itis ?

          1. They’re called pecs mate, and I’ll be flexing them on the beach this summer,l make no mistake about that.

          2. I guess he’s what they call the missing link :o)

            1. We have yowies here you know. I’ll tell them you said that about me.

  5. They could “train Republicans that the left means forcing your son to wear a dress at kill whitey class.” Yes, they could. They could also “train Republicans” (and everyone else) to react to Elementary students being taken to a gay bar as a field trip. Or, they could also “train Republicans” (and everyone else) to react to the truth of School Boards “upp[ing] the ante by monitoring parents [as Domestic Terrorists], requesting undercover agents at school board meetings, and even arresting parents who attend board meetings to express dissent.” Or, they could also “train Republicans” (and everyone else) to react to the truth of six-year-old children being taught that they are “born evil because [they are] White.” The Progressive Left previously stood as supposed truth tellers who spoke truth to power, regardless of political bent. Now, even when presented with the most undeniable facts of outrages (on their side), they just double and triple-down even further. The compass is lost, and they don’t care – because they believe this is their time (of power) to reap as much as can be reaped. For those of us still clinging to the old Progressive moniker, 99% of the current abuses by the New Progressives are basically destroying anything that was remaining.

    1. More marching bands, I say. Who can bayonet a tuba player? Christ on a fucking motorbike you Americans are dumb.

  6. Dear Caitlin,

    “And we also don’t know what’s happening with our dying biosphere, our plunge into dystopia, our flirtation with nuclear war, our unsustainable systems and our collapsing empire. We don’t know where any of this is all headed. And, from a certain point of view, it’s quite beautiful.”

    I’m afraid the logic of your last line escapes me, as I fail to see the “beauty” in a self-destructive world teetering on the edge of existence (!).


    Horror/thriller author S.A. Hogan

    1. I think she is referring to creative destruction in the economic sense. It is a common description of capitalism originating with some economist or other whose name escapes me and whom I can’t be bothered searching my memory to recall. Read “The Worldly Philosophers” for a good summary of the pile of stinking bullshit called economics.

  7. You say-

    “If you think Glenn Greenwald is a Trumper or Joe Rogan is a fascist it’s because you’ve disappeared as far into your own ideological anus as people who think Biden is a Marxist. You can disagree with someone without making them the extreme opposite of everything you value.”

    What nonsense. If you’d been paying attention, Greenwald has most definitely gone hard right over the past several years. That said, Greenwald was really never a lefty; he’s basically a free-markets libertarian who has always strongly disliked anything socialist. That’s why he’s a frequent guest on Tucker Carlson on Fox ‘news’. That’s why he had a massive falling out with the senior editor of The Intercept: his article critical of Hunter Biden pissed off the corporate democrats who own and operate The Intercept and they refused to publish it, so he quit. Moreover someone who is disgusted and appalled with Greenwald’s passionately defending pro-Trump vigilante double murderer Kyle Rittenhouse in the ongoing farcical kangaroo court hearing in Kenosha WI most certainly has not disappeared ‘up their ideological anus’. To the contrary they are seeing Greenwald defending a Proud Boys pro-Trump racist alt right wacko. If it looks like a duck…quacks like a duck…..

    1. The FDA has asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

      1. Smash a vial of it, let it dry in the sun, put a piece of fish in it and feed it to their cat. Then they’ll see how funny it all is.

    2. Like thinking people everywhere, Greenwald despises partisan reaction of every stripe. His contempt for people who think he is rightwing because he appears on Tucker Carlson is matched by his amusement at their idio-dentical twins who think he has to be a slavering Marxist because he’s gay and antiwar.
      I assure you Johnstone has been paying much better attention than you and I have to every word written by the sort of principled journalists who will drop a quarter-million dollar per year gig at a company they founded because their integrity will not have it otherwise.
      You are flailing around to find a quick label, any label, for Greenwald because you do not wish to hear what he has to say. For what it is worth, I advise a rethink, brother.

      1. Good god are you lost, as Johnstone is regarding Greenwald. You obviously don’t know much about Greenwald, or the Rittenhouse trial for that matter. Greenwald has been avidly defending Kyle Rittenhouse, an extreme right wing Proud Boy member who crossed state lines last year during the BLM riots to go to Kenosha WI from IL to “defend property” at the behest of pro-Trump extremist groups, a euphemism for killing BLM (Black lives matter) protestors–which he did: he killed 2 and severely wounded a 3rd. Greenwald is publicly defending Rittenhouse. Don’t you get it? Greenwald is defending a white supremacist racist gun nut who was eager to shoot progressive demonstrators in Kenosha dead. He bragged about doing it on his cell phone immediately after the fact. Trump, Bannon and the rest of the extreme right have made Rittenhouse into their “hero”, their cause célèbre. And Greenwald right there with them, arguing Rittenhouse’s innocence. It is worth also mentioning that Greenwald publicly argues that the Jan 6th coup attempt by Trump supporters at the Capitol was “not a coup”, and that they were just a bunch of angry Trump supporters trying to blow off steam”!? No. That was no spontaneous collective temper tantrum: that was a carefully premeditated and planned coup attempt to install Trump as diktator in chief. And he had lots of supporters within the military, police, and congress. Greenwald is now a right leaning libertarian carrying water for Rittenhouse and the Jan 6th coup attempt. You are totally utterly lost.

        1. My problem with the Rittenhouse story is that few are mentioning that the underage Kyle Rittenhouse was driven to the protest with a gun it was illegal for him to have by his mother.

          How does a responsible mother take her gun-toting teenager to a location across the state line (not all that far, though) anticipating a riot will occur there?

          And what kind of motive does he have for going? Defending property? What property was he defending? and When does property value exceed the value of a person’s life? My inference is that he went to Kenosha hoping to kill a black person or, at least, a BLM protester and his mother knew it. That is some horrible parenting and may also be criminal.

          1. in Australia we use spud guns: air pistols with you stick in a potato. But the problem here with your country is that you have some calibre but ultimately you are a pack of supreme bores. Carry on.

            1. Not sure how that is germane. It appears to be just a gratuitous insult to Americans. We may well have a majority of supreme bores, but not all of us. He said, realizing the great John Murray could well consider me to be a supreme bore, myself).

              1. Did you hear the one about the Aussie Digger who went bear hunting in the US?

  8. If you trust them with your and your child’s immune system. You–by definition–trust them with everything else.

  9. GPPP is Global Fascism Avatar
    GPPP is Global Fascism

    The “Great Myth Makers” who don’t even believe their own BS expect us to accept their illusion/delusion…

    “In this week’s episode, Matt and V discuss the World Economic Forum’s Great Narrative announced by Klaus Schwab on Nov. 11 calling for the capitalist super elite to unite with futurists and scientists in order to “co-create narratives that can help guide the creation of a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable vision for our collective future”. This program is integrally connected to the misanthropic agenda behind the decarbonization schemes of COP26 and the Council for Inclusive Capitalism led by Pope Francis, Mark Carney and Lynn Forrester de Rothschild which aims to “reform capitalism for the good of humanity”. Considering the fact that these are the same forces that have steered humanity into the most perverse train wreck of imperial wars, slavery and social engineering for decades, one should pause before celebrating the nice embrace of “virtuous capitalism”.

    As V and I demonstrate, this policy of narrative creation is nothing new and goes back thousands of years as oligarchs have always striven to keep their victims locked within Plato’s cave believing in the shadows cast by puppet masters and never recognizing the higher reality that is only accessible when one learns to see with the minds’ eye.”

  10. “It’s weird how much of left discourse is about obscure sectarian disagreements instead of like hey we don’t have the numbers to accomplish literally anything and we should probably try and do something about that.”

    —That’s just part of the fraudulent pitch claiming the left is somehow worse than everyone else in this regard. The disagreements and hectoring you hear are often, for example, contrived by feminism which hasn’t been left wing in how many decades? (When was it last allied with liberative movements around the world—1977?)

    You can also be wildly in favor of trans rights and all manner of pronouns without being remotely left wing on economic and foreign policy issues. Untie that small handful of social issues from the left, with which they are hardly connected, and free yourself of this sort of banality. Thanks!

  11. “If you think Glenn Greenwald is a Trumper or Joe Rogan is a fascist it’s because you’ve disappeared as far into your own ideological anus as people who think Biden is a Marxist. You can disagree with someone without making them the extreme opposite of everything you value.” Truer words were never spoken, except perhaps for these: “It’s weird how much of left discourse is about obscure sectarian disagreements instead of like hey we don’t have the numbers to accomplish literally anything and we should probably try and do something about that.” These two observations go together like a horse and carriage or love and marriage USED TO before capitalism drove us all insane. I hope Caitlin is right about there being a terrible beauty to the deconstruction playing out in front of our eyes and inside our heads.

  12. … as far into your own ideological anus as people who think Biden is a Marxist.

    Nothing would make me happier than finding out that Biden is a Manchurian Candidate Marxist. That he waited decades building the US prison industrial system so he could flip to build a wonderland of green meadows, rainbows, double dip ice cream cones and equality of men.

    Any minute Biden ready to betray all the evil fucks he has been using in his climb to the top who think he is their bitch. Truly joyous it will be.

    I can hardly wait.

    1. Gold comment. I have popcorn ready. And nice organic butter.

    2. @K-DOG
      Wouldn’t that be something?
      Consider how horribly ruined our political discourse is when it’s possible for people outside padded rooms to believe Biden is a Marxist and that U.S. Democrats are on the left. And they believe this by the tens of millions.
      Of course, that’s the idea. It’s harder to persuade someone they’re being screwed when even the most basic definitions are entirely beyond them.

  13. the planet Earth voted for human extinction

  14. Research the Alexander Technique Semi-Supine Exercise. Do it for 20 minutes a day. It is the lowest energy posture, lower even than the Yogic Corpose pose. Whilst doing it, close your eyes and see the colours and swirls. They are the phosphenes. If you just watch them you are with the flow. If you manipulate them you are doing magic. You should be seeing the Dao right now. Study the 64 Hexagrams and consult the Oracle any time you are in doubt. John Blofeld’s translation of the Book of the Change is the best if you cannot read the Chinese characters. Use coins if you don’t have Yarrow stalks, or just toss coins, or just flip through the book on the train.

    1. And buy your kids some kaleidoscopes. Nobody buys their kids kaleidoscopes these days and that’s why they are all being diagnosed with autism. How can you look at the sun without a kaleidoscope? $2 of each from China. I have a few at my house.

      It isn’t fucking rocket science, but if you want rocket science talk to my mate Paul Gregory at RMIT who is designing new plane engines.

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