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War, Vaccine Mandates, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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If your opinion about a legal case would be different if the political ideologies of those involved were reversed and all other facts and evidence remained the same, then it’s probably best not to pretend your position on the case has anything to do with facts or evidence.

People who defend US foreign policy are terrorist sympathizers.

Any time you see the US empire picking on a smaller nation just search that nation’s name plus “Belt and Road Initiative” and you’ll usually find a connection.

To get an idea of just how insane things are, there are people whose actual job is to sell policymakers on the idea that dropping more bombs would be a good thing, and those people are paid by actual bomb manufacturers.

To get an even clearer idea of how crazy things are, attempts to stop dropping bombs will be opposed on the grounds that it will hurt the jobs of bomb manufacturers. Media pundits will actually come right out and say this on nationwide TV broadcasts.

It’s not that vaccine mandates are never justifiable under any circumstances; a sufficiently deadly virus with a sufficiently excellent vaccine could make a solid case that such intrusive measures are necessary. It’s that this particular virus and these particular vaccines don’t make such a case. If you’re going to implement such intrusive, authoritarian measures, you’d better have a very strong argument for doing so. In my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, that argument simply has not been made.

This doesn’t make me an anti-vaxxer, or even someone who’s necessarily opposed to the idea of all vaccine mandates under all circumstances. It just means in this specific instance it’s pretty clear that governments are wildly overstepping in ways that will lead to further abuses. Universal availability of vaccines is justified, widespread public education is justified, regaining the public’s trust after decades of lies and abuse is certainly justified, but force and coercion is not.

Everyone has a line at which they believe government mandates would be excessive. Prior to Covid flu-related illnesses were already killing up to 650,000 people a year, but you never heard anyone calling for governments to coerce entire populations into taking flu vaccines. This is not to compare Covid to the flu, it’s to point out that people didn’t believe that level of intrusiveness was justified for dealing with the flu. Others don’t believe it’s justified for the numbers we’re seeing with Covid and with the protections the vaccines provide either.

I always get people explaining the rudimentary basic arguments for vaccines and mandates to me like I must never have heard them or don’t understand them. I understand the logic, I just object to their use under this specific instance. This isn’t actually that complicated.

It’s possible to imagine a situation where the arguments being made for mandates today are actually true: that your refusal threatens people and you have no right to do that to them. Those arguments just don’t hold water in this instance. I am at my heart a collectivist first and foremost; I don’t believe the individual comes before the collective. Mandates could one day conceivably be needed to protect the interests of the collective.  But these specific mandates hurt both individual rights and the collective.

Not that anyone cares but just as a friendly reminder methane has begun hemorrhaging into the atmosphere from thawing arctic permafrost and methane is a vastly more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide over a hundred-year timespan. Oh and also the US is ramping up cold war brinkmanship with not one but two nuclear powers.

“You can criticize both Washington AND Beijing.”

Okay. But you don’t. Or if you do you don’t criticize them proportionately to how bad they are. The US today is indisputably far more destructive than modern China; do you criticize it far more? Most westerners don’t.

Civilization looks the way it looks because powerful people mapped it out that way. Then the storytellers of civilization come in and assure us that civilization looks this way because of an accident of democracy and rank-and-file commerce. But we never really had a hand in this.

And this mapping continues. All the plans for capitalism, Covid policies, climate change, green energy transitions etc are being planned out with no real input from the general public. The importance of our opinions begins and ends with how far we can be pushed without revolting.


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  • I was really pleased to see that Caitlin grasps the mismatch between the actual severity of the pandemic and the invasiveness of vaccine mandates. She penetrated the cloud of fear generated by MSM. I’m cheered that Caitlin has started to write about a subject that really needs her clarity.

    I was also really pleased that many commenters here have concluded, as I have, that the alphabet health agencies are being used as the means to impose centralized control of the global population via vaccine passports, digital IDs, and eventually, social credit systems. This is the long-planned effort by WEF/Gates known as the Great Reset, or its older branding, New World Order. I believe we are heading into a totalitarian takeover, similar to Germany in the 1930s.

    I applaud everyone that has managed to keep their heads in the midst of the intense psychological warfare being waged against the public. This stuff is subtle and shadowy, with no visible enemy. For an explication of how it works, I highly recommend C.J. Hopkins’ insights articulating how the public has been turned into an unthinking cult (a few examples of which can be seen on this thread): https://cjhopkins.substack.com/p/pathologized-totalitarianism-101

    • I do not want to get into an exchange with this corporate Great Barrington propaganda blowhole. I could use this space to tie up a loose end in my own arguments and give again the links to where I have already sufficiently dealt with this sort of garbage.

      It is the old Reifenstuhl rule; propaganda wins until it is silenced. It ignores all demonstrations of its falseness and keeps repeating its points endlessly.

      By the next pandemic a real democracy may have been developed in most of the world which can deal with this sort of garbage the way it should be. That is, to haul its proponents before a public tribunal and require them to substantiate their claims. If they cannot, any further attempts to spread disinformation will get no platform but result only in their incarceration.

      The point here is, there is no imbalance between the pandemic and pandemic measures. Anyone who really finds vaccine mandates and other measures to be severe has stripped some gears between the ears. Also, covid has been much less severe than it would otherwise have been only due to modern health care systems and medical science.

      The strongest point is that covid would be eradicated by now without the sabotage of these measures by a handful of well funded, well organized fanatics. No prizes for guessing who is funding and organizing them.

      Any bets on whether the @!*#% will keep on trying to have the last word?




      • The only ones who Need to be hauled before Tribunals – are people like yourself – advocating for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – Nuremberg Violations – and Mengele “Medicine”.

        Your Blog posts should be used as evidence against you. That you advocate for the death penalty, for those upon whom you project the exact crimes that you are committing, here…well that won’t work in your favor.

        There is NO RIGHT to compel people to receive ANY medical treatment, against their will. That is a FUNDAMENTAL violation of peoples’ Natural Liberty and right to bodily integrity – which in the Western Legal Tradition, is acknowledged to come not from THE STATE, or men – but from the Creator.

        To attempt to compel people to become part of a regimin of Human Medical Experimentation – is what we hung Nazis for doing…though obviously NOT ENOUGH of them…because the director of this program, that you’ve been $hilling for, here – Sith Lord Klaus (Darth) Schwab – clearly didn’t get the message from Nuremberg. Perhaps if HIS NAZI FATHER had been swinging from those gallows, people like you and he, would understand the JUSTICE, that awaits you.

        It is NOW CLEAR. The Human Medical Experimentation Gene Therapy injections – DO NOT PREVENT INFECTION, or SPREAD. Nor do they prevent serious illness nor death. Any suggestion that they do is patently fraudulent. The most jabbed locations are the worst off. Gibraltar is a prime example. Ireland, Iceland and Israel – all dramatic examples of the failure of this campaign – unless the purpose is actually a Genocidal Depopulation effort.

        As Geert Vanden Bosche and Dr. Robert Malone agree – the implementation of a mass injection campaign, during a widespread outbreak – is MEDICALLY CONTRAINDICATED. Not only do you create Antibody Dependent Enhancement, and other paradoxical effects in your patients…in fact you will create new strains, against which there will be no immunity. And isn’t that EXACTLY what we’ve been seeing?


        India and Brazil were countries used for the incomplete, limited trials. And both locations birthed exotic strains, with deadly results. India was saved by the used of a CHEAP, SAFE and EFFECTIVE “WHO ESSENTIAL MEDICINE” called IVERMECTIN. Japan and Mexico and other places in the Global South have had tremendous results by using this drug, whose lack of patents means that the WHO can get it for 6 cents a pill. It’s pretty clear that there was no profit motive driving the successful campaigns, wherever they happened.

        And nobody taking Ivermectin, young and in good health initially, falls over on the Soccer field grabbing their chests, on the way to the morgue, or a lifetime of UNCOMPENSATED permanent disability and medical treatment. And that’s what these Kill-shots promise – to Millions already. There’s nothing “Safe and Effective” – about a FORCED Human Medical Experimentation regime, that drastically increases morbidity and mortality, everywhere that its used.

        You and your Propaganda Blog can just fuck-off – immediately. I can only hope that the Internet Archive is getting good captures of it… And that the Orwellian BigTech/BigPfharma axis don’t conspire to help you destroy the evidence – when the tide in this battle turns. It will be damning evidence against you.

        The Death Camp Doctors of the 3rd Reich, and the Unit 731 (Project Maruta) sadists in Manchuria got off lightly – compared to what is coming for the likes of you, and Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and the Eugenics/TransHumanist pushers for whom you’re acting as FRONTS.

        You’d be well-advised to start taking your own “Medicine”, now – “booster” upon “booster” – so that you can ride out the time of reckoning, safely – already in your grave.

        The virus responds VERY WELL to early treatment – with safe and effective chemotherapies already in wide use and production – and for which manufacturers bear direct liability for any injuries. None of that can be said for your Human Medical Experimentation program. The Liability that they and you shall face will be CRIMINAL LIABILITY – for a broad and easily demonstrated Criminal Conspiracy. You might want to “Lawyer-up”, now…

      • Only the delusional think SARS-CoV-2 could have been eliminated. It is obvious based on the actual science that you’d have to vaccinate the entire adult population of the world in under 90 days to have sufficient impact on transmission to potentially eliminate the virus.

        So if you think there was any possibility of eliminating the virus you’re as crazy as the people keep going on about the great reset.

    • All elements of this supposed great reset have been a part of the wealthy elite’s agenda for decades. They didn’t start now, this pandemic and its related policies are a mere blip compared to the changes that have been made over the last few decades. The key players are all capitalists.

  • If anyone (who happens to be a genuine human being with a living soul) wants a little bit of perspective into the mentality of our life’s real enemy,
    Then please read this book,
    ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’,
    Written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    Thank You.

  • Hello;

    Now that Cait has laid out her basic ideas about covid in a way that is easy to respond to…I find she perfectly captures what is really wrong with most commentary on the pandemic.
    So I did some commenting of my own. Too big to put here, I will again give the link to my own blog.


    • In a world WITHOUT Pervasive Media and Medical Journal Censorship – per the Gates/WEF/CIA Event201 Censorship protocols – your ridiculous “Appeal to Authority” arguments might have some credibility… But that’s not the world that we are all living in…sadly. Dr.s and Scientists who follow the actual science, and/or refuse the deliberately misleading and fraudulent terminology and orthodoxy – are routinely silenced, deplatformed, and targeted for professional retaliation. That’s our present reality.

      So you’re not going to see the Censored (by the publisher Elsevier) not challenged through peer review articles by people like Dr. Peter McCullough (literally the MOST published MD/researcher in the Country) – pointing to the dangers of Myocarditis/Pericarditis and other serious, permanent, life altering and potentially fatal injuries from the Human Medical Experimentation Gene Therapy injections.

      If we were to apply your reasoning to Gallileo and Copernicus – The Sun and the whole Universe would still be spinning around your pompous ass, and not the other way around.

      I could also point to the way that Cholera or Typhoid was misunderstood for decades in England, by.experts, to be caused by “humours” in the air, as well – based upon a series of fallacious or fraudulent assumptions, about the integrity of their water and sanitation systems… But I think that would ve unnecessary, at this point.

      “A new German study reports a correlation between higher injection rates and higher EXCESS MORTALITY in sixteen studied countries. The researchers said:

      “The correlation is + .31, is amazingly high and especially in an unexpected direction. Actually, it should be negative, so that one could say: The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the excess mortality. However, the opposite is the case and this urgently needs to be clarified. Excess mortality can be observed in all 16 countries…”

      Oh dear. That’s not too good for business.

      Because it might be hard to find, here’s a link to the German study in PDF form (auto-translated into English): https://tinyurl.com/3z9yfp5v

      From todays Covid & Coffee blog – by Jeff Childers… It’s a much better blog than yours. If I gave you a second link – then this comment wouldn’t post sadly. If you’re interested in more/better information, than it appears that you currently have access… Let me know… I’m actually much better informed about the diversity of views held by “experts” than you are, at present, it seems.

      • . What a relief your comment is.
        I did not have an hour to spend explaining the difference between anti-vaxx and anti-a$$hole to yet another totalitarian cognition-refuser. You win my favorite neologism of the week: “Faucism”

        • One of my favorite signs at protests is “Resist Fauscism!”

          And Joe Biden’s CDC Director – Francis Collins want to label ‘Antifauc’ as a terrorist group, now…

  • .. one wonders how vaxxine cheerleaders explain the realities in africa?…

  • The depop clot shot kill shot neither prevents infection nor transmission, making mandates and passports senseless as health measures but great as social control of the working class majority — the capitalist class will go right on living their lives unimpeded.

    • Unimpeded…? Hardly… They’re JUST GETTING STARTED… But really, this is no longer “the capitalist class”, anymore, that we’re talking about … These are “the ruling class”. The NeoLords, to your NeoSerfdom… though I’m sure that we’ll find out eventually, just how many of them were also the OLD Lords – of our original feudal/manorial system.

      In any event, these folks won’t need to worry about fiat currencies – on an already developed planet, overseen by AIs, and keeping around just enough of us, to keep the Manors in good running order.

      • The capitalist class is the ruling class.

  • Thing with Juan & CommonDreams both: if you cite contradictory links, refute their sneering K Street tropes, blatantly cherry-picked DNC™ LLC agitprop & actually try to substantiate ANY non-corporate point of view or perspective OTHER THAN neo-Liberal autocratic, Atlantic Council, CAP, Bell¿ngcat… Prop’RNot style propaganda they steal your links & spin any point 180°

    So, here’s what we’d posted >19 months ago when a number of us got facts right as CDC, WHO, Cuomo, Trump, de Blasio & complicit media MURDERED 34K, mostly poor worker’s loved-ones in NYC & more than the US Civil War, with cynical LIES:






  • Professor Juan Cole: A summary of some data on war and COVID, Republican culpability for U.S. deaths and Darwin Awards for the willfully unmasked and unvaccinated: https://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/11/21/covid-killed-more-americans-2021-2020-and-gop-death-cult-mostly-blame

    • The problem with that nonsense (and also the bootlicking, pro-WEF driven, genocidally-complicit drivel, in your other comment) – is that it’s based upon fraudulent data, and junk science. In the allegedly 750k whose deaths you would lay at the feet of the GOP, or a BioWeaponized virus – there are a large number of “false positives”.

      And I don’t just mean the bogus numbers created by the clear misuse of RT-PCR testing, which – as its creator would frequently point out, to anyone that would listen – was NEVER designed to accurately diagnose disease. When you get to 35 or 40 cycles, they’re just garbage – producing adequately scary numbers for FEAR-PORN PR Campaigns, but mostly just because they’re giving 90+% false positive results.

      No, even going past the false diagnoses…even if all the people on that list had ACTUALLY had Covid…the problem with those stats is that Covid itself killed very few of them. Most on the list of the dead, had MULTIPLE co-morbidities. Often as many as four or more. And a deep dive into the numbers reveals alleged “Covid deaths” – resulting from Traffic accidents, alcohol poisoning, gunshot wounds, Stage 4 Cancer, etc… And nowhere in those dubious statistics, are the KNOWN IATROGENIC homicides accounted for… The ones that can be laid directly at the feet of Fauci, the FDA, CDC, HHS, et al. – the deaths by Remdesivir poisoning, and use of ventilators, instead of budesonide and nasal cannulas + O2. How many were directly murdered by Cuomo and Newscum – who needlessly moved contagious Covid patients from Hospitals, into close proximity and contact, with the most vulnerable of population groups – the sick and the elderly, those already in Nursing Homes?

      The available data for deaths in the US – just doesn’t bear-out, with the claims made by ‘The Great Reset”‘s teams of captured bureaucrats, corrupt politicians, and Disinformation specialists.


      And how many, IN REALITY, have actually been killed by these unsafe (downright DANGEROUS, really -) and ineffective jabs (going for a moment with the misconception that they’re intended to be a public health measure – rather than an experiment in Global Depopulation Eugenics, Transhumanism, and Technocratic Totalitarian social control)? We’re at a bare minimum of more that 15k, so far, with nearly a million injured, all without any legal remedies available

      We can see all of the footballers dying and collapsed upon the pitch. I’m personally aware of at least 14 Los Angeles County Lifeguards, who’ve all suffered life-altering, life and career threatening heart attacks, over this past Summer – and within 2 weeks of taking a jab, in every case. That’s a glaring, unprecedented, and improbable statistic – without any historical parallels, and coming from a tiny sample population, composed of some of the fittest people possible.

      This 99.99+% survivable virus, by contrast would have posed only a negligible threat, to any or all of them, particularly if our corrupt AF health bureaucracy would face the reality that early treatment, with cheap, safe and effective protocols, like FLCCC’s I-MATH+, or Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s protocol, both of which DRASTICALLY reduce severity and lethality in a way that the pushers of the mRNA jabs could only WISH, that their preferred medical technologies could hope to accomplish (but obviously can’t).

      Nope. There’s 0 Peer-reviewed science to suggest that masks are medically indicated, outside of a clinical or an acute care setting. As for the jabs – the WORST off places, with the worst outcomes – are the most heavily jabbed. Places which use Ivermectin, whether as a treatment/prophylaxis for Covid, or just incidentally, as part of long standing campaigns against parasites – are doing the best at beating odds against both this PLANDEMIC, and the Authoritarian Technocratic Panopticon, which is finally being put into place, after decades of planning, and carefully orchestrated prep work.

  • Karma is a bitch. A lifetime being prepared to make a stand over this historical times and just now she writes something about vaccine mandates. As if her homeland was a peaceful place live on under these draconian policies. Fate and the spirits of this world love the crazy ones. They were the ones who make this world step into the future where no one else could do it. When you live in fear your whole life it’s not by chance you will find yourself moving for one house to another and infested with plagues. More will come, it’s just the beginning.

    • Spirits of this world? What are those?

  • Can’t you see, with your laser mind and analytical skills, that the ‘pandemic’ , the whole covid show, is a huge hoax. A narrative created by the evil Empire that you are so adept at calling out.

  • BTW, very brave of you to mention covid Caitlin!! And love the article overall.

  • ……the one distinct truth i have seen as the tragedy of human history unfolds is that at this point we are so infected with the “virus” of consumption and ego that we are increasingly unable to grasp the urgency of dealing with our predicament as a species…..in amerikkka we despise “collectivism” because the individual is the center of all that we revere…..genocide of the native peoples, who were collectively minded are a hollywood rerun….slavery of peoples imported is now the current rerun….politics, religion, philosophy, and just about every fuckin’ issue that commands any attention is absorbed into the spectacle….you are entertained, amused……thus what is to be done?….vaccines anyone?…..holy shit…choices….in the final mandate, we will be acting out the dystopian cosplay with the appropriate dystopian fashion gear….consumers beware…be vigilant with keeping the fan blades unclogged and clean….the power will eventually go out, the roof will collapse….grab your
    poncho made in china…seek shelter if you can in the shitstorm brewing…..

    • Yes I agree with you natural immunity is far superior than a vaccine that induces our cells to produce the SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins that then circulates throughout our body attaching to cells anywhere and causing dysfunction where they attach, like myocarditis, perocarditis, thrombocytopenia, cerebral venous thrombosis, etc. Though these outcomes are not common, they aren’t by any means negligible.

  • According to the ONS in the UK, a total of 60 people under 18 have died of within 28 days of a positive test, which is the official definition of “covid deaths”. But about half were coincidence (eg falling under a bus after a positive test). Half the rest had *terminal* illnesses. Half the rest had very serious and potentially life threatening health conditions (I mean like leukemia, not just being overweight). Just 6 reasonably healthy under 18s have actually died of covid and nothing else in the UK (3 were babies and 3 were 16 or over).

    In other words, at least 75% of the headline figure were not covid deaths at all; and in only 10% of the headline was covid the only factor. Italy recently reviewed all “covid” deaths and came to the same conclusion.

    So I agree with Caitlin; the vaccine is not sufficiently tested, safe, effective and necessary to justify mandation ( and vaccinating children is an abomination).

    • Abomination! That’s the word I was looking for to qualify this tragedy.

  • Hi Caitlin, I really like your essays. However, I have to disagree with your take on COVID and vaccine measures. While 650k may die annually from flu-related infections, several millions have died in less than two years from COVID. Also many preventable deaths from other causes have occurred as healthcare facilities are overwhelmed by COVID cases. So, this is a much more serious problem than you suggest. Vax/test requirements to enter certain venues and in certain workplaces seem to be reasonable compromise with respect to blanket mandates. Unvaccinated persons are a distinct threat to each other, and to vaccinated persons whose immunity is wearing off. Anti-vax resistance is a top threat to public health, period. It’s preventing widespread immunity that can suppress the virus. Look at the anti-vax arguments in detail. They are completely unsupported by logic and evidence. The other likely larger issue is vaccine apartheid by rich nations against the poor at the behest of greedy corporations who expropriate public science for private profit. If humanity can’t deal with the relatively straightforward issues regarding long understood vaccine science and elementary preventative measures such as masking and distancing, then there seems to be little hope of dealing with the much more complex issues related to climate disruption.

    • I can see you feel strongly about this, and I want to be sensitive and non confrontational, but in my opinion the data do not support your view for two reasons. Firstly, if the vaccination was effective at slowing the spread, those places with high vaccination rates would have fewer cases; but in fact they have more cases. Secondly to justify mandation, the vaccines must save significant number of lives. In other words, overall mortality must be significantly lower for vaccinated people. This would be proof that they are *safe*, AND *effective* AND *necessary*. But in fact mortality is higher in the vaccinated population. There may be many reasons for this; but the necessary proof for the drastic step of mandatory untested vaccination is not there.

        • Except that CDC is an INTERESTED PARTY – owning (as does Fauci himself) a bunch of patents, involved in the Human Medical Experimentation Gene Therapy scheme. And they demonstrate their interests and partiality – by using deliberately misleading terminology… You’re not “vaccinated”, until 15 days from your SECOND shot. And then…in 90 more days – you’re once again, “unvaccinated”. So ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’, as they say in the computer world.

          From: Coffee & Covid – Monday, November 22, 2021
          By, Jeff Childers

          ” A new German study reports a correlation between higher injection rates and higher EXCESS MORTALITY in sixteen studied countries. The researchers said:

          “The correlation is + .31, is amazingly high and especially in an unexpected direction. Actually, it should be negative, so that one could say: The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the excess mortality. However, the opposite is the case and this urgently needs to be clarified. Excess mortality can be observed in all 16 countries…”

          Oh dear. That’s not too good for business.

          Because it might be hard to find, here’s a link to the German study in PDF form (auto-translated into English): https://tinyurl.com/3z9yfp5v

          It gets worse. Another study from last month that got no coverage is titled, “Positive association between COVID-19 deaths and influenza vaccination rates in elderly people worldwide.”

          The researchers concluded:

          “For the 26 European countries considered, the results indicated that COVID-19 deaths-per-million and the COVID-19 case fatality rate were positively and statistically significantly associated with influenza vaccination rate in people over 65 years-old in the 2019 or latest data available.”

          The journal editors include a note at the beginning of the article. It correctly states that correlation does not equal causation. In other words, this correlation could be related to any number of factors. Maybe people who get the flu shot are more likely to also get the Covid shot. Maybe people who get the flu shot are more likely to have comorbidities leading to excess mortality.

          If only we had a well-funded public health agency in this country dedicated to investigating correlations like this. Wouldn’t that be great? Maybe then we’d find out WHY.

          Oh, well. Perhaps the Israelis or the British will do it.”

    • Why has Australia’s death rate per thousand remained virtually unchanged pre covid, and during covid? Look at ABS statistics. How is it that covid has ‘insinuated’ itself into the death rate while not changing it?
      Why can’t governments, state and federal, argue cogently for the various vaccines? Why descend into “…you’re stupid if you don’t agree with us… “. Why not present unassailable evidence for the vaccines? Why, oh why, is a ‘free market neo-liberal capital’ solution the only solution presented?

    • Actually studies show that there is no difference in the likelihood of someone spreading the virus whether they are vaccinated or not vaccinated. In fact people that have recovered from a COVID-19 infection are 6.72 times times less likely to spread the virus than someone that has had both doses of the vaccine.
      See: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8538446/
      and: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/cdc-data-natural-immunity-covid/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=2501a1cb-5f00-490c-bc34-5ce54a91ce89
      Most of the top scientists in the world in the fields of virology, immunology and epidemiology concur that vaccinating in the midst of a pandemic will ensure the emergence of viral variants that escape the temporary immunity conferred by the Spike Protein only vaccines. It also loads the gun for the emergence of much more pathogenic strains of the virus. Better to use therapeutics like Ivermectin, zinc, vitamins C, D, and B-12 in the midst of a pandemic. In other words boost the immune system while in the process of developing an effective vaccine for the virus, which takes many years of trials and testing to arrive at something safe and effective.

      • Truer words have never been spoken.

      • I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness and the care you take in refuting the anti-science claims of the Covidian cultists, thank you very much.
        I suspect, however, that you already understand a hard truth about the fight we are waging. If the FDA approved human feces as a meal replacement these same chowder heads would be moving heaven and hell to coerce our consumption of it, even as populations sickened and died. It’s a matter of faith, not understanding, and it is not subject to rational review or argument.

  • I disagree with you conclusion that vaccine mandates aren’t called for. This pandemic is already causing severe economic disruptions in the form of supply chain delays and concomitant inflation. With the disruptions from climate change exacerbating the economic disruptions, we can’t afford to accommodate personal.choice when there is nothing more than the right to make that choice in the balance. We control other deadly diseases with vaccine mandates. We require people to surrender some of their freedom every time they drive a vehicle on a public street. I don’t see that you’ve articulated any reason to oppose vaccine mandates beyond your personal judgment that at this point they go too far.

    • How many times will Gates and Fauci have to repeat that the vaxx doesn’t stop transmission before you understand that vaccine mandates and vaccine passes don’t make any medical sense and are only a power grab?

      • What about the vaccine making covid symptoms less severe, therefore reducing hospitalizations, therefore not overloading them to the point that others in need of hospital care are denied access?

        • Excellent points. Vaccines are over 90% effective. Nothing is 100%. Also, like many vaccines and natural immunity, efficacy diminishes over time and variants arise. Hence the need for annualizing flu shots. Anti-vax arguments are laughably simplistic and take others’ statements out of context to bolster their baseless claims. Thanks for responding.

        • Vaccines, like natural immunity greatly diminishes transmission compared to remaining unvaccinated. Again, nothing is 100%.

          • I’m talking about mandates here. There’s no mandate for the flu. Why should there be a mandate for Covid when your chances of catching it are infinitesimal and your chances of surviving it and getting immunity are enormous if you’re in good health?

            • You haven’t addressed the hospital issue. Flu has rarely flooded hospitals like Covid has repeatedly, or am I misinformed?

              • Covid ONLY floods hospitals – where SAFE AND EFFECTIVE early treatment – isn’t made available to people. Ivermectin and things like I-MATH+ – WORK. Dr. Zelenko, in upstate New York had phenomenal results, in a tight-knit Hassidic community, that never adopted the insane regimens for human isolation, and destruction of the economy.

                And that’s the part that you aren’t getting… Just because the hospitals in SOME AREAS reported being overwhelmed – that it HAD to be that way – or that it was that way everywhere – because neither are true.

                Of COURSE – the same upwards FAILING stooges, whose predictions ALWAYS prove incorrect – like Neill Ferguson – in FACT, also predicted doom a decade earlier, based upon the H1N1 “PANDEMIC”, that never happened… And if course they pushed for Totalitarianism as the cure, back then, too. These folks are the biys that never stop crying “Jabberwock!!!”.

                To paraphrase John Lennon:
                ‘PLANDEMIC is OVER – IF YOU WANT IT:

                • The Kory et.al. I- MATH paper was recently retracted due to inaccurate data: Kory’s earlier ivermectin paper was retracted for “unsubstantiated conclusions”.

                  I-MATH+ retraction:

                  ivermectin retraction:

                  • And the Fallacy that you’re using here is “the cherry-pick”… There’s plenty of evidence for the success of I-MATH+, and other EARLY TREATMENT – besides just those two papers. India CRUSHED their post-Jab outbreaks – with IVERMECTIN. The Japanese have seen the light, too…

                    MEANWHILE – the data for the Pfizer trials won’t be available for 55 years… So GOOD LUCK with any attempts at peer-reviewed data, there. And the Whistleblower from Pfizer trials (published in the British Medical Journal – who STANDS BY their reportage), along with Pfizer’s CONVICTIONS for Medical Fraud – give little reason to merely “trust” in them… And then you have people at the CDC resigning IN PROTEST over the fraud coming out of that interest-conflicted and politically motivated body…

                    And then there’s the German study showing significant increases in Mortality, where the jabs are prevalent… We don’t even NEED to examine the alarming piles of corpses out on the Soccer fields.

                    I’m curious what motivates a NUREMBERG CRIME accomplice, like yourself…? It doesn’t appear to be any love for mankind… Doing NOTHING – makes more sense medically, than forcing people into the DANGEROUS and TOTAL INEFFECTIVE HUMAN MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION, combined with the Totalitarian Technocratic-Panopticon of Agenda ID2020′ “Papers-please” FASCISM. Are you heavily invested in TransHumanist Biological Products and Global Depopulation and Surveillance – like Gates and Schwab?

  • Caitlin observes: “Civilization looks the way it looks because powerful people mapped it out that way…. (W)e never really had a hand in this.” I wonder how many, even on the radical left, really have a handle on the true length and depth of what they’re up against. At the close of the 19th Century, one now-forgotten author, Edward Bellamy, put his finger on how deeply entrenched our enemy is by describing human history from the standpoint of a sublimely imagined post-revolutionary world of liberty, equality, and fraternity. “But you can not possibly imagine…how benumbing to the mind was the prestige belonging to the immemorial antiquity of the property system as we knew it and of the rule of the rich based on it. No other institution, no other fabric of power ever known to man, could be compared with it as to duration. No different economic order could really be said ever to have been known…. Consider how profound and how widely ramified a root in human prejudices such a system must have had, how overwhelming the presumption must have been with the mass of minds against the possibility of making an end of an order that had never been known to have a beginning…. It is not too much to say that to the mass of mankind in my day the division of the race into rich and poor, and the subjection of the latter to the former, seemed almost as much a law of Nature as the succession of the seasons…. (W)hen the revolutionists attacked the fundamental justice of the old property system, its defenders were able on account of its antiquity to meet them with a tremendous bluff–one which it is no wonder should have been for a time almost paralyzing. But behind the bluff there was absolutely nothing. The moment public opinion could be nerved up to the point of calling it, the game was up.”

  • You are DEAD wrong. There has been no instance where mandates are justified. Period. Use of vaccinations has caused harm, especially polio vax. Saying that you would support a mandate under certain circumstances is a precorsor to your saying you support this mandate.
    If the history of vaccines justifies the use, then why have so many people been paid for the harm done to their children by vaccines?
    Why would you support the use of harmful chemicals and toxic vaccine ingredients that have cause this harm, to continue to be used in the new experimental injections foisted on humanity?
    Have these greed suckers suddenly found ethics, when most of their actions have proved exactly the opposite in our recent past?
    What new drug is being pulled off of the market today for killing and injuring people?

    It is just like the insurance business, the auto business and any capitalist entity, the deaths are, to them entirely worth the profit they make. Failing to take this into account when discussing this topic, and blindly saying that you would support a vaccine mandate in the future, to me is really really dumb and a rejection of all of your alleged values here.

    You are either bought out (like many, many other alleged progressive writers) or deeply confused.

    The PCR test are not using actual samples of the virus, unlike any legitimate viral test.
    The United States and its allies have been making bio-weapons for decades, in partnership (conspiracies) with China and many other governments.

    Our corporate medicine and doctors have been the leading CAUSE of death by mistakes, rushed out drugs to make money, for profit hospitals who do not put care first…and you would accept the script they have conspired to write, without question? That’s not critical thinking based on history.
    The use of lies to justify fear, paranoia and lockdowns is systemic. You now support this for a future mandate? You would go along with a “justified” mandate under exactly what circumstances?

    Do you hold any investments, or receive any money from health groups, or active participants in this debate? Recent job offers, or speaking engagements that you can profit from?

    Many of our alleged alternative thinkers who are allowed to continue publishing on line, are professional dissenters. Goldstein would be proud of your recent post indeed.

  • Sorry, your position of vaccine mandates is one of just a few of yours with which I completely disagree. Governments have been demanding vaccinations starting at very early ages. Millions have already died from the COVID-19 virus, and many more will die going forward. This is not a flu virus. It’s far worse. Furthermore, it is clearly the case that, had it not been for the development of the vaccines. many more millions would have died.
    It may not be clear to you, Caity, but it is clear to me that the case has been more than made.

    • How many years will it take for you to get your news outside the Big Pharma sponsored corporate media? The Sars Cov-2 virus has never even been isolated to start with! It’s a computer projection and it is said to be inside someone when that person, even without the slightest symptom, tests positive to a PCR test. What’s a PCR test? A test that its own inventor, Kary Mullis, said was unfit for diagnosis and to which the FDA is presently withdrawing its emergency use authorization because it “failed review” for delivering too many false positives.
      That’s the stuff with which they measured your “millions”. Call that science? Actually 5 million in almost two years. Of people who died “with” Covid – that is people who tested positive to a test the FDA is abandoning because it “failed review” for delivering too many false positives. Call that science?
      And then the CDC tells us that 94% of the people who died “with” Covid had three or more comorbidities (obesity, cardio-vascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, diabetes, cancers…) Only 6% died strictly “from” Covid. And we still don’t know what that is since it’s never been isolated. Never has a virologist taken a sample of a Sars Cov-2 virus out of a sick patient and exclaimed: “This is Sars Cov-2!”! NEVER! The Italian Institute of Health went even further, saying last week that only 3% of their official 132,000 Covid deaths actually died directly “from” Covid, i.e. less than 4,000 people.
      And what is Covid again? All over the planet, the flu and pneumonia statistics have plummeted by about 97% since the beginning of the “pandemic”. Think they might have been re-packaged as Covid by any chance, considering the financial bonus the hospitals got to declare Covid cases? And the average age of Covid death is 82 yo, i.e. beyond the average life expectancy in most countries. You think these guys are up and kicking all over the joint transmitting diseases to the God-fearing and law-abiding citizens? No, they’re in nursing homes and hospitals.
      It’s interesting to note that the vaxx-freaks want to jab the Africans too while the average death from Covid is, again, 82 yo and the average median age in Africa is under… 20 yo. Besides, Bill Gates who allegedly wants to see everyone vaxxed ASAP to eradicate the pandemic (even though the vaxx doesn’t stop transmission :o) refuses to give the patents to poor countries so they can make generics, which tells us one law of science at last: emergency and philanthropy are soluble in greed.
      I could go on for ever. The vaccine pass doesn’t protect anybody because the gene therapy abusively called vaccine, again, doesn’t stop transmission. The pass is only a fascist control tool. And they call that science? Science-fiction rather in the proportion of the quail and horse pâté: one quail, one horse. How people on the alternative side with two functioning neurons haven’t been able to work out in two years that this is gaslighting at every level of a power and money grab operation is beyond me!

      • I was pretty impressed by the FDA’s request to keep Pfister’s clinical trial data for the novel genetic therapy secret for 55 years … Now that’s Science with a capital “S”

    • Pathologists, coroners, funeral directors, and witch-doctors have been working non-stop. Millions of autopsies that reveal the true cause of death is nothing to sniff at!

  • I never realized how easily people are motivated by fear. They will call it anything else rather than admit they are afraid. Some will say they are being prudent or just careful. Ratchet the fear high enough and they will identify any threat real or imagined to that fear. It comes across as irrational anger and hostility. Reasoning with the fear is useless. Vaccines are such vectors of fear. The underlying cause is fear of death.

  • Let’s Focus On Facts: “It’s that this particular virus and these particular vaccines don’t make such a case.” If you take all the vaccines, you can still catch and spread the virus. They are not a cure. And, Natural Immunity is far stronger. So, what is this worldwide propaganda and oppression push which violates bodily autonomy and even religious exemptions?
    Let’s Focus On Facts: Rittenhouse Verdict – Evidence-Free From a Mob: Guilty (before a trial): “It’s probably best not to pretend your position on the case has anything to do with facts or evidence.”
    Rittenhouse Verdict – According to Evidence Free From a Mob: Not Guilty

  • If you spin people’s propaganda induced magic bullet wish-think that WHO, CDC & all media simply keep repeating, that: even though nobody’s really been testing innoculated OR asymptomatic OR folks who’re unaware Delta presents like a cold (at first) & R0 is ~7, with FAR greater viral loads, as schoolkids vector exponentially greater community spread than, essential workers without health insurance or sick-leave infected in 2020… AND “our” party, unions, media, health services conspired to simply LIE & FORCE poor, vulnerable & mostly “minority” workers into body bags, usurious debt, chronic PASC, “disruptive” virtual share-cropping indentiture. And some of us buy-into: everything’s back to NORMAL uppity essentials. Where’s my frigging BRUNCH (cough, sneeze, p’tooi!)

  • Covid and vaccine mandates are the runway herding us into a technocratic nightmare. Thank goodness you’re addressing them. Your rapier pen is needed there more than anywhere.

  • A study in Sweden found that 88% of the people that ended up in ICU with covid were overweight. Of the remaining 12% that were not overweight all of them had at least one of these preventable conditions: High blood pressure, Hyper-glycemia or hyper-lipidemia.

    In other words, in that study 100% of the people who landed in the ICU had not been managing their life to stay healthy. The question is why have governments not been directing their mandates to force people to lose weight and take care of their health? Does that not make as much sense as vaccine mandates?

    • The for-profit mindset is not interested in keeping people healthy, it is only interested in profiting off of them. The more sick people the more profits, more vaccines, more profits, more oil, cars, bombs, more profits The for-profit mindset its a one track mind propelled by a for-profit private global monetary system. The money system is a major contributor to the psychological as well as the physical disaster upon us.

  • There have been around one million excess deaths from Covid here in the US since the pandemic started. Around 800,000 directly attributed to Covid. There are an average of over 1,100 deaths from Covid per day this year so far in the US

    How many people have to die to make vaccine mandates valid in your eyes? On third of the population like the Black Death? Or just the same per centage that were killed from the Spanish Flu, which at least in the US was about the same numbers, but to a population about a third the size of the one we have now? So if 2,400,000 died would that then meet with your approval for vaccine mandates?

    • Right on! It’s clear that this epidemic is the worst in most of our life times. What more is needed to suggest that extraordinary measures are needed? The anti-vax arguments are empty theater by those who live in perpetual fear of each other rather than the real threats that exist around us. To act against covid is not living in unreasonable fear. It’s dealing with reality as opposed to living in a fantasy.

      • How about this? Fantasy?
        “Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age”.

        • If you really believe the garbage Berenson spits out, I suggest you do a bit of research. Your support of his rants destroys your credibility.

          • And what’s yours?

          • But Mr. Berenson isn’t THE ONLY one pointing these obvious, easily verifiable facts – out.

            And your reliance upom Argumentum Ad Hominem Tu Quoque’ – is what destroys YOUR credibility.

            From: Coffee & Covid – Monday, November 22, 2021

            By, Jeff Childers

            “A new German study reports a correlation between higher injection rates and higher EXCESS MORTALITY in sixteen studied countries. The researchers said:

            “The correlation is + .31, is amazingly high and especially in an unexpected direction. Actually, it should be negative, so that one could say: The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the excess mortality. However, the opposite is the case and this urgently needs to be clarified. Excess mortality can be observed in all 16 countries…”

            Oh dear. That’s not too good for business.

            Because it might be hard to find, here’s a link to the German study in PDF form (auto-translated into English): https://tinyurl.com/3z9yfp5v

  • So, exactly what are we supposed to be inoculated against, now? Six giant media corporations, just spewing intentionally blatant lies, word for word; sneeringly identical versions of senile, kleptocrats’ reading from a script Andrew Jackson had memorized to keep us in our place? I’d delayed my 2nd Moderna ~6mo, so will we now be uploading pulse-oximeter, IgA/ IgG & pro-inflammatory cytokine info as our betters spew virons directly into our faces, totally unmasked (anybody see Rock & Roll Hall O’ Fame Super-Spreader sneer-fest) after we’ve watched several >80% vaccinated nations go vertical as school, pub, church, WORK “got back to NORMAL” & stadiums joined choir, club and indoor spread. They lie, we DIE. How ever you view “our” kleptocrats feeding us to PhARMA, FIRE Sector & Private Equity slaughterhouse reefer truck bag-stuffing sectors… be CAREFUL around loved-ones this next few weeks. A very few VERY bad folks have new money-making schemes & half-assed, hastily mass produced pills to make for pennies and gavage us for hundreds (and code us into tens-of-thousands; for side-effects, chronic organ damage, as we mutate new variants).





  • Yes kiddies, the venting of seabed and deposited eons worth of melting/decomposing arctic vegetation has not been calculated in the warming projections simply because the number of variables puts it in the too hard category. But methane is a greenhouse gas, 80 times the warming power of CO2 but thankfully with a half life in the atmosphere around 17 years making it ‘only’ 25 times more potent over its lifetime. And when it is found to be adding another .5 or so on the exponent to the exponential warming that is upon us now – just a couple continent sized crop failures similar to the last Canadian summer will put civilisation to bed. No point in fleeing into the taiga to live in a log cabin on moosemeat, a mere couple million pre-columbian inhabitants of North America were at each other’s throats long before we got there, The Brule Sioux (burnt) didn’t get their names purely from cosmetic charcoal. They were also ‘the burners’. And then your democratic aspirations won’t mean s**t, nor your place in line for a respirator at the nearest hospital nor Xi Jin Ping’s virtue relative to Biden’s or Putin’s or any of the other boof-heads, sociopaths and kleptomaniacs on their respective thrones.

  • The Heavenly Mandate:

    Ceding sovereignty of your immune system is de facto servitude and your fate preta-gati.
    Ceding sovereignty of your child’s immune system is demonic and your fate is naraka-gati.

    No exceptions, Forever. Always.

    “If a man hasn’t found something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.


  • The vaccines are not about protecting people’s health. It is about rolling out the Chinese Social Credit system in western countries. the Social Credit System assigns a score to each and every individual based on an assortment of metrics; who you associate with, what you read, what videos you watch, what criticism you make concerning government policies, what you purchase, what you don’t purchase, what you say online etc., etc.
    See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLjwWvt8jnI
    Russia is pushing back against this system, but since it is global organizations that are behind the vaccine passports, it is doubtful that Russia will be able to resist.
    See: https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/duma-deputy-protect-yourself-and

    • I don’t think vaccines are about rolling out the “Chinese social credit system in western countries”. I think the West is perfectly capable to roll that stuff out itself. The Chinese haven’t invented totalitarianism and authoritarianism. The West was perfectly capable of giving birth to communism (that China only later adopted), fascism, nazism and Aldous Huxley and George Orwell wrote respectively Brave New World and 1984 long before China had even established a totalitarian regime. Even though Orwell’s novel was openly in reaction against Stalin’s version of communism, Huxley’s one was more about the eugenicist theories going around in the beginning of the XXth century in Europe in general and Britain in particular and that were only stopped in their tracks because old Dolfie pushed them to the caricature in Deutschland über alles and the British intelligentsia (except for the duke of Windsor and his ilk) gasped in awe: “Good grief!” The present media censorship (corporate and “social”) and push for more has nothing to do with China either but is typically made in USA like before it the Red Scare, the Prohibition, the Jim Crow laws, direct descendants of the Inquisition, the religious wars and other witch hunts earlier across the pond. It is now part and parcel of the intrinsically Western billionaires’ Great Reset destined to make more money for the rich out of further screwing the middle and working classes and using the Covid scam as a Trojan Horse. It’s never a bad idea to sweep the planks out of one’s own backyard before looking for the sawdust in other people’s eyes. The truth then comes out victorious, happy and glorious, like Botticelli’s Venus on her king size scallop shell: the West is moving towards capitalistic totalitarianism, aka fascism. The added bonus to that position is that one can always try to do something about the evil that men do at home. About what happens in China – that we only know about through the Western corporate media anyway, which have turned journalism into one of the fine arts by making it entirely a work of imagination – well… A war? Good luck with that! :o)

    • Perhaps China is where the Social Credit system is being tested before being rolled out to the rest of the world.
      I can’t help remember how the Bush family, Prescott Sheldon Bush Jr. and George Herbert Walker Bush, opened up China as the manufacturing hub of the West. I also can’t help remembering how the Wuhan Lab was collaborating with and being funded by the NIH through Global Health Alliance. Beijing had to be aware of that.
      Everything you say about the West setting the stage for the emergence of Stalinist Communism in Russia and then the Soviet Union is true, another Bush family member George Herbert Walker in league with the Morgans and Rockefellers working with Lenin saw to that. Yes the West had a veneer of democracy that covered the totalitarian/authoritarian financing system that powered it from below, and that is now being exported to the world; I won’t deny that.
      Today, however, I don’t think China is so innocent any more.
      You have to look at the Social Credit System in place in China and ask yourself if that is what you want to see generalized to the world. I am sure that the GPPP and WEF are taking careful notes on how China’s system is working.

      • I’m not denying that. I just wanted to point out that the Chinese experiment is not central. What’s central is a bunch of Western capitalists who possess more each year. Four of five years ago, 62 people possessed as much as the poorer half of the planet. Then it was less each year until last year, it was only eight people that owned more than the poorer half. It’s these guys, in my view – who also own the propaganda machine – that we have to focus on seriously if we don’t want to end up in servitude. The rest is distraction.

        • “…if we don’t want to end up in servitude…”

          What you mean WE, Spartacus?

      • Yes I completely agree. I am just wondering now if China has also been captured by the GPPP and WEF.
        Read this: Rebranding China’s Global Role: Xi Jinping at the World Economic Forum, https://www.e-ir.info/2021/02/20/rebranding-chinas-global-role-xi-jinping-at-the-world-economic-forum/
        The WEF is the culmination of the monopolization of world resources by western elites and at the same time Xi JinPing is redefining China’s global role in terms of the WEF.
        See: Chinese President Xi Jinping Remarks at World Economic Forum – https://www.c-span.org/video/?508281-1/chinese-president-xi-jinping-remarks-world-economic-forum
        China is as much a part of the new global agenda as the United States. XI makes all these warm and fuzzy statements that I would make myself, but the Social Credit System, as implemented in China, flies in the face of diversity and independence of thought. Diversity can only flourish when there isn’t centralized control that keeps everyone on message. I want to see Xi make good in China what he envisions for the world before I would trust him.
        The only way the we can really have multilateralism is if the world is organized according to a federal/democratic/republic type of structure, where sovereignty within each unit in the federation is honored, where leadership within each unit in the federation is determined by free and inclusive election process, and that the purpose of each unit in the federation is to benefit the people that live there, no hostage populations.

        • I must say I don’t trust too much what I read about China in the Western media. What I see is a country which, contrary to the US, isn’t threatening and talking down to everybody all the time but is trying to develop trade with its Belt & Road Initiative (like Ming emperor Zhu Di between 1405 and 1433) instead of quashing it as the US does by sanctioning (like the Nord Stream 2 pipeline) or discreetly funding terrorist groups to create unrest wherever China builds. Listen to Xi Jinping? OK but listen to Biden who’s all peace and love while his country drops a bomb on the planet every half-hour since it’s essential for its economy. Words are cheap… Besides, China got Covid under control in a couple of months while people in the West have to suffer anti-science and anti-human rights policies to fill all the deep pockets that finance the political and media corruption. So the Chinese social credit system as explained by the Western media who couldn’t tell the truth to save their lives? I’ll wait and see before making up my mind. What I see right now front and center is that the Western globalists are trying to punch us all like cows in the old days with their vaccine passes and that pisses me off independently of what China does, which doesn’t affect my everyday life.

  • 5.16 million dead worldwide. Thanks to antimaskers and antivaxxers spreading a deadly virus out of spite. The enemy is anybody that can get you killed.

    • Actually studies show that there is no difference in the likelihood of someone spreading the virus whether they are vaccinated or not vaccinated. In fact people that have recovered from a COVID-19 infection are 6.72 times times less likely to spread the virus than someone that has had both doses of the vaccine.
      See: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8538446/
      and: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/cdc-data-natural-immunity-covid/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=2501a1cb-5f00-490c-bc34-5ce54a91ce89

      • You’re making a huge bet with other peoples’ lives.

        • Give us a break with the holier than thou sermon! They said take two shots and you’re good – like any other vaccine. You took two shots and not only can you still catch the sucker (even from other vaxxed) and pass it on (even to other vaxxed) but the shots have killed at the very least 50,000 people so far, more than all other vaccines in the last ten years combined. Isn’t that kinda reckless? How can you trust anything those guys tell you after all the lies they’ve come up with for two years?

          • How can I trust a bunch of conspiracy nuts? Modern science has a much better record of handling public health than paranoid crackpots do.

        • Each year over two million people around the world die from either Tuberculosis, Cholera or Malaria.
          Most of those lives could have been saved with current technology and enough money.
          It doesn’t happen.
          No profit in it.
          ‘Covid’ ‘vaccines’ on the other hand _ _ _

          • Obviously part of the government’s conspiracy to give away all the money. That’s why Cuba, Russia and China are spending money to make covid vaccines too- they’re all in on it!

            • Governments don’t conspire, until they’re instructed, forced, bought, bribed, blackmailed or trained to.
              Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, etc etc.
              All conjured by the MIC.
              RNA= the next big Cancer explosion.

  • It would take an extremely caring, honest, respectful government for medical mandates to be acceptable under any circumstances.
    At the moment this looks like an impossibility.
    Aditionally current “science” on contagions is based on germ theory. A theory. Not fact.
    There is also terrain theory which posits that one does not “catch” germs, virus, etc, off others. If one’s health and environment is under par then one’s body manifests sickness which is a response to the body trying to clean out itself.
    And tbh the way many humans treat themselves it’s a miracle so many walk the earth.
    There is a lot to be said for terrain theory.
    Nevertheless, for a medical mandate to be implemented tit needs to be based on medical fact.
    The medical theories firstly need to be settled into medical fact.

  • I love all the US coverage of the plight of Peng Shouai, the tennis player who was allegedly raped by a high ranking Chinese official. She allegedly disappeared but appears on social media. The official has an unofficial tack record and if true I hope China does the right thing and disappears him.

    But the caterwauling about her situation on American blogs like WaPo is bizarre. As if Americans give a flying about Peng, or the Kurds, or Afghan women or the ashes of the Gipper.

    Some perspective is given by the American armed forces. There the likelihood an American servicewoman has been raped by one of her colleagues is about 10%. So if the have been 250k women in the services recently that translates into 25 k rapes but the as yet undocumented but likely true story of Pend takes priority. This is obviously part of the increasingly desperate attempts of the US to soothe their green eyed monster by sliming the Chinese, just like the nonsense about the Uighur “ genocide”.

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