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Every day there’s more propaganda banging the drums of war between nuclear-armed nations a little louder. Western media are churning out reports about Russia preparing to invade Ukraine any minute now and China preparing to invade Taiwan any minute now, saying the response to each is obviously to move a lot of high-powered weaponry to both of those locations, and none of them are questioning whether these allegations are true or whether those responses are wise.

This is so dangerous. This whole two-front nuclear brinkmanship game is so very, very dangerous, and they keep finding ways to make it more dangerous. And hardly anyone notices it, because the news media outlets that people look to to understand the world aren’t telling them it’s dangerous.

The only danger you’re allowed to discuss in mainstream western reporting about Russia and China is their scary aggressive expansionism, like this new Newsweek propaganda piece here. Nowhere are you allowed to question if it’s true, or to even breathe a word about the possibility of detente.

It’s official empire doctrine that the borders of Russia and China will necessarily keep expanding unless militantly held in place by The Good Guys. It’s taken as a given that those nations are essentially mindless cancers that can only metastasize to other parts of the body unless aggressively treated. At no point is it permissible to ask if perhaps we are heading in a direction that could literally end the world and if that could not be easily avoided by simply working to scale down tensions. At no point is it permissible to question if these nations might be reacting defensively to western aggressions and discuss the possibility of working toward detente.

Australian journalist John Pilger was already sounding alarms about this years ago. This article about the shocking escalations against Russia and China by western powers was written all the way back in 2016, and it’s gotten so much worse than that since then. Yet it’s still taken as a given by Serious News Reporters in the west that Russia and China are these reckless aggressors and the US is responding defensively to their aggressions.

You can tell people who freak out about Russia and China are either acting in bad faith or regurgitating propaganda because they all act like detente is not a thing. They don’t even acknowledge the existence of that concept. Many literally don’t even know the meaning of the word.

At no time does it ever even enter their minds that hey, maybe these nations might be acting defensively to blatantly imbalanced military realities like the one illustrated below, and that the sane thing to do would be to move toward de-escalation.

People think this way because they are programmed to, and they are programmed to think that way because easing off of aggressions rather than escalating them would permit the end of US planetary hegemony and a move into a multipolar world. The empire cannot tolerate such a thing.

It was established after the fall of the Soviet Union that another multipolar world must be avoided at all cost; even if it means imperiling the whole world to maintain supremacy. Easing tensions would mean ceasing to do everything you can to prevent the rise of China as a global superpower. That’s what all the hysterical shrieking about Russia and China has really been about these last few years: manufacturing consent for this aggressive campaign.

If things were permitted to take their natural course, China would rise and the US would officially move into post-primacy and we’d have a proper multipolar world. This has been deemed so undesirable that they’re willing to risk the life of every terrestrial organism to stop it.

There are no checks or balances on this insane agenda. It’s supported by all mainstream parties and all mainstream media outlets. We’re sleepwalking into nuclear war. Nobody’s awake to the danger. Not the public, not the media, and most frighteningly not the empire managers actually driving these agendas.


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69 responses to “We’re Sleepwalking Into Nuclear War”

  1. There is a reason why we do not hear many objections to the drums of World War 3 or Nuclear War in the Western Mass Media. Our newspapers in America will not publish even a Letter to the Editor that oppose the State Department’s inhumane and war-promoting “policies” such as starving people in other countries or assisting Saudi Arabia in Yemen. My letter against a war in Yemen did not get published by 2 local newspapers in Idaho. And, they cut down the permitted size of letter to under 200 words citing lack of space, because obviously they are in the business of selling their master’s opinions to the public. The newspapers also put something out about only publishing letters that reflect majority views of their readers, and will prioritize or only publish letters from their actual subscribers.

    1. Thank you for sharing this blatant example of policy of censorship. It is amazing how bold they are in stating it.

  2. It is not in the interests of the state’s owners to start or incite a nuclear exchange.

    It is in their interests for the owners for the state to maintain permanent pre-nuclear holocaust posture.

    The perversion here, just as it manifests in so many spheres of the neoliberal economic order, is the radical conflict between the purpose of the enterprise–whether it be national security, healthcare, environmental healthcare, physical infrastructure, communications facilities, etc.–in short, common public benefit–and the owners that control those functions–private profit.

  3. “War is no longer made by simply analyzed economic forces if it ever was. War is made or planned now by individual men, demagogues and dictators who play on the patriotism of their people to mislead them into a belief in the great fallacy of war when all their vaunted reforms have failed to satisfy the people they misrule.”

    ~ Ernest Hemingway

  4. As promised, here is my take on Cait’s issue of the week.

    nuclear war does not scare me. What does is global economic collapse following a more o ‘conventional’ war.

    Yes, Captcha, I am really a robot. Bleep!

  5. Thanks for keeping an eye on Damocles’ Sword

  6. While I largely agree with what Caitlin says, I think countries like China are not entirely without blame. Unless all those things I’ve read and heard about (trying to cover up the virus, persecution of Falun Gong, organ harvesting, using Confucius Institutes to gather sensitive information etc etc) are mostly fabrications — which would be a bit of a stretch on my credibility — it can’t be denied that China (or the CCP, to be more exact) has repeatedly done the wrong thing and therefore supplied ample ammunition for the propaganda spread by the hawks of the West. “See? They did this! They did that!”

    (If there are any wumaos out there reading this, kindly save your breath trying to berate me for believing all those presumed fabrications about China. If you want to convince me they are fabrications, show me some articles by respected academicians or analysts. I also want PROOF they have NOT been BRIBED by the CCP.)

    At the end of the day, Napoleon was right. The West should have left China alone. Then she would have continued peacefully along her original (low-carbon) historical trajectory, and there would never have been a CCP with all the sorry mess it brought. Modern industrial ‘civilization’ is leading us all into a giant shithole. China would have been far better off never industrializing in the first place.

    1. The best propaganda finds legitimate and provable offenses in the accused, but buries it within mounds of totally false stories. Refer to Saddam Hussein, who was truly a goon, but who did NOT have the arsenal of WMDs that he was ALSO accused of having.

      And you invert the standard of proof. Let the accuser provide the proof. The accused does not have to prove ANYTHING.

      Also, “organ harvesting” and gathering information (!) is NOT evidence of a world-domination agenda.

      What is relevant is the question: WHO is acting aggressively, spending ungodly amounts of money on its military, and surrounding every disobedient potential “adversary” with more bases, more troops, more planes, more ships, and more weapons, and who is deluging all the airwaves of planet earth with an incessant pro-war propaganda barrage?

  7. For now we can sleep in peace, but it won’t always be like this. In the Book of Revelation we read: “Another came out, a fiery-colored horse, and it was granted to the one seated on it to take peace away from the earth so that they should slaughter one another, and he was given a powerful sword.” (6:4) What does this ‘great power sword’ mean? Jesus characterized him in this way: “A frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” (Luke 21:11) Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders” (in the sense of confusion and chaos). The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). There will be also significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions, food shortages and epidemics as a result of using this weapon. Jesus stated: “All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.” (Matthew 24:8) Jesus also said: “But ye will hear of wars and rumours of wars. See that ye be not disturbed; for all [these things] must take place, but it is not yet the fulfillment [of the sign].” (Matthew 24:6) The global nuclear war, (this will be the fulfillment of the sign of Jesus), will start with an ethnic conflict: “For nation will rise against nation”, like as in 2008 in Georgia. (Matthew 24:7) And there is probably no point in accelerating this war.

  8. Do we, the dreaming, have any conscious control while we are asleep, over the content of what the dream is telling us about ourselves?
    We are here now, because we have been sleepwalking through history, which is NOT a dream.
    But will we awake in time to prevent history repeating itself all over again?
    This is NOT one of Yogi Berra’s humorous quotes.
    Usually when one awakes, it is too late to recall the composites of the makeup of one’s own character in play!

  9. Meh. The peons worry too much. Along the lines of what is permissible to be talked about, or in this case not… For many years now, that which would pass as small fortunes of cash, gifts or other valuable considerations have been delivered from various non-USA entities (inclusive of both Russia and the People’s Republic of China) into the awaiting hands and/or control of top level U.S. political figures, their relatives and/or associates while these figures were supposed to be “serving” the the best interests of the USA. The Press, the Congress, the Judiciary and the numerous justice, intelligence and defense agencies operating out of the Executive Branch up to and including the Office of the President continue to turn a blind eye to that which could easily be deemed bribery, malfeasance or even treason. There appears to be a fully protected American Royalty Class whereby lots of dirty deals and dirty tricks never get called to account except perhaps to defuse and subsequently dismiss same. This protection is fully supported by never-ending MSM propaganda, increasingly micro-managed social media and of course fully managed prosecutorial authority at all levels. Call it a real life “Monopoly” game with plenty of “get out of jail free” cards being handed out, apparently to members in good standing of this American royalty class who faithfully serve the cause(s) of the fully entrenched Globalist overlords. “Nothing to see here folks, move along…” God Bless America, God Save the Queen, God Bless us Every one. Logically, if the leaders of the free world are continually taking bribes from the leaders of the “not so much” and everyone seems OK with that… what’s to worry about? The Capitalists in charge have already sold to the great red menace the ore which purifies into boom making stuff – so apparently they are not worried a bit.

  10. This may be the answer to the Fermi Paradox.

    1. Only from the viewpoint of some emergent, pre-atomic, inhabitants of a planet in a distant solar system, but what will they learn from it?

  11. Yes, “we are heading in a direction that could literally end the world.” And, yes it is true that those leading us there are quite willing to live in prefabricated, cushy millionaire bomb shelters after what was wrought.

  12. In “That All Shall Be Saved,” David Bentley Hart relates a story, from the Roman historian Suetonius, about the Emperor Domitian. One day, out of the blue, Domitian invited one of his servants/slaves to dine with him and enjoy, for a few hours, his imperial largess. Then the next day Domitian ordered that this servant/slave be crucified. Apparently, the motivation was the demonstration of absolute capricious power. I often wonder if our current overlords/emperors are capable of acting–indeed, ARE acting–in a similar manner for a similar reason. Is not a chilling thought, an almost paralyzing fear, expressed in the proverb that “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely?”

    1. Actually you are tiptoeing around the edge. The ruling class, or whatever you call them, are truly sociopathic. It is very hard for people, middle class people who see themselves as entitled to the protection of the govt to understand that they are as expendable as were the Native Americans who suffered severe genocidal assaults by this country. And let not forget how enslaved Africans were treated and how their progeny were used in medical experiments such as the infamous Tuskeegee Syphillus experiment on them just to mention 2 of the most known example. 911 was another cold blooded sacrifice of humans to promote an agenda as documented in the Progress for a New American Century and the ensuing Patriot Acts I & II. And it wasn’t always the reactionary right wing. Obama used drones for targeted assassination of Americans despite the fact that these attacks often missed their mark. Whoops! Just collateral damage, ho hum.

      And ask anyone in foreign nations who were attacked by the US and the horrific damage as in Viet Nam or the US installed dictatorships as in Honduras and the attempted ones in Venezuela. The list is quite long.

      1. I agree with your list…and submit that if you or any of us were fully in the shoes of our overlords (past or present), had been born and raised under the same conditions, had had the same set of experiences, that you or me or Caitlin, for that matter, could well be doing much the same things that our overlords are doing…or have done. THAT is the terribly uncomfortable truth that we know in our hearts but can’t face up to, the truth which deconstructs the false “othering” narrative that our overlords are not human like rest of us. We’re in far deeper shit, Tanya, than you think.

        1. they have choices the rest of us do not have. fdr was raised in the upper class, didnt stop him from overhauling the system he had benefited from to the extent he did. they are also better educated and dont have to spend their time working 2 jobs and worrying about their health.

          1. Surely. You might say the same for the Kennedy family, etc. But doesn’t the exception prove the rule?

          2. I am frustrated with people pulling FDR out of the political hat as a positive example of the ruling elite being so supportive of the people. He wasn’t at all. He pushed the New Deal in order to pull the rug out from under a very powerful socialist movement that had the energy of an uprising. Passing some minimal changes and dragging the country into a world war maintained control of the oligarchy. The oligarchy is good at waving some lollipops and slapping on some removable bandaids in order to maintain control. Doing such maintains the illusion/delusion of democracy. While we, the people may like some of the bandaids and lollipops as they make some comfort in our life, they are distractions which is also one of their favorite tactics. As was written in an article in the Black Agenda Report this week, forcusing on individual court cases such as the Rittenhouse one in Kenosha does nothing to promote structural changes which is where we need push and furthermore eats up massive amounts of energy that a movement needs to focus on education of the public and pressure against the oligarchy. Biden–Trump: they are all the same, protecting the ruling elite and maintaining the existing capitalist structure.

  13. Nukes aren’t real. They don’t exist. It’s a big lie told to keep everyone very afraid.

    Seriously. Look into it.

    1. Kurt V isn’t real. He doesn’t exist. He’s a figment of everyone’s imagination. Seriously. See if you can find him anywhere in the flesh.

  14. It’s beginning to look a lot like Nuclear Armageddon…

  15. I am skeptical, like many others here–not about the COVID vaccine, I think that’s essentially fringe paranoia (if the vaccine was intended to harm us, would it be denied to third-world countries?) but about the Enormous Threat of Nuclear War. As someone else said, it doesn’t make sense–everyone loses if there is one. Of course, everyone loses if we continue to do nothing about the climate and other eco catastrophes too, and that doesn’t stop them–it may be that they really are all utterly mad. But I suspect the point is to pony up support for ever more US taxpayer money going into the MIC, along with the extra aggression against the DOMESTIC enemy you can get away with in a war climate. However, I concede that it’s possible Caitlin is right. I’ve wondered for decades if there really are enough nukes to destroy the world many times over, or just that many fakes, created to justify the flow of billions of dollars and saber rattling. It’s still dangerous but it may well be that a lot of it is fakes and those in China and Russia–in the throne rooms

    1. The vaccine is denied Third World because there is no money there and I suspect they expect the people to die like flies due to Covid. Surprise! Africa with the lowest drugged rate also has the lowest sickness rate.

      FYI, one of the suppositions is that due to the use of Ivermectin for malaria the population is very resistant to this Covid! And many medical people are saying that there is a parasite connection to Covid so much to learn here.

  16. Spoiler Alert– If you don’t want to know how out of date the concept of nuclear apocalypse has become, don’t read the following, don’t type “CRISPR Kit” into your search engine, and by no means look up Jennifer Doudna.
    When nuclear weapons appeared, there were photographs of the mushroom clouds and the melted faces of the children.
    When CRISPR appeared, brilliant journalists like Johnstone glazed over and forgot it existed. That’s because the average “educated” person’s understanding of technology ends with the part of the light switch that flips up and down. Ditto times ten for journalists, lawyers, and accountants, the three slave trades with the most public influence.
    (CRISPR enables genetic engineering in the same way that printing presses enabled publishing: it’s the fundamental tech that un-makes so many former impossibilities as to begin a new age.)
    When I returned to reading studies on mRNA in 2020, after doing my best to ignore it for several years, I was appalled to find that CRISPR is already routinely used to design viruses that carry a genetic modification payload to a test subject’s cells. Study after study after study casually refers to the use of this world-ending technology as if it’s no big deal.
    CRISPR has been out of the box since 2012, and our species was obviously done for that day, but I thought we had a few decades, stupid optimist that I am. Homo GMO is here, and homo sapiens is history. There will be a few holdouts until a lab somewhere creates a statistically harmless airborne virus that inserts the basic instruction set for the reception of random future mods. oh wait.
    Well, no, sars-cov-2 wasn’t it. It had the airborne gain of function, but it didn’t have the payload. Coming soon to a sneeze near you. No, sorry folks, the vaccine is just a side-gimmick to amputate another limb of the world’s wealth and transfer it to those who will control the new technology as it is perfected.
    Scarce resources, too many peeps? No need for messy bombs when the next round of colds can reduce fertility by 50%. Bet they’ve been dismantling the nukes for years, now, behind the scenes. Or transferring them to nice safe security outfits under corporate control. Sure, stupidity could still set them off, but it is manifestly not something the system wants to do to itself, barking CIAdiots to the contrary.
    Oh, certainly good things will be done with genetic engineering. No one need suffer and die from Huntington’s ever again!
    As long as they can afford the subscription, of course. This particular tech jump occurring right at Peak Asshole sorta makes one wonder about Fate and all that, but one thing it does not do is leave a single glimmering chink of hope. The planet’s most wealthy and powerful humans are feverishly, deliriously close to being able to genetically engineer the intelligence and longevity of their children and their children’s human cattle. Is that the ultimate totalitarian wet dream, and don’t I wish I had been born sterile?

    1. Genetic engineering via food, mosquitos, drugs, and who know what else will ensure your sterility so not to worry

  17. But!!! Look at all those Chinese bases radiating out from China.

    Er,… Why are they displaying the flag of the USA?

    Ah, I get it – they are the bases they plan to have once they’ve cleared the American troops from them, that’s it.

  18. This is the typical cook book copied from 1984. To prevent a class war (between the 99.9% and the 0.1%), as well as for the military industrial complex to continue thriving, as well as diverting the emerging China empire from growing into destroying, the US must increase the tension and pretend a big war is at the gate. And this is indeed very dangerous, like a flame on nuclear barrel. The government is no stupid, but yet indeed seep walking, and drugging us all into the abyss.

    1. I think the issue is that the 1% see themselves as different from the ‘masses’ for whom they have no respect. George Bush said it clearly when he referred to the public as “the consumers” and people who don’t consume are “useles eaters!’ A rare piece of truth from the oligarchy but most people cannot take in what that really means. In this case, it translates as the 1% are in full plan for their own self-protection with underground cities constructed for their survival. I also see the fortune going into developing outer space as a secondary escape for them. Think about the wealthy now paying for their own space travel and what that means.

      As for the rest of the world the 1% has little regard except for a few they will need to man the technology and do the dirty clean up. What else is new! As for food? No worry. Bill Gates here with his fake food development in which he is investing. He is now, I believe, the single biggest owner of farm land in the US which bodes ill for the pubic as he never does anything other than plan how to control the population and life itself, eugenicist that he is!

      We can worry about the lunacy of the 1% and their genocidal tendencies; the 1% has no worries about their survival.

    2. In the US, the ruling class has been extremely successful in diverting the pitchforks and guillotines by fomenting conflict between the Red and the Blue–what’s called the culture wars. They don’t need an external enemy for that. They need an external enemy to keep an ever-increasing percentage of funds from middle-class taxpayers pouring into the coffers of the MIC.

      1. Now they the fear of the invisible; ie, germ-phobia which works even better than the external enemy. Much harder for people to actually investigate the science as health is not a sexy political issue when in fact it is probably the most political and important one we have today. You can’t go any deeper than capturing our body for profit and control.

    don’t worry be happy.
    If the world ends tomorrow then someone will reset the matrix, right?

    People that can start a nuclear war don’t want it and the ones that want it can’t start it.

    A millionaire ones said, I Am taking everything with me when I die including poor people. I wonder what a billionaire would say?

  20. In a cigar smoke filled room, around a long mahogany table resplendent with Beluga and Dom Perignon:

    “Lady and gentlemen, we must take a vote now”
    “Do we continue with the three pronged strategy of nuclear FEAR, Covid FEAR and global warming FEAR, or do we simply declare war on China and Russia and hope that we can win enough battles to salvage the mighty US dollar?”
    “A show of hands please”

  21. I am sure that the GPPP and WEF will just give everyone a seat at the table, Putin and and Xi JinPing included.
    I am far more concerned about The Great Reset or 4th Industrial Revolution.

    1. Xi is saying exactly the same thing that talking head leaders in the West are saying.

    2. After his initial nod to the WEF and it’s goals, he follows with the same things I would say. However, the Vaccine Mandates that force on the public a vaccine that isn’t working are not leading to diversity of opinion, but rather to a homogeneous narrative.

      1. Are you understanding that the covid drug (which is not a vaccine by any definition) is just a tool to push the Great Reset.

        Just like 911 was the instigating tool to create fear that allowed the Patriot Acts I & II to be pushed thru without any discussion, Covid is the tool to create the fear to suppress the public’s ability for any rational thinking about this pseudo health debacle which is the big push to move the Great Reset forward.

        The drug called a vaccine is in fact a gene manipulation tool that will destroy the human immune system. Along the way to the many deaths anticipated by scientists and medical people much money will be made trying to ‘treat’ people with all the diseases and auto-immune conditions that will be developing.

        As far as the Great Reset goes regarding people it is geared to completely disempower people, destroying health and vitality is only 1 piece of their puzzle.

  22. Personally I am much more frightened by the push for the Great Reset project using this Plandemic as the base for its takeoff. Scientist after scientist working in the fields of immunology, virology, cellular immunology, vaccinology, etc are calling for an end to this debacle. They are all describing how the human DNA is being hijacked and how our immune system is being destroyed. They are all noting the negative impact on fertility with increasing miscarriages. Today one of the mainstream medical newslists wrote of the increasing lower birthrate in the US but they do not talk about all the chemicals that are causing this and now to add these new mRNA drugs to that list. When you have the very man, Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the nRNA technology and an avowed vaccinologist blowing the whistle on his own work and jeopardizing his career and reputation to call for an end to this drug program which he calls gene therapy, it seems critical to sit up and take notice if you haven’t already.

    I think Caitlin needs to put her pen to this issue as it is far more immediate and impactful than the potential of nuclear war.

    1. Perfect illustration of why we should listen to real scientists instead of paranoid crackpots.

      1. I agree, John. But how do we distinguish the “real scientists” when all but a few of us are way out of our league here? One criterion I’ve tried to use to make such distinctions is humility. When a scientist like Dr. Michael Osterholm, for example, admits that he knows less about Covid today than he thought he knew when the pandemic began, I’m inclined to listen to him. ANYONE in this insanely uncertain world we’re living in, who claims to see the future clearly, whether with dystopian or utopian vision, disqualifies him or herself RIGHT THERE, IMHO, from deserving our serious attention.

        1. I tend to follow people who are not beholden to the pharma industry and those who are willing to speak out against the mainstream narrative. They put their reputations and livelihood on line to go against the grain. And when the very man who invented the mRNA technology speaks out against it calling for this drug program to cease as it is gene therapy and will cause untold deaths and disease. Other scientists are just as important and credible as Robert Malone.

          FYI, we do not hear other scientists or doctors promoting these drugs unless they are in the the pockets of the pharma industry. For example this recent approval by the FDA to use these drugs on children was made under the advice of people who all have financial connections to pharma. Not very independent. And the one advisor, a doctor whose wife just demonstrated how harmful these drugs are spoke up against using them for children but cowardly did not vote.

          There are lots of credible scientists who are trying to speak out but are being censored. So that is another standard to consider. Why are people being censored for raising scientific and clinical questions. That should be part of the dialogue we hear. When we are being denied this dialogue you know it is propaganda we are getting and not real information.

          We actually do have a lot of data and information on the lies we are told. In the US we are told that the unvaccinated are the problem. However, real data from around the world is that the majority of cases are in vaccinated people especially those ending up in the hospital. The adverse effects are also quite alarming and massive.

          I would also suggest reading The Defender, Robert Kennedy Jr’s newsletter as he is quite precise and is winning many lawsuits on this issue. is another website but his articles are up only for 2 days due to censorship. Sayer Ji’s site Green Medicine Info is another good source of research on health issues. There are many more as well.

          1. I’m tired of pretending a bunch of Rush Limbaugh fans know as much about viruses as the world’s leading virologists. You’re opinions are based only on resentment, not real science.

            1. Sounds like you are caught up in your own prejudices and not reading carefully. The reality is that mainstream readers do not listen to scientists and show little understanding of how propaganda works. Caitlin has written numerous pieces on this.

              My reading/listening follows major scienctists and doctors so please refrain from emotional attacks when you are not paying attention.

              Even if you do not like what a scientist says because it goes against your belief system, you need to understand that science is never settles and requires open dialogue to try and find solutions. Again, if you are not paying attention, this dialogue is missing due to censorship which is based on politics and economics and not science. This whole bruhaha of covid has been nothing but a political and economic debacle at the expense of the publics health and ability to have lives based on humanistic focus and contacts.

              1. I once saw a show on TV where they proved a house was haunted. They had experts, and special cameras and even a nerdy sceptik who relented right before the end. I never believed the house was haunted for the same reason I never believed your facebook friends know more about viruses than Dr. Fauci.

                1. I would find your comment to me very insulting except for the fact that I know you a) do not read well and b) are controlled by your fears and belief systems that defy all facts and logic. My “fb friends” as you call them are world renowned scientists who have spent decades researching and publishing in noted journals unlike Fauci who hasn’t done anything except politicize science for profit while ignoring what actual scientists are saying and demanding. Your ability to see propaganda is at ground zero I am sorry to say but you can do something about that if you have the courage.

                  1. Why is Cuba spreading US propaganda? What is their motivation?

        2. When Russia, Cuba, France, Germany, Venezuela, Nicaragua, the UK and China agree with America, but a bunch of youtube videos don’t, you’re not out of your league.

          1. You tube censors anything that resembles Truth.

      2. Question is John: Where does one find a ‘real’ scientist.
        One who hasn’t been bought, funded and taught to toe the corporate liene (sic).

        1. In Cuba. And China. And Russia. And Venezuela. And Nicaragua. And Dr.Fauci’s office.

          1. No experimental RNA there sport.
            Wait for the cancer explosion here.
            It’s coming, following the experimental gene treatments.

            1. Cancer? It is already happening and worse. The number neurological disorders that are disabling is growing massively. Heart conditions in young athletes that kill some and disable others is a major result of these drugs. RFK jr has published a long list of disease causing effects of these drugs understanding that the numbers are only about 1% of those occurring.

              Given the science that is known and the medical consequences, I am of the cynical and skeptical mind that all this was known at the beginning but these drugs were pushed on the public anyway. What does that tell us about this nefarious government and its agencies? They will kill off many while profiting in the process. They are pushing depopulation s per the Bilderberg group and the WEF Great Reset. They knew these drugs would cause infertility issues. Bill Gates has been promoting use of vaccines for population control since at least 2006 when he spoke of this on a TED talk which I heard. Then he pushed aTetanus program in Kenya which was a test run (or at least one of them) in Kenya where he gave multiple tetanus vaccines to women of child bearing age and watched the increasing number of miscarriages and infertility rise. 4 samples of the vaccine were appropriated and sent to 4 different labs for analysis. All reports came back with the same information that the drugs contained a chemical that caused infertility. I cannot imagine that information did not get incorporated into these new drugs which are clearly part of the Great Reset project.

            2. The Cubans don’t have a problem with Pfizer. Why are they covering up for Biden and Trump? What’s their motivation?

          2. I don’t know about science in Nicaragua which has been horribly assaulted by the US and I will assume you mention Fauci’s office tongue-in-cheek as all science has been tossed into the garbage with only a goal of maintaining propaganda based control tactics and money remaining.

            1. Your argument depends on Cuba’s government conspiring with the USA to trick everybody into believing a bunch of people who hate the Cuban government. No way that is true. It’s junk science vs. all the world’s governments. No contest, you are wrong.

  23. WOW, beats me why people even believe any of this shite. The folks that run the World, do so for Power and Profit. Whilst there maybe profit in manufacturing war material, a nuclear war would terminate all those sources.of profit for many years, possibly even generations. So those in power today, will no longer have that power, nor will the riches still roll in. They`ll all be powerless stuck in their bunkers underground bathing their useless riches like Scrooge McDuck. Do all you believers, really believe these folks are prepared to put themselves and their families into such a position .?

  24. WOW, beats me why people even believe any of this shine. The folks that run the World, do so for Power and Profit. Whilst there maybe profit in manufacturing war material, a nuclear war would terminate all those sources.of profit for many years, possibly even generations. So those in power today, will no longer have that power, nor will the riches still roll in. They`ll all be powerless stuck in their bunkers underground bathing their useless riches like Scrooge McDuck. Do all you believers, really believe these folks are prepared to put themselves and their families into such a position .?

  25. A number of us who value your work are beginning to wonder why covid and the vaccines aren’t addressed by you at all. Honestly, right now I’m more frightened of medical tyranny than I am of war with China which doesn’t seem all that likely, quite frankly. China isn’t going to ‘off’ it biggest customer. Nor are we going to try to destroy China who makes nearly everything Americans buy. But the vaccines? The tyranny of the mandates? Those are a much more dangerous and immediate danger than China.

  26. how many countries are we attacking or destabilizing or provoking at the moment? China, Russia, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia I think, Cuba, Afghanistan still, Yemen, the countries around the Horn of Africa, I’m probably missing a few. And every single aggression draped in the flag and freedom.

    1. oh Nicaragua of course.

      1. not that Europe matters anymore but…

  27. History always repeats itself, and it shows repeatedly that empires don’t go down without a fight. Too many vested interests, too much madness, too much stupidity and too much latent aggression.
    But empires also decay internally, victims of their own corruption – and the USA is visibly rotting.
    Also a weakened enemy is often more dangerous because it feels it has nothing left to lose. It has passed the point where it can even conceive of the possibility of not fighting – it believes it has to fight, that it can still win, that it has no choice. Total madness, and very very deadly.

  28. How much do you wanna bet that all this is going to subside once the enormous increase in the new US “defense” budget has been accepted by the Senate?
    The US Joint Chief of Staff phoning his Chinese counterpart behind Trump’s back to tell him the US didn’t want war and not to listen to what Trump said just a few months ago doesn’t fit in the scenario of an impending nuclear war since nothing has changed since then.
    As for the rest of the Western media, they just reprint what the press agencies say and the press agencies say what the Pentagon tells them to say :o)

    1. It’s horrible to realize we’ve fallen so far that Pascal’s scenario of corrupt media manipulation to juice up the “defense” budget is actually a hopeful take.

  29. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Right on, Caitlin. The U.S. is the aggressor, against both China and Russia, but pretends that it is the poor widdle victim. Just like Israel pretends to be the victim of the Palestinians, whose land they stole and whose people the Zionists continue to murder.

    1. History is full of oppressors and the oppressed. I do not condone it but merely acknowlege the fact. If we look at each situation closely we can get lost in the details instead of seeing the human dynamic at work. In a perfect world we would all live in harmony. Technology has made the world smaller allowing for a greater chance of destruction. Technology is the true enemy of mankind today. It offers ease and comfort while poisoning and destoying society at the same time. It expands and increases mankinds greed and drive for oppression and destruction. Dont hate the messenger, hate the message.

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