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We survived the nuclear horror of the cold war only to see our rulers turn around and start another one for no legitimate reason, this time against two nations simultaneously. And almost no one objected.

The first cold war was colored by a healthy fear of nuclear annihilation, by support for detente in mainstream political factions, and by an understanding that this was a situation we should ideally get ourselves out of as soon as possible. This new cold war features none of these, and is against two nuclear powers, Russia and China, instead of just one. Twice as many unpredictable moving parts. Twice as many things that can go cataclysmically wrong. And this one’s got a whole new dimension of danger in the race to put weapons in space. Our odds here are not good.

I probably won’t feel such an urgent need to keep talking about this as much once I start seeing some real sustained acknowledgement in mainstream circles that there is a very very dangerous game being played here and heroic efforts need to be made to de-escalate it. But right now there just isn’t. Everyone is asleep at the wheel. Nobody’s noticing how dangerous this nuclear tightrope walk is getting.

China is the same kind of country it was during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. All that’s changed is the level of power it has on the world stage, and therefore the threat level it poses to US planetary domination.

China is building up its military might in correct anticipation of an eventual confrontation with the US empire. The empire’s choices are now (A) abandon the goal of indefinite unipolar hegemony and pursue detente, or (B) orchestrate some kind of massive attack soon before China becomes too powerful to defeat.

I will admit to being more rude to hysterical anti-China types than I am to most people. This is partly because the agendas they’re facilitating are so dangerous, and partly because they’re often a very abrasive combination of stupid and uninformed yet arrogant and condescending. They’ve seriously got the worst low-info/high confidence ratio of any faction I’ve ever encountered.

Many Bible verses have done lots of damage over the years, but among the most destructive has been “The poor you will always have with you” from Matthew 26:11. It’s been used often to argue that poverty cannot be eliminated, which at this point in our development is simply false.

As Buckminster Fuller once said, “It is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at a higher standard of living than any have ever known. It no longer has to be you or me. Selfishness is unnecessary. War is obsolete. It is a matter of converting the high technology from weaponry to livingry.”

Allowing poverty to continue is now a choice. It’s not a choice being made by you or me or any ordinary person, but it is still a choice, being made by the drivers of global capitalism. We could eliminate it, but we don’t, and we accept this as normal because we’re brainwashed.

We could be living in a world where people collaborate with each other toward everyone’s benefit but instead we’re waiting around to find out if we’ll all die in a nuclear holocaust because some neocons convinced everyone in Washington that the US must maintain unipolar hegemony.

“How come you still write about the world like nothing’s changed since Covid?”

Because as far as my line of commentary is concerned nothing has. We’re still hurtling toward armageddon and dystopia just as I was describing before 2020, there are just new justifications and details behind some aspects of that trajectory. We’re still headed for disaster unless the people rise up and use the power of their numbers to turn us away from the trajectory toward doom, and that’s still not going to happen as long as people are being propagandized. This is all still the case just as it was in 2019.

The emotions of the Hot News Story of the Day often make it hard for people to clearly see the horrific nature of the status quo that has already been in place for a long time, the abuses of which have been far, far greater than the Covid-related ones. In terms of abusive systems held in place by propaganda and authoritarian force, the ones we had in place in 2019 dwarf the measures we’ve seen put in place since by orders of magnitude. Many just didn’t notice them because they’ve been conditioned to accept them as normal.

A big part of what I do here is try to help people see the mundane horrors of the status quo with fresh eyes. If someone was teleported here from an alternate Earth with a healthy society, they’d never stop screaming.

Leftists who spend a lot of energy conformity-policing the online left are admitting that they’re only in this for the egoic currency of social media reactions. There’s no other reason to look at our world’s problems and decide that’s the most useful expenditure of your energy. If you look at the dire straits humanity is in and then decide you’re going to spend your time and energy calling Jimmy Dore a fascist or Max Blumenthal an anti-vaxxer or whatever, you’re admitting you’re not in this to make the world better. You’re not interested in fixing this thing.

The most powerful people in our world pursue power for its own sake and do so with amoeba-like levels of wisdom and insight. Don’t attribute any higher order of decision-making capability to them than you would to any random acquaintance in your life. If anything, attribute less.

Most people are deeply unconscious and patterned. Ruling elites are no exception, and in fact they are more unconscious. It’s a common error to think of these people as rational actors; really their minds are running on autopilot in response to conditioning put in place long ago.

That’s why you’ll see them continuing policies which destroy the biosphere they depend on for survival or escalating military aggressions between nuclear powers. They’re not making cool, rational decisions, they’re acting out impulses within themselves that they don’t understand.

You’ll hear people say “They wouldn’t nuke themselves, it’s irrational” or “If the climate situation was really that bad they’d have taken drastic action long ago,” but this assumes you’re dealing with rational minds and not what are essentially neurological computer programs. Really you’re just looking at highly traumatized organisms mindlessly acting out patterns set in place much earlier in their lives to cope with distress and gain a feeling of safety and security. And virtually none of those patterns are useful for running the world in a sane way.

Any analysis which holds that elites wouldn’t do something simply because it’s not rational is an analysis which omits the important fact that, as Robert Heinlein put it, “Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.”

These people are not gods. They’re barely even humans.

You’re far from the truth if you believe the official government runs things. You’re closer to the truth if you believe unelected plutocrats and secretive agencies run things. You’re standing in the truth if you see that the self is an illusion and no one ultimately runs things.

It’s not true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; the absence of beauty is. Beauty is everywhere; it’s the natural, default state of perception. The inability to see beauty in something is the result of mental projections added onto that natural state by the beholder.


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69 responses to “Our Rulers Are Not Rational Creatures: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. > highly traumatized organisms mindlessly acting out patterns set in place much earlier in their lives

    This may be frighteningly close to the truth. Tread carefully.

  2. Some recent articles about that state capitalism and capitalist state thing.

    Btw, I don’t respect China, as a country. I really don’t. I might respect some of the people, but not the country. It’s industrial corporation. And industry, as you might know, is fundamentally about exploitation. China is incredibly guilty in many ways. They also rape the earth, quite a lot.

    And on the other hand of the same bullshit coin:

    Remember, Earth > World. Earth doesn’t need the world.

    And I’m getting these “feelings” that the Earth and the Sun is going to bitchslap the world.

  3. Very recently I commented somewhere, asking if someone could help me with manifesting a large earthquake off the western north american coast.

    And, I regret that I have to say there have only been like 15 ~5 EQs off the coast of Oregon today.

    Maybe they’re testing nukes again.

  4. If you suspect you might be living in a sociopsychopathetic society and you notice zombiedronerobosheepclones…

    I know it’s basically futile, but I’d like…play a song called Citizen. in churches, schools, in the media, on their smartphones, globally

    But I’ll just link the lyrics, so that you can reject it and continue being hypnotized, if you so like.

  5. Love your last comment on beauty and the eye of the beholder

  6. YOUR rulers. You believe in things like vaccines, you believe in THEIR collectives.

    It’s kinda ironic.

    1. To clarify, I don’t acknowledge any of them.

      The WHO, IMF, UN, WEF, etc are all fraudulent, corrupt garbage things. I don’t vote, I don’t legitimize them.

      If you legitimize them, capitulate to them, and you don’t keep supposed (invalid) authority in check, it will roll right over you.

      Industrial DEATHCULTISTS.

    2. I’ll add to that, there is basically no difference between state capitalism and capitalist state (such as china on one hand, and america on the other).

      And along with that, there’s the Ego Mob and Mob Ego duality. Where both the supporters of those supposed rulers AND the rulers are in denial, in effect, always trying to deflect. As they enable each other.

      That then, from corporate industrial principles, on either side of that dialectic.

      You will always be enslaved if you legitimize them. But often, enslavement is clearly what people want.

      Though at this point, I’m not sure if I can recognize them as people anymore…as many seem to functionally be zombiedronerobosheepclones.

      Homogenization is the BANE of creation, btw.

      But hey, those systems are anti-life, qlippothic, freemason (oh the irony) GARBAGE.

      1. Alcheminister, “I am not sure if I can recognize them as people anymore”.
        These “Rulers” of whom you speak will be delighted to hear you dehumanize other people.
        Divide and rule.
        They have succeeded, you blame the victim.
        I understand your frustration, why can they not see what is right in front of them?
        But we will never convince anyone by dehumanizing them.
        Any more than they will convince us by dehumanizing us.
        We will lead by example, or not at all.

        1. Bub, considering the dehumanizing garbage projected at me, or people like me, the censorship, ostracizing, the numerous forms of assault…because we don’t acknowledge their govt, corporate garbage, coercion, etc…uh you can think what you like about my horrible words.

          And the way those people behave, they dehumanized themselves AND dehumanize others.

          Many of them behave like cretins, maliciously, for industrial exploitation in a cult, I say it straight.

          Hypnotized zombiedronerobosheepclones.

        2. Oh, I also like that you refer to them as YOUR rulers. You might want to think about that.

          Like I said, I don’t acknowledge them.

          1. Sorry, again, just have to clarify. I was generalizing there, as I identify as an space alien from Orion.

            Which is fine, as I’d rather not be part of any of their various institutionalized collectives.

            Their various forms of “collectivism” doesn’t translate to good, decent, egalitarian.

            It translates to inherited, coopted cult-like behaviour.

            Coz if all the people behave the same, adhere to some consensus idiocy, you only need to understand one of them to control all of them.

            You must remember, consensus has nothing to do with correctness or truth.

  7. The Chinese belt and road project is the best solution I have come across to solve many of the problems facing us as a species.
    When completed it will span Eurasia and Africa with a network of high speed MagLev trains which float above the rails and consume little energy, which will be renewable generated alongside the tracks.
    It will connect 6 or 7 Billion people into one giant trading block, cheap, seamless and very fast.
    From the West coast of Ireland to the East coast of Russia, from the far North of Europe to the Southern tip of Africa, an internet of trade.
    From a nations surplus crops to homemade crafts, buyers and sellers connected through the internet and instant payment system, all on an equal footing with no trade barriers or customs checks.
    That is how you get rid of poverty and the massive inequality we experience today.
    We can all see the potential problems, but also the hope, kids able to to roam at will, seeing that people are just people where ever they go, nothing to fear.
    It is a dream, but also a plan. A plan that people are working on today. A plan that the the old order is desperately trying to derail with stories of debt traps and other nonsense, but they are the past and this is the future.
    It will drastically reduce humanities carbon footprint and best practice in any human endeavor can spread through shared experience and knowledge.
    We can stay in the past and get left behind or join the party.
    1.4 Billion Chinese have benefited so far, their near neighbors see the advantages and are joining in, trains run from The Far East to the UK, Africa senses people willing to trade in a fair manner, rather than exploit.
    It is a dream and a plan and a hope and an opportunity. We may yet survive.

    1. I once said something nearly identical to this to a family member: “people are just people where ever they go, nothing to fear.” The disheartening reply was, “Well, that’s disappointing.”

      Like, you expected them to be better? Or worse? Either way, it confirms the S.L. Clemons attributed quotation that “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

      1. Unfortunately Frank, only the smug middle class can afford to partake in the opiate of regular international travel.

        1. That does not refer exclusively to international travel. There is also a lot of prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness among rural, suburban and urban residents, even of the same state in the US, let alone between states.

          And among international travelers, perhaps those who can afford international travel are not always smug, but how you consider travelers is, of course, up to you.

          1. Bigotry and prejudice, especially among the working class, has more to do with butchered education systems, the MSM and their addiction to racial stereotyping.
            Let’s face it Frank, if the smug middle class only visit the tourist hot spots, they too, remain ignorant.

      2. Frank Thompson, When Dorothy clicked her heels and repeated
        “there is no place like home, there is no place like home”.
        She and Toto got back home to Kansas.
        But she was not the same person who left.
        Perhaps forever after she yearned for the yellow brick road.
        And encouraged her children to travel.

  8. What is sad is the people who want war think 10 million civilian casualties is an acceptable loss.

    1. Currently, there is a “war on covid”…as an example.

      Have you noticed every war on is a war on a moron? Those wars are kinda perpetual? and those supporters of those wars never win?

      Coz it’s zealous, religious militant behaviour…for industrial exploitation.

      That’s right! Because if you believe their garbage, you’re functionally enlisted as expendable fodder! How delightful.

      Check the comments in this article from January 2020 (comment button at the bottom of the page)

      Tell me how wrong I was. I even explicitly mentioned opioids in that context…and what happened? That’s right…the opioid epidemics got worse…and covid is STILL fraud, coz people are hypnotized insecure zombiedronerobosheepclones.

      But yeah, why only 10 million casualties, when it could be 7 billion? Come on, be more optimistic about the results of war.

  9. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    “Really you’re just looking at highly traumatized organisms mindlessly acting out patterns set in place much earlier in their lives to cope with distress and gain a feeling of safety and security. And virtually none of those patterns are useful for running the world in a sane way.”

    True, they are creatures of evolution like all of us, but being in the narcissistic/sociopathic personality spectrum, they will selfishly endeavour to control the environment (the earth) they inhabit at any cost. Us commoners are seen as their expendable resources and buffers against rival powers. They are the ultimate spoilt brat adult-toddlers that want the world, want the whole world, like Verruca Salt. Human breeds and cultures really aren’t that much different from a bee or ant colony, a super organism, a hive mind. Making sure our queen (monarch) is resourced, protected and able to start new and more colonies. Buzz buzz buzz!

  10. There is the plausibility discussed that Russia is already onside with the west to control China. I’d guess that China would be anticipating this possibility and taking whatever Russia says, regarding any alliance, with a large pinch of salt. It could also be a three-way power struggle, like WWII in some ways. Or, Russia could already have a western installed leadership, post break-up of the USSR? A long game to take China? Who knows until revealing moves are made? The separate Space Stations (international and Chinese) seems telling for one thing. Chinese rapid, independent and successful space exploration is also telling.

  11. Nobody ever threw me out of a job before 2020 because I wouldn’t take an experimental gene therapy. You’re minimizing the real world harms that forced clot shots (which have killed over 20,000 people now according to VAERS) and lockdowns have caused the working class. Austria has just decided to lock up the unvaccinated after Feb. 1 and compulsory boosters will be mandatory. You can continue to howl into the void about climate change and nuclear weapons but the world’s working classes are deciding what’s the most pressing battle to be fought and we are out in the streets doing it. Vaccinazis are throwing millions into poverty, inhibiting movement and speech, attacking bodily autonomy and setting up a bio-security state where resistance against capitalism will be much harder than it already is.

    1. The fact that you think any of that contradicts anything I just said kind of illustrates my point here.

      1. Caitlin, still looking for somewhere to live in Melbourne? Reply to my email if you wish to, might be able to help. Only might.

    2. I just want to mention a few things regarding that “gene therapy”.

      It’s to coopt your bodies, kinda like R&D labs, but also for further control as zombiedronerobosheepclones. I mean, control of motor function, constant tracking, etc.

      There are likely dozens, if not hundreds of vaccine concoctions (as it’s large sort of experiment of how to most effectively degenerate and control, which toxins, combinations do what).

      Most of it aimed at targeting the Blood Brain Barrier (for obvious reasons).

      Graphene oxide, for instance, when it comes into contact with blood, makes a “bio-corona” (not kidding, that’s the actual term in scientific literature, you can go search).

      Essentially, that graphene oxide, being inherently magnetic, attracks functional cellular material, such as red blood cells, and red blood cells having significant iron content then kinda collapses as a result (that is the “coronation”).

      So basically, that then aggregates larger iron oxide (magnetite) sort of structures which it hijacks from those red blood cells (clotting risks, numerous other dysfunctional effects).

      Those iron oxide structures, btw, are IDEAL for EM absorption in the 100mhz to 10ghz range (the vast majority of wireless EM). Which would make you more susceptible to influence from that EM, of course.


      But then also, IBM (very huge on the “vaccinated world” thing), very protective of the vax producers, happen to have magnetic iron oxide storage at a few atoms per bit.

      Nothing to see there.

      Those are just some of the effects. The PEG, polysorbate, ethylene stuff is also related to mechanical engineering of biological structures (through cooption/hijacking) as well as weakening the Blood Brain Barrier.

      You can go search for any of what I said here…try it.

      And those are only some of the wonderful effects of having your body possessed by kinda satanic (not the good kind) sort of institutions, corporations, entities as zombiedronerobosheepclones. There are things like carbon scaffolding, nanotubes also associated, even transceiver things. How cool is that? YOU could be a smartphone and automated.

      Coz zombiedronerobosheepclone apocalypse now is real.

      But then, maybe all of supposed science is mythical.

      Anyway, take care…


      Here’s a photo of SuperSatan, btw:

      What? You didn’t think I exist? How many times can I fool you people, tell you about it…and you choose to only believe my lies and are in denial when I tell you the truth?

  12. What we are actually dealing with is psychopaths. All ruling elites are comprised of psychopaths, and always have been throughout history. They are power-mad, war-mongering, hate-mongering, fear-mongering, manipulating, deceitful, devious, duplicitous and totally corrupt beings, and totally sadistic. In a word, Evil…… and Evil just lurves being evil!

    PS And check out Robert Kennedy Jnr’s new book: ‘The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health’

      1. I thought the above piece was from a website I came across a few years ago, and a piece that I’d read before, but I just went back to it and read it and, as such, realised that it isn’t. For example, near the end it says, in effect, Capitalism is good, and that ‘The belief that the ends justify the means; that lying, subterfuge, and the killing of innocent humans are acceptable in achieving political goals — i.e., radical Islam and leftism.’
        Anyway, I just came across an article that I definitely DID read before:'s_Trade_-_Make_Us_Believe_that_Evil_Comes_from_Others.pdf

    1. Put a struggling, working-class person, even a homeless, jobless person, in a position of power in this global capitalist system, and before long that person would be making the same decisions that the psycho plutocrats are making. Meaningful sociopolitical discussion BEGINS with that uncomfortable realization, that the problem is the SYSTEM and not the particular people currently at the top of it.

      1. Yes, some people can be corrupted by the ‘system’, but the reality is that 99.999% or more of the people you refer to would NEVER get anywhere near a position of power. And the reason psychopaths DO is precisely because they are ruthless on the one hand, and are completely devoid of integrity and a conscience on the other. I don’t believe for one second that had Jeremy Corbyn, for example, won the 2017 general election – which he came very close to doing – and become PM, that he would have been corrupted by the system, and by power, and ditto Bernie Sanders.

        And needless to say, THAT is why the PTB did whatever was necessary to make sure they didn’t. In other words, the PTB who run and control the system, will never let anyone who wants to change the system get in to a position where they can potentially do so. Ken Livingstone managed to slip through, and what did Thatcher and Co then do….. Yes, they abolished the GLC (and the other six Metropolitan County Councils who all just happened to be being run by left-wing administrations at the time). And THAT tells you all you need to know about the PTB!

        1. Afterthought: And *I* would argue that the people you refer to would want to do whatever they could to change the system if they could, precisely because they are the victims of that system.

          1. When I was coming of age, my country briefly had JFK as president. Gradually, he came to see at least a bit of what you see…before they killed him. Does the rare exception vitiate the rule or prove it? I so hope you’re right about all that latent though frustrated integrity of “the people.”

  13. We’ll have power too if we collectivize.

    1. That is actually precisely how you become a zombiedronerobosheepclone.

      Militaries, cults are collectivized.

      You go look for that power…

      Do you have the control to power your will? The will to control your power? The power to will your control?

      Their “illuminati” freemason ponzi scheme is based on that…and as with most things projected, advertised, it’s backwards.

      They tend to the ceiling of hell (from, mainly, insecurity).

      So do you tend to the ceiling of hell, or the floor of heaven?

      Because hell is a place where the ceiling keeps on getting lower.

      I do that V thing.

      1. Illuminati and freemasons scheming against us? Doesn’t that sound like every crazy right wing conspiracy you’ve ever heard?

  14. I grew up under the nuclear cloud that the first use on people produced with the bombings, unnecessary it seems so maybe just a let’s see what…, and had to learn to live with this as the cold war ‘heated up’. With the world awash in arms by 1947, old stuff soon to be outclassed before it wore out, a sabre rattling cold war with a nuclear threat was just what business and politics ordered. Lots of re-armament, lots of development money was needed and hey lots of those super expensive nuclear bombs and missiles too. $$$$$$.

    Could be much the same happening right now with the US tearing itself apart internally and losing grip internationally as such big empires inevitably do. And now the combined force of Russia and China sit in the wings the likely inheritors they hope of the top power spot after the collapse of the US grip on top dog.

    Instead of a single top dog we could end up with a very uneasy pushing and shoving like factions in the mafia after the Capo d’capo dies and no single power can grab the top spot. OR a lot more awake and thinking people worldwide call their errant criminal politicians and their masters into line and try for more co-operative world activities. There is plenty to work on to fix the mess so far created.

  15. What the Covid frenzy has done is to create another distraction as the plutocrats continue their rape and pillage of the plebs, the planet and the future of our children.
    Once the last missile has been dispatched we’ll all be traceable via the DNA in our ash, or the radioactivity in our blood.

    1. Cuba agrees with America about vaccines. Just like China, Russia, venezuela and Nicaragua. Why is Cuba creating distractions for the US pharmaceutical industry?

      1. Cuban, Russian and Chinese vaccines contain NO RNA.
        (That’s the EXPERIMENTAL part Mr Guinea Pig).
        And haven’t you heard ?
        Science is the new religion and scientists are the new priesthood.
        Just like politicians, CEO’s and billionaires, they are addicted to authority, and technological Nirvana.

        1. So get the Russian vaccine. Hopefully they won’t rape you too much.

          1. Actually no one needs a shot of chemicals to deal with any virus as they have an inbuilt immune system designed over millenia to do this job better than any human mind can conceive of.
            Strange thing that so many humans have come into existence despite all those pathogens we have been told can kill us these last 100 years or less.
            Note only in the last less than 100 years do we ‘NEED’ to have chemical intervention to survive. I wonder why?

            1. Because the scientists are right and the paranoid crackpots are wrong.

              1. John Knox are you a believer in unfailing science? Better do a lot more homework as too many faithful to unquestionable Science is the new religion and THAT FAITH is extremely dangerous.
                Are quick shots, digs or insults all you have to offer as I do not see much substance in anything from you.

  16. .
    “This new cold war features none of these, and is against two nuclear powers, Russia and China, instead of just one. Twice as many unpredictable moving parts. Twice as many things that can go cataclysmically wrong.”
    —–Using your framing here, it’s significantly worse than you imagine. A third party introduces three times as many elements as those which exist between two parties, assuming that something can go wrong, as well, between those two additional parties.
    It’s sweet to dream that humankind will awaken from the psychosis that begat everything from the Pharoahs to Hitler, Mussolini, Clinton, W. Bush, Trump, Biden… but it’s a fundamentally ludicrous proposition. Even trivial changes in the direction of an expanded consciousness take centuries. Look how long it took us to normalize the idea that slavery might—just might—be morally reprehensible.

  17. Antivaxxers are not rational creatures either, and would rather see us all die than admit they were wrong. That makes them the enemy. Ignore the death peddlers and get vaccinated everybody!

    1. John Knox. Check your facts before slandering people for acting free whatever their choice. Stand on your decision and leave others to make their own without your vitriol.

      1. You guys act like public health was just invented last year. Public health rules are as old as civilization. Nobody has a right to infect someone else with a deadly virus. Everybody has a right to be safe from selfish spreaders. Anybody who can get you killed is the enemy.

        1. Talking of which, Glenn Greenwald posted this a couple of days ago:

          To Deny the “Lab Leak” COVID Theory, the NYT and WPost Use Dubious and Conflicted Sources

        2. ‘Public health’ ?
          That’s hilarious.
          Alcoholism epidemics.
          Nicotine epidemics.
          Obesity epidemics.
          Consumerism epidemics.
          Prescription drug epidemics.
          Poverty epidemics.
          Smart phone epidemics.
          And on and on we go.

          They. Don’t. Give. A. Shit.

          1. Smart phone epidemics? Makes as much sense as any of the other crazy conspiracy nonsense you post.

            1. Yes John, smartphones have litterilly taken over the lives of so many because they now do even less thinking than they ever did before. Its called Mind Control and those who cannot even sleep without a Smarphone and go to the toilet with the thing are psychologically dependent and no longer fully functioning living entities, so effectively a drone/robot. So yes it is an epidemic of dependency.

        3. And John Knox you have unquestionable proof that without reservation viruses cause disease in most of the population?
          There are those who poison the mind so should they too be considered ‘spreaders’ from which we must be kept safe by whatever means for public safety?
          The idea that ONLY vaccines can stop a virus ‘infecting’ is a lost argument, they do not, that game is over several decades ago.

          1. I’d answer if I could figure out what you were trying to say. What are reservation viruses?

            1. John K surely you are playing word games which you seem to like doing. ‘without reservation’ that viruses cause disease …. is probably how most will and do read what I wrote.

              The pathogen theory of illness is falling apart thanks to more than 20 years of work since the human genome was decoded. It was put in question over 100 years ago – now we have even more evidence. Mainstream medicine has not caught up (average of 17 years from Lab to Clinic use is the norm) – YET.

              So the idea that one single virus if identified can be the sole cause of illness is no longer valid. Viruses constantly and endlessly mutate to be effective. So which one should be blame and kill do you think?

              Over 99% of the DNA in a human is NOT actually human DNA. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and other material far out number on a DNA count all human specific DNA. Might change a few people’s thinking about health and immunity which would be a good thing right now.

              1. Viruses only mutate when assholes don’t get vaccinated out of spite.

                1. Your ignorance is showing John Knox. Clearly you know nothing about this subject. So far you offer nothing but silly criticisms of no substance.

    2. So many of you are so contradictory in your thinking. You say dont trust government, dont trust capitalism but trust pharmaceutical companies reaping big profits and trust government that promote and enforce them. Hey guys I know I lie to you all the time but this time believe me, I am telling the truth. Your paradigm has been shifted and you are too afraid to realize it. Masks, social distancing, vaccines are all a scam to make you afraid and control you. Wake up. Go back to your roots. Dont trust anything the government promotes. Once a liar, always a liar. Instead, step back and look at their grand agenda. Wake up. I am not anti vaxx. I am anti government control.

      1. The right agrees with you completely. Especially the fascists.

    3. You are an imbecile that tries to impose. Three times will you be taken away.

      You go think there are magical phantom mythical necrophiliac particles that dictate your health status…and remember to ignore AAALLL those ACTUAL factors, toxins, deficiencies, stressors in your life…because you’re an insecure peon worried about like 17 particles representing things that don’t exist or function as claimed…from an industry of corruption and fraud.

      Your problem.

      1. What does that mean in English?

    4. You try the typical deflection and blaming others for the damage of actual poisons based on fraud…from industrial death peddlers.

      Is that insecurity?

      “Le verdict ne vient pas d’un coup, le processus lui-même se transforme petit à petit en verdict”

      Just a hint from Deathspell Omega.

    5. Evidence, evidence. Where’s your evidence? Simple reality is a Claim without the supporting evidence FAILS.

    1. FG The link appears to be a sign in for yahoo email. I’m not sure which article it is you wanted to link to, but you need to go on their website and copy and paste the link from the actual page.

  18. A world without the Seppo Oligarchs. I dream.

  19. A world with the Seppo Oligarchs. I dream.

  20. True, Russia and China are acting “in correct anticipation of an eventual confrontation” which is being forced down their throats day and night, relentlessly. It would be insane for them not to react in exactly that manner. A Bible verse that can be of comfort to those who speak truth to power (while under siege/while being targeted, etc.): Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

  21. Agreed. Rich and powerful people hiding behind banks, corporations, govt, wars, media etc are in control and manipulating most of the systems we deal with every day to serve their own interests. They are like addicts for MORE money, power & control and show no sign of being able to stop themselves to the detriment of all.

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