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It’s an especially dumb day for anti-China propaganda. The Biden administration has imposed trade restrictions on 34 Chinese institutions on the unsubstantiated allegation that they are developing “brain control weaponry“, a claim the mass media have been all too happy to uncritically pass on to the public. Between that and the ridiculous reporting on Russian Havana Syndrome ray guns it’s like they’re literally trying to get everyone to wear tinfoil hats.

Then there’s the Tucker Carlson guest who just told Carlson’s massive audience that the US military needs to be full of “Type A men who want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls.” It’s highly disturbing how much the mass media have been talking about war with China like it’s a foregone conclusion lately, almost as though they’re working to normalize that horrifying idea.

There’s also this new article for The Hill, hilariously titled “‘Allies’ China and Russia are ganging up on America”, about how the poor widdle US empire is being bullied by mean old Xi and Putin’s increasingly tight-knit collaboration. It is authored by Gordon Chang, who has been wrongly predicting the imminent collapse of China for decades, and is plainly absurd because the Moscow-Beijing alignment is in reality nothing other than the natural consequence of two nations realizing the need to work together against the globe-spanning power structure that is trying to bully them into submission.

The US military budget has once again increased despite the US ending a war this year, and despite its facing no real threats from any nation to its easily-defended shores. The increase has been largely justified by the need to “counter China” and includes billions in funding for the ongoing construction of long-range missile systems on the first island chain near the Chinese mainland, explicitly for the purpose of threatening China. One need only imagine what would happen if China began constructing a chain of long-range missile systems off a US coastline to understand who the actual aggressor is between these two powers.

In reality, concern trolling from the western political/media class about things China is doing both internationally and domestically has pretty consistently been about actions that China has taken in response to aggressions from the US and its allies. Such concern trolling is generally framed as opposition to alleged human rights abuses and the need to protect China’s neighbors from “Chinese aggression”, but in reality it’s done to facilitate the agenda to make China weaker and smaller by any means necessary.

The actual source of tensions between the US and China never actually has anything to do with “human rights” or “protecting” anyone; that’s just the narrative overlay pinned on top of the actual agenda. The actual source of those tensions is always the fact that it is in the US empire’s interests to make China smaller and weaker and it is in China’s interests to be big and strong. The US resolved after the fall of the Soviet Union to prevent the rise of any other rival superpower, and all of the grievances we see aired about alleged Chinese abuses are really just justifications for aggressions geared toward undermining, subverting, threatening, out-maneuvering and balkanizing China to make it weaker and smaller.

Pretty much everything China gets slammed for by the imperial media is actually a response to western aggressions, whether you’re talking about Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, territorial disputes over borders or ocean waters, or domestic authoritarianism. The US is consistently the aggressor, and China is consistently responding defensively to those aggressions.

Only an absolute moron would believe the US and its allies actually care about Muslims in Xinjiang after they just spent the last two decades slaughtering Muslims by the millions in their post-9/11 wars of aggression. The propaganda narratives focus on human rights, but the real reason is that Xinjiang is a very geostrategically valuable region that US imperialism would benefit from carving away from China, and Beijing would benefit from keeping. Take this excerpt from a 2017 SBS article about China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to illustrate (emphasis mine):

An example of one significant BRI project that has multiple purposes is the creation of an overland route from Xinjiang in China’s far west through Pakistan to its deep water Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea. US$54 billion of infrastructure is planned for this stretch, despite some of the route passing through territory disputed by India and Pakistan.


This route gives China cargo overland access to the Arabian Sea, will spur investment in Xinjiang, and opens up a new route into China for energy imports from the Middle East – a route that is not vulnerable to US maritime power like its east coast sea lanes.

When Uyghur separatist groups began inflicting acts of terror with the goal of driving the Chinese government out of Xinjiang and creating their own state, Beijing had essentially three choices:

  1. To engage in a US-style campaign of mass military slaughter against these groups until they were defeated,
  2. To allow a violent uprising of what would inevitably become western-backed jihadists as they had just seen in Libya and Syria carve away a geostrategically crucial part of China to be exploited by the US and its allies, or
  3. To find some alternative to 1 and 2.

Beijing went with option number three, and the alternative it found was the aggressive deradicalization campaign it ended up implementing and the re-education facilities it has been so widely criticized for. This move would surely have entailed many of the abuses you’d expect from a mass-scale police action and dramatic escalation of authoritarian policies, but claims that it constituted “genocide” have been soundly discredited by independent research groups and by members of the public using publicly available information, while the most egregious allegations of abuse have been shown to be subject to manipulation and riddled with major plot holes.

You can criticize Beijing for how it went about its dilemma in Xinjiang all you want, but it was plainly universes less draconian than the US approach of killing millions and displacing tens of millions in its barbaric “war on terror”. And unlike the “war on terror”, Beijing’s approach actually worked, which even western media have been forced to grudgingly concede as tourism surges in Xinjiang.

The west has understood for a very, very long time that it needs to keep China weak and small to retain supremacy. That’s why so many narratives revolve around “liberating” (balkanizing) parts of China from Beijing. Here’s a Winston Churchill quote from over a century ago:

I think we shall have to take the Chinese in hand and regulate them. I believe that as civilized nations become more powerful they will get more ruthless, and the time will come when the world will impatiently bear the existence of great barbaric nations who may at any time arm themselves and menace civilized nations. I believe in the ultimate partition of China—I mean ultimate. I hope we shall not have to do it in our day. The Aryan stock is bound to triumph.

This pattern of working to make China weaker and smaller is the same with Hong Kong, where the US was actively working to facilitate the balkanization of that area before Beijing shut down its interventionist operations. It’s the same with Taiwan, which has served as a US proxy for decades, has previously housed US nuclear weapons, is currently hosting US troops, is the subject of an astonishingly virulent western propaganda campaign, and plays a major role in US geostrategic interests.

It’s the same with the militarization of the South China Sea. Xi Jinping had been offering a mutual demilitarization of the sea, and instead Obama ramped up tensions with the still-ongoingpivot to Asia” which has seen a continuous buildup of US and allied military activity in the area. As former UN Security Council President Kishore Mahbubani explained in an interview last year:

“I quote a former American ambassador to China, Stapleton Roy, who told me, ‘Kishore, when Xi Jinping made an offer to demilitarize the South China Sea, America should have grabbed that offer and agreed to stop all our military activities in the South China Sea. That would have pushed the Chinese out.’ Of course, the Americans would be out too. But the South China Sea is much more important to China than it is to America. If America steps out, the Chinese military steps out. And that’s a win for America, right? Instead, the U.S. Navy responded by sending naval vessels. So Xi said, ‘Okay. You reject my offer. So be it.’”

It’s the same even with the authoritarian domestic policies for which China is frequently criticized by the western world. We learned in a recent Bloomberg article that US spies are finding it hard to conduct operations against the Chinese government because its strict policies make it impossible for them to function.

“CIA officers in China face daunting challenges posed by China’s burgeoning surveillance state, which has blanketed Chinese cities with surveillance cameras and employs sophisticated facial recognition software to track threats,” claim the article’s authors.

Bloomberg explains that China’s anti-corruption measures have made it much harder to recruit CIA assets, writing, “Xi’s broad anti-corruption campaign, which has punished more than 1.5 million officials, has also led to greater scrutiny of Chinese officials’ income, making payments to potential sources far more problematic, two former officials said.”

“Those efforts were detailed extensively in 2017 by the New York Times, which said as many as a dozen U.S. sources were executed by China, with others jailed, in what represented one of the worst breaches ever of American spying networks,” the article also notes.

As John Pilger documented in his prescient “The Coming War On China“, the US has been surrounding the PRC with military bases and weaponry, building a “noose” around that nation which now includes the aforementioned long-range missile systems currently under construction through the first island chain. If any foreign power were doing this to the United States it would be considered an act of war, and war would be declared immediately, but it somehow never enters westerners’ heads that China could be the one who is responding defensively to an aggressor.

None of this means that China is run by innocent little girl scouts who never do anything wrong, it just means it’s clearly not the aggressor in these conflicts, and that the picture we are presented with in the western empire’s frenzied campaign to manipulate public thought about China is not based in reality. The propaganda campaign is so pervasive and forceful that even people who are aware it’s happening still commonly fall for its lies and distortions just because there’s so much of it coming from so many different directions.

The propaganda campaign against China is not going to go away; it’s going to get far louder, crazier, and more aggressive. With each new shrill narrative that comes up, research it with the question “How is this geared toward making China weaker and smaller?” in mind. You’ll find something there every time.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s no good reason nations can’t collaborate with each other toward the common good instead of squandering all their energy and resources in this insane struggle of US hegemonic conquest. The word “detente” never enters into mainstream discourse because it does not serve the interests of the western imperialists who rule us, but it does serve everyone else, infinitely more than pouring fortunes into cold war brinkmanship and flirting with the prospect of world war between nuclear-armed nations.

Detente is what’s needed. But in order for that to happen the US empire is going to have to stop aggressing, and it’s going to have to stop lying.


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39 responses to ““Chinese Aggression” Is Just China Responding To US Aggression”

  1. Not sure this got through. I would like to support your work by donating lump sum amounts but Patreon only accepts monthly payments. Is there some way to contribute a lump sum?

  2. Caitlan, I would like to support your work with lump sum payments but patreon only takes monthly amounts. Is it possible to make lump sum contributions to support your website?

    1. make a monthly payment and cancel next month

  3. Here is the most important question of all. Just exactly WHAT do people do after they’re all woke up — pick up a gun?; guillotine some VIPs?; march hand in hand down Penn. Ave. forever and demand, demand, demand that the Elite behave better, or else? (or else WHAT?)
    Here’s what you are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why.

    1. When does the repetition of a message, however important it may be, fall to the level of spam indistinguishable from that which floods our video screens and cell phones? Doesn’t this excellent blog of Caitlin’s deserve to be spared such endless regurgitation, especially when virtually no one who reads it or comments on it has any affection whatsoever for the American political duopoly? I tend to think that Jimmy Dore would agree with me.

      1. First your “sound” wasn’t working and now this.

        1. Sound still isn’t working. But my eyes do. Can’t you make your point, with which I largely agree, in varying ways, coming from different angles? Variety, as the old saying goes, is the spice of life. And is not rote repetition–hammering the same message over and over again–the favorite tool of the propagandists we both despise?

  4. zbigniew dzwonkowski Avatar
    zbigniew dzwonkowski

    That is funny-stupid thing about USA… they have free will to do many things they like to do… sometimes they succeed , sometimes not…. But they deny others to express their free will worldwide ….

    1. Your comment is crisp and perspicuous. Well done.

  5. 5,430,084 civilian deaths since the Korean War !

    Probably add another 5 million or so to that number !

    Maimed and displaced – generational birth defects from chemical weapons – would be in the 10s of millions !

    Russia lost up to 70 million under the Bolsheviks and another 27 million in WW2 !

    ALL the same banking cartel are responsible !


  6. Washington’s condemnation of Beijing’s development of Xinjiang province is absolutely risible, especially considering its own much darker history of “how the West was won” and what was done to the native Americans as a consequence. The Uyghurs are not yet a vanishing relict population limited to living on the most barren resource-free land available, essentially the equivalent of wildlife reserves called reservations. With the great benevolent USA it’s always “do what I say, not what I do.” Washington assumes it has the right to micromanage the affairs of every nook and cranny many thousands of miles from what it now calls the “homeland,” but neither Russia nor China is to be allowed free reign within its own borders unless it suits the exceptional hegemon.
    With the numbers of claims presently being made against Russia for causing “Havana syndrome,” not only overseas but within our very country, you would think that more than a few Russian secret agents carrying and aiming their special ray guns at targeted American citizens would have been spotted and even captured by now, but, so far, nothing but crickets on that front. It can’t be easy to track a target all over creation and keep him in your sights without being noticed by someone in the crowd–probably trackers tracking the trackers. No rationale offered as to why so many “nobody” functionaries would be targeted either. If they aimed one at Biden would they risk actually zapping (what’s the technical term?) some sense into him? If the Russians actually possess such weapons it would usually mean the USA has 10-fold more and uses them extensively.
    After existing now for three quarters of a century under the secure embrace of purported American freedom and democracy I find very few, if any, of the platitudes and historical narratives they taught me in elementary and secondary school to have ever been true. The longer one lives the larger the disappointment and sense of betrayal becomes. We the People have largely served as no more than an exploitable resource to the elite insiders, sort of like those in the Matrix primarily existed to provide “energy” for the machine overlords. To those elites, entire countries of over a billion people do not warrant or possess any personal agency either. All of this is just here for their own amusement.

  7. If you think restrictions, lockdowns, mandates and internal passports are a problem, you ain’t seen nothin yet:

  8. China is very pissed now and rightly so !
    Shenzhen TV: On December 13 EST, the New York Times cited a senior Pentagon official as saying that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved two senior commanders’ recommendations that no US military personnel will be punished over the drone strike in Kabul that killed 10 civilians. Do you have any comment?

    Wang Wenbin: The US troops’ atrocity of killing civilians in Afghanistan is unacceptable. It is all the more outrageous that the US exonerates the perpetrators with impunity on various grounds. 

    While the US talked about “democracy” and “human rights” at the “Summit for Democracy”, the innocent Afghan people who were gunned down by the US military were brushed aside and their families had no place to complain about their grievances. This is the harsh reality brought to the world by the so-called “democracy” and “human rights” advocated by the US. 

    We condemn the brutal military intervention by the US in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria in the name of “democracy” and “human rights”. We call on the international community to look into the US military’s war crimes of killing innocent civilians around the world and hold it accountable. 

    Justice may be delayed, but it will not be denied. The era in which the US acted arbitrarily in the world under the pretext of so-called “democracy” and “human rights” is over. The day of reckoning will eventually come for the US military who committed the crimes of killing innocent civilians in many countries.
    China’s top diplomat said similar right to Anthony Blinken and his purple-haired assistant’s face on US soil back in March.

    Keep in mind as you watch this all unfold that our globalist overlords sent all our factories to China and built their country up in order to make huge profits for themselves off cheap labor.

    China played the long game and acted for decades like they were on board with serving the liberal world order only to make a massive turn over the past year under President Xi and declare their independence.

    George Soros labelled Xi “the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world” in August and China fired back by labelling him a “global economic terrorist” who is “the son of Satan.”

    Xi has been cracking down on every element of the liberal world order used to subvert his society and telling his people to ” ‘discard their illusions’ about having an easy life and ‘dare to struggle’ to protect the country’s sovereignty and security.”

  9. As of 2017, the United States had conducted 392 foreign military interventions since 1880. The United States has also been at war over 92 percent of the time since its founding,

  10. As long as government owned media like Australia’s ABC, Britain’s BBC, US’s PBS and commercial Drainstream media keep spewing out the hate propaganda against China and Russia, the conniving, cunning, cruel and callous oligarchs will wallow in their own ocean of money and putridity.

  11. I was going to argue with you until I came across your comment that “none of this means that China is run by innocent little girl scouts.” I am old enough to have lived through a few war frenzies, without having ever had to go to fight in them myself; and it seems to me that there comes a point at which what you might call the Establishment decides that there is going to be a war, and from then on, any lie about the enemy must be unchallenged, and rational public discussion of the pros and cons of the war is banned. The media love to be part of this, which is no more than is to be expected of people like them.
    As I understand it, evolution takes place not only by natural selection of one individual against another in a breeding community, but by the clash of varieties of a species when they come into contact. In our species, there are two major centres of evolutionary change, one vaguely in northern Europe and the other in China. People migrate out of these centres and replace and destroy less advanced races elsewhere. I gather that intense agriculture in very closely packed populations leads to severe internal selection in China. I am not quite sure what it was that gave northern Europeans such as the Russians and the Vikings their edge.
    What is important in the long run is not military success as such, but reproductive success, which becomes apparent in the replacement of less advanced races by more advanced ones. Military success often carries with it the seeds of its own destruction, as it did for the Romans and seems to be doing for the Americans. It did for the Germans and Japanese in the twentieth century, too.
    Of course, modern technology is throwing all sorts of new factors into the mix, and the reported decline in sperm counts may very well mean that there will soon be no need for advanced varieties to kill out less advanced ones. Also, the Chinese have been deceived by the Americans into limiting their population by means of the “one child” policy, and they may have gotten out of the habit of having children by now. So the future is still unpredictable.
    In the meantime, military moves and economic ones may still overturn the present look of the world at any time.

    1. Much insight in your observations and speculations, and thank you for them, but I would counterintuitively add to your suggestions of what might change “the present look of the world” (military and/or economic moves) an existential one blindsiding us from emerging science: overwhelming evidence of an afterlife profoundly affected by one’s personal and social ethics. Blow away materialism in the philosophical sense, as in positivist reductionism, and you also blow away materialism in the socioeconomic sense, as in neoliberal capitalism.

  12. China’s BRI and the 140 nations that have signed onto it will end the Rothschilds banking monetary cartel !
    THAT’S what this is about !

    Thucydides TRAP !

  13. While it enjoyed wide bipartisan support in both the House and Senate, Congress’ bill faced pushback from lobbyists for major corporations including Nike, Coca-Cola and Apple. They argued the sanctions would severely impact production of their products and would negatively effect the economy.Globally, one in five cotton-based garments are made from cotton grown in Xinjiang. The region is also known for supplying large amounts of polysilicon, which is used in smartphones and solar panels.

    From an OAN article.

  14. “But in order for that to happen the US empire is going to have to stop aggressing, and it’s going to have to stop lying”.
    Good luck with that! :o)
    Pale Faces have a forked tongue. ain’t nuffin’ we can do about it. It’s in the DNA, in the jeans (genes?) As to aggressing, a mass-shooting a week doesn’t exactly send a message of hope. Nor does the fact that autism is growing out of all proportions in the US, produced by chemicals which are also spreading out of all proportions. As if their politicians and military were not autistic enough as it is…
    Given the chance, sooner or later they’ll blow the planet out without a second thought. At least, that’s something we can be sure of! On the bright side, the rest of the planet – like the dolphins and the whales – won’t miss us much, I don’t think.
    Anyway great article and extraordinary documentary by John Pilger.
    Thanks for both.

  15. Thank you for calling it for what it is.

  16. US Empire hate for China is hysterical.

    “If you hate a person , then you are defeated by them” – Confucius.

  17. I just read on Andrei Martyanov’s blog the Arizona Representative Mr Gallego said sunday on CNN.
    “Maximum deterrence means we have to kill some Russians, they only understand pure power”
    He was speaking in the Ukraine.
    Now I read these throne of skulls remarks.
    I am lost for words.
    Thank you Caitlin Johnstone, a sane voice in the madness.
    Peace to you and yours.

  18. “Only an absolute moron would believe the US and its allies actually care about Muslims in Xinjiang”

    Yes, because only a moron would believe the US people actually know that there are even Muslims in China.

    I don’t believe Muslims in China have been mentioned on ‘The Bachelorette’ or in ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ yet and I would not hold my breath expecting they will be. The American public are a flock of compliant sheep drunk with Dunning-Kruger Effect delusions that make them think they got smart watching FOX news. When it comes to politics Americans are as dumb as a rock.

    It really is not fair to accuse the American people of not caring about Muslims in Xinjiang. They do not know about them. Americans think Free Trade is about freedom for christsake. They have no idea that it really creates zones of slave labor and ‘free’ only applies to money. Do Americans know Mexican workers can’t strike? No they do not. Catlin, you assign adult responsibility to adult children and that is inappropriate. You ask more than they can give.

    1. Several of my favorite PRC sociopaths are Hui women, who’d dumped Islam like a hot potato, back in the Glorious Cultural Revolution (and were fulminating Ayn Rand libertarians, way before Tiananmen Square). Nah, all of 40 Rock would be squealing like pigs to nuke the evile yurt- dwelling, horse milk fermenting, iPhone building hordes, IF they’d ever tried Tingly Lamb Face Salad or discovered niobium or lithium (or watched sassy girls, bow hunting from horseback, with friggin eagles?)

  19. It’s the crappy and frightening actions of my government that, for the first time, makes me glad that I am getting old. Physically, not mentally. I may not live to feel the consequences of action by Washington, D.C., The Pentagon, the CIA, the mainstream (cowardly) news and worse. But, assuming that climate change does not end our species, I fear for the futures of my son, his wife and my grandchildren – and yours.

    1. I’m with you, Harry, both in not wanting to hang around this world too much longer and also in fearing for my grandchildren…all children. If it were only the bastards in charge that were the problem, an evil cabal of SOBs “the people” might somehow rise up against and overthrow, that would be one thing, daunting enough. But I have lost my faith in “the people” themselves. I so hoped that Covid would bring us together, but it has divided us even more.

  20. ‘Type A men’ who want to sit on a throne of Chinese skulls have a range to choose from without military threats, let alone action. See, for example,

  21. Have those who are beating their drums for a conflict with China considered that it will mean that when Americans walk into their local Walmart the shelves will be empty? Do they not realize that when Americans walk into their local pharmacy with a prescription for an antibiotic it will not be filled?

    1. Do you even believe the average American is aware of any of this ???
      Everything that is happening today, is far above their mental capacity, it simply does not occur to them. Mind you, very similar circumstances also apply to Australia.

  22. Wasn’t it U.S. policy for years to export the bulk of American manufacturing to China? American citizens were to sustain themselves via the service industry; the elite in the FIRE sectors, the masses in delivering packages and serving hamburgers to each other. Is it any wonder that China has gotten stronger and more prosperous, while the U.S. has declined? Yet Americans are still too dumb and propagandized to see the obvious. The U.S. made its bed and now it must lie in it, throwing as many childish sabre-rattling fits as it wants.

    1. It’s even worse than that. Transfering manufacturing to China is one thing, but no one mentions those manufacturing facilities were highly technological advanced facilities, which American companies refused to upgrade in the U.S. leaving their old redundant facilities to rust and fall apart. So not only is the manufacturing moved to China, but the facilities to manufacture stuff is also brand spanking new and update thereby making the production so much cheaper and more efficient. All of this was done WILLINGLY by the very same CEO’s who received billions in salaries and even shares in those companies. I often wonder how many of them are sitting in Congress today spewing the anti China rhetoric. Yet despite all that, companies in the U.S. are still transfereing production to China, for example all American brand COOPERS tires for SUV’s and 4 X 4’s are all manufactured in China. Export of these tires from the U.S. has ceased entirely.

      1. And the west was doing business with the USSR all along. America’s jets needed materials from there. In a weird way, Russia made the cold war possible. Same with natural gas, Europe was buying it from Russia all through the Soviet era, but now act afraid of a new pipeline. True story.

    2. The US empire was lost when it exported manufacturing to China.

  23. Dear Caitlin
    Here You have some red Hearts from Denmark. ❤️❤️❤️
    Best wishes from Bo

  24. What is “brain control weaponry“? The ability to convince 95% of the world that “China and Russia are ganging up on America.” What is “brain control weaponry“? The ability to get 95% of the world to be shocked and repulsed “by China’s burgeoning surveillance state” – not by the “burgeoning surveillance state” revealed through Edward Snowden. What is “brain control weaponry“? The ability to warp 95% of the minds of the earth’s population into seeing clear “act[s] of war” as only coming from those targeted for annihilation, nuclear or otherwise. Yes, “Detente is what’s needed.” But, with all these exponential successes of altruistic “brain control weaponry“ who would believe that would ever even have a chance of taking place?

  25. I saw this story on RT a few minutes before reading this. I was reminded of how the war departments create lethal poisons so that they can figure out how to protect their warriors from the effects. And, methods of torture are developed so that they can figure out how to steel their warriors against them. Here we have the US objecting to somebody else developing brain-control methods, likely as a way to figure out how to protect their populace from them, because they don’t want others to be able to stand up against the US brain-control methods. US projection is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.

  26. Western democracies are very very contradictory. America outsources everything to China, becomes their biggest customer then threatens sanctions to stop products to America. The EU becomes dependant on Russian Gas and then threatens their supplier. Insanity.

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