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Twitter has banned the account of controversial virologist Dr Robert Malone, who reportedly had half a million followers at the time of his removal. Malone is credited even by mainstream critics as having played a significant role in the development of the mRNA technology being used for Covid-19 vaccines today, but has recently come under fire for comments about the safety of those vaccines’ use on children which the Authorized Fact Checkers have labeled “dangerously and flagrantly incorrect.

Everyone should oppose the removal of Malone and commentators who share his views, regardless of whether they agree with them or vehemently despise them. The reason for this is very simple: only a fool would support government-tied monopolistic billionaire corporations regulating public discourse about Covid responses which affect us all. This is true regardless of what you personally happen to believe about mRNA vaccines.

Arguments that Malone and his ilk are peddling “misinformation” have no bearing on the question of whether they should be removed from the platforms everyone uses to debate ideas and discuss information. It is entirely legitimate to make arguments that their claims are inaccurate, but it is not at all legitimate to claim that platforms which large sectors of humanity have come to rely on for public discourse should interfere with or obstruct those conversations.

Even if we were to accept unconditionally the position that people should be banned from such platforms if they are posting “misinformation”, who exactly do we imagine would be determining whether something is misinformation or not? Will we be consulting some impartial, agendaless, omniscient demigod through some sort of crystal ball or magical rune portal? Or would we in fact be relying on flawed human beings looking at the information through the lens of their own cognitive biases, agendas, perceptual distortions and knowledge limitations?

I ask because historically what these giant Silicon Valley corporations have been doing to determine who gets to have a voice and who doesn’t is working in consultation with think tanks funded by governments and the military-industrial complex like the Atlantic Council and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, as well as working with the US government directly to an increasingly intimate degree. This fact is devastating to the popular argument that these are merely private corporations enforcing their Terms of Service, since they are becoming inseparably interwoven with government power. In a corporatist system of government, corporate censorship is state censorship.

Public discourse is consolidated on these gigantic platforms to such an extent that getting your ideas heard by a large number of people requires participation in them, and now they are determining how issues of such immense political importance as government pandemic responses may be discussed, and doing so in increasingly intimate collaboration with the most powerful governments on earth.

These restrictions on public discourse about the way human civilization responds to Covid-19 were first normalized in 2020 by the deplatforming of weirdos like David Icke for conspiracy theories linking coronavirus symptoms to 5G, and that normalization has continued to metastasize so far over the last year and a half that it’s now considered perfectly acceptable for these platforms to ban a popular scientific researcher whose work helped develop mRNA vaccines for expressing his scientific opinion about them.

Humanity is a mess. We’re dealing with so many deep, deep problems and facing so many existential hurdles in our immediate future, and it’s clear that the people in charge aren’t going to navigate us through them with any degree of skill. This means we’re going to have to figure things out as a collective, and we’re not going to be able to do that if we’re forbidden from communicating with each other in ways the powerful don’t approve.

Certainly allowing human speech to flourish unrestricted would mean a lot of people saying things that we disagree with, and even saying things that are objectively and demonstrably wrong. But the alternative is allowing speech to be controlled by the same power structure which saw fit to invade Iraq, which is currently committing genocide in Yemen and pushing us toward direct military confrontation with Russia and China. Government-tied oligarchic megacorporations are among the very last institutions who should be in charge of worldwide political discourse.

The future of humanity depends on our ability to bring light to the darkness, to bring awareness to that of which we are not aware. As with individual awakening, a collective awakening will necessarily be sloppy, clumsy, and full of confrontation and awkward conversations. But it’s the only way we can begin working our way toward becoming a species whose actions are based on truth rather than untruth, on consciousness rather than unconsciousness. Until that happens, we will necessarily continue along our self-destructive trajectory.


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117 responses to “Silicon Valley Should Not Restrict Public Discourse About Covid Measures Which Affect Everyone”

  1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    Dr Robert Malone is suss, CIA….. Likely a honey trap of sorts to identify the truely informed and outspoken.

  2. Well over 80% of humanity happens to have already survived ‘catching the flu’ (even extra special versions of the flu) since the dawn of time, without any needles or surgeons masks whatsoever.
    Nobody at all should try to censor this obvious, and physically visible, fact.

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      But, but, but no needles means states can’t secretly inject people with all those other bonus extras they deem ‘necessary evils’ for ‘national security’.

  3. Same goes for her. It’s a Voltaire moment, and I hope we can all understand that we need to protect her rights as fervently as do we others.

    1. Especially in view of the newest post from The Lancet.

      Peeling the onion step by step.

  4. Happy New 2022 Year to all! Remember one last thing CDC did last year is to say “avoid cruises” – with or without vaccinations. LOL, is that an admission that COVD vaccines are “as good as” no vaccine?
    Can’t say more or will get blocked!
    “Cruises should be avoided regardless of vaccination status, CDC says”

  5. … last @%#$&÷€
    £€*+;=????!!!!…….maybe a collective dmz….just to be civilized…….

  6. …….cdc says one thing…..mrna does another…..fbi watches over….cia makes a move…..dyi is the norm…byob and thc are the lubricants….ok …shop around….lsd…..dmt….still figuring out the abc?……the 123?…..still figuring……lol!……omg!…..covid………vote pc……or qt….or…moab….there you go…..or….meet jc in the icu…..yes….icu….and….me2 in the collective effort to pull what’s left of humanity’s head out of humanity’s ass….xyz….the final mandate….the end….of alphabeeeeet to death……….soup….same as the old….but happy new year!… well, be kind……….beware……..

  7. I tried to point someone to the video that caused the ban on the Independent Newspaper comment section (the video clarifies Pfizers own data on their own trial). I said “search for More Harm Than Good” on Bitchute” and my comment was automatically removed by the Independent’s software! I tried other variations and they were removed automatically too :-O In the end I tried ” check out Em Arr En Ay on bit shoot” and it got through. But I was shocked at the depth of narrative management. It will soon be necessary to use secret codes to point to scientific articles. I think a simple shift cipher would probably fool the software for now – but how ridiculous! Caitlin is bang on target to highlight narrative management as the biggest problem.

  8. Nature has a way of correcting itself. Too many deer and not enough resources results in mass starvation or migration to better licale. Human nature works the same way. The Mayans died out for the most part. Same problem, too many people not enough resources. Our existential problems will resolve themselves as well. We will kill each other and starve to restore earths balance.

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      Australia was at population homeostasis approx’ pre-2000. Before the government decided to open the immigration flood gates once again. Just shows natural homeostasis is possible via basic economic security, education standards and some of the most ‘livable cities in the world’, when there is political will involved.

  9. He produced not a scintilla of evidence/ proof to support his claim hence why his only retort was ad hominem. Do try harder!!

  10. What sort of a lopsided Covid world are we in? Politicians and Police giving medical advice. Doctors and their union, the AMA, giving economic advice. Keeping Covid out by closing borders – a line drawn on maps?
    Big Pharma assuring everyone no matter what it is, they have it covered? At an ever increasing price?

    1. And… Fauci interviewed on TV about vaccine mandates to board a plane saying there’s no real science behind that but who cares because the idea is to vaccinate as many people as possible and New York Health Commissioner Mary Bassett saying that they lied to parents to get their children vaccinated because what’s important is to vaccinate children. We don’t really know why. It’s become a “given” now. Gotta be obvious to you in spite of the fact that the very double-jabbed and boosted Mary Bassett has just tested positive to Covid according to governor Hochul and that the vaccine has killed more healthy children so far than the virus. The only certitude we can have is that each jab drops twenty bucks in Big Pharma’s kitty which can then be used for campaigning kickbacks, saving individual donors a lot of hard-earned dollars as campaigns are getting increasinly expensive. Why don’t they just explain that instead of… Oops, sorry… dumb question :o)

      1. Pascal writes “that the vaccine has killed more healthy children so far than the virus.” While he likely has links to “support” this statement, it’s precisely language like this which triggers the closing down of internet accounts and websites. Caitlin is running a risk in allowing such commentary on her blog, and certainly she knows it. That’s courage on her part, a passionate commitment to free speech, but it’s foolishness on the part of those doing such commenting. There’s so much vital stuff to talk about other than Covid– looming threats of nuclear war and ecocide, the persecution of Julian Assange and others, the war in Yemen and elsewhere, the overall insanity of the exceptional nation and the way of life it forces down our throats, etc. What a shame it would be to lose this blog over incendiary, irresponsible language about a dangerous topic that no one, from leading epidemiologists to people on the street, has even begun to fully understand.

        1. I guess you haven’t noticed that every aspect of life has been impacted by this “dangerous topic” you speak of. You say no one has even begun to fully understand it, but how do you expect people to understand it if it can’t be debated and we are only fed propaganda?
          I think people are starting to understand that it is not remotely what we are being told and the more that is revealed, the better. You can continue talking about “other stuff” till you’re blue in the face, but as long as this madness goes on, all that “other stuff” will continue too.

        2. Newton: nobody stops you from making polite conversation about “looming threats of nuclear war and ecocide, the persecution of Julian Assange and others, the war in Yemen and elsewhere” if you think it’s gonna change anything in the DOD, the DOJ or in Yemen (and elsewhere). But virtue-signalling about what truths should and should not be said about Covid is well beyond the limits of extravagance.

          If you think that children being harmed and dying more from a vaccine they don’t need than from the virus itself at a time when entitled authorities are hellbent on vaccinating all children even if they have to lie to parents to do so is something to be taken lightly, I’m sorry but you’re part of the problem, mate! And if you ever meet one of these previously healthy dead children’s parents, good luck to explain your position!

          1. I’ll remind you to boot that Caitlin’s title for today’s article is “Silicon Valley Should Not Restrict Public Discourse About Covid Measures Which Affect Everyone”. Does anything suggest to you that she expressly limits that observation to Silicon Valley?

            1. Had Caitlin claimed to know what you think you know, that parents are being misled to kill their children, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, at least for very long. Yes, Caitlin deplores this kind of censorship, but she speaks against it on principle, avoids making inflammatory statements which might trigger the very thing she deplores. We, who should recognize our own ignorance and confusion about Covid, would do well to follow her lead.

        3. Caitlin doesn’t talk about covid; she talks about propaganda. Being cowed into silencing debate on
          her blog is exactly what this article is arguing against!

          1. Newton: I’m sorry to say that you have a very devious mind. I never wrote that “parents are being misled to kill their children”. How can you even write something like that while everybody can check that this is not true and you pass for the bloody liar that you are – on top of a control freak for having the nerve to tell folks what they should and shouldn’t write on a site that’s not even yours. I wrote that “they lied to parents to get their children vaccinated because what’s important is to vaccinate children”. And then I pointed out further on that the vaccine has killed more healthy children than the disease. It’s a fact that no healthy child died of Covid. Very few children did and they all had comorbidities but according to the official data in the link I posted above, the Covid vaccine has killed more children in the US than all other vaccines combined. That’s a fact. Wanna send me to Belmarsh prison for saying it? And then you’ll shed crocodile tears over Julian Assange…

  11. The CDC has finally withdrawn the PCR test- as of Dec 31.
    The same week that Facebook deleted the account of Dr. Robert Malone, (900,000 followers) who was instrumental in inventing PCR, because he has been saying — for years — that PCR is a method, not a test, and should not be used as a definitive assay.

    1. Is there anything Malone didn’t invent?

    2. You’re thinking of Kary Mullis.

  12. 5.4 million dead worldwide from covid. The science deniers are fine with that.

    1. 2 million dead from the flu in 2018
      (Ditto most years prior).
      5 million dead (mainly children) EVERY year from starvation and malnutrition.
      20 million dead EVERY year from heart disease and strokes. Most diet related.
      Governments and multi national
      junk food corporations fine with those.
      Get the drift John?

      1. That you would rather let people die than admit the libruls are right? Yes, that came through loud and clear.

        1. Drift.
          Passed you by.

          1. You certainly passed the topic by. Are those people dead from covid or not?

    2. Hmm, let’s put that figure into perspective. The figure you have used is from about January 2020-December 2021 roughly over a 2 year period.

      Meanwhile, approximately 120,000,000 people have died over the same period from diseases such as heart attacks/ strokes/dementia/ Alzheimer’s/ diabetes and malnutrition plus wars.

      Furthermore, as the CDC and the NHS have both admitted 95% of the fatalities had underlying illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s mostly over the age of 80 ( in Western countries) and did not, repeat did not die of Covid-19.

      In addition, in a number of countries eg the U.K. the statistics compiling the fatalities from the SARS-CoV2 virus were distorted plus exaggerated with in a number of way. Ie anyone testing positive for Covid-19 and dying within 28 days had cause of death Covid -19 regardless of what they died of, for example, road death, death from a stroke, death from a heart attack, Alzheimer’s etc.

      I suggest rather than sling slime and smear, you actually do some independent research rather regurgitating MSM propaganda from corporations controlled by the international pharmaceutical corporations!

    3. I think you mean WITH covid. It is an important distinction. Even Fauci is admitting that now!

    4. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      Relying on corrupt governments statistics, that none of us will ever know the actual truth about without doing, at least, a percentage of the tests ourselves. Hearsay evidence is all we are getting from governments during ‘this’, ultimately.

  13. Omicron is a live vaccine, and it’s liberating after getting and recovering from it (a cold). For everyone who’s had COVID and refuses to get yet more boosters of spike proteins or comply with the repression, there may be a need to get an antibody test result to show the judge we’re dragged before proof of our complete inability to acquire or spread COVID. Hopefully not.
    Omicron appears to be bringing herd immunity before the vaccines can foster the mutations that can forever prevent it, thereby preventing an ‘eternal’ super-profit stream for big pharma. Omicron is the best news yet, and by February we’ll know for sure if herd immunity is in sight.
    There must be a lot of cryptic crossword clues out there with variations on the following:
    3-across: Stupid response to the omicron variant (7)

    1. If omicron is a vaccine, it’s got a lot of nasty side effects, and if it does lead to herd immunity, how long will that last?

      1. Omicron’s side effects are common cold-type symptoms. Live vaccines have side effects, and omicron due to its mildness is a virtual live vaccine. So far, there have been very few deaths attributable to omicron. In contrast, according to Peter McCullough ~19,000 deaths had been attributed directly to the current COVID vaccines (by about 2-3 weeks ago; see his long interview with Joe Rogan, episode #1747; or see:
        I can also recommend John Campbell’s podcasts (go to: which are daily COVID updates. This one is relevant to your question about immunity from omicron:, but he’s made plenty of others re omicron and its symptoms, etc.

        1. You say “Omicron’s side effects are common cold-type symptoms,” and also “So far, there have been very few deaths attributable to omicron.”
          I didn’t know death was a symptom of common colds.

          1. I never claimed death was a ‘symptom’ of omicron or of another symptom (ie, common-cold type symptom(!)). Death is a possible outcome of viral complications of COVID that include secondary infection (pneumonia), cardio (eg, cardiomyopathy) or immune response (eg, cytokine storm). Few cases of omicron have produced deaths from complications from omicron. Watch John Campbell’s podcasts. Also, in the elderly and infirm, death can certainly be an outcome (not a symptom!) of a common cold, commonly from secondary infection (eg, pneumonia).

  14. Way back, in the 20th century, one had to ‘earn’ fame, by foul or ‘fair’ means. Usually foul.

    One either had to be born into a famous family, produce some great work of art, become a movie, pop or sports star, a blustering politician, a mass murderer, a war hero a scientist on the cutting edge or a fearless journalist.

    Fast forward to the 21st century.

    Via the WWW, fame became accessible to any self centred, self opinionated, self serving, ego worshipping fool with an internet connection. Famous fools proliferated and prospered. They look exactly like their predecessors, albeit with a bit more Botox.

    The only difference between the two is the degree of triviality and trash they feed on.

    The difficulty for the rest of us?
    Sorting out the shit from the chaff.

  15. About time you spoke to the elephant in the room Caitlin. Now that the CDC has admitted that the PCR test do not determine covid from influenza, it should be an immediate retraction of all public policies that were implemented based on the systemically flawed testing. The testing should be stopped now, today. the fact that systems of totalitarian governance are being implemented is no surprise.
    I read EVERYTHING, from “The Bell Curve” to David Ickes. Before you slag someone, first read them.

    Caitlin, which of Ickes books have you actually read? Conversely, have you read anything by Charles Murray? I find both of these authors to be equally unbelievable. The great difference between them is the staggering amount of reference material Ickes provides. Personally I prefer my authors to reference everything they say, in ways that I can independently research to determine the authors funding sources, and so discover whose ideas they are serving. Murray, a servant to Bradley and Koch money. Ickes, a servant to no one and self published.

    In a world where the old money families still rule, and imperial troopers are already taking people from their homes in several countries, perhaps reading the improbable theorems regarding human servitude might be a good way to open up ones mind?

    1. “CDC has admitted that the PCR test do not determine covid from influenza.” Really?

  16. When commenting on the ruling elites determination to control mainstream discourse and therefore the mass mindset one must remember that such a desire by the planetary oligarchs is not new. For empires and religion have always relied on manipulating the stream of informed input provided by the senses which humans use to define reality throughout history the collective proletariat swarm have always had their lives steered into directions resulting in maintaining and reinforcing the trans generational hierarchical aristocratic privilege which is the out come being enforced on the masses by their handlers silicone valley censorship or media censorship is just more of the same creation of propaganda which always had its place in history one only has to recall Winston in Orwells 1984 or CIA programs like operation mockingbird or cointelpro or the work of Edward Bernays or Walter Lippmann or false flags such as 9/11 or weapons of mass destruction or the war on drugs etc or the gulf of tonkin incident the Spanish american war the Spanish flu etc etc even the creation of religion are based on historically manipulating the masses ability to be truthfully informed so you people current censorship is not current censorship but the continuation of an agenda that has been in place for millennia by empires passed and present

  17. PS this is a reasonably credible, post Malone, accounting of how Kariko and Weissman found the key to making mRNA useful in the vaccines.

    1. Somebody tell the CDC.

    2. Malone’s work with mRNA vaccines predates Kariko and Weissman work . He did not invent mRNA technology, but he was the first to see how it could be used to create a targeted immune response against pathogens.
      “Malone and his Vical coworkers also explored using mRNA for vaccines: their early patent filings describe injecting mRNA coding for HIV proteins into mice, and observing some protection against infection”

      That was about 10 years before Kariko and Weissman started their work .
      Lots of researchers were exploring using mRNA technology to trick cells into producing proteins that they otherwise would not produce. That is how insulin is now produced. Malone was clearly the first to propose that mRNA technology could be used to create a vaccine and the first to experiment with that goal.

  18. I have my own opinion on where to draw the line, but the argument of whether or not one should be allowed to publicly relate lies, misinformation, or the speaker’s pure ignorance is beyond the scope of this comment. What is possible to speak to is the fact that while Malone did invent the mRNA technology, he used it solely for in vitro purposes and that, despite his attempts to do so, he was unable to develop other ways in which the technology might be useful. I researched this extensively some time ago, so apologize if any cited date is off by a year or so).
    Subsequently (in 1989, I believe), he abandoned the efforts to find other uses. Similarly, the scientific community at large was unable to do so as well, so the search was widely abandoned. That effort fell on two researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman, in roughly 1998.
    Like Malone, about some years later, they too had hit something of a brick wall and were about to give up the search, when they had a breakthrough, the data on which was released circa 2005. So, while Malone was the inventor that enabled the original use of mRNA technology for a specific purpose, in my opinion, he is not qualified to speak regarding its uses in other areas, any more that the Wright Brothers, having invented the airplane, if still alive, would be qualified to speak on interstellar travel,
    So, yes, I wouldn’t shut Malone down but, on the other hand, after reading what he has had to say, I don’t find him one bit credible. I’m not an anti-conspiricist by nature: I do believe that those in control of our government are often speaking nonsense, hiding things, spreading propaganda and supportive of the right/left diversity. I just find it difficult to believe that COVID-19 and its many variants were a tool of a conspiracy to control every country on earth, or that the pandemic was intentional toward that end. There are just too many variables for even our dangerous government to have considered them all.
    In the end, my opinion of Malone is that he is demonstrating a huge case of sour grapes. He thinks that he doesn’t get enough credit for inventing the first primitive application of mRNA technology and is jealous of the two scientists who had the breakthrough enabling us to rapidly develop vaccines to fight the virus. In fact, if not for Donald Trump’s ignorance, lies and delays, the vaccines might well have been developed sooner and, thus, globally, have save at least half a million lives.
    In the meanwhile, Malone, having no part in the research that enabled the vaccines to be created, really has no basis for claiming anything like a possible danger for children. All medications contain some risk, because the physiology of humans, when compared to one another, varies substantially, whether as a function of nature or nurture. That’s why, where children are concerned, the manufacturer’s recommended caution lower dose and held longer studies on any potential wide spread danger to children. So far, I’ve seen no statistically significant danger in the vaccines.
    However, a cursory view of those citing objections regarding the vaccines, seem, in great part, those who still support Donald’s Trump’s fraudulent claim of having won the 2020 election.

    1. Harry Nydick: congratulations! It’s difficult to pack so much bullshit in a 51 lines post. I won’t have the gall to ask you what credentials you can put up front to convince us that you know better than Malone about mRNA vaccines and their danger for children – apart from your “extensive research some time ago”. I suggest you look at official data.
      I would give you some advice though, if I may, to improve your ending sophism (aka guilt by association): “A cursory view of those citing objections regarding the vaccines seem, in great part, those who still support Donald Trump’s fraudulent claim of having won the 2020 election”. Obviously, you can’t get much more scientific than that for an analysis, yet I would add to boot: “And these are the same people who think 9/11 was an inside job and deny the holocaust”. Don’t thank me, I’d do it for anybody :o)

  19. If you haven’t read John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty, now is a good time to do it.

  20. THANK YOU!!!

    This has been the message from every opponent of censorship for the past two years (and maybe longer). These platforms that sometimes argue that they are publishers (when it’s convenient to their program of misinformation) have become de-facto gatekeepers. And this is what the internet was supposed to prevent from happening!

    The dickshits that have run the US Congress for the past 25 years made this all possible when they violated a principle in the US’ own Bill of Rights, stating that Congress shall make no law respecting the Freedom of the Speech. Then in 1995, they created the Communications Decency Act, which prevented the publishing of certain speech.

    That brings to mind the joke about what happens when an illiterate gets elected to Congress. But the problem is: They are ALL illiterates!

    They can’t even read the law, yet they keep passing laws! And there was still a President that signed that bill into law. AND HE WAS A LAWYER!

    Every individual that was responsible for the CDA becoming law needs to be put out to pasture. And the ones who are no longer alive? They already suffered the fate deserved by every tyrant. Just not for the right reason.

    1. Who says ‘this is what the internet was supposed to prevent from happening’? The US military had a great hand in the internet’s development, and publishing wasn’t much to do with it.

    2. Almost all Americans are too scared and comfortable to do it, but ALL of Congress needs to be put out to pasture. In other words, we need a revolution in this country.
      Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary and read From Dictatorship to Democracy the book.
      Then do it.

  21. Caitlin I absolutely love your work. Your thoughts. For the first time I chaffed at your usage of the word “wierdo” when referring to David Icke. If you click on the link you provide in an article defending his right to be heard, you state you know nothing about Mr. Icke but seven months later he is labeled a “wierdo”. I felt that a bit harsh (for what it is worth).

    There is no “misinformation” in real science. That is a political label used by tyrants who want to dictate. Don’t you think real science accepts any and all input. Those that are proven valid are used those that are not are discarded. It all adds to the data base.

    1. Agree it was a bit harsh. Understandable though. I have resorted to sneering at people I disagree with on facebook with well deserved backlash 🙁

  22. Dr Robert Malone can be found at his
    Substack page
    among other regime-censored voices.

  23. I disagree that “Humanity is a mess”.
    The Collective West is a mess, but we are not Humanity.
    The Big Tech/government propaganda machine is trying to copy China.
    But the Chinese are united, and we are not.
    In our case censorship of legitimate free speech is only turning up the heat.
    While screwing down the pressure release valve.
    When the pressure becomes too intense.
    There will be an explosion.

  24. Silicon Valley is connected at the hip with the intelligence community. One can assume their “community standards” faithfully reflect the “values” of those who can proclaim with a straight face right into the TV camera that bringing about the deaths of a half a million Iraqi children is – “worth it.”

  25. People should definitely be censored after they’ve been proven guilty of illegal speech in a court of their peers and not a fucking second sooner. Defense attorneys should be able to disqualify any potential juror whose sources include none other than the NYT, Washington Post, listens to CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS and all their affiliates, to name a few.

  26. When I reported Lockheed Martin’s and Raytheon’s pages to Facebook as “Not Corresponding to Our Community Standards”, FB replied they understand my feelings, but I do not have to visit and read those pages. Incredible double standard as at the same time FB was blocking my friend’s profiles and flagging even random comments.
    However, it is generally true, that if you do not like something you read, you do not have to continue, but it is not a basis for not letting that comment be. This was one of the points of Caitlin’s post, too.
    Anyways, I closed my FB profile bcs I got tired of FB. Now LinkedIn shows me ads from Raytheon asking women to come work for them. It seems the MIC is a giant conspiracy and everybody consented to it. COVID-19 was developed as a biowarfare. As to who and how released it, the CIA has told us “we may never find out”, and they mean it.

  27. The busy little bees of public discourse control are so inept that I find it quite amusing though. Just in the beginning of this week, the NYT published a piece saying that Britain was subject to a new Covid offensive next to which the Blitzkrieg was a walk in the park (I caricature a bit because it’s hard to remain serious) and was facing an appalling 93,000 new cases a day – in a country where 82% have been double-jabbed and 57% have had a booster. There was a bit of a twist here because Omicron, which was implicitly accused, only accounted for 85 cases and 15 deaths in that bulk but you had to be quite awake to realize that, supposing you’d even got that far into the article. A girl from Sky News, who’d probably read the NYT, asked the British Health minister how many Omicron cases there were in the UK and the minister replied: “Ten or eleven” The girl was distressed but, instead of changing the subject to something more ominous, she insisted: “And how many deaths?” – “One” replied the minister. You could tell that the girl was gonna slit her veins as soon as her segment was over. Especially if she discovered that the cases are dramatically going up while the deaths are dramatically going down, which smells kinda fishy. Then we had the breakthrough cases on the cruise ships. How did Covid get on the cruise ships with everybody vaxxed and all? It was probably Omicron, replied the busy little bees. And how did Omicron get onboard the ship? The obvious answer that Santa Claus brought it through the chimney was criminally neglected. Now the busy little bees have come up with an Omicron scare in China to add to the (debunked) Xinjiang genocide to ruin their Winter Olympics but it only takes one look at Worldometer to immediately see this is bullshit of the first order. However the people who want to believe that won’t look at Worldometer. They’ll peddle the Omicron scare. Might even resuscitate the guys falling in the streets with Covid, howling in terror in skyscrapers and being welded into their flats. Who knows? It makes the busy little bees’ scam quite transparent though and it is clear that those who believe it are people who want to, same as when you wonder why no contemporary historian mentioned Jesus who, according to tradition, was more popular than the Beatles in his days, people start having things to do. People believe what they want to believe and what they want to believe is the result of a complex psycho-sociological background, like they believe this or that because their parents did or did not or did AND did not in an attempt to familiarize Hamlet post mortem with the Zen notion that the answer is “to be AND not to be.” One thing is for sure though: one has to be a fool to believe ANYTHING the corporate media and Silicon Valley tell us about Covid in general and Omicron in particular these days without cross-checking it.

    1. I saw that exchange you mentioned. It was pretty bizarre, although the commentator didn’t seem to realize it!
      Covid has been one contradiction after another, but Omicron takes it to a whole different level of absurdity. Cases are skyrocketing, but it’s mild, but it’s more contagious, but people aren’t dying of it, but the hospitals are overflowing, so just get jabbed, keep testing and don’t think about it! At least you can go out on NewYears Eve. Oh wait, you can’t.

  28. This comes on top of Facebook/Meta claiming the British Medical Journal whistleblowing article about a Pfizer funded coronavirus vaccine lab was ‘fake news’. They also described The British Medical Journal online as a ‘health blog’.

    1. Riddle me this, what do Facebook, The international pharmaceuticals corporations, 90% of the MSM in the US, the majority of the corporations, silicon valley corporations, the US defense contractors and Wall street have in common?

      Answer, Vanguard/ BlackRock have major controlling interests in all of them

  29. I agree very much with your comments Caitlin but one of the problems is that you open the flood gates to ‘nutters’ who see the pandemic as a conspiracy to get rid of them. These people are not reliable allies. They are seriously damaged.

    1. Transcription:

      Dear colleagues at the WHO, I think the time has come to admit that the mass vaccination program that you have been proposing in an attempt to put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a complete failure. At the beginning of this year, I’ve been urging you to open a scientific debate on the potential risks of mass vaccination with these vaccines – in the midst of a pandemic. I’ve never received a response to that request. But shortly thereafter one of the most renowned vaccinologists on this planet wrote me an email saying; ‘vaccinating with these vaccines would only breed new variants. But that it wouldn’t make sense for me to go against the mainstream because nobody would listen to me anyway, and hopefully that second-generation vaccines would solve the problem.’

      So, I wanted to let you know that it is not because you are the WHO, that you can afford to ignore the opinion of people who have long-standing expertise – in all of the different disciplines involved in this pandemic: virology, immunology, vaccinology, evolutionary biology, epidemiology, zoonoses, etc. Whereas, some of us have been predicting that mass vaccination with these vaccines in the midst of a pandemic would inevitably lead to the expansion of more infectious variants, your leading scientists have been preaching the simplistic mantra that the more we vaccinate the less the virus will replicate, and the lower the likelihood that new variants will emerge. Now, the consequences of these simplistic and erroneous viewpoints is that today we are dealing with dominant circulation of Omicron, the most infectious SARS-CoV-2 variant that we have seen so far, and probably the most infectious virus that we have seen so far.

      So, given the fact that we are now dealing with a number of variants that are circulating and a multitude, of course, of sub-variants, and that infection rates are going through the roof, and that also we are already most likely having a number of animal populations that are serving as a reservoir for the virus, the likelihood that viral variants are now recombining and building reassortments within one and the same host is becoming increasingly likely. So, what that means is that it will become increasingly difficult to trace the origin of new variants, and that it will be even more challenging to predict the characteristics of those new variants in terms of infectiousness, in terms of virulence, pathogenicity, and also in terms of resistance to vaccinal antibodies or to vaccines in general.

      But what is very clear is that if those new variants are to survive on a background of high population-level immune pressure, then those variants will need to be more infectious – like, for example, the Omicron variant. The Omicron variant, however, is offering a very nice opportunity, because Omicron has acquired a substantial level of resistance to the vaccinal antibodies, and that means that the vaccinal antibodies are less likely to outcompete the innate antibodies, which is very good news, because we know that innate antibodies can protect against SARS-CoV-2. This has been repeatedly reported in the literature. We also know that innate antibodies can be trained, and therefore they can even improve their recognition and protection against the virus. Innate antibodies can be trained just like other innate immune effectors can be trained, by repeated exposure to what we call pathogen-associated molecular patterns. This is, in fact, nicely shown by the data published by the UK Health Security Agency, previously Public Health England – where they have shown that basically with aging and also with more exposure to the pathogen, the number of cases in the unvaccinated people was dramatically reduced, and even to an extent such that vaccine efficacy, or we should say, in the population, vaccine effectiveness, would become negative. There is also increased evidence, or increasing evidence, that training of innate antibodies as a result of natural infection can enhance the abrogation of the infection, and that training of adaptive immunity – particularly the induction of T-cell memory, also as a result of natural infection – can enhance the abrogation of disease.

      Thanks to the increased resistance of Omicron to vaccinal antibodies, the innate antibodies are set free and can now enable the vaccinees to eliminate the virus, to control viral transmission, and to lead to a dramatic decrease in the viral infection rate, just like healthy unvaccinated people are doing. So, in other words, the resistance to Omicron means, in fact, that we are freeing up a huge capacity of sterilizing immunity in vaccinees because the vaccinees are, in fact, regaining full functionality of their innate immune antibodies. That, of course, will lead to herd immunity because herd immunity requires that you induce a type of immunity that can sterilize the virus, that can dramatically diminish transmission. This would also mean: by freeing up this huge capacity of sterilizing immunity in the vaccinees – after certainly a very important incline of infectious cases – we would have a rapid decline of this wave. And we would also have a rapid decline of disease cases, and even more importantly and more dramatically, of severe disease. Now we know with (moderate) disease, when you recover from disease, you develop acquired immunity, which is long-lived and will protect you. And the few cases of severe disease, we have, of course, to treat – that is what we’ve always said.

      It is important to realize that, in fact, Omicron is more or less serving, indeed, as a live attenuated vaccine, and that this is a unique opportunity. The fact that we free up the sterilizing capacity in the vaccinees, thanks to the increased level of resistance of Omicron to the vaccinal antibodies – those are no longer capable of outcompeting the innate antibodies – we may have a unique opportunity to achieve herd immunity, or to start building herd immunity. And so, it is very, very important that we leave people alone, and that we leave the children alone, and that we let the virus spread. And so, we shouldn’t have any vaccination against this Omicron variant, and we shouldn’t have lockdowns.

      If we are now going to vaccinate against Omicron, we are going to take away this window of opportunity for the population to generate herd immunity, thanks to freeing up our innate antibodies. And what we are going to do is in fact we would build against antibodies, against the spike protein of Omicron, and particularly against the receptor-binding domain of this Omicron spike protein.

      We know that this receptor-binding domain has already undergone a number, or several, important mutations. So, if we put again full pressure on this domain, there is a high likelihood that we are now going to promote variants that will be able to use a receptor that is different from ACE-2 to enter into the cell. And we know that SARS-CoV-2 can do that because it has already been described that SARS-CoV-2 can use receptors other than ACE-2 to enter into the cell. But so far this way of entering – this alternative way of entry into the cell – has not been the preferred way for the virus for entering the cells. But it would only take probably one or two mutations for the virus to make these alternative receptors the preferred receptors for viral entry.

      By doing mass vaccination against Omicron, we may be putting enough immune pressure on viral infectiousness to give variants that are capable of entering into the cell through an alternative receptor – to give them a competitive advantage, and so, to provide them with a fitness advantage so that they can now become dominant in the population. What this means is pretty catastrophic, because this would mean that basically we end up with a situation where we have antibodies that still strongly bind to the virus, to the receptor binding domain, but that can no longer neutralize the virus because the virus is now using another domain to enter into the cell, a domain which is different from the domain that is blocked by the antibodies.

      Such a situation is in fact, a textbook example, for how you provoke antibody-dependent enhancement of the disease. So, this would mean that such a situation, the virus covered with strongly binding antibodies but not being able to neutralize the virus, would basically lead, or would be similar, to a situation where the virus has acquired a higher level of virulence. This would be – this situation would really, really, really be at risk of provoking the kind of disastrous consequences that I have been warning against at the beginning of this year. And we know that industry is already gearing up for mass vaccination against Omicron. And, as this, according to my humble opinion, could potentially be – with a high likelihood – a real disaster. We must prevent such a thing from happening.

      So in order to – or I would say unless – unless immediate action is taken to prevent this, it is clear that decision-makers in your organization, the WHO, will be held responsible, accountable, and liable for the dramatic consequences that this biological experiment on human beings could possibly entail. So I hope that this time you will take my warning very seriously into consideration.
      Thank you.

      1. This “transcription” seems to make sense, and thank you for it, but how is a non-expert in this area to know how much sense it actually makes? Competing mainstream narratives also seem to make sense to many, so how does the nonexpert choose which narrative to believe? And whatever choice the non-expert makes in this regard (should she or he feel it necessary to choose at all), should not the chosen narrative be expressed with tentativeness and humility, with acknowledgment of one’s personal ignorance? We continue to talk at each other, not with each other, not only about Covid but about pretty much everything else. Granted that some issues, like the war in Yemen, are elementary matters of right and wrong and should be talked about with moral conviction. Covid, however, at least for the non-expert, isn’t one of them.

    2. Do you mean people such as Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr Mike Yeadon, Professor Sucharit Bhakti plus the thousands of Professors plus doctors in fields of medicine such as immunology, virology, epidemiology who are members of the Doctors for Ethics ?

    3. That wouldn’t be a good enough reason not to say what’s true.

      1. Hmm, well all the Professors, doctors of immunology, virology, epidemiology with decades of experience, producing many peer reviewed research papers and medical books, who are not either directly or indirectly in the pockets of the international pharmaceuticals corporations, have all stated categorically that these experimental gene therapy ” vaccines ” are not, repeat not for the benefit of the human race. You only have to look at the 31,000 + deaths in Europe
        Europe, the 20,000 + deaths in the US and all the victims with severe reactions such as blood clots, blindness, paralysis, strokes, heart attacks etc to realise this.

        1. So you’re happy enough with protein subunit and inactivated virus vaccines and so on, unlike Malone? And ‘all the Professors, doctors” etc sounds rather exaggerated, unless you assume that any who disagree with you must automatically be in the pockets of the international pharmaceuticals corporations.

          1. Well, these Professors/doctors independent medical institutions ( that means not tied directly or indirectly to the purse strings of big pharma, remember he who pays the piper calls the tune) have all states unanimously that these experimental gene therapy ” vaccines ” which have no medium or long term trials, therefore, no one not even big knows the long term effects. But we do know the short term effects from the deaths plus serious adverse reactions which are piling up. Try and do some independent research!

            1. We did. Covid is real, but masks and vaccines help stop the spread. That keeps hospitals from overflowing and also keeps the virus from mutating into new viruses.

              1. Can you name one independent medical institution in the world that has isolated/ purified the SARS- Cov-2 in a living human being?

                There have been many independent medical studies eg the Danish one involving 6,000 participants found standard medical masks to be ineffectual .

                According to world renowned microbiologists, virologists, epidemiologists such as Professors John Ioannidis, Sucharit Bhakti, Wolfgang Wodarg etc a virus does not deviate more than 0.3% of it original form or to put it another way its 99.7% the same as the original and is less potent !

                  1. If you had bothered to read the article properly, you would note they have not isolated the actual virus but a particle of it.

                    Big difference hence why the PCR test ( which was never designed to be a testing device) cannot identify a virus but merely particles of it by using Cycle Thresholds above 35 ( the W.H.O admitted in December 2020 as recently the CDC that CTS above 28 are inaccurate and unreliable) have given upto 95% false positives.

                    So I put it to you again, can you name a single independent medical institution which has isolated/ purified the virus ( particles are as they state on the tin particles)

                    1. What would you like them to isolate – a non-particulate virus they can interview on TV?

                  2. What on earth do you mean when you say they isolated virus particles but not the virus? What’s the difference?

                    1. They have not isolated the virus in its entirety from a living human being hence why they can’t replicate it, hence why the PCR tests give so many many false positives because they can only amplify a particle. QED.

                      Now, the question still stands can you produce an independent peer reviewed medical paper stating that the SARS-COv2 virus has been isolated/ purified in its entirety from a living human being. Ps computer models don’t count neither to particles.

                      By the way flippant inane vacuous retorts is not evidence!

            2. Sounds like it is only ‘gene therapy’ vaccines you see as problematic, unlike Mallone.

          2. Hmm, let’s see when are the earliest estimates for the final trials for AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNtech/ Moderna’s ” vaccine ” ?

            Answer, 2023.

            What are the medium or long term effects from these ” vaccines ” ?

            Answer, nobody knows not even the international pharmaceuticals corporations which produce these ” vaccines ”

            What have been the short term effects from these ” vaccines “?

            Answer, over 31,000 in Europe, 15,000+ in the US and about 2,000 in the UK have died after having these ” vaccines ” plus, for example in the UK, over 1,250,000 adverse reactions have been reported some very serious such as blood clots, myocarditis, thrombosis, strokes, heart attacks, Guillain Barre- syndrome, facial paralysis, blindness etc . The MHRA and the CDC stated a few years ago less than 10% of deaths or adverse reactions are registered.

            Furthermore, the injuries from these ” vaccines ” are greater than the past 4 decades of vaccine injuries.

            Now, if you have evidence that contradicts what has been stated and what the Doctors for Ethics, American frontline doctors, Professors, doctors of the various medical institutions plus medical areas have stated. Please produce your independant verifiable medical evidence to substantiate your claim!

    4. Nutters without borders Sport.

      1. Attn Geoff Thomas: ICYMI, the idea is not to get rid of Covid-19 but to go on making a buck out of it as well as manipulate it as geopolitical leverage to do things like try to fuck up the Beijing Winter Olympics with an Omicron scare when virologists all over the world say that it’s nothing more than common cold and the Worldometer figures for China show that there’s very few cases and not one single death.

      2. Ad hominem and puerile comment is no substitute for informed comment.

        1. What’s ad hominem about it?

          1. Oh dear, reading comprehension not one of your strong points !

            1. “Ad Hominem
              (Attacking the person): This fallacy occurs when, instead of addressing someone’s argument or position, you irrelevantly attack the person or some aspect of the person who is making the argument.”
              In what way was JOHN’s person being attacked by “Nutters without borders Sport”?

              1. He produced not a scintilla of evidence/ proof to support his claim hence why his only retort was ad hominem. Do try harder!!

                1. Since you produce no evidence for your claim, should I take it as an ad hominem attack?

                  1. Now, when you or your friend find some independent verifiable evidence to support your claims, do let me know !

      3. Oh dear, ad hominem and childish comments is no substitute for reasoned comment !

      4. Oh dear, another inane vacuous retort. When you have a reasoned comment to make, do let me know!

    5. The people who have seriously damaged thinking are in two categories.
      1. Overweight, smokers, excessive drinkers and other people who have unhealthy lifestyles who are killing themselves but throw on a mask and rush for the latest vaccine and booster afraid of a flu variant.
      2. Perfectly healthy individuals with good lifestyles who do not trust their own healthy immune system but rush to vaccines and boosters fearing a flu variant. The numbers of healthy individuals with no pre-existing conditions dying does not warrant it. They are being stampeded by fear.

    6. When I reported Lockheed Martin’s and Raytheon’s pages to Facebook as “Not Corresponding to Our Community Standards”, FB replied they understand my feelings, but I do not have to visit and read those pages. Incredible double standard as at the same time FB was blocking my friend’s profiles and flagging even random comments.
      However, it is generally true, that if you do not like something you read, you do not have to continue, but it is not a basis for not letting that comment be. This was one of the points of Caitlin’s post, too.
      Anyways, I closed my FB profile bcs I got tired of FB. Now LinkedIn shows me ads from Raytheon asking women to come work for them. It seems the MIC is a giant conspiracy and everybody consented to it. COVID-19 was developed as a biowarfare. As to who and how released it, the CIA has told us “we may never find out”, and they mean it.

    7. Exactly John. The underlying problem is that we now utilize social media platforms for information that may or may not be accurate. Everyone is “equal” in having a say in any matter. But the problem is that not all are equal when it’s comes to genuine expertise or training to understand and decipher what’s being claimed.

    8. John:
      We are all seriously damaged.

      If “nutters” want to believe that Covid was invented to get rid of them, what does it matter to you? They don’t pay your bills. Let them believe what they want to believe.

      The dangers of censorship far outweigh the crazy beliefs that some have. Read John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty for a defense of allowing “nutters” the right to speak.

      1. Look at the statements : Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, klaus Schwab, Prince Philip, The Club of Rome, Prince Bernard etc have made over the decades concerning Malthus.

        Look at the track record of the international pharmaceuticals corporations in Africa, India, Asia and in the US.

  30. It is impossible for me to express any opposition to the “vaccines” for covid. I mean most people run away and excommunicate me for any discussion of the possibility that a very sinister ruling class is covering its tracks by forcing vaccination for a bio-warfare pathogen they released on the world. The emergency the elitist beasts have created, they must control even as to what can be said about the issue at all. Control equals fascism. Why do words so threaten the fauci beasts? What have the beasts done and what do they now have planned? A vaccine passport is being pushed. All doctors must now have all patients records on the cloud. Electronic medical records for what purpose? Since when does the government have any concerns about my wellbeing? I am a commoner and anonymous and independent and wish to continue that way.

  31. I think everyone should take a look at this website and the associated video titled ‘More harm than good’ and media.

  32. Just as censoring unfavorable information about the war in Yemen or Julian Assange tends to reveal the truth of what is being censored, the censoring of voices like Dr. Malone who raise the dangers of the Covid vax reveals the truth that the Covid vax is indeed dangerous.

    1. This whole Big Brother stuff is very dangerous! Proof? Every time an anonymous – and therefore unaccountable – self-styled fact-checker on the payroll of Big Pharma (direct or by proxy through the media BP sponsors) tells me that he knows better about mRNA vaccines than Dr Robert Malone who co-invented that shit, I almost kill myself laughing :o)

      1. A great many people besides Malone had a hand in the development of RNA vaccines.
        The tangled history of mRNA vaccines

        1. That’s why I said “co-invented”. Can’t say he didn’t have a hand in it and doesn’t know what he’s talking about better than the Silicon Valley wankers who censor him though, which was my point.

  33. Completely correct. This pLandemic is nothing but a ruse to take away our rights and our money.

  34. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    Scientific-technocratic-priesthood has replaced the religious priesthood as the proclaimer of truth and facts.

    1. As predicted by Barry Long more than thirty years ago Klaus.
      The masses have been ‘immunised, homogenised and digitised.
      Gotta be a buck or two in it.
      After all, it’s the only reason the oligarchs get out of bed.

  35. Well, the government is going to have to justify 4th COVID vaccine booster shot, because #1, 2, 3… are not enough after 10 weeks of virus mutations. It is going to be a tough sell to the public, so they have to shut down all other “misinformation”.
    Of course, Pfizer (and other Big Pharma), Gates, and Gates Foundation contributed lots of $$$ to Biden’s campaign and inauguration, so they get to decide what the right information is.

  36. “Certainly allowing human speech to flourish unrestricted would mean a lot of people saying things that we disagree with, and even saying things that are objectively and demonstrably wrong.”
    HOW TO GET SHOT vs. how to avoid getting a shot/jab :: Buddhists claim non-duality is reality (all dharma are impersonal, impermanent, & multiple/mutually~co-dependent in origination,)so in actuality the predator with a firearm/weapon/gun/ isn’t much different from a pathogen parasite devolving to reduce the hosts of bullets/viral infections to being victims if-not-of ill-will than random/chance/happenstance innocent bystanders of natural forces that overcome/overwhelm one’s karma which literally translates as “action”. Vaccination an armistice/moratorium while to negotiate a cease-fire with those who claim 2nd Amendment rights to instruments of destruction that require controlled explosions…

  37. “I don’t agree with what you say _ _ _ _ _ _ SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!”
    History amended.
    C’mon, it’s common practice after wars, invasions and occupations.

  38. Perhaps Twitter did not want to make US government look authoritarian.
    “Russia fines Google $100 million, and Meta $27 million, over ‘failure to remove banned content’”

  39. Twitter, or any other public forum, should not censor anyone at all – unless they are very clearly, directly and specifically inciting harm or crime. In Dr. Malone’s case, he was doing none of those things, and his suspension is clearly a question of differences of opinion, nothing more harmful than that.

    Twitter has set itself up as judge and jury, he has been ‘tried’ and found ‘guilty’ of an unspecified crime. His sentence – indefinite silence.

    Democracy, which relies of freedom of opinion and speech, is dead. Censorship prevails, elections are heavily manipulated by mainstream media and social media, most elected politicians are in the pockets of Big Business, and government is directed by heavily funded lobbying representing wealthy and powerful vested interest groups. The needs and wishes of the electorate are largely ignored. There is no accountability, no standards and ethics, and no honesty. Blatant lying and visible corruption has become the norm.

    1. It’s a good opportunity to reconcile the folks in the US who disagree about whether their country is a republic (with God-given rights expressed in the Constitution) or a democracy where the majority of the people rules and is even allowed to ignore the Constitution as “just a piece of paper” as Dubya famously put it. Well, it’s neither a republic nor a democracy but a lobbycracy run by Mammon. The lingering question that keeps me awake all night is, if they move to digital currency, how is Big Bank going to expose people as efficiently as they do now with the banknotes to Mammon’s motto “In God we trust”?

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