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Anti-imperialist commentator Richard Medhurst reports that Instagram has deleted some 20 images from his account and given him a warning that he could face a permanent ban if he continues making similar posts. The posts in question are screenshots from a Twitter thread Medhurst made to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the Trump administration’s assassination of renowned Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani.

Go ahead and read the thread; here’s the hyperlink again. There’s nothing in there that comes anywhere remotely close to violating Instagram’s terms of service as they are written; Medhurst condemns the assassination and the bogus justifications provided for it, and discusses Soleimani’s crucial role in the fight against ISIS and Al Qaeda. The reason for Instagram’s censorship of Medhurst’s political speech is that Instagram’s parent company Meta (then called Facebook) determined after Soleimani’s assassination that anything which seems supportive of him constitutes a violation of US sanctions and must therefore be removed.

In 2019 the Trump administration designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, which was as hypocritical and arbitrary as any other government designating any other branch of another government’s military a terrorist organization. Despite this completely baseless designation, both the Meta-owned social media platforms Facebook and Instagram have been actively censoring political speech about Soleimani, who was the commander of the IRGC’s Quds force when he was assassinated. Medhurst reports that he has been censored on Instagram under the same justification for posting about Hamas as well.

We don’t talk enough about how completely insane it is that a social media company with billions of users is censoring worldwide political speech about a major historical figure in alignment with US government decrees. Even if you were to accept the ridiculous justifications for designating a branch of the Iranian military a terrorist organization, and even if you were to accept it as perfectly sane and normal for a communications company of unprecedented influence to take its marching orders on censorship from US government dictates, Soleimani is dead. He’s a dead man, he could not possibly pose any threat to anybody, and yet they’re censoring people from voicing opinions about his assassination.

I think I’ve been failing to appreciate the madness of this situation over the last two years because it’s simply too crazy to take in all at once. You have to really sit with it a minute and let it absorb. This is a person who shaped the world, whose impact on human civilization will be studied for generations. And the largest social media company on earth is actively censoring discussion about him because the US government said it’s not allowed.

Whenever I talk about the dangers of online censorship I always get a bunch of propagandized automatons bleating “It’s not censorship! Censorship is when the government restricts freedom of speech; this is just a private company enforcing its terms of service!”

This line of argumentation is plainly born of sloppy analysis. All the largest online platforms have been working in conjunction with the US government to censor speech, and doing so with greater and greater degrees of intimacy. A monopolistic Silicon Valley megacorporation censoring political speech about an important historical figure because the US government says he was a terrorist is about as brazen an act of government censorship as you could possibly come up with. The fact that that censorship is outsourced to a putatively private company is irrelevant.

The outsourcing of censorship to private corporations is just one more iteration of the way neoliberalism privatizes duties that would otherwise be done by the government. That’s all we’re seeing here. In a corporatist system of government, corporate censorship is government censorship.

The US government is the single most tyrannical and oppressive regime on this planet. It terrorizes entire populations and works to destroy any nation which disobeys its dictates, it has spent the 21st century slaughtering people by the millions to preserve its unipolar domination of the planet, it imprisons and tortures journalists for exposing its war crimes, and it aggressively censors political speech around the world.

Every evil the US accuses other nations of perpetrating, it does on a far grander scale itself. It just does it under the pretence of promoting freedom and democracy and fighting terrorism, under cover of outsourcing and narrative management. It inflicts the most psychopathic acts of violence upon human beings around the world, but wraps it in a package of justice and righteousness. The US government is a blood-spattered serial killer wearing a plastic smiley face mask.


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58 responses to “Meta Censors Anti-Imperialist Speech In Obedience To The US Government”

  1. These were good men.
    They should not have been murdered.
    Their murders very nearly ignited an exchange of fire that would have ended Life upon a great area of the surface of this planet.
    That is not acceptable.
    I fully support the Islamic Republic of Iran in its pursuit of Justice in this crime.

  2. Caitlin,
    Thank you for writing this important article. The U.S. censorship by private agents, in this case the Silicon giants, is intended to accomplish the same result as its commission by war crimes by mercenaries, which is to avoid accountability and responsibility. As you point out, the government can say “it’s not us, it is just a private company enforcing its own rules. To make matters worse, some of the so-called “progressives” in Congress have openly threatened the social media platforms that the government will impose severe requirements on them if they fail to voluntarily carry out the censorship to the government’s satisfaction.

    I recall how some of those who consider themselves to be “progressives” rejoiced when the MSM and social media companies censored the reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop. I thought and said at the time how wrong that was. The same with the banning of Trump on Facebook. This is a very serious problem which, as you point out, does need to have more light shown on it. Thanks for doing so.

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    1. “$19.99 a month”! The awesome philanthropist Bill Gates has bought and given away a whole gargantuan heap of multi-media truth that now thickly surrounds us for that price. It’s a wonder there’s any truth left for the human livestock to explore for themselves.

  4. > “And the largest social media company on earth is actively censoring discussion about him because the US government said it’s not allowed.”

    anything that controls you is Government. Whether, in your imagination, it belongs in one category of Government or another (eg democratic or corporate) it is in reality Governing the limits of your perception and actions.

    Ie. we should not distinguish between types of Government. It’s all Government. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc are Government thought control

  5. Finally I understand why US government does not enforce existing anti-monopoly laws and break up illegal monopolies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon etc.
    The two political Parties are actually one; considering that US gov wants to dominate the world, they literally want to become a global monopoly.
    US government literally needs (American) corporations-monopolies to work with towards their vision of unipolar world.
    As to Meta and Twitter doing the censorship for the government, their goals are aligned.
    And they are part of the Military-Industrial-Surveillance complex, which also includes Congress.

  6. Iran is anti ISIS and anti Al Qaeda. Not much wrong with that.
    After 9/11, 2001 Iran reached out to the US.
    You may have heard much about the “12”, the US Special Forces who colluded with the Northern Alliance to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
    What is not known is that the entire plan was drawn up by General Qasem Soliemani. The plan did not include US Special Forces in any other role than that of radio links. Soliemani had contacts within the Northern Alliance – before it became the Northern Alliance. When it was just individual ‘warlords’ with their own fiefdoms. The US intelligence apparatus did not have any assets in Afghanistan at the time.
    After the rout of the Taliban – Al Qaeda left very early on – the US dismissed any Iranian involvement and reverted to its own game plan. A twenty year defeat and subsequent rout.

  7. ‘BLM protesters cleared over toppling of Edward Colston statue
    Rhian Graham, Milo Ponsford, Sage Willoughby and Jake Skuse found not guilty over act of public dissent during Bristol protest’

  8. Here’s the most important question of all. Just exactly WHAT do people do after they’re all woke up and fully absorbed? Should they pick up a gun? Should they guillotine some VIPs? Should they march hand in hand down Penn. Ave. forever and demand, demand, demand that the Elite behave better, or else? (“or else” just exactly WHAT?!)
    Here’s what you are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why.

  9. Silicon Valley has been connected at the hip to the U.S. intelligence agencies and military from the beginning. The fact that some people willfully pretend otherwise does absolutely nothing to change that reality.

  10. Bravo, Caitlin!

    You NAILED it with this one, summing it up in a nutshell with that last line!


    Horror/thriller author S.A. Hogan

  11. Truer words have never been spoken! Talk about losing the moral high ground! Even though I was aware of all the treasons, treacheries and crimes the US history is made of, starting with the Injuns all the way to the abandonment to their fate of the USG’s trusting local allies – that it had armed and to whom it had promised support – in Iraq in 1991 or in Afghanistan in 2021 via the “scientific” experiments carried out on its own trusting population (Marshall Islands’ nuclear tests, Tuskegee syphilis study, MK-Ultra LSD tests on unsuspecting recruits and civilians etc.), I would never have thought the USG/MIC capable of something as despicable as General Qasem Soleimani’s assassination. Never! In a civilized world, you just don’t invite someone with whom you’re not even officially at war to regional peace talks to then, as he brings his white flag to the negotiation table, shoot him like a rat with a drone. Even Hitler had more manners than that! You have to go back to Vlad the Impaler, in XVth century Romania, to find something remotely as abhorrent. Qasem Soleimani was probably eliminated because he knew that the US had played its favorite Janus role again in Iraq and Syria by arming, training and financing (through oil-smuggling) Isis militia men while pretending to fight them and their head-chopping and sex slaves-trafficking atrocities – half of them probably invented by the CIA to buttress the sheeple’s support at home for this lucrative scam anyway but never mind that. Qasem Soleimani’s assassination will be remembered by history – no matter what the little bees are busy doing right now to shove it down the memory hole – as a stain on the Stars and Stripes like the Washita River or My Lai massacres and the media trying to sweep it under the rug are digging their own graves. How they don’t realize that a freer media is going to emerge from the present mess with stuff like Substack, Rumble or Gettr and will pour a hard rain on the decadent and corrupt creeps of the legacy one is beyond me – even though their general behavior tends to betray a dramatic shortage of brain cells. Many people wonder why the Western Roman Empire fell in 476. There are hundreds of theories and thousands of books have been written about it, citing the overall political corruption, the abundance of military coups, the successive breach of just about every treaty with the future Germanic conquerors (Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Heruli, Lombards, Franks etc. also known as “barbarians”) like, centuries later, the notoriously “forked-tongued” USG would do with the native American tribes. The most probable explanation behind it all though is that when push came to shove, there was no more moral high ground in the Roman Empire to fight for (like there had been in Cicero’s days) and nobody cared to defend it against invaders who couldn’t possibly be morally worse.

    1. PS: The media black out on the Fed’s bail out of three of its… owners in 2019 is one of the reasons this media corruption has to be dealt with:

  12. War crimes R us. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Until we teach our kids about the true nature of evil so they don’t become the next generation of mindless killers, we are on the road to our own extinction.

  13. When private business works hand in glove with government to achieve a common goal is it not a variation of fascism? A neo-fascism. Doesn’t quite look like your grandfathers fascism of the 30’s. Corporatism as Mussolini once discribed it. In the 21st Century version the corporation has taken on much more power relative to the government.

    It is censorship no matter how one tries to dress it up. It is censorship from a private entity who is doing the bidding of the government. It’s perfect because it maintains the veneer of the Bill of Rights. But most don’t read the fine print in the Bill. One has the right to privacy and speech only from government not private business. We find the “rights” aren’t so inalienable. I guess George Carlin was right.

  14. General Solimani would be well pleased with the effects of his assassination.
    Iran rained missiles down on an American base in Iraq in retaliation.
    America could neither intercept the missiles nor retaliate.
    For the first time in history an American base was attacked by a smaller, weaker country and the mighty global hegemon did not directly retaliate because they dare not start all out war with Iran.
    This humiliation and the defeat in Afghanistan by tribesmen with determination, AK47s and nothing else, marked the end of the Empire.
    No wonder they do not want people talking about it.
    They are terrified.
    General Solimani would be well pleased.

  15. So Facebook, I mean Meta, has a Ministry of Truth that memory holes your posts–or edits them on your behalf–if they don’t conform to current orthodoxy. How absolutely apropos of our highly “evolved” Western society. Wouldn’t want to get caught believing the wrong version of reality. Do they have a deluxe full service where someone at corporate HQ simply composes and posts all thoughts, observation or musings attributable to you? How wonderful to be relieved of all responsibility for even ones own thoughts. What won’t they come up with next? Maybe a new slogan: “Always be relevant, always be right, take the Meta bus and leave the thinking to us.”

  16. Well i will take this instance to make myself an arse by saying:
    Told you so!
    There have been enough warnings when these services started, that it is a terrible idea to put your trust into a US corporation and that they would become increasingly worse, blatantly making use of the sunk cost fallacy.
    Open Source Software and a decentalized structure would be required for that and it’s not like there aren’t alternatives:
    Mastodon instead of Twitter
    Diaspora or plain old blogging instead of fb/insta
    Threema instead of WhatsCrap

    And the counterargument “Noone uses those” is idiotic on its face.
    Server in the US, company based in the US are dealbreakers.
    Stop giving money and power to these abominations.

    Another thing, that many people don’t seem to know:
    The terms of service do NOT allow the companies to set (all) the rules.
    Since the services are supposed to generate money for the corporations, you enter in a contract by using them. Depending upon which country you live in, that means that many clauses in the TOS can be superseded by local law. In the EU e.g. that means, that said clauses are null and void, especially when the contract is between a company and a private person. Max Schrems, an austrian activist, famously forced the termination of personal data transfer between facebook EU and US.

  17. It certainly seems as though the, decades-long, slow slide toward complete totalitarianism is, of late, suddenly picking up speed. Mordor awaits and there’s no golden ring in sight.

  18. 5.473 million dead worldwide from covid. Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Stop killing your brothers, we’re all in this together.

    1. I’m not your brother.

      1. Sister, if you prefer. To each their own.

    2. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Have another jab, John. I’ll stick to vitamin D and zinc. Watch Joe Rogan’s interview of the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone.

      BTW, if you’re vaxxed and I’m not, how am I a danger to you unless the jab doesn’t work? Also, the biggest increase in over all mortality is in the countries with the highest vaccination rates? Coincidence?

      1. Well if you’re not vaccinated you let the virus mutate and spread killing more and more innocent people. That’s a danger to everybody, even you. The unvaccinated are dying of covid at ten times the rate of the vaccinated, and it’s no coincidence.

      2. “The jab doesn’t work”.
        Here’s the problem with your “pop wisdom” – there are MANY diseases for which we do not have STERILIZING vaccines, but the vaccines we do have still “work” to help your body respond better when attacked by the virus in question.
        As far as I know, we still don’t have a reliable universal sterilizing vaccine for the common herpes virus, which is why anyone can catch herpes, oral or otherwise, at any time at all. It’s rife and has been for a long long time.
        Now that you’ve been informed about your misunderstanding of vaccines, you can go find out by yourself WHY we don’t have a sterilizing vaccine for coronaviruses.
        You’re welcome.
        Now you can also understand why if I’m covid-vaxxed, yes, I’m still capable of catching covid; I’m just vastly better prepared to survive when you so willingly and callously infect me.
        You are vastly more likely, instead, to kill off your unvaxxed buddies and your family. I hope they still love you after they discover that you were the deliberately ignorant vector. I personally know some people struggling really hard with that very situation.
        Enjoy your vitamin D and zinc pills.

  19. I completely understand why governments are censoring all but the official story. For years papers were the gatekeeper to information. Then radio and television. All of these were easy to control. But now information can go viral if it gets on the right platform, twitter, instagram, facebook. To control these gateways, algorithins and information suppression must be employed. The more accessible the truth, the more brutal the tactics to stomp it out. After all you cannot go around spreading disinformation (truth) that conflicts with the official narrative. That has always been the norm.

  20. This is just further evidence of our collective insanity.

  21. Nick Turse has a recent article on the USA’s war of terror:
    ‘The 20-Year War on Terror Was an Amazing Success—If You Were Terrorism’
    ‘ “The 2001 AUMF is like a blank check that U.S. presidents have used to conduct military violence in an ever-expanding number of operations in any number of places, without adequate oversight from Congress. But it’s also just the tip of the iceberg,” Savell told TomDispatch. “To truly end U.S. war violence in the name of counterterrorism, repealing the 2001 AUMF is the first step, but much more needs to be done to push for government accountability on more secretive authorities and military programs.” ‘

  22. What is behind preserving unipolar domination of the planet by the USA is the need to insure hegemony of the petro-dollar, so our dollar printing press never has to stop.
    The war on Iraq was started because Saddham did not want to trade oil for dollars, and because Iraq at the time was thought to be #2 in oil reserves (after Saudi Arabia). Since Saudi Arabia is US’s co-conspirator in creating the petro-dollar, there is no need to invade them.
    Nowadays it is thought that Iran has more oil reserves than Iraq, so the attention of the “hawks” pivoted to invading Iran.
    At present #1 share of the oil reserves is thought to be in Venezuela, so US tried to swap Venezuela’s president for their own guy, instead of invading them.
    US’s antagonization of Russia is based on the fact that Russia is #1 in natural gas reserves and exports, although it is 2nd largest gas producer after the USA (and Russian gas is 2x cheaper than LNG).
    The Big Oil is making projections for the oil and gas reserves in the Arctic, and Russian side is thought to have more reserves, so they want to surround the Arctic with the F-35’s armed with nuclear bombs to claim a bigger share of the reserves, as well as to control trading routes that will open up when the ice melts.
    Basically, the Big Oil is driving all modern wars, and the future nuclear war too.

  23. The only competition our plutocracy can win is a race to the bottom. Their agenda is always hidden under a pile of false accusations & projection. Nothing they do would be accepted by the public if they hadn’t been conditioned to trust all the wrong people for decades. I think what separates us is how we react to being lied to & abused. We really are like a nation of battered women.

  24. Until empire social media platforms are made NOT the place where public discourse is carried out about the role of social media platforms, the entire conversation about it is pointless.

  25. I much appreciate the discussion of Medhurst’s unwarranted difficulties. Actual anti-empire folk should share links and so forth so that you’re easier to re-find when you get deplatformed.

  26. Censorship is the new black…
    ​”Excess Deaths”​ “Not apparently from COVID” Life insurance company CEO. What could it be?
    ​ ​“We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica,” the company’s CEO Scott Davison said during an online news conference this week. “The data is consistent across every player in that business.” …
    ​ ​Davison said the increase in deaths represents “huge, huge numbers,” and that’s it’s not elderly people who are dying, but “primarily working-age people 18 to 64” who are the employees of companies that have group life insurance plans through OneAmerica.
    ​ ​“And what we saw just in third quarter, we’re seeing it continue into fourth quarter, is that death rates are up 40% over what they were pre-pandemic,” he said.
    ​ ​“Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic,” he said. “So 40% is just unheard of.” …
    ​ ​Most of the claims for deaths being filed are not classified as COVID-19 deaths, Davison said.

    ​Robert Malone MD’s comments:
    ​ AT A MINIMUM, based on my reading, one has to conclude that if this report holds and is confirmed by others in the dry world of life insurance actuaries, we have both a huge human tragedy and a profound public policy failure of the US Government and US HHS system to serve and protect the citizens that pay for this “service”.
    IF this holds true, then the genetic vaccines so aggressively promoted have failed, and the clear federal campaign to prevent early treatment with lifesaving drugs has contributed to a massive, avoidable loss of life.
    AT WORST, this report implies that the federal workplace vaccine mandates have driven what appear to be a true crime against humanity. Massive loss of life in (presumably) workers that have been forced to accept a toxic vaccine at higher frequency relative to the general population of Indiana.

    Noirette sends this data compilation in graphic form, of excess deaths over time, overlaid with when “vaccinations” were administered, country by country, USA first, for some reason. What do you notice?

    1. Get your official GOVERNMENT published stats here:

      Can you spot the year of the “pandemic?”

      2010: world population – 6,843,522,711; world deaths – 54,500,000; percentage of deaths per population – .796%

      2011: world population – 7,041,194,301; world deaths – 54,640,000; percentage of deaths per population – .776%

      2012: world population – 7,125,828,059; world deaths – 54,840,000; percentage of deaths per population – .769%

      2013: world population – 7,210,581,976; world deaths – 55,090,000; percentage of deaths per population – .764%

      2014: world population – 7,295,290,765; world deaths – 55,410,000; percentage of deaths per population – .759%

      2015: world population – 7,379,797,139; world deaths – 55,822,989; percentage of deaths per population – .756%

      2016: world population – 7,464,022,049; world deaths – 56,331,837; percentage of deaths
      per population – .754%

      2017: world population – 7,547,858,925; world deaths – 56,935,173; percentage of deaths per population – .754%

      2018: world population – 7,631,091,040; world deaths – 57,625,149; percentage of deaths per population – .755%

      2019: world population – 7,713,468,100; world deaths – 58,394,378; percentage of deaths per population – .757%

      2020: world population – 7,794,798,739; world deaths – 59,230,795; percentage of deaths per population – .759%

      We’ve been force fed statistics for two years. Eat these.

    2. I notice that some countries with high vaccination rates have low excess death percentages (eg. Spain, Portugal, South Korea), while some countries with low vaccination rates have high excess death percentages (eg. Slovakia, Poland). Overall, I notice little relation between excess deaths and vaccinations.
      What did you notice, or want me to notice?

      1. The percentages barely vary from year to year.
        Why the panic?
        Why the martial law?
        Why the incessant saturation?
        Ponder on it.

    3. Regardless of the reason, more people are dying. This fits in quite well with the WEC agenda. No coincidence at all. Creation and release of Covid and preventative toxic vaccines are the main drivers in my opinion.

      1. It’s rare that I find myself agreeing with The Telegraph, but I think they’ve nailed it here.
        ‘Last month, a group of anti-vaccine activists filed a case at the International Criminal Court. … Apparently, as part of a plot known as “the Great Reset”, the “Globalist Elite” want to bring about “a great global depopulation”, and “the Vaccinations is one way to do it”. … If the theory is correct, then by 2023 the only people left alive – apart from this mysterious Globalist Elite – will be those who repeatedly refused to get vaccinated. Which, for the Globalist Elite, would surely be less than ideal. Put it like this. If I were the Globalist Elite, hellbent on attaining unchallenged dominion over the entire planet, why would I want to get rid of all the people who happily obey authority, while leaving alive all the people who constantly defy it?’

        1. So tell me Svay;
          The ‘communist hordes’ coming down through South Korea and Vietnam, the ‘communist dictatorships’ in South America, the ‘terrorist takeover’ of the Middle East and Afghanistan, the ‘mega drug cartels’, the Chinese plots to rule the world and Russian interference in ‘elected’ democracies WERE NOT conspiracies?

          Tens of millions died, were disabled and made homeless all based on ‘conspiracies’ claimed by governments.

          The Telegraph is not fit for compost. They lie by omission.

          1. So tell me, Johnny, why would the WEF prioritise eliminating those who obey, leaving dissidents to defy them?

            1. A specious comment from the Drainstream media Svay.
              They’re renowned for it. You should know better.
              Voraciously and eclectically.

              1. So I’m the Drainstream media? (The idea had occurrred to me long before the Telegraph article was written.) OK, but why would the WEF be wanting to eliminate the obedient, leaving the defiant to survive?

                1. Perhaps they consider the Japanese & Chinese to be more traditionally obedient. Europeans are definitely more difficult for them to control. I get the feeling as do others that Europe will be repopulated accordingly. If the anti-covid measures don’t do the trick then in their demented minds a limited nuclear war in the European theatre will. As ever, their way is to play the long game.

                  1. Both China and Japan have fairly high covid vaccination rates.

                    1. Maybe so but there are always questions as to what the ratios of placebos to real deals of vaccinations has been decided. On top of that are the high populations of both countries. Remember that if their Georgia Guidestones are anything to go by then >93% of the global population are to be culled.

                2. Simple. Less people are easier to control with technology and AI.

      2. Forgot another driver of depopulation. Government shutdowns disrupting food production causing mass starvation in third world countries. They are not getting vaccines because the secondary effect of starvation is just as effective.

    4. ​Most of the deaths are not classified as COVID-19 deaths because sometimes people die from other causes.

          1. Not that it is needed . . .
            I third that “duh” and the ever toxic “Knox”.

            1. 4th? I like Knox’s humor. I know he cannot possibly be serious

        1. Good science 1, bad science 0.

    5. What has caused the excess deaths in that time frame in that age group? I would guess an increase in the following:

      Untreated and undiagnosed conditions including cancer
      Drug abuse including prescription drugs. Inappropriate prescription drugs that were prescribed over the phone or online.
      Suicide – not just among those already with mental health issues who could no longer access their usual care and support.
      An increase in heart attacks, strokes, various vascular issues for whatever reason.

      The waiting list for NHS treatments/appointments in the UK had gone up massively to over 6 million a few weeks back.

      1. Or maybe it has something to do with covid and the vaccines. They are the one big thing different from previous years.

        1. Everything I mentioned is ultimately related to Covid-19, the diagnosis and treatment of it and the lockdowns in one way or another. I’m sorry if I should have been more obvious about it.

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