Seems like almost every day now the mass media are blaring about the need for speech on the internet to be controlled or restricted in some way. Today they’re running stories about Joe Rogan and Covid misinformation; tomorrow it will be something else.

The reasons for the need to control online speech change from day to day, but the demand for that control remains a constant. Some days it’s a need to protect the citizenry from online disinformation campaigns by foreign governments. Sometimes it’s the need to guarantee election security. Sometimes it’s the need to eliminate domestic extremism and conspiracy theories. Sometimes it’s Covid misinformation. The problems change, but the solution is always the same: increased regulation of speech by monopolistic online platforms in steadily increasing coordination with the US government.

It’s actually pretty comical at this point, once you notice it. It’s like if you had an expensive Prada bag that your friend really coveted and she was always making up excuses to try and take it home with her. “Gosh I’m carrying all these small objects and I have nothing to carry them in!” “You’re going on vacation? I’ll look after your Prada bag for you!” “Oh no you slipped and now you’re clinging to a cliff’s edge! Quick! Throw me your Prada bag!” Once you know what they’re actually after, their attempts to obtain it look clownish and silly.

Whenever I talk about how the immense power structure which the mass media serves and protects has a desperate need to control online speech, I’ll always get a few people objecting that the powerful don’t care about what ideas and information the ordinary riff raff share with each other on internet forums. They just do what they want regardless of public opinion, like Greek gods on Mount Olympus.

And really nothing could be further from the truth. Controlling the thoughts we think about our nation and our world are of paramount importance to our rulers, because it’s only by controlling what we think that they can control how we vote, how we act, and whether or not we get fed up with being exploited and oppressed by a loose alliance of unelected plutocrats and government operatives. There is nothing, literally nothing, that these people would not do to maintain this control. Their very survival depends on it.

Michael Parenti summed this up perfectly in his 2015 book “Profit Pathology and Other Indecencies” with this passage that was recently shared by Louis Allday:

“But they don’t care about what we think. They turn a deaf ear to us,” some people complain. That is not true. They care very much about what you think. In fact, that is the only thing about you that holds their attention and concern. They don’t care if you go hungry, unemployed, sick, or homeless. But they do care when you are beginning to entertain resistant democratic thoughts. They get nervous when you discard your liberal complaints and adopt a radical analysis. They do care that you are catching on as to what the motives and functions of the national security state and the US global empire are all about at home and in so many corners of the world. They get furiously concerned when you and millions like you are rejecting the pap that is served up by corporate media and establishment leaders.


By controlling our perceptions, they control our society; they control public opinion and public discourse. And they limit the range and impact of our political consciousness. The plutocrats know that their power comes from their ability to control our empowering responses. They know they can live at the apex of the social pyramid only as long as they can keep us in line at the pyramid’s base. Who pays for all their wars? We do. Who fights these wars? We do or our low-income loved ones do. If we refuse to be led around on a super-patriotic, fear-ridden leash and if we come to our own decisions and act upon them more and more as our ranks grow, then the ruling profiteers’ power shrinks and can even unwind and crash—as has happened with dynasties and monarchies of previous epochs.


We need to strive in every way possible for the revolutionary unraveling, a revolution of organized consciousness striking at the empire’s heart with full force when democracy is in the streets and mobilized for the kind of irresistible upsurge that seems to come from nowhere yet is sometimes able to carry everything before it.


There is nothing sacred about the existing system. All economic and political institutions are contrivances that should serve the interests of the people. When they fail to do so, they should be replaced by something more responsive, more just, and more democratic.

Preventing their replacement with a system that is more responsive, just and democratic is precisely why our rulers are so keen on controlling the way we think, act and vote. They exert this control with their total domination of the mass media and mainstream education systems, with Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation, and with the rapidly increasing normalization of internet censorship.

The dawn of the internet sparked great hope for those who knew that the ruling power structures of our day retain supremacy by controlling and manipulating people’s access to and understanding of information; the possibility of billions of human minds freely spreading awareness of what’s going on in our world and sharing revolutionary ideas to address our problems spelled beautiful things for our future to anyone with a lucid understanding of the obstacles we face.

Unfortunately, our rulers understood the significance of that moment too. They’ve been working tirelessly to ensure that the internet serves as a net positive for themselves and a net negative for the rest of us, manipulating the large-scale movements of information so that dissident voices are increasingly marginalized and inconsequential while giving themselves the ability to funnel propaganda into public minds far more rapidly and efficiently than ever before. If they succeed in their objectives, ordinary people will wind up no better at sharing unauthorized ideas and information than they were before the internet, while our rulers will be far more effective in controlling the way we think at mass scale.

That they will succeed is by no means guaranteed. We are living in an entirely unprecedented moment in human history with many large-scale systems on the precipice of failure while technological advancement creates many other unpredictable factors; gaps could open up at any time to let light shine through in the massive movements that humanity is poised for. There is no way to accurately predict the future in a situation the likes of which we’ve never seen before, where patterns are crumbling and narrative is hitting white noise saturation point.

Anything can happen. Win or lose, this is a hell of a time to be alive.


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39 responses to “Don’t Underestimate How Badly The Powerful Need Control Of Online Speech”

  1. Be like Assange. Get vaccinated.

  2. The Joe Rogan interview with Robert Malone was a show for the masses, inserted for narrative control. Robert Malone works in tandem with the CIA & the military and has deep ties to big Pharma. It’s all in his bio. He’s opposition control. And Rogan who didn’t ask the obvious questions even after Malone admitted to his connections during the interview, is in on the game. Aside from his bio, what really gives Malone away is that in his view 65 + year olds as well as the immune compromised should get this therapy.

    Please go through this article and share it widely to expose the narrative control

  3. ‘They don’t care if you go hungry, unemployed, sick, or homeless.’

    Even gangsters, drug dealers etc. learned long ago you don’t use violence at every turn you buy people off as much as you can.

    If the worldwide international psychotic conspiracy was truly smart they’d make sure no one went hungry, no one went unemployed, no one went without health care and no one was homeless. If they did that most people couldn’t be bothered to have concerns about who is really running things.

    This would be the easiest way for them to maintain control, but as they don’t do that you’d have to wonder why?

  4. ……it’s the tidbits of lofty philosophical/political views of the white supremist founders of amerikkka that continually get traction…..washington was an instigator in the start of the french and indian war of which the purpose was to kill and remove the natives as well as seize the french controlled territories and colonize them….jefferson was brilliant on his own, but his views are what helped lay the foundation of the white supremist amerikkka we have today…..the separation of church and state was/is the one thing that keeps some rationale in political discourse….the separation of people on the basis of “race” persists today as a result of the illusion of noble white MEN governing themselves…..something so deeply ingrained in the amerikkkan social/cultural structure today….the 18th century thinking is not working in the 21st century… it goes on as is , we’ll soon be back in the 15th century……perhaps desperately sorting through the wreckage of those lofty philosophical/political views…….

  5. The Australian Open will henceforth be called ‘The Australian Closed’
    Closed to democracy.
    Closed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    Closed to unvaxxed Serbians.
    Closed to Truth.
    Unvaxxed billionaires on the other hand _ _ _

    1. Nah.
      I’ve changed my mind.
      It should be called THE CLAYTONS OPEN, the ‘Open you have when you’re not having an Open’ (an old advertising slogan for a non alcoholic drink; ‘the drink you have when you’re not having a drink’).

      The Claytons Open!! Yeah!
      Fucking ace _ _ _ pardon the pun.

    2. The government won’t let me drive when I’ve had a few!!

      BOOO HOO HOO, I’m so mistreated by the government!!

      Millions upon millions have gotten the vaccines (to protect others, not themselves) with no ill effects.

      Why should some multi-millionaire get special treatment because he has fans that love paying for and watching him hit a tennis ball around?

      1. Ninety four per cent vaxxed, if you believe their spin.
        Cases through the roof.
        Deaths increasing.
        Get the Truth, not the tripe.

    3. So the man who had been advised that if not vaccinated he couldn’t play, decided to take a chance and show up unvaxxed? And was denied playing? Also this is the man who was diagnosed with covid decided to hang around young players at a press conference the day after.

      1. That’s a lie, you are just being dishonest, and are being an ideologue in choosing to not look at the data, he tested negative before meeting with young players who are at practically no risk from Sars Cov 2 (as the data proves the virus that in some cases causes Covid 19 the disease, such as NHS England data for deaths with Covid 19 broken down by age band and whether they had a previous condition, the last time I looked 9 people between 0 and 19 died in English hospitals of Covid 19 with no previous conditions out of approx 13.5 million of this age in England since the start of the pandemic). He subsequently tested positive after meeting young players, and having previously committed to an interview after testing positive he conducted a interview socially distanced with a mask. I utterly fail to see why anyone should have to take a vaccine that does not prevent transmission, and has no adequate testing for efficacy and safety (phizer due to complete stage 3 testing in 2023, Astra Zeneka in 2023, with Moderna due in 2022) and is know to cause serious side effects in the governments own literature, such as Regulation 174 guidance for healthcare professionals for each of the vaccines in the UK on the UK Governments own website.

        Particularly why would anyone sane take a vaccine where the vaccine manufacturers have been given legal indemnity (they have no confidence in their own vaccine, why should I?), where Phizer have been caught manipulating the data, as the whistleblower indicates, and they offered the vaccine to the control group after 4 months, making their long term studies of safety and efficacy worthless, particularly as they are tying to prevent the full release of their data for 74 years. The absolute risk reduction for symptomatic disease (they did not test for reduction in transmission as the BMJ article indicates) in Phizers own study was 0.84%, (in the 6 months study, you had a 0.88% chance of symptomatic Covid 19 without a vaccine in comparison to 0.04%, giving a 0.84% absolute risk reduction). the relative risk reduction was (0.88-0.04)/0.88 X 100 = approx 95%, a dishonest misrepresentation of the data. This limited protection also fell rapidly after 3 months.

        He was also given a visa by the Australian authorities (for it to be later withdrawn for political purposes) on the basis he was previously infected, not on the basis of a vaccine, so you are being dishonest here as well.

        I suggest you look at the data from the ship the Diamond Princess quarantined in Feb 2020 with Covid 19, long before the vaccines, where only 20% (as defined by a unreliable RT PCR Sars Cov 2 test that includes the asymptomatic, who by definition do not have Covid 19, as this is by definition the disease, not the virus) of the passengers and crew caught Sars Cov 2, despite the average age of the passengers being 70, with little if any social distancing possible on a cruise liner. Their are WHO documents and ones by the Oxford Centre for Evidence based Medicine, as well as others about this.

        I also suggest you compare countries vaccination rates and cross reference to the rates of infection, hospitalisation and death with Covid 19 by country (see our world in data or the FT,s free to access ‘Coronavirus tracked’ for example), and then tell me these vaccines are effective? Some vaccines (such as the smallpox vaccine, and some of the Polio Vaccines other are effective, the Sars Cov 2 vaccines clearly aren’t).

        I can post links to any of the data above, but you are so idealogicaly captured I doubt you would look at it.

  6. How do we get our power back? Direct Democracy does the trick. We don’t need the sociopaths permission to begin. Wakey Wakey!

  7. ….johnny….hundreds of millions have and will die of the most stupid fucking shit homo assollus can come up with…..stay tuned….

  8. …..spectacular extraordinaire….the triumph of the spectacle in narrative control….the illusion of the self as all aware and thinking freely, making choices….. the diffusion of the self in choices manufactured by the second and even faster than that sometimes…. to shorten the attention span, to handicap the capacity to intellectually articulate the self in the tangible world….diffusion of all that is realized in the tangible world into a variety of choices of the same thing….consumption…the illusion of the individual as separate is consumed and reflected in the diffusion of new choices and so on……confusion inserted to create more layers of diffuse choices in the illusion of the self….confusion in the form of images presented to engage the 5 senses….all used in the ultimate occupation….consumption….and so for $19.99 a month….THE SELF!…that’s right, THE SELF!… FREE SHIPPING!….just in case you need to be at one with THE SELF!….so CALL NOW!….this offer is limited…time is running out!….call 1/800/666-4355…call now and get this SPECIAL FREE BONUS HOLOGRAGHICALLY EMBOSSED and GLAZED MIRROR …it’s PORTABLE!…and ready to use whenever you need to reflect upon….THE SELF!…….

  9. 5.55 million dead worldwide from covid. Be like Assange. Get vaccinated.

    1. Three million children die from starvation EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
      Get real.

      1. Sarah Palin is on your side. Noam Chomsky is on my side. Be like Assange. Get vaccinated.

    2. You mean Assange who later on got a stroke? Correlation is not causation, but should be a warning sign to carry out further investigations to see if a causal link is present. This is why after all vaccines and drugs normally have prolonged safety trials, as large data sets are needed for statistical proof as are autopsies, neither of which are occurring with the ‘Covid 19 Vaccines’ (sic), as the companies have legal immunity. Particularly as strokes and blood clots in general are a acknowledged side effect from Covid 19 jabs that is included in the patient information leaflet., and in more detail in the guidance for healthcare professionals. (Regulation 174 guidance for healthcare professionals in the UK for each Vaccine, as this is the UKs form of emergency use authorisation).

      This is the one for Pfizer

      And for Astra Zeneca

      Also the 5.55 million from Covid is a provably untrue statement. The two definitions used in the UK (with similar definitions worldwide, as these follow WHO emergency classifications), are deaths with Sars Cov 2 not deaths from Covid 19, as Sars Cov 2 is the Virus, Covid 19 is the disease sometimes caused by Sars Cov 2, and the RT PCR test tests for fragments of the Sars Cov 2 virus, that may or may not be specific to the Sars Cov 2 virus (as does the rapid antigen test) and does not test for the Covid 19 disease. There is no such thing as asymptomatic Covid 19 by definition. The Italian health board study early on indicated about 84% of Covid 19 registered deaths had other co morbidities, with Italy massively revising down its Covid 19 deaths later.

      In the UK any death within 28 days of a positive Sars Cov 2 test is counted as a Covid 19 death, whatever the cause, this is the Department of health and Social Care definition, below.

      The other definition is used by the UKs Office for national statistics, included in ‘Registered deaths in England and Wales’ weekly bulletin, contained in section 3 Glossary. It does not need to be the main or underlying cause of death, it just has to be on the death certificate as a co morbidity and does not require a positive Sars Cov 2 test, as this can be on symptoms alone, that are not specific to Covid 19, by a doctor who does not even need to see the patient under the 2020 Coronavirus Act in the UK. The codes used are the WHOs ICD 10 codes.

      This is why the data for Covid 19 deaths is corrupt unreliable intentionally misleading junk data

      1. I mean the Assange who has done more for free speech than you and is also smarter about covid than you. And your “proof” is just right wing propaganda coming from people who hate Assange.

  10. Parenti offers what were once considered conservative American thought, a phrase which has been stripped of meaning over the last century or two. As Orwell rightly insisted, the capacity by tyrants to obliterate history that cripples humans from expressing freedom. The perils have been expressed over and again throughout history. Those who wish to control individuals and reduce them to a mindless horde, must extinguish any sparks of independent thought which can cause the flame of free thought to burst forth unexpectedly.
    One unlikely jihadist in history, by modern terms, was George Washington who wrote in his nation in his Farewell Address. During his time, there were few masses of concentrated power as we know them. For him, the nearest example of the insidious and inhuman corporation was the political party.

    However combinations or associations of the above description may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

    And that is still true. Many of the political parties exist in the model of the Soviet Communist Party – to manipulate and fan the emotional flames of the proletariat, to command them. Do parties explore and ask their members what the people want, or do they act in the opposite manner? Ask Donald Trump – he will tell you the truth, paradoxically, that parties do on a national stage what he has done as a businessman, to dupe the suckers.
    No entity which is not made up of humans acting in the interests of humans should be trusted. Early in America’s history, this understanding was as conservative and mainstream as the assertion that involvement with sovereign foreign states should be conducted with amity and caution. 200 years ago, such an understanding would have been understood as mainstream American thought, and placing military bases across the globe would have been shocking, unthinkable. When one loses one’s history, and the capacity to individually think intelligently, one becomes a member of a mob.
    Writing about the End Times, Washington presciently wrote:

    Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally…
    The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of public liberty.

    When the absolute power of an individual is worshiped by so many in a country that they will believe any fiction offered by the Leader, then the country has fallen into ruins.
    When such persons as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson speak to free thinkers in a manner more threatening to the controlling entities than Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, liberty is in ruins.
    All manner of collaboratives, entities, corporations, mass media and secret police powers, working together, cannot stop humans from thinking. That is not a hopeful assertion, but a historical fact exemplified throughout history. It is history, then, that must be suppressed as the most radical threat to the state.

  11. The utmost lying, contemptible, appalling statement ever made:
    “I was trying to PROTECT you!”

  12. Yep.
    Don’t forget that the invisible scary thingy insists that you wear a muzzle and demands you submission and obedience.
    Brought to you, of course, by whatever dumbass government was paid to tell you so.

  13. As long as the greater public does not value a need to question existing reality, dissident voices are ignored.. Considering this I temper my outrage over censorship.

    1. Wait, people are stupid so it’s all okay? Nothing to get excited about?

  14. Spot-on, Caitlin, thank you. A perfect complement is Dr. Robert Malone’s article “Mass Formation: Deployed on You After Over 200 Years of Study” with important research depth.

    Perception management, mass-hypnosis, is critical to their post-democracy dominion, hence the vast investments in think tanks, lobbyists, comprador legislators, an alphabet soup of “intelligence”-surveillance agencies, collusive big-tech censorship, and embedded regime media. It’s a huge campaign: full-spectrum dominance relies as heavily on mind-control as it does overt coercion. It’s encouraging that regime media viewership is plummeting while alt sources like Joe Rogan are increasing dramatically.

  15. CDC pretending their “Let ‘er RIP” chronic PASC circulatory/ organ damage is pre existing co-morbiduties, killing indentured “essentials” forced to work ill in 2020, go from not testing to censoring COVID death & ignoring damage is cumulative?–j15.html

  16. It is because “the immense power structure” is failing that they are so desperate to control free speech
    We are in the beginning of a USSR level collapse, either war or economic collapse will bring the house of cards down.
    The Collective West and America need a Gorbachev with the courage to tell us that the Empire is no more.

  17. It’s not just online. Heard any good protest songs lately?
    They get crushed, ignored, buried or suffocated under the vapid, monolithic, SHIT that passes for modern music.
    It didn’t take them long to ‘choke’ Bob Dylan, and when John Lennon stuck his head above the parapet. Bang!

    1. Go to Ariel AZ Alexander on YouTube and you’ll find 170 of mine. The BBC won’t even allow me to upload ANYTHING>

  18. 1. Exactly. Read George Orwell’s 1984!
    2. The main reason for censorship, propaganda, and invented conspiracy theories (like Q Anon) is the fear from revealed truth about their crimes. This is also why Julian Assange is dying in the Bel-Marsh prison.

  19. It is not ‘their’ failure, it is ours. We can bemoan perceived abuses of power, as perpetually en vogue as it is ineffective in itself. Or we can acknowledge that the power was given freely. For love of convenience, of shiny new things, but most of all for the titillations of chemicals that course thru our bodies in states of fear or righteous indignation.

    The moral philosopher who is not a person of action takes an exit ramp–placing the bridge to their proposed new world in a misty ether. Revolution of consciousness is a magic think silver bullet.

    We need is the philosopher tactician. The seams are ripped open on reality right now, revealing it in all of its majestic and brutal weirdness: Nested paradoxes (like this thread?), cyclical narratives, doomsday–the showstopper fireworks–all hover in twirling suspension.

    What is to be done in the face of this metaphysical cataclysm? As one great American put it, “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”. Going pro means getting tactical. To that end, here is a campaign: Demand universal privacy laws and end the monetization of personhood. Solutions are at hand. Take the EU’s GDPR which–in spirit at least–confers rights in personhood over predatory capitalism. Suggestions that a universal basic income could be funded from personal data: (it’s a little “ad-ridden” but a good read)

    Want to free minds? Get them out of the laboratory where they are hooked up to sensors, eyes peeled open as the endless loop of targeted advertising flashes.

  20. I agree with everything you say, Caitlin. But I still prefer it to brute force which is their next option.

  21. The definition of Information is ability to differentiate between different messages.
    Therefore attempting to control information online is in essence disinformation campaign.
    Without being able to compare differing points of view, discuss the opposites, there is no way to arrive at the truth, or even formulate your own preference.
    Perhaps US Government should ban all toddler books teaching the Opposites, so from early age we develop taste for only one prevailing opinion fabricated by ex-CIA employees who now pass for “authors” at Reuters.

  22. Stephanie L. Webb Avatar
    Stephanie L. Webb

    Like you said, it IS quite comical until you realize that they’re all people with control and resources. They are doing the MOST, and most radicals are busy letting them hang themselves. Global crises demonstrated how incompetent these fools are, and most folks are over useless Cluster Bs who can’t cope.

    1. Global crises are evidence of the deep state’s success, not of failure or incompetence. Financial collapse, de-industrialization, middle class dispossession, political/cultural polarization and antisocialization, the plandemic destruction of democracy and the Constitution are all features of their system not bugs; they are the virus not the cure.

      The Global War on Terra is stunning evidence of “success”. The 21st century of perpetual wars, all of them founded on lies since the big one, 9/11, the million or so deaths, tens of millions of injuries and refugees are stellar successes. The Empire of Chaos has no interest in humanitarianism, democracy, or nation-building, only in full-spectrum global dominion — enabled by crisis (“never let a crisis go to waste”; create them when convenient). The empire has wreaked slaughter and destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Palestine, along with countless assassinations, coups, illegal sanctions, and “counter”-terrorist ops with brutally efficient divide-and-rule tactics. These clearly criminal wars are only failures in our eyes. The Global War on Terra is the perfect breeder-reactor for the MIC casino capitalists, fabricating more enemies (fuel) then it consumes.

      Enter Russia and China. Their red-lines represent a matador’s crimson cape to the globalist bulls. We appear closer to WW3 than ever, but Putin and Xi are brilliant Chessmasters. The world may yet experience a peaceful revolution.

      1. Potently insightful comment.

  23. “They’ve been working tirelessly to ensure that the internet serves as a net positive for themselves”

    YES, exactly like they did with the monetary system.

  24. Rage at injustice is universal. The ability to strike back is not. The machinery of justice won’t serve you here. It is slow and cold and it is theirs. Some things can’t be bought like the resistance to comply. And it pisses off those on the top. Like me. All what I do it’s not aiming a reward at the end. In fact, I fought many wars to stop people like those who are on the top from happening. Somehow, after the fall, they always find a way to crawl back like an incurable addicted in drugs.

  25. In a world of bullshit, only the least invested will call it out.

    In a world of bullshit, only the subtle things are true.

    The joke’s on the invested-the future is written.

    Yalla Yalla

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