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To rule the world, make it rely on a single dominant financial system you control so anyone who disobeys you can be cut off from the economy you’ve made them dependent on for survival—whether they’re a nation, a protest movement, or an individual—without having to fire a shot.

I don’t “support dictators”, as one will inevitably be accused of doing whenever scrutinizing imperial propaganda narratives. I do however always hope the US fails to accomplish its objectives against every government that it targets, because the US is far and away the single most tyrannical regime on this planet.

I don’t support tyranny, I oppose it. It just happens that the major force of tyranny in this world isn’t where the TV tells you it is.

No other regime has spent the 21st century slaughtering people by the millions in wars of aggression. No other regime is circling the planet with hundreds of military bases. No other regime works to destroy any nation which disobeys it using starvation sanctions, war and terror. Only the US-centralized empire does this. While supporting most of the world’s dictators.

Anyone who talks about the Ukraine situation like it’s just Putin being evil, while ignoring the actions of the US and NATO which got us here, is a disinformation agent.

You just don’t find this information anywhere in mainstream news and punditry, so you don’t find it anywhere in mainstream discourse either. It’s just “PUTIN EVIL HITLER RAHHHH!” It should really be common sense by now that when the entire western political/media class starts screaming that a government is acting like an evil supervillain you’re probably being propagandized, but most people are still swallowing it hook, line and sinker.

This is really and truly as deep as most western analysis of this situation goes:

The onus is not on anyone else to prove that US claims about Russian operations are false, the onus is on the US to prove that they are true. The burden of proof doesn’t magically disappear just because some pundits and politicians said something in an assertive tone.

Still can’t get over how the liberal media spent years yelling about Trump Nazis and then immediately turned around and started doing PR segments for actual Nazis.

Boy I haven’t been called a Kremlin propagandist this much since like 2018. Thing is, everything I was saying about western Russia narratives in 2018 has since been completely vindicated.

It’s not that the US elects incompetent leaders who make bad decisions that kill millions of people with warfare, it’s that the global US empire is held together with military violence and the threat thereof. It’s an intrinsically evil institution and you should always oppose it.

It’s not that the US government has done evil, it’s that the US government is itself evil. The very way it has set itself up to operate in the world necessarily means it must exert endless violence and oppression to keep populations functioning in its interests. That’s evil.

The Mafia hasn’t happened to make bad decisions throughout its history that resulted in the unfortunate demise of certain individuals, it’s an institution explicitly set up to reap profits by exerting and threatening violent force. The US empire is exactly the same. Same evil.

It’s not that the American people keep accidentally electing warmongering thugs, anymore than it’s an accident that the Mafia is always led by men who are willing to bully and kill. The US empire is an intrinsically thuggish and violent institution, and needs that kind of leader.

The US empire is just a rich man’s mafia. And you should want it gone for the exact same reason you don’t want your neighborhood to be tyrannized by violent mobsters.

The best critics of empire propaganda are mostly just people who went to journalism school and simply remember what they were taught about how journalism is supposed to look. Their commentary is usually nothing more than pointing out all the mass media lapses in basic journalistic ethics. It’s just kind of where you naturally wind up if you keep your attention on journalism without letting the pressures of the machine squeeze you into forgetting what you know about what it’s supposed to be.

One of the main things I do here is try to help articulate the scope of the horrors of the empire. Because we’re in it, and it’s so aggressively normalized by the mass media, it becomes easy to overlook, like water for a fish. It’s hard to really notice something you’re marinating in all the time. Hard to see the horror with fresh eyes.

We have all the information we need to understand the horrific nature of the empire, it just gets obscured and distorted and spun by imperial narrative management, so people don’t really see it clearly. The challenge isn’t so much obtaining evidence of the depravity of the empire as helping people to really, truly see the evidence we already have.


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76 responses to “The US Empire Is Evil And You Should Want It To Fail: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. I see your Kremlin masters have moved you from saying the US fears of invasion are just propaganda onto saying that the US is causing the Russian invasion. How does it feel to be a traitor, Caitlin?

    1. Sw, pipe down and get back in the clown car. Don’t go all ScoMo.

      1. “Aw, pipe down…” I got spellchecked.

  2. The term “US” is almost meaningless nowadays unless clearly defined given that it is politically and culturally fractured and politically post-constitutional.

    For example, it is highly unlikely that what you call ‘the US’ is still a sovereign nation running its own affairs. If it is, then the power networks doing so need to be identified for your article(s) to make any sense.

  3. Yes promises were made that Nato would not expand eastward. But the folks in Poland and Latvia etc. who wanted it had Stalin’s terror and collectivisation as recent memories on their minds and somehow thought the American umbrella was preferable to a rerun. Caitlin has excoriated the Ukrainian right as Nazis. Well it isn’t much of a choice.
    In his book ‘Babi Yar’ about the Jewish holocaust in Kiev, Alexei Kuznetsov recalled the joy of the populace, lining the streets to greet the incoming Nazis as liberators. But his grandmother began crying “No! no! These are the enemy! They are wearing their hats down over their eyes!”
    Of course she was right, they were just one more. Those people aren’t called ‘Slavic’ for nothing and once again in a long history of it, a conqueror was rolling over the flat, indefensible plains to put the resident subhumans to work. The Soviets will install a hated and ignorant autocrat like Lukashenko, forever their own dog who will rely on Russian boots to avoid being torn to pieces like the Ceaucescus, who were scum but a little too independent.

    1. Perhaps Macron and the French have come into this conflict just at the right time for the world.
      You used the word “Soviet,” George, and it is perhaps more correct than incorrect. It is perhaps most useful to think of the Russian mind to respond in certain stereotypical ways that were laid down in its political culture over the last century. The more stress you put on an animal, the more likely it is to bite.
      Macron and a few others might have some insight into the addiction of America to empire, and be staging an intervention on both the US and the “Soviets” in their obsolete and loathsome habits of thinking in the old ways.
      I ask that anyone wishing to respond to this entry take note that Monday is the American holiday Washington’s Birthday, and at least skim Washington’s Farewell Address to his country upon completing his Presidency.
      It is written in the wordy style of the time, complicated by Washington’s honest but unimpressive skill with rhetorical language. He could have benefited from a good editor.
      One section, which I have edited myself, is telling:
      …alternating domination of one party over the in the spirit of revenge is a frightful despotism, gradually inclining citizens to seek security in the absolute power of an individual. Some chief of some prevailing faction then seized absolute control, to the ruination of liberty.
      Americans, of course, ignored this warning as it was delivered, and slid into the party-and-faction game of the British homeland.
      Biden, if a wise leader, might realize that the forty-year imperial game of the neo-conservatives starting with Ronald Regan’s presidency, has led the United States to shame and ruination.
      The US invasion of Afghanistan must have bewildered the “Soviet” analysts. Either the US was playing some game beyond subtle, or was run by blithering incompetents. Playing the Empire Game showed that no country can win such enterprises without a stable Emperor. Mr. Trump tried. Certainly, there are far more powerful and aggressive Americans who can succeed where he failed. The outcome of an American Lukashenko is unavoidable, if the Empire Game plays out.
      Biden can win by losing – by agreeing to dismantle the seventy-year-old global war machine which is bankrupting the country, and leading the US to political ruination. There are factions within the United States that do see that the enterprise has been a horrible degradation of the nation. Trading the “Soviets” for peace in Ukraine by pulling back and dissolving the American global empire would be a statesman’s coup. And with this done, why waste your elder years running for re-election?
      China has long played the game of – give the capitalists free rope to hang themselves! by loaning money to the US to build war machines that quickly rust. China failed in this enterprise when they started believing in their own propaganda and set out on a path of unbridled spending and growth at home.
      If ol’ “cut and run” Biden sells out America by dissolving 600 overseas military bases and returning the expense to the home country, he will be vilified by a few – and supported by some Americans who have been mortified about the country’s internationalist direction starting after Jimmy Carter.
      Ukraine has the support of other European nations which were under Soviet domination, and have an eternal, murderous hatred for the “Soviets” even after they no longer call themselves the USSR. Like the Chechens, their hatred is foreign to Americans – there is no kiss-and-make-up with the Baltics, the Poles, Hungarians and Rumanians. Russia risks an invasion of Stalingrad from the west and south by people who just hate Russians, period. An invasion of Ukraine might just touch off the whirlwind which the US nor Russia can control.
      I’m hoping for a “Munich Moment” with Macron and the other European allies. Unlike the real Munich agreement, this one may allow the Americans who really desire it to surrender the finger-trap of empire.

  4. Caitlin, I think to be fair, you have to admit that any empire that had as much power as the Americans do today would do things just as badly as they do, if not worse. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    That said, I am impressed with the way in which the news media seem to be orchestrating the “hate Russia” theme over the last day or two. It seems reminiscent of past war frenzies, when the government decided on a war and cracked the whip, and all the commercial news media fell into line. They do this with nonsense wars like the “war on drugs,” too. I am almost inclined to wonder whether the editors all get a message that their favorite grandchild will meet with a crippling accident if things aren’t presented in the proper light.
    You are right, of course, in saying that it is the actions of the U.S.A. and N.A.T.O. that have gotten us here. I don’t understand why the Americans want to pick a fight with Russia when they already have China on their plate. It looks like crazy hubris. I understand from my reading of debka-file that the Russians are retaliating by letting out the reins on some of the Middle Eastern people who want to have a go at Israel.
    On your comment that “it’s not that the U.S. government has done evil, it’s that the U.S. government is itself evil,” I think it would be more realistic to accept that ALL government is, in a sense, evil. EVERY government must be made up of people who live by force and people who live by telling lies – the criminal elements in society. It cannot be otherwise. It is up to us, as citizens, to discover that. The education system and the media are there to make sure that we don’t.
    The Mafia looks to me like an aborted government. That’s why there is that similarity you have noticed. In that part of Italy, the governments were often foreign and not very competent. That allowed local tough guys to get in on the action. The Ku Klux Klan developed under similar circumstances, also the Union Corse and the Irish Republican Army.
    Most governments tend to be dominated by their priestly element, the people who live by deception. A militarily successful government like that of the U.S.A. will tend to be dominated by its soldiers. The government THINKS in a military style, not in the style of some sort of religious or ideological group, or in a commercial way as some smaller governments do. One added element is that arms export is a VERY important element in the U.S. economy. The military manufacturers are a very important lobby. So there is a commercial element in the U.S. Government, but it is closely allied to the military element. I assume that the secret police, who make it their business to know everything about everybody and who probably understand the needs of the military manufacturers and the military themselves at least as well as those elements understand their own business, have a fair bit of input also. Presidents get criticised in the open media for failing to attend secret service briefings and failing to read their secret notes. Trump, of course, was smart enough to realise that a lot of what they were telling him was garbage.

  5. Morons, Stupidity, asinine, idiots, silly, crap, morons, crap-train, rabid stupidity, morons, stupid fucking idiots,

    Seems like your ‘argument’ depends on a lot of adjectives. I have even listed the contentious phrases.

    Thank you anyway. Otherwise I might not have posted this. I posted it the other day. I believe it deserves another go.

    a systematic study by a young scholar named Lindsey A. O’Rourke. Here’s her summary conclusion:

    Between 1947 and 1989, the United States tried to change other nations’ governments 72 times; That’s a remarkable number. It includes 66 covert operations and six overt ones.

    Most covert efforts to replace another country’s government failed.

    During the Cold War, for instance, 26 of the United States’ covert operations successfully brought a U.S.-backed government to power; the remaining 40 failed.

    I found 16 cases in which Washington sought to influence foreign elections by covertly funding, advising and spreading propaganda for its preferred candidates, often doing so beyond a single election cycle. Of these, the U.S.-backed parties won their elections 75 percent of the time.

    My research found that after a nation’s government was toppled, it was less democratic and more likely to suffer civil war, domestic instability and mass killing. At the very least, citizens lost faith in their governments.

    1. Posted wrong, reply to JR below. How he take a long hiatus.

  6. I feel ALL empires are evil, big and little. The USA’s empire is a large one so its footprint in evil is large, but it is less evil than some other empires and more evil than yet otheres, but empire itself is the real threat, any empire. As soon as humans assemble into a group elitist bigotry is sure to follow across the board, whether its the smallest or largest group, all groups can be hacked and corrupted without exception, any narrative can be exploited to its opposit ends, a good narrative can be exploited to evil ends, but also sometimes an evil narrative can be exploited to good ends, so life gets very messy and complex.

  7. I’ve discovered that the best critics of empire propaganda are NOT those who went to journalism school, but mostly comedians: Jimmy Dore, Russell Brand, Joe Rogan, and Lee Camp. They are enough outside the mainstream to be able to look at it clearly, and they can lampoon it to make it more palatable.

    1. I’d put Aaron Mate above any of them.

    2. The court jester was the sole occupant of the court whom could tell the truth because if only buffoons tell the truth than we can disregard the truth as buffoonish, it plays INTO repressive agendas, the comedians need to STOP kidding around and say it seriously.
      Many a jester met an untimely and often cruel demise by forgetting to be funny enough and actually falling into real criticism, no worries, plenty more aspiring jesters for the elite to pick from after the execution, but there must always be one, otherwise how else can we be conditioned to laugh at the honest truth but take arrogant self serving elitist pomposity seriously?
      I don’t enjoy the laughter, people laugh when they aught to cry, cry when they aught to laugh, its horrifying to see what expertly applied propaganda manipulation can do to the vast majority of unwary persons, we need to stop laughing at the truth, the truth is not an error for our amusement, it is a form of accuracy that we should be acting on with determined passion.

      1. william wesley – laughter can be a nervous reaction to a brutal truth. A type of mechanism to help you cope with things seemingly out of your control. If it’s understood that way then nervous laughter is very damning of brutal truth.

    An essay by Michael Shrimpton (ex-master spy?) Lighthearted by insightful.

  9. If I had morons commenting like this on my articles, I would be deeply ashamed for myself, and embarrassed for them. One of the reason why I gave up on Caitlin years ago was because of the stunning level of stupidity of the readership here and the asinine commentary being made. You idiots don’t even know when you are being manipulated. Take the above opinion piece written by Caitlin. What has this actually told you? What’s missing? What was actually included? It’s a puff piece of no substance, just a silly little rant about the evil’s of Empire (which everybody here already knows). But it’s also a thinly disguised apologist opinion. Russia is just as evil as our Empire but you don’t read that part here because Caitlin left it entirely out. You can easily guess why. You’re also not being informed as to what would replace the evil Empire Caitlin wants you all to hate. Hatred is apparently sufficient for your future survival (wrong, a silly stupid assumption everyone makes). Do you see the manipulation yet? This isn’t journalism, it’s ill-gotten opinions that offer no substance, no information, no content and no context. It’s crap. And you morons jump on board this crap-train (again and again) and interject your rabid stupidity and hatred without any comprehension or understanding. You just want to rant like Caitlin did, offering nothing of substance. What a waste of life this all is. What a waste of space. Morons manipulating other morons. I came here after a long absence hoping to find something of worth. I found nothing. I do not worship the golden calf, Caitlin or the Empire, but I know manipulation when I see it. The Empire is YOU you stupid fucking idiots. And you still do not understand.

    1. maybe, but in case you haven’t noticed Caitlin is just about the only alternative website left on the internet, all the rest are fronts for various intelligence agencies throughout the world, even the Vatican has a spy agency, Caitlin is a breath of fresh air, somewhere to get some perspective.

      1. Have you been out lately? “I’m sorry, yeah, I’m American, I know we’re bad” has been a trope for at least my whole life among part of the educated upper-middle class worldly types, and it still is.
        I remember in grad school, after 9/11, the behind-closed-doors, hard-edged and smiling, “We deserved it” stuff. These lines are all old.
        Surely one could find all this and more on Mother Jones or The Nation. If you wanted to ‘dig deeper,’ there’s always been Chomsky and Zinn, probably a few NPR pieces. Hell, Caitlin Johnstone is getting retweeted from time to time in Jezebel, so someone finds her work generates profit in their target demo.
        All the people who ‘need this’ aren’t going to be reading it. All the people who are reading it and love it likely need something else. That’s kind of a paradox with things like this.

    2. You are welcome to go away. Goodbye

    3. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

    4. you got any support for the statement that “russia is just as evil as our Empire?” she offers lots of links that you can click on if you want more information. all i see from you is an uninformed rant.

    5. We humans are fallible. We tend to like those we agree with, and vice versa. Nobody is immune.We all strive for reason and balance. We all fall short sometimes.

    6. Go back to your middling Naked Capitalism then. That site has turned ShitLib once the writers there, discovered that Covid can work just as well as the Orange Man in creating compliant readers.
      Readers come here for solidarity in the knowledge that we (the western nations) are the bad guys and we need to commiserate with fellow like-minded because really, we have nothing else. Political change is not going to happen. We are progressing to a more authoritarian society–privacy being but a quaint notion. News information from the corporate media and there dupes are disseminated only for the PMC and other technocrats as the rest of us have as much significance as denizens in a high-density feed lot.

    7. Friend, I don’t know where you are from, but I don’t think city people can be expected to understand how things work outside of the ant-nest. It doesn’t do any good to tell them they are idiots. Caitlin has an awful lot of opinions I don’t agree with, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t genuinely believe them or that she is acting on behalf of Russia. An old man once gave me this line as a rule for journalists: “Opinion is free, but the facts are sacred.” Caitlin doesn’t hide the fact that she is giving us opinions. I get upset about Establishment journalists artfully inserting opinions among facts, and leaving relevant facts out of stories myself.

    8. JR – We are just microscopic cogs within the EMPIRE, but we don’t have to agree with everything the EMPIRE’S ruling elite do. I find this a great place to refine your personal opinions, with various points of view not always in line with your own. Withstanding scrutiny makes truth stronger not weaker. Trying to shut opposing opinion down with no substance means one’s dogma, one’s ‘truth’, is very fragile.

    9. I call this existential bulimia. People are conditioned – we let ourselves be conditioned, that is – to spew a loose association of words when triggered by a phrase or even a word. It is almost inevitably a diversion from the topic at hand. It is nearly universal in current discourse.
      If I were to say, for instance, that “I agree with the Ukranian Army policy forbidding trans men to serve in combat,” the most reasonable response is irrelevant in any discussion which was not about that topic. Properly, that assertion is best ignored.
      But it is too powerfully inspiring for us to reach into our grab-bag of half-baked thoughts, and come out with some vituperative judgment against the speaker of this nonsense. Piles and piles of irrelevant rubbish will flow out, again, likely even more tangential to the absurd proposition. That is what passes for discourse in many forums.
      We have been deprived of the ability to discuss and explore thoughts, as we have been conditioned to existential bulimia.

  10. i, for one, am unable to get a feel for the significance of international politics/economics unless they are put in a human scale drama. Eg for the current drama in East Europe …

    The story so far…
    Western Europe is trapped in a loveless marriage with the serial liar, thief, rapist, killer AngloUS Empire. She is struggling to have a friendships with her neighbor, but the AngloUS Empire is jealous and pathologically possessive. He tells her not to talk to her neighbor because he is a liar, thief, rapist and killer. He telns her he has heard the neighbor is going to steal their dirty laundry on Tuesday.

    1. That about nails it MIJJ. The worst part about it is that there’s an overarching octopus-like creature that insists all the European nations combine with the AngloUS empire to destroy Russia. This creature was never elected, but insists that “Putin hates democracy” therefore he must die. It’s all just insane, but the masses don’t lift their eyes from their screens to notice. God help us all.

  11. And, the president of the Ukraine is facing a possible death sentence if found guilty in an upcoming trial that he’s facing. And, hiding behind all this George Soros; no wonder why he gave the Democrats $125 million for the upcoming elections and why they had to get rid of Trump. If you look, you will see that the story is in many different languages all over the world. So, what’s it all about? Attempting to steal the largest gas and oil reserves in Europe. Same oligarchs who are funding research for a working fusion reactor; they get paid whether or not the fusion reactor ever works; so knowing how the oligarchs work; does anyone really think Europe will ever have a working reactor as long as there is carbon to burn? And should 500,000 or 500 million humans loose their lives protecting corrupt politicians from prosecution?

    1. Saakashvili (ex-president of Georgia) who ran to Ukraine from Georgia, committed too many bad things, and ran back to Georgia to mess with elections there again, is now in prison.
      If Zelensky does not get his own personal nukes, he could end up in prison too.

    2. I know! Biden admin pretends to be for green energy, while actually trying to steal all the gas and oil reserves they can.

      1. Ah but Lil Greta will save us! Can’t you hear her say all over CNN, MSNBC, Fox News et al “How dare you?” A nuclear war is in progress and of course she’s all over the joint to try and stop it and every journalist holds out their mics to her! Can’t hear her? That’s a relief! I thought I was getting deaf…

        1. dont know what happened to my reply, so I will try again. don’t worry about what Greta Thunberg says, worry about what the politicians are doing to promote this war, and what the scientists are saying about global warming.

          1. I worry about what I want my friend, including the hypocrisy behind the Big Money fueled bogus “climate change” – because you don’t seem to have noticed that the original “global warming” was changed to “climate change” – which means literally fuck all – long ago when they realized they had to cut the bull on global warming because it was unsustainable. But they still needed a decoy to carry on polluting like mad (oil, plastic and weapons industries especially) while making everyone feel guilty about Eve’s apple peels in the Garden of Eden. Nice job if you can get it and you’re the living proof that you can get it if you try :o)

  12. Don’t you find it funny that We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On continue to vote our warmongering, false-narrative-creating oppressors’ bought-and-paid-for R and D agents into public offices time and time again?
    Should We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On be picking up guns and running down the streets with our hair on fire, each of us yelling in perfect synchronicity with the collective “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”? Should We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On be guillotining some VIPs on the White House lawn? Should We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On be marching hand in hand, or riding in big rigs, down Penn. Ave. demand, demand, demanding that the Elite behave better, or else? (“or else” just exactly WHAT?!)
    Here’s what you, me, We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    there. is. no. other. way.
    there. is. no. other. way.
    there. is. no. other. way. to remove our warmongering, false-narrative-creating oppressors’ 536 Rs and Ds from federal elected positions of power. Tens of millions of people have got to step into the voting booth and NOT vote for either an R or D.
    If you know of another way to remove those 536 Rs and Ds from federal elected positions of power, please spell it out, right here, right now and, BTW, reading another hundred really great Caitlin and Tim articles and another hundred really great books that tell you who’s holding the reins of power in one hand and your balls in the other; or wishing upon a star; or dream, dream, dreaming; or hoping and praying; or doing deep, deep, deep self-study; or taking mind-expanding drug-trips are not going to do that job.
    Again, if you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, you must NOT vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why. OTOH, if you DO want More Of The Same, when you walk into the voting booth, just vote for another R or D, makes no difference which. (The latter is what the tens of millions of direct and indirect employees of, and the investors in, the MIC are going to do. They’re going to vote for No. 1 and they don’t give a shit if doing that ultimately leads to WWIII; they know precisely what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. )

    1. LOL I have seen this before.

      1. You are Not alone !
        Have Become nauseous with the voting schtik !

        1. I was telling everyone before the 2020 election to STOP VOTING. I’m still telling people to boycott the rigged and corrupt voting system, and you cannot believe how wedded people’s minds are to the myth that we control anything through voting. They just can’t unhook their minds from it.

    2. I’d like to help you, the woke, to a different solution than running down the streets, armed to the teeth, with your hair on fire: please watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary and read From Dictatorship to Democracy the book. Then you can follow up with The Politics of Nonviolent Action, in three volumes.

    3. This is a great comment, an article in itself. I read it through twice and I’m listening to Jimmy Dore now. Still, you sound like you’re willing to make people far less comfortable than you suffer for your THEORETICAL revolution. You don’t have a REAL revolution even in the planning stage, let alone loaded and ready to fire. Not nearly. 62 percent of the human beings in the US who were eligible to vote just HELPED a bioterrorist mass murderer president almost get re-elected!! (by not voting, voting for Trump, or selfishly, egotistically, blindly voting 3rd party — when THIS TIME, the ONLY power we actually had was binary: Stop Trump or Allow Trump to stay.

  13. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Democracy has already failed in the United States. You think not? Look around you. Ultra-right wingers trying to overthrow an election through violence. Religious fanatics attempting to tell women what they can or cannot do with their bodies. Q-Anon maniacs. Destruction of the right to vote. Constant spying on the population. Using our tax dollars for war. Wanton destruction of the environment by capitalists who buy and pay for get-out-of-jail-free exploitation of nature and workers. And is this what the majority of people want? No it is not.

    1. Susan Mercurioyou Avatar
      Susan Mercurioyou

      And then there are those who still fall for the left/right manufactured division, and blame the fans of the other football team (you get your choice of the Reds or the Blues) for the problems facing all of us, instead of being able to detach their minds from this manufactured narrative to divide us. If they ever did, they might realize that the real division is between the super-elite and the rest of us, reds or blues, makes no difference. But that’s just what the owners of the propaganda, the super-elite, don’t want them to understand.
      Sorry, blaming “the right” is the mark of a dupe. (And don’t fail back on the defense of the guilty: “you must be a right-winger.”)

    2. Wow you really are blinded by the light.
      “Ultra right wingers” ?? Ordinary folk who want their vote to count demanding a fair and transparent election … how dare they!
      Folk with a moral compass trying to stop the murder of the innocent.
      People demanding lawful elections.
      What destruction of the right to vote? What delusion is this?
      As for the spying, war spending and destruction of the environment … that’s what you get when you vote for idiots and let them get away with a stolen election.
      If you don’t want it, WTFU and work out who is the culprit. So far you show no indication you have a clue.

  14. Republicofscotland Avatar

    Dare I say it a sign of hope on the horizon. Biden won’t like this especially with his poll rating in decline.

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron have agreed to take urgent measures to halt escalation of conflict in eastern Ukraine, the Elysee Palace said in a statement.

    During their Sunday phone conversation requested by Paris, the leaders agreed to resume work within the framework of the Normandy format, which consists of French, German, Russian, and Ukrainian leadership. It was also decided that a meeting of the trilateral contact group would be held “in the next few hours” in order to “obtain a commitment from all the stakeholders” to cease fire on the line of contact.”

    1. Ukrainian President already announced they will be getting their own nukes. Like all peace loving nations do!

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      You are still believing in the two party (one party) system. Capitalism and its parties cannot be reformed. Expecting a warmonger like Biden to change his tune is not only futile, it is delusional.

      1. The 2-party story is just to give American people an illusion of choice. It is a known psychological tick that adults try on kids when presenting them with 2 choices to do something kids do not like, and not mentioning that they are free not to do it, or that they are actually free.
        American kids are trained in school to take multiple-choice tests all the time, and so it is a mental trap that is easy for them to fall into.
        My parents did not do this, so to me it is like cheating your kids out of their right of free choice.

        1. Sorry, Carolyn L Zaremba, I tried to give you a thumbs-up, but apparently this platform doesn’t do it.
          For your comment on the two-party system and capitalism

  15. Republicofscotland Avatar

    Oops, Biden had better get this war into top gear (bread and circuses) to take folks minds off what’s happening at home.

    “President Joe Biden is now so unpopular that he has fallen a bit below even Donald Trump’s dismal showing at this point in his presidency.”

    “Real Clear Politics average of presidential approval polls has Biden at 41% approval and 53% disapproval. Trump’s corresponding 2018 approval number edges Biden at 41.4%, with disapproval at 53.9%. ”

    1. IMO Team Biden is doing all they can to simply prevent Trump from running again, including stealing his methods. They are like “oops, this spot is taken already!”

    2. Sadly, the US government has decided to give circuses only to distract our minds from the fact that we have no bread.

  16. UKRAINEGATE: an investigative “memo” accuses Joe Biden and John Kerry too. Reopened the inquiry

    You might want to read the abovementioned news article, it covers thoroughly why there must be a war in the Ukraine. Because it’s a smoke screen; Joe Biden, Obama, and Bush are all facing possible treason charges, especially Biden. John Kerry, possible life imprisonment; that’s the swamp that Trump was talking about.

  17. Re: journalistic ethics
    The basis of the US capitalism is that what is profitable is legal, to start with.
    After scandals like Enron, corporations started teaching their employees what their ethics is.
    I am sure the MSM corporations also teach their employees their own corporate standard for ethics, and it is not the same as Aristotle’s.

  18. It’s not the US Empire. It’s the old British Empire that serves the British monarch and what FDR called the “economic royalists” in the US. The US has been press-ganged back into serving the Brits in their ancient grudge wars with their ancient enemies such as Russia, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran. We are serving as their “Dumb Giant” just as Cecil Rhodes envisioned it in forming his Round Table in 1908, which became the CFR. The Deep State is being run out of the UK foreign office GCHQ and MI-6. The US is the fifth eye in their Commonwealth of Five Eyes intelligence group. This is not our government and not the American System anymore. It is the old British permanent caste system Orwell warned us about. It is not our evil. Why do you think that the first countries to fall to this medical tyranny and totalitarian are British Commonwealth countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and Australia? These are all countries that serve the Queen as subjects. Using Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars the US has been seduced back into it’s “place” as a British colony, as hard to believe as that is. FDR saw this coming and tried to resist afte WWII. We need a new American Revolution to break away again.

    1. You can join them… if you are privileged enough…
      ~ Be Smart … Shun Liars ~
      Truth in Media … Sovren.Media

      1. “Lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

        1. It is actually the insects who carry lots of diseases and pass them to the humans. Wonder how the bats got accused in the COVID pandemic.

    2. I think so, because of learning about world economic history as well as Middle East history

      1. Here’s a good primer on what was called WWIII at the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 where Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars was first declared, and compare this with what has happened since then.

      2. Except this time around they are serving the global bankers, and not the Queen. IMO

    3. I think Caitlin would ask you for proof. What you’re proposing sounds a bit silly, but fun! Could be a great airplane novel.

      1. Only silly if your mind is closed.

      1. Here is the video from Canadian Patriot on this topic, if you prefer:

        1. But yes, Caitlin is partly right. The British Empire is pure evil, based on racism, and we should want it to fail, as American patriots, in search of peace and stability.

      2. The CIA has British roots, and they are running the US deep state as of now. Everybody can observe that because the CIA literally decides what Americans get to hear in the news. And they even instruct the POTUS what to say. Jen Psaki voluntarily does it, IMO.

        1. True! But the CIA takes its roots in Wall Street which created it in the first place to push US interests – hence all the banana republics at the political orders (i.e. low wages for all) of the American fruits industry, starting with sugarcane. Of course it overlaps with the city of London, the GCHQ and the MI6 because many actors (especially bankers) are the same but to throw the 95 yo QE2 into the mix as JRG does is the result of an overdose of David Icke. Next thing you know, he’ll tell us that she’s a reptile and eats human flesh and that’s why Harry and Meghan jumped ship. Anyway, it’s a rather typically American comment. Nothing is ever their fault. They fund an army that kills millions at the behest of politicians they elect – even if the game is admittedly rigged – but it’s Lizzie’s fault. Even My Lai and Abu Ghraib? ESPECIALLY My Lai and Abu Ghraib! Gotta laugh :o)

    4. The British Empire was taken over long ago, by the same folk who are controlling the EU and have taken over the US. They who shall not be named.

      1. Exactly. It’s an offshore operation run by Mammon.

    5. JRGJRG – I mostly agree and have heard this before. The only thing I’m doubtful of is whom the actual British monarch (royal family) really is? Those we are told are the ‘royal family’ may just public theatre to conceal the real royals that are never to be publicly identified. This makes the most sense to me as would a true monarch really want all that nauseating public media scrutiny? Would a real monarch really want to be publicly identifiable when that would logically open them up to be a terrorist’s or assassin’s target? I doubt that very much.

      1. Trump is a stooge of the british empire. Any mention of flat earth, reptilians and mammon (any supernatural bullshit) are what controlled oppositions use to throw the baby out with the bath water. And those props are currently being heavily used.

  19. When I was in junior high school some thirty plus years ago [grades 7, 8, 9 & ages 13-15], the librarian at the school took note of what I was checking out and told me he had purchased a documentary series on the subject, but he wasn’t going to put it on the shelves-the imagery was too awful, even for most of the teachers, he thought. He told me I could watch it in the office during study hall if I wanted.

    After a few hours over a couple weeks, the series reached it’s conclusion. There was a look on the faces of the people in the series, and after a few faces, every one started to look the same-plump, well-fed, relatively affluent, eyes glassy, sunken, haunted-my inference being a sense of shame that made me sad.

    I don’t know as those Germans who could no longer deny what their government had done were ever the same, and as I shared this experience in a pizza place while dining with family in rural Iowa last night [one person offered a position on incarceration, COVID & then Ukraine], I was left with the rest of the pizza, because I’ve already looked and done as much as I could in my community and my family to undermine the ‘human capital, at all costs’ controllers and killers.

    I wish I had something left for them, but fifteen years after leaving the military [4 years] and a decade of watching and reading and learning to see as many authoritarian tactics as I could, with all the ugliness of the human condition hidden in the institutions that now define us, the only step I see as necessary is learning to give hugs to people who have perpetuated every weaponized TV talking point at no less than one vocal observer who was willing to look at what most will never want to know and is almost certainly unavoidable now.

    I’ve never been one to give hugs, so I’ve got some work ahead of me.

  20. This article encapsulates precisely what the US has been lying about for years, and particularly during this artificially engendered “crisis”.

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