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The Pentagon has produced its latest National Defense Strategy (NDS), a report made every four years to provide the public and the government with a broad overview of the US war machine’s planning, posturing, developments and areas of focus.

You might assume with all the aggressive brinkmanship between Moscow and the US power alliance this year that Russia would feature as Enemy Number One in the 2022 NDS, but you would be assuming incorrectly. The US “Defense” Department reserves that slot for the same nation that’s occupied it for many years now: China.

Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp writes the following:

The full NDS is still classified, but the Pentagon released a fact sheet on the document that says it “will act urgently to sustain and strengthen deterrence, with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as our most consequential strategic competitor and the pacing challenge for the Department.”

The fact sheet outlines four priorities for the Pentagon:

  1. Defending the homeland, paced to the growing multi-domain threat posed by the PRC
  2. Deterring strategic attacks against the United States, Allies, and partners
  3. Deterring aggression, while being prepared to prevail in conflict when necessary, prioritizing the PRC challenge in the Indo-Pacific, then the Russia challenge in Europe
  4. Building a resilient Joint Force and defense ecosystem

“The Pentagon says that while China is the focus, Russia poses ‘acute threats’ because of its invasion of Ukraine,” DeCamp writes, showing the empire’s view of Moscow as a second-tier enemy.

Ahead of a meeting with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has made some comments which clearly illustrate the US-centralized empire’s actual problem with Moscow.

“We, together with you, and with our sympathisers will move towards a multipolar, just, democratic world order,” Lavrov said to the Chinese government on Wednesday.

And that right there ladies and gentlemen is the real reason we’ve been hearing so much hysterical shrieking about Russia these last five or six years. It’s never been about Russian hackers. Nor about a Kremlin pee pee tape. Nor about Trump Tower. Nor about GRU bounties in Afghanistan. Nor about Manafort, Flynn, Bannon, Papadopoulos or any other Russiagate Surname of the Week. It’s not even actually about Ukraine. Those have all been narrative-shaping constructs manipulated by the US intelligence cartel to manufacture support for a final showdown against Russia and China to prevent the emergence of a multipolar world.

The US government has had a policy in place since the fall of the Soviet Union to prevent the rise of any powers which could challenge its imperial agendas for the world. During the (first) Cold War the strategy promoted by empire managers like Henry Kissinger was to court China out of necessity to pull it away from the USSR, which was when we saw business ties between China and the US lead to immense profits for certain individuals in both nations and the influx of wealth which now has China on track to surpass the US as an economic superpower.

Once the USSR ended, so too did the need to remain on friendly terms with China, and subsequent decades saw a sharp pivot into a much more adversarial relationship with Beijing.

In what history may one day view as the US empire’s greatest strategic blunder, empire managers forecasted the acquisition of post-soviet Russia as an imperial lackey state which could be weaponized against the new Enemy Number One in China. Instead, the exact opposite happened.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Bloomberg New Economy Forum last year that she’d “heard for years that Russia would become more willing to move toward the west, more willing to engage in a positive way with Europe, the UK, the US, because of problems on its border, because of the rise of China.” But that’s not what occurred.

“We haven’t seen that,” Clinton said. “Instead what we’ve seen is a concerted effort by Putin maybe to hug China more.”

The empire’s expectation that Moscow would come grovelling to the imperial throne on its own meant that no real effort was expended trying to establish goodwill and win over its friendship. NATO just kept on expanding and the empire got increasingly aggressive and belligerent in its games of global conquest. This error has led to the strategist’s ultimate nightmare of having to fight for global domination against two separate powers at once. Because empire architects incorrectly predicted that Moscow would end up fearing Beijing more than it fears Washington, the tandem between China’s economic power and Russia’s military power that experts have been pointing to for years has only gotten more and more intimate.

And now here we are with Russian and Chinese officials openly discussing their plans to create a multipolar world while Chinese pundits crack jokes about the US empire’s transparent ploys to turn Beijing against Moscow over the Ukraine invasion:

On the empire’s grand chessboard, Russia is the queen piece, but China is the king. Just as with chess it helps to take out your opponent’s strongest piece to more easily pursue checkmate, the US empire would be well advised to try and topple China’s nuclear superpower friend and, as Consortium News editor-in-chief Joe Lauria recently put it, “ultimately restore a Yeltsin-like puppet to Moscow.”

Basically all we’re looking at in the major international news stories of our time is the rise of a multipolar world crashing headlong into an empire which has espoused the belief that unipolar domination must be retained at all cost, even if it means flirting with the possibility of a very fast and radioactive third world war.

This is the Hail Mary pass of the US hegemon. Its last-ditch effort to secure control before forever losing any chance at it. Many anti-imperialist pundits I read regularly seem quite confident that this effort will fail, while I personally think those forecasts may be a bit premature. The way the chess pieces are moving it definitely does look like there’s a plan in place, and I don’t think they’d be orchestrating that plan if they didn’t believe it had a chance to succeed.

One thing that does seem clear is that the only way the empire has any chance of stopping the rise of China is by maneuvers that will be both highly disruptive and existentially dangerous for the entire world. If you think things are crazy now, just you wait until the imperial crosshairs move to Beijing.


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54 responses to “The US Empire’s Ultimate Target Is Not Russia But China”

  1. ZIO/US bombed IRAQ on a FF pretext because they KNEW they were running out of OIL – that was over 20 years ago ! 

    The ZIO/US/NATOs’ endless bombing of the ME for OIL has ended – Russia has stopped it ! 

    Yemen war has likely ended because of Russian influence !Back in 2016 Russia sold 15% of Rosneft to Qatar – buying leverage to stop Qatar’s sponsoring of ISIS terrorists ! 

    Around that period Russia also offered the KSA oil ‘exploration ‘ contracts in Russia – also to buy leverage and stop the KSA from funding ISIS terrorists ! It is ALL paying off for Russia now – in spades

    ZIO/US/NATO have always had to steal OIL because the US is the most OIL dependent nation !US uses 40% more OIL per day than China which has 4.5 X the population ! 

    Stealing OIL has been the only thing that has kept the ZIO/US economic PONZI going for the last 80 years ! 

    THAT’S why it is OVER for the American Empire !

  2. Construction on the Pentagon began on 9/11 1941

    60 years later to the day – Zionist/Rothschilds celebrated their complete takeover of Americans minds and hearts !

    Rothschilds owned Pentagon hold the American people with contempt !

    Since foundation America has been at WAR 94% of the time and countless Americans have been sacrified for the Atheist Khazarian Gentiles agenda !

    It will be Russia that saves America !

  3. “Whoever plays to be crowned winner by Man, will lose to he who was crowned by God.”

    It’s all contrived. Consider the suppression of hemp. One plant to provide for everyone all that they may need. Fuel, clothing, medicine, plastics, soap, the list is endless, yet it is suppressed by the entire world. Why?
    It doesn’t matter who pretends to have The Shusher or if no one singular person ever does again, *everyone* reports to the almighty bottom line. Everyone worships profit and greed.

    This “great game” is not to see which power deserves to rule, but more, which one can better run a farm for those who will always control things whether anyone votes for them or not.

    No one gives up power. (Except me.)

  4. I hope you can find time to watch this researched explanation of the Changing World Order by Ray Dalio:

  5. Crikey, that conservative Oz publication gave the following link to a correctly named site called “double think”. The Chinese present both info and perspective that’s truthful but this site paints them as pushing Russian propaganda except of course it’s the truth. It’s insideous.

  6. Rothschilds ZIO/US are in some serious SH!T now !

    The world KNOWS now and Vietnam are absolutely screaming !


  7. Stephen Braithwaite Avatar
    Stephen Braithwaite

    I am starting to visit Caitlin’s website on a regular basis.
    I find that Caitlin gets to the heart of the matter.
    She can differentiate between reality and the narrative we
    fed. She has a mind that cuts straight through B.S.
    (and how much B.S. there is!!!!). I’m impressed.
    She really gets it, and she is brave enough to tell that reality
    even in moments like this, where swimming against the tide could be dangerous.

    I think I might donate.

  8. Paul Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Rackemann

    After having read Caitlin’s essay and all the comments prior to this one, I think I give more credit to stupidity and self-interest, and less credit to planning than the rest of you.
    I suggest that the American military have a self-interest in building bases close to Russia’s borders, and threatening Russia, especially because for a long while after the fall of Communism, it looked as if Russia would not be able to fight back.
    Business interests will have wanted to develop the Ukraine for the West. The Ukraine has a lot of VERY good agricultural land, I believe.
    American and other Western state departments, which I think have more influence on policy that is realised, want to be able to interfere in all the states surrounding Russia. There are a lot of them, and some of them have valuable resources.
    All kinds of military contractors and suppliers want to spread American control and influence everywhere, to expand their own business.
    Ditto for the university pseudointellectual class and the computer and internet communications industry.
    All of this is normal for any strong state, and it can be made to work, IF there is a sensible governing clique or individual in charge. Bismarck did it in a spectacularly successful way for Germany, but it fell to pieces under the fools who succeeded him. Similarly, Nixon and Reagan did a great deal in recent times to build up American power and commercial success, but it only worked as long as reasonably sensible people were in charge. The last reasonably sensible American president was Bill Clinton, for all his bad habit with girls.
    The Americans are going to need something new to develop if they are to go on expanding their commercial empire. They no doubt made a lot of money out of developing China, but they had to share China with Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Germany. China has now reached to point where it doesn’t need to be a market for other people’s technology any more: it is ready to become a competitor. No doubt it would be good for America if it could subjugate Russia and all its satellites.
    On other people’s comments, I think STARRY GORDON is right when he says that one faction grabs authority, then another. That is how democratic government tends to work. The last time there was a really constructive government in America before Trump, was under Reagan. Bill Clinton at least didn’t destroy anything important. The rest of them have been hopeless tools of the warmongers.
    On PASHA’s earnest account of the American biological warfare efforts in the Ukraine, I give full credit to him/her for finding this out and telling us about it, but I think we do have to realise that germ warfare is going to go on, and that the Americans don’t want the Chinese to get ahead of them in this. I imagine that some day, historians will be able to bring out whatever germ warfare was involved in this latest flu scare. But I think you have to realise that the Chinese would be failing in their duty to themselves if they didn’t try to figure out how to exterminate us, and we would also be failing in our duty to ourselves if we didn’t try to counter them. Maybe Hunter Biden, for all his apparent fecklessness, is playing some sort of valuable role as a front man for the C.I.A. in this.

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      In regard to bio-warfare finger pointing. Any truly independent power would do all they could to, at the very least, ensure an unacceptable cost to any rival power that sort to control (dictate) it. If you believe otherwise, then you live in the comfort and safety of fairyland.

  9. Just like the Rothschilds are the REAL target of Russia !
    The ZIO/US have only two things left – PISS and WIND !

    Of course – you will all eventually see that for yourselves !

    Thing about the ZIO/US is that this latest ‘flurry’ of Rothschilds media BS will not go unpunished !

    Russia will fully expose the Rothschilds financed NAZI buildup and the atrocities committed by them in Ukraine !

    THEN there is the Pentagon owned and financed military BIO LABS in Ukraine of which Russia has ALL the evidence !

  10. The ZIO/US have only two things left – PISS and WIND !

    Of course – you will all eventually see that for yourselves !

    Thing about the ZIO/US is that this latest ‘flurry’ of Rothschilds media BS will not go unpunished !

    Russia will fully expose the Rothschilds financed NAZI buildup and the atrocities committed by them in Ukraine !

    THEN there is the Pentagon owned and financed military BIO LABS in Ukraine of which Russia has ALL the evidence !

  11. The ZIO/US/NATO have only two things left – PISS and WIND !

    Of course – you will all eventually see that for yourselves !

  12. China might be the target but the ZIO/US/NATO don’t have ANY chance against Russia – let alone China !

    I told you ALL on here that there will be NO war because the ZIO/US/NATO are simply not capable – Russia can stop anything they have !

    Russian forces have almost completely destroyed the Ukrainian defense industry and are “finishing off” the civilian one, an adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, Alexey Arestovich, claimed on Thursday.

    Such a shame – Rothschilds NAZI/Ukraine military have nothing left to fight with !

    All those Javelins and Stingers supplied by the US and NATO never left the fvcking ground !

    There it is – Russia’s military superiority on full display !

    Any challengers ???

    I said in the beginning that after Russia destroyed 400 THOUSAND ZIO/US/NATO ‘proxy’ terrorists – nwhen Russia entered Syria in 2015 – that Russia simply cannot be stopped !

    If the ZIO/US/NATO tried to stop Russia they would be humiliated beyond comprehension !

    ZIO/US/NATO are just spectators now !

  13. On the hypocrisy of the hegemons international rule of law, by Noam Chomsky

  14. “If we had been having these conversations earlier I would argue that fewer women and children needed to die in order for this conflict to have been resolved … ”
    Ok, that makes the fifth time I have laughed out loud since this conflict began. Well done Ms. Gray.
    Exactly. What about us men folk. Why do our deaths never count when a Hitlerian figure arises somewhere and starts indiscrimately killing a freedom loving people? It’s always woman and children, woman and children …
    This is misandry! I didn’t know such a word existed until I looked it up. But it does … and it should!
    Too funny.
    Caught off guard by a subject she knew little about, does the homework, and a few weeks later is the most fearsome advocate for objective reality on this subject material that can be found anywhere in the world today.
    As one the most brilliant and insightful thinkers my nation has ever produced, I expected nothing else from Carbon Unit Gray. Therefore, I will not issue her a citation for gallantry in the face of a hostile enemy (neo-liberals ;), but I will say, may you live long and prosper.

  15. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    My repeated points exactly.I don’t need to say more at this time.

  16. Just found this article from 2018 about how the EU has been wanting to create an alternative to the IMF/austerity US policy. I wonder if this might be the real reason for the Ukraine war, to lock the EU out of trading with Russia.

  17. Eldred Frederick Godson Avatar
    Eldred Frederick Godson

    Ultimately the question is “What values are we fighting for?” … After the last few years shit-show, I feel far from clear upon the subject….

    1. Eldred Frederick Godson Avatar
      Eldred Frederick Godson

      So none of you clever fuckers can give me an answer? Thought not.

    2. Eldred Frederick Godson Avatar
      Eldred Frederick Godson

      So none of you clever fuckers can give me an answer? Thought not…

  18. There is a plan. The Covid scam showed our bewildered eyes how the Western world could be made to speak with one voice and act in one motion to impose experimental vaccine mandates (forbidden by the Nuremberg code) and arbitrarily curb constitutional liberties.
    Incidentally lab rats remained immune to that propaganda and have been heard saying that they refused to take the jab before the experimentation on humans was over.
    So how was this manufacturing of global Western consent possible?
    First we learnt in the interview of Robert Malone that got Joe Rogan in trouble with Neil (not so) Young (anymore) that the leading Western social and corporrupt media had signed an agreement called Trusted News Initiative to publish simultaneously the same “fact-checked” crap. Fact-checked by whom? Essentially Reuters, which is part of the deal, is the source, with AP (American Pravda), of 90% of Western “news” and is joined at the hip with Pfizer through Pfizer board member James C. Smith, former president and CEO of… Reuters. Oops…
    James C. Smith also happens to be on the board of the World Economic Forum which has formed, for thirty years, a long list of “young global leaders” including Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, Emmanuel Macron, Tony Blair, Mark Zuckerberg, José Manuel Barroso, Bill Gates, Pete Buttigieg, Jacinda Ardern, Jack Ma (Alibaba founder), Larry Fink (Blackrock CEO), Larry Page (Google founder), Lynn Forrester de Rothschild (Council for Inclusive Capitalism founder), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia founder), Peter Thiel (Paypal founder), Pierre Omidyar (Ebay co-founder), Richard Branson (Virgin founder), Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder), Stéphane Bancel (Moderna CEO), Alizia Garza (BLM co-founder), Jonathan Soros (son of…) and, according to Klaus Schwab himself, “half the Canadian Cabinet” under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. To whom we have to add a bunch in Biden’s government.
    And how did it achieve this? By echoing Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table, itself based on the Jesuits’ organization as explained in this fascinating article by Matthew Ehret whence also come the above names:
    Quote: “During the last decades of the XIXth century, it was becoming increasingly clear to many that the unipolar days of the British Empire stood on shaky foundations. Starting in the 1870s, a new multipolar system of win-win cooperation was emerging internationally due to the spread of nationalist systems of political economy, modelled on the best attributes of America’s Hamiltonian system”. However, this emergence “as the basis for international law was a prospect deemed intolerable by many devout social Darwinists and eugenicists among the British ruling class” with which Cecil Rhodes interfaced. For him definitely, the world was divided in two: the master race (Anglo-Saxons) and the wogs (everybody east of Dover). The Round Table gave birth to Chatham House – which educated, in Oxford, a lot of Americans too into that philosophy, including Bill Clinton – and later the US Council on Foreign Relations and finally the Trilateral Commission which included a measure of “wogs” (Europeans, Japanese…) into the mix on the altar of modernity and opened a boulevard for the World Economic Forum’s dog and pony show.
    Obedience is allegedly quasi-religious in this top-down structure of unelected power junkies (who call Putin a dictator :o) in the name of the globalist ideal – which, as far as we can see, has been consistently making the rich richer and the poor poorer during the last thirty years while killing more and more people through more and more wars and sanctions.
    This undemocratic scheme is particularly well illustrated by the creation by the US of the European Commission whose first selected president, Walter Hallstein, was a former fervent nazi:
    He considered himself Prime minister of Europe and eventually (after nine years) had to resign because of a clash with French president Charles De Gaulle, a believer in democratically governed nation-states.
    In this light, the present support of nazis against Russians in Ukraine by an EU Commission under the German leadership of Ursula von der Leyen whose father was a civil servant in the Hallstein Commission could be perceived as poor taste if we’re not careful…

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      Makes more sense than half the crap I read online.

  19. Eldred Frederick Godson Avatar
    Eldred Frederick Godson

    #SoWhyIs #NATO
    #Apeing the #PRC’s

  20. Remember the Russians promised to name names about the bioweapons labs in Ukraine? Well here they are:
    Here’s a quote if you can’t reach that Russian MoD site:
    Earlier, we gave a diagram of the interaction of government agencies and the current military-political leadership of the United States with Ukrainian biological objects. In particular, the involvement of the investment fund, headed by Hunter Biden, in financing biological programs in Ukraine was noted.

    Here is the correspondence of the son of the current US President with employees of the Threat Reduction Agency of the US Department of Defence and Pentagon contractors in Ukraine. The presence of these materials is confirmed by Western media.

    The content of the letters shows that Hunter Biden played an important role in creating a financial opportunity to work with pathogens on the territory of Ukraine, providing funds for the companies Black and Veatch and Metabiota.

    The published correspondence shows that the true goals of the Pentagon in Ukraine are far from scientific. So, in one of the letters, the vice president of Metabiota notes that the company’s activities will be aimed at ensuring “… cultural and economic independence of Ukraine from Russia …”, which is quite strange for a biotech company.

    Today we have the opportunity to give the names of specific officials who took part in the creation of biological weapons components on the territory of Ukraine.

    One of the key figures is Robert Pope, at that time an employee of DTRA and director of the Joint Threat Reduction Program, whose goal was to involve the states of the post–Soviet space in military biological activities. He is also the author of the idea of creating a central depository of especially dangerous microorganisms in Kiev.

    In his letter to the Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun (by the way, US citizens) Pope highly appreciates the activities of the head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, especially noting the provision of admission of American specialists to Ukrainian biological objects and the beginning of work on the formation of a depository of microorganisms.

    Let me remind you how this activity ended: according to the available information, all pathogenic biomaterials from the storage in early February 2022 were transported by military transport aircraft to the United States via Odessa.

    The coordination of military biological projects in Ukraine and the selection of performers was led by Joanna Wintrol, head of the DTRA office in Ukraine. Under her direct supervision, American projects UP-4, UP- 6, UP – 8 were implemented to study deadly pathogens, including anthrax, Congo-Crimean fever, leptospirosis.

    In continuation – the Ukrainian division of the company Black and Veatch, which is headed by Lance Lippencott. He is also the main contact person for officials of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

    The company has been working in the interests of the Pentagon since 2008 as part of projects to study potentially dangerous bioagents. Among them is the UP-1 project on the study of rickettsias and tick-borne encephalitis virus in arthropods in the north-west of Ukraine. In order to globally monitor the biological situation during the UP-2 project, the company implemented a remote monitoring system for the incidence of tularemia and anthrax at Ukrainian biological facilities.

    The issues of biomonitoring and information transmission were supervised by David Mustra, who is closely associated with another Pentagon contractor, Metabiota. Previously, he led military biological projects in Ukraine and Eastern Europe as part of the Joint Threat Reduction Program.

    It should be noted that the activities of the company Black and Veatch caused a lot of questions even from the Ukrainian special services.

    So, back in 2017, the Kherson department of the SSU in its memo indicated: QUOTE: “… recently, the potential threat of deterioration of the epidemic situation in our country has been actualized, due to the intentions of DTRA through the company Black and Veatch to establish control over the functioning of microbiological laboratories in Ukraine conducting research on pathogens of particularly dangerous infections that can be used to create or modernize new types of biological weapons …” END QUOTE.

    Metabiota is known for its developments in predicting outbreaks of infectious diseases. In addition, it was involved by the Pentagon in modeling the epidemic situation in the post-Soviet space. On the territory of Ukraine, Metabiota was represented by Mary Guttieri, the vice president of the company and a confidant of Hunter Biden, which is confirmed by the materials of their correspondence.

    Scott Thornton supervised the modernization of laboratories. In addition, he advised local staff on the handling of particularly dangerous pathogens within the framework of Ukrainian DTRA projects.

    The information received demonstrates the direct participation of the US military department and their contractors in the planning and implementation of Pentagon projects on the territory of Ukraine. We believe that the listed officials should answer questions about the true goals of these works.

  21. It’s Day 36 of the operation and Breaking Points is just now beginning to entertain the possibility that something is happening down there in the southeast Ukraine that bears watching.
    Too funny. By Day 2 there were many of us, mostly people with a 3rd grade level education in miltary stategems … on up, that were perfectly comfortable in making bold predictions that the Russian Armed Forces primary goal at the start of this operation, was to surround the 15 to 20 Ukraine brigades in the Donbass region, form a pocket, or cauldron as the Russians call it, and then either compell those trapped forces to surrender, or kill them all to the last man if they refused.
    Mariupol was a part of this cauldron operation, the Azov forces defending that sector represented a southern flank that needed to be eliminated. If this caulron operation is proceeding slower than anticipated, then credit must be given to the Azov forces in Mariupol, who not only fought tooth and nail for every block of the city, but hid behind human shields every inch of the way.
    — We know this now that the battle for Mariupol is over, as reports of the fighting and the hiding and the shelling and bombing of civilians by Azov are streaming out that sector for anyone interested in reporting them to a wider audience. Hint hint. —
    Still, hear, hear, Breaking Points, for a giving a counter-voice to The Official Narrative one minute of air time. Millions of hours of main stream media coverage of this war, and with Col. Douglas MacGregor’s 14 minutes on Fox, and now 1 minute of alotted time given to 1/16th of a Scott Ritter tweet , we now have 15 minutes total of objective journalism vs millions of hours of total fucking nonesense.
    It is what it what is, with the voluntary elimination of the 1st, the US Constitution now has only nine amendments.
    Mr. Enjeti, my gut is telling me you want to see the realities of this operation, because it really has no parallel in military history, so consider this; the Russians are not losing the propaganda war, as so many believed, myself included, but are allowing Western journalists to “win” the propaganda war precisely because the noise they make obfuscates all of their in-theater movements.
    The cauldron was fixed two weeks ago, Saager. The 60,000 to 100,000 men trapped inside it have been cut off from resupply for quite some time now, and ever since have been degraded daily by artillery, rockets, mortars, and nightly by approximately 200 nightly sorties by being flown by fixed winged aircraft over their positions.
    The southern flank is secure, the northern flank has been safe all along thanks to Western propaganda, and now the Russian Federation can proceed with their stated intentions, to de-Nazify and de-militarize the Ukraine, starting in the Donbass region..

    1. Indeed! I must have read/viewed at least a dozen reports yesterday alone on the spiderwebs or boobtube on-line insisting that the Russian forces have been absolutely CRUSHED by the heroic Ukie defenders and that now it’s just a matter of time until Russia surrenders and Putin is overthrown and put on the dock at the Hague for war crimes. The individuals like Ritter come on-line, disagree, explain how the Russians are in control and then they get slandered if not censored. The MSM is gonna have a LOT of ‘splainin’ to do if Zelensky does not receive his anticipated ticker tape parades for vanquishing the evil Russian empire. Rather they will all look like fools. Something does not add up.
      There was one story floated yesterday by some generals that seemed to address some reservations I had about the absurd support by Washington for a bunch of rabid WWII vintage Nazis controlling a country like Ukraine, which they have now armed to the teeth. The story said that the Pentagon really does NOT want Zelensky and his Nazis to win. They do NOT want to see Putin and the Russians defeated. The aftermath of that would be obscene. So, just why the media believes this and/or wants this is absolutely crazy. Maybe they figure that American Nazis will become more easy to swallow going forward. Obviously Washington and Nato should NEVER have supported a pack of assholes like that, which they cannot afford to see actually win!

      1. One thing I noted on Day 3 or 4 of the operation, the silence coming out of the Pentagon is deafening. And it’s continued ever since. Every once in a while they parade someone out who tepidly supports some aspect of the narrative, but for the most part, to this day, what the Pentagon really thinks about this situation is completely unknown to us.
        — The generals and admirals and other deep state thespians that we see nightly on our newscasts, the retired performers who are making millions to support whatever narrative is in vogue at the moment, are irrelevant. —
        What is going on at the highest levels of our military superstructure? I would suggest there is a deep split, with many sub-fractures, it is an incredibly complex and troubling time to a top level American soldier after all, but my gut is telling me the main divisional component is, at what point will it be deemed necessary for the US military to step in and take over the Beltway Complex.
        There are many retired officers, Douglas MacGregor is certainly not alone, that have made it known, in no uncertain terms, that they believe, and rightly so, in my opinion, that Washington DC is nothing more than foreign … occupied … territory.
        Duty matters to people in the military. I can’t stress this enough. And even though in this neo-liberal age the consensus might be that the US military at all levels have been reduced to being nothing but abject servants and whores of a greater project, I for one do not believe it.
        The only thing that is preventing the US military from performing coup d’etat, in my opinion, is duty. A higher duty to the Constitution, and the framework the document outlined for their role in this Republic.
        But if the Constitution, regardless of its too-many-to-mention flaws, is under threat, with the 1st Amenmendment, the best part of it, gleefully tossed in the fire, well, what does that mean for the pysches of the men and woman who have taken sworn oath to defend it?

        1. Instead of the gutted constitution, all in the U.S., including its principled military, should be looking at and pondering the preamble to the declaration of independence. There is no finer definition of democratic government, a form of government yet to be fully implemented.

  22. Putin had this all planned out before stepping a foot into ukraine. The ruble got sanctioned but not the gas flowing to europe. Putin says buy our gas with rubles. Europe says no. Putin signs decree telling gazprom to shut off gas tomorrow if no payments in rubles. The ruble is now back to its pre-sanction levels. The full impact of these sanctions on the US and europe will reverberate for years to come.

    1. No Rubles, no gas. No gas, no squeegee! No squeegee, no… you name it!

      Americans will get the reference.

  23. Not to belabor the obvious, or suggest it would be sufficient reason for the US government to change course, but 4% of the Earth’s population pursuing “full spectrum military dominance” of the other 96% is even more absurd than it is morally bankrupt. And as this site frequently points out, the only real threat to the US is the Russian nuclear arsenal. Carrying on about the Chinese under the bed is plainly ridiculous in comparison. But so, anyway, are Americans by and large just too stupid to realize they can’t control the world and shouldn’t want to? Yes. I’m here with them, and yes. One would think that after sinking down to the axles in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc., not to mention Vietnam, one would think the American government, or at least the American people, would have second thoughts about their ability to dominate the world. But you would be wrong. And just once I’d like to see someone in the MSM ask Biden or some general what the fucking problem is with the world operating on a collective basis of mutual commerce and the rule of law instead of the whole planet being America’s bitch, just once I’d like to see someone in the MSM ask why Lex Luthor or Doctor Doom are labeled maniacs for using phrases like “full spectrum dominance of the Earth” but it’s somehow completely nonpsychotic for the US government to openly pursue it as official policy. How is that? And if 4% of the population of the planet thinks they have the right, not to mention ability, to dominate the other 96%, is the other 96% actually supposed to think the exact opposite about themselves and submit? I know this is US foreign policy in a nutshell, but how much crazier can you get? If Kim Jong-un, Maduro, and Assad have been flipping off DC for years, how does DC think it’s going to bring 1.4 billion Chinese to heel, particularly after the size of the Chinese economy passes that of the US in the next few years? How does a smaller population with a smaller economy and inane leadership dominate a much larger population with a larger economy and intelligent leadership? Is there a plan for this? Are there secret vengeance weapons in the wings, are we going to unleash the magic fiat currency unicorn on them? Is there some way to get American’s heads out of the odd Overton slit they’re stuck in on this?

    1. You ask all the correct questions, Mr. Christian!
      Sadly, the CIA has ways of fixing people like you…so they think.
      Keep up the good work, i.e., the proper choice of using your brain rather than your fists.

    2. Rome did it. Britain did it. Why not the US. Neocons are in all governments.

    3. Like Caitlin’s posts, your comment cuts to the chase. On the subject of fiat money, MMT teaches that it MUST be tied to actual resources to avoid inflation. Russia, if it is to prosper, will learn that its currency should be limited in that fashion, not by how much gold it can gather. But short term, the gold move is an effective one.

    4. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      Judging by the Hollywood tough guy way it’s talking. The ‘WEST’ either does have secret weapons to ensure an un-costly victory, or, is hoping a massive and dangerous game of bluff and illusions will win the whole wide world and engineer a bloodless surrender.

  24. It is in China’s best interest to sit back and allow America to financially implode along with the rest of the West. Part of this implosion involves allowing them to self inflict damage with sanctions against Russia. Regardless of the condition of Russia after the Ukraine Conflict settles, the West will come out severely weakened. The top population potential consumers, China and India, will now form deepened ties with one of the top commodity nations Russia, shutting out the west. Think about it, what does the west have that the rest of the world need. America’s number one export is dollars and weapons. It will be better off without either.

  25. Just think if we lived our personal lives cultivating mostly “targets” instead of friends, acquaintances, comrades, team mates, and sometimes allies to a cause.
    Washington thinks only of targets whose well-being it seeks to sabotage with an inexhaustible number of ruinous machinations in some extreme version of a zero-sum game. Not nice people and guaranteed only to cause hardship and cultivate enemies. Why does my own country give me so many reasons to hate it–at least its imperious leadership class. They practice everything preached AGAINST by our nominal religions.

    1. Psychopaths think only of targets too.

  26. Saagar Enjeti is terrified of China’s omnipotence, apparently it could sneeze and wipe out the American economy.
    Couldn’t agree more. Every five years, China bends more steel, and pours more concrete, than the United States has in its entire existence. If this were football game Mr. Enjeti, China would be up 46 to nothing at the half, and its first string hasn’t gotten into the game yet.
    The US can blow up the stadium and everyone one in it, before the score really gets out of hand. It does have that option, if it wants to claim that it still is some kind near peer rival, but that’s about it.
    Otherwise, it needs to shut the fuck up and look inward. To salvage … something. But we know this is an impossibility, don’t we, because the US as political entity no longer exists.
    If Russia is gas station with nukes, well, the US is a neo-liberal wasteland with 14 Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines, seven of which, I guarantee, are rigtht now parked of the Russian and Chinese coasts, and the other seven are preparing to make sail.

    1. What did Ohio ever do to get its name so besmirched?

    2. The Russians are very very good at finding US subs, and now will eagerly teach the Chinese how its done.In In any case that hardly matters. Nuclear subs carry what amount to mid range Ballistic missiles and the US has tons of those land based in Europe. But any launch will trigger the end of civilization, and a a reduction of the worlds population by at least half within 6 months. By 75% or more within 2 years.The long term survival of the species would be doubtful

      1. Each Ohio can lauch up to 288 nuclear warheads, range 7,500 miles, throw weight 300 to 450 kt, speed Mach 18, accuracy 90 meters.
        How quickly the sub can launch its entire payload is classified, but the consensus of military experts is less than 8 minutes.
        The Ohios are considered the most silent submarines ever built. Legend has it that US Navy submarine hunter-killers, during search and destroy exercises, have never been able to find one, even when they’re told where to look.
        Hey, I’m an American, I gotta brag on something. During some recent military tech deep dives, I learned that the reason my side can’t even consider a Ukraine no-fly zone is our most trusted fighter, the F-22, would be shot out of the skies by 2nd generation Russian surface to air missile systems before it even got within range of the Russian no-fly zone that has already been established there.
        Note: The F-35 is an $80 million piece of shit, apparently. That’s why we gratefully sell them to anyone who wants to buy one.

  27. The only effective weapon the West has left is military. It’s economic weapons have failed, which means that the risk of a major US lead war, leading to a nuclear one, is growing by the day.
    Equally, as more and more countries around the world see that the US is willing to target their banks and assets, all trust in the Western financial system is evaporating. The West is driving a wedge between itself and the East, forcing countries to choose sides.
    But even some countries in Europe are at risk of breaking away because they are just starting to realise what ithey’ve been pushed into by the US – crippling sanctions that hurt Europe far more than they hurt the US.
    It’s backfiring spectacularly, but it makes the US even more dangerous because it has such a huge military, with bases all around the world, and lots of nukes that can destroy the planet in half and hour!
    It is clear that the US is not going to go down without a fight, and is quite happy to take the whole world with it!

  28. I would like to point out, that Europe is, in the very least, another potential target of the unipolar hegemon.
    While Gerhard Schröder was a terrible chancellor on most issues, he was right on establishing strong ties with Russia and not following blindly into the Iraq war. At that time a german-russian alliance had the potential of becoming a challenge for US hegemony and was actually quite popular with both people.
    On a side note: On actual manufaturing and maintenace levels, many former Russians do important work where high demands for craftmanship meet low income. Many of us working in manufacturing have become reliant on those and are glad to have them. There is some reluctance among working people to blindly become anti-russian.
    Nevertheless, the economic warfare will potentially destroy those parts of our economy, that survived the pandemic politics. I doubt, that this is by chance.

  29. I agree wholeheartedly with Jack Oliver. Eurasia is in control of our future, other than – as you often point out – the erstwhile hegemon decides on suicide for all. I’m not disagreeing with you that USUK has a plan; it’s just that they are incapable of creating and deploying a successful plan. I’ll call it dialectical and be damned for a metaphysician, I suppose…

    1. Given the contradiction in geopolitical intent between alienating Russia and alienating China, I wonder if we are not observing a sort of schizoid ruling-class tendency which leads to one faction grabbing policy for a while, and then another. Traditional divide-and-rule stragegy would be to consistently attempt to separate one’s adversaries instead of drive them together. In Nixon’s day, this approach was called “Playing the China card” (against Russia/USSR). There seems to be a related division in domestic politics.

    2. Truth be told, it is only some form of metaphysical grounding that permits the formation of a plan for human (and environmental) flourishing. Pure materialism leads only to commercialism and exploitation, which diminishes the abilities to think and feel and imagine. I include communism and all forms of secular humanism as offering such metaphysical grounding via quasi-religious belief in the human spirit.

  30. NATO have been in Ukraine since Maidan 2014 !

    Their military buildup in prepareednes to attack Russia was unprecedented !

    Putin just outdrew them !

    Ukrainian/NATO now has nothing left to fight with !

  31. This started in 2015 when Rusia entered Syria and commenced to turn 400 THOUSAND – ZIO/US/NATO ISIS ‘proxies’ into fertilizer !

    All the ZIO/US/NATO could do was WATCH !

    They will be reduced to spectators yet again – because there is absolutely NOTHING they can do to stop this !

  32. Look – 148 nations have joined the BRI and there will soon be an avalanche of more countries ready to join !

    The BRI was first floated in 2013 !!

    China is the ‘money’ and Russia is the ‘muscle’ of the BRI !

    There is nothing premature about calling it – it has arrived !

    Anybody who thinks that after 20 years of occupation the Taliban retook Kabul in ONE week – bloodlessly and unopposed – ‘organically ‘ is just a fool !

    Afghanistan will be a major HUB of the BELT road !

    The clearing of the BELT road has well begun !

    ZIO/US/NATO are NO match for Russia and China’s sophisticated electronic weaponry !

    ZIO/US/NATO missiles are unable to leave the ground in Ukraine !

    There is NOTHING the ZIO/US/NATO can do – not now – not EVER !

    ALL roads lead to the Rothschildless BRI !

    Yemen and the KSA have both joined the BRI and the WAR ended yesterday !!

    Coincidence huh ??

    Like Afghanistan huh ??

    Who the HELL do you think runs the show NOW ???

  33. The Dangerous Fog of

    War Propaganda!

    mushroom cloud

    “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.”

    “War is Peace.”

    author, George Orwell in his classic book — 1984

    Part of the War in Ukraine – The Big Lie!

    The US 2014 coup in Ukraine of the democratically elected government has been erased, and the erasure has been forgotten. Eight years of Ukraine war against the Russian speaking Donbas region of eastern Ukraine led to the Russian invasion in 2022 labeled a “Special Military Operation.

    US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken said “As you know, and as you have heard us say repeatedly, we do not have a strategy of regime change in Russia, or anywhere else, for that matter.” Either Blinken is ignorant of the long history of US regime changes or he is simply a blatant liar. See list of US regime changes here:

    US President Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag about plans for US regime change in Russia in the final moments of his recent speech in Warsaw when he went off script and in a senior moment said, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” White House and State Dept. staff tried to walk back Biden’s remarks but it was too late.

    Let’s be clear – The US wants Putin removed from power in Russia and another Boris Yeltsin like puppet put in power. Baiting Russia to invade Ukraine was part of the process of bleeding and punishing Russia to maintain US domination. That’s what US sanctions are really about. Watch out China. You are next. The US doesn’t want a multi-polar world. It wants a Uni-polar world with the US as THE Global Empire.

    We are living in extremely dangerous times with the US and Russia possessing 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons. How can we say that people crazy enough to build an arsenal that can destroy the world many times over will be sane enough not to use the arsenal when they feel threatened? War Never Again!

    1. Mourn all victims of violence. 2. Reject violence & war as solutions. 3. Defend civil liberties.
    4. Oppose all discrimination, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, anti-Hawaiian, anti-Black, anti-Asian, etc.
    5. Seek peace through peaceful means and work for justice in Hawai`i and around the world.

    Malu ‘Aina Center for Non-violent Education & Action P.O. Box 489 Ola’a (Kurtistown), Hawai’i 96760

    Phone (808) 966-7622 Email to receive our posts.

    For more information

    April 1, 2022, Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet – week 1070– Fridays 3:30-5PM downtown Post Office

    Jim Albertini Malu ‘Aina Center For Non-violent Education & Action P.O. Box 489 Ola’a (Kurtistown) Hawai’i 96760
    Phone 808-966-7622 Email Visit us on the web at

  34. Agree completely. Russiagate was all about starting a process to bring Russia down. I’ve read Mueller from cover to cover. There’s nothing there to bother writing home to mother about. Mueller’s facial expression when presenting the report to the Senate was very reminiscent of Colin Powell’s after he realized he’d been had.
    Russia spent less on Russiagate than Hillary blew in an hour on her campaign. And what did the Russians actually do? No American can really tell you. Disrupting member and voter lists? Not a shred of evidence a single vote was changed. And what were Americans advised to do to protect against those devilish things they were doing? Absolutely nothing.
    So now the pantywaists in the EU are going along with NATO and the Americans to harass the Russians via Ukraine.
    What would happen if Putin, tired of being called a criminal and a butcher by Biden, decided to shoot down Biden’s plane. Who would that be good for?

  35. I think declaring China our national enemy is dumb and reckless, and cannot be called a strategy since its self defeating. We should prosecute any government official who utters this as a public enemy. Then censor anybody else who says ” China bad”.

  36. Perhaps some have been sticking to George Smith Patton Jr plan all along

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