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Billionaires Only Come To The Rescue In Movies And Comic Books

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Twitter has done an about-face and sold the company to the richest person in the world for $44 billion.

Rightists are having a merry old time making fun of the melodramatic reactions from high-profile liberals who fear Elon Musk’s purchase will lead to more free speech on the platform for people who don’t align with them politically, and many of the blue-checkmarked commentariat who live on Twitter and can’t go five minutes without checking their notifications are making a big show of pretending they’re about to leave.

Many critics on the left are responding to the news by ringing alarm bells about a powerful oligarch controlling an influential social media platform, as though Twitter was anything besides oligarch-controlled before today and as though billionaires buying up media is some shocking new development. Some anti-imperialists have expressed tentative hope that this new development may lead to some rollback of the jarring escalations in censorship we’ve been seeing on the platform in defense of US empire narratives, due to the plutocrat’s comments on the importance of free speech.


From what I can see, though, the overwhelming majority of excitement on Twitter about Musk’s purchase is coming not from those who challenge power in any meaningful way but from those who want Donald Trump’s account restored and want to be able to say mean things to trans people. And I suspect that says a lot about what we’re looking at here.

This important distinction was summed up by journalist Michael Tracey, who tweeted, “The biggest test for Elon Musk will not be whether he rolls back the most obvious ‘woke’ content policies — that should be a given — but whether he continues to let Twitter be used as a vehicle for the US national security state to ‘counter’ official enemies like Russia and China.”

Speaking for myself I won’t be surprised if we do see some of the former, but I will be absolutely astonished if we see the latter.

You don’t get to be a billionaire, much less a billionaire with massively influential media ownership, unless you collaborate with existing power structures. Musk has certainly been collaborating with the oligarchic empire very nicely up until this point, and it’s a safe bet that his purchase would not be happening if the empire felt its narrative control machine was in any way threatened by it.

Believing Elon Musk is going to save Twitter is as naive as believing Joe Biden was going to save America. Arguing over which oligarchs should control the media is as silly and undignified as arguing over which oligarch-owned politicians should run the government.

Billionaires coming to the rescue only happens in movies and comic books. You’re as likely to be saved by Elon Musk as you are by Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark.


How many times are people going to fall for this “a billionaire is about to stick it to the man and save us all” schtick? It’s very sad that we’re at a point where speech is being throttled so severely that people are hoping an eccentric billionaire will swoop in and rescue them from oppression. Real life is like a dumber, more boring version of Gotham City, except Batman is working with the bad guys.

I’ll start paying attention to Musk’s talk about free speech if and when Twitter stops censoring Russian media and unbans people like Scott Ritter who were removed from the platform for questioning official empire narratives about what’s happening in Ukraine. Until then I’m going to assume he’s at most only interested in protecting speech that doesn’t threaten the powerful like Republican partisan bullshit and hate speech against marginalized groups.

The billionaires are not coming to save us. The idea that they might is a carefully constructed propaganda narrative that we’ve been sold for generations. The leaders of the capitalist class are not going to overturn the systems of oppression and exploitation which form the very foundation of capitalism. Superhero stories are designed to prevent us from realizing that only we the people have the power to rescue ourselves.


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  • Thanks for the article, you are the one voice of reason representing the so-called “left” right now, since everyone else has abandoned their principles and critical thinking skills. The blind defense of and humanization of Musk right now is pathetic to observe. I’m especially disappointed with TJDS coverage of Musk’s acquisition. He featured your tweet taken from this article in a recent video in which he tried to make you out to be some kind of “pessimist” for momentarily snapping everyone out off their Elon Musk ecstasy. And then he went on to show a bunch of clips of liberals criticizing Musk with the intent to depict him as some sort of billionaire victim of the establishment and their supporters. I love how JD and every other so-called “left” wing media host is conveniently overlooking the fact that Musk is the son of a wealthy, pro-apartheid South African diamond mind slave driver, how Musk tried to overthrow Bolivia with the US in order to secure Bolivia’s lithium and cobalt resources or how Musk argued against stimulus checks for working class Americans (which he is not), just to name a few. And what’s most ironic is I’m pretty sure JD and others have reported on Musk’s involvement in Bolivia. I guess if you just really like someone it doesn’t matter what they’ve done (or have not). Anyways just wanted to get that off my chest, great work.

  • Caitlin, I have puzzled over your silence on the the issue of males who identify as females being allowed entry into women’s and girls’ athletics, rape crisis centers, prisons, homeless shelters, dressing rooms, restroom, and other female spaces. It’s no myth that women and girls are being physically and mentally harmed by these male-bodied people. It’s also no myth that schools are indoctrinating young girls and boys into the belief that they were “born in the wrong body” and need to be fast-tracked to chemical and surgical treatments. And it’s no myth that, as we have seen in recent headlines, girls’ and women’s sports are being destroyed by the inclusion of male-bodied people in competitions. I could go on.

    You once wrote, in one of your essays on rape: “But in order to have control over another person, you must necessarily violate their personal sovereignty. You must find a way to get your will to override their own will for their own lives in order to control them, be it by physical force, legal compulsion, psychological manipulation, or rape drugs.”

    So I know you understand what the women in the shelters, dressing rooms, and prisons must have experienced, having their spaces invaded by male-bodied people, their rights to say not taken away, their personal sovereignty disappeared by the system.

    I puzzled over your silence, but finally figured it must be because you knew — perhaps from the example of JK Rowling — what happens to women who refuse to comply with the woke-world orders to deny biological reality in order to keep from angering or hurting the feelings of males who identify as females. I assumed you knew what happens to women who stand up for the hard-fought rights and protections of women and children. (These women don’t just get censored, cancelled, and deplatformed. They don’t just lose their careers. They get threatened with rape and murder).

    So I thought this was the reason for your silence, and I could understand that, to a point. Who wants to lose their livelihood and invite death threats?

    But I see now that it wasn’t about that at all. It’s that you don’t see JK Rowling and like-minded women as challenging power in any “meaningful way.” It’s that you’ve somehow stereotyped anyone who stands up against the ideology as being a Trump supporter. (Huh?) So now I”m not just puzzled, I’m disappointed and disgusted.

    If you choose not to die on this hill, fine. But I hope you’ll at least give some thought to how you depict those of us who do feel compelled to be the nails that stick up. It’s no picnic to be the target of male violence, no picnic to be the David to the Goliath of the military-medical-techno-industrial complex that is funding, driving and enshrining this dystopian ideology into law. A tough job, as they say. Thankfully there are some women with the courage to do it.

    • Brava for courage!!

    • JK Rowling might be selected as one of the MSM’s mainstream representatives, to really hammer in how objectively ridiculous ‘some’ of the trans rights are. This may be part of a deliberate enraging strategy of the media muted mainstream towards all things minority that actually are ridiculous extremes – i.e. XY chromosomes persons competing in sports where muscle and bone density is an advantage. Why? To eventually (more easily) quash ANY minority agendas that the top of the establishment disagree with, with mainstream approval. Maybe the establishment thought certain minority issues where opening up a pandoras box of issues? Colonialism issues come to mind, something the mainstream majority have benefited from. Personally, I think rights are important, but I know that ‘might is right’ is what ultimately makes the rules like it or not, benefit from it or not. The mainstream will always be the logical priority unless it’s replaced by a new mainstream.

    • Wow! So very well said, LaSue..

      Some people hate America so much they’ll refuse to acknowledge even the most blatantly obvious woke insanity, thinking their ‘base’ will remain loyally supportive…

  • I agree that billionaires are not the good guys in real life, and those who think Musk is here to save free speech are way off base. Though I must admit, watching the liberals get their panties in a bunch over this has been highly entertaining.
    But regarding “and want to be able to say mean things to trans people” I’m left wondering, Caitlin, what exactly do you mean by this? Surely you don’t consider it mean to say that an adult owner of an X and Y chromosome is a man?

  • Apparently, according to the American Government, Free Speech is a movable goal.

    So the next time someone on Twitter goes on about curtailing free speech, just let them know about the Americans Government feelings on free speech at the UN, and in particular around ‘Combatting the Glorification of Nazism’.


  • Very first thing we’ll see is a flood of Lefty false flag Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, MAGA, Transphobia, Anti-Vax posts..

    With the usual liars pointing, convicting and screeching for Big Tech Censorship!

    The Pfake White House will be ‘deeply concerned.’

    Play along, fakers…. You always do!

    • Both the extreme left and extreme right will go full tilt and then the establishment/ M.I.C. will justify selective censorship and a Overton Window ‘free-speech’ boundary as dictated on their terms.

      • Whenever someone says, “both the left and right …,” that person is usually trying to dissolve the immense quantity of left wing insanity in a glass of water with a tiny dosage of anecdotal right wing misdeeds.

        There are very few bad acts / words coming from the right, and the ones that ‘make the news’ are, more often than not, orchestrated by false flag leftists…

        Jan 6?

        • “There are very few bad acts / words coming from the right” I’m talking about the right extreme (KKK?) not the mainsteam right. The loony extreme left is just as fucked up as the loony extreme right. Any extreme is usually eventual disaster. As for false flags, sure, they exist too and Jan 6th was definitely one. The establishment are pushing both loony extremes, divide and conquer is their ancient game.

          • It’s kinda hilarious that the inventors of the KKK insist on calling it ‘right wing.’ But that’s how they roll – 24/7.

            Thank you for the Jan 6th acknowledgment..

            Pretending that the KKK is ‘right wing,’ how many remain? Less than a hundred, maybe?

            Now balance that against Big Tech Censorship, Washington DC, LGBTQPRXYZ+, BLM, ANTIFA, Big Media propaganda / coverups, Social Media smearing, Cancel Culture, Corporate firings and Deliberate Financial Disabling…

            Oh – and China and Russia too!
            Are they teaching their toddlers about gender choice?

            That’s a lotta weight on one side of the scale…

            The laptop matters.
            Election Fraud matters.
            Censorship matters.
            Financial Ruin matters.
            Losing one’s job matters.
            Biology matters.

            If Trump tried to walk one block in Berkeley (pick a blue city), he would’t make it. It would be bloody, vicious and celebrated in Hollywood, CNN, NYT, WaPo, Russia, China, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Apple.

            Obama / Hillary can walk anywhere in the country – without Secret Service. They would get a few jeers but would be unscathed.

            That’s the difference between ‘Left’ and ‘Right.’

            • KKK is mainly underground, at a guess, but the mindset is clearly alive and evident on – ‘BlackPilled’ and its comments sections on odysee and bitchute, there’s your extreme right on display. How much is controlled ops? I’m not sure. Seems like a mix there.

        • “Whenever someone says, “both the left and right …,” that person is usually trying to dissolve the immense quantity of left wing insanity in a glass of water with a tiny dosage of anecdotal right wing misdeeds.”
          Thanks for that Freud, I’ll keep that in mind when I next critically assess my current world view. But of course, we all have our own prerogatives/ projections/ assumptions…….

    • Two words sums up all the MSM ‘extreme left’ and ‘extreme right’ bullshit – Controlled Oppositions. LEFT/RIGHT the two sided coin of the same controlling elite. Divide and Conquer politics of control, Hegelian Dialectics of control, it’s not rocket science. My feeling is the M.I.C ‘right’ will eventually get back on top and stop playing the under siege victim, and the ‘right’ will be engineered to be considered the ‘new normal’, whether that ends up fucking the ‘regular’ workers in the arse or not. Wanna lay a bet? BTW, I agree that the elite are laying on the extreme left a lot heavier than the extreme right, ATM. Because that’s their main target. But, they’ll fuck over the NRA (considered right) too with increasing gun controls, you watch.

  • “Marginalized groups”?
    A group that has governments passing laws pushing their agenda, social media platforms censoring to protect their “feelings”, schoolchildren being groomed by their teachers who hide it from their parents, by law, corporations pushing pronouns and firing dissidents, the ACLU no longer interested in any civil rights but trans rights, their members allowed into women’s prison cells, military barracks, bathrooms, spas and sports, not to mention having men take women’s trophies, records and scholarships, while men are given Women Of The Year awards, and you call them ”marginalized”?
    That is more delusional than hoping that a billionaire will loosen up the restrictions of Twitter, imo.
    Very delusional. As delusional as thinking that putting on a dress and makeup changes your sex.

    • Not to encourage beating this particular trans-horse, but well put.

      OK, “musical pronouns” … just throwing that out there if anybody wants to use it.

    • Groups that are mainly controlled oppositions prepping the mainstream up with highly emotive reverse psychology. The eventual goal being – a massive mainstream backlash and re-‘normalization’ as intended by the White establishment. It’s all part of a mass indoctrination process to reset the mainstream to what the establishment see as societal ‘normal’ world view/mindset….. Just a guess, but you have to wonder what the end goal is with all this (post 2000-2010?) massive onslaught of MSM bullshit and narratives.

      • I’ve been wondering the same WTF. I was there for part of the 60s and all of the 70s, and as weird as they were I don’t recall people commonly not knowing their gender or thinking they got to decide it. I tend to think it isn’t some kind of conspiracy, but I admit there’s apparently no such thing as too bizarre here. My rough engineering approximation is that humanity is going out of its mind, or maybe it’s just the veneer is coming off.

    • If the Mighty Wurlitzer of propaganda is playing a tune 24/7, we should all be suspicious of their intentions. If the narrative is pushed by the entire Establishment we should be even more suspicious.
      “This is not the droid you are looking for” should make us take a closer look at the droid.
      “There is no such thing as human biology” is a bold narrative to push, not just because it is glaringly wrong and downright stupid, but because it goes against everything we know as a species. (Actually, all species know the difference between male and female). And the fact that we are not allowed to push back or discuss it shows us that they really want us to internalize absurdities without thinking.
      There has to be a reason and that reason is not that our rulers care deeply about the feelings of a small group of men with autogynophelia.
      It has to be something else.
      I am shocked that Caitlin, usually the Queen of Suspicion, has adopted the narrative that “misgendering” a man wearing womanface is “mean”, thus justifying the banning of women’s voices, while completely ignoring the violent threats of rape, murder and dismemberment directed at women who speak out, most famously JK Rowling, who had to pay for security to protect herself from those “marginalized” men threatening to rape and kill her.

      • Indeed!
        Threats on JK’s life came to my mind too as I read this. Apparently when you hate speech against actual women, you are in lockstep with the establishment narrative. When you do that you’re not marginalizing, you’re being inclusive.

        War is peace.
        Freedom is slavery.
        Ignorance is strength.

      • Exactly! As Caitlin, herself, wrote the other day: “If you’re on the side of the US empire on any issue you are on the wrong side. This doesn’t mean the other side is always necessarily in the right, it just means a globe-spanning empire that’s held together by lies, murder and tyranny will always be in the wrong. Yes, it is that simple.”

        Curious how the people being censored, cancelled, and threatened with rape, murder, and dismemberment are the ones opposing empire.

        • As bad as all this appears, I do see lots of reasons for optimism, with a big one being record low numbers even glancing at the mis & dis information only media.

          Non-politicized art, music, sports and podcasts will lead us back in the right direction…

          • Currently, most – art, music, sports and podcasts ARE politicized/weaponised. Stand-up comedy has become a literal joke on how MSM narrative politicized it’s become. If I see one more LGBTQ stand-up comic pushing extreme views I’ll fuckin’ throw up.

    • “There has to be a reason and that reason is not that our rulers care deeply about the feelings of a small group of men with autogynophelia.
      It has to be something else.”
      Yep, usually you just reverse the MSM narrative and you get closer to what the actual goal is. MSM is pro multicultural, BLM, women’s rights, non binary rights, egalitarian….. so, you really have to wonder how genuine they are, particularly when they take ‘rights’ to absurd extremes (to a mainstream mindset) to get a desired reaction.

  • My first thought is that when your cynicism exceeds mine you’ve gone clinical. Or maybe just more clinical. Anyway, I’m an aerospace engineer and let me ‘splain something to everybody, because I know enough to be impressed by it- the man has his own space program. And if there’s one thing you can’t BS it’s a rocket. Humanity isn’t short on common denominators, but to lump Musk in with all the techno posers and internet tycoons is simply incorrect. He is beyond doubt making his mark, and to this point in an overwhelmingly positive way. He openly labels himself a “free speech absolutist” and asserts he would only back down at gunpoint. What more can he say? No, the world won’t be saved by one person, but give the guy a chance.

    full disclosure: I laughed out loud at Rachel Levine being named the Babylon Bee Man of the Year. I personally don’t care if somebody marries their consenting adult Shih Tzu, but an elderly Jewish man cosplaying a female civilian admiral is just too far beyond The Onion to not laugh at, though it is after all the government. Here’s a concept for all the transnazis- it’s not hate speech, it’s incredulous laughter. And it’s not a choice.

    • Was that rocket made with Russian Technology?
      Just because ones says “I wanna rocket” does not mean he/she can build one.
      I remember a story about an ‘entrepreneur’ in a Russian gulag in the 1940’s. He told the authorities he could build an acoustic guided torpedo – but he needed research scientists, acoustic engineers, torpedo technicians.. the whole range of experts. Gulags were combed for prisoners with those capabilities – those they couldn’t find in the gulag system, they arrested at their places of work.
      The entrepreneurial’ prisoner gathered them together and told them “Build me an acoustic torpedo”. As far as I know, Musk isn’t in prison – yet.

      • Falcon rockets are made with aluminum-lithium alloy and use open cycle RP-1 fueled Merlin 1D engines. Russian rockets get the job done but Falcons are partially reusable, I expect have a higher mass fraction, can be flown in both standard and heavy configurations, probably have more redundancy, and certainly have more advanced avionics.

        Musk didn’t get his engineering talent from gulags. There’s a “careers” link on the SpaceX website, actually I just happen to have it up- https://www.spacex.com/careers/

      • AKA, the old “stone soup” story?

    • Musk isn’t the brains of his enterprise, he’s a stooge frontman, the brains of his outfit are the many unnamed working behind him. Musk is basically a ‘tony stark’ like fictional based character cooked up by the M.I.C. for MSM mass consumption. Is he being used in a ‘superhero’ like narrative to ‘free speech’ and make the world safe (and better) for ‘democracy’, well, for us Westies anyway? Quite likely.

      • 1. If Musk is a stooge, he’s a very high functioning one.

        2. Rocket engine technology is fairly mature. Nobody has a particular advantage, except SpaceX engines are demonstrated reusable.

        3. “Hypersonic” is a flight speed regime, somewhat arbitrary, starting at maybe a bit above 3 Mach and by general consensus definitely by 5 Mach. All IRBMs and ICBMs have always operated hypersonic, back to the V-2. The latest MIC/media use of “hypersonic” refers to higher speeds for smaller missiles and to high L/D re-entry vehicles, which makes them harder to intercept. PR and media people know essentially nothing about any of this. There’s nothing really new about any of it, including public gullibility.

        4. Test on Monday.

        • Ted – refer me to a link where Musk can be confirmed as ‘high functioning’. An interview or presentation by him. Although, granted, an establishment stooge can be high functioning, but those ones are usually the ones working in the shadows, or, as ‘advisers’ to the MIC frontman.

          • I’ve seen and read enough of Musk, and certainly seen enough mouthpiece hacks, to be confident the former is not just the latter. No, Musk doesn’t do nuts and bolts design of rockets or electric cars, but he’s some distance past conversant on it. He definitely understands some key concepts of orbital flight better than most people at NASA did. And if all he’s done is bring together the right people, that’s no small feat itself.

  • A shout out to Caitlin “the Soothsayer” Johnstone from Jimmy Dore.
    The WaPo bit, where the Post admonishes us to beware the dangerous new trend of rich people owning media platforms, produces this classic one liner from Mr. Dore.
    “My cynicism cannot keep up with reality.”
    With good reason Jimmy. It’s no longer there. For humans at this stage in their development, reality has proven too much of an inconvenience, and has been dispensed with.

    • Two shout outs in one day. Impressive.
      Barack “I openly assassinate US citizens before breakfast, and then brag about it at lunch” Obama is fearfull that our democracy is in peril. Too funny.
      When did Ike make his MIC speech? 1961?
      “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”
      Three years later JFK’s body gets riddled by bullets coming in from all directions except from the 6th floor of the book depository,* and that’s it. That was the end of the democracy. What we’ve had since is Kabuki Theater mascarading as ineffective governance.
      *That’s right. Lone nut gunman Lee was where he said he when the fateful shots rang out, in the breakroom drinking a coke, at least according to the blacklisted Academy Award winning American combat veteran Oliver Stone.
      How much free speech did ex-Marine Oswald get post assassination? Well, he was allowed to shout out “I’m a patsy” before he was gunned down at police headquarters by a Mafia strip club owner.

      • My favourite bit about that one: a “conspiracy theory” says that Ben Gurion was extremely upset with Kennedy’s determination to put an end to his nuclear program and wanted him out of the picture and that the hit was an Allen Dulles’ vengeful CIA fans/Meyer Lansky’s Jewish mob joint venture, which accounts for Jewish mobster Jack Ruby (born Jacob Leon Rubenstein) killing patsy Oswald. The official reason Ruby gave is that he wanted to “save Mrs. Kennedy the discomfiture of coming back to trial”. How plausible… Stone’s JFK doesn’t touch at all on that Jewish connection even though it’s not entirely without merit but that context makes it interesting to ponder the fact that the executive producer of the movie JFK, Arnon Milchan, founder of production company Regency Enterprises was, according to his Wikipedia entry… “an Israeli intelligence operative from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s”. Can’t make that stuff up!
        Whatever anybody thinks of that (and I do hope some trolls will scream it’s outlandish BS), a reasonable answer to the question “Why would someone risk ending his life in prison or on the electric chair to kill Oswald?” would be welcome after all these years. On the new free speech Twitter maybe? :o)

        • “The official reason Ruby gave is that he wanted to “save Mrs. Kennedy the discomfiture of coming back to trial”. How plausible…”
          Lmao … Every American citizen should be required by law to study the JFK autopsy carried out at Bethesda. I could’ve done a better a job, and I failed 8th grade dissection. I wanted to rescuscitate my frog, not cut into him (or her).*
          Also, I would not have lost the President’s brain post-autopsy. I do not leave important parts lying around willy nilly while I work on something, and then forget where I left them.
          That is not how I roll.
          I mean, what happened at Bethesda is the equivalent of 40 auto mechanics losing the engine while they work on the engine.
          *I never did find out. In fact, I think I got suspended, for cowardice.
          Note: If Twitter becomes anything like this place, I’m might actually try out this tweeting business.

  • Musk is a complete fraud, a modern day carnival barker. I think its a sign of the times, end times? that the ‘richest aholes in amerika, is a trioka of zio-oilgraches, muskrat, suckerberg, and bozos, that collectively, produce nothing anyone needs. IE food, clean water, education etc, nothing anything like the essentials of life. Teslas? No one needs those and EVs arent going to ‘save’ the Earth, nor are all musks other failed ventures. Star-Link, Solar-Road ways, his hyperloop hoax etc. At least in times past, the oligarch class controlled things that actually mattered. Factories, railroads, farmland, mines whatnot. In the 21st c, oligarchs still control all those things, but, at the ‘top’ of the net-worth? pyramid, as guys that control…….photons. And pixels. And ….narratives. Oh yea, and online shopping with a lot of suspicious endorsements in the comments section of w/e is for sale…… And somehow, though the magic of the ‘free-market’, somehow these guys ended up as the ‘richest’ in the world. Ok. Even their ‘wealth’, including musks, is basically virtual, but enough people still take that bs seriously. As for his virtual purchase of a victual reality narrative platform, aka SHITTER, he might indulge in some token tinkering around the edges at that place, but wont seriously upset anyone at the state dept, or the CIA while doing it. Expect him to maybe enrage a few uS SJW typpes on cream-puff issues on no consequence that the deep-state uses itself all the time to distract the plebs.
    Cailten has musk pegged. You dont challenge the security state in the uS, not if you want to remain in the ‘club’. And musk is no revolutionary, or fighter. Hes not even much of ‘visionary’, and no technical genius either. Like I said, a carnival barker, little more. An (unconvicted )male, Elizabeth Holmes if you will.

    • “zio-oilgraches”? Gee, I wonder who that is.

  • WOW! Came over here to avoid Curtis’ Libertarian fan-boy troll-fest, elsewhere. I’m guessing, there’s lots of pre WW-I wealthy SUPER hero white boys in whatever preceeded Spandex, rocket belts, sneering at uppity essentials from Ivory Towers selling our every interaction, GPS location, keystroke, word, glance, Fitbit reading, expenditure.. as they unleash III% thugs, OathKeeper cops, robot dogs, drone swarms, Boogaloo Boi agents, provacteurs…

  • Remember, Elon Musk owes alot of what he is today due to countless government grants to promote Tesla in its infancy. He will not bite the hand that feeds him.

  • https://chasingthesquirrel.com/ is my website. I could not find myself using the Duck-Duck-Go search engine or Google this morning using the TOR network.

    Searching from home and the search engine appears to work fine. The empire bastards are clever.

    I am not surprised. Nothing can stop harassment of the little guy. Nobody to complain to and even if I could complain, nobody will believe me.

    Independent voices are silenced.

    In preparation for new American Shock and Awe.

    • Yes Virginia, the world and everything invit is political.

  • Musk is a frontman stooge of the elite. He’ll likely free up speech on twitter, but only for government to later justify broader censorship on all ‘social interaction’ platforms. How? There will be both the (controlled ops) extreme right and extreme left having a (mother of all battles) free for all that causes widespread ‘outrage’. The overton window of state sanctioned dialogue will be coming in hard for all of the internet, thanks to a little bit of hegelian dialectics action. The elite just can’t have people freely speaking their minds about them online now can they?

    • Yea. But I like him a whole lot more than the other billionaires. He is the Doc Holiday of a select group. Always slightly unpredictable.

      • As far as ‘entertainment value’ goes, he’s about 6/10 to me, Trump and Reagan were/are much more entertaining clown puppets of the establishment 9/10. Musk is highly likely modeled on Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, the elite are not too original when they invent characters for the MSM narratives. Although it seems Tony Stark was based on a real life early days technology patents mogul.

        Walter Stark was chief. counsel for HAZELTINE CORPORATION, (before that he worked for the D.O.D. Dept of defense, as did Hazeltine Corp. Ironman’s father in the comics is Howard Walter Stark, or Walt for short. Coincidence? I doubt it.

  • https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/science-technology/if-only-there-were-some-way-i-could-leave-twitter-sigh-twitter-obsessives-20220426220244
    Millions of users who spend every waking moment providing free content for a company they hate have now been humilated by the target of their mockery buying it, and them, and all their little Twitter friends.
    Elon Musk said: “A whole site of petty narcissistic twats endlessly pursuing pointless feuds to the detriment of the real world? You are my children, and Daddy’s home.”

  • Bravo! Where there is a lot of money changing hands, the mother of all corruption machinations is behind the trees watching with excitement. No one is going to be savior of “we the people” but “we the people”. Until there is no longer the CIA and the military formations, etc, do not stop believing that they are working around the clock to enslave you. Why do you think Jesus whipped these rascals in the Temple? Their corruption is behind the wars and famines that the world has ever experienced. The love (greed) of money is devilish.

  • I wouldn’t save the poor if I became a billionaire. There aren’t 2 camps like rich and poor, but a scale. So there are plenty of people who are just waiting to step over the Powerful and take their place.

    I would buy communal lands, to give back to tribes so that they are left alone, hoping they can survive us.

  • Wow Caitlin is spot on here, the narcissistic multi-billionaire Musk will work hand in glove with Washington to make sure Twitter promotes their false narrative of Ukraine–and all the other countries Washington is currently occupying, sanctioning and destroying. His glib ‘We will coup whoever we want. Deal with it!’ Twitter post after the U.S. instigated Bolivia coup tells you all you need to know about his politics. He’s a neo-con asswipe.

    And how about his gold digging wife ‘Grimes’? Being married to the world’s richest man really gives her music more insight and agency on behalf of the working class and oppressed, not unlike Arlo Guthrie in the 1930s :-/ (not)

    • ooops. Meant Woody Guthrie. Arlo is Woody’s son 😀

    • What billionaire is not a narcissist.

  • CJ, really bold & i hope you’re correct about the bourgeoisie b/c that Ralph Nader idea about billionaires saving us or Dr. Chris Hedges idea about getting one uppercrust to defect over to the revolution always bothered me. That said, problem remains i still don’t see out there on the horizon how to overthrow & defeat the juggernaut system…yet…& we’re low on time too…

    • Waiting for the ‘billionaires to save us’ is like waiting for a socialist revolution in USA….ain’t never gonna happen. Change only ever comes from a grass roots mass movement.

  • Musk is launching the tens of thousands of low orbit satellites that are intended to surveil and control the masses. That’s your buddy. He’s on your side, really. He doesn’t mean to promote techno slavery because he’s for the free speech that has already migrated to other platforms.

    We need more free speech. We need billionaire fanboy free speech. We need to protect the Twitter narrative by modifying it to the tune of forty billion dollars. Not a goddamn cent for you, asshole.

  • I can only save myself (not that it’s a habit-every hill offers a new view), but I can get someone enough space and time to do the same under some circumstances.

    Anything else is ego, and I try to avoid that sort of thing.

  • Pablo Escobar wasn’t noted for collaborating with existing power structures, but he got to be a multi-billionaire.

    • Lol

      • I don’t see why you say that. It seems to me a perfectly good counterexample to “You don’t get to be a billionaire … unless you collaborate with existing power structures.” OK, he got eliminated, but that’s another matter, and none of us live forever anyway.

  • Well, i hope he will mess this up by disappointing everyone, then throwing a fit and eventually people that actually care about free speech leaving the platform in droves and creating an open and decentralized platform themselves.
    First part is realistic, second, unfortunately isn’t.
    People love to help the data mining, that gives oligarchs the power to control narratives. (btw, that is why antisocial media doesn’t need to turn a profit)

  • “Speaking for myself I won’t be surprised if we do see some of the former, but I will be absolutely astonished if we see the latter.”
    Agree. And the blackout that truly matters to the destiny of our species will remain permantly in place, is my prediction.
    Still, I will root the Musk to prove me wrong. Shock me to my core Elon, prove to me that you really are an extraordinary human, and not just another noise making nit.


    Elon Twitter can be like original Twitter shoulda been and stayed!

    How can anyone with a brain not see that Big Tech Censorship is only bad?

    Mask up, booster up and lock down if you hate free speech…

  • Once again, you are right on point. I do not know, and do not plan to invest any time or energy trying to determine, whether the so-called “progressives” in Washington (the “Squad”, etc.) are dishonest in their advocacy for more “billionaire censorship” or are really stupid enough to believe that that will happen. It does not matter. The result is the same – more control by the thieves — who just happen to pay really good bribe money, which some “cynics” might cause them to speculate about the motivation for these “libruls” aligning with the Hegemon. Have any of them advocated for the Democratic Party to cease its ongoing murder of Julian Assange? Not that I have noticed. US hypocrisy is, once again, on full display. Caitlin, thank you for continuing the good fight. We have too few allies and too many “false prophets”. AOC, are you listening? Probably not — more likely, off to a fund raising event for her Senate campaign, maybe hosted by AIPAC.

    • Did you see where a senior Biden advisor had to quit after he called The Squad nuts. (Expletives removed)

  • Hurry Up Panquake!!!

  • I am very disappointed that you think feminists working to protect women’s sex-based rights just “want to be able to say mean things to trans people”. I have been following your work for years with great respect and although I appreciate you might not want to wade into this debate, I did expect more insight from you. It seems you too have been captured by an orchestrated mainstream narrative designed to maximise the profits of pharmaceutical companies while simultaneously dismantling all the gains made by the 20th century women’s movement.

    • Thank you. I came in to say the same thing. I’m a trans man so I participate in trans Twitter, and I see the trans activists saying much worse than anything I’ve ever seen radfems say. Caitlin should look at JK Rowling’s timeline from today (April 25, as Allison Bailey fights Stonewall homophobia) if she wants to know who’s saying mean things to and about who.

      • Or even closer to home for Caitlin is Katherine Deves and the physical threats to her bodily wellbeing as a result of the “mean” statement that biology is real.

      • Narcissism. The first step in recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

    • Puleeze!

      sex based rights: you do disparage trans women, terribly, and most of you, the majority of women in this “movement” are post-menopausal and bitchy, and they jumped on a movement that was baked up in the cauldrons of rightwing Christian fundamentalists and you bit their hook. I don’t see too many young women threatened by trans women, it’s primarily old women. I also don’t see too many men complaining about trans males. You’re a strange subsect.

      • That’s because old women are wise.

      • A few of those transvestites are believable. Mostly the ones the algorithms kick back to you. The ones that are acting out their fantasies in the real world stick out like a sore thumb, poor bastards finding their pain and unable to find alternative outside the narrative. The image/porn phenoms always look hot. Yeah, I’d do that. The real ones don’t come close. Lotta barf material. It’s a fantasy. You support the fantasy because you have been indoctrinated. In this post you express hatred towards fundamentalists and old women while supporting an illusory reality. Exactly how your masters and controllers intended.

      • The ‘puleeze’ is hilarious. I don’t think Caitlin was commenting on the trans debate, rather on liberal narrative control in general. The gay rights movement took decades to integrate and they comprise a significant percentage of the population. My gay and lesbian neighbors have children and lead boring married lives. The trans movement is moving much faster due to liberal support, although there a very few trans people, and the backlash is more intense due to social media. It will sort itself out in time and I’ll have boring trans neighbors.

      • Another attempt to make the abnormal normal. You can repeat a lie over and over but it is still a lie.

    • In this article at least, Caitlin doesn’t say feminists want to be mean to trans people.
      She says, “the overwhelming majority of excitement on Twitter about Musk’s purchase is coming not from those who challenge power in any meaningful way but from those who want Donald Trump’s account restored and want to be able to say mean things to trans people,” making no mention of feminists. There are plenty of others wanting to do more than just badmouth trans people.

      • Dave Chapelles earlier work on trans is hilarious. Of course after the woke committee got done with him, he had to stop.

        • My friends just had a gender reveal party for their child. They waited until he three so he could decide if he wanted to be a boy or a girl.

    • Thank you. I also think it’s odd that someone who always talks about the Establishment narrative and the need to be skeptical of it, swallows the particularly outrageous Establishment narrative that human sex is not real and that men’s feelings are more important than women’s safety.
      Cui bono?

  • I’m a former progressive now totally disenchanted with my former colleagues. Never liked Trump, but I love that Elon is buying Twitter. I lost interest in liberals when the censorship became completely egregious. Maybe I’m in fantasyland, but it seems to me he might be going to — not save us — but make a first step toward restoring freedom of speech. Don’t agree at all with your analysis, We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    • Musk is going to try and restore the illusion of free speech.

      • What, you’d rather have the censorship we have now? The formerly deplatformed are flocking back, the “disinformation” groupies are leaving. Sounds good to me.

        • Take free speech away, then return free speech within the updated overton window. But, yeah, better than less free speech. Watch for the controlled op extremists from both sides eventually cause yet another reduction in open discussion. Just by taking things way, way, way too far to the left and right.

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