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I’ve been watching The John Wayne Gacy Tapes on Netflix, which features previously unheard recordings of the serial killer known as “The Killer Clown” who murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men in the 1970s. I wasn’t able to finish it because I don’t have that kind of stomach, but what jumped out at me listening to him was the way he talked about how much he loved power and what an easy time he had manipulating his way up the ladders of political influence.

Really makes you think about how many psychopaths who are just a little bit more functional must be in politics today, on all levels. Psychopaths who are deeply messed up inside but not quite so messed up that they enjoy strangling teenage boys to death after raping and torturing them. Or if they are that messed up they’re clever enough to avoid getting caught. Or if they are that messed up and not clever enough to avoid getting caught, but their fetish for murder and suffering is satiated by something that’s considered politically acceptable in our society, like war.

I mean, think about it. What kind of person seeks power over others? Psychologists have been saying for years that psychopaths routinely ascend to power not just in political spheres but in business, academia and law enforcement as well. The competition-based models that shape our society tend to reward those who are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top, and the type of person who is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top happens to be the type of person who enjoys the power which comes from being at the top.

When all your systems inevitably reward psychopaths with power and money, you will necessarily find yourself ruled by psychopaths. That hunger for power which saw John Wayne Gacy photographed with the wife of a US president is the same hunger for power which caused him to enjoy strangling young men to death while they were handcuffed and powerless in his control.

Our lives are directly affected by the fact that psychopaths consistently both seek and attain ascension into the halls of power. But our lives are also directly affected in countless ways by the same dynamics of power which are especially manifested in the worst psychopaths.

Power is control over other people. The extent to which you control someone’s fate is the amount of power you have over them. The number of people whose lives you can exert control over, and the extent to which you can do so, is the total amount of power you have. If you are a government official, a billionaire CEO, a judge, an influential pundit, or the pastor of a giant megachurch, you will have a great deal of power. If you’re an ordinary working person, you won’t have much.

But we’ve all experienced the impulse to exert control over others in our lives, even if it’s been relatively slight. You might not seek power for its own sake or obtain gratification from holding someone’s life in your hands like Gacy did, but you’ve surely wanted to control what a loved one does or doesn’t do at some point, or wanted society to be a certain way that aligns with your ideals. Even if it’s for the noblest-looking reasons, we’ve all desired control at one point or another.

The impulse to control is so pervasive throughout our species that it plays a foundational role in the expression of our personal psychology. The emergence of the ego, the illusory sense of being a separate self in the world who stands apart from life and from the rest of humanity, is born out of the human organism’s desire to exert control over its fate in early childhood when presented with the frightening prospect of being a powerless infant surrounded by giants. Building a conceptual framework around a “me” character provides us with the reassuring sense that we can use thought and language to exert control over what happens to that character, a sense that is ultimately entirely illusory since nothing’s ever really under control in this world.

A psychopath is just an ego taken to its most toxic and destructive extreme. A desire to control which pervades every aspect of one’s personal experience.

It’s this same impulse to control which has seen the emergence of empires throughout history. The inability to just be okay with the fact that there are people in other lands doing things you can’t control is intolerable for particularly inflated egos; recorded history is largely a story of troops being sent out to conquer foreign people to bring them under control and give those inflated egos a temporary sense of security.

We see this desire for control plainly with today’s dominant empire in the Wolfowitz Doctrine, a US government policy laid out immediately after the fall of the Soviet Union that no other superpowers should be permitted to emerge who might challenge US hegemony. The goal of perpetual US unipolar domination, now simply the standard orthodox position throughout the entire western political/media class, is the ultimate expression of this desire to control as many humans as possible to the furthest extent possible. And it undergirds the dynamics behind every major international news story of our day.

Whether it’s out of fear of the barbarian hordes or fear of a rising China, every empire that has ever existed was created and maintained out of an impulse to control. Empire building is just egotism at mass scale. Varying gradations of psychopathy controlling the fate of vast numbers of people.

And now this impulse to control has our species on the brink of a nuclear war with Russia due to the US-centralized empire’s agenda to encircle the nation and topple Moscow. We are at a point where our desire for control is threatening not just our ability to live harmoniously with one another, but our very survival.

If humanity is to survive into the future and move out of its psychopathy-enabling competition-based models into a collaborative relationship with all of humankind and with its entire ecosystem, that future will necessarily come with an abandonment of our ancient impulse to control. Our impulse to control nations, to control each other, to control life itself. It will come with an abandonment of empire, an abandonment of power agendas, and an abandonment of the human ego.

Every species eventually hits a point where it must adapt to changing conditions or else go extinct. It is clear now, as we face existential threats on multiple fronts due to our destructive attempts to control each other and our ecosystem, that our own species is at such a point right now.

If there is a humanity on the other side of the existential hurdles we now face, it is a humanity that has let go of its impulse to control and has instead learned to move in harmony with what is. It’s hard to imagine from where we’re at right now, but that’s only because we’ve never seen it before. We’ve also never seen anything like our current situation, though. There’s a first time for everything. We’ll either pass this test or we won’t.


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92 responses to “On Psychopathy, Power, Empire And Ego”

  1. The latest from the World Economic Forum sounds exactly like something a psychopath would say to their victim (speaking from experience): “Psychologists say a good life doesn’t have to be happy, or even meaningful” I doubt many Buddhists would agree!

  2. The vast majority of people – as I did myself for many years – think in terms of psychopaths being murderers and violent rapists etc, and have absolutely no idea that the planet is run and controlled by psychopaths, and that, in itself, is one of the highest highs for the Psychopathic Brother/Sisterhood – ie that most people are unaware that they are what they are. They are hidden in plain sight, doing their evil and, at the same time, manipulating hundreds of millions of minds to believe they are good and honourable etc, via their propaganda machine, the MSM, along with Hollywood, etc, etc.
    So here we are, floating through space on a planet that gave birth to life and sustains us, and it’s owned and controlled by the most evil people on it, and who, because of the evil that drives them, will, one way or another, totally destroy the Earth and all life that exists on her.
    Astonishing really.

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      That’s what parasites eventually do, they are programmed by nature, ironically, to do exactly that, use their host until it is used up, resource depleted. When they can’t find another host it’s game over.

  3. So now that we know that psychopaths seek power and we can assume that the ruling class is mostly psychopathic, why would anybody continue working for them and their dying empire? They are gambling our lives every moment of every day.

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      Sociopaths are intelligent. They compartmentalize all the key military/police/intel services so that no one would attempt to overthrow them, why? Because General ‘A’ is afraid that General ‘B’ (and visa versa) will dob him in and have him prosecuted for high treason. Divide and conquer techniques are the obstacles that you’d have to solve first, then there is the cult like 100% loyalty that the military/Intel/police heads are indoctrinated with.

  4. Years back, when I read the NYT, I came across this little piece by Timothy Egan entitled “Conservative Cash Crop.” The opening line was so good that I cut it out and kept it on my fridge door, where it still lives today.

    “The media jackals have been all over Representative Michele Bachmann for misstatements, zany ideas, and altercations (sic) to history as she kicked off her presidential run in Waterloo, Iowa, home to serial killer John Wayne Gacy–not the actor John Wayne, as she said in her evocation of dreamy small-town life.”

    Only in America….

  5. Another shout out from Jimmy Dore – I think that makes four this week. It’s almost like a movement is brewing; a coalition perhaps of the non-pathelogical, attempting to make their first tiny baby steps towards considering taking a small stride toward something that might lead one giant leap into what probably is an abyss. But I don’t want to get too optimistic.
    That’s the tactical level. At the operation level, Western neo-liberal global domination, the really tough nut to crack, apparently three African nations on the rigth side of the continent, a region known to some as the Horn of Africa, are standing up for their right of self-determination, in other words, they want to be able to farm their property for food, and not for mono-crop export, which leads them open to starvation should things go wrong, and also, they would like to keep at least some of whatever mineral wealth they possess, in-house.
    To the consternation of the neo-libs, nation-state self-sufficiency seems to be all the rage days.
    Truly an excellent interview. I’m going to put Ms. Aregawi on my list of Americans that are practicing journalism. So it’s up to 17, which is one more than last week. Progress!

  6. Another quality piece, Caitlin. You’re a fantastic writer and own a rather enlightened mind. I enjoyed reading your stuff for a long while before we had the minor spat on Twitter. And no, before you think it, not every compliment of mine aimed at a female comes attached with a proposal hahaha. That was just for her, and wasted it was. I appreciate the title, though, I had hoped not to be wound up more than I already have been. Seems everywhere i look someone is trying to torment me. Maybe it helps deprogram my poor conflicted mind and deeply broken heart.

    Keep writing fantastic stuff, my dear. Each article gets better and better. Nice to know your husband is helping out too, keeping you in check. We wouldnt want you getting too emotional or anything.


  7. I’m 71 now and I still remember my father say “Just imagine how great the world could be, if everyone left everyone alone.”

    I find Americans scared. Scared their neighbours, of immigrants, scared of republicans, of democrats, of socialists, communists, fascists.

    Back during the Vietnam war I once asked “Why is the USA attacking Vietnam?” The answer I got was “To stop Communism!”

    I replied “Why the fuck do you care whether Vietnam is communist or not?” No answer.

    1. Good one! And you could have added without getting any more answer: “And what is communism anyway?” It’s just Orwell’s Two Minutes Hate :o)

  8. Looks like “The Killer Clown” who murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men in the 1970s was a homosexual?

    1. He was a psychopath who focused on young men.

    2. @Sink –

      And? Plenty of mass murderers and other killers were heterosexual (the infamous Ted Bundy and the BTK killer in the US, Fred West and the Moors Murderers in the UK). It’s not their sexual orientation. Rather, it’s their psychopathy and sadism and that is independent of sexual orientation.

  9. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    ‘Antisocial Personality Disordered’ John Wayne Gacy had U.S. Secret Service ‘special clearance’, “S” pin/badge. Says it all really. Trust authority figures everyone, :p

    “In 1975, Gacy was appointed director of Chicago’s annual Polish Constitution Day Parade, an event he would supervise until 1978. Through his work with the parade, Gacy met and was photographed with First Lady Rosalynn Carter on May 6, 1978.[46] The event later became an embarrassment to the United States Secret Service. In the pictures, Gacy is wearing an “S” pin, indicating a person given special clearance.[59]” – wiki

  10. Mary Wildfire Avatar
    Mary Wildfire

    “We’ll either pass this test or we won’t.” I used to issue similar binary pronouncements, but I’ve seen that it isn’t that simple, and it’s quite likely the outcome won’t be easily fit into either We pass the test and make a better world or We go down in a ball of flame. Like maybe there is a limited nuclear exchange, and meanwhile the breakdown accelerates, things are falling apart and this leads to major famines, and huge numbers of migrants as a result which in turn fuels conflicts, both of which exacerbate plague outbreaks; nuclear power plants, chemical facilities and others are not closed down safely and thus create long-term dangerous sites people learn to stay away from–but SOME people survive, and the other creatures that survive all this–how many would depend on whether it happens soon–expand their numbers and territories as humanity’s numbers decline. Eventually, after a century or two, this would be an impoverished but recovering Earth, and there would be some healthy tribes living in favored places. so did we pass or fail? If passing means civilization as a whole gets its shit together, defeats the sociopaths ruling it and enacts sane rules…not gonna happen. But the fall of civilization COULD lead to a better world eventually–tho not an undamaged one, it’s too late for that.

  11. To what degree is our human species programmed to commit mass suicide in hard times?
    Genetically, we respond differently to different situations, emotionally, not with rational assessment.
    We look at the Jim Jones followers all drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid at the same time, or at German blindness to genocide in WW-2 with disbelief.
    A quote attributed to Joseph Mengele MD, speaking to imprisoned subjects, who he was testing to death, haunts me.
    “The more we do to you, the less you believe it.”
    Stress is very hard on us. If we cannot escape, why have stress?
    If we can escape, it is worth the “eternal vigilance” if we can break out and survive.

    At what point do we decide that stress is not needed for a fake threat, or not needed because “resistance is futile”?
    It looks like individuals and cohesive human groups behave differently under inescapable, relentless threat of death.
    Individual humans, prepared or unprepared, have a wide range of endurance capabilities.
    Special forces troops are trained in how to resist psychologically. Some fold, and other wills cannot be broken.

    Cohesive groups support each other emotionally under stress, and usually maintain group cohesion.
    The followers of Jim Jones died together after drinking poison together at the same moment.
    Azov-Brigade nationalists, trapped underground at the Mariupol steel factory complex, face a fairly certain death if they do not surrender.
    They are not surrendering. It appears that they kill deserters who try to surrender.
    They are ordered to hold their positions.
    Those giving them this order are ordering their suicide-by-Russian.
    Those orders are being followed.

    After 3 days freezing in a cattle-car would you remove all of your clothes and go naked with your children to the shower?
    People did this. It looks like everybody went to the showers, whole families, but men separated from women.
    I’m sure that it was easier to go to the showers. Resistance was futile at that point.

    We have the ability to look at history, to look at our human nature in different situations and to look at how people may be gradually driven into situations where there is “no way out”. Some consciousness plans many small steps along the way to the trap, and makes the choice of each step easy, with rewards and punishments.
    No single step suggests the ultimate destination of genocide or personal death. Those threats are hidden until the final and inescapable moment.

    When we begin to have suspicions, what do we do?
    How early in the process do we become suspicious, based upon our reading of history?
    This question does not plague most people, but it always haunted me.
    How would a German Jew, who had options to give up everything and go to another country, know when it was the right action?
    We can look back and see that the beginning of depersonalization of a group of humans marks the point of departure from their having the same rights as “good Germans”. This also happened during the Spanish Inquisition, and in the “killing fields” of Cambodia. It happened to “decadent intellectuals” in the Cultural Revolution.

    Last year, when I saw the de-humanization of “the unvaccinated” beginning, I knew that I had to “stand naked with the Jews”.
    Anything less than putting myself openly in that group would be the beginning of subtle capitulation to the beginning of a genocide.
    We had taught the children to look out for a sign. We traveled to the Anne Frank House, Dachau prison camp, and to the Tuol Sleng “museum” of Cambodian genocide. In each place we saw that normal people had slowly been turned to do this to other normal people.
    Guards often became suspects and prisoners themselves, were imprisoned, tortured and killed.
    Did that spare their souls?

    I really have nothing to present but these questions. We are already on the road to mass killings, but it’s not in our neighborhoods.
    We’re safe here, right? Food and fuel shortages won’t be bad, and certainly won’t lead to mass killings where we live.
    Nobody would go along with that, no matter how hungry, no matter how broadly some local minority might be blamed, no matter how long it lasted, no matter who was already doing it.
    No matter if people started calling them a “Putin-lover”… Right?

    1. People said they didn’t see what was happening. Or they reasoned it away.


      Don’t see it or pretend to not see it.

      Americans are good Not-Sees.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      De-pop is 100% part of the current establishment agenda. But I think it will ‘mainly’ be done covertly and via homeostasis – vaccines, food, water, medications, ‘natural’ viruses.

  12. Natalie Golovin Avatar
    Natalie Golovin

    Wherever you go to escape-you run into good/evil and GOD.

  13. Alan Coovert Avatar
    Alan Coovert

    “Carthage must be destroyed.” = Russia must be destroyed. Some things just never change on this orbiting madhouse.

  14. Ordinary "westerner" Avatar
    Ordinary “westerner”

    I liked Caitlin’s take on the “Illusory sense of being a separate self”, etc. But then she gets onto political cause & effect, writing: “this impulse to control has our species on the brink of a nuclear war with Russia due to the US-centralized empire’s agenda to encircle the nation and topple Moscow.”

    Did I read that right?
    Yes I did.
    It’s all “due to” US agenda.
    No Russian agency, no Russian “impulse to control” implied in her statement.
    Pure Russian propaganda.

    1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      Please extrapolate on Russia and their reasons and faults for causing this war other than attacking when forced into a corner. I am curious.

    2. Wakeup fast. Russia missiles are not in Mexico, Catalina Island, Canada, Bermuda or Cuba.
      USA rules of engagement accept preemptive strike, RU dont. USA used it against Japan in time when there was much more democracy in USA then today and in time when USA was clear solo winner of war. What will USA do when starting to lose ground? Go nuclear over Taiwan? 100% Chinese island with 100% Chinese people.

    3. The Treaty of Versailles isolated Germany, creating the conditions that allowed Hitler to arise.

      I’m not defending Hitler. I’m just saying that if you trap a human and try to choke the life out of him he’s going to fight back whether it’s agreed or disagreed that he is evil or not.

      Keynes predicted the WWII revival of Germany, that it would arise again because the terms of the treaty were too much to endure.

      The “Surprise” attack by Japan could also be foreseen, given that the island was embargoed by the US and had little fuel or food.

      The US is notorious for starving and choking off access to food, fuel, and trade.

      But Russia is not Iraq, Afghanistan, or Venezuela.

      The US is only fighting for greed and the wealth of empire.

      The US will withdraw when the war is too costly. Like in Vietnam. Like in Iraq. Like in Afghanistan.

      Russia is fighting against extinction.

      US and its NATO puppets have too much to live for besides life itself.

      Russia, primarily, has life itself to fight for. The dead can’t walk away from a loss like the simply greedy can.

  15. I could read your empire and narrative control bad, mkay articles every day and the psych ones are great too. I’ve known some of the poorest and very wealthy people. The wealthy, through effort or family, believe themselves winners and worthy. The poor believe that as well. Unless we can manipulate genetic code to breed out the control urge, the system must reward selflessness. If winning was selflessness, my rich folks would be lining up to reach that pinnacle.

  16. Fancy calling your son John Wayne though… If his parents had called him Mother Teresa, none of this would have happened! Even if, let’s be honest: Mother Teresa for a boy… Even today with all the gender fluidity acceptable…

    Joke apart though, that’s the common misunderstanding about paedophilia. It’s not about sex (most of the boys’ abusers are not even gay) but power. What kind of monster do you have to be to exert absolute power on children, beat them and rape them?

    If a politician can do that, what can we expect from him in the political field? And that’s where we move into the smoke and mirrors area because nothing’s ever been proved. There are some very convincing testimonies about child abuse linked to politicians like Cathy O’Brien’s who vividly describes how some of them, like Poppy Bush, in the framework of MK-Ultra and Project Monarch, were linked to sex slaves’ rings.

    Yet can her memories, brought back under hypnosis, be trusted? David Icke is a great purveyor of such stories, especially involving the late Edward Heath (who did look like he could fit the profile) and Jimmy Saville. However, he lost me when he said Queen Lizzy was a shape-shifting flesh-eating lizard. There’s a limit to extravagance and this crossed it. The Franklin Affair that he also mentions was dismissed by a grand jury as a “carefully crafted hoax”. With those, he jeopardized the belief in more plausible claims like the ones made by former FBI director Ted Gunderson.

    In the Clockwork Orange “horrorshow” style gallery though, I was watching yesterday the interview of a French journalist who spent the past few years gathering testimonies of victims of the nazi psychopaths in Donbass in view of a trial in Moscow after the war.

    That’s frankly hair raising. If we can believe this, contrary to the media narrative – when they don’t flatly deny it – that “yeah, there might be some neo-nazis or at least far-right dudes over there but that’s strictly limited to the Azov Battalion”, there are in fact dozens of nazi militias roaming the land in a kind of Abu Ghraib meets Division Das Reich (which burnt a whole village alive in Oradour-sur-Glane in 1944) scenario.

    Their sadistic tendencies are enhanced by the alcohol they loot in villages where they torture people in the most gruesome medieval way: water cure and bathtub (classic nazi stuff), breaking their teeth and bones, pulling their nails, raping, organizing sham executions with paper bags on their heads… The idea is apparently to obtain information about their enemies but the identities of the victims (like a priest or mere bystanders) don’t totally support that and leave the door open to more gratuitous psychopathic degeneracy. Sometimes the leaders of these groups don’t speak Ukrainian but only… English. Which suggests that the Guantanamo and other CIA black sites’ teams have been happily recycled by the guys we are rabidly asked to support…
    If you understand French, make up your own mind.—Torture-en-Ukraine.-Entretien-avec-Laurent-Brayard.-06.05.2022:d10c037675d92ff38fa8017e8ddb1400ae090d20

    1. ” … there are in fact dozens of nazi militias roaming the land in a kind of Abu Ghraib meets Division Das Reich … ”
      Yup, they’re doing precisely what they told us they were going to do years before this war began. Next up are Death Rides and the sacrifice of the Volkssturm, although the Death Ride aspect of the coming Götterdämmerung might be problematical, as diesel is in short supply.
      As for the CIA, if it involves drowning folks to death and then resuscitating them, and then doing it over and over again, it could be well be them. After all, they are the absolute fucking masters of that particular torture technique.

      1. According to this journalist, the Red Cross and UN know about it but look the other way. And it’s true that we don’t hear of them much. Then again, last time I checked, Britain had vetoed an independent inquiry in the Bucha massacre. Is that like… a new form of digital signature? :o)

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      David Icke is 100% controlled Opposition. His job is to shoot down any plausible ‘conspiracy theory’ by associating bullshit like Lizard People (Reptilians) with something credible like Mind-Control. MKUltra/Operation Monarch/Mind controlled assassins shouldn’t be a stretch to anyone who realizes what the common garden variety of CULT indoctrination can and does achieve. Cult programming/ brainwashing is an old technique that may even date back at least as far as ancient Egypt. Putting a ‘recruit’ into a double bind with constant anxiety over a period of time, with an engineered near death experience thrown in, if required, can eventually dissociate them, from this state cult programming is supposed to be possible. Scientologists, for one example, are likely a cult programming service for the ruling establishment. The founder being a Navy Officer is a helpful identifier of a military operation, at least in my book. On a side note – I’ve also came across info that a large majority of U.S. ‘serial killers’ (in the 70s-80s) were likely a part of a mind-controlled assassins program. Apparently in an interview the ‘son of sam’ said there are many ‘sons of sam’, makes you wonder. Conspiracies like these are so horrible to most normal people that they couldn’t ever possibly believe the M.I.C. would fund them.

      1. I don’t think David Icke is controlled opposition but I think he’s got a tendency to not cross-check sources and so if someone delusional tells him something fitting his worldview, he tells it as fact. Other people sharing the same delusion flock to him in drove, after which he says, “It sounds incredible the first time but then when so many people confirm, you have to think it’s true”.
        Plus perhaps a screw loose, like a couple of appearances on TV where he suggested he was a kind of second coming. Definitely bordering on mythomania. He’s got some interesting stuff though…
        As for serial killers, I agree. I even think that mass shooting, typical of the US, are part of the MK-Ultra experiment – or whatever the present avatar is called.
        I found the Kalamazoo incident, six years ago, particularly disturbing, when a Uber driver started acting crazy after a phone call, according to the passenger who was in his car at that time, driving on the wrong side of the road, burning a stop sign and eventually killing six total strangers after the passenger had managed to get out.
        It looks intensely like the phone call triggered some kind of psychological mechanism, like you see in some movies, and he himself said so:

        1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

          Yeah, the mass shootings could be that, but they also could be to disarm citizens by demonizing public ownership of guns, to prevent a potential armed uprising/ revolution. I’ve heard it suggested that some shootings may even be faked for that purpose. The massacre that occurred at the N.Z. mosque didn’t look right to me, besides that fact that an Australian, and not a Kiwi, went out of his way to travel to N.Z. to commit the act instead of within his native Australia where there are heaps of mosques to choose from. Why complicate things? Take the long path. Doesn’t make sense to me.

          The Swedish twins Sabina and Ursula Eriksson case is very suss too. Particularly their miraculous recoveries and survival. Perhaps the goal was to assassinate the RAF Airman? Or, just MKUtra gone haywire?

          Sirhan Sirhan has absolutely no recollection of shooting and killing R.Kennedy. Which could be activated and deactivated mind control/hypno-assassin.

          1. @Thorsjackhammer – The Christchurch shooter had lived in NZ for more than two years before the shootings, so he didn’t “travel to NZ to commit the act” – he was living there. He also had a lengthy history of involvement with far-right and white-supremacist organisations. In 2021, as part of my work, I spoke with a neo-Nazi who knew the Christchurch shooter and had communicated with him online well before the Christchurch massacre.

            1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

              Fair enough. But, still the footage looked dodgy to me, as in faked. Unlike some of those horrendous Vietnam War news clips that are still chilling to this day.

            2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

              James – What were Brenton Harrison Tarrant’s reasons for moving to NZ? About 2 years before the massacre. Also, the mosque was new, only in operation from early 2018, about 1 year before the massacre. Super unlucky timing, considering just how many established mosques are out there, both in AU and NZ.

  17. This is a valuable way of looking at our ongoing crisis, Caitlin. I wonder how it intertwines with the Marxist analysis that capitalism inevitably provokes periodic wars to destroy excess economic capacity and create new room to grow. This is how we got the World Wars; the imperialist countries had nowhere else to conquer. So they made up reasons for their young people to kill each other and destroy enough wealth to allow a restart.
    The voluntary end of the USSR allowed the world to skip world war 3, until now. There is no more room for the US empire to expand, so unless Russia and China voluntarily surrender all their stuff to the US-centered empire, they must be destroyed. If we destroy ourselves in the process, that’s preferable to our rulers, rather than seeing their system, the source of their power, collapse.

  18. ‘Facebook Deliberately Caused Havoc in Australia to Influence New Law, Whistleblowers Say
    When Facebook blocked news pages last year to pre-empt Australian legislation that would force it to pay for content, it also took down hospitals, emergency services and charities. The company says that was inadvertent; whistleblowers allege it was a negotiating tactic.’
    or, minus paywall,
    ‘After five days that caused disorder throughout the country, Australia’s Parliament amended the proposed law to the degree that, a year after its passage, its most onerous provisions haven’t been applied to Facebook or its parent company, Meta.

    “We landed exactly where we wanted to,” wrote Campbell Brown, Facebook’s head of partnerships, who pressed for the company’s aggressive stance, in a congratulatory email to her team minutes after the Australian Senate voted to approve the watered-down bill at the end of February 2021.’

  19. It’s all about propaganda I think. When it’s harmonios with reality, societies are healthy, when it’s not, you get what we got now.
    Tom Lewis on how propaganda functioned for the betterment of all back in the old days.
    Was it inevitable that humans would “discover” agriculture and settle down? I don’t know, but once we did we were on a one way pathway to near term extinction. 12,000 years is all took, a blip in geologic time, to bring us this moment now, where it seems to me we are odds on favorites to get our asses Great Filtered right out of this universe.
    Here’s the rest of the series. One of my all-time favorite reads in a lifetime devoted to reading.
    Note: On my China walks with Max, Ms. Johnstone, many things stand out, but two things are distinctly different from anything in my experience, one, holding hands and walking arm in arm – often in groups of three – is omnipresent in Chinese society, and two, it can be midnight in a downtown area of a city of 32 million people, and it’s not bit out of the ordinary to see dozens of kids running around everywhere having time of their lives.

    1. Day walk, Peach Blossum Valley, Changsha.
      Changsha is the core city of a larger “super city” that I rode through doing 50 mph with tour guide Max, where it was wall to wall skyscrapers on both sides of the road for an hour and half, and we never did get to the end them. The ride was equal parts distressing and horrifying. But I shouldve known better.
      The vast majority of the skyscrapers in China are there to provide vertical living accomidations for the midde-class. I mean, where else are they going to put them, because it’s obvious at this point that central command in Beijing has no interest in promoting the other option, suburban sprawl, perhaps for the reason that it would interfer with their all-powerful Green Industrial Complex.
      You can’t walk 500 meters in a Chinese city these days without running into a park. If you are walking (or safely biking) in a one their cities, you are either in a park, a mall, or a food court/restaurant alley, those are your three options, and later two can be either be above or below ground, and often stretch for miles.
      There must be 50 million people involved in park design in China, in one way or another, from their versions of F.L Olmstead at the top to their – oppressed? – army of topiary artists down below.
      Why do I keep bringing up China. Because if humans want to survive on this planet indefinitely, then their existence is going to have to involve a whole shitload of central planning, and China is head and shoulders the best at it at present.
      Because de-growth is coming to our industrial civilzation, in fact it’s already here in spades, and we humans can either manage it,* or let our civilization crash and burn, and managed de-growth is by definition, central planning, only this instance, at the global scale.
      *More like micro-managed descent. That is what is truly required. If we want to avoid extinction that is.

  20. “If there is a humanity on the other side of the existential hurdles we now face, it is a humanity that has let go of its impulse to control and has instead learned to move in harmony with what is. It’s hard to imagine from where we’re at right now, but that’s only because we’ve never seen it before. We’ve also never seen anything like our current situation, though. There’s a first time for everything. We’ll either pass this test or we won’t.”
    The above I absolutely agree with. Caitlin and Tim and probably all the commenters here write versions of the same thing, over and over and over again. Nothing ever gets argued down to a kernel that everyone can agree with and, even if it did, the kernel could never be elevated to reality because reality is controlled by an Elite who only care about one thing — remaining the Elite.
    Later today or tomorrow, Caitlin and Tim will publish another article and the comments on this article will soon be “Gone With The Wind” or sent down the memory hole. Like Groundhog Day, we’ll all be required to once again type or copy and paste stuff we’ve said maybe a hundred or a thousand times before. Unlike the movie, however, this pattern will likely never change; this day will never end………….until the nukes inevitably drop.
    Speaking of movies, IMO the movie “Tomorrowland” is one of the most important attempts made so far at “waking up” both the bewildered herd AND its Elite to the ongoing, worsening human crisis. Here’s Governor Nix’s complete speech near the end of the movie.
    “Let’s imagine….. if you glimpsed the future; you were frightened by what you saw; what would you DO with that information? You would go to…….the politicians, captains of industry?
    And how would you convince them? Data? Facts? Good luck. The only facts they WON’T challenge are the ones that keep the wheels greased and the dollars rolling in.
    But what if… what if there was a way of skipping the middle man and putting the critical news directly into everyone’s head?
    The probability of wide-spread annihilation kept going up. The only way to stop it was to show it—to scare people straight ……….because what reasonable human being wouldn’t be galvanized by the potential destruction of everything they’ve ever known or loved?
    To save civilization, I would show its collapse.
    But how do you think this vision was received? How do you think people RESPONDED to the prospect of imminent doom?
    They gobbled it up like a chocolate eclair! They didn’t fear their demise, they re-packaged it. It could be enjoyed as video-games, as TV shows, books, movies. The entire world wholeheartedly embraced the apocalypse and sprinted towards it with gleeful abandon.
    Meanwhile, your Earth was crumbling all around you.
    You’ve got simultaneous epidemics of obesity and starvation. Explain that one!
    Bees and butterflies start to disappear; the glaciers melt; algae blooms.
    All around you the coal mine canaries are dropping dead and YOU WON”T TAKE THE HINT!
    In every moment there’s the possibility of a better future, but you people won’t believe it. And because you won’t believe it, you won’t DO what is necessary to make it a reality. So you dwell on this, oh, terrible future. You resign yourselves to it for one reason…… because THAT future does not ask anything of you TODAY.
    So yes, we saw the iceberg and warned the Titanic ……but you all just steered for it anyway, full steam ahead. Why? Because you WANT to sink! “
    One of the major, how to put it, deficiencies I have with Caitlin and Tim’s articles is that none of them ever describe, in detail, a better world. They never go beyond the following:
    ” It’s hard to imagine from where we’re at right now, but that’s only because we’ve never seen it before. We’ve also never seen anything like our current situation, though. There’s a first time for everything. We’ll either pass this test or we won’t.”
    Yes, because of the brainwashing we’ve been subjected to every day of our lives since the moment of our birth, it’s not only hard, but maybe even impossible, to imagine at least some of the details of a better world.
    But I will describe one possible Golden-Rule-based alternative to the present economic system (in which the vast majority of wealth, land, natural resources and LARGE SCALE capital equipment are owned by a microscopic percentage of the population for its own astronomical profit) and I’ll resort to “human imagination” to do that.
    I want to take a mind trip. I want to compare two worlds – the earth on which we live and another planet that is identical to ours, except that in that planet’s solar system there has been a brief solar event whose radiation has not only instantly killed all of the people on that planet, but, amazingly, also slowed down the physical deterioration of any of the things that the planet’s deceased inhabitants created.
    Hearing about the calamity on earth’s twin planet, millions of people from our planet, who just happen to be unemployed ex-technicians from various professions (yes, a very competent bunch), jump into spacecraft and fly to that other planet. But, before they leave, they agree that ABSOLUTELY ALL of what is on the other planet will be “owned” equally among them and used for the good of all. (Yes, you’re right, that is exactly where I’m going.)
    Just like there is on this planet, there is an internet on the other planet, so the immigrants instantly realize that a so-called representative government will NOT be necessary …………. on the other planet. In that place there shall be direct democracy. People will hammer out important decisions amongst themselves using the internet as a means of virtually instantaneous, mass communication. (Ah yes, “human nature” will certainly be tempted in this new Garden of Eden.)
    There will be only one “nation” on one new world which will be called, simply, the world. There will be only one set of rules for all individuals. There will be no other nation to export to. There will be no nation to import from. Therefore, whatever economic system is decided upon will be of a design which can/will NOT be dependent upon either imports or exports. Human beings will either sink or swim together.
    After the new immigrants arrive on their new planet, using existing transportation systems, they disperse all over their planet so that they can get their new (old) machines up and running; fields plowed and planted; hospitals operating, etc. (Yes, it wasn’t easy. But with the common good in mind, people were successful. Just accept it for the moment.)
    The immigrants soon realize that it takes very few people (far fewer than immigrated) to keep the machines running, food on the table, etc., and, with some more design engineering, EVEN FEWER people will be required as time goes on. Not only that, but the products of these machines can be made to a much better quality then they apparently were previously, so these products will last far longer. As a result, it is realized that perhaps some of the huge machines can be operated far less frequently than they used to be. For example, automobiles soon come to be made much simpler, easier to fix and much more reliable. They have a far greater useful lifespan than they once had.
    The people enjoy leisure time, developing their artistic abilities, playing games and other non-productive activities.
    Rather than unfairly have the same small number of people constantly toiling on the machines, the people decide to divide up, or “distribute”, what little remaining HUMAN LABOR that is necessary to operate the machines, plow the fields, construct buildings, roads, etc. That is, EVERYONE has to work on the machines, etc., but for only a short period of time each year. And as the machines get improved and further automated, even LESS labor is required over time and, therefore, even MORE of each individual’s time is “free”.
    The newly-designed machines in this new world come to do almost all of the things that must be done, and the “profit” from the machines – leisure time and the actual products of the machines–is equally divided amongst all people, not hoarded by a microscopic percentage.
    Some of the leisure time is used for training all people in the variety of tasks they will be undertaking – everything from brain surgery to sewage treatment. Apprenticeship and training via video (just like Youtube on planet earth!) are found to be the ideal ways of training people. It is soon discovered that most medical and dental procedures can be either performed by robots or learned in a fraction of the time once thought to be absolutely necessary.
    Through apprenticeship and video “schooling”, the population becomes very knowledgeable, so they soon realize that by reducing their own population naturally, by slow attrition – by having only one or two children – the remaining population has even less to do (less water treatment, housing, electricity, food, everything), so their descendants have even more free time to themselves and the planet’s biosphere becomes more and more fit for human habitation, not less and less as it was becoming under the stress of the 8 billion and growing former human population.
    These people’s new-found religion is two-faceted — the Golden Rule and the continually-evolving simplicity, ease-of-use, and, most importantly, high-quality-construction and, therefore, long usable life, of the products they create. Unlike they did back on planet Earth, the immigrants now strive to manufacture things ONLY ONCE — things that with simple, inexpensive maintenance, last essentially forever.
    Transportation systems move people to and from the machines and other places where labor is needed, as well as moving people about the planet for other less practical reasons.
    Life is great in the new world.
    The End.
    My point is that there are possible ALTERNATIVE ways of living (economic systems) to the one in which we now live, but the only thing we are allowed to hear in our prefect Matrix of education and 24/7 propaganda is that there are NO alternatives available, other than the experimental ones that are at this very moment being literally dreamed up by the present entrenched powers-that-be (and their now TBTF banks) in order to serve only themselves.
    The fictional planet that I have just described is a place that is pretty close in design to the place described in a book by B.F. Skinner called “Walden Two”, published in 1948. So I’ve really said nothing that hasn’t been proposed for THIS planet since 1948 and actually put into practice in several small communities since that time as alternatives to this ongoing whatever-you-want-to-call-it experiment we live in today, which is quite obviously nothing but a for-profit, corporate-owned-and-operated enterprise.
    Regardless of what you think of the aforementioned fictional planet and what revisionist historians have to say about the 1960’s, what I’ve said most recently was what the so-called “counter-culture” movement of that time was all about.
    The part of the generation of people who went to the moon and crafted war and war machines to destroy the people of Vietnam were not the only intelligent people of that generation. Other intelligent, committed, resourceful people founded places such as Twin Oaks which were, again, attempts by like-minded individuals to break out of the corporate-controlled Matrix into which people are still being born today.
    Much as average people would like to avoid facing the reality of their lives in the Matrix, there is simply no getting around the fact that there are descendants of very powerful, very rich people living among us today who want “the system” to remain exactly as it is and will use their power in every imaginable way to ensure that it does.
    We all hope that the system we live in can be made to work for humanity, but, again, history proved long ago that it is a system which must be changed. The history of the growth of the human population and the necessity of perpetual war express the two most important failures of the present system and will by themselves literally result in the extinction of the human race if they continue.
    Although a necessary first step, it is NOT enough to time and time again point out the fatal flaws of the present arrangement. What is desperately needed is detailed description of an alternative — one which starts with an overall outline like the one above and, most importantly, a fundamental principle as its foundation. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, AKA the Golden Rule, is IMO what MUST be the foudation of ANY successful alternative. The reason for that is blatantly self-evident. Without it, you and your neighbor cannot even build a fence, let alone a better world.

    1. How about Hesiod’s Golden Age?
      “Men lived like gods without sorrow of heart, remote and free from toil and grief: miserable age rested not on them; but with legs and arms never failing they made merry with feasting beyond the reach of all devils. When they died, it was as though they were overcome with sleep, and they had all good things; for the fruitful earth unforced bare them fruit abundantly and without stint. They dwelt in ease and peace!”
      Incidentally Christmas, via the old Sol Invictus cult later replaced by the Christ mythology, is the last avatar of the Golden Age tradition/myth during which people feasted for three days and gave each other presents.

    2. Mary Wildfire Avatar
      Mary Wildfire

      A long post, but you make some good points. And I would go further–not only do we need to envision a better world if we hope to motivate people to work toward it, we also need to DEPICT that better world. that is, describing it in abstract, academic language does not cut it, will not influence people whose imaginations have been atrophied by constant video watching. The best depiction would be a movie, with characters the viewer can relate to. second best would be a good novel, and since I’m a writer without video skills, I’ve written some novels set in the future–but have had no success with them, suspect I just don’t have what it takes for fiction. Is anyone reading this who does? or better yet, has the ability to produce a movie immersed in a better world, preferably with at least an outline of how we got from here to there?

      1. Thanks Mary,
        There is also “becoming the change” and depicting it in one’s life and actions, for those with no other format or skills.

    3. Thanks Ishkabibble: We have to do this ourselves, it looks like.
      Maybe if we keep taking steps and requesting divine guidance (not intervention) we can make some progress.

    4. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      You broke an unspoken blog rule. The comment must never be longer than the article.

      1. Good comment.

        Some comments go on forever. I usually don’t bother to read long comments. Unless it is vitally important and/or interesting, not worth the time it takes to read it.

    5. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      I’d guess. There will be a utopia of sorts as you describe, but it will be the ruling elite’s utopia, minus all the unnecessary humans. A.I., robotics, automation, computerization, 3D printing…….. That’s all the ‘workers’ the elite require. The peasants are fast becoming, or already have become, obsolete, replaced by technology. Big populations were primarily encouraged by the rulers to stop rival powers replacing them and for workers. Now, there may only be 3 main global rivals (west, china, russia) remaining, maybe even only two (west and china). When there are no longer global rivals, a one world empire, it’s good bye to big populations………unless a natural cataclysm occurs, that causes the ranks of the elite to disperse, and start rivalries all over again. Fun. fun, fun…

  21. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    The ‘establishment’ removed ‘sociopath’ from the DSM (the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals in the United States) as a ‘personality disorder’. After it had been included there decades. They obviously believe a sociopathic personality fits within the lower ‘normal range’ of human empathy. So, the sociopaths in power believe they have a ‘normal range’ of empathy. It doesn’t get any more delusional than that. But, I suppose cold blooded, un-empathic, deadly poisonous snakes are ‘normal’ too? Right?……………..

    1. If I’m not mistaken, it’s not sociopathy that’s been removed from the DSM but narcissistic personality disorder because it had become too common in the US to be considered abnormal anymore. Schizophrenia will probably come next :o)

    2. Mary Wildfire Avatar
      Mary Wildfire

      Wrong. They just call it Antisocial Personality Disorder now.

      1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
        BB Benderhaus

        Before psychology there were many different type people from saints to madmen. Then along came psychiatrists who got together and defined a normal person. Now if you dont fall into that mold you are broken, inadequate, less than normal with some type problem that needs to be fixed. I believe it has redefined how we think of humanity and each other and not for the better.

        1. How to recognize a psychiatrist from a madman? The psychiatrist is the one who gets the money :o)

    3. They removed a few words that weren’t clinically useful. That’s a good thing.

    4. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      Antisocial is a very much softened term to describe what the ruling elite are – sociopaths. Sociopath – abnormally low (to no) levels of empathy for other humans. Most of us have grown up with antisocial meaning an – Overtly, unnecessarily aggressive personality and generally not too smart, dressed in an aggressive/yobbo/street hood way. Where as, sociopath was always considered intelligent, neat or business like dress appearance, covertly cold and calculating, low/no empathy for others. The name change is obviously calculating and designed to change perceptions of what a sociopath is, moving the perception away from business suit and tie psycho to the proletariat aggro ‘yobbo’, or even, outspoken anti-establishment types. Inverting things to advantage is one of the ruling elites trademarks.

      DSM-5 lists ten specific personality disorders: paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, avoidant, dependent and obsessive–compulsive personality disorder………………So now Psychopath and Sociopath have been bundled into ‘antisocial’ which would also mean both overt and covert psychos don’t need up front terminology differentiation. Hmmmm, very interesting………….

  22. So many see revolution as the only way forward. Without a firm grasp on psychopathic behavior we will likely see a different group, perhaps, at the forefront. Unfortunately it will just be the latest same old shit.

    It is no coincidence that all the funding goes to gain of function biological weapons etc…, and not to ridding humanities leadership of non-empathetic, murderous, freaks, who the masses adore. Not at all a coincidence.

  23. There is a flip side to this; pathological powerlessness, a pervasive lack of ego strength to stand up on one’s own against the oppressor. Seems to be a lot of it around.

  24. Not gonna happen; nice if it would.

    Refocusing objects of control from sexual partners, kids, the neighbors, annoying relatives to actual psychopaths might help but how to do that?

    Bill Gates is far more dangerous than Elon Musk, hedge fund ceos, weapons corporation ceos, pharma corporation ceos, wef, imf, let alone the political elites of the west.

    RE: “that future will necessarily come with an abandonment of our ancient impulse to control”

  25. Re “Really makes you think about how many psychopaths who are just a little bit more functional must be in politics today, on all levels. Psychopaths who are deeply messed up inside but not quite so messed up that they enjoy strangling teenage boys to death after raping and torturing them.”

    There is OVERWHELMING and IRREFUTABLE evidence that a mafia network of manipulating PSYCHOPATHS are, and have been for a very long time, governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world — see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room”…

    And psychopaths are typically NOT how Hollywood propaganda movies have showcased them (eg physically very violent). And therefore one better RE-learns what a psychopath REALLY is (see cited source above).

    But rulership by psychopaths is only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition as the article explains — there are 2 pink elephants in the room, and they’re MARRIED…..

  26. Valiant Johnson Avatar
    Valiant Johnson

    Love To all.
    I have a slightly different take on Sociopaths.
    The base of this is simple,
    Sociopaths do not or can not feel certain emotions.
    Many of these emotions make most of us feel good and content.
    If a person can not feel these kinds of emotions, that person will find something they can feel.
    Dominance can feel good.
    Just think what it would be like if that were the only good feeling available.

  27. Our government and corporate leaders don’t need a comparison to serial killers to illuminate how evil they are. Because of the scale of their destruction they are far worse. Preventing humanity from an even wealth distribution, allowing large scale environmental destruction, forcing fossil fuel consumption and blocking renewable energy sources, endless war, the brink of nuclear war, small wars, inducing a world filled with war all these are far uglier than someone who heinously kills 30 people. These psychopaths are working on the whole of society for all of time.

  28. Caitlin. I have been subscribing to your postings since 2018. They started to end up in spam some time ago. Now I do not get them at all. I try to subscribe again, but WordPress stops it. My mail: gh (at)

    1. That’s annoying. I entered your email in on my end. If that doesn’t work maybe try subscribing to my newsletter on Substack? It’s all the same content as my WordPress one.

  29. david fenton Avatar
    david fenton

    Hi Caitlin

    A serial killer that gets caught, just happened to be photographed with US president Carter’s wife not that long before being arrested Hmmm … and you don’t smell propaganda but present it as if what the dishonest media system has presented, is rock solid fact. I’m sure you can do better than this.

    When the main problem is false imaginary stories inside people where solid, reality defining facts should be … the solution is stories and thinking that have fidelity with solid reality. But when I read this story, it starts out with a link to Netflix followed by a Wikipedia link, a source of knowledge no longer trusted by its founder. Again, I’m sure you can do better than this.

    Rather than construct a piece to draw out the reader to imagine and by their own thinking, inspired by your second hand information, fed out by propaganda circus sources, backed up by an ‘official authority’ medical narrative of the mind i.e. what psychologists tell us … may as well just say, a ‘Priestly Authority’ within the official narrative tells us a modern equivalent of the original sin doctrine as well “The impulse to control is so pervasive throughout our species that it plays a foundational role in the expression of our personal psychology.”

    Then you go on to the preaching of the opposite of objective truths “since nothing’s ever really under control in this world.” When the reality is that all things are at all times completely under the control of the laws, i.e. the causality of nature.

    Thus far, the article evidences itself as a poorly founded rhetorical piece that undermines seeing and thinking about reality as a consistent causality that when known can be thought about so actions can be put into motion that we can be highly certain of the outcomes.

    Then we get “The cleverest ego characters figure out how to manipulate people at mass scale, using their tendency to believe mental narratives against them and planting power-serving ideas in their minds.” This is true, but unless one points out that official false narratives are taught in the indoctrination and conditioning institution called schools, one has not got to HOW and WHERE this is done so that individuals can do things to protect themselves and their children. Perhaps that’s in the book? If one focuses on problems, what you get is fear porn. Unpacking the problem at it’s causes enables understanding and the formulation of powerful remedies.

    Then you go into the age old ‘Nuclear Scare Narrative’ (The imagery in this propaganda goes back to fire and brimstone falling on Sodom and Gomorah.) I once read a high school history teachers homework piece concerning Japan and the condition it was in before the propaganda of Nuclear bombs being dropped. 69 Cities were 30% or more destroyed, many of them with over 50% of buildings destroyed! Also, rail, bridges, water, electricity, infrastructure mostly rendered useless – over much of the nation. JAPAN WAS DEVASTATED BY CONVENTIONAL BOMBING, NOT NUCLEAR BOMBS. As a nation it was almost completely unable to move food or supplies for self defence. There was no need for any more real bombs to be dropped on Japan BUT there was a need for a new Nuclear Bomb propaganda narrative. Oh, if only you could see through the narratives you are still caught within and that you are still propagating. Brigadier General Crawford F Sams, a MD, how he followed orders to falsify information about deaths from nuclear cause in Japan … if someone was run over by a motorcycle, the recorded cause of death was falsified to nuclear burns or some such.

    It seems to me you have a long way to go to get free of the narratives blinding so many and when you do you will be better able to help others see more clearly or you’re false grass roots, giving some truth, but nothing truly analytical and helpful when examined objectively and sensibly, while presenting yourself as a freedom fighter against the system.

    You weave a nice story and encourage thinking from the inspiration of that story but that’s something common religion makers and narrative controllers throughout history.

    All the best in truth

    david fenton

    1. I don’t know about this Brigadier General Crawford F Sams, but the US initially tried to cover up or minimise the deaths and sickness caused by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
      “When the U.S military dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, the American government portrayed the weapons as equivalent to large conventional bombs — and dismissed Japanese reports of radiation sickness as propaganda.

      Military censors restricted access to Hiroshima, but a young journalist named John Hersey managed to get there and write a devastating account of the death, destruction and radiation poisoning he encountered.”
      You’re quite right that Japan was on the verge of surrendering, with the USSR at its doorstep, but that’s hardly the point of the video. The main point is that today, the US and Russia between them possess thousands of nuclear weapons, each tens of times more powerful than Little Boy or Fat Man, and the consequences of using a significant number of them would be devastating on a scale to dwarf either of the last century’s world wars.

      1. The other main point is that an increasing number of nutters (but powerful, decision-making nutters) think the USA can ‘win’ a nuclear war against Russia, whatever that means.

        1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
          BB Benderhaus

          Their false logic thinks Russia will take out military targets with a first strike and we will neutralize them before a second strike on population centers. They base this on how Russia is acting in Ukraine but they value Ukrainian land and people moreso because of large Russian population. For the US and America their first strike would make sure the west did not get back up. Just imagine if the first nukes took out US refineries, shipping ports on both coasts and a few power plants. The US would shut down regardless of how many nukes were left.

      2. david fenton Avatar
        david fenton

        Hi SVAY

        Thanks for your reply
        I appreciate it


        That’s why I mentioned him. His account from personal involvement contradicts what you give as the US goal.

        The Washington University School of Medicine: Oral History Project – presents Brigadier General, Crawford F Sams oral account of history which he was involved in, as part of the record of the past.

        You can listen to him recounting his involvment in Japan here:

        And get the transcript here:

        Following, is some of the Transcript – interestingly it contradicts the picture you present above. This is not surprising as complete reversals and reconstructions of past historical propaganda is common in the remaking of the part of the mental ‘matrix world’ authorities choose to present as ‘History’. Much of Official History is not a real or solid thing, it’s a mental imaginary creation, grown from stimulations upon the mind.

        I mentioned deterrents against war. There was a letter brought over by this first group that came up to Japan from the Philippines with me, from the Manhattan Project, in which the President was looking for a new deterrent against a future war, because air power had failed. You know, “If you have another war, air power will destroy civilization,” and it failed because it hadn’t even brought Germany to its knees. A strategic bomb survey over there showed that military production had increased actually during our bombings. So the object of this instruction, called Letter of Instruction, was “YOU WILL PLAY UP THE DEVASTATING EFFECT OF THE ATOMIC BOMB.” ALL RIGHT? SO I WAS THE ONE WHO SET THE DEADLINE THIS TIME. ANYBODY WHO HAD BEEN IN HIROSHIMA AND DIED WITHIN SIX MONTHS, WHETHER THEY GOT RUN OVER BY A BICYCLE OR WHATNOT, WOULD BE CREDITED TO THE ATOMIC BOMB. We had to set some kind of order to this. Most of the casualties occurred, of course, from thermal readings. You had the bomb – now I’ll just summarize this very quickly because all the reports that came back were the result of these studies that came over my desk.

        The atomic bomb went off and that city had about 250 thousand people in it. In other words, you had a high density population exposed, compared to Tokyo which had a population of nine million, but where they anticipated being bombed early in the war after the Doolittle raid. They had taken all “nonsense” people out so there were about three million exposed to the fire and napalm and high explosive bombs that were dropped there. When the bomb went off, about 2 thousand people out of 250 thousand got killed – by blast, by thermal radiation, or by intense x-ray, gamma radiation. Then, what happened is like an earthquake. The blast knocked down houses, hibachis had turned over and started fires. When you have an earthquake or an atomic bomb, you start fires and then people are trapped in the buildings. And again, by endless interviews, “Where were you?” “Where was your great uncle?” “Where was grandma when this occurred?” We built up the evidence to show on a cookie-cutter basis that it took about thirty-six hours for about two-thirds of that town to burn.

        You see, it wasn’t “Bing” like the publicity here [said]: a bomb went off and a city disappeared. No such thing happened. That was the propaganda for deterrent.
        (CAPITILISATION in quote above added by me)

        It’s not possible to think from what could be factual, personally involved testimony, if we have not been exposed to it. And note, I consider Mr Sams account to be one from the perspective of someone that believes in the false official narrative, just not as much as others that don’t have the specific facts he got from direct involvement. When we get specific facts, such as those with inside knowledge like Mr Sams, (or from photos) our view of official narratives can and should change accordingly.

        I’m very glad that you have given me the opportunity to present Mr Sams perspective, recorded by the University as an Historical account, for your consideration.

        I’ll reply to some more of your comment later.

        All the best in truth

        1. I haven’t read the whole thing, but it looks like Sams was doing a report for the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, who might well have wanted to know, or even exaggerate, the true effects of the bombs.
          That doesn’t mean the US wasn’t trying to cover up the scale of death and disease, particularly from radiation poisoning.
          It seems quite possible that both are true. Hersey’s article was the first to tell the general public about the nature and extent of deaths and injury, especially from radiation exposure in the days, weeks and months after the blasts (rather than the sudden, intense X-rays and gamma rays when the bombs exploded.) Military censors weren’t allowing journalists near Hiroshima or Nagasaki, but Hersey got there anyway.
          Sams, meanwhile, was compiling reports for the military, not for general publication. (And the bit about “whether they got run over by a bicycle or whatnot” sounds like it could well be a figure of speech, not intended to be taken too literally – though perhaps that was the intention and the way the reports were written.)
          What do you think? Were Sams’ reports for general publication? Was the military restricting access for journalists? Was the public official line initially that radiation wasn’t a long-term worry, and these were basically the same as conventional bombs, only bigger?

    2. What do two relatively small nuclear devices being dropped on Japan in 1945 have to do with any present day “Nulcear Scare Narratives.”
      I’m having a difficult time grasping the connection.
      If a global thermonuclear war breaks out tomorrow, is this something that we really don’t have worry about all that much? Is that the contention? That “the Exchange” as it is euphemstically called, most likely wouldn’t be “Sodom and Gomorah” time for all of God’s creatures, great and small?
      I’d like to ask you a last question if I may (which for me is rhetorical); what would happen to life on this planet if just 100 of world’s nuclear power plants (not 200 or 300 or 400) get vaporized all in the span of 30 minutes?

      1. + for Max and Svay because people forgetting one simple science truth that even if RU weapons explode in silos, Russians will be lucky ones, bcs they will not watch their children die in pain few months after depending on wind.

        1. How come? If Russian silos are attacked, then assuming they’re not in the centres of major cities, there’ll be few immediate casualties, but plenty in the months following as fallout takes its toll – not to mention the subsequent nuclear winter, which won’t deliver many a speedy and painless death.

      2. Hi Max
        Thanks for your reply.

        In 1945, the real conventional bombing of Japan had a false narrative applied to the devastation that had been done. This created views and beliefs about the real world which were desired by those creating the “Matrix Narrative”. Some of the same technique was used in creating the 911 False Narrative. For example the towers were destroyed by controlled demolition, that was real, they came down and everyone saw it … but a false official narrative was put out by official authorities and the creation of false beliefs about society were put in place and used to justify changing the world to one that increased Government power and control.

        The imaginary threat of global nuclear war is like the imaginary threats in religions that have no real substance. The current imaginary world has been put into a different genre. The system of rulers is still telling all sorts of porky pie lies to the common folk to control them. The creation of ‘The Matrix’ of false narratives and systems of control has been going on for a long time. We have to worry about nuclear war exactly as much as we have to worry about what our karma will bring us back as in the next life or if we will get to nirvana or end up in heaven or hell. Different genres of story, (religious genre ‘divine light’ verses natural genre ‘divine light’.)

        The creation of a Global society, ruled by oligarchs requires the creation of Global Threats. We now have Global Warming/Climate Change, the threat of global destruction by nuclear weapons, Terrorism threats that could touch any place on the planet and Global Pandemics. These are all false narratives, but why? Well, To have global power one needs some reasons to justify it. The basic goal is globalisation. To make this happen, imaginary reasons have been generated by use of these false narratives to make global power and authorities seem justified.

        Someone believing in the global threat of a nuclear Armageddon destroying human life on earth is like someone that believes those not repenting and believing in a religious figure will spend eternity in hell. They are just narratives used to justify totalitarian forced unity. The religious and scientific sounding false narratives are set in different genre’s but they both carry imaginary reasons to bring about submission to authority and if necessary the violent use of force upon those that blaspheme and don’t submit.

        All the best in truth

    3. Blanket paranoia is as useless for understanding the world as blanket credulity.

      1. Hi Caitlin

        (Hmmm, when I click reply, it displays as a reply to Max424??)


        By Paul Graham’s ‘Hierarchy of Disagreement’

        Your reply is at the lowest level of disagreement Disagreement Hierarchy level Zero which is described by Graham as follows.

        “DH0. Name-calling.

        This is the lowest form of disagreement, and probably also the most common. We’ve all seen comments like this:

        u r a fag!!!!!!!!!!

        But it’s important to realize that more articulate name-calling has just as little weight. A comment like

        The author is a self-important dilettante.

        is really nothing more than a pretentious version of “u r a fag.”

        I suggest that to raise your level of disagreement to a higher level in Paul Graham’s essay you read the essay linked above and incorporate it’s application of common sense to dialogue.

        All the best in truth

        1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
          BB Benderhaus

          Ok. I will try. You are so sure that nuclear war will not occur. I would even not be surprised if you believe such is even possible. It is ok to believe such as you live your life ignoring such threats. However, it takes a great deal of naivete to discount the threat completely and also great arrogance to dismiss others who do not.

          1. david fenton Avatar
            david fenton

            Hi BB

            OK. I WILL TRY.
            Thank you, I appreciate that.

            I consider it only to be OK to live my life according to factual reality. This principle to applies to everyone, because it can’t be truly right to live by beliefs that are factually wrong.

            The above being said there are many that truly believe various false narratives. When genuinely deceived they can’t honestly think differently.
            Their good motives are hijacked by the inspirational light of false narratives and beliefs about the world. The result is that they end up honestly thinking from story based beliefs that are factually wrong.

            Thank you for making your judgment so clear.
            By the same reasoning, it takes a great deal of naivete to accept the threat completely.

            Naivete is characterised by “unreflecting, uncritical” thought. (

            I don’t think either of us wants to promote naivete, so we are agreed. The core of the issue is the factual reality of our thinking. I applied facts and sensibly reasonable thinking to the official narrative and found it to be factually false.

            I suggest everyone consider what critical reflections they have interrogated and questioned the supposed Nuclear Threat with. Those that have not probed, tested and interrogated it, demonstrate “unreflecting, uncritical” thought and are by definition naive. I was once this way, that was when I just believed what society taught me in schools and reinforced and affirmed it through various media. I’m so glad I have been able to move beyond my naive condition of uncritical belief in the narratives I was indoctrinated with from my young naive state of childish belief and trust … when I was in school.

            Some of the basics of the Nuclear False Narrative are brought out by Brigadier General Crawford F Sams oral recounting of his Military involvement in Japan. He falsified data as part of what he describes as a US propaganda effort, associated with the nuclear weapons Manhattan Project. i.e. the Manhattan Project itself can reasonably be seen in his comment as a propaganda project to create a false belief in the devastating power of nuclear weapons.

            I’ve copied and pasted some of his account in another reply, which has links to the full transcript and mp3. His experience clearly links the Manhattan Project with propaganda to create a false belief in nuclear weapons as devastating.

            A narrative that can’t have it’s reality questioned is totalitarian arrogance plain and simple.

            I judge billions of religious narrative believers, in various religions to be deceived. And I see believers in officially fabricated Nuclear and other beliefs ( such as 911 narrative, Covid Scamdemic and Global warming) to be similarly deceived, just in a different system and genre of falsified idealistic nonsense.

            Clearly and honestly seeing deceived victims of false narratives is not arrogant, it’s just being honest about my perception. I do however unashamedly disagree with the false narrative and dismiss it, and beliefs in it and thinking and reasoning from those false beliefs, as false and therefore invalid. That people’s false beliefs and the thinking and reasoning from false narratives is part of them does mean I judge and see them as honestly mistaken victims of deception.

            I try to see and consider others according to what they truly are. Nothing more and nothing less. This includes seeing as part of their true and real selves, their beliefs and thinking.

            Many are highly indoctrinated with ‘manners’ which can cause forthright honesty and clear speaking to be seen as ‘arrogant’ or in other words bad manners … rude. Quite frankly I see the suppression of open honest expression of what one truly sees, judges and thinks as ‘bad manners’ because it acts to suppress honest discussion and sharing of opinions and thinking.

            That which does not exist cannot cause anything in reality. Because the Nuclear Bomb narrative is a complete fabrication it is impossible for nuclear war to eventuate.

            Conventional bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nothing more. The US military/govt placed upon that real devastation, with real pictures of it, a false story specifically for propaganda purposes.

            Well once I did, but then from my naive state of not having done any critical analysis of it, I did quite a lot of evidence based critical reflection. Now I consider the Nuclear War Devestation, fairy tale, to be a modern genre equivalent to belief in an eternal death in Hell or eternal life in Heaven or Karma for the next life or reaching Nirvana, fear and carrot based narratives … and it also mirrors the biblical narrative of God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorah.

            Thank you for your most excellent questions, they really served to help me to consider and open out to view my thinking and reasoning for discussion with you and others and to give my point of view so others can consider it.

            All the best in truth

            1. “Conventional bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, nothing more.”
              At least that’s an original idea – I don’t think I’ve ever come across it before. Do you have any kind of evidence or reason for saying this?

              1. PS Brigadier-General Sams, who you quote with apparent approval, says, “When the bomb went off, about 2 thousand people out of 250 thousand got killed – by blast, by thermal radiation, or by intense x-ray, gamma radiation.”
                Conventional bombs don’t produce radiation, and he also says “The atomic bomb went off”, so he must be lying, or spouting bullshit – in which case, why believe the rest of his fairy tale? Or was he correct in assuming two atomic bombs were dropped, in which case …?

              2. david fenton Avatar
                david fenton

                Hi Svay

                Thanks for your replies, appreciated


                I quoted him with qualified approval when I wrote:
                “And note, I CONSIDER MR SAMS ACCOUNT TO BE ONE FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF SOMEONE THAT BELIEVES IN THE FALSE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE, just not as much as others that don’t have the specific facts he got from direct involvement. When we get specific facts, such as those with inside knowledge like Mr Sams, (OR FROM PHOTOS) our view of official narratives can and should change accordingly.

                I’m the modern equivalent of an ‘Anti-Christ’. An Anti-Christ is one that denies that Jesus came for real. This idea has been around the denial of the central truth/reality of false narratives for thousands of years. You just never hear it within … whatever equates to the ‘church’ of the day.

                I looked at photographic evidence of bombing of the various cities in Japan. And the reasoning given for and within the false nuclear bombing narrative. A whole lot doesn’t add up until the nuclear hoax hypothesis is applied to the evidence.

                Even the article you referenced shows a totalitarian control over information.

                e.g. 1
                “There was almost no point in trying to get down there because the obstacles that were put up for reporters WERE SO TREMENDOUS BY THE MILITARY CENSORS. … I can’t overstate how restricted your movements were as a reporter, as part of the occupation press corps. … You could not get around, you could not eat. You couldn’t do anything without the permission of the Army. … THE CONTROL WAS NEAR TOTAL.”

                e.g. 2
                “The Japanese could not, FOR YEARS, tell the world what it had been like to be on the receiving end of nuclear warfare, because THEY WERE UNDER SUCH DIRE PRESS RESTRICTIONS BY THE OCCUPATION FORCES.”

                If you just slightly change the reasoning GIVEN in the above, and consider other reasons … the creation of a nuclear MYTH fits totalitarian censorship.

                When pictures of cities supposedly hit by different bombing are compared … there is no noticeable difference except the story we are told to attach to certain pictures and the public believe their authorities and media. The nature of the Govt and media of western nations is one that will tell us porkie pie lies about 911 and Covid while they impose restrictions of various sorts based on their false narratives of these things. The twin towers can be plainly observed to come down by controlled demolition, which is backed up by eye witness testimony, on the day … BUT the official narrative imposes a different story on what happened and we practically all bought it. I did when I was a believer in the system. Trusting the narratives and reasonings and facts from the deception system is not a good thing to do. Everyone needs to find facts they can use to do their own thinking and come to their own conclusions.

                A basic problem with accepting ‘facts’ from the false narrative makers is all their ‘facts’ support the narrative they want to use to shape and control society.

                Do you notice that his article fits the same idea of promoting belief in the devastating effects of nuclear bombs, that General C. F. Sams was under orders to falsify data for. Thus I see no reason to consider John Hersey’s one source opening out the real nature of ‘The Bomb’ to be anything other than the same admitted goal of propaganda, which is linked to the Manhattan Project in Crawford F Sams oral account.

                John Hersey: Plays up the devastating effects of the bomb.

                What John Hersey does fits what Sams describes as the propaganda goal he was given. John Hersey is part of and pushing the propaganda program.

                Furthermore the supposed documenting of effects of radiation into the future fits the same propaganda goal.

                Trust official narratives at your peril. There is solid evidence showing Imperial Rome made up Jesus and the Christian religion as a literary narrative. Western Civilisations rulers have been making up imaginary narrative worlds for their populations for well over 2000 years. Making up false historical stories is just a big part of how they deceive and rule the public.

                All I know is what’s in the report, and I haven’t listened/read it for perhaps 10 years. I think the reason he gives for breaking silence about the ‘less’ (non) effective nature of nuclear weapons is that tactical planners and commanders believed the propaganda concerning their effectiveness and were using it in hypothetical planning and he saw a huge problem with this so he ‘spilled the beans’. BUT … I consider it possible that the non-existence of effective nuclear bombs made it necessary to have something that could be given to military planners to stop them using belief in nukes in their thinking and planning while at the same time maintaining their belief in it??? If this is the case then Sams account is special propaganda. It’s possible the tale of why he spilled the beans is true but I consider it most likely he was put in charge of medical in Japan because he could be trusted to do exactly what was planned with regards to creating the medical effects of Nukes, propaganda picture, that was wanted for the Narrative.

                Most of the evidence I have concerning the making of false narratives is that they are pre planned and well organised and implemented. So his appointment to that position was no accident.

                I think this is highly likely mainly because conventional bombing killed a lot of civilians, i.e. The US and Allies had done a lot of ‘evil’ and they wanted total control over the public perception of America as a ‘good guy’. Also I think the totalitarian control of Media in the area was to prevent the truth that there were no nuclear blasts from ever getting out.

                The initial stories published in various places is a matter of record. The ideas in the stories will be as obvious now as they were back then … but who goes to check such things. The Sams link gives this “You see, it wasn’t “Bing” like the publicity here [said]: a bomb went off and a city disappeared. No such thing happened. That was the propaganda for deterrent. They’re talking about after that, “One bomb and away goes Chicago,” you know? All you’ve got to do is look in Life magazine and whatnot back in ’45, ’46, and so on. What I’m trying to do is to show how it’s like “End the war with one B-17.” Well, you have to keep your feet on the ground. As near as we could figure then, about twenty-one thousand people died in thirty-six hours as a result of being trapped and burned and so on.”

                Getting objective facts concerning False Narratives used make and shape prime beliefs about reality in the population is rather difficult. I used, as my most reliable data concerning Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and other cities bombed in Japan … photos. I got some facts from them that formed my basis for judging other facts. There are photo’s of Tokyo that can’t be told from photos of Hiroshima … the damage observable in them is indistinguishable, so the theory that they were both bombed in exactly the same way makes a lot of sense.


                1. If Sams ‘broke silence’ and ‘spilled the beans’, presumably his report was not for general publication. (I notice you link only to his interview, not to his report, leading me to suspect it’s still classified, though I haven’t checked that out.)
                  If, as you seem to imply, nuclear weapons are a fiction, why have various countries gone to such lengths to acquire them?
                  And if Sams was entrusted with compiling the report because ‘he could be trusted to do exactly what was planned’, why be so selective about which parts you trust and which you reject? Surely the whole thing’s suspect if he was only writing what he’d been told to. Leaving the only evidence that nuclear weapons weren’t used your interpretation of photos, versus an enormous number of scientists, military planners and others who think these weapons are real.
                  And if nuclear weapons are imaginary, how come you’re the only person who has ever noticed, and how come no whistleblowers have ever come forward to reveal this astounding deception?

                  1. david fenton Avatar
                    david fenton

                    Hi Svay

                    Thanks again for your replies, appreciated

                    I don’t imply they are fiction, I outright state it. They are as real as Heaven, hell and the fabricated tales of Christianity. They are part of a false history of reality to give people a false belief about it so they can be more easily controlled and manipulated. Jesus, heaven and hell were created as a religious genre social control belief about reality, Nuclear winter and fallout … the same, just in a natural seeming scientific educational genre. Both tales have a similar power of manipulation and control over the public mind.

                    I would say that they have gone to such lengths to give that impression for the same reason that they give the impression that the official narrative around 911 and Covid and Global warming are accepted and promoted by the global world order around the world. Just because a narrative is accepted and promoted as true is no proof of it. Is the offically accepted and promoted narrative of 911 and Covid False Pandemic true? Nation acceptance of something is not proof of truth.

                    If you want to take at face value what is presented officially then that is your genuine reaction and it influences your standing on the matter. That is all very natural and expected.
                    Of course I’ve already said as much and presented multiple possibilities, because I don’t know for sure.
                    Sams indicates he was told to falsify as lethal, widespread effects of the bomb is exactly what John Herse’s message was. Sams says this was a propaganda order to manage the public in the future. I consider them to both be exactly what Sams calls them – propaganda. What you see them as is up to you.

                    The central idea in Sams and John’s narratives is that Nuclear Bombs can and will kill on widespread and even global scales. This narrative if believed creates fear in mothers and fathers for each other and their families, with a sense of powerlessness that requires government and national protection and use of force over other nations and peoples to … ‘protect my family’. The propaganda is obviously designed to elicit helpless fears for self and loved ones in the face of the imaginary threat. It’s very effective propaganda. Going to great trouble to create and maintain such devices is outlined by Spinoza as a standard philosophic control tactic of rulers. It’s in his intro to his theological political writing … which is about the use of theology/religion and politics in exercising power and control.

                    If you can’t see it then I expect you to think and act accordingly as there is nothing else you can do.

                    Well if that’s what you think then that’s what you think, even thoug it isn’t correct and it leaves out a lot of what I have written. As that’s where your mind is, I have no wish to change it, that’s your responsibility.
                    Japan was broken and reportedly seeking to surrender.
                    There was no need for a Nuke that murdered civilians and there wasn’t one, except for the imaginary one everyone believes in. And the source of your faith … AN ENORMOUS NUMBER OF SCIENTISTS, MILITARY PLANNERS AND OTHERS WHO THINK THESE WEAPONS ARE REAL. Your connection to and belief in such sources is also not my responsibility, it is yours. I’ve already told you ‘trust them at your peril’.

                    As you believe in them at this time I’m happy to accept that as you can’t think other than you do and I wouldn’t want anything else.

                    I’m not the only one, but if that’s how you want to think of it then who am I to interfere. Your mind is your own concern. Believe that if you wish or you could try the internet to find others and see why they think like I do?

                    Well, it seems that Crawford F Sams has come forward and revealed his part in falsifying information about Nuclear weapons and their ongoing harmful medical effects in Japan. At least it seems he publicly admits to falsifying information about their effects.

                    I don’t consider it a very astounding deception, just a very successful one. Propaganda can and does work exceptionally well at times. I see this as just one such instance.

                    When you find out how society works you will realise that when whistle blowers go to the authorities to reveal false societal beliefs … the authorities ‘deal with them’ to make sure important false beliefs stay in place. I occasionally chat online with Prof Brian Martin, head of a whistle blowing organisation at Australia. Brian’s published research into suppression of dissent has some similar ‘astounding’ examples of false narratives believed by entire scientific communities and the public.

                    If you want to look at some of Brians work, It’s all available free via his links on his University of Wollongong pages.

                    Again thanks for your reply and discussion
                    All the best in truth

  30. .We may pass this test and fail the next.. or the next. But failure is a certainty ….

    1. On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero :o)

  31. I would find it helpful if you could take the time to clarify some definitions.
    “Ego” to me just means self or self consciousness, but you appear to be mixing in aspects of what is known as the dark triad: Machiavellism, psycopathy and narcicism. Also you seem to equate Ego and egoism, which to me are two seperate things.
    Probably that difference is why i sometimes find it difficult to follow your reasoning. (Which of course is mainly my problem, but maybe others have that issue too)

    1. There are so many different aspects of self that that word is applied to. Don’t let it only represent your definition of it. Let it’s definition be different than the way you think of it.

  32. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    I’ve never liked clowns.

  33. I’ve long thought that politicians should have psychological tests made public when they stand for office, as well as the public officers of both public and private organisations, so that people could get a better idea of the individuals holding powerful positions.
    It is common practice in many industries for job applicants to be given psychological tests to determine their suitability for their roles, so why not politicians and public servants, as well?

    1. Mary Wildfire Avatar
      Mary Wildfire

      Well! I’ve read that sociopaths can be detected by a catscan or some such–tests that just involve asking questions can be faked. I’ve had the thought, what if a requirement for higher office was PUBLIC, live scanning?

  34. I bet Rosalynn really regrets taking that picture with Gacy, and also does not even recall doing so.

  35. The reason sociopaths rule us is that we are a species without natural predators to control our numbers.
    Sociopaths are the apex-predators of the apex-predators.

    I completely agree with what we should evolve to. I practice ahimsa, non-violence, and don’t eat critters as a result, but I also see the way ecosystems work with predators and prey.

    We need to work on more distributed and local economies. there is a lot we can do with efficiency and downsizing, but it will be hard work. I don’t think people learn to do hard work in middle age or latr, not very many.

    Where are we headed now?
    I, like you, refuse to support our sociopathic-elites.
    It is time for us to make the evolutionary jump to stewardship, not merely consumerhood.

    1. I disagree. The reason we’re ruled by psychopaths is because they crave the power and seek it. Normal people don’t take it upon themselves to control and manipulate others. They would rather just live their own lives, and often do it peacefully on the sidelines.

  36. The incisive insight on US hegemony is always good brain food, but the reminder to be human-flawed but aware, curious yet cautious, gentle and firm-is what I like most about your writing.

    And as far the human capital managers, dehumanizers, what-can-you-do-for-me-to-prove-worth crew, respect is conditional on my approval club…two words, eight letters and a rucksack of rage if it’s a problem. It’s too easy for me to roll their way with too few reasons not to go all the way down.

    Peace & love CJ.

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