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They’ve lied about every war, and they’ve openly acknowledged lying about this very war, but you’re a Kremlin agent if you say they’re lying to us about this war.

The mainstream worldview is self-evidently bullshit. If our media and education systems were telling us the truth about the world and our “democratic” systems actually worked, our society would be arranged to serve the interests of the many rather than an elite few.

You can tell the mainstream worldview is bullshit just by looking at its fruits. We’re killing our biosphere to serve an economic system that’s creating greater and greater inequality while wars rage and nuclear brinkmanship threatens to wipe us all out and corruption rules the earth.

The world is as it is because the way the majority of people in the most influential nations think, act and vote is being continuously manipulated by the powerful, for the powerful. The mainstream worldview is just a giant bundle of power-serving lies and manipulations.

The thing about the entirely predictable admission by Biden officials that sanctions are hurting ordinary Russians a lot more than they’re hurting the Kremlin is that the US empire is fine with that. The US empire doesn’t use sanctions to punish leaders, it uses them to foment unrest and hopefully spark a coup or civil war.

During an interview in 2019 then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo effectively admitted that this is what the US empire uses sanctions for: not to influence the behavior of the government, but to coerce the people into ousting their government. State Department documents from 1960 show the US government discussing this exact same strategy regarding economic warfare against Cuba. This is a longstanding practice.

Western liberal democracy is when corporations and bankers place all blame on the government, the government places all blame on the electorate, and the electorate absorbs all the consequences of the corporations, bankers and government without ever even getting a vote on any of the major decisions those entities make.

Ordinary citizens are assigned full responsibility for their social and financial struggles and their privacy rights are being eaten away. Powerful people are never held accountable for their immensely destructive decisions and they are protected by a wall of government secrecy.

Accountability and transparency should have a directly proportional relationship with power: the more power you have the more consequences you face for your actions, and the less privacy you’re entitled to. In our society it’s literally the exact opposite. It’s completely backwards.

Just as western plutocrats and politicians want all the power and none of the responsibility, so too do their mouthpieces in the mainstream media. Highlighting their errors is harassment, criticizing them on social media is cyberbullying, calling out their sleaziness is Trumpian.

These people are broadly despised yet believe they’re doing a fantastic job. They insulate themselves in tightly cloistered self-validating echo chambers, so a member of the common riff raff tweeting harsh truths at them is experienced as an unexpected assault.

This class participates in an ongoing propaganda operation to manufacture consent for the status quo, and without them the world would look completely different. Their voices are orders of magnitude more powerful than ordinary people’s, yet they want no responsibility for this role.

If I had the Thanos glove I wouldn’t use it to impose my personal ideology on the world, I’d use it to make all the secrets of the powerful visible to everyone and democratize information sharing so people could decide for themselves what course of action to take in response. All government secrets, all corporate and financial secrets, all the secrets of media institutions, would all be immediately visible and placed in front of everyone’s eyes. Then everyone gets a device with access to a global public forum to talk about everything they’ve learned.

I’d just let people see everything and then choose their own adventure. Maybe they’d choose to create the kind of egalitarian society I’d like to see, maybe they’d create something else. It’s up to them. All I did was end the subversion of their personal and collective sovereignty.

In all the controversy about whether the US should be associating itself with a murderous tyrannical regime like Saudi Arabia please don’t forget that the US is far more murderous and tyrannical than Saudi Arabia by an extremely massive margin.

“Oh noes, Biden should be embarrassed to be seen with a tyrant like MBS!”

Bitch, MBS should be embarrassed to be seen with a tyrant like Joe Biden.

Conservatives will happily make kids pledge allegiance to flag and republic every day at school and sit in class learning about how they live in the greatest country on earth, then they’ll freak out about LGBT issues because “the children are being indoctrinated.”

Mainstream western proponents of “democratic socialism” never call for an end to imperialism because they are fully aware that their version of “socialism” is entirely dependent upon imperialist domination and exploitation.

People who believe humanity can make positive changes toward health and harmony tend to be people who’ve made such changes in their own lives. People who believe human nature is selfish and destructive tend to be selfish and destructive people. We’re just describing ourselves. We’re describing the insides of our own reality tunnels and then dressing it up as some grand knowledge about objective reality.

Really none of us know humanity’s fate, because our thinking about human potential and human nature is filtered through our personal experience of humanity from the inside. It is a mystery, and we can just let it be a mystery.


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49 responses to “The Mainstream Worldview Is Self-Evidently Bullshit: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. It’s funny how warmongers constantly rehash the Munich Agreement as evil appeasement of a fiendish dictator who wickedly “annexed” an innocent neighbor. In fact what he did was reclaim a part of his country that had been stripped away just twenty years earlier by the enemy powers that had convinced an unbeaten German army to lay down its weapons on promise of fair treatment for all. Three and a half million Germans were placed under the harsh rule of a Czech minority regime that was so distasteful that not long after they left, Poland took back the eastern part of the cobbled-together country, the Ruthenians returned to Hungary, and the Slovaks proclaimed their own independent republic, asking Berlin to provide security in Prague during the transition.
    The monstrous appeasement of WW2 was at Yalta, where a feeble, dying FDR simply handed Manchuria on demand to Stalin, who used it to launch the Chinese communist revolution. Just four years earlier the Japanese government, fearful of Soviet expansion, offered to agree to the key US demand to remove its army from China, asking to retain only Manchuria (not a part of China proper) where Japanese business had heavily invested in manufacturing plants and infrastructure improvements. FDR’s reply was to embargo Japan’s vital oil supply, a de facto declaration of war.
    Make of it what you will, but the United States has clearly never had a great interest in promoting world peace. Just today, our nominal ally Lithuania crossed another Russian “red line” vowing to hold up vital rail traffic to Kaliningrad. The Joint Chiefs announced a new strategy for a winnable nuclear war back in 2019 and they sure are itching to see if it can work. Last November, even before the SMO started in Ukraine, current Chief Milley predicted war could come within two years.

    1. Whoa!! you really have a distorted view of the Soviet attack on the Japanese invaders in Manchuria.

      As Stalin promised FDR the Russians mounted a full-scale attack on the 30 Japanese Divisions occupying Manchuria.

      The Chinese people welcomed the Russians as liberators as they pushed the Japanese out. Japan, having noway of supplying or reinforcing their occupation army realized that surrender to the Americans was the best way to avoid a Soviet invasion and communist rule.

      After crushing the Japanese the Soviets pulled out of Manchuria to the gratitude of the Chinese population.

  2. “I’d just let people see everything and then choose their own adventure”

    IMO What Caitlin does not want to see is that the great majority of people do NOT want to think for themselves or to choose their own adventure at all. Monkeys, even hairless monkeys, are gregarious beings and deeply ingrained in their brains is the need to identify with a group, that is, to un- or half-consciously introject the ideas, myths and attitudes of others. That’s what makes society possible.

    If everybody were to think independently, each human being would develop parameters of his own instead of converging on the existing ones.

    I am afraid that the narrative matrix you so accurately describe represents the normality of human affairs. The main difference in comparison with other forms of empire management resides in the fact that Americans, in a very Anglo-Saxon way, stretch their style of herd control less in the direction of straightforward brutality and more towards its complementary integral, that is, hypocrisy.

  3. It’s good to make comments about an empire, but it would be better if people discussed the root of imperial actions.

    When there are several tribes, and one conquers another, it is starting an empire.

    The conquered tribe is slowly assimilated, consumed, and eventually the new mass consolidates.

    The two main empires in the world today are the UK which includes the U.S., Australia etc, and the Han Chinese which includes a mass of conquered tribes.

    The problem is much more harmful than most empire critics believe, and the only solution is to adequately arm those tribes which still have a chance to survive.

    It would be nice if there were a legislative solution, or some harmony that could be arranged peacefully, but there is not.

    Tribes need to be adequately armed or they disappear eventually.

    Unfortunately, the latest weapon is ethnic bio organisms made from tools like crspr which can be used to extinguish entire genetic lineages, entire ethnic groups.

    1. It would be more accurate to now describe the world structure as a split between The West, in irreversible decline and Eurasia, as the British Geographer Halford Mackinder dealt with in his 1904 address.

      Russia, with some 75% of the world’s physical resources, has now combined with China, the world’s preeminent manufacturing power. The West runs primarily on services, mostly irrelevant to industrial, economic and military power.

      From their disastrous failures in Afghanistan, the Ukraine US-NATO-UK Proxy War against Russia is failing and will be seen to be 10 x times worse.

      Dealt with here . . .

      1. First, if that’s your blog, you mention being Australian. Here is The. Best. Australian. Youtube. Channel. Period.

        The view you have, of a global structure that is shifting East, is accurate, but ignores the problem that enables most of the problems caused by globalism and its shifting one way or another.

        There are tribes, groups whose evolution has diverged for thousands of years, and who have new things to offer the species, and there are globalists, whether ‘East’ or ‘West’ whose goal is that their local franchise of the global melting pot should be the most powerful.

        Globalism ultimately ends in extinctions, but there are new weapons coming soon which lead to one extinction, not many.

        So at this point it may be better to explicitly refer to tribal interests vs globalist interests.

        Here is an important wiki page.

        When the number of remaining tribes gets too low the world will be one violent ghetto until those remaining tribes have space to consolidate, and there no longer is such space on this planet.

        With regard to your comments on Ukraine, your blog and your comment above are accurate. Russia has enough commodities to do anything. Australian corporate interests are trying to cozy up to the Chinese despite nonsense about the two fighting, etc.

        The UK including U.S., Aus, etc are heading into a nightmare, and it’s likely they will initiate some kind of war against China. They don’t really have any other option, unless a global respect for tribal rights can be established.

        Respect means they have to be adequately armed.

        All sorts of philosophizing can be done but anybody who wants some sort of civilization to last on earth will encourage the flow of arms to tribal groups, whether in Australia or the U.S. or China or Russia.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      What’s more likely is that the elite’s global conquest goal is a reworked British Empire/ Commonwealth. Where previously sovereign nations will only be allowed to continue with selective cultural traditions. The ‘British Elite’ like diversity, but very conditional diversity that doesn’t challenge their ambitions or hold on outright power.

  4. Well that has been interesting. My first and last time to comment. I’m horrified at how many deniers on so many levels esp with the magnitude and spectrum of information shared by this author. Either a lot of trolls or a lot of a-holes. It esp cracks me up that we choose which science to believe. The comments are just further evidence that ppl are so far devolved in their denial and whacked beliefs that as all empires fall and all species die, humanity is soon to end. Signing off from this thread of insanity.

    1. A lot of angry posts today, where is the anger about Assange?

      1. @ Jenelle: When science can’t be questioned, debate is denied, dissenters are banned from social media and/or pilloried in corporate media and facts are withheld, it’s not science, it’s propaganda. I’m glad you like it. At least the efforts of the gaslighting security state are appreciated by some people.

        1. Trump lost, get over it.

          1. It’s about time you realized that guilt by association is a worn to a thread fallacy that only makes its users sound like chumps, especially when it’s so obviously off topic.

            1. Science is real. Rush Limbaugh was lying to you.

    As for me, I will merely assume that the owners will have moderate and ongoing success in reducing our carbon-footprints, birth rates, lifespans and access to the many luxuries we now take for granted, like electricity and the internet, grocery stores tap water and warmth in winter.

    My reading of history is also that they will only be able to protect their own wealth and position sometimes and incompletely. They read history too. they are doing everything they can to get rid of my demographic, which is a pretty threatening demographic to them. I’m just going to blog and grow vegetables, try to “collapse early and avoid the rush”, and help family and friends survive. I intend to never be the immediate threat that they need to expend valuable resources (like a predator drone and hellfire missile) on.

    I have long said that the upper middle class and middling wealthy will have to take the first round of big losses. I suspect the Fed will “defend the dollar” at the expense of the “risk assets” held by these demographics, wave after wave, perhaps. Tom Luongo sees the big $US banks scoring a win over “the Davos crowd”.

    China has her own plans to leap out in front of the crisis, Great Leap Forward 2.0. Russian nationalists like V. Putin, Sergey Glazyev and Sergey Lavrov do, clearly have their own 50 year plan, which looks like the global populist option to me.
    China is currently in harmony with that, but the Chinese way is historically one of absolute domination. The current story of health-passport RED codes being used to keep Chinese depositors from visiting their stressed banks, for their funds, or even an explanation, bears repeating and much consideration.

    1. I never believe anything I read about China in the Western media in general and the Epoch Times/China Insider/South China Morning Post in particular.
      Do you remember when they showed us videos (!) in early 2020 of people falling in the streets of Wuhan because of this monstrous new disease called Covid-19?
      Talk about propaganda… :o)

  6. Ruth Virginia Avatar
    Ruth Virginia

    Amen, Caitlin. It’s a wonder to see you grow. You are finding the truth from the inside-out and I couldn’t be prouder of you. Thank you for being YOU! And for sharing your precious, incisive, hard-won, and truth-telling Voice with US!

  7. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    Nobody knows humanity’s fate because there are 8 billion of them in unpredictable motion.

    “I’d just let people see everything and then choose their own adventure. Maybe they’d choose to create the kind of egalitarian society I’d like to see, maybe they’d create something else. It’s up to them.” This is a real problem which I don’t think you’re seeing clearly. “Their” adventure may not be your adventure, and vice versa, but we’re all on the same planet. You can’t have mutually exclusive “adventures”, so the strong/many will get theirs and the weak/few won’t. Society needs to be limited to limiting what one person or a collection of them can impose on the individual, else it is just another mechanism of domination. In a properly limited system, talk, even by the so called “elite”, would be nothing more than talk. For all the sentiment about unifying humanity, which has a place, perhaps the larger task is to properly define and enforce the boundaries, and stop imagining everybody is going or wants to go or for that matter can even get to the same collective utopia.

  8. This is a good display of the author’s fantasies “dressed up as some grand knowledge about objective reality” like the spouting of a religious individual. The same unacknowledged mythical pomposity of hers comes thru in her general writings.

    She writes “People who believe humanity can make positive changes toward health and harmony tend to be people who’ve made such changes in their own lives. People who believe human nature is selfish and destructive tend to be selfish and destructive people. We’re just describing ourselves. We’re describing the insides of our own reality tunnels and then dressing it up as some grand knowledge about objective reality. Really none of us know humanity’s fate, because our thinking about human potential and human nature is filtered through our personal experience of humanity from the inside. It is a mystery, and we can just let it be a mystery.”

    [It has nothing to do if people “believe human nature is selfish and destructive” or don’t believe it, it’s what IS REALITY. The fruits of humans’ actions proves human nature IS selfish and destructive, and delusional. Because “our thinking about human potential and human nature is filtered through our personal experience of humanity from the inside” which typically informs and manifests in DELUSIONS ABOUT humanity (read “The 2 married pink elephants in the historical room” …

    The same delusional fantasizing dressed up as “thinking” falsely proclaims humanity’s fate is “a mystery” and “and we can just let it be a mystery.”

    Clear logical real thinking can precisely predict where humanity’ fate ends up in (see prior cited reference).

    But it’s nearly impossible to convince a “sophisticated” fantasy believer of true reality, just like with any zealous religious person. With them it’s always fantasy over reality.

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      Speaking of “unacknowledged mythical pomposity”, you might want to tone it down a bit. And if you think “Clear logical real thinking can precisely predict where humanity’ fate ends up in” then your “clear logical real thinking” is way past mine, which brings us back to “unacknowledged mythical pomposity”.

      1. Conflating and equating “clear logical real thinking” with “unacknowledged mythical pomposity” reveals you as a purely disingenuous intellectual only. A manipulator. Manipulation does not advance truth only the propaganda/fantasy world. Of course, telling a manipulator to “tone it down” is an exercise in vain. They can’t help themselves.

        This site’s attracts the same “persuasive” misleading insincere brand of fantasy lovers as its pompous site owner/leader, whom many quickly and collective come to “protect” and “save” from any meaningful critique with their own variety of fantasies and smug self-righteous “faulty logic” comments.

        Yet the true reality of this “persuasive” HOLLOW brand of intellectuals, like Caitlin and her followers, has been noted, see

        It’s a brand of “persuasive” intellectual fantasy-loving zealots (like religious zealots as “Jay K” had remarked and confirming his cited article’s thesis).

        1. Ted Christian Avatar
          Ted Christian

          I can’t really understand most of what you’re saying, and probably not because you’re talking over my head. I’m actually not entirely sure what “unacknowledged mythical pomposity” is, but I suspect using the phrase betrays a fair bit of it. And my issue with Jay K’s “clear logical real thinking” is that Jay K imagines it “can precisely predict where humanity’(s) fate ends up in”, which, in addition to being grammatically incorrect is palpable nonsense. “Palpable” means obvious or easily perceived. The article you link to laments that “leftists” are too compliant with Covid mandates, which I generally agree with, and then compares and contrasts Covid with a number of unrelated issues, and something about a holocaust. The article makes about as much sense as your post, which is to say hardly any. You need any more bitch slapping keep posting.

    2. Psychology does not back up your claim that humans are inherently selfish and destructive. It’s well known in the field that when people are like this they are refusing to grow up emotionally and are often enacting their trauma on others. Typically they have serious personality disorders.

      If humans are inherently selfish and destructive, we never would have evolved to this point. Large-scale survival would have been impossible if we never learned how to get along. So-called “primitive” tribes have methods for sharing resources without having to annihilate or subvert one another. Anthropology and archaeology show that cooperation among humans is why we are such a successful species. Even today cultures exist that greatly encourage giving help and aid to those in need while discouraging narcissism, but these cultures go almost unnoticed by the mainstream. People with clinical narcissism ARE inherently selfish and destructive, but this is only 10-20% of the current US population. Unfortunately there is no known cure for clinical narcissism.

      1. Who “claimed”, as you say, that “humans are inherently selfish and destructive”?
        Caitlin wrote: “People who believe humanity can make positive changes toward health and harmony tend to be people who’ve made such changes in their own lives. People who believe human nature is selfish and destructive tend to be selfish and destructive people”.
        Don’t see the difference?

      2. If you actually read the cited piece it refers primarily to “civilized” humans as being “inherently selfish and destructive” which is verified by empirical reality.

        What you call “Psychology” is another product of this demented brand of humans and so it only serves to obfuscate instead of enlighten its working order. This department has its function to help folks adjust to the deeply sick cultures of civilization. When will you decide to leave fantasy land?

  9. Now that traditional concepts of left and right have broken down, here comes Caitlin with a most useful new framework for thinking politically. On the one side stand those in favor of (who usually benefit short-term from) the status quo. On the other side stand those who want “the people” to have the opportunity to change the status quo, be it for the better or worse. What unites this latter group is not whether, once they get the opportunity to change the status quo, they intend to move things left or right in the traditional sense. No, what unites them now, however much they might be divided later as to how to move, is the demand for the political opportunity to make the move. As yet, we lack appropriate labels to distinguish these two new groups, like left and right used to do before that world fell apart.

  10. I’m so disappointed by your comment that believing that humans are selfish and destructive is our own reflection. Yes, I have experienced it and read about it in your writings. The fate of humanity? We absolutely do know if one is a believer in science.

    1. No two scientists agree about anything unless they’re paid for it. So you’ll have to be more precise about which science you’re talking about. Is it the one pushed by the establishment because it makes ding-ding in their coffers or the one that ends up at the stake like Giordano Bruno’s or promised to it if they don’t recant like Galileo’s?

      1. pretzelattack Avatar

        uh there are kinds of things scientists agree on–evolution, climate change, the earth rotating around the sun, the existence of molecules and atoms, the speed of light in a vacuum.

        1. If you think scientists agree about climate change (man-made, not man-made), it’s because you only listen to the establishment ones, pushing carbon taxes and impeding industrial development in poor countries, as colonialism did, especially in Africa, to sell them manufactured goods:

          I won’t take sides. Just saying scientists don’t agree about climate change unless they’re paid (with grants) or scared into it (no grants).
          However climate change is more a cult now, with the blasphemers being sent to the corporate media pillory, so we’d better leave it to priests.
          As for the rest, you’re right. Scientists also agree that the sky is blue (except when it’s cloudy), that water makes you wet and that the cake will burn if you leave it in the oven for too long :o)

  11. No. The really funny thing is that the sanctions are hurting the American people far more than the Russian people.

    Love to Caitlin, keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

  12. Democracy? … (there isn’t any!)


    From Middle French democratie (French démocratie), from Medieval Latin dēmocratia, from Ancient Greek δημοκρᾰτῐ́ᾱ (dēmokratíā).
    Surface analysis: demo- (“people”) +‎ -cracy (“rule”)

    ( )


    As Jean-Paul Sartre wrote; “Existence precedes essence” (“l’existence précède l’essence”). We are products of the emotional environment of our childhood and adolescence. But our neural networks don’t stop developing, or, necessarily, changing, at puberty, or even when we are twenty-something. There is still neuroplasticity (see “Neuroplasticity” by Moheb Costandi, MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series, 2016.)

    It would also help matters, if all of the ‘liberal’ pundits, right-wing philosophy lecturers, ‘sociobiologists’, and school teachers, caught up with 21st century neuroendocrinology, and if the ‘demos’ who are, theoretically, supposed to rule (‘cratia’) started demanding to be allowed to exercise existential synaptic freedom.

    1. There’s actually been an imperceptible etymological slip from “demos” the people to “deimos” the terror.
      Excerpt: “Deimos /ˈdaɪmɒs/ (Ancient Greek: Δεῖμος, pronounced [dêːmos], meaning “dread”) is the personal god of dread and terror in Greek mythology. He was a son of Ares and Aphrodite, and the brother of Phobos. Deimos served to represent the feelings of dread and terror that befell those before a battle, while Phobos personified feelings of fear and panic in the midst of battle”.
      So we actually live now in a “deimocracy” or rule by dread and terror (with censorship, vaccine mandates etc.) before the battle moving toward “phobocracy” or rule by fear and panic during the battle.
      And then we’ll see… :o)

  13. “The thing about the entirely predictable admission by Biden officials that sanctions are hurting ordinary Russians a lot more than they’re hurting the Kremlin … ”
    The linked Bloomberg piece is correct. The effect sanctions had on the Russian economy was neglible in the short term, and in long term it will present a myriad of opportunities for Russian firms and entrepeneurs to step into the void left behind by Western businesses that are no longer allowing themselves to operate in Russia.
    Brilliant move by the likes of Boeing and Mickey D’s!!! Lmao …
    The piece is also accurate in pointing out, that as for the population, the damage is almost entirely psychological. Again, the evidence for this can be found on YouTube, and it is overwhelming. Russians speak their mind freely, openly, and quite cynically to world wide audience of millions every day, because unlike in my country, there is very little censorship in Russia, nor do Russian vlogger’s channels get arbitrarily demonetized or taken down for telling the truth.
    The Russian people are not happy with developments, but it has almost nothing to do with the fucking economy. Like most folk the world over, they don’t like being ostracized, demeaned, and let’s face it, racially profiled.
    Enough of Russia. Every single narrative as pertains to this Russian incursion/invasion of Ukraine has been 100% bullshit. You’d think the West could get one narrative right by ACCIDENT, but nope. It is so predictably bad it’s become BORING.
    I’m off to see what the greatest civilization in world history is up to. Cuz they’re up next. This looks interesting. Another spectacular vanity project I think. China sure does like impressing it’s citizens.
    The number two economy in the world? The single dumbest concept I’ve encountered in my lifetime.
    Number two to who? The Roman Empire in the 2nd Century AD?

      1. Here’s an example of a minor little friendship project that China completed in the first of the three rings.
        The last time Laos was on this American’s radar, we were bombing the shit of them in the war against falling dominoes,* despite the fact that Laos was our nominal ally at the time.
        Now Laos has high speed rail lines and record breaking bridges, and my superpower country has a defunded Amtrak puttering along at an average speed of 44 miles per hour, and an infrastructure report card filled mostly with D’s.
        Mexico better be careful in that second ring, eh? If they keep this Belt and Road stuff up, they’re going to have to build an expensive border wall to keep Americans out.
        Then again, maybe they can make America pay for it.
        *Laos, the most bombed country in history. During Operation Barrel Roll, from ’64 -’72, the US dropped more explosive ordance on Laotians than all the various particpants dropped in WWII combined.
        The US cannot compete with China anywhere in the world, let alone in China’s back yard.
        For decades, what America represented to most of the countries in Zone B, was an dangerously psychotic enemy you had no choice but to keep close.
        But those days are over.

        1. I visited Laos in 1993. It was like a country in the country, with people smiling all the time. They showed me the caves, in the Plain of Jars – on the so-called Ho-Chi-Minh Trail – where the villagers used to take shelter when they were bombed. “Fortunately”, it happened every day at the same hour, so they could take shelter in prevision.
          They received nearly one ton of bombs per inhabitant. Not that there were many “charlies” there but each time a bomb was dropped, it made ding-ding in the MIC coffers – Christmas everyday for nine years. To this day, unexploded bombs and mines still kill 50 Laotian farmers a year while they plough their fields. To which you probably have to add the unspecified number who “just” lose a leg – and in any case a buffalo and a plough and they’re not rich.
          About Mexico, I don’t think the Americans would pay for the wall because they need all the money they can print to make carbon footprints in Ukraine :o)

  14. Katherine Schroeder Avatar
    Katherine Schroeder

    This recent rise in interest rates that was committed by the Fed is a way of imposing sanctions on the American public itself. This is a way to motivate them in the direction of regime change here. When people’s access to water, food, health care and oxygen is threatened, it’s amazing how quickly they’re “motivated” to do whatever a greedy tyrant might require.

  15. If you do a quick research about how many countries-civilizations were extinguished under Britannia and over the course of the last 70 years how many civilizations are not allowed to exist under the US-UK-EU-Israel Fourth Reich – the fantastic evil four – you might even find yourself surprised about why you didn’t figure out it by yourself before.
    For the “fantastic evil four” the truth cannot exist under an international world order permeated by law. Only under a unipolar rule order they can exist as they are. How many around knew that Hawaii still a monarchy-state in the minds of the natives from there? But ignoring law, reason and logic the US took that land as their own. Who can still be proud about the Alamo if not the dumbest stupid about history?
    I got why the “evil fantastic four” cannot allow the truth to come out.
    “Biden tells the AP that if he didn’t take action after the invasion of Ukraine, even to the point of imposing major “costs” on American consumers, there would’ve been “chaos” everywhere from the Czech Republic to North Korea. Doesn’t seem like he really thought this one through”. Only indoctrinated people can believe in such nonsense. Still, the US believes that order can only exist if they are in charge but the truth is that all current chaos in Europe started with Bill Clinton till today under Biden. All mess in Asia and the US-China standoff has Eisenhower as president to blame. All chaos in Africa has in its origins Europe igniting hell’s flame in perpetuity. And no one has the right to turn them down otherwise how an exhausted land like Europe can survive without the rest to do the heavy lifting, right?
    We are parenting not babysitting a bunch of criminals for centuries who don’t ask permission. nor consent to keep going on using our money to achieve their delusional Thanos gauntlet. All gems were assembled and Tony stark was not there to do the trick which turns out it was not necessary because that infamous gauntlet is fake like their statements about misinformation.

    1. Isn’t what you call the “fantastic evil four” what the Bible calls the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse like in “I looked, and behold, a pale horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death and Hell followed with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth”?
      Anyway their pale horse is “rules-based democracy” and they have specialized in changing the rules mid-stream to their advantage, leaving them freaking out when the other 85%, tired of their hubris and shenanigans, are busy pulling the rug from under their feet.

      1. they will fight till the bitter end to keep hell.
        EU is determined to import oil and gas from Africa-MiddeEast to replace Russian oil and gas which means they will not have anymore capability to be competitive in economics while Asia can produce all what the west has and needs for a cheaper price. Economic sanctions will be in perpetuity according to EU leadership and the US-UK Fourth Reich. It is good for the rest of the world to get a divorce from them. Australia will not be affected since it is just a penal colony and eventually barking at night towards Russia or China.

  16. Be like Assange. Get vaccinated.

    1. Lol. FDA just approved vaccines for 3 month old. Go get your infant vaccinated.

      1. Next thing you know, they’ll jab foetuses and then the twinkles in their parents’ eyes :o)

        1. Then they’ll jab the thoughts of Himba women in Namibia because “the Himba don’t count their years from when they were born, nor from when they were conceived, but from the day that the child was a thought in his mother’s mind”.

  17. If all the secrets of our government were suddenly reveals, it would look a a swamp had been drained and all the bodies would be revealed.

    The more secrecy, the more shit they are allowed to do.

    1. pretzelattack Avatar

      heh. Lake Mead springs to mind.

      1. Thinking the same thing. If it dries up, wonder how many bodies we will find tied to concrete blocks.

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