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Fox News’s fabulously popular right wing pundit Tucker Carlson has ratcheted up his show’s anti-China propaganda yet again, introducing his interview with Brazil’s rightist president Jair Bolsonaro with a psychotic rant against Beijing that, were it about Moscow, would have looked perfectly at home among even the most demented mainstream liberal punditry at the height of Russiagate hysteria around 2018.

Before attempting to help Bolsonaro reverse his abysmal polling against his left-wing opponent Lula da Silva in a presidential election this coming October, Carlson led with the completely unevidenced claim that “China has been busy with its own agenda—taking over the world.”

All facts in evidence say that China is not working to “take over the world” (that’s what the US is doing), but is rather working to give rise to a multipolar world order that’s no longer dominated by a single unipolar hegemon. All the facts you ever see people citing to claim that China is attempting to supplant the US as unipolar hegemon are, when you drill down on them, in reality perfectly in alignment with Beijing’s stated agenda of multipolarism. China taking up more space on the world stage only looks like an egregious assault when viewed through the prism of a worldview which believes this planet is the property of the United States government.

Carlson’s claim that China has an agenda of “taking over the world” is also absurd on its face because it’s nonsensical to claim that Beijing has been watching the US empire crush itself under its own weight, burning itself out in a few short decades with its frenzied attempts to rule the globe, and thinking “Hey that looks awesome, let’s do that.”

Carlson also made the even more ridiculous claim that “the Chinese have succeeded in re-colonizing the entire continent of Africa.” Carlson does not bother explain how Africa was “re-colonized” in its entirety by China while the continent remains dominated militarily by United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) and economically by the World Bank, the IMF, and western plutocrats and corporations.

Clearly the Chinese government is not run by self-sacrificing martyrs who gain nothing from Chinese infrastructure projects in Africa, but it’s absurd to put this on anywhere near the same level as the US dominating the continent with dozens of military bases and amassing proxy forces and the crushing neo-colonialism of the World Bank and IMF. Anyone who’s done any intellectually honest research into Chinese infrastructure development in Africa knows that it is far more mutually beneficial and far more ethical than the western systems of oppression which have been exploiting that continent for centuries.

“So, why isn’t the New York Times writing stories about any of this?” Carlson asks of the horrors in Africa he just invented in his head. “You know why – because the New York Times is on China’s side.”

Carlson is lying. This claim of his, that The New York Times is “on China’s side,” reveals so much about the fraudulent nature of Carlson’s populism schtick. It takes nothing more than a quick search of the keyword “China” on NYT’s website to show that the outlet has been frenetically churning out articles that can only be described as aggressively critical of China, like this one, this one, this one and this one, just to choose a few examples from the last few days.

Do you see how this works? Carlson portrays himself as an anti-establishment hero who’s sharing knowledge with his viewers that they’ll never hear from the elitists at The New York Times or those fat cats in Washington, then goes on to tell them things that are perfectly in alignment with the agendas of those establishment institutions. Do you see how this tricks viewers into believing they’re getting the inside scoop on what the powerful are really up to behind closed doors, while actually manipulating them into alignment with the long-term goals of the powerful?

I have some overlap with Carlson’s audience because I criticize some of the same things he does like the US proxy war in Ukraine, so some of my readers get confused and upset when I say he’s just as much a propagandist as the empire spinmeisters on CNN and MSNBC. But if you actually look at what Carlson does from day to day you start to notice that he only criticizes some imperial actions which are opposed by right-wing populist strains in the US while continuously sheepdogging that audience into supporting establishment agendas like the cold war with China, legitimizing two-party electoral politics, and keeping everyone fixated on vapid culture war bullshit.

There is no more important goal for the oligarchic empire than securing US hegemony by halting the rise of China, and there is no figure more effective in manufacturing consent for that goal than Tucker Carlson. He gains credibility by appearing to fight the power, then uses that stolen credibility to help manufacture consent for the most high-priority agendas of the powerful.

And that’s just the sort of behavior you’d expect from someone whose life has been full of highly shady overlap with the Central Intelligence Agency and who has actually admitted to having applied to join the CIA.

Carlson introduced Bolsonaro as a leader who opposes “allowing Brazil to become a colony of China,” implanting the idea that this is a real thing in his gullible audience’s mind. China is taking over the world, and the powerful political and media elites want it to take over the world, so the best way to fight those elites is to support the fight against China. Never mind the fact that the fucking Pentagon says openly that China is America’s number one enemy, and that the entire political/media class is firmly in alignment with the agenda to stop it.

The propaganda campaign against China has been quietly heating up on the back burner while everyone focuses on Russia and Ukraine. Every so often I mention China on social media and the responses I get from those who listen to Tucker Carlson and his fellow “right populist” pundits are just appalling in their stupidity and their white hot emotionality.

I am really not looking forward to when the imperial crosshairs move to Beijing, partly for the self-evident reason that this will be extremely dangerous and economically disastrous, but also because getting swarmed by all these brainwashed dupes in my replies is going to be excruciating. They’ve already been made crazy, and they’re going to be driven a whole lot crazier as this propaganda campaign gains more and more momentum.

If you’ve fallen for this ruse, it’s not too late to step back and realize that you haven’t been receiving brave anti-establishment commentary from the single most prominent pundit in the Murdoch press. Anyone who tells you that the correct response to your instinct that things are messed up is to vote for one of America’s two mainstream parties, consume mainstream media, and hate your government’s enemies is very clearly working to deceive you.


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90 responses to “Tucker Carlson Is As Much A Propagandist As Anyone Else In MSM”

  1. Thank you, so much Caitlin. I was shocked about the interview with Bolsonaro, who had just a week earlier addressed the June 23 BRICS summit hosted by China’s President Xi Jinping. What an insult to an otherwise wonderful summit! Mercifully Bolsonaro sent his VP to the BRICS-Plus on June 24

  2. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    ET TU TUCKER. NOOOOOoooooo…..

  3. The Murdoch press.

    Todays’ articles’ best line. Imagine the Murdoch. A tall carved statue of dark rough stone with the belly is open. The belly is filled by a fireplace of flame. Smoke comes outf the ears.

    At the end of a stairway to the inferno the priests of privilege exclusion and pain for others. Stoke the fire with…….

    Best we don’t say. Don’t hand Tucker a baby.

    This is the American statue of the false god. In times past the Indian killers who’s son’s and daughters walk among us would have performed the dark rights of these Satan loving priests.

    Now Tucker does it.

    Tucker Carlson Is as much of a propagandist as anyone else In MSM?

    No, in the land of lying POS Tucker is not an average turd. Tucker is a giant turd. One you would expect from an elephants ass.

  4. Seems to me that shills (including their secondary personas) have been increasingly posting on here during the past few months trying to discredit Caitlin every-which-way they can think of – ie trying to discredit her in the minds of her readers. And the latest smear is that she TOO is a propagandist! And in just a dozen or so comments I skimmed through it was repeated in several of them! And, as shills DO, you also then get another ‘poster’ agreeing with what they said, ‘generating’ the idea that there is a consensus. Yep, repeat, repeat, repeat, because as black propagandists know, Repetition is a subtle form of brain-washing, and people are not conscious of the fact it’s being done to them, OR, conscious of the fact that they were led to believe something to be true (when it’s not) by the technique of Repetition, AND the technique of Consensus.
    Anyway, apologies if anyone else posted a link to it, but here’s another masterpiece from Jonathan Cook:

  5. One of the China expats I follow was recently in yak country. Apparently Emperor Xi allows them to wander around anywhere they want. Walk right out onto the Tibetan roads they do. Apparently only the yaks of China know the joys of freedom!
    Lmao … Looking forward to the next vid. Katherine and her husband just arrived in Kashgar. Cue the dramatic music.
    Speaking of Emperor Xi, there is a case to be made that he ranks right up there with the greats. At the very minimum, we can say about the man that he was willing to visit impoverished places like it was part of his job. Seen more than a dozen of these.
    I’ve also seen at least 5 or 6 vids of Xi visiting or hosting Americans – of little consequence – that he either knew when he lived in the states or had some connection to his old hometown, and they all consider him just the dearest of old friends.
    It’s all so fascinating.
    Thanks for cool links btw …

    1. Oops. Misplaced. A reply to Pascal. Apologies.

      1. Even Trump said Xi was a nice guy in the very midst of his economic war against China that included labelling Covid the Chinese virus. Can’t make that stuff up! :o)

  6. Of course, Tucker’s a propagandist…Aren’t we all, just not always “consciously” so? Tucker though is a paid propagandist…has to say or at least not say what will ensure his job security, or maybe in his case, since I believe in the man’s integrity, he just goes along with the required line enough that he can occasionally inject something not so well approved by management.

    As for China’s imperial ambitions, well, maybe they really don’t have any, at least not “consciously”, but did America start out with ambitions for becoming a global empire? No, though certainly a continental one, as the colonies sought continually to expand westward, showing the basic drive of social orgs to grow-expand their power. Wasn’t the expansion of the colonies as they continued to build a US empire so often justified on “moral” grounds like the “civilization” of wild lands and savage peoples? America just behaved as all human social orgs do, seeking growth, a macrocosmic expression of the basic instincts-drives of the microcosm, the individuals who comprise the collective. With Teddy Roosevelt, America first began to think of global expansion. After WW2, America’s imperialistic behavior really took off though as it was the strongest nation left on the earth and had the wonderful cover story of seeing itself as the great protector of “freedom” against any future would-be tyrants.

    Now, consider that the Chinese are human too, that China has a long past history of being an empire, and that it is a much more powerful (economically and militarily) nation than most of those with whom it is building various trade and finance relations, and that it’s virtually impossible for a stronger party not to become controlling in a relationship. How can anyone be so confident that, despite all claims to the contrary and despite all sincere good intentions, China is not heading down a road of temptation much like the one the USA followed into becoming an empire?? As always, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

    1. Comparison is not reason. The fact that the US moved one way doesn’t mean it’s an objective pattern. The backgrounds are very different. First China had been brought to its knees by the West through the opium wars of Lord Palmerston (with a lot of help from the Sassoon family nicknamed the Rothschilds of the East) and then the Western occupation of Shanghai and the British colonization of Hong-Kong.
      The Chinese had plenty of time to see, as they were rising from their ashes, how the British had themselves been stabbed in the back by the ambitious US (arming Hitler) which was itself, seventy years later, drowning in unrepayable debt brought about by forever wars essentially destined to maintain the illusion that the Monopoly dollar made out of thin air by adding zeros to a one on a computer was a legitimate currency, now moving to the point where China and the BRICS will say: “The dollar has got no clothes”. There’s gonna be some serious reckoning in the West (already started) and China is no doubt paying attention and already hell bent in avoiding that cursus like the plague. They’re not stupid…

  7. Tucker Carlson is doing the same as cell phone companies telemarketing services trying to keep or bring back clients. But of course the hot line here is about the advantages for you to stay subdued economically as an American colony instead of a Chinese colony. They are trying to shape a projection and perception over the Chinese Silk Road in South America. Since late 90s china has been investing there in a win-win partnership in many areas. America is trying to convince Latin American people to not be tempted for this outrageous win-win Chinese proposal and to stay as an American partner allowing all profits from American companies to leave your country giving nothing in return. Anglo-American is operating in Brazil since late 50s and all cities where the company has business still the same shit hole back in the day. People are used to be exploited and they are even willing to fight against anyone trying to change things for better.
    The difference between Bolsonaro and Lula is zero. Both are corrupt and incompetent. Sad fate for them.

  8. Folks might read or listen to Michael Hudson, a financial expert and historian that seems to have a grasp of the Chinese approach to collaborative development. Appreciate your comments and point of view. Healthy discourse!

  9. Pew Research Center emailed an update on how China is viewed in a handful of countries.
    I am not going to waste your time repeating slimy western propaganda – why, you could have a great weekend instead.

    1. All due to US propaganda because China had 79% positive opinions in the US in February 1989:
      And then there was the Tiananmen massacre in June and China’s image took a dive.
      Problem: there was NEVER a Tiananmen massacre (but demonstrations in another part of Beijing with a lot of casualties among military and police) and the whole slanderous press campaign (which goes on to this day with the annual celebration by the Western media of a massacre that never happened) as well as the failed attempt to mount a color revolution in Tiananmen on that occasion was entirely orchestrated by the CIA.
      Can’t make that stuff up!

  10. For Pascal:
    A walk with tour guide Max, who has smooth and lively gait and a sense of the camera that is Hitchcockian.
    So often when I’m with him, old Keatsie comes to mind.

    When old age shall this generation waste,
    Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
    Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say’st,
    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

    I’m rooting for China. I hated the country all my life, mostly because I was a blind and ignorant fool. But in my homestretch years, I’m going to every effort to see the country and its people as clear as I can.
    And what I’m seeing in China, above all else, is a nation dedicated to the pursuit of beauty.

    1. I loved China too. Been there five times between 1988 and 2001.
      May I in turn offer some views of places I have visited and loved there?
      I went twice to Lijiang in the Yunnan province cos’ I liked it so much. The mountain behind is called the Tooth of the Jade Dragon and there’s a Tibetan monastery where you can drink tea with yak milk. Worth a try :o)
      I actually saw them fishing with cormorants in traditional attire on the Li River in 1988 like in the above video.
      Suzhou, nicknamed Venice of the East is a one day excursion from Shanghai.
      And then there’s the fabulous landscape paintings. I never get tired of that and their use of the void:

      1. I mean tea with yak butter. Tastes good!

  11. william wesley Avatar
    william wesley

    It seems that’s ever the best way, the pundit seems to be speaking their own ideas in exclusive intimacy with the audience, but the pundit is doing nothing of the kind, they are are there to fend off cognizance. Job number 1, prevent certain questions from being asked by substituting false questions, prevent real problems form being solved by presenting false problems to be solved, ensure that the status quo dominates by any and all means, especially by pretending to be anti-status quo, false flag is in the nature of all propaganda. A nation which subsists on ADVERTISEMENT is already dominated by propaganda, the news is simply a less direct form of advertisement to the same ends, the economic domination of criminals over all aspects of life, the news comes in when what is being sold has little commercial appeal, such as the need to extenuate profits by use of war.

    1. In Spanish they use “propaganda” and “publicidad” on an equal footing to mean advertisement. They don’t make a difference.

  12. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    America specializes in Psychological Projection where it accuses its enemies of what America really is.

    That is a core American value.

    Tucker Carlson’s unhinged anti-China rants are only a reflection of America’s warped nature in general. Carlson is the American Goebbels but with a fake populist mask, which just so happens to be promoted by billionaire oligarchs like Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch.

    The same America that is invading, bombing, regime changing, economically exploiting other nations from Africa to Latin America to the Middle East accuses nations of “taking over the world.”

    American Freedom=the freedom for American to colonize the world, behind the Big Lie of crusading for freedom.

    Freedom and Democracy in general are nothing more than the mask of the American Empire, which is literally trying to “take over the world” as evidenced by these documents below:


    Manifesto for world dictatorship

    This war on terrorism is bogus

  13. HIYA Caitlin, Just wanted to include the fact that FOXnews has already conceded the fact they consider Carlson a FICTIONAL Character. By their own description, absolutely NOBODY should believe anything Tucker has to say. Personally, I think his show requires a warning statement before it Airs!

  14. Caitlin is precisely right about what she says about Carlson. My question is who is Carlson’s audience?

    Right-wing evangelical nutcases who vote Republican – that’s who.

    Have you ever spoken to those dipshits? They have ZERO clue as to what is happening and are usually the first ones to bring up “Yeah but China is a dictatorship!”

    Whereas the USA is FREE – as long as you don’t need an abortion, medical care, a home, education, or you get sentenced to prison for having some Cannabis in your possession – but hey you can have a gun!

    HA HA HA 25% of all the prisoners in the world are in US Jails.

    1. Turns out conservatives are total hypocrites when it comes to freedom.

  15. Reply @Ted Christian: I’m sorry I called you a patronizing idiot. I have to upgrade that to arrogant cunt. And supposing you’ve got something intelligent to bring to the table, what would it look like? (You may call a friend…)

    Because it’s not enough to boast about some vague and unverifiable qualification and to copy a few lines from Wikipedia to make any sense. You still haven’t answered the main question: how could anyone have taken a clear and centered photo of an unexpected missile about to hit its target and with what? And how does it compete with photoshopping by the BBC?

    Of course, if you had an IQ a little bit above room temperature, you would realize that “’Treeline’ doesn’t go with orbital velocities. And so on. Stick to what you know. And ‘probably’ is plenty of significant digits for this” doesn’t make a fucking bit of sense and doesn’t bring anything cogent or simply relevant to the topic at hand. It’s just pure pissing contest and it stinks – stop eating asparagus. Nevertheless, sticking to what I know, because I’ve been a professional photographer for years, I can tell you for sure that nobody could have taken that photo and that it’s been photoshopped.

    But never mind, you’ve definitely outed yourself as a troll (one of those army guys trolling about the Ukraine war that Caitlin wrote about in her previous piece?) with that one as well as your similarly snarky comments yesterday and I don’t think you’ll spend much more time with us.

    My advice: chill and come back in a couple of weeks with another pseudo. Moonraccoon for instance? No, we’ve already outed this chump. Well, ask a friend for Chrissakes!

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      I think you’re projecting here. BSc Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida. National Merit Scholar, designed spacecraft, trained astronauts, etc., and if you don’t understand me my point exactly. If I’m talking over your head you shouldn’t have brought up the subject. At some length. And I’ve done enough aerial photography that I suppose I could explain that video to you if I watched it, but suffice it to say whatever suspicions you have about it need to be based on something other than your understanding of ballistic flight.

      1. For the umpteenth time – and this is where you confirm yourself as a troll and probably a military one from the CV you detail -, this is not at all the question. You stubbornly try to derail the debate into a minor ballistic detail which you put front and center when the question is that the BBC likely photoshopped a picture of a missile to illustrate an article saying that it deliberately hit a shopping mall where up to 1,000 people might have been trapped while locals say it had been closed since last spring.
        In other words this is about the debunking of British propaganda that you are likely paid to derail.
        And what arrogance! “And I’ve done enough aerial photography that I suppose I could explain that video to you if I watched it”. Wait a minute… You flatly admit here that you don’t have a clue what the fuck we’re talking about but you won’t stoop to watching the video because the speed of a missile at near sea level is “probably” Mach 3 rather than Mach 22 as the dude who posted the video assumed according to speeds he simply found in Google. You don’t even know at what speed that missile was flying when the photo was allegedly taken. All you have is a “probability”… Based on what? God only knows… You know fuck all about the whole shebang and you swagger around patronizing people that you’re trying to cancel because… you’re just a troll and you’re trolling.
        Ever found anybody who took you seriously?

        1. Ted Christian Avatar
          Ted Christian

          Astronauts generally did. I dismissively responded to your amateurish flight analysis. I have difficulty imagining anybody could take seriously the idea of low altitude flight at orbital velocity, but I’m getting better at it. Much more of this and I’m going to have to start charging tuition.

          Most UF aeros are military? Where does that come from?

          My understanding of the mall strike is that there was an adjacent weapons facility that was the primary and the mall was essentially empty and sustained collateral damage. At least that’s what my script says.

          1. Yeah, we already got that far before you started dick swinging, thanks.

        2. The very first thing I thought when seeing the “picture” was “photoshop”. And I’m not all that smart.

    2. i thought they reported that it was a frame of cctv footage.

      1. Don’t look like CCTV to me! The day CCTV will come out with such clear definition, we’ll know at last who killed who :o)

      2. I guess I’d need to be able to compare the resolution of the Pentagon security cameras versus the resolution of the cctv footage…but when thinking about the 3 or 4 frames belatedly released by the Pentagon of the alleged Flight 77 “mishap,” I’d have to expect a missile travelling at 530 mph (like alleged Flight 77) to be something of a blur. That is assuming 530 mph is an acceptable minimum terminal velocity for that missile.

  16. Tucker Carlson gets on my nerves too – I simply can’t listen to his paranoid, patronizing and often biased rants – and I agree that his stance on China is totally unhinged. However, we must give him credit for inviting on his show anti-establishment figures like Glenn Greenwald, Max Blumenthal or Jimmy Dore, which nobody else does.
    Talking about Jimmy Dore, he did an excellent piece yesterday to debunk a BBC article about a mall allegedly bombed in Ukraine by a Russian missile with 1,000 people inside.
    However good this debunking was though, it showed that Jimmy Dore is no photographer since he only remarked that in the photo published by the BBC, the missile seemed to be heading for a tree line rather than a shopping mall unless the shopping mall was behind the tree line which, after all, was possible…
    Now, everybody’s seen movies where people shoot each other. Do you ever see the bullets flying? Do you think that if you expected the gun to fire, you could capture on a photo the bullet flying?
    I know I’ve taken tens of thousands of professional photos and I couldn’t do it!
    Bullets travel at different speeds but a L.R. 22 round for instance travels at one and a half time the speed of sound, i.e. Mach 1.5. or 1,022 mph. So it’s not surprising you can’t even see it. And other bullets’ speeds are not notably different. Can’t see ’em flyin’ period, let alone take pitchers of ’em doin’ it!
    A missile is of course a lot bigger than a bullet but it travels in the range of Mach 22, i.e. 16,800 mph, fifteen times faster than the bullet you already can’t see because that’s how fast it is!
    Question 1: if an unexpected missile is shot at a shopping mall, what are the chances that a professional photographer with the best camera in the world can capture a photo of it flying at 16,800 miles per hour somewhere ahead of the blast?
    It’s probably so close to zero that you can’t tell the difference, especially since the missile will be travelling at twenty times the speed of sound, so the photographer won’t even hear the launching deflagration.
    Question 2: what are the chances that a professional photographer with the best camera in the world will be at that particular spot at that particular nanosecond to be able to take a photo of an unexpected missile travelling at 16,800 mph?
    Bluntly speaking? Zero!
    Question 3: what are the chances that a passer-by sees an unexpected missile coming his way at 16,800 mph, gets his phone out of his pocket, aims at the missile with the phone camera and gets the missile perfectly clear – as if it was immobile – and centered?
    We’re getting into negative figures here. By the time he gets his phone out, the missile has long disappeared and exploded!
    Question 4: what are the chances that the BBC photoshopped a picture of a missile on a landscape with a lot of sky above a tree line so that the reader could see it clearly?
    Now we’re talking! Probably billions!
    So, on this occasion, the British Bullshitting Corporation has morphed into the British Bulletshitting Corporation. I’m asking you…
    And there are people to believe that shit!

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      Warhead terminal velocity anywhere close to sea level is probably subsonic and the velocity you cite is in the range of peak intercontinental ballistic velocity, not to mention exoatmospheric. Duh. Google some of those words and get a relevant degree.

      1. Talk about patronizing idiots! Well you go and take a picture of a missile flying at even subsonic speed close to sea level when you don’t even know it’s coming genius, which was my point. It’s funny how entitled people make fools of themselves while trying to look clever by entirely missing the point to substitute details in which they feel competent and insult people without reasons. And what kind of relevant degree do you have genius, may I ask?

        1. Besides, in a purportedly scientific demonstration the word “probably” just doesn’t make the grade in case nobody told you in the course of your brilliant studies.

        2. Ted Christian Avatar
          Ted Christian

          Aerospace engineering. I stopped reading when you mixed terminal velocity with entry interface but … gun muzzle velocities range from high subsonic to 3 M or so. “Missile” is a broad classification, flight regimes range from supersonic to orbital. Ballistic terminal phase (the end part) would depend on trajectory and ballistic characteristics but would be around sonic, maybe 2M at the very outside. Check out videos of V-2 impacts. “Treeline” doesn’t go with orbital velocities. And so on. Stick to what you know. And “probably” is plenty of significant digits for this.

          1. Reply up there for space.

  17. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    An enemy bent on world domination is the standard meme of comic books and national governments everywhere. And if China is pursing full spectrum dominance of the world they at least don’t openly proclaim it like the US. Tucker should do a show on that.

    My favorite bit of China ranting is Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo’s “If we really want to slow down China’s rate of innovation, we need to work with Europe.” I just roll that concept around in my mind- their big collective objective is to slow down someone else’s innovation. Maybe she just misspoke and she and the media were too drone like to pick up on it, but she gives the impression the US has given up on actually competing with China and has instead decided to simply try and claw it down. I’ve traveled in China and seen their authoritarianism first hand, and Gina might as well be working for them because if they want to keep their people in line all they have to do is point to pronouncements like Gina’s and mutter about barbarians at the gate, and they don’t have to make anything up. And maybe that’s the idea.

    1. The explanation here is simple. Someone reckoned in a book long ago that if the whole planet wanted to have the standard of living of the Americans – that they pretend to want to bring to the world through “freedom and democracy”, an increasingly transparent smokescreen for the fact that the American Dream is only possible at the expense of everybody else’s nightmare – we would need six planets like the Earth to get the raw materials. So every time anyone ups their standards of living, the American elites feel threatened with starvation and have this compulsive urge to throw a monkey wrench into their innovation plans.
      Of course what they don’t get – which proves they’re finished because it’s exactly the contrary of the attitude that brought them success -, is that innovation as China sees it for obvious reasons (1.4 billion pop.) consists in finding new ways of going forward outside the box. Like it’s totally insane that you have this huge source of energy called the sun out there and nobody’s found a way to use it for mass consumption. In a capitalist society, it’s easy to see who would fight any such development tooth and nail to preserve the profits they get from oil. But in a socialist country that’s an oil and gas importer already and will need more and more of it as they lift more and more people out of poverty?
      China already invests twice as much as the US in clean energy and is the world leader in that domain.

      1. Ted Christian Avatar
        Ted Christian

        I didn’t take any measurements in China but it seemed obvious to me that if they started burning through resources like the US the planet was going to go belly up.

        1. Yup. Already, China is very nearly double the US in total energy consumption. And they’re just getting started on the per capita side.

          It’s a Catch 22 type tragedy. The “China Synthesis,” as I call it, clearly works wonders, but it’s success will lead to its demise.
          And quickly too I think. China will have its decade or two in the sun, but not much more than that.
          Then it all comes down.

          1. Unless they invent new technologies like getting their energy from the sun just like they inventing in the past papermaking, the compass, the crossbow, gunpowder, printing and derivatives like banknotes as well as a bunch of other stuff…

            1. Hey, I’m rooting for em. I’ve come to like China.

      2. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
        USA-ma Bin Laden

        The explanation here is simple. Someone reckoned in a book long ago that if the whole planet wanted to have the standard of living of the Americans – that they pretend to want to bring to the world through “freedom and democracy”, an increasingly transparent smokescreen for the fact that the American Dream is only possible at the expense of everybody else’s nightmare – we would need six planets like the Earth to get the raw materials. So every time anyone ups their standards of living, the American elites feel threatened with starvation and have this compulsive urge to throw a monkey wrench into their innovation plans.

        That is the Elephant-in-the-Living-Room issue that Americans of all stripes don’t want to admit: The American Way of Life and American Dream in general are a nightmare for the rest of the world.

        As such, the oh-so-precious American Way of Life itself is morally illegitimate and deserves to ended.

        Indeed, America is best described as a parasite on the world, as a certain hated leader in Russia once openly stated:

        Putin says U.S. is “parasite” on global economy

        Americans are literally living off the blood, sweat, and tears of workers in other nations.

        Who makes the products that Americans consume for pennies on the dollar?

        Workers in India, Mexico, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and … especially China.

        American foreign policy is fundamentally driven by the deserve to defend this parasitic way of life and the exploitative capitalist system upon which it is based.

        Americans however don’t have the honesty to admit this, so they call it “defending freedom and democracy.”

        Smug and arrogant with an in-bred sense of economic entitlement–that America in its essence.

        America: Host Or Parasite?

    2. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      Was Invader Zim from China? For that matter did Pinky and the Brain somehow have ties to China. Tucker should check them out.

  18. If a person has a show on a mainstream network here in the USA they are spreading propaganda. Don’t care who they are that is the truth. You don’t get a show on US MSM without being vetted by the borg.

  19. Tell me the name of one journalist who does not defend one agenda? None. Each one clings towards right, center, left or whatever this joke means today anyways. Tucker before all this mess was just a clown and he still a clown but there are too many competitive clowns in the race that made him looks like someone serious now. Can we call him a serious clown? Right. Same goes for Caitlin. Her viewpoints to crush the US-UK empire are really good but let her open her mouth to talk about left, unworthy people and on and you will end up facing another serious clown. The point is – Is there any other way to not fall short? Yes, but it requires self-economic-suicide because the truth does not belong to our reality. Which reminds that eventually you can fall short and be broken.

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      What kind of clown do you identify as?

      1. I am the clown who has the time to come get some grains of wisdom.

  20. Tucker Carlson is a lunatic and I hope he never takes my side.
    The only aggression that Americans should care about is aggressive growth of Pentagon’s budget, as well as aggressive rise in the government debt, which is American debt. Private bankers do not only rob Africa, nothing they would like more than robbing the richest country in the world, USA. Well maybe not richest any longer, because debt is not wealth.

    1. Right about the MIC, right about predatory banks, wrong about the federal debt. Since that debt is in dollars, which the US government can create at will, it could be paid off in full tomorrow. The national debt that cripples federal governments is debt owed in foreign currency, which is the MO of the IMF and World Bank. If your family had a perfectly legal counterfeiting machine in your basement, would there ever be defaults on family debts? Fortunes were made a while back by investors who understood this and thus bought Italian bonds, payable in Italian currency, when that country was in deep economic trouble and its bondholders were desperately bailing out. Check out Warren Mosler and the birth of MMT.

      1. Printing dollars eventually leads to inflation. Somebody has to perform work to help fiat money keep its worth.

        1. Which with I and MMT totally agree. The money supply must be in sync with resources to spend it on or inflation can rear its ugly head. Inflation can also be caused by supply line disruptions as we’re now seeing, brought on by the shutdown or sanctioning of economies.

  21. The U.S. Oligarchs intend to rule the world. They have been buying up farmland and single family housing

    Apparently they intend for us to ‘own nothing and ‘like’ it’

    They intend to make us completely dependent on them in every way so that we will do whatever they demand like allow chips to be implanted in us and give any and all privacy.

  22. Tucker Carlson has viewpoints and opinions which he expresses well.
    Is he a propagandist?
    China has been an empire for thougsands of years, and recently had a couple of off-centuries.
    It is natural for Han-Chinese to see their role in the middle/central kingdom as rulers of the peripheral world. They read Chinese history, which is “world history” of a somewhat smaller world.
    China’s best take-down of the Western-Empire is a mass movement of oppressed countries, but in the decades following this, China would naturally seek the status of “Most Equal” as the USA is in NATO.
    I think we should all help with the egalitarian “new order”, but we should already be looking to the next step as well.
    We should also be growing vegetables and stoling rice, beans, cooking oil, salt, water, and so on.

    1. Oops, make that “Storing” rice and beans….

    2. pretzelattack Avatar

      remind me of all the countries China has invaded across the globe. not the ones on its borders, run by countries that victimized china and addicted some of its population to opium. remember the Great Wall of China? no doubt it has a superiority complex, but it was never an empire in the US/British sense.

  23. In a previous post, Caitlin referred to the American duopo!y as a boxer; one that can deploy both jabs (Democrats) and crosses (Republicans) to stifle the opponent (the American citizen). What she should have added is that the gloves being used by the boxer are both Red.

    1. pretzelattack Avatar

      Red with blood, not red as in left wing.

  24. Thanks for the great article. I figured out Carlson was controlled opposition quite a while back.

  25. It’s amazing that the ‘good old red blooded americans’ on the right keep picking elitist trust fund babies to believe about pretty much all the things. Amazing or dumb in the extreme rather.

  26. Me thinks this multi-millenium-old human birthing crisis will be over in ten years. Hopefully for the better.

    In case it’s for the worse, I’d like to say: I love you, Johnstones. You two are a fucking treasure. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  27. Bernard Desgagné Avatar
    Bernard Desgagné

    Caitlin Johnstone is a propagandist too; otherwise she would stop pretending that she cannot see the COVID elephant in the room. A plan to depopulate the planet with vaccines, harmful public health measures and a controlled demolition of the economy certainly is just as reprehensible as arming nazis in Ukraine… unless you are Chinese or Russian, in which case you certainly would like to encourage your adversaries to play the sinister COVID game against their own people.

    The psychopaths in Wall Street and Washington are not bad only when they threaten to nuke Russia or China. Killing, maiming or sterilizing millions of Americans and other Westerners is also a crime.

    1. Exactly right. I am 100% opposed to U.S. involvement in countries that don’t want us there, especially if they are overseas, but it’s naive to think that we shouldn’t be paying close attention to countries that are obviously trying to purchase and control resources in the U.S. and in countries that have been traditionally aligned with the U.S.

      China has been busily buying up strategic assets in the U.S., as well as in countries around the world. They are gaining control over our land, water, and agricultural resources via U.S.-based funds and corporate entities. To think that they are not a threat is the height of ignorance.

      It’s also true that many of the self-appointed “leaders” in the U.S. have shifted their allegiance from American citizens to the Chinese over the past few decades. COVID might have spread from China, but I firmly believe that its genesis was in the U.S. We’re experiencing unconventional warfare, IMHO, and the enemy is already on the inside. I don’t know what they have planned for us, but it doesn’t look benevolent.

    2. pretzelattack Avatar

      china and russia both recognize covid as a pandemic.

    3. OK, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Show your work. Otherwise, seek mental health counseling.

  28. Have you ever been to China Caitlin? Is it a free country or a dictatorship with the population controlled by threats and force? Lately the Chinese government has been recruiting western bloggers and YouTubers to write (or cut and paste) favorable propaganda. See Laowhy86 on YouTube for some example.clips. Been dipping into the till?

    1. Oh. yes. Here we go. The “freedom vs. ‘mockracy!” trope.

      Of course, you think Americans are “free” with their police state, with the world’s largest prison population and their thoroughly corrupt uni-party government. And of course you think they’re “peaceful” with their multiple, war crimes-laden invasions of choice, and of course if you had to write a short, accurate description of how Chinese government works you couldn’t do it. All of this is true and you damned well know it, so piss off.

    2. If you’re asking if I’m being paid by the Chinese government to criticize the most dangerous impulses of the most powerful empire that has ever existed, the answer is no. If that is indeed what you are saying, do you mind my asking if you’re not embarrassed to behave this way in public? And is this really how you want to live your life?

      1. I lived, studied and traveled all around China. I went to find out for myself what is going on. I found some of the best people anywhere, beautiful people, but they definitely are not allowed to criticize the government and things have gotten a lot worse since I was there. They deserve so much better and painting a false picture is not helping.

    3. Thank you for saying this Blue Fire. Fuck China.

      1. As Voltaire said, “the human brain is a complex organ with the wonderful power of enabling man to find reasons to believe whatever it is he wants to believe” and also “the more often a stupidity is believed, the more it gets the appearance of wisdom”.

      2. Fuck propagandized people. They’re barely beyond the ape stage.

        1. Oh yes, China is great. Please move there and try to spew any so called anti propagandist rhetoric. Censorship and then MIA. Human rights, environmental and free speech violations are very well documented there.
          Yeah, the U.S. is corrupt to the core. But this blind fellating of China and Russia betrays the naïveté of the blog author and wanna be leftist acolytes. What is NOT understood is human nature. Read some good ole evolutionary and comparative psychology. It pares it down in very clear ways that we as an animal species are tribal and power seeking. The U.S. and other global leaders merely reflect these principles on a macro level. Keep fighting and raging against the machine and once more unto the breach, and all that jazz. It’s imperative and worth it for even small victories but let’s not delude ourselves. All the major players are chancrous.

    4. You are right, China deserves praise, not propaganda.

    5. Follow Daniel Dumbrill and you’ll discover this laowhy is garbage.

  29. When Dutch historian Rutger Bregman ripped Tucker another xsshole… (it was not aired)

  30. Remembering Dutch historian Rutger Bregman ripping Tucker Carlson another xsshole 🙂 They did not air it….

  31. Great read, excellent reporting.
    Taking on China ” … will be extremely dangerous …”
    Yes it will. What I don’t think what people fully grasp, is China can drop the US like hot potato any time it wants. It doesn’t need us. It can just say, oh, you don’t want to do business with us? On top of this, you want to be a complete assholes toward us? Ok, see ya the fuck later.
    China has it’s own banks, it own oil companies, mining companies, gas companies, tech companies, construction companies, shipping companies, and owns port facilities all over the globe.
    And that does even begin to sum up what China has going for it. It has a national purpose, it is a nation-state functioning as a nation-state, and it has a party in charge that is seeking all-time historical greatness.
    And it has 1.4 billion people, 90% of whom are fully on board with the program, and billions of people in other nations that are looking to China for help, friendship, and/or guidance, and rightfully so.
    Because China doesn’t want to dominate, or lead the world from the point of gun. What it wants, in a world divided into mostly malfunctioning nation-states, is to be the First Amongst Equals, because it believes it has proven, without a doubt, that is best qualified for this position.
    What does the US have going for it?
    NOTHING, except it’s nuclear arsenal.
    Our privatized Western neo-liberal banking system just got it’s ass handed to it by poor little Russia that has an economy the size of Iowa,* is there any chance it won’t get crushed by China’s 3 main state central banks, which all print money ONLY for the well being of China in their own dedicated categories, agriculture, infrastructure, and trade, and the dozens of other regional and provincial people’s banks which distribute this printed money smartly and equitably throughout the nation as whole?
    All of it with a long range purpose?
    Those are rhetoricals. If we take on China economically, we will be destroyed in short order.
    So my country has nukes, and that’s it. It’s the only thing we can bring to this party, which seems to be starting right about now.
    * Kidding Russkies. If you play your cards right, your economy can be practically any size you want it to be. You have the resources, all you need to do is crush the neo-liberal presence that for some reason still seems to dominate you. I still read you are still touting the need for more privatization. Why is that?.
    Just follow the Chinese model, already. I mean come on, China has built more record breaking suspension bridges in the last 10 years than you have tanks. You’re record of national self-improvement is almost as pathetic as my country.

    1. It’s difficult to compare those two very different countries. It’s like comparing the US and Canada. Half of Russia is under the snow half the time whereas China has a mostly temperate to tropical climate and ten times more inhabitants.
      Another thing: when you say the economy of Russia is like that of Iowa, you’re probably talking of GDP. Fact-check: Iowa’s GDP is $194 billion (30th in the US) whereas Russia’s is $1.5 trillion, 7,7 times more and 11th in the world just behind Canada ($1,6 trillion). However, what’s more important than the GDP is the PPP (purchasing power parity) and there, Russia comes 6th behind China, the US, India, Japan and Germany – before all other OECD nations.
      Besides, you called Russia a shithole in a recent post. I must admit I’ve only visited there twice and it was in the 90s – a particularly low point – and it was also only Moscow and Saint-Petersburg but Saint-Petersburg in particular is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world and you must have at least seen pictures of what they did for a metro in Moscow already in… 1935. This is arguably the most beautiful piece of metropolitan in the world!
      Russian culture is not necessarily my cup of tea either – especially the Soviet architecture and social standards – but I wouldn’t throw the baby with the tub water. They’re capable of great things and they’ve proved it – without even getting into space and armament stuff, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn etc… And Putin, the only head of state capable of popularity numbers consistently over 60% (most of the time over 80% like now) after almost a quarter of a century in power.
      However, please do me a favour: don’t tell Brandon (or any other murderous psychopath posing as a Western leader for that matter). I wouldn’t want to break his fragile heart… :o)

  32. Who controls our speech? The ADl. Who picks every president since JFK? APAC. Who runs our banks? Who controls hollywood? Who funds Antifa and BLM? Who funds porn and feminism? Who picks our DA’s? Who runs big-tech? Who supported and protected Epstein? I will give you a hint. It’s not China!

    1. Don’t throw porn and feminism in with that bunch. M’okay?

    2. pretzelattack Avatar

      murderous police criminals “fund” BLM and Antifa, no bootlicking please. and keep pretending the son East Coast criminal money was not “picked” to be president.

    3. Oh no, Mr. Bill, not the chews!

  33. Sidebar, the pathetic record of teaching Chinese geography, history and politics in our educational system has created a blank canvas for the most lurid media accounts of what China is doing. Americans are quite possibly the most ignorant people on the planet when it comes to basic knowledge of the world beyond US borders, depriving them of any ability to critically assess the weaponized media of Empire…as the achievements of China in reducing poverty domestically and building mutually beneficial ties internationally continue to be hidden from the American people. It’s a very dangerous situation for the world.

  34. Thank you for this. So many people are unaware of the manipulation of facts by mainstream news on all sides. Carlson, like every other mainstream journalist, follows the money, except in his case, as a media ‘star,’ Republicans eat up his every word without thinking critically.

    1. Carlson is no more a journalist than Rachel Maddow, and two different court cases involving them showed this. They’re entertainers

  35. in the UK the BBC has been in overdrive over the past few years, inventing a genocide in Xinjiang, misreporting riots in Hong Kong, smearing bloggers living in China etc. They had a short break to concentrate their efforts on vilifying and inventing fantasies about Russia. The focus will now return to China, as the Ukraine conflict has served it’s purpose.
    It is a wholly white supremacist Empire outlook. Criminals, liars and thieves now occupy all positions of power.
    The warnings are there. We will have to endure more dangerous nuclear brinkmanship and listen to the deranged rants of the figureheads of Empire like Carlson.

    I hope that people are not so easily triggered to hate as they were over Russia. I hope, but still am not convinced because many share the same institutionalised racism Carlson displays.

    1. The war in Ukraine is not for Russia nor Ukrainians. It’s meant to get rid of nationalists on both sides. Lower the prices on property and natural resources and soften it up for isreal to occupy it. They even say this publicly. This is the real goal.

      1. WHO says it publicly? And WHERE exactly have ‘they’ said it publicly? Could you elaborate.

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