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Best wishes to Americans this July 4th as you celebrate your great nation’s revolutionary transition from being ruled by a king to being ruled by corporations.

The US government views the American people as an annoying distraction from its real job of managing a globe-spanning empire. They couldn’t be more obvious about it. The only thing keeping Americans from seeing it are the media spinmeisters telling them daddy loves them all day.

America’s armed goon squad filled a man’s body with 60 bullets while he was unarmed and running away and the narrative managers are telling Americans to worry about Russia and China.

The governments of Russia and China are mobilizing as though the US-centralized empire is plotting to conquer and subjugate them because that’s exactly what is happening.

Find a government who loves you the way your own current government loves spending your money on a proxy war in Ukraine.

It is good that the last two US presidents have been slobbering idiots with holes in their brains. You never want the world’s most evil government to have a charming face.

Once you understand how much power is riding on Washington’s ability to maintain the political status quo, it doesn’t look the slightest bit paranoid or delusional to assume that all mainstream US politics and media are being deliberately tilted toward that end by the powerful. Like ooh yeah it’s so crazy and conspiratorial to think powerful people might be involved in manipulating politics and media in the hub of the most powerful empire that has ever existed.

It’s so fucking obnoxious how the US keeps pretending it’s following Ukraine’s lead in order to obfuscate the fact that it’s clearly the exact opposite. The western empire deliberately provoked this war, refuses to do anything to help end this war, actively discourages its puppet regime in Kyiv from ending the war, and plainly benefits from the continuation of this war. They’re destroying that country and then blaming it on the victim.

The correct response to “Ah shit the ecosystem is dying” is not “therefore we’d better entrust ruling power structures with even more power so they can fix it,” it’s “therefore we’d better overthrow the ruling power structures whose madness created this problem so we can fix it.”

People are getting their life advice from chronically miserable freaks like Jordan Peterson and getting their foreign policy opinions from chronically wrong pundits who lied about the Iraq war. Don’t take life advice from miserable people, don’t take career advice from unsuccessful people, don’t take relationship advice from people who can’t maintain one, don’t take creative advice from people who don’t create, don’t take foreign policy advice from Iraq war supporters.

I wrote and tweeted about abortion for days after the Roe decision using the words “women” and “woman” the entire time and no one ever objected or told me to say “birthing people” or “people with uteruses” even once. The majority of my readers are leftists. This “women are being erased” culture war talking point seems to be a made-up crisis.

Most of what I do here is document propaganda trends and how they’re affecting the way people think and communicate. When propagandists get going I very quickly see their talking points regurgitated in my comments section. This simply is not happening with language about women.

A few liberal and medical institutions are using more inclusive language now, but it’s not affecting the way people think and talk about women so it’s silly to claim it’s hurting us. There are many, many obstacles and abuses women face in our society, but a smattering of trans-inclusive language is not one of them. Stop getting sucked into culture war brain quagmires.

People get so mad when I talk about what a sleazy propagandist Tucker Carlson is. It’s like they think I’m talking about their friend. Don’t form parasocial relationships with your mass media pundits, that’s gross.

Whenever the news cycle gets me saying lots of things my rightist followers object to I always get a bunch of hysterical reactions claiming I’ve changed or I’m losing my mind. Really it’s that they’d been following a leftist and agreeing with her the entire time without noticing up until that moment.


Human biology is not separable from this planet. In the future, if there is a future, the field of medicine will treat the entirety of Earth’s biosphere like it now treats the individual human. We won’t colonize space, we’ll enter a collaborative relationship with our ecosystem.

People would be faster to abandon the false hope of space colonization if they weren’t perceiving life through egoic consciousness which creates the illusion of separateness. We can send food and water into space, we can imitate gravity, but we can’t replicate the earth element in human anatomy. Without the separation illusion it’s clear that the biosphere is an energetic field, not a collection of separate things, and that snipping human organisms out of that field and putting them in space makes as much sense as taking a ripple from a pond and putting it in a fishbowl.


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65 responses to “The US Government Hates Americans: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Caitlin, you’re missing 99% of the picture on Gender Identity. Its much more important and destructive than you realize. Start with this overview:

  2. “This ‘women are being erased’ culture war talking point seems to be a made-up crisis”

    Glad to see some commenters below pushing back on this. I have unsubscribed to numerous organizations which refuse to use the word woman. Planned Parenthood has had classes for men to persuade lesbians to have sex with them and they are transing children. You cannot fight for women’s rights when women have become unmentionables.

    It probably is a made-up crisis, but it’s happening in all of the Five Eyes countries and Western Europe. A leftist who runs an excellent website thinks the whole transgender crap is possibly a government psychological operation as all these governments enthusiastically support this garbage, shoving it down everyone’s throats, threatening those who desist with prison (woman in Norway may get three years in prison for “misgendering” a dude; woman in Brazil may get 25 years for “misgendering” a dude), and feeding it to children in schools.

    Now ask WHY?

    1. “Planned Parenthood has had classes for men to persuade lesbians to have sex with them and they are transing children.”

      There’s a ton in your post that I’d love to comment on if I had the time, but if you’re going to make absurd-sounding claims like this, you really need to provide a link to the evidence, otherwise everyone will just assume you’re a nutter and ignore you.

      1. One of the most amazing things about this idea that men can be women is that a lot of the things that happen sound totally bonkers. Like male rapist being housed in women’s prisons: This is just one example.

        The reference to planned parenthood workshops that helped men get lesbians to have sex with them is this:

        And for further fun, just google “cotton ceiling”


      2. Two seconds of research on the web would have answered your challenge:

        The poster was not a “nutter,” and should not be ignored.

  3. Dr. Psychodelic Avatar
    Dr. Psychodelic

    he wasn’t an unarmed man and he fired at the police. during the chase body cams show a different story. never ever act like you’re going to fire upon police, it’s almost always a death sentence.

    1. There is zero evidence he fired a gun. When the first photos were taken of the car, the gun was in the backseat. Subsequent photos showed the gun in the front seat.

  4. Whats with the hate on Jordan Peterson. The guy lives in Canada and Trudaeu is his Prime Minister. Thats reason enough to be misserable now and again.

  5. Caitlin: the erasure of women from language most definitely “is a thing.” I get regular messages from the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and a plethora of other groups who traditionally have fought for the rights of girls and women. In the past year or so, the word “woman” has almost vanished from their messaging, replaced by “pregnant people” or some such. You didn’t get pushback from your leftist readers, because you used real language to describe females, not some bizarro-world terminology that forces the reader to stop and go “huh?” The forced-teaming of “-TQIA+” to “LGB” is part and parcel of the erasure of biological sex. Without clearly understanding what FEMALE means, it’s impossible to fight for the rights of girls and women. This screws up so much political campaigning and organizing, it’s unbelievable, and it sends “normies” to the Right, because people who can’t even define what is a woman, appear insane! Not just in the US: it’s a huge problem in the UK, and in your home country as well. Just look at Sall Grover’s case right now. Read Kara Dansky’s Substack, and Graham Linehan (Glinner) as well.

    1. Yes. All this. And Lesbian spaces have all disappeared because men wanted access to them. And women spaces in general. Think MICH fest which was entirely women lead and women attended music festival, but it ended in 2015 because they refused to allow men to participate in leadership roles of organizing the festival (part of the point of the festival is men dominate music festival work and MICH fest want to create a space for women in that industry). The main bands they had booked pulled out of the festival because they were getting threats of boycotting and it all became too political and so the original organizers just gave in. This has happened over and over in women’s spaces. Even local “women only” bike groups get men joining. If the word women means “and some men” then women can’t organize because every attempt at gathering to talk about our struggles is derailed by people saying “you aren’t being inclusive!” Words aren’t meant to be inclusive. They are meant to be exclusive.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      “it sends “normies” to the Right” – YEP! That is what the establishment has engineered it to do. Push ‘social justice’ / ‘WOKE’ agendas to the extremes in order to push centrist normies much further to the right. They’re moving the overton window with reverse psychology using extreme and saturation levels of social justice as the leverage.

  6. Jordan Peterson claim to fame is that he endured oppression by wokesters. I don’t consider being oppressed an accomplishment, or proof that what you say is important.

    To me Jordan is just another guy. Not evil or virtue incarnate. Just a man. A man with some good ideas and some ideas which are not so good.

    To the rest of the comment crowd you can leave me a message on my own website now. Check out my chatbox. –

    1. “Jordan Peterson claim to fame is that he endured oppression by wokesters.”
      Lmao … That’s an all-timer.

  7. “The US government views the American people as an annoying distraction from its real job of managing a globe-spanning empire. They couldn’t be more obvious about it”.
    They could actually! They could carve the following excerpt from David Rockefeller’s Memoirs on every monument built in stone, write it in glittering letters on every other one, sow it on the Stars & Stripes, print it on the banknotes instead of In God We Trust and especially replace with it the famous WaPo motto “Democracy dies in darkness” which is so fucking corny, doesn’t mean anything and can be mistaken for an acknowledgement that democracy is actually dying from what the WaPo hides from you.
    “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
    ― David Rockefeller, Memoirs
    Which, translated in plain English – considering David Rockefeller was the Grand Poobah of the Chase Manhattan Bank and as such a member on steroids of the deep state behind the CIA – means: “You guys are too fucking expensive and always want more. We’ll turn to people who accept to work for peanuts and live on crumbs and are more pliable in other parts of the world until we can get most tasks robotized. Bots don’t need wages, don’t need social security, don’t need baby formula, don’t need vacations… They don’t even need work!”
    Then of course the next question, as Yuval Noah Hariri, lead adviser to WEF’s Klaus Schwab aptly puts it is: “What shall we do with all these useless people?”
    That’s where Bill Gates might just come up with a brilliant idea more or less connected to vaccines. Trust the science!
    However Hariri thinks that “new religions are being created now” in Silicon Valley “by people like Ray Kurtzweil and these are the religions that will take over the world”.
    Place your bets!

    1. Another great comment from Pascal. What these sociopaths never realize is that THEY are the useless people. They suck the life out of society and the entire world, and they are the ones we need gone.

  8. Well, gee, being ruled by corporations is SO much better than being ruled by kings.
    Corporations aren’t hereditary . . . oh, wait . . .
    Corporations can be overthrown . . . oh, wait . . .
    Corporations listen when you appeal . . . oh, wait . . .
    Corporations compete to make better, cheaper products . . . oh, wait . . .
    Corporations don’t declare war on enemies who are either defenseless or far more powerful than they are . . . oh, wait . . .
    Corporations don’t have absolute power . . . oh, wait . . .
    It’s impossible to corrupt an entire corporation . . . oh, wait . . .

    1. Corporations are entities whose Life span is longer than that of any Human. Corporations can also influence laws that determine, define and delegate who is a criminal.
      Corporations can also influence amendments, such as the 13th amendment, “There shall be no slavery in the United States or its possessions, excepts for convicted criminals.
      Corporations can also influence wars, sanctions and commerce.
      Corporations can live forever, resurrected under different aliases, so that crimes committed by them that affect the ecology, public and physical infrastructure as related to emotional and mental health, so that the individuals involved are obscured from the public mind.
      Corporations can also sponsor assassinations of public figures, and ensure that public records are sealed so that anyone connected or participated is obsolete, the profits are reinvested, under newly formed conglomerates of corporations whose actions are obscured.

      Corporations are entities whose Life span is longer than that of any Human.

  9. Thanks, Caitlin, we had a beautiful sunset over the Rocky mountains and fireworks everywhere on the horizon, people were very chill; however, declining material conditions are driving people mad across this beautiful country and lead is flying. There will always be culture war about something, the latest is trans and gender theory, but it will eventually work itself out. We will grow as a species into harmony with the Earth or things could get horrible. Your idea about humans not being able to ever leave the planet sounds like ‘if man we’re meant to fly, he’d have wings’. We developed scientific method to test hypotheses, so someday we may find you are right, or not. Any exploration, be it undersea or vacuum, is not a substitute for sound, sustainable political economy.

  10. I think Jordan Peterson is kind of a celebrity precisely because he is a freak. When I watched his interview I felt like I am watching a horror movie. One of his videos popped up yesterday where he says he coaches his clients to be a monster first, then conquer it.
    Freak, some of us have been trying to be a better humans all these years before the monster advice.
    I would rather talk to a rock for help than Jordan P.

  11. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    We continually move toward chaos and destruction. We abhor order and peace. It is the curse of mankind.

  12. George Cornell Avatar
    George Cornell

    Todays WaPo dumps on America’s Founding Fathers. I disgeeed and sent in this.

    What they had was firm principles . Decency, honesty and hard work.
    Todays America was already lampooned by Groucho 70 yrs ago who said, “ of course I have principles, and if you don’t like those, I have others.”
    It’s a place where not getting caught lying, equals telling the truth.
    It’s where a Pompeo can confess “ we lie, we cheat, we steal”.
    It’s where Justice serves the rich
    It’s doomed without a reboot. And the Founding Fathers are a place to start.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, Canadian immigration Service websites have been crashed again by a horde of Americans wanting out. They’d better leave their racism, exceptionalism and ethos behind. Canadians are doing fine without people who need never ending wars.

    1. I have noticed Canadians have better manners and English than Americans.
      They reportedly have better schools and agreeable society.
      Also overall quality of life is better in Canada. It is a popular destination for retirement by Americans, but I think Canada permits immigration for work, not retirement.

      1. Living in Maine — where many Canadians vacation — I have never noticed their better manners! Watching Canadians abuse servers in restaurants and drive like they’re insane is not pleasant.

  13. Philip Mollica Avatar
    Philip Mollica

    Just checking in with a thank you.
    We love you so much. So pleased Jimmy Dore is picking up your columns too and highlighting them.

    Right on target with everything. You mimic our own daily conversations.
    Carry on and know we’re right there with you.

    1. I found Caitlin years ago through Jimmy Dore.

  14. I love you Caitlin. ( although I’m too feeble now to ever properly show you how much..) Your persistence helps me carry on w words to others to challenge these systems and demand better!

  15. Our political system gives nasty puppets the Presidency and lets our Congress run riot with corruption. This is plain for all to see. But the oligarchy has so much control that it really doesn’t care how it looks.

    1. The other day I decided to find out the names of US oligarchs, but found instructions to replace “billionaire” with “oligarch”.
      And funniest article that says after America stripped Russian oligarchs of their yachts, US should deal with their own as well. Except it recommended taxing US billionaires, not confiscating their wealth as they did with the Russians.
      But, it shows that US knows how to do it.

  16. I don’t understand what you mean by “the biosphere is an energetic field”. The percentage of atheists is higher among biologists than physicists because biologists from Darwin on have realized how cruel nature is when examined closely. Shifting the blame for the dying ecosystem from the selfish gene (i.e. human DNA) to “ruling power structures” makes the problem seem more tractable, which is good for you individually as it’s less depressing. The selfish genes of the ruling power structures are cranking on all cylinders for sure, but if you get rid of them, the selfish genes of whoever takes their place will keep the engine of environmental exploitation running. Too bad we probably won’t get a chance to bet on this, and even if we did, I’m too old to collect on the bet. Global population will increase by about 80,000,000 this year, and while most of them won’t be in a position to do as much damage as us, still they will want a slice of the pie, however thin. And most of them will want to follow their genetic directive to reproduce.

    1. The urgent requirement to create flatter and better connected power structures is the point of, oh, I don’t know— 99% of what the birthing person writes?
      Currently, all systems comprising the fake “civilization” we are enduring funnel the output of the productive people into the hoards of the parasites. This is why the folks who bake the loaves live on crumbs. We could change that. We will, if we are to survive.

    2. I wanted to become a biologist, but when visiting research facility as a student I was told to accept that they use cats in experiments. I never went back there.
      Hate Darwin’s theories, the guy must have been blind or his brains hemispheres do not talk to each other.
      I noticed professional biologists are somewhat sadistic. They cannot do better while trying to explain life with a machine model, that’s European science mentality.

      1. 1) You don’t have to experiment on cats to be a biologist. 2) That’s the beauty of science: reality doesn’t care what you think. As Feynman said, nature cannot be fooled. 3) You’re hanging out with the wrong biologists. 4) Sorry to break it to you, but you are a machine. Like the rest of us. Kind of a Rube Goldberg contraption. As Ian McEwan says, “There are so many ways a brain can let you down. Like an expensive car, it’s intricate, but mass produced nevertheless, with more than six billion in circulation”. (Written in 2005–currently almost eight billion.)

    3. Please do not anthropomorphize nature. In and of itself, nature is not cruel; cruelty is a human concept and jeezums are we good at it!

      1. Please do not de-naturize humans. We are a species of animal that shares with other species a genetic directive to exploit the environment, and if that involves cruelty, the genes don’t care. Saying nature is not cruel just shows that you don’t know much about nature. Read some biology. And good luck getting your “humans only” definition of cruelty into the dictionary.

  17. in fact, the US Gov has a sliding scale for the love it has for Americans. It depends on wealth. The World Perspective of the USA: More Wealth = Greater Virtue; Being Poor = Being Evil; More Wealth = Closer to God. Billionaires are blessed beings. The Priests of this World Perspective are those that print money.

  18. They seem to like our tax money though.

    1. As Jesus noted (and MMT repeated), the money belongs to Caesar who created it. The rest of us get to use some of it, of course, in obscenely varying amounts. Rather than creating money, taxes simply destroy it, take it out of circulation. Nothing even close to socialism can come until the left grows out of the false idea, implanted by the rich, that government can only spend money which has been clawed back from the private sector via taxes or bond sales. The failure of the left to comprehend the nature of macroeconomics is a lethal, self-inflicted wound. And the irony, the tragedy, is that the wound can be healed so easily–simply, for example, by watching something like Stephanie Kelton’s “Angry Birds” YouTube video.

      1. Most readers know money gets “printed” by governments, and value gets added by work. We’re not fools.

        1. Then you might consider not using the misleading term “our tax money.” Taxpayer dollars pay for nothing on the federal level, although they are the lifeblood of state and local government. It’s not a matter of being foolish but rather of being careful in our economic language so as not to unknowingly endorse or reinforce the neoliberal mindset which I assume we both, like most of Caitlin’s readers, reject and despise.

          1. It’s our country, I don’t see anything wrong with calling it our money. Sometimes it feels like we’re not getting much for our money, but taxes are real and I didn’t mislead anyone.

  19. “Don’t take life advice from miserable people”.
    Thales of Miletus (one of the Seven Sages of Greece that Aristotle regarded as the first philosopher in the Greek tradition) was asked these questions and gave these answers:
    What is the most beautiful
    – The universe for it is the work of God.
    What is the most ancient?
    – God for he had no birth.
    What is the most powerful?
    – Necessity for all must submit to it.
    What is the most difficult?
    – To know oneself.
    What is the swiftest thing?
    – The mind because it travels over the whole universe.
    What is the easiest thing?
    – To give advice.
    What method must we take to lead a good life?
    – To do nothing we would condemn in others.
    What is necessary to happiness?
    – A sound body and a contented mind”.

    1. @Pascal,

      Thank you for this! I must now look up Thales of Miletus. I have rarely seen so much wisdom in so few words.

      That last question, What is necessary to happiness?, is especially interesting. The answer given suggests that happiness is a state of dynamic balance and equilibrium, a state which is attainable but difficult to hold. That’s consistent with my reading of ‘the pursuit of happiness’ in our Declaration of Independence. I think Spinoza would agree.

      1. Thanks. I personally prefer serenity to happiness because as Heraclitus noted, every phenomenon is in motion toward its opposite (we’re not talking about laws here but phenomena), so happiness is in motion towards unhappiness. Of course it can be argued that serenity is in motion towards agitation for instance. However serenity is more a principle than a phenomenon. It’s a shock absorber that applies just the right amount of correction to restore balance to an unbalanced situation. Or like giving change back. If one is given a ten dollar note for an item that costs five, he will give five back, if he’s given twenty, he’ll give back fifteen. In either case, everybody will walk out happy because the seller has absorbed the difference.

    2. You really are a philosopher; are you a mathematician as well? By the way, my rescue dog from Memphis arrived with the name Pascal! And he is a very wise and intelligent dog, though he distrusts human beings (sensible dog).

  20. Hey Caitlin

    Good insights as always. This is my first comment but I’ve been reading your stuff for ages. I’m an old Chomsky / media lens reader so well versed in the media manipulation landscape and you are one of the clearest voices out there.

    But I do think you need to read more dissident voices about the trans issue. Of course most leftists aren’t going to complain about the use of “woman” in a way that actually references biology instead of bullshit gender ideology, because most leftists aren’t obsessed with including trans identified people at any cost. Unfortunately western governments, which are NOT leftist and which hate women just as much as the overtly misogynistic rightists do, ARE obsessed with this, to the point of including males in women’s sports, changing rooms, wards, prisons, etc. In one sense you’re right, this isn’t an issue that most leftists are het up about, but you’re making a mistake if you think it’s no big deal that governments want to give males free access to women’s spaces. As well as misogyny and homophobia (let’s trans away the gay!) this agenda is driven by big pharma. Huge profits to be made in turning confused teens into lifelong medical patients.
    Can I recommend you follow the feminists who are leading the fight against this agenda, people like Julie Bindell, Abigail Shirer, Kathleen Stock and Jane Clare Jones, among others.
    All best, keep up the great work.

    1. Agreed! There are real, material things happening when we allow men access to women’s spaces. There are actually men winning women’s sporting events, there are actually men in women’s prisons and there are actually men running women’s rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters, there are actually men getting places in women only political seats and women only awards.

      The people promoting the idea that it doesn’t matter that we allow some men access to women only spaces aren’t idiots though, and understand that really, seriously pushing their language shift (which is not the part they care about, they care about the material part of allowing males access to female spaces) during a crisis of women’s rights, would be a bad idea. I saw plenty of main stream responses to the overturning of Roe v Wade that did use ‘birthing people’ and other so called ‘inclusive language’ and they were roundly criticized. The powerful knew not to push the use of inclusive language while lots of women were mad, riled up, and paying attention.

      And the second part about the harms this does to young children and teens cannot be underestimated. Kids who go on puberty blockers and then go on to use cross sex hormones will almost certainly be sterile. Even if they were a person who never ever wanted children, their bodies will be messed up–permanently–in many other ways and that is even if they didn’t have some surgery to remove their breasts or penis. Abigail Shrier writes about how there has been a massive increase of teen girls identifying as trans and the numbers are somewhat staggering. Not a small problem.

      The other issue is a safe guarding one for children. Young children are much safer around women than they are around men. Young children depend on knowing who is a man and who is a woman for their safety. Confusing young children into thinking some men can be women isn’t just a minor, harmless “haha, my kid thinks cats are dogs”. It seriously endangers that kid because men are far more likely to do something horrible to a kid than a woman.

      I also really appreciate all your commentary and work, but this is a funny issue. Even people that seem to see ever other crazy lie, don’t get the problems with this one. Fortunately, I think pretty soon it will be obvious to you and people like Ian Welsh (who also does very good work), that pretending some men are the same as women is not as progressive and inconsequential as you might have been sold.

      Have you seen Matt Taibbi’s commentary on this topic? Or his interview with Kara Dansky?

      1. Thanks for putting it so clearly Hannah.
        I think a big part of the left’s blindness over the problems with gender ideology has to do with the way trans activists have successfully sold the lie that anyone who objects is a right wing bigot. Even in the UK (where I’m from), where the vast majority of criticism of gender ideology has come from leftwing feminists, the mainstream left of centre parties are terrified of saying anything to oppose this ideology. I believe it’s much worse in the States, where this business all originated.
        There is a lot to say about this culture’s attitudes towards women, nonwhite people, and the natural world and the common thread of domination and erasure. Derrick Jensen is one writer who has been very on the money here (and has been cancelled by the left for his pains.)

        1. What you and Hannah say points out a blind spot in an otherwise spot-on Caitlin post. Please keep commenting.

  21. “no one ever objected or told me to say”. As a matter of fact the loyal people coming here are kinda used to know what is a Johnstone intervention in the comments section. A bullet, a knife or a plain bitter slap depends on the moon. But still a lot of nonsense to filter when it comes to left-right, women. I think Assange is the only topic where Johnstone gives a break from crap to show some heart. It is not the 300 from Thermopylae but 300 unique visitors hoping for the best.

  22. So my contention is that China cares more for its trees than the United States does for its citizens.
    Am I fucking around? I don’t know, you tell me. Quick vid, a walk through one of Shenzhen’s dozens of huge parks, quite lovely and most assuredly citizen friendly but by Chinese standards nothing to write home about, but the reason I link is because I just walked for 11 minutes through a park filled with trees and I think every single single one was receiving loving support from its government.
    Lmao … Seriously. Maybe my I China Bot blinders are obsuring my vision, but unless I missed one, every tree in the park, large and small, young and old, was lovingly quad staked.
    You know, much has been made of the recent upward transfers of wealth to our parasitic corps and the 1%, the CARES Act, Ukraine, other MIC add ons and so on, but between 2008 and 2012 the Fed created, and this is the smallest number I came across back then, $14 trillion to “bolster” something, presumably the American economy, but one could ask, if that was the theoretical intention, “are you fucking kidding me?”
    It seems to this sane human, that with 14 trillion dollars* you build a brand new doubly fantastic country the size of the United States … from scratch.
    It is a joke, truly it is, what my country has become. And it would be funny, if we didn’t have nukes.
    But we do.
    *Again, that was the minimum figure at the time. But most people in the game thought the real number was well over 20, when you added in all the various “mechanisms” that the Fed has in its givaway repertoire.
    It’s inflation repertoire, on the other hand, is one trick pony. Raise interest rates and crush labor.

    1. Couldn’t help noticing, a lot of pavement in that park, and the trees were all staked with what looked like poles out of a factory, presumably plastic. Not what I was expecting after “quite lovely” and “filled with trees”. Not picking on China here, I think this is a global trend (in other words, I’m picking on humans). FYI, I’m 77 (search “shifting baseline syndrome”).

      1. Lovely. Loving. Lovingly. Perhaps I went overboard with the use of the l-word? ;–) And yes, the park is mostly concrete and looks artificial as hell.
        But I give em credit for the effort.I wasn’t kidding when I wrote that Shenzhen has dozens of huge parks (in every variety imaginable, including au natural). All their major cities do. Skyscrapers are what you bump into in China’s greening cities as you move from park to park.
        However, China pours more concrete every two years, and bends more steel every five, than the US has in it’s entire existence, and on this fact alone, any idea of say, getting global carbon emissions under control, is an absurdity.
        And China is just starting to hit their stride. Earth’s biosphere trembles at the thought.

        1. Like all religions, global warming and especially global warming due to CO2 emissions is a hoax:

          It has replaced the Bible’s “original sin” (more and more people being unable to understand how a woman eating an apple condemned mankind to gloom until the end of time) in making people feel guilty, which is the number one weapon of power.
          On the bright side, it enriched a lot of people though :o)

          1. PS: when something is endlessly hammered by the corporate media, you can be sure it enriches some people, and not necessarily in the bottom tier which just gets FAU (fucked as usual :o)

    2. Reply to Pascal regarding “the global warming hoax:”
      If you say so, but please, as someone who has spent 20 years regaling against the near total silence of the corporate media regarding this subject, don’t try to put them in my camp.
      There all yours pal, as are Big Oil, Coal, Gas, Fed/Wall Street Complex, the IMF, the World Bank, the Bilderbergers, the World Economic Forum, every major global conglemerate I can think of, outside of meaningless lipservice, every government on this planet except Bhutan, and of course, the standard bearers of “critical thought,” and the ultimate leaders in the fight against “the hoax,” the Republican Party.
      That’s quite a line-up you have on your side, Pascal. And make no mistake, your side has smashed my side completely. So celebrate!
      Note: BP and Shell are in the process of getting sued by their shareholders, because the oil companies science departments secretly concluded we are heading toward a 5C hotter world by 2050, and they kept this information from their shareholders, for obvious reasons.
      Interesting no? What really fascinates, it was the oil companies in the late 50s and early 60s that were at the forefront of climate science, and even though they spent the next 50 years combatting the idea in the public realm with targeted billions, they are still at the forefront.
      They know what’s coming, because it is in their profit maximizing interest to know, and they make the “oops, that’s happening faster than expected!” climate science community fuck-ups look like the timorous little bunny rabbits in comparison.

      1. Personally, I have no side. I remember the air pollution in Shanghai last time I went there in 2001 while it was one solid traffic jam. It was horrible! And I also remember all the oil spread in Brittany by the Amoco Cadix – the “black tide” they called it with seagulls caught in it. Horrible!

        I also remember the Exxon Valdez and a few others.

        Now that’s one thing and yet we still use oil. It has to be severely regulated and spills have practically been brought down to zero.

        But when I see the global warmers bend over backwards to explain why the cold winters we’ve had for a few years are due to global warming and CO2 emissions, the bad faith involved is one of those things that give me an idea of the infinite.

        Not only winters. Last year, where I live, we froze our balls in April and September with temperatures below the average of what I’ve seen in seventy years.

        Not only was there not one word in the papers but they had the nerve to say that April was the hottest ever. I’m asking you…

        The whole shebang is such an obvious cover up that it makes me laugh. Meanwhile, you don’t hear anymore about what we used to call pollution: nitrates killing the fish in the rivers and probably other species, fertilizers infecting food, killing bees, leaking GMOs… When I was a kid, you used to see grasshoppers and butterflies if you went into a field, now the grass is as dead as a doornail. The only insects that seem to survive in the country are the Lyme disease ticks… Plastic pollution, that you even find inside fish thousands of miles from coasts not even speaking of the oceans’ garbage patches! Not a word in the media! The environment is on life support and all you hear about is bogus climate change and CO2 emissions and of course summits and resolutions that nobody respects anyway – like all those climate change billionaire activists going around in their yachts and private jets – but it pits people against one another, which is the point.

        And by the way, I’m impervious to guilt. Since I’ve discovered the “original sin” scam when I was about 13, you couldn’t make me feel guilty about anything. So you can tell me Adolf Hitler was on my side, I couldn’t care less. Especially this year that the arctic ice cap is at a 30 years high!

        But as I said, it’s become a religion now. You believe or you don’t and we shouldn’t let facts get in the way of a perfect bogeyman :o)

        1. PS: Bayer/Monsanto, among others, must be funding the climate change rigmarole if you ask me. Cui bono?

        2. Do you know what’s funny Pascal? I used get downvoted out of climate related subreddits for stating climate scientists should be lined up against a wall and shot for cowardice in the face of the enemy.
          Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum, eh?
          To me, the greatest mea culpa in human history is, “faster than expected!, ” which has been uttered now thousands of times by our climate scientists, all but a handful I hold in complete contempt.
          For their stupidity and lack of vision. For their inability to see one inch beyond their specialization.
          But, like I said, it don’t fucking matter. Your side has won. Nothing will ever be done about climate change.
          The powers that be on this planet simply do not give a shit if our biosphere boils right off. Not when there are profits to made.

          1. Talking about space, have you seen that Nasa has lost contact with moon probe 53 years after allegedly having perfect streaming with Armstrong?
            Gotta laugh! :o)

  23. Reasons outlined in this column are among those that inspire me to use bathrooms in government buildings inappropriately.

    It’s also the reason I always ask cops where to get the best donuts AND whether psychopathy is a job requirement or promotion criteria.

    A nation of fools & cowards led by a cadre of liars who only answer to baseless opportunists spewing one dopey slogan after another does make for some entertaining moments, mostly for people who like shitting in a toilet tank and fucking with cops.

    1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      Some poor scmuck in gloves and a face mask has to clean up your bathroom mess. All you did was made his or her day alot worse.

      1. That’s why I shit in the tank, when there is one, and only if there is one. I believe it’s important to engage more senses when the obvious ones are under utilized, and I like consistency from government. A shitty job deserves a shitty smell, and since the mumbling ass-clowns sucking up funding for failure still sign up for the broken windows fallacy, they should consider my efforts to employ a plumber to install a new fudge funnel as a public service.

        It’s the same reason I tweeted the FBI, asking if pedophilia and cross dressing is optional, because beating up anti-war protesters and harassing parents concerned with school boards looks like the new America, and I want to whore out on the ground floor and suck my way to the top.

  24. Leonard R. Schmidt Avatar
    Leonard R. Schmidt

    Identifying and exposing problems and shortcomings of America and its national, state and local governments is easy and clearly has value. However, without then offering positive solutions, readers are left in the lurch, knowing the “effect” without learning the “cause”. What if the plan all along was separation from foreign (British) totalitarianism in favor of domestic (American) totalitarianism? We American citizens at large have been taught for generations that we are that group described in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution as, “We the People”. We are not! Please, read the Preamble as a declaration of intent by one group, “We the People” to impose their will, legally, upon another group encompassed within, “the United States of America”. Need proof? Who agreed to the Constitution? Only those who signed it, and those representatives of individual States who also signed it.THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A PLEBISCITE! We Americans at large have NEVER been offered opportunity to approve or disapprove the Constitution. We are told to elect representatives to act in our name. How has THAT worked out for the bulk of us? No, unless there is open and full debate as to the validity and value of the Constitution upon ALL Americans, there is no solution… just effects. As an aside: Fine tuning the Articles of Confederation was used as cover for a closed (read: Secret) convention resulting in a NEW form of government. We’ve been duped!

    1. The gist of your comment is unassailable. Here’s a crazy idea that might have legs. What if there were an internet presidential election shadowing the official one, complete with mechanisms for nomination, acceptance of nomination, platform presentations, a series of debates, a series of votes leading to a final one, etc.? Consider the range of candidates who might step forward in such a process. Then consider the possibility that the internet presidential winner might somehow, if only as a crowd funded write-in, actually enter the official fray with all of the publicity and momentum that had been generated. Could virtual democracy help open a door to the real thiing?

  25. greetings CJ, i am essentially a rightward-leaning libertarian-anarchist who almost never disagrees with your comments. i appreciate your thoughtful logic in addressing what some believe to be complicated issues and the fact that you identify and highlight the destructiveness of elite control of the “narrative.” i particularly enjoy what appears to be your anger in discussing the corruption and hypocrisy of the ruling western elites (forgive me here if i have incorrectly characterized your attitude.) i am gratified to learn that there are other people who recognize that, over the last 30 years, one country alone stands out as being responsible for most of the mayhem, destruction, injury and death in the world, while of course while supported by its loyal puppetry. many thanks for your good work.

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