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One of the weirdest, most insane things happening today is the way the entire western world is being trained to freak out about “Russian propaganda” — which barely exists in the west — while ignoring the fact that we are spending every day marinating in billions of dollars worth of US empire propaganda.

CNN has an article out titled “Darya Dugina’s death provides a glimpse into Russia’s vast disinformation machine — and the influential women fronting it” on the recently assassinated daughter of Alexander Dugin, a Russian political thinker of wildly exaggerated influence.

The article uses Dugina’s assassination to further stoke its audience’s ever-growing panic about Russian disinformation, quickly becoming a commentary on Russia’s entire propaganda network without bothering to articulate how Dugina’s death “provides a glimpse” into its workings.

Without the slightest hint of self-reflection or irony, this CNN article about Russian propaganda cites as its two main experts a think tanker from the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab and a think tanker from the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA). The Atlantic Council is a NATO narrative management firm that is funded by NATO, the US government, the UK government, various other US-aligned states, the arms industry, and numerous billionaires. CEPA’s donor list looks similar to the Atlantic Council’s and includes US arms manufacturers and the US government through both the US State Department and the CIA cutout National Endowment for Democracy. Both are used to promote the information interests of the US-centralized power alliance in Europe and North America.

As we’ve discussed previously, the way news media cite corrupt warmongering think tanks to discuss foreign policy without ever mentioning their immense conflicts of interests is plainly journalistic malpractice. But this practice is ubiquitous throughout the western news media, the because western news media are propaganda outlets.

The article cites RT, the Internet Research Agency, and something called United World International as examples of “Russia’s vast disinformation machine,” despite every one of those institutions having a degree of influence that is the exact opposite of “vast” in the western world. In 2017 RT accounted for all of 0.04 percent of total TV viewership in the UK. A study found that the much-touted US “election interference” campaign by the Internet Research Agency in 2016 consisted mostly of posts that had nothing to do with the election and comprised “approximately 1 out of 23,000 pieces of content” seen on Facebook. I’d be surprised if anyone reading this has ever even heard of United World International, and CNN’s own article acknowledges that before that outlet was banned from western social media its accounts only ever had a few thousand followers.

So when I say Russian propaganda barely exists in the west, I mean it is quantifiably a complete non-factor. Compare those paltry numbers to the nonstop barrage of empire propaganda that westerners are fed every day of their lives by every news media outlet of significant influence — whose coverage of the Ukraine war has eclipsed that of all recent wars the US has been directly involved in — and it becomes clear that this message we’re being fed that we all need to panic about Russian propaganda is itself propaganda.

The CNN write-up criticizes RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan for saying in 2012 that “When Russia is at war, we are, of course, on the side of Russia.” As though CNN ever sides against the US during US wars. Not only does CNN consistently take the side of the US government in every single war, it conducts brazen propaganda operations to help start new ones, like the time it staged a scripted interview with a small Syrian child calling for US military interventionism in Syria.

The only difference between Russian state media and US state media is that Russian state media is honest about what it is.

This wave of nonsensical, artificially created panic about Russian disinformation has been used to dismiss any and all information which comes out that casts the US empire and its lackeys in a negative light as Russian propaganda or the work of Russian agents. We’ve seen this over and over again, from the way Julian Assange has been falsely cast as a Kremlin operative to the way indie media are falsely framed as Russian propaganda operations.

The latest example of this deception is the way incriminating leaked emails of prominent British figures published by The Grayzone have been dismissed in a new Politico hit piece as a dishonest representation of emails obtained by Russian hackers per “the Russian playbook”. Grayzone staff hastened to point out that not only does the Politico article fail to grapple with the rather important question of what the leaked emails actually contain, but that it failed to mention that its primary source is a UK Foreign Office veteran and psyops specialist who has a publicly stated vendetta to get The Grayzone censored online.

The manufactured hysteria about a nonexistent epidemic of Russian propaganda in the west has people so blinkered and confused that it’s become impossible to criticize the most powerful government in the world for its planet-threatening brinkmanship with a rival nuclear superpower on any online forum without getting accused of being a secret agent for the Kremlin. My own social media notifications are continuously lit up with accusations of Putin loyalty and rubles in my bank account just for criticizing the most dangerous impulses of the most powerful and destructive government on earth, despite never having worked for Russia or any other government.

What’s funny about all this is that by constantly warning of the dangers of Russian propaganda, imperial spinmeisters are admitting that they know it’s possible to manipulate public thought at mass scale using media. They’re just lying about who’s doing it to us.

In reality, they’re not worried about Russian propaganda. “Russian propaganda” is just a spooky story we are told to keep us from noticing that our civilization is saturated in US propaganda.


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43 responses to “We’re Being Trained To Worry About ‘Russian Propaganda’ While Drowning In US Propaganda”

  1. Whatever entity is truly ruling this country from Washington and its other fascist power centers would strike a deal with the Devil to maintain its world domination. It has done so with the Devil’s own spawn in Ukraine, namely Zelensky and his murderous band of Banderite Nazis. Washington is not simply ignorant or oblivious to this reality. It has been a willing and eager collaborator with the very same German Nazis who fought WWII against the US and the Soviet Union. We brought all the useful ones straight to the heart of America to work developing weapons for us in Project Paperclip (on the side they sent men to the Moon).
    Like the German Nazis the pseudo-democrats in Washington immediately lined up as mortal enemies of Russia and any country even slightly on the left of the political spectrum, or any country that would even do business with any vaguely “socialist” country. We have since unrelentingly fought both cold wars and hot wars against dozens of countries, killing and maiming millions, whilst dispossessing equally many now permanently homeless. We have allied this country’s military with the most hard-core fascist dictatorships, destroying genuine democracies in the process, countries that slaughter without compunction, often for alleged “religious” reasons, along with their terrorist accomplices.
    Washington and its media puppets have absolutely no use for the truth whatsoever. The entire “history” of all its wars around the entire globe for the last hundred years is entirely contrived, a confected “matrix” comprising nothing more than a litany of false narratives that is never challenged, or totally ignored by the insider elites, their “Deep State” and the surface “establishment” which they fob off as “reality” to the somnambulant masses. Supporting Ukraine, Zelensky and all their lies and atrocities without the slightest hint of public protest or objection represents the total utter pacification of the “freedom and democracy” in the United States that its tyrannical government falsely claims to support. Up is down, black is white, war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength throughout the Western World today, entirely thanks to the tireless but malign actions of the American government to crush all dissent, independence or sovereignty of all other societies on this planet.
    I fear that Russia’s defeating the murderous Ukrainian fascists deliberately created and totally supported by Washington (it is even surreptitiously directly involved in the fighting) is the only hope for this world. Sad to say it is NOT “my country right or wrong.” My country is damned wrong and needs to be put right by somebody. If not by its own citizens, then let the job fall to Russia if they can do it. The bastards in Washington have cleverly cultivated massive antagonisms of numerous different identity groups (that it has colluded in creating) that are now constantly at each others throats, and that incipient civil war prevents most of our people from realising that their greatest threat comes from their own government, not Russia, not China, not Iran, not Venezuela, not the dozen other countries presently being bombed, sanctioned, blockaded or picked clean in acts of pure and simple piracy or grand theft.
    The cabal in Washington, protected and projected to the world by its corporate media and rubber stamped in its numerous malefactions by a mercenary congress transgresses in practically every way possible or imaginable and needs to be stopped. Joe Biden is every bit the equivalent of a mafia don who just happens to be paid out of the federal treasury, a bloodthirsty one who orders countless numbers of hits (as did the presidents before him), most often against innocents, every damned day of the week. As nothing but a sock puppet, he is so old and demented that he can barely read his scripts off the teleprompter. He and his handlers are fooling no one at this point. Probably the only thing keeping these American fascists in power is fear by the public that all this American murder and violence being meted upon dozens of foreign countries will be directed upon them if they protest too stridently. If they can destroy a president both while in office and after retirement with their lies, slanders, intrigues, espionage, violence and manipulation of the justice system, they can destroy any one or any large group, even organisations or whole cities. What Washington has evolved into and come to stand for over an entire human lifetime must not prevail or the future will be bleak farther than the mind can imagine.

    1. National Socialism cannot be compared with any other political entity current by any stretch of the political imagination. First there was a deadly battle between communists and national socialists waged in berlin prior 1933. overnight the communists disappeared. because Stalin told them to vanish. The reason, the same why Republican Spain lost to Franco. Lenin’s inheritance. Fascism will aid the Revolution since the oppression will be so intolerable they will ferment the Revolution. Then in 1939 realpolitik proved all the experts wrong when Hitler and Stalin had more in common than the plutocratic governments of western Europe. That is especially France and the UK and the US who would do anything to thwart the communist bogey that is Russia, not the soviet Union and so supported fascism across Europe including National Socialist Germany. As for the Ukrainians and their right wing obsession no other regime can be compared either. The left however was very complicit to foster fascism especially when the money came via the CIA’s cultural funds under various guises now replaced by NGOs who have no democratic veracity busy undermining our tottering democracies including social media moguls. And the US by the way is still doing business with Russia. What is at stake is to ruin Europe. The Ukraine is a diversion.

  2. Talk about talking shit. I fully expect to die within 10 years because I am over 70. Equally, 60 or so years ago when I received my smallpox, polio etc vaccinations, I might have expected to die within 70 years (but probably not not of smallpox or polio). That’s life.

  3. As always, your posts are a blast of reality and clear thinking. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Reactive people like Joe Biden who always took any questioning as a personal attack are the best ones to make questions in order to let them reveal the whole thing between waves of umbrage. That is why the White House needs to run the anger management program to let Joe be aware of what is coming. And even after that he manages to let happen fuckery afoot.

  5. Caity, with your help and that of others, over the past decades, I have learned to look and research differently than in the past. for instance, just as you explained, if I saw ‘The Atlantic Council,’ not only would I read what it says about itself AND what others ay about it, but would research every individual connected to it, but where they work, with whom they are associated, where those people work and so on.
    I’m at the point where I take very little, very very little, at face value. I even check out things , people and places that I think are likely for real – unless prior research has proven that they are, in fact, legitimate.

    Sometimes, even intelligent, people are off put by my relating the truth to them or, as you would say it, they do because they don’t want to have to change their world view. It never ceases to amaze me how many intelligent people prefer to wallow in their own ignorance.

  6. It is as though the United States is an imperialized colony; a colony usurped and ruled by a cabal of gangsters. The United States evolved from the European mindset. That is, the mindset of the Roman, Iberian World Order, etc., and their propensity for imperialism, colonialism, the slaughtering of natives, and plundering of resources. To the Europeans, expropriating resources, through shanghaied forced labor (or other means), facilitated expansion and massive wealth accumulation. Russia’s vast resources are just another target for colonizing, privatizing, and plundering (that’s what Ukraine is about, and NATOs’ plan).
    The United States, and their co-opted MSM, are Bullshit disseminators. Their objective is to engineer support for endless wars (invasion and plundering of resources). The “War on Terror” and “The War on Drugs” are two examples of the Bullshit used as pretext for this purpose.
    The finger-pointing at Russia, by US and NATO lackies, is projection and distraction from the failed state, that is the USA.
    The War-on-Drugs is also propaganda to facilitate prison inventory-maintenance, leverage for meeting military recruiting quotas, and social-control. Is the Usurped Stupefied nothing more than a colony? It is certainly not a democracy!

    1. don’t forget that the cia profits immensely from international illicit drug trafficking. this major reason why the ‘war on drugs’ goes on and on seldom gets noted.

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    1. So it looks like you’re not a bot after all. Three posts to get your shit right! I’m asking you… And to send a message so obvious that nobody in their right mind will think it’s not a scam and click on the bait. No wonder you was outta work for six months!

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  9. Since public belief in the media and gpvernment are very low, I guess the propaganda has done its work. Nature taking its course, I guess.

  10. Gorbachev some months ago made a statement where the said NATO expansion is the real main cause to start the conflict in Ukraine. That man was the one who knows who is who is the criminal western establishment who sabotaged Gorbachev and Reagan huge effort to stop nuclear threats for good. Every time I see a CNN headline “Russia started a brutal war of aggression unprovoked” can only mean that this event will go further this year perhaps years in the future. A lot of dirty things coming from Washington and London will come. I don’t expect anything good coming from them.

  11. Today, tens of millions of Americans and similar numbers from NATO countries including Turkey and Canada, know there is absolutely no limit in how utterly childish and unbelievable the kind of lies their governments spread have become.

    1. The world is run by bankers and bankers are good at:
      1/ making money
      2/ losing money
      3/ getting bailed out
      4/ financing revolving doors
      5/ screwing all the people all the time, aka lying, cheating and stealing (which is how we know the CIA is their baby :o)
      6/ laundering drug money
      7/ buying bigger yachts
      8/ keeping out of jail
      They’re lousy at philosophy or anything involving the truth. Can’t serve God and Mammon.

      1. banksters, gangsters, liars, and dupes.

  12. My wife has decided to be nonpolitical after Bernie screwed us. She doesn’t read anything or watch news, but interestingly, she somehow knows that Putin and Russia are bad, and China must free Tibet, and Trump and his Supreme court are anti-women. That’s how I know the effectiveness of our internal psyops. She is very smart and well educated, and she absorbs propaganda almost out of the air. She voted for Biden as a reflex. The ruling class has the herd wrapped around their Dr. Evil pinkie. Leading the rabble by the nose. Look up at the TVs when you’re riding an exercise bike at the gym – MSNBC, CNN, FOX, reruns of CSI – multimillionaires, jovial, influencer clowns hypnotizing the herd with a steady 24 hour stream. Stand on a street corner holding a stop endless war or down with capitalism sign – it’s a free country.

    1. Its amazing how many people form their opinions from facebook, instagram and tiktok.

  13. As a side note to how much those who control our Western democracies care about us, the results are in; everyone who got a covid vaccine can expect to die within the next ten years, so of course our media keeps talking shit.

    1. Wearing a mask already killed me, so I guess I don’t have to worry about it.

      1. @Roy: Here’s another example of how much they care about us: to avoid buying gas from Russia, the European geniuses buy… Russian gas from China and the European consumers pay the difference. That’s what unaccountability does to technocrats:
        Excerpt: “while Europe could buy Russian LNG for price X, it instead has to pay 2X, 3X or more, just to virtue signal to the world that it won’t fund Putin’s regime, when in reality it is paying extra to both Xi and Putin, who is collecting a premium price thanks to the overall market scarcity”.

    2. It was 3 to 5 years before. Same people making climate change predictions must be working with covid predictors.

    3. Talk about talking shit. I fully expect to die within 10 years because I am over 70. Equally, 60 or so years ago when I received my smallpox, polio etc vaccinations, I might have expected to die within 70 years (but probably not not of smallpox or polio). That’s life.

      1. Yes…these are dangerous times; and we must speak-up.
        Here are illuminating articles pertaining to the depopulation inoculation.

        RE: Andreas Noack (German: Doctor/Chemist/Whistleblower): See following video:

        Leading German Chemist Andreas Noack Dies 30 Minutes After Exposing Graphene Oxide, Possibly Assassinated ( – 12/12/21)

        Also see the following (independent) online articles:

        Self-Spreading Vax Underway, Rockefeller “Sustaining the Next Normal” COVID Roadmap & Graphene Oxide (thelastamericanvagabond – 3/20/22 – Ryan Cristian)

        Fifth Generation (5G) Directed Energy Radiation Emissions in the Context of Contaminated Nanometal Covid-19 Vaccines with Graphite Ferrous Oxide Antennas ( – 8/28/22 – Mark Steele)

  14. They are frightened and threatened by the truth, the softest whisper of which can never be drowned out by the loudest of lies. Let us speak the truth as we see it instead of wasting time and energy arguing with liars. The truth deconstructs lies on its own.

  15. I actually go to the RT site a couple times day. And I’m completely brainwashed. All they have to do is call me up and speak a coded trigger phrase and I’ll vote for Trump. And do other Russian type stuff.
    It makes my brain hurt that the same people who indignantly shriek about Russian influence in US politics openly boast of the billions they themselves spend subverting politics around the world. They literally stand in downtown Kiev encouraging crowds of people to overthrow their government and yet feign shock and horror at a troll farm in St. Petersburg. And Americans lap it up. People are hateful monkeys.

  16. Propaganda does not work to shift opinions among people with knowledge about what is going on. Propaganda is directed to the ignorant and those in the middle. The smallest doubt can destroy the greatest confidence. And we all have doubts. The nazi propaganda machine knew this but their time was too much turbulent to use sophisticated propaganda like the one we have today. The US and NATO allies made alliances with anyone willing to fight Russia even the infamous nazis in Western Ukraine. Victoria Nulland was a part of the Bandera youth movement. How many besides her in high positions of power you didn’t know about their connections with nazis or else? It is strange if not surreal to see US marines saluting their chiefs, representatives and national leaders without knowing who they really are. But the narrative always end up justifying unthinkable things because of the “greater good”.
    Russia sacrificed 23 millions of Russian soldiers to stop the nazis. The west just started moving their ass when they saw the outcome of the Kursk battle in 1943 where the nazis realized they would not march forward anymore but retreat. The war ended and the USA gave shelter to nazi scientists and military. CIA and NASA were created. Right after the ww2 the CIA was already plotting schemes to destabilize the Soviet Union under Stepan Bandera terrorism leadership. And they still till today.
    The nazi movement or any movement cannot be stopped or killed once it spreads out. It is an idea. Ideas are everywhere. Ideas are immortal and naturally become a part of the long game. You cannot kill ideas with weapons neither censorship. Ideas can only be killed with knowledge.
    Only knowledge can lift the veil of ignorance.

  17. Think tanks full of non thinkers telling us what to think means reality is broken. Which is why I’m excited to announce the launch of my new anti think tank think tank, The Grimm Group for the Betterment of Things and Stuff. Please donate on patreon and follow us on Tinder.

  18. Everybody in the West needs to read a brilliant small book titled “Report from Iron Mountain”, which is a deep colonoscopy into the self-justifying rationale of America’s Orwellian ambitions. I am amazed at how the way world affairs have unfolded and the American establishment’s response harkens back to that prophetic 1967 publication; an inside tour behind the proverbial curtain that almost feels unfair.

  19. WhY is it that “think tanks on foreign policy “ almost always resort to battle tanks of foreign policy?
    Why does Israel pursue aged Nazi war criminals to their graves but is curiously silent on Nazi war criminals in Ukraine?
    Why is Russian propaganda not definitively explained nor “white supremecists” adequately named & shamed?
    Why wasn’t Paul Mannaforts exploits in the maidan colour revolution not exposed when he worked for Trump instead he did time ( probably in Club Fed) for tax evasion?
    These questions & more are somehow escaping the “ big brains” controlling the narrative.
    “Wars are not won by battles, they are won by secrets” Winston Churchill

    1. Never understood why you have to get into a tank to think.

  20. I must say I have a lot of patience for Putin but this is going too far! The Russians are using weapons in Ukraine! Did you know that? They’re actually bombing the Ukronazis! I mean what kind of ethos is this?

    If they had any kind of decency, they would stop bombing at once, withdraw their troops to the Russian border, rebuild the bioweapons facilities the US has there, help Nato spray whatever lethal shit they can find in them over Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, send special commandos to assist the Ukies in gutting the Donbass populations to the last, populate this region with regular nazis and give back their resources to the corrupt oligarchs they rightly belong to.

    The Russkies would also offer to split Russia into five different countries, the juicier ones (with the most natural resources like oil, gas and Vogue models) being ruled by US governors (why not Lindsey Graham or Adam Schiff?) and the less juicy ones by ethnic Russians – except Vogue models.

    Only one of those countries would be enough for them actually since cramming 145 million Russians into one fifth of the present Russian territory would still give you a density way below that of China or Japan! And look how well they’re doing!

    Of course, most of it would be under snow half the time but the Russians like snow and polar bears make wonderful pets. You can even play checkers with them if you import the brown variety Putin rides.

    Oh what joy for every girl and boy knowing they’re happy and they’re safe!

    More seriously though, I find it difficult to remember a time when the coverage of an event in the Western media has been as obscene as that of the assassination of poor Darya Dugina. Especially compared to the outrage over the assault on Salman Rushdie the other day. Former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi makes a case that the CIA, the MI6 and the Fill-the-blank are probably behind it since it involved some serious logistics that the Ukies are unlikely to master.

    Whatever… If there’s ever been horrendous victim shaming, we’ve got it right here and now!

    However, we must not be too harsh on the Western presstitutes because Darya Dugina did actually express nationalistic views to the effect that Russia didn’t have to do blow jobs to the West, which is downright criminal. Compare it for instance with the Wolfsangel waving degenerates we’re supporting in Ukraine who worship the former genocidal Banderite terrorists and have shelled the Donbass for eight years in the name of Ukrainian nationalism and Aryan supremacy. At our boys! Guys you can send to Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia… without blushing. Before you can say Jack Robinson, they’ll make Abu Ghraib look like Butlin’s!

    In conclusion, the Western media have become just as full of shit as the Pravda before the fall of the Soviet Union due to the same economic disaster the West is now facing. Writing on the wall?

    It’s about time we had glasnost and perestroika!

    1. “Western presstitutes” — thank you!

  21. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    We should worry about all propaganda. Its purpose is to win wars not find the truth. And all wars are about an illusion: power. While unreal it is the one thing nations fight over: they think it is real because it gives false hope. That is why humanity is heading for WW III.

  22. As we have all too often seen in the past the western media organs project their own mindset onto others, this goes way beyond hypocrisy and is a typical product of the dystopian nightmare that the so called free west has become .

  23. It seems like they’re trying to double down on Russiagate.

  24. I was going to start out with: ‘The first casualty of war is the truth. But,

    Does Russian propaganda say the CIA sponsored the Maidan Revolution 8 years ago? Do they mention Victoria Nuland?

    Because if they do……………………

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      1. Four posts in one day is more than a hint you are a cheapskate loser who can’t even come up with ten bucks to post your spam on Craigslist financial services for a month.

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