The first issue of my printable zine was so well-received that I’m putting out a second one, this time spiced up with 58 pages of articles, comics, puzzles and all sorts of fun things, and even some stuff that hasn’t been published online yet.

This looks like it’s going to be a regular monthly thing for as long as people stay interested, which I think is great because I’m always trying to get my work into different forms of media to get past the usual online echo chamber walls. The printable zine format is perfect for sharing stuff with less-online people you know, distributing as literature, or just as a good consciousness-expanding sit-down read for yourself online.

You can get Sedition #2 of Treazine by clicking here, which will get you a pay-what-you-feel PDF that you can circulate and/or print in whole or in part in whatever way you like. As usual there are no limits on how my work may be used, reproduced or distributed. Enjoy!


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14 responses to “Sedition #2 Of Treazine Is Ready!”

  1. I don’t use Twitter but I saw your Twitter comment in this column: “I’m as distrustful as anyone of the new UFO narratives, but when congress is saying “threats to the United States national security are expanding exponentially” from them, it probably deserves attention. I don’t know why they’re saying it, but they’re not saying it for no reason”.
    The reason can probably be found in this quote by HL Mencken: ““The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
    The Covid scare is wearing thin, the gl*b*l w*rm*ng scare (one of my comments disappeared the other day for mentioning it, so I guess it’s the new fill-the-blank item on the algorithms radar :o) is gonna be rendered more difficult as we move into the winter – especially as people will be freezing their balls in Europe because they can’t pay their energy bills. There would be some obscenity in telling them this is because of global warming when everybody knows full well the real reason and most disapprove of these boomerang sanctions against Russia. So I guess the aliens will make a pretty good alternative – and the Pentagon has been at it for two years if you remember. Advantages:
    1/ even before that, people saw (and filmed) flying saucers in a lot of places. According to Steven Greer, most of them are US military classified stuff but he’s also convinced some belong to aliens although he’s never been able to prove anything and that’s not for lack of trying
    2/ it allows a protean scare. You can predict that stuff might happen in selected places and shapes and write a lot of articles with titles ending with a question mark – which I stopped reading decades ago because if the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about, why should I care?
    3/ people will fall for that like it was Christmas. Just have to remember the famous 1938 “War of the Worlds” reading by Orson Welles on American radio that caused a nationwide panic among the folks who hadn’t heard the initial warning that it was fiction. The Covid scare success will pale in comparison. With a bit of luck, they should be able to lockdown people for any amount of time they wish (which is good for Amazon and other Wall Street superstars), even in their cellars if they try hard enough and make them dig shelters, during which time they won’t riot about the price of bread
    4/ it’s flexible. If the scare doesn’t materialize, it’s because the aliens changed their minds at the last minute but better safe than sorry. Remember Pearl Harbor!
    5/ according to Steven Greer, the US military already carries out a lot of abductions for experiments, so it will be easy enough to publish photos and testimonies and pin that on aliens
    It’s a fearmongering mine out of which you can of course extract compliance but also money with stuff like anti-alien alarms, books about what to do if you see a UFO or an alien, Ikea DIY kits to repel an alien attack using banana peels and bear spray.
    I’m already looking forward to that – which soon won’t pass the censorship algorithms – especially since I believe that if there are alien, they are light years ahead of us in terms of intelligence and would therefore never touch this planet with a barge pole considering that it’s probably, as Voltaire said, “the universe’s insane asylum”.
    Anybody can realize this actually, so IMHO, Congress would have been better off with more traditional stuff for which we’ve got traditions like cyclops, kraken, dragons, goblins, gorgons, chimeras, dybbuks, aqrabuamelus, basilisks, medusas, golems, onis, pontianaks, kappas, centaurs, harpies, furies, hydras, typhons, sirens, genies and/or nixies.
    Congrats for the treazine! And good luck for the next!

    1. Nice perspective.
      The US deep state works based in tons of experience made in foreign countries to remove leaders, representatives, local elites not favorable for them. Their use of psychological warfare effective is second to none. But what works fine in one place it will not bring the same results in others. The Balkans, Arabs, Russia, China, India are highly resistant to the US practices to destabilize after centuries suffering bullying and interference. Inside the US-UK sphere there is no country with citizens with enough social resolve and strength to fight their own government anymore. The last one was Ireland who surrendered under Tony Blair in 2001. The establishment of the British and America neutralized popular movements under several layers labeling such protests as terrorists, foreign agents, barbarians and on. Oppression is stronger overall UK and US than actually it is on China and North Korea. The ones called as evil by the UK and US turns out are not that evil but the US and UK.
      Right now there is a false feeling on the American economy of “economic recovery”. Prices of gasoline and food are falling. How far it will go none of us can predict nothing further than the middle term elections late this year.
      We should have more countries like the tiny Solomon Islands fighting for sovereign and independence from the US-UK interference. A small country lost in the vast Pacific Ocean with everything to lose and everything to gain at the same time depending on the final outcome between the US-UK in war against Russia and China.
      One thing is certain about the future, it is uncertain but much better in a world free from America and the UK interference.

    1. Can you imagine if Trump got treated that way? It would still be in the news! But as usual with people of color being treated unfairly in America, nobody important knows or cares.

    2. First Trump, now this. Do they have no shame.

      1. American paranoia – probably fuelled by cocaine and meds use in high circles – is quite frightening. Even Joe Rogan, who’s usually rather level-headed, is convinced that the CIA and FBI are what protects the US from terrorism because terrorists everywhere are constantly scheming to attack it while a guy called Trevor Aaronson wrote a book several years ago explaining how the FBI spends a lot of time and money actually convincing deranged patsies to plan attacks so that they can arrest them just before the execution and ask for budget increases:
        It’s as old as civilization. No less than 53 false flags have been officially acknowledged by various governments over the last century:

  2. This is really only for your eyes Caitlin so if you delete it probably for the best, but proves you right, because they are now arresting peace advocates here in the US, just as they did to the black panthers, most of those arrested will probably spend the rest of their lives in prison.

    Challenging U.S./NATO Ukraine war is a crime

    Walker unwittingly reveals today’s near-unanimous mindset of the U.S. government, which today exercises a virtual media blockade of all views that criticize the Biden administration’s war policies. The message is unmistakable: Challenging U.S. imperialist policy on Ukraine, or for that matter, anywhere in the world, can subject antiwar opponents to persecution, if not imprisonment! Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen of the Justice Department’s National Security Division in a related statement was explicit: “The Department of Justice will not allow Russia to unlawfully sow division and spread misinformation inside the United States.”

    1. I wonder if Matthew G. Olsen can cite the law that forbids sowing division.

  3. I definitely want a copy, but I’m leery of putting my credit card details on the internet. Can I ask what kind of payment processing / security you are using (without getting into specifics: I would just like to know my credit card info is safe, and preferably not stored in any database…)

      1. Thanks. I can work with that.

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