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Everyone has lost their fucking mind. Propaganda has made madness look like sanity and sanity look like madness, has normalized cheerleading for nuclear world war and abnormalized calls for de-escalation and detente. It’s truly as bat shit insane as anything could possibly be.

Over and over again we’re being fed the message from the US and its proxies that this game of nuclear chicken can only escalate and never de-escalate. They are lying. They are playing games with all our lives in service of a dark god named unipolarism, and we gain nothing from it.

The only positive I can see in this mess is that any further movement toward madness will have to be a move into sanity, because we’ve taken madness as far as we can possibly take it and we’ll necessarily have to circle back round again. You can only turn 180 degrees away from the light before you’re turning back toward it again. You can only run halfway into the woods before you’re running out of it.

“Kids there’ve been some nuclear explosions and everyone on earth is certain to die horribly, but we need to understand that it was very important for our government to help Ukraine recapture the annexed Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia territories from the Russians.”

“What are those places, Daddy?”

“I don’t really know. Let’s go check the globe!”

“Yay! I love learning geography!”

I started writing because I was worried I wouldn’t leave a healthy world to my kids. I’ve been screaming for years that we’re drawing closer to nuclear war. Now we’re on the brink, and people are saying I’m only protesting because I love Russia and think Putin is great. Assholes.

How fucking brainwashed do you have to be to think the only possible reason someone might object to gratuitous nuclear brinkmanship is because of some weird, arbitrary loyalty to some random foreign government on the other side of the planet? Bunch of mindless fucking automatons.

It just says so much about where we’re headed as a society that the most surefire way to enrage a liberal in 2022 is to say that reckless nuclear brinkmanship is probably a bad idea.

Opposing armageddon to trigger the libs.

Mainstream liberals are so fucking stupid that they think the only possible choices with regard to Russia are either (A) handing Putin the entire world on a silver platter or (B) just continually charging toward direct confrontation as though Russia doesn’t have nukes. They don’t know what detente is. At all. They don’t even know it’s a thing, let alone an option here. Like if you ask them they don’t know about the existence of the word or the concept. I’ve been complaining about this since long before the invasion.

Detente used to be a household word. Mainstream politicians campaigned on and debated about it. Now hardly anyone knows it’s even a thing, let alone a real option in dealing with the horrifying escalations between NATO and Russia. This is because the political/media class never tells them.

It’s supposed to be the news media’s job to create an informed populace, but because their real job is propaganda they actually do the opposite. News media never mentioning detente is like a preschool teacher never mentioning sharing or cooperation and just telling kids to fight.

This is the only reason anyone who advocates de-escalation and detente gets met with “SO YOU’RE SAYING WE SHOULD JUST GIVE PUTIN WHATEVER HE WANTS???” instead of a sane adult response. It’s because people haven’t been told that de-escalation and detente are historically viable and successful.

We will know we are living in a healthy society when people like John Bolton are chased out of every town and driven away wherever they’re seen until they’re forced to live out the rest of their miserable lives alone in a cave eating bats.

Since 2016 progressive Democrats have been worse than useless on the single most important issue in the world, namely de-escalating tensions between the US and Russia. They’ve been feeding into the Russia hysteria that got us here and backing proxy warfare in Ukraine to the hilt.

All the human livestock bleating “appeasement!” today would have said the same about Kennedy’s acquiescence to Khrushchev’s demands that he remove US Jupiter missiles from Turkey and Italy, had it been public knowledge at the time. But his doing so was why humanity survived the Cuban Missile Crisis.

People ask me, “Why don’t you tell Putin to de-escalate?”

I don’t have an audience with Putin. I have an English-speaking audience predominantly in nations under the US power umbrella. If you need to hear one more westerner impotently yelling at Putin, go switch on the nearest television.

The troll brigades responsible for swarming critics of the US empire always accuse their targets of working for the Kremlin, because if they’re just troll brigading normal people who voice criticisms of the most powerful empire in history it means they’re just bootlicking jerks. Their story about themselves is that their obnoxious behavior is okay because the Kremlin uses trolls and they’re just using trolling to fight those trolls. The fact that we’re actually just people who disagree with the most powerful government on earth means that story is a lie.

Nobody wants to believe they’re pouring all their time and energy into troll-mobbing normal civilians who are simply voicing their opinion about the most powerful people on earth, so the story that we’re all Kremlin operatives is one of supreme egoic importance for them.

Calling something a “Kremlin talking point” is just saying that because Russia criticizes US foreign policy, westerners should not. They’re literally saying you should never, ever criticize the most dangerous impulses of the most powerful and destructive power structure on earth. Which is obviously a profoundly stupid and crazy thing to say.

Accusing the US of sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines is called a conspiracy theory. Accusing Russia of doing the exact same thing is called The News.


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137 responses to “Opposing Armageddon To Trigger The Libs: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

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  3. For now global nuclear war does not threaten us. The disciples asked Jesus an interesting question: “Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign when all these things shall begin to be fulfilled?” (Mark 13:4, DRA) He answered: “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. Don’t be alarmed. These things must happen, but it is not yet the fulfillment [of the sign].” (Matthew 24:6) The global nuclear war, (this will be the fulfillment of the sign of Jesus), will begin as a result of ethnic conflict: “For nation will rise against nation”, like as in 2008 in Georgia. (Matthew 24:7) In the Book of Daniel we read: “At the appointed time [the king of the north] will return back [Russian troops will return to where they were previously stationed. It also means military actions and major crisis. Not only the eurozone will break up, but also the European Union and NATO], and come into the south [this will be the beginning of nuclear war], but won’t be as before or as afterwards [these military actions will not lead to a global nuclear war. This war will only begin after the return of the king of the north], then the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [the distant West] will come against him, and (he) will break down [mentally], and will go back.” (11:29, 30a) This will be a mutual slaughter and the sword of great power will be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized it in this way: “A frightening things both and extraordinary from sky powerful will be.” Because of the use of these terrible weapons there will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). It won’t be Armageddon. “All these things are like the first pains of childbirth.” (Matthew 24:8, GNT)

  4. Biden warns: Prepare for nuclear Armageddon ( North):
    The New York Times reports that President Biden told a group of billionaires at a fundraising event Thursday night: “We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

    Consider this, the US is responsible for planning, directing, and sponsoring the Ukraine Proxy War, and US’ citizens were NEVER WARNED about the preparations, or the possible dangers inherent in such a dangerous scheme. Should the Warhawks and ruling class have warned us, in advance, about this plan? And suddenly, Joe Biden (and his cloaked commanders and corrupted teleprompter scribes) thinks it’s necessary to WARN US about the ARMAGEDDON that they themselves manufactured. Is there any residue of sincerity in this WARNING; or is this fearmongering and consent manufacturing for war escalation? Is this the pretext for their endgame: lockdowns, martial law, repression, suppression, totalitarianism…? How about the strategy of using the term: ARMAGEDDON? Is this their cunningly clever plan to incite theocrats to affirm sacred scripture and wholeheartedly join the crusade against the diabolical Putin? Are Americans distressed because Russia named one of their ICBMs: SATAN 2? Do you think Americans are more comfortable around 5megatons of Minute Man, or 5megatons of Satan 2? I’ll speculate they’ll choose the Minute Man (a sale’s pitch for a palatable outcome), it’s a much more pleasant name. Fools…

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  6. Doesn’t look as if ANY of the MSM who went with the ‘Gold Teeth’ story have updated the story to inform their tens of millions of readers and viewers and listeners that they belonged to – and were stolen from – a local Ukrainian dentist.
    I wonder why not!


    1. It was probably their plan all along: lie first…lay low until the blowback subsides, then, as Gore Vidal said, it’s the “United States of Amnesia.” If, however unlikely, Americans remember, they will publish a spurious apology and claim the story was in error, or the source was unreliable. It’s the same bullshit, but on a different day.

      1. On THIS occasion I think it’s safe to say that the MSM around the world were – initially – duped. By Zelensky and Co! And THEY know it of course (not that they care ONE jot), but they can hardly acknowledge the fact. And if they DID update the story, I’m sure many people would THEN be wondering about the mask and the dildo etc, and how they came to be there. AND the torture chamber.
        In other words they CAN’T update the story without revealing the fact that it was complete fabrication on the part of Zelensky and Co, and THAT in turn have them wondering how many OTHER episodes/claims were falsehoods/false flags.

        1. As long as the flow of money isn’t interrupted, and they evade culpability, they don’t care. It’s US’ ethical curriculum-101.

  7. “People ask me, ‘Why don’t you tell Putin to de-escalate?’ ”
    De-escalate what? Putin has been strictly re-active and defensive to unending American provocations.
    Washington is like the juvenile delinquent fifth grader who steals your lunch, your lunch money, and your bus fare home, and then starts poking and slapping you in the face, asking, “what are you gonna do about it punk? Whataya gonna do, huh, punk? Cry like a baby, punk?”
    Demolition of the Nord Stream pipeline and the Crimean Bridge are just the latest in a never-ending series of outrages perpetrated by the Arschlochen bully boys who run the United States. Comedic Arschlecker Zelensky doesn’t cook this stuff up. It is all planned, sealed and delivered by the Fickern in the CIA. Pardon my French.

    1. Yes…the US is a big fucking bully; similar to the ones I had to fight in Middle School. Sometimes you won and other times they won. Once you popped them on the nose, they frequently ran for cover (fight or flight). At times, after the fray, they might even become your friend (provided you were open to befriending these types). They were usually jealous or envious of you. The days of US’ forced hegemony are numbered. The United States will eventually have to cope and cooperate with a changing world order (the economic sanctions hastened the change).


    Live event. Hands off Assange.

    Telling the truth should not be a crime.

    1. “And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned round on you — where would you hide”. The people cheering for Assange’s current extrajudicial punishment are cheering for the stealthy loss of their own rights.

      1. Sounds like Sir Thomas More. He paid the full price for defending the rule of law.

      2. The establishment keeps us divided, as solidarity is their kryptonite. Then they conjure up an enemy (Assange, Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela…); use demonizing propaganda to convince and obfuscate citizens to lambaste poor innocent Assange (using subterfuge, e.g.- it’s a matter of national security, he’s a Russian sympathizer, unpatriotic, bla, bla, bla…) and undermine their own freedoms while doing so. It’s their endgame. Many US’ citizens struggle with seeing the forest for the trees.


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  10. Our rulers may be evil as sin but they are not fools. Nuclear war is unwinnable and, worse, would wreak havoc on their stock portfolios and real estate investments. The threat of war is a phantasm routinely conjured by elites when they feel themselves unusually threatened by the restlessness of their subjects. Rally ‘round the flag, boys, rally once again! is an appeal that very rarely fails. We’ve seen the elite recently work to consolidate their power with Russiagate, COVID, domestic terrorists and foreign fiends, some entirely fictional and some grossly exaggerated, but all expressing the same underlying fear, that they are losing control.

    Media propaganda tropes offer us psychological insights into our ruling elites. The image is constant in our media stream of patriotic Americans as happily obedient workers and consumers. Such lies are what every elite has always desperately wanted to be true, that their subjects are impressionable, easily pleased children. Some self-described leftists certainly believe this of “deplorables” while they in turn dismiss us, and not without cause, as “libtards.” This reminds me vividly of our rulers’ ideological predecessors, who were so terrified of their slaves that they invented comforting fictions of how happy and docile (and easy to deceive) they were.

    Misdirection is the magician-state’s most useful trick (along with good old divide-and-conquer). Good cop, bad cop, we see this charade in every election cycle. Blinken and Biden and the rest may appear incompetent or mad but they are just actors mouthing carefully prepared scripts.

  11. Taranis Brother Avatar
    Taranis Brother

    I think Taranis is right about the Russian military incompetence. The crimean bridge exploded by NATO now will delay the plans of the Russian military staff for more 8 months. Lots of YouTube tutorial videos for Russian soldiers and pilots to learn with NATO how to fight in a terrorist style. That’s the NATO’s secret weapon. Terrorism. Nord Stream and Crimean bridge gone. They were polite to not explode it on Putin’s birthday yesterday. Unfortunately Assange human chain will be ignored since MSM is focused on Crimean Bridge.

    1. So this Taranis (and brother) stunt IS an alphabet propaganda psyop!
      Well… spoiler alert, “Russia says the railway part of the bridge – where oil tankers caught fire – will reopen on Saturday” and “they also claim road traffic will begin on an undamaged lane this evening”, according to the BBC. So forget about your eight months delay.
      As for Assange, the MSM wouldn’t have reported it anyway, just like Biden’s February speech where he said he’d end North Stream if Russia invaded Ukraine or the demonstrations everywhere against the sanctions on Russia, the inflation and the energy prices. So your glee is only partly justified. Better luck next time! :o)

      1. PS: I’m surprised the MSM didn’t say the Russians blew up their own bridge :o)

        1. They are receiving propaganda updates in preparation for an information release. It is imperative to exploit this situation for maximum manipulative effect. Their commander, Voldemort, insists on total worker obedience at non-livable wages.

    2. “I think Taranis is right about the Russian military incompetence.” Why do you “think” Taranis is right about the alleged Russian incompetence? Do you have evidence? I’ve previously asked you for evidence, but you haven’t responded. In light of this, I have some thoughts:
      I “think” you are a troll (operating in bad faith). I think you are biased in your statements. Your pretensions about NATO capabilities can be inferred through NATO’s historical (empirical) behavior: hightailing it from Vietnam after a loss, vacating Iraq after leaving it in disarray and destruction, abandoning Afghanistan after a 20-year plundering of resources and capital, and stealing massive oil quantities from Syria, etc. NATO doesn’t have friends; they only have interests. The US’ military paramount strategy is to fabricate wars and profit from them. Winning wars is not a primary concern. The Ukraine proxy war is about competition; the US is struggling to maintain its dominance and world order. Multipolarity is here to stay, and the United States must learn to cope and cooperate. Russia will be fine (see Mongols, Napolean, and Nazism). Lastly, are you in collusion with Gloria and Avy?

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        So we’re not there yet…

        1. Gloria’s rhetoric is similar to US’ ethical ideology: she doesn’t have any; but she’s insincere, insidious, and thoroughly obfuscating. This is why the world (the rational, reasonable part) no longer trusts the United States. As demonstrated currently and historically, the USA IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY.

  12. Caitlin, Brilliant commentary! You said it much better than I could and you are totally right on the mark.

    Sad to say, the genuine progressives in the United States are few and far between, and the so-called mainstream liberals or “progressives” march to the dictates of the DemoRAT Party and are all “experts” on Putin and Russia. Talk about being brain-washed!

    And yes, the deal deliberately left out of the Cuban Missile Crisis, was the U. S. to remove their Nike-Hercules (If I remember correctly, from some of the soldiers I served with, stationed in Turkey at the time) in Turkey, aimed toward the USSR, and the Soviets would remove their missiles in Cuba. It made JFK look like a hero over Kruschev.

    I’ve lost hope with my fellow citizens because they believe the propaganda of big corporate media, in their zombie-like beliefs. And Zelensky with his olive drab tee shirt? What a joke!

    And the United Nations is even a bigger joke, as they’ve never stopped or prevented a war from happening in my lifetime.

    You and the other Johnstone (Diana) are my two favorite female writers, and although having different styles of writing, the messages are clear, concise, and with a no-nonsense approach in exposing the truth of the matter. I salute you and that lucky husband of yours!

    Good Health, and Much Happiness,


  13. When people tell me that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was an illegal criminal act I want to ask them, given the problems he was facing in that situation, what action would you have recommended instead?

    1. The people telling you that are wrong as they take their advice from the Western Mainstream Media. So . .

      I figure it’s all around disappointment. There is not going to be any use of nuclear weapons in The Ukraine, either by Russia nor The United States.

      Those on The Beltway who talk about it do not count and, in the limit, it’s The Generals who finally decide if they will go for it and they won’t.

      As for the Russian Armed Forces, they are winning and their Winter Offensive, soon to begin, will finish off the Ukrainian Forces for good. Advanced conventional Russian weapons and it will be destructive. To the AFU. Losses so far estimated in excess of 100,000 dead. Some report much higher.

      Russia will not use any tactical nuclear weapons on The Ukraine, the people of whom they consider their historic neighbours.

      For a more enlightened discussion, there is this . . .

    2. That’s right…try some empathy. Further, STOP watching legacy/MSM propaganda (they don’t have your best interest at heart).

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  15. Arm-ma-ged-it-on, Oh yeah, everybody has lost their fucking mind.

    Before February nobody west of New York knew where the Donbass is. Now keeping the Donbass part of Ukraine so the population can be poor second class citizens with their mother tongue a second language. This is worth risking the future of humanity and the planet over how?

    Everyone would have lost their fucking mind had they a mind to lose.

    A public service announcement on my radio gave three tips on critical thinking today. The first two suggestions were good. Pay attention to inflamed one-sided language. Something like that was the first suggestion. I pay attention to one-sided language. I take note of it. Insults without content is a turn-off for me. It makes me suspicious. If I hear an insult I want facts. Emotion alone does not work for me.

    The second suggestion was also good. I forgot what it was but no matter, I do it.

    The third piece of advice stank to high heaven. The suggestion basically was if multiple news outlets had the same info it must be true. Bizarro.

    Exactly what empire would have you believe. Empire can manufacture legions of boot licking sock puppets anytime. Empires control consent. Expecting my state government to give such advice is not surprising. Personally insulting had it been personal which it was not.

    Believe consensus results in truth and you can be made to believe anything.

    Somehow the planet stopped being round and it is square now. Bizzarro Superman is Americas new national hero. Hearing such shit advice on the radio tells me practical wisdom is as lost as if the world went flat.

    Start a nuclear war to ensure peace. Like the first of the world wars it can be a war to end all wars. For real this time. This shit thinking worked so well the first time we must do it again.

    No more bells to answer and no more eggs to fry. No more men to pick up after. Everything quiet and still forever. Peace eternal. With people gone how could it be any other way? It so makes sense. Elvis left the building and bizzarro thinking is Americas new normal. Our planet went square. – I have new content.

    If there is a nuclear winter with howling winds, but no humans are left to hear the howl, does the wind really blow? Leave a comment on my website if you know the answer.

    1. But with only 15 million jews to control a population of now 8 billion, don’t you think things are a bit spread thin for there to be a significant hidden jewish conspiracy going down?

      If you are Palestinian I understand you can’t agree with me. But I am talking about hidden shit, and not in your face oppression there is no contradiction.

  16. I swear to god there are so many dog poo people in Chicago, if they aren’t screaming at the top of their lungs then they’re droning/mumbling on about some damn thing or another; didn’t used to be this way, these people must be going nuts, stress, I guess, now this really does look like a communicable disease. So, I’m reading about how reality isn’t really real, and all these diseased individuals keep making nonsensical noises, and I’m trying to compare notes with my own experiments in the past. All, of these subhumans just making nonsensical noises, so I have to go back to it again someday, but for the time being it appears that raising the dead and creating life out of thin air are not miracles but rather a fact of nature and nay sayers as they say are products of evil and self-doubt.

  17. In today’s world you frequently hear that you’re working for the Kremlin if you’re honestly expressing a fact or opinion. Well, that might be something to seriously consider as the majority of US’ workers aren’t paid a livable wage to begin, or end with. Maybe Washington could foster a higher degree of respect if they treated their citizens with genuine, good-faith respect, and also STOPPED THE ILLEGAL CORPORATE WARS!

  18. Had Ukraine more military capabilities from the start I believe they could have inflicted a serious humiliating defeat to Russia. Luckily Russia had ways to overcome some bad decisions. But the bad decisions still around being exploited by dozens if not hundreds of generals in Washington, Paris, London, Berlin, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Italy looking through satellites images in real time the Russian positions in a vast area. They can choose where to attack weak spots in Russian positions. I expected much more professionalism from the Russian military. It seems they have a very complex military bureaucratic system to meddle between action and reaction. Simplicity works fine if you have a good plan. Complexity involving large numbers of troops can cost thousands of lives dead unnecessarily because of dumb decisions. To be honest, I was expecting dumb things from NATO. They did dumb things but Russia did more.

    1. Somehow it makes sense for London and Washington to not respect the Russian military neither the government. As it has been proven in several battles, they don’t deserve to be respected by serious military professionals. The war will be won by Russia but we cannot dismiss a serious Russian defeat mainly caused by incompetence.

      1. “Somehow it makes sense for London and Washington to not respect the Russian military neither the government. “I’m trying to follow along here, but can you expound on why it makes sense for Washington (et al.) to not respect the Russian military? Further, why don’t they (the Russians) deserve to be respected by “serious” military professionals? Wouldn’t a “military professional” be serious (I feel somewhat positive that ascending to that status would require tenacious effort and endurance)? Lastly, what exactly makes the Russians incompetent? Thanks…

    2. “It seems they have a very complex military bureaucratic system to meddle between action and reaction.” Speaking of meddling, how about the US’ meddling in Ukraine with their: Proxy War, regime change with Zelensky, weapon’s stockpiling, intentionally ignoring serious abuses in the Donbass regions, ongoing financial sponsorship, intelligence gathering, training and support? Now that seems to be meddling on steroids. Why not stop the Proxy War, break out the glasses, fill with Stoli, laugh, and do the Prisyadka dance? the Americans could do the Twist, it goes like this.

      1. Either Taranis has not followed the events very closely or more likely, he’s followed them through the corporate media propaganda or he’s from one of the alphabet agencies that produce it.
        1/ When the Russians invaded, the Ukrainian army was in superior number three to one.
        2/ The Russians advanced slowly to minimize casualties both in their ranks and among civilians.
        3/ The Ukrainians were basically hunkered down in the highly fortified “Maginot line” that they’d built and it took them seven months to mount a successful counter-offensive.
        4/ They have carried out lately two successful counter-offensives, near Kharkiv and Lysium, at a very high cost in men and equipment in areas that were being abandoned by the Russians as they were regrouping in the four provinces where they were going to have referenda.
        5/ The Ukrainian soldiers (or at least the guys wearing Ukrainian uniforms) in the conquered areas are constantly bombed by the Russian air force, their courageous advance is of no long-term benefit to Kiev and chances are they will be booted out when Russia launches the next offensive.
        6/ When is that going to be? The 300k mobilized guys are now being trained to keep watch in the now Russian four provinces. When they’re ready, the ground, which is now muddy because of heavy rain, will be frozen and the Russian elite troops will go back on the offensive to conquer Mikolaiv and Odessa.
        7/ Russia has cut the electricity in Western Ukraine, which ain’t gonna help their troops much, especially in the freezing cold. And electric trains can’t move weepins and ammo.
        8/ How does the siege of Mariupol and surrender of the Ukrainians and Nato mercenaries compare with the brilliant Nato generals’ escape from Afghanistan?
        9/ Why do only 30% of the weepins Nato sends to the front actually reach it? Two reasons: corruption but also an awful lot is destroyed by Russia while being brought there.
        10/ Last but not least, the (rich) four regions that Putin invaded to protect after they declared independence from Kiev have now voted to join the Russian Federation. The comments by Western corporate media and generals are essentially pie in the sky while this is a fact. As Dubya would say, “mission accomplished”.

        1. Too many red flags from discerned pretense and vaunted nature. The questions were intended to illuminate, but no response (?). Alphabet seems plausible; it’s what they do.

    3. Stop looking through a wwstern perspective. Russia did exactly what they set ou to do. Push Ukraine back, absorb the donbas into Mother Russia and are now in the process of fortifying their new borders. Once done, any attack on the Donbas will be an act of war. Thats when the SHTF. These things take time. War is not fast but very slow except for Nuclear War.

  19. In the US, the left is right, and the right is left. See, right…the left is right, and you’re wrong. You always think you’re right. You cleverly chose the name: “right,” but you’ve been wrong all along. The left is sometimes right, but many times they are wrong. And that’s right. I’ll reread this and see if I left anything out. All right?

  20. The dentist is obviously a Russian sympathizer trying to cover up Russian war crimes. Only believe MSM narrative or you are a traitor of the state.

    1. It’s as believable as the tooth fairy.

  21. The MSM around the world have gone with this Nazi-type big lie:

    Gold teeth pulled from mouths of living and dead Ukrainians, claims Kyiv

    Gold teeth pulled from the mouths of Ukrainian victims have been discovered in territory recaptured from Russia by Kyiv’s troops, according to Ukrainian government officials.

    A plastic box filled with more than 200 tooth caps and dentures was discovered by fighters in the town of Pisky-Rad’kivs’ki in the north of Ukraine, east of the city of Izyum – leading officials to believe they had discovered the site of a Russian torture chamber.

    Ukraine’s defence ministry tweeted about the grim discovery, claiming the box was found alongside torture implements.

    The gold teeth abandoned by retreating Russian troops are the latest finding to prompt an investigation into potential war crimes committed by President Vladimir Putin’s troops.

    Turns out – as reported by the German newspaper Bild – they belonged to a Ukrainian dentist!

    1. Did these gold teeth really come from victims of torture?

      BILD met the village dentist – he says no

      Yesterday, BILD reporters visited the recently liberated village of in Pisky-Radkivsksi in the Kharkiv region (eastern Ukraine). They met victims who confirmed that people had been tortured by Russian soldiers.

      However, the teeth that were found apparently do not come from dead or tortured people – but from patients of the local dentist.

      “The teeth look like from my stolen collection,” says Sergey (60). BILD had shown him the ministry’s picture. “I’m the only dentist here. So if they were found here, they must be by me.”

      Asked whether the crowns might come from dead people, the dentist replies: “My God, no! They come from people I have treated all those years. I took these teeth out because they were bad.”

      The doctor tells BILD: “Over the course of 30 years, I have removed tens of thousands of teeth. This is just a fraction of them. Sometimes, I pull out five to eight teeth in one day. I have been doing this for 33 years.”

      1. What would the Russians gain from this alleged incident? The US’ MIC would latch onto this with the biting force of a Gila Monster (and exploit endless propaganda against Russia). This looks like fabricated deflection. Besides, doesn’t this alleged action fit the MO of the Abu Ghraib/Guantanamo Bay prison system’s perpetrator? This story doesn’t have teeth.

  22. Debunking the problems Avatar
    Debunking the problems

    I have a theory about why Elon Musk’s satellites stopped working when the general staff complained about it during some battles with Russians – They troops were dead. That s why no one responded on WhatsApp to the general staff in Kiev.

    1. I don’t have enough information to speculate; but I like your theory. War-daddy won’t admit any mistakes (no more than they can whitewash or have plausible deniability for). The US’ ruling class’s golden rule is: do unto others, do unto others, do unto others…

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  24. Some of these commenters have more time on their hands than a lifer in solitary.
    I think Johnstone would benefit from getting banned on Twitter for a while. I only have an account there to follow her and a precious few other heroes of mine. I swear it’s the most toxic site I’ve ever visited. I think most of the accounts there are secret police sock puppets and bots.

    1. Yes, Twitter is usurped. It’s caustic. Caitlin is the Harry Potter in the struggle with Voldemort. Perhaps Twitter has devolved into a hybrid of John Bolton’s situational ethics, and “only the little people pay taxes” Leona Helmsley. It seems plausible. Hell, come to think about it, that hybrid resembles the USA. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

      1. @Alan: that’s because nobody wants to talk to us because we’re old and wrinkled like the guys who live in our mirrors while we know full well that our minds are twenty years old as always and this mirror scam is obviously a psyop by the PTB to make us feel sick, scared and vulnerable. They won’t win though cuz the spirit is high! :o)

        1. PS: This was of course in response to the phrase “Some of these commenters have more time on their hands than a lifer in solitary”. Not only are we lifers in solitary but in the front lines on death row into the bargain most of us. But don’t worry, be happy! :o)

          1. Successful “civilizations” allow open and honest communication; they don’t suppress it. They also realize that change is inevitable and are amenable to it. Is the United States civilized and amenable?
            Your choice is Socialism or Barbarism.

  25. Did I miss something that gives us a policy? Caitlin, if you ran the world what would you do?

    1. Thinking about future generations might be a good start.

  26. An answer to Europe’s self made energy crisis.
    Quite simple, supply the tankers and buy in Euros all the oil and gas Venezuela can supply. First world interacts with third world in a positive way. Venezuela has plenty of oil and gas – and just as cheap as Russia’s.
    El Problemo….
    The US has sanctions on Venezuela supplying anyone at all with its oil and gas – and heaps of other things.
    The US however, will buy Venezuela’s oil and gas, using Venezuela’s money that the US has confiscated – so far nothing in it for Venezuela – the oil and gas will be rebadged and its price increased so it doesn’t undercut US shale oil and gas to Europe. Europe can then buy the energy in $US, paid for by euros.
    Nada Problemo
    Next problem? Still working on Ukraine v Russia.

    1. There are not enough tankers in the world to meet Europes energy needs. Thats why they had a myriad of coal and nuclear plants before going insane with green technology.

  27. The United States should rename itself. Why not the United States of War? Just eliminate America. After all, it is only rock and dirt within some fabricated boundary (established with guns, violence, and chauvinism). Friends dying from an actual hot war; some psychologically unrecognizable due to ideological propaganda and PTSD–only memories now. Some said, “support the troops!” I responded with, “bring them home.” Never heard another word. I discerned they didn’t agree with my response. It was an awkward experience. These were very close adolescent friends. Don’t kid yourself, war fucks everything up. It has pervaded all aspects of the US environment (by design). Here’s a sad example. A 9-year-old boy was excited to demonstrate an electronic game being played. One of the objectives was to accessorize the animated character in, you guessed it, a red, white, and blue (stars and stripes) stove piped hat. There were also placarded messages to choose from: one was a sign stating, “I love the United States.” I noticed and heard the rapid-fire machine gun being held by the character and directed by the boy. He looked at me and said, “I’m killing them.” I half-heartedly pretended to acknowledge his activity. We are a propagandized death-cult. Our ideology retraces back to, and prior to, Roman culture. It’s about Colonialism, Imperialism, Capitalism, and competition. It reminds me of a scene in the Predator movie: “Major, we’re all gonna die.” The actor was referring to the Predator’s propensities of hunting humans for sport. The Proxy War in Ukraine is similar: the US will fight down to the last Ukrainian! If we don’t begin cooperating with the world, as equals, we’re all gonna die.

  28. I think this G20 meeting between Zelensky and Putin is a really bad idea. One or another will be set up do die. Putin represents the free east and Zelensky the neo-nazi west. I can just wonder if Blinken is not already saying “this is a tremendous opportunity to get rid of both or one of them”. The murdering sacrifice of a leader like Gandhi, Luther King, JFK and Jesus as the most iconic symbol used to exemplify what happens when you decide to stand with the truth instead of lies.

  29. Thank god the republicans are stepping up to stop the democrats’ war. Oh wait, never mind, they’re doing the exact same things as the democrats and their ideological differences are just for show.

    1. That’s right. Just as US’ General Smedley Butler said, “War is a racket.”
      The (2) parties/organizations: they are just there to give us the illusion of choice. They’re both profiting, and it’s all bullshit and theater.
      Can you imagine if your parents named you “Smedley?”

      1. If America really has a government of the people by the people and for the people, then why isn’t it possible for Americans to vote to bring the troops home? I’m certain it’s a popular idea.

        1. I agree. Why can’t we just bring the troops home? This just highlights how the US IS NOT A DEMOCRACY…It is a fascist kleptocracy, or whatever other superlatives you prefer.

        2. Can’t stop the wars because they’re not wars — inept politicians allow these executive actions because they’re all invested in the money-making of bombs, bullets and oppression.

          1. Yes…that’s the United States. Beyond the inept politicians are their bosses: the donor class and old dynasties of wealth (Banks and Insurance companies also love to profit from war).

  30. Biden: mundo corre risco de viver Armagedon… pela “livre iniciativa” da maior e mais autoritária “democracia” do mundo: os EUA.

  31. Maybe they have or will find what they are looking for and we can all go back to sleep. Something like finding the Holy Grail, and having done so, little more was said of it. Maybe someday it will be realized that, that in fact is what happened, the end of an era had come and gone and the long awaited framework to bring mankind into the Kingdom had manifested itself without fanfare. Or, let us hope so at the very least.

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    1. Are you just coming back from a photo shoot for Playboy central with your bunny ears? And what’s that at the bottom, a d… elephant trunk? That’s weird, I tell you that! You never said what your pronouns were by the way, Gloria…
      Anyways, I couldn’t agree more that “the month comes from this hobby at domestic”. That’s generally the conclusion of geostrophic balance studies – at the root of climate change variations.
      “Interacting in quick all through this hobby and developing lots of coins online victimization the usable beneficial useful resource of via way of means of the usage of the stability at intervals the given stats system” seems an appropriate response even though it will probably meet criticism from the people who are “doing extraordinarily sincere and smooth online sports activities sports from domestic”.
      But that’s inevitable. As soon as you do anything, it will piss off someone somewhere, including the famous butterfly in the Amazon. Keep up the good work!

      1. This appears to be Rumsfeld’s (already been used) logic: “…there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” ( Koetsier)

        – Donald Rumsfeld

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      1. I t’ndluoc evah dias ti retteb flesem!

  33. “Since 2016 progressive Democrats have been worse than useless…”

    There is nothing progressive about mainstream Democrats. Everyone needs to stop saying this. Biden is a conservative. The Clintons are conservatives, Obama is a conservative. They even admit they are conservative. I wish everyone would just call them the Blue Team, not “progressive Democrats”. Both the Red Team and the Blue Team are all conservatives. No progressive liberals are allowed in either club. They are both conservative members only. Even Bernie, who isn’t even a Democrat, is pretty much a moderate, not a progressive Democrat. Please, I am begging everyone, stop confusing everyone over what a progressive Democrat is. There are lots of voters like me who would cut the military budget by 70% or more and turn Russia and China into allies working to solve the world’s problems. We have to register as Democrats to have any say over the primaries. I am not a Blue Team member, I am a progressive, far-left human being.

    1. You are delusional if you think you can vote your way out of this dilemma.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I know the game is rigged at the primary level. But that isn’t going to make me stop voting. I usually vote Green or otherwise, and now have a few working family party candidates to vote for. There are also constitutional amendments for the state I want to vote on. So you don’t need to lecture me about thinking that voting is going to fix anything. The trajectory of the world is not controlled by voters. It is controlled by wealthy psychopaths. But the answer is not to just stop voting.

        1. “So, you don’t need to lecture me about thinking that voting is going to fix anything.”
          This is not a lecture; but isn’t it already fixed?

    2. Really. It is absolutely absurd the way “the left” is condemned for all of this world’s problems and turmoil. As you say, there is no “left” whatsoever in Amerika, except perhaps for the “Wokies” who simply want to confer power and privilege to a different few based upon their identity as to either race, sex, sexual practices, religion, ethnicity, sense of entitlement, paranoia, lack of mental acuity, or their own entrenched prejudices, among other ridiculous pretexts. Sadly, the Wokies would have to be able to grasp the slightest meaning of “left wing,” “progressive,” “socialist” or any of the other relevant epithets everyone knee-jerk despises just because they are told to do so in the great and beneficent US of A where “we” are always right and “others” are perpetually wrong. So, even the Wokies are not really leftists but just the most crazy and strident haters in the Democrat spectrum of its political freak show.

      1. The “wokies”‘ voices have been amplified by the corporate media since the 80s, under various denominations, to distract the populace from social issues, i.e. the fact that the rich are getting richer at the expense of wages and social services and the poor poorer and that OCDE countries are turning into Third World ones with a very rich ruling class and a poor proletariat who should consider themselves lucky not to be aggregated to the lumpenproletariat of the Los Angeles or San Francisco favelas but are liable to end up there as soon as they open their mouths to criticize the “status quo” – better known as the social disintegration. The middle class, that knows too much and earns too much for this process to go along smoothly, having to be hunted down and eliminated.
        The reason why the favelas are not taken care of is likely that they constitute a warning to would-be dissenters.
        So whoever wakes up tomorrow identifying as a pink rabbit whose pronouns are here, there and everywhere, is sure to have more than the fifteen minutes of world fame predicted to everyone by Andy Warhol. They will make the headlines for weeks as a welcome corporate media buoy to distract the masses during the sinking of the social Titanic.

  34. Nuclear detonation where?
    What location would scare “the right people”, Europeans, and the English speaking world, enough for them to get-in-line like Americans did after 9/11?
    Global supply lines and financial lines and internet communications would presumably be cut in the emergency. People would have to comply to survive, but it would be worth it because of the attacks… Right?
    Would Puerto Rico work? Would Greenland work? Newfoundland? What about Iceland? They need to be taught a lesson, anyway, right?
    One of the rules for a false flag attack is that it can’t really harm the interests of the perpetrators, though it can symbolically look like it attacks them.
    Another false-flag rule is that it gets explained to the world on the afternoon news, like 9/11 did. People have to know who to be enraged at right away, while the rage is still hot, then it can be fed daily after that.

    1. Pearl harbor did nicely. Its still a false flag imo when you goad the enemy into it. Same results anyway. America has used the same MO throughout its entire history. Why anyone makes treaties still with America amazes me. They break them all at their convenience. This war with Russia and China is long overdue. What I find funny is America sent all their manufacturing to China building them up and Europe became reliant on Russia then declared them the enemy. No politician has ever thought ahead more than the next election.

  35. Can’t remember who it was, but long time ago someone stated that ‘the only way Americans learn geography is by looking up the countries where the US is at war’.

    1. And then we stopped looking them up
      Cuz we like pretending we’re not complicit in piling up them roasted babies

    2. I can’t remember who it was either; but if this is the case, Americans would all earn at least an honorary PhD in Geography.

  36. It is my sincere hope that future historians, be they ever so radioactive, will note that it was the USA that reduced Europe to an impoverished feudal nonentity, not Russia.

    1. I am fully with you but…if the Europeans are so blind, deaf and dumb and unable to recognize what the Yanx are up to, well…then ‘self inflicted pain’ applies.

      1. Agreed, up until September 27. But it wasn’t the idiot Yurpeens that blew up NS1 and NS2.

        1. You have to remember the Poles do not like Germany so they would gladly help demolish the pipelines to hurt Germany. Anomosities between European countries go back centuries and are embedded into their culture and thinking.

    2. Not if John Bolton is appointed, in a revolving-door opportunity, historian at the Dubya library. Johnny-on-the-spot will blame anyone but the “good ole USA.”

  37. “You’re saying we should give Putin everything he wants?”
    The correct answer to this question is “yes”.
    Putin has said, clearly and repeatedly, what he wants. It isn’t a hell of a lot, or onerous, or dangerous, or threatening:
    * Normal, if not friendly, trading relationships with the west in general and Europe in particular.
    * A multi-polar world, containing sovereign states, who are free to organize their own governments and internal affairs as they see fit, without external interference.
    * Normal, cooperative, international relationships based upon mutual respect and internationally agreed laws and norms.
    * An end to colonialism.
    There’s no hidden agenda, no huge long list of small-print terms and conditions, no subversive intent–unless you view peace and prosperity as subversive.

    1. Pasha, I think you are absolutely right. While I agree with the tone and most of the substance of what Caitlin writes here, she seems to imply that Putin wants to take over the world. So let’s look at one example she cites: The 1962 Cuban missile crisis. The U.S. had nuclear missiles in Turkey, aimed at the USSR. The USSR returned the favor by shipping missiles to Cuba. Who initiated that conflict? The Warsaw Pact never came to the western hemisphere, but NATO is at the borders of Russia – and those missiles we removed from Turkey in 1962? They’re back! We should not shrink from saying Russia has a point; we should not be afraid of being called Putin sympathizers or the like. We should echo what he says regarding living in a multipolar world. Yes, he is a reactionary; who isn’t? We live in a fantasy world here in the west. The U.S. is a nation founded on genocide, not a shining city on a hill. Europe became rich by plundering and murdering the rest of the world. We, the rest of us, need to stop all of that, beginning with our societies.

      1. “The U.S. is a nation founded on genocide, not a shining city on a hill.”
        Yes, that’s right. Consider the indigenous natives of North America, and the shanghaied enslaved from Africa. It is credible (if we are allowed to be honest) to associate genocide and slavery to the legacy of the United States. The United States COULD overtly acknowledge these wrongs and redress the lingering indignance.

    2. When you read the full transcript of Putin’s recent speech, you’ll realize how sanity-starved you’ve been:
      The Importance of Leadership in a Time of Crisis: Why Putin’s Words Reflect a New Potential Trajectory for Humanity
      Full transcript:

  38. Caitlin, I admire your clarity of mind, your courage, your honest position of a responsible human being, and the power of your pen. I wish I could write half so powerfully as you do.

    And how much I would love to that we could pack off that repulsive character Bolton to somewhere in the trenches of Donbass! L

    1. Just fckn sh**t him like a rabid dog and save everyone the bother.

    2. Bolton is like Kissinger. With us to the bitter end.

      1. Yes, it’s another nightmare scenario in the Unreasonable Spiteful of Antagonism.

  39. Today President Joe Biden is declaring that the risk of nuclear “Armageddon” is at the highest level since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

    It is good that Biden recognizes the fine mess his threats to Russian existence have provoked.

    If Biden can get the American people to realize how dangerous the present situation is, the possibility of backing down from a first (and likely final for humanity) nuclear strike may make diplomacy possible, caving into the will of the people to continue to live, instead of caving into the Russian demands that America live up to its conditionals for unification of East and West Germany in good faith.

    1. Biden seems to present himself as a passive observer.

      He is, or is supposed to be a point man.

  40. I don’t watch TV or use Twitter, so only know of the mob trolling and the like from you and Dore. Twitter seems like a childish medium. The News looks clownish on the TVs at the gym. Politics and its media is like high school with lots of money and power. Every suit or celeb on TV, and probably Twitter, is a millionaire and theirs are millionaire opinions. You will never hear poor opinions. We should have The Poor View on TV. Maybe The Frightened Middle Class View. I doubt they would be hot and bothered for nuclear brinkmanship. They might want free healthcare and pensions, the unsexy stuff. I heard Dore use the term crony capitalism the other night instead of capitalism, playing into a libertarian myth. I wish peace to everyone.

    1. I’m with you James, never watch TV news, never used Twitter. If I pass a TV with the “news” on, it makes my skin crawl. Don’t know how anyone can watch that drivel. The Twiterization of politics drove it down ten more notches, now well below Neanderthal levels. Not sure why people think Twitter is anything but propaganda bots and fools, with a tiny fraction of sane people crying into the wind. But I don’t see it ever changing now that it has become the norm.

  41. The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the pro-war western nations that are continuing to provoke Russia into further defensive actions against it with existential threats for all of humanity.

    War is terror, and the terror of war promotes more terror.

    Its very dangerous to convince the largest nuclear power that their aggressions have a moral basis.

    Where is the clear eyed thinking of a Jean-Paul Sartre today, one that recognizes that the Nobel Peace Prize is a propaganda tool of Western aggression?

    1. What a travesty. The latest insult to reason by the Western warmongers who call their support of tyranny a quest for “peace.”
      Guess they are rewarding all of the notable criminals and agitators working at the behest of Washington by not singling out just one.
      Such absurd actions based on upside down logic is becoming tedious, even for Insane Asylum Earth.

      1. You American liberals are a sick bunch.

        1. Sorry Realist.

          I didn’t intend to imply that you are an American liberal.

  42. This article by Dave Decamp reports that US Special Forces and CIA personnel are on the ground in Ukraine: The article also says that Biden has notified Congress of a “broad program of clandestine operations inside the country”. Gee, I guess Biden really wants those oil deals he cooked up.

    I don’t think the arrogant pricks with whom we are stuck as our “leaders” have enough maturity or good sense to admit that they have made a terrible mistake and quietly deescalate and end this stupid war. I have no confidence whatsoever in them. In short, Caitlin, I think you are right and that these idiots may get all of us killed.

    1. The devils in Washington have something cooked up and must be ready to move when the entire American media now constantly speaks of the nuclear Armageddon that “Putin!!” is poised to unleash and Lord Biden himself publicly suggests this incessantly. They seem to be conveying the message that they are about to nuke Russia, start WWIII and impose their new world order on what will be left of America. Their rhetoric is now so extreme that I cannot see any government walking away from their own words and retaining any credibility, especially when confronted with the reality of their own treachery, like the Nord Stream fiasco. May well be our last days of lives, certainly of “freedom and democracy” very soon. Why else would the Matrix dispense such an ultimate distortion of reality at this moment in time if they were not about to act? If they hope that such talk will cause the Russian state to panic, pre-emptively overthrow Putin and surrender to the Americans who are trying to destroy them, they have not been paying attention. This is “one-second-to-midnight” talk by Biden and his crew of gangsters. This is no room for escalation left. Only a coup by the Pentagon might stop this, but that is not their tone for sure. Their madness seems to have congealed around Petraeus and his recent advocacy of all out war.

      1. The danger is increasing such that DemocracyNow! has been giving more time to the one-eyed blind of the anti-Russian pro-war American liberals over recent days.

        1. Not just DemocracyNow!. Counterpunch, too. There goes the left press!

          1. I gave up on CounterPunch long ago. Democrap tools.

      2. They are simply trying to verbally goad Russia into nuking Ukraibe.

  43. 30 years from now Avatar
    30 years from now

    We should take notes from Putin’s speeches because it is all written there what are the Russian policies and objectives.
    The main hardcore is this:
    “To Putin, Greater Russia is a distinct civilization which opposes not only America’s hegemonic policies, but also the West’s projection of its values as universal. This is an about-face not only from Gorbachev’s musings about a common European home, but also from Putin’s own travails in trying to forge a Greater Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok, and his efforts to find a way for Russia to join NATO.
    A Greater Europe didn’t happen; a Greater Asia that includes Russia is de facto emerging. As to a Greater Russia, this requires more than a leader’s imagination.”

    About the war in Ukraine, Russia does not care about Washington, London, NATO and MSM. It should be clear by now for everyone.
    Even if the Ukrainian counter-offensive runs out of steam and the Russians resume their advance, none of these tasks can be accomplished quickly. This part of the new Russian national idea will keep the nation busy for a long time.

    We should try to picture this rupture from Washington and Great Britain not only being made by Russia but it is happening at the same time in China, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Hungary, Serbia and many others around the world.

    Washington only controls the historic narrative from the MSM. The control of real history is out of reach from the neoliberal nazi US empire. Perhaps manipulating fear is their best weapon not to crush Russia but themselves.

  44. “It’s supposed to be the news media’s job to create an informed populace”…
    Yes but… the job of the CORPORATE media is to keep it sick, scared and scattered to enrich corporations – the Covid scam having set Guinness records (in sheeplism, in billionaires’ exploding net worth, in censorship to protect free speech, in homo vaccinatus homini unvaccinati lupus, in “get vaxxed before shit hits the fan”, like a hurricane…
    … or a nuclear blast – don’t have video yet but looking forward to it…) that will be difficult to beat.
    It’s a whole different ball game.
    Trouble begins when people take the second for the first :o)

  45. This war is all about allowing all governments to default on their debts worldwide. The other goal is reducing world poulation to below 1 billion. Nothing is going to stop this. Prepare the best you can now.

    1. If you only knew how ridiculous your evidence free thoughts appear to anyone with any reasoning ability. Actually, a billion people was probably the holding capacity of the earth prior to oil, which will run out. We best come up with fusion or something or population will eventually decrease. It’s not an Illuminati plot. If you have some secret evidence, contact Greenwald, there would be a Pulitzer in that.

      1. Mankind does not always advance forward. History shows it takes a step back sometimes for centuries. So modern man is more than capable of doing the same thing.

        1. This back sliding is the theme of a book named “Religion is Natural and Science is not”.

        2. The US is the master of regression. Its obstructionist policies and nefarious strategies should transport us back to the Big Bang! They could learn a lot from the Chinese but would forfeit their Ponzi/Casino/Wall Street scheme in the process.

  46. It’s even more crazy, Caitlin. Have you heard Zelenskyy just called for a preventive NATO strike on Russia before Russia could use its own nukes, recently? Their diplomats are just trying to backpedal right now.

    Russia isn’t fairyland, obviously, but they tried to negotiate several times, it was Ukraine who always backed off. Even recently, Zelenskyy refused them saying, he is willing to negotiate with Russia, but only with a new president, after Putin is replaced. Isn’t this exactly what Bolton, Biden and their buddies want? It’s a bit ridiculous that Ukraine is fighting for its independence so badly, that apparently it already lost control over its own foreign policy perfectly. They can only do what the US tell them to do.

    And that dark god isn’t unipolarism. Unipolarism is just one of its avatars. Regardless how unsettling it sounds, that dark god is capitalism itself. Oligarchy, exploitation, propaganda, warmongering and the rest are just the direct and natural consequences of the system itself.

    1. Bill Burr’s take on it:

  47. The last people to recognize that they are living at the center of an empire are, well, the people living at the center of the empire. Meaning, in this case, the population of the United States.

    I think it must be so, not only to assuage the feelings of those who benefit but also to quell dissent from those who do not.

    Everyone (allowing for a small number at the margins) must be on the same page ideologically.

    USA! USA! USA!

  48. The US empire ramp-off from escalation to the opposite will have to pass through something like Russian withdraw from Ukraine and perhaps a public apology to the west coming from Putin in a live stream on CNN while CIA experts-scholars ask questions and point the finger to humiliate Russia. NATO will have to win the hearts and minds of everyone in order to the game move on. For now, it is all what we can expect from the hideous Neo liberal nazi US empire.

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      1. When you elevate the $33,000, do you use a manual floor jack, or an electrically powered winch? If a manual floor jack, would you recommend a (1.5) ton Professional Racing Series Aluminum Floor Jack (you know, to speed through the elevational process)? Or, and I’m kind of excited about this, a (2500) lb. ATV/Utility Winch with Wire Rope and Remote Control? Don’t keep me waiting. This is a damn good time for you to prove that this call is important to you!

        1. I think she’s simply elevating via way of means of doing extraordinarily sincere and smooth online sports activities sports from domestic.
          But I could be wrong…

          1. It’s domestically sincere and smooth (elevated incomes of proportion sizable).

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      1. You’ve already said that honey…

        1. “The month comes from this hobby”
          Apparently, Gloria has discovered the fountain of youth. Just acquire the hobby and a month comes. 12 hobbies add an additional year to your life. I’m so happy I could just shit.

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