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The US Is The Absolute Worst: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Listen to a reading of this article:

America has the single worst government in the world. Shut the fuck up about Cuba.

Hands off Cuba and regime change America.

“Stop saying the US is the worst government on earth! Others are way worse!”

Name one. Name one that’s currently doing anything that rises to the level of murdering millions and displacing tens of millions in imperialist wars and working to destroy any nation which disobeys it.

You can’t. You can’t name a single government that’s anywhere near as destructive and tyrannical as Washington today. All you can do is talk about what other governments have done generations in the past or pretend domestic oppression is as bad as killing millions in unjust wars.

The US is the most tyrannical regime on earth. Indisputably. Yet because it has such an effective propaganda machine, few people let this indisputable fact inform their worldview and foreign policy perspectives to the extent that they should.

People only believe the US military can be used to solve problems because they’ve spent their lives watching Hollywood movies glorifying the troops and showing happy endings being reached by Good Guys shooting Bad Guys. That’s why they fall for the bullshit over and over again.

The US military is the One Ring. Everyone thinks they can use its power for good, but it can only ever unleash evil.

Israel bombed Syria again. The fact that bombings are routinely ignored by news media when they don’t target the US or its allies is yet another item in the mountain of evidence that western media is pure propaganda.

Hahaha why no I cannot pay you a fair wage you lowly Amazon worker, I need that money for a five billion-dollar carnival ride!

Blaming unvaccinated people and conspiracy theorists for your country’s problems is the shitlib version of blaming poor people and immigrants for your country’s problems. It’s false, it’s dumb, and it’s very convenient for those who are actually causing your country’s problems.

“We’ve got to do something about all this disinformation,” said the empire that is made entirely of disinformation.

Better ways for the US government to fight disinformation:

  • Spread accurate information
  • Stop being an evil, opaque and inherently untrustworthy institution
  • Stop actively sowing disinformation

Every day the western media spend manipulating people into accepting the murderous and exploitative oligarchic imperialist status quo as normal, they are engaging in disinformation that kills an immense number of people. But you’ll never see the president working to silence them.

The oligarchic empire has no problem with disinformation. It couldn’t exist without disinformation. Its real objection is to people having the ability to share information which it does not control.

Just in America untold thousands of people die every single year as a result of an exploitative status quo which makes them sick and impoverished, and this is made possible solely because of a highly advanced propaganda campaign by the plutocratic class. Once you get out of America’s borders the death toll is far higher, where people are slaughtered by the millions in imperialist wars, proxy conflicts and sanctions regimes the consent for which is manufactured by aggressive disinformation ops.

It’s creepy how manipulative Jen Psaki is anytime she’s challenged on something gross the administration is doing. It’s always “Well Ted as you’re well aware it’s perfectly normal and good that we’re doing that thing, and you’re kind of crazy and weird for suggesting otherwise.”

The ugliness isn’t that she’s bad at her job, it’s that she’s very, very good at her job. All US press secretaries are professional liars, but the way she’s able to skillfully perception manage any oppositional question to make the questioner look like a weirdo is something rare.

“Ugh, why must you attack even the US politicians who are furthest to the left??”

Wrong question. The correct question is, why are all US politicians who are operating on the national stage a bunch of shitty imperialist swamp creatures without a single actual leftist among them?

Telling anti-imperialist socialists not to fight with progressive Democrats who are neither anti-imperialist nor socialist is just telling them to shut up and let Democrats control the American left.

Mainstream pundits are like “The far left wants to end wars and income inequality, but that’s just unrealistic fairy unicorn talk because people like me are paid by billionaires to prevent that from ever happening.”

“I understand that you want peace and healthcare and a living wage, but you need to be pragmatic and realistic about the fact that we’re going to pour vast fortunes into sabotaging all your attempts to get those things.”

There’s a focus on profit-driven solutions to climate collapse because our profit-driven global model always values making more things (“men’s work”) and never values cleaning things up (“women’s work”). That’s also why most of the work traditionally done by women is unpaid.

You’re only ever going to look for solutions to problems through the reality tunnel you’ve been conditioned to look through. For thousands of years human civilization has been valuing the making of more things and devaluing the unmaking of things, when the latter is what we need right now. The oceans are our planet’s best carbon sink, for example, and their ability to do that is being choked to death by plastic. Removing plastic from the oceans will not be profitable; it will cost a lot. So there’s no big push to do this. It’s being ignored.

Ending growth for its own sake, producing less, consuming less, paying people to stay home instead of commuting to pointless jobs; all of these would help the ecosystem far more than producing some new battery made of strip-mined materials. But there’s no profit, so they’re overlooked as viable solutions.

Because we’ve got millennia of conditioning toward the worldview of “Men’s work valuable, women’s work free,” even the most awake among us can scan right over the obvious solutions to ecological collapse without seeing them, because it would mean a wildly different way of being. That’s why people so often succumb to hopelessness on this front, and why the quote “It is easier to imagine an end to the world than an end to capitalism” rings so true for us: because from the point of view we’ve been conditioned to look through, there is no solution. We cannot consume our way out of this.

When in reality there is a solution right here under our noses, it’s just not good for billionaires. It’s going to cost a lot, and it’s going to entail doing a lot less. But it will work, and, if we can pry the fingers of the bastards off the wheel, it can be put into action.

False spirituality gives you beliefs. True spirituality destroys them.


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  • The exciting thing about the January Sixth rioters is that they managed to disrupt business as usual in the head office of the most dangerous terrorist state on the planet. Makes what we old sods did taking over deans’ offices look mighty pale in comparison. Then the corporate media endless demonize them, as white supremacists, no less, because antiracism is the chic cause among woke dittoheads these days; and when repeat this over and over, ask yourself: why is my government telling me my fellow citizens are my enemy? Then ask: is this my first day in Amerika, or what?
    January 6 reminds me of Alamance Creek. It was the first armed clash between patriots and redcoats. It took place four years before Lexington and Concord but you’ve never heard of it because North Carolina didn’t have slick PR guys like Adams and Hancock to spin a nasty brawl into a heroic blow against tyranny.
    Left and right are labels that have lost their meaning. A storm whose outcome is impossible to predict is brewing. Choose your side wisely.

  • Journalist admits to destroying millions of Trump ballots, claims ‘There is nothing “far left” about destroying Trump ballots, God says you have to do it in the Ten Commandments,’ and ‘we control all institutions from the UN right down to your dentist.’
    I Tried to Make Claims About Election Fraud So Preposterous Trump Fans Wouldn’t Believe Me. It Was Impossible.
    ‘But I simultaneously began to experience a growing sense of psychological gloom. Partly it was the sorrow and loneliness emanating from the Trumpist tweets. The throughline through all of them was a sincere fury from people about their lives, directed at imaginary causes. Clearly most of them had no one trustworthy with whom they could talk through their problems and possible solutions. Instead, they only had the inhuman online community of their fellow rage-heads.

    What was worse, though, was the overwhelming sense that this was just a more intense version of the human condition — that our brains simply aren’t designed to comprehend the world around us. Instead, their main priority is keeping us part of the tribe. Absolutely anything can be ignored if awareness of it might exile us from our little group, and all actions up to and including violence are justified to prevent us from becoming aware of facts that contradict our belief system.’

    • Oh, I forgot the link to Jon Schwarz’s Twitter thingy:

    • Exactly how the left acted while Trump was in office. People are the same regardless of political affiliation.

      • Does that mean there is zero hope and we should expect to die?

    • You couldn’t get much more insane than this guy. With that kind of stuff (as if there weren’t enough nutcases around), his evidence-free assertion that a quarter of America is part of a Trump cult because he received a few DOZEN tweets that took him seriously and asked for his arrest and their censorship of Glenn Greenwald for writing balanced stuff about Biden before the election, The Intercept guys wonder why they find it difficult to get readers to pay for their shit. Has Jon Schwartz ever even heard of the straw and the beam parable :o)

      • I think you’re right about his claim that 25% of the USA is in a Trump cult. Even if it’s true, this is no proof.
        I still found the Twitter exchange hilarious.

    • Excellent post Ian – thank you so much!

  • I see capitalism as neither good nor bad. It can be made to be extremely evil and also it can be made to be very nice, healthy and personal.
    The evil part is ruling the world right now but it will pass, but not soon enough!

    • No: capitalism is definitely bad, period. Capitalism grew out of feudalism and chattel slavery: it is wage slavery. Capitalism is a means of business owners/managers ‘owning’ you for 40 hours per week. You are exploited for their gain, not yours. You make money for them and are paid the absolute minimum they can get away with. Factories, offices in capitalism aren’t democratic; rather they are little dictatorships with a militaristic hierarchy. You do as you are told or you are fired and replaced with someone else who will jump to their tune with a perky “Yes sir!”. Further: capitalism only sees the world in terms of profit. Vacant land, forests, the sea, what’s underground–in capitalism it is all converted into profit. Forests are clear-cut, then roads are put in: after that subdivisions are built and sold, or office buildings or apartment complexes. Have you noticed? We’ve destroyed the world’s oceans in the name of profit, and used them as a dumping ground for plastic, marine engine waste, mass dumping of garbage, etc. Massive factory trawlers scrape the ocean floor killing everything in the name of seafood profits, leaving mass dead zones where there were once thriving marine ecosystems. So no, you’re most definitely wrong. Capitalism is an extremely vile, exploitive and Earth destroying economic system. Socialism would be a much better way forward.

      • Hear, hear. Capitalism is a cancer on planet Earth and in its final stages.

  • Attn Ian Perkins
    Stone doesn’t even evoke the Israeli trail, the fact that Kennedy’s ban on Israel’s nuclear program infuriated Ben Gurion and (more importantly) that Lyndon Johnson reversed that policy as soon as he became president. Why, when this meant throwing the (oil rich) Arab countries directly into the arms of the Soviet Union for protection? And what was the use of that nuclear proliferation for the US?
    Isn’t that, even without any further comment, worth mentioning at all?
    Exploring this hypothesis, you reach the inevitable conclusion that an Israeli commando would fit rather nicely in the scheme. With a few Mossad complicities (sayanim), you could land these men in the US easily, post them in various places on Dealey Plaza (including, according to one report, in a gutter manhole from where the lethal front shot was fired that took away a large chunk of the back of JFK’s skull – as Stone mentions – and through which escaped a piece of the brain that Jackie retrieved by climbing on the car trunk and that she clutched to until she gave it to a surgeon in the hospital who reported it) and then immediately exfiltrate them the way they came before the FBI inquiry has even started.
    Most contract killers never get caught because they have no links to their victims for the police to work on.
    Besides an Israeli soldier won’t think twice about obeying an order from his superiors to take out a foreign president described as a threat to Israel’s national security whereas it might be a bit more difficult to find a CIA marksman or even an American mobster willing to do the job and still shut the fuck up if they get cornered by the police inquiry.
    So the Israelis had the means, the motive and the opportunity but this is only a conspiracy theory so far. Pure speculation with a smell of antisemitism to boot if you ask me. Now the 100 million dollar question: why didn’t Oliver Stone mention the impact of JFK’s death on the US nuclear policies in the Middle East?
    Buckle up! The guy who financed Oliver Stone’s 1991 film JFK is called Arnon Milchan.
    Did Israel Kill Kennedy? – henrymakow.com
    You won’t find him in the Wikipedia credits for the movie because he did it through Warner Bros but a Google search will bring about several articles (including Israeli ones) about this, which make it a fact.
    And who is Arnon Milchan? A long-time Mossad figure who, according to a 2011 biography, financed “the essential needs of Israel intelligence operations outside the country.” Those “essential needs” included purchasing weapons – he was Israel’s biggest arms dealer – and components for Israel’s nuclear arsenal. Can’t make that stuff up!
    Book: Hollywood producer was Mossad agent (ynetnews.com)
    With a bit of luck, the guy was even involved in the Kennedy assassination because that would be exactly his field of expertise. But he was only 19 in 1963, so it’s unlikely. However his Wikipedia entry says he was an Israeli intelligence asset from the mid-60s to the mid-80s, which is probably when the run-up work for the movie started.
    Another strange hole in Stone’s story: he completely overlooks the fact that Jack Ruby was a Jewish mobster. For him, Ruby was just an “FBI informant”. Gimme a break! And why would he risk his life to kill Oswald if there wasn’t an equal threat on it if he didn’t? And who would be more likely to provide that threat, the FBI or Meyer Lansky’s Jewish mob? Or does Stone really believe that Ruby killed Oswald to “spare Jacky the ordeal of having to go back to Dallas to testify”?
    Now the one billion dollar question: has anyone ever found a satisfying answer as to “Why did President Lyndon Johnson cover up for the 1967 deliberate attack by the IDF on the USS Liberty that left 34 US sailors dead, 171 wounded and severely damaged the ship?”
    USS Liberty incident – Wikipedia
    And to boot, the 2 billion dollar question: wouldn’t the notion that Lyndon Johnson covered up for the Kennedy assassination and that this was known to Israel make a perfect blackmail leverage for both Johnson’s reversal of Kennedy’s policy as regards Israel’s nuclear program and his cover up with total black out of the USS Liberty incident – the exact same alleged incident, albeit a false flag, having been the pretext to escalate the Vietnam war two years earlier?
    Then of course we’d have to ask ourselves how Israel would know about that :o)

    • Maybe.
      You wrote “So we’ll likely never know what Oliver Stone has to say twenty years after his movie JFK unless we go and see his documentary ourselves,” and I was replying to that. Whether you accept what Stone has to say is another matter.

      • I know. I just wrote this for the record because contrary to other goods, freedom of speech only wears out if you don’t use it :o) And last but not least, why would Trump, the rabid Zionist we all know, refuse to declassify the remaining classified documents about JFK? To protect the reputation of guys in the USG or CIA that have been long dead and buried or to please Sheldon Adelson and Netanyahu?
        (Actually it’s thirty years since Stone made his movie, and not twenty as I mistakenly wrote. Doesn’t time fly… :o)

  • Forever until it ends? Georgi Derluguian, professor of social research & public policy at New York University, Abu Dhabi
    Teaser for an amazing interview:
    Boyko: “Isn’t it striking how the discourse of capitalism changed just in the last five or six years?”
    Derluguian: “It was predictable. Still, it is striking. It is always striking, you know, when….. when you see this happen. In social science, the most difficult part is not predicting a trend; it is predicting the speed. Twenty years ago we got together with several great ….. major, actually…… historical sociologists ah who study ah the development of social evolution… since ancient Mesopotamia ..you know….. so all historical systems have gone extinct. Ah, so we study why do these systems rise, and how do they collapse? And what we all noticed that, in economics, for instance, you know, there is not even a theory of decline of capitalism. You know, this is something untouchable. Because capitalism always overcomes its crises …….that’s all.”
    We no longer need a theory of the decline of capitalism. Nothing has to be said or spelled out. We are now witnessing capitalism’s decline (the brand of capitalism in “the West”, anyway) into more and more severe political, economic and social chaos. Ironically, this state of affairs is, intentionally or unintentionally, broadcast 24/7 by the Elite’s MSM. The broadcasts are in reality an ongoing expos’e of western-style capitalism’s paroxysms.
    On the world-wide playing field, what is going on is, as Derluguian puts it, “very much like we are playing very sophisticated 3-dimensional chess ……. and at some point you reach for a brick and hit your opponent”. This is the point that the US has already reached and the US is attempting to use its military, mercenaries and sanctions as bricks to bludgeon its competitors into submission. What’s very predictable is that the competitors are quite justifiably going to strike back. I agree with Derluguian that the speed with which that will happen is what is unpredictable. But whenever it inevitably happens, what will the US and its vassals do after they experience firsthand what they have been dishing out to other nations for decades? Will they wake up, lick their wounds, become more sane and live from the point forward in peace with the nations of the world, or will they “go for broke” with their nuclear weapons in order to make the world a better place?

  • Caitlin – PLEASE ban the ZIO/SHILL @Ian Perkins !

    They distract – post propaganda links and repeat Idiotic questions !

    “Have you found the evidence yet ?? ”

    “Source ?? ”

    These pathetic HASBARA shills have brought down many a site !

    The TRUTH about the HASBARA shill army !


  • Remember creepy Nancy Reagan’s slogan “Just Say No?” Well here’s something’s you should really say NO to:

    Vaccines; lockdowns; masks; censorship; imperialist wars; economic sanctions; homelessness; biological warfare; totalitarian technocrats; etc….Remember, the same creeps who lied about needless endless wars are advancing a biosecurity state and are hiding COVID treatments while coercing toxic experimental jabs.

    • Your comment is tinfoil hat nonsense.

  • They rage, they rant, they rule.
    And then they die.
    Just like the rest of us.
    What pathetic wasted lives they live.

  • Not to get all literal and what-not, but I can think of worse things…….a bunch of em.
    Typically, when I see the word “absolute” in any argument or statement or premise, then I know – game on!
    In fact, if in a Debate, and the one I’m debating uses the word “absolute”, then I will sense, I am already ahead without saying a word. Absolutely thank-you…….is what I would think from a debating standpoint, but I wouldn’t say it…..and probably its not really that big of a deal, but from a literal standpoint is anything truly “absolute” – anything beyond the most extreme basics? When anyone tries to speak in absolutes they are vulnerable in any fair debate. I’ve been in my fair share as have most posting here I suspect and of course the author as well. Most of them have been online and I’ve been posting for a long time.
    Anyhow, here is example #1 of something worse: oh that last Ice Age was a complete “bitch” so-to-speak. What was it – 20000 years ago or so. Only the ones who worked together survived that and even working together was no guarantee against the whim of Mother Nature.
    So, remember it could be worse and my suggestion is to refrain from extreme words in most instances……
    From an objective standpoint, the discourse here is wonderful, and thank-you Rogue author for providing a forum for the conversation. Nonetheless, I disagree with the title of this article. If the word “government” was in the title, then maybe yes, but I could argue that either way, and that sort of already proves the point wrong – if something is absolute it is not subject to debate don’t you think?

    • I can say with absolute confidence though, that my post was the first post with the date of July 22. If you doubt this, get a hold of me and I will show you the copy with a time-stamp.
      Unless somebody else is typing or has posted as I type this, then this will be the 2nd.
      It is easy to talk absolutes about things of the past, but not so much so with respect to the future or any government. In fact, it is impossible to absolutely know the future, but in regards to the past, some things are obvious.
      If you think otherwise, I reckon you are a Calvinist and let me be the first to say: I’m sorry.

  • ISIS would be long gone if it were not for ZIO/US funding – training and weaponising them with the latest weapons !!
    Thank God for Iran and Syria !

  • “ Two centuries ago, a former European colony decided to catch up with Europe. It succeeded so well that the United States of America became a monster, in which the taints, the sickness, and the inhumanity of Europe have grown to appalling dimensions.”
    — Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth

    Should we expect less …

    • A Japanese study found 90%+ of world institutions are British. You walk into a police department or a university in Kuala Lumpur, Dar Es Salam, or Rio De Janiero…..it’s all the same. Looking for your professional counterpart in a foreign system? They’re there and they’re all the same. Only the words are different. Comprehending a lost diversity is incomprehensible.

  • I’ve got to admire some of you guys down below complaining that we’re told what to do about the Covid vaccine (with which I couldn’t agree more) while doing exactly that by demanding in the same breath that Caitlin Johnstone write what you want her to write about it and trying to make her feel guilty if she don’t. On the Richter scale of insanity, we’re just about to hit the roof here! :o)

  • And to prove that Ms Johnstone is entirely correct; President Joe Biden’s air force is bombing Yemen directly!!

  • Talking about disinformation, Oliver Stone has just issued a documentary on the JFK assassination. I read an article about it in The Independent a couple of days ago. Surreal! The journalist says he met Stone but he wrote exclusively about his career at large in a sort of portrait. Not a word about his documentary. Stone obviously thought the interview was about his documentary. So he reportedly talked a lot about it, which the Independent journalist translated as it was difficult to get Stone off the subject of JFK with which he seemed quite obsessed!
    I’m asking you… And just like for the latest Assange developments, the media won’t cover Stone’s new opus (as confirmed by another article yesterday in RT). Ain’t that kinda weird? After all these years? Even Noam Chomsky, who made many landmark observations about a lot of things, especially the US policies in Vietnam back in the days and then Latin America, shuts off when you talk to him about JFK. In a YouTube video, at the end of a talk he gave to Hungarian students a few years back, he was asked by one of them: “What’s your theory about who killed JFK?” Chomsky replied: “I don’t have one. Who knows?… Who cares?… A jealous husband?”
    What? Why would Chomsky, so pertinent on many subjects, make such foolish answers about Kennedy, whose assassination is definitely one of the pivotal events of the XXth century, at the root of the Vietnam and Latin American events Chomsky spent his life criticizing?
    Of course a case has been made that Israel was involved because Kennedy was determined to put an end to their nuclear program, which infuriated Ben Gurion. After Lord Moyne, Count Folke Bernadotte and others, it is clear that assassination of foreign personalities by Jewish terrorist groups (Haganah, Irgun, Lehi…) led by people who would later become Israel’s first leaders (Ben Gurion, Eshkol, Shamir, Begin, Rabin…) was always an option. According to Mossad defector Victor Ostrovsky, Israel even considered the assassination of President George H.W. Bush in 1992 for his threats to cut off financial aid to Israel during a conflict over West Bank settlement policies.
    Additionally, Kennedy wanted to dismantle the CIA and it just happens that James Jesus Angleton had been for twelve years the hand in glove liaison between the CIA and the Mossad – no cloak-and-dagger conspiracy here: all this is in Wikipedia. The same James Jesus Angleton who was caught breaking into the home of Mary Pinchot-Meyer – one of Kennedy’s mistresses, herself murdered a few months after JFK in an unsolved case – in search of her personal diary, which he later claimed to have destroyed. Why?
    The Jewish mafia is also suspect. Jack Ruby, born Jacob Leon Rubenstein, who allegedly killed Oswald “to spare Jackie Kennedy the ordeal of having to go back to Dallas to testify” at his trial (I’m asking you… :o) was a member of the Jewish mob whose head, Meyer Lansky, had helped build the state of Israel after WWII and provided the aforementioned characters with weapons.
    All this does makes a case for a possible Israeli involvement for Jewish journalist Ron Unz:
    Not for Noam Chomsky. It could have been a jealous husband…
    If even he is in such denial in plain sight to protect Israel and Jews and lies shamelessly through his teeth about it, what can you expect from the average journalist whose salary depends on dismissing that stuff with a wave of the hand and an accusation of antisemitism?
    So we’ll likely never know what Oliver Stone has to say twenty years after his movie JFK unless we go and see his documentary ourselves in a theater that doesn’t require a vaxx-pass.
    And I don’t even know if there’s any mention of the CIA or Israel there, which shows the potential counter-productivity of disinformation and the limit of cancel culture :o)

    • Chomsky, a “lesser of two evils” protagonist and willing dupe or accomplice regarding Assad and Syria, has a hobby horse he likes to ride about JFK and Vietnam. Essentially, he insists upon the notion that Kennedy’s assassination had no bearing upon what became Johnson’s war—that the policies of Johnson would have been the policies of Kennedy.
      His “who cares” attitude of irrelevance about the assassination was mirrored with strikingly similar nonchalance about a bookend event some 38 years later.

      • Truer words have never been spoken! Excuse this time: you can’t be on every front and it would take a lifetime to look seriously into 9/11. Gotta laugh! In the “who cares” video, he claims that Kennedy was a hawk on Vietnam, which confirms what you say and is an egregious lie, suspect beyond words from someone who’s done so much study of that period. His “lesser of two evils” image as a fierce critic of US foreign policies, a compassionate pro-Palestinian voice and an advocate for free speech, struggles to conceal the fact that his rhetoric is, in fine, essentially meant to get the Jews in general and the Israelis in particular off the hook. In a nutshell: poor, weak and deeply virtuous Israel (with the Hasbara’s “most moral army in the world”, as if such an oxymoron was even imaginable :o) is bullied and financed by the American hegemon to commit atrocities in the Middle East in general and Palestine in particular to safeguard the US interests in the region. It only holds water for so long and took a heavy blow in 2014 when Israelis went picnicking on a hill – which the whole world could see and lost them a number of supporters in the media – to watch the pounding of Gaza by the IDF (2,000 dead) while having their hummus and gefüllte Fish (as Gilad Atzmon puts it). Nice try though :o)

    • RT has a recent half hour interview with Stone in which he discusses his new film.

      • Interesting even though there’s really nothing new here.
        Full reply up there for “Lebensraum” :o)

        • I watched it a few days ago, and also thought he wasn’t really saying anything new. But I’ll watch his film when it comes out.

  • “All you can do is talk about what other governments have done generations in the past or pretend domestic oppression is as bad as killing millions in unjust wars.”

    Caitlin, this is false framing if we are talking about China for example. With Tibet and Hong Kong it would be like if instead of warring “elsewhere” we just took over those countries and claimed it was domestic oppression.

    You are mostly correct, but this starts to get into the territory of arguing if the psychopath who went into his office and killed 25 people is worse than the psychopath who went into the courthouse and killed 25 people. It does not ‘serve the interests’ of one of those killers to say they are both horrifyingly evil.

    If they are allied or don’t like each other and propagandize against the other, or one of them kills 50 and the other kills 20, or one had a million dollars in the bank and the other was a poor dockworker, none of these are reasons to be smug towards someone who simply says the gunmen are both murderous psychopaths and both should be stopped.

    • What the US does in the world is vastly, vastly worse than what China is doing in Tibet and Hong Kong.

      • The nuances of Evil distract from Evil.

        • Disagree. You deal with the worst evil–the US, hands down–as the first priority. Making unequal evils equivalent downplays the worst of them.

      • USA atrocities don’t even come close to those of China/Tibet

  • The US Sociopaths In Charge are the “chosen ones” of the international banking cartel that runs at least the western world, if not all of it. The US SIC does it’s bidding. So they get license to do as they do. When they are no longer able to do so they will be replaced by another gang of such. And through it all London remains the hub. All actions are for the express purpose of eliminating wealth among the 99.9% and transferring it to the 0.1%. Without wealth, you are destined to sitting on your hands wishing you had something to eat.

  • Bob Dylan:
    West of the Jordan, east of the Rock of Gibraltar,
    I see the burning of the stage, Curtain risin’ on a new age,
    See the groom still waitin’ at the altar.
    Cities on fire, phones out of order,
    They’re killing nuns and soldiers, there’s fighting on the border.

  • I agree whole heartedly. I am a U.S. Citizen. We are the most propagandized nation on earth.

    When you bombard a society with lies and manipulation while abusing & exploiting them, it creates a sick society full of people who can’t make good decisions because the information they have access to is obfuscating reality.

    The violence of the U.S. Empire is horrific as it acts in the world and toward it’s own citizens.

    We are ruled by sociopaths & psychopaths that are ADDICTED to MORE money power & control
    They believe they are ‘masters of the universe’ while they cause massive harm and destroy everything….

    • But, but… isn’t that why we keep LOTE-ing them in to do? Subjugate, indenture, incarcerate poor sick, 1099 virtual share-cropping at home Shock & AWE abroad: upwards-redistribution with some actual trickle-down to our slavering white-flight suburbanite ‘baggers and Creative Class™ and yuppie boomer dopplegangster petit bourgeois bosses, slumlord superdelegates, speculators & dead-eyed McMindful iPhone clutching libruls?

  • The point I am trying to make is that the 13 families=Rockefeller, Rothschild, Queen of England, Dupont, Reynolds, etc., and the Vatican are the ones in power. Your complaint that America is the worst is moot. These powers use America to dominate for their plans.. to place puppet dictators or “elected’ officials to do their will. Even China and Russia are under them. Every world leader kisses the ring of the Pope-this is not a show of religious respect, it is an acknowledgement of submission. Every Christian denomination is ruled by the Vatican, and while Muslim cleric does not do so, that is why the US military is in the middle east. The world’s leaders now all comply. .. the presidents of Haiti, Tanzania and Burundi were recently murdered for not mandating masks and vaccines, and these last holdouts were replaced by more compliant rulers. Revise your perception of how the world works to inform the people correctly. Screaming at how bad politicians are, or the US is attacking the pawns. Go cut off the head of the beast instead.

    • This is absolutely right, in my opinion. I completely agree with Caitlin that the US is murdurous, tyranical, despotic, and, as countries, go, THE WORST. But if we continue to let this global pandemic conspiracy thrive, we’ll leave ourselves (the people) with even less power to change anything, as we’re in the process of losing any powers of free speech and organizing we might have had. Wake up people, wake up Caitlin, we need to direct our energy into preserving and augmenting our rights and freedoms to speak, starting with the obvious suppression of the press in this “pandemic”, which, if left uncontested, will kill us all.

    • Did you manage to find the evidence (which you say exists) that VAERS deleted 150,000 deaths from its database?
      Or were you just bullshitting? You must have noticed the deaths while they were there in order to notice they’d gone, so why did you say nothing at the time, and why have you still not provided any evidence, apart from a video making exactly the same claim with no proof or explanation of prior silence?

      • I suppose the over 11,000 and climbing (U.S. alone, not counting UK Yellow Card & European equivalent) reported deaths and the vastly larger number of other serious reported adverse effects are of no concern.

        • Actually, a lawsuit has been filed (2 days ago) by America’s Frontline Doctors alleging 45,000 vaccine deaths unreported from only a 3-day period, conjecturing there are many more. This suit is based on sworn testimony of a CDC whistleblower responsible for covid-tracking algorithms.

          • Michael said there is evidence of 150,000 deaths being deleted from the VAERS database. Never mind this new lawsuit, where is Michael’s evidence? he states it’s there, why won’t he provide it? He’s surely not trying to cover it up; could it be that he made it up?

      • Have you managed to form an opinion about lockdowns and the Houston Methodist firings? I posed those questions to you some time ago.
        Where are you on civil rights, informed consent, and Big Pharma’s urge to jab children?

        • I know nothing about these Houston Methodist firings, and answering your other questions would require lengthy thought and an enormously lengthy answer – in short, I don’t know.
          Michael assured us there is evidence of these 150,000 deaths deleted from the VAERS database. Simple. If he isn’t bullshitting, it would be very easy for him to show us where this evidence is, and very hard to understand why he wouldn’t.

      • Multiply the number by a factor of 10

        • Multiply ALL numbers by 10! What are you trying to hide? For verily is it writteneth:
          “And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply by ten; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply by ten therein.”
          Genesis 90.70
          Genesis 900.700

          • Ian, really, get a life and stop trolling…..

            • Make that ten lives! I mean a hundred – er thousand – …

      • But Ian, what if he had it on “good authority”?

  • Again you are off the mark. When I tell you that politicians don’t make legislation, i am not talking parables, not being sarcastic, I AM GIVING YOU FACTUAL TRUTH. Why can’t you seem to perceive that what I am saying is scientific fact? How fuckin stupid you are, going on day after day saying the US government doesn’t make sense and is problematic, and yet you refuse to acknowledge the why. YOu have obviously read my books, and seem to agree with the concepts, but you can’t connect how they literally work. You are caught in the paradigm and concepts that are made in universities and media, the flase narrative of politics. NO LEGISLATION IS CREATED BY OUR POLITICIANS. IT IS MADE IN THE COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS and TRILATERAL COMMISSION by Rockefeller and the globalists. Politicians are distractions that throw mud, make speeches, and are flak catchers. They rubber stamp legislation. Corporations do not bribe politicians— yes, there is a revolving door, and such, but the real power lies in Rockefeller and the globalists. You are highly informed, a good sarcastic writer with good wit, BUT YOU MISS THE MARK. I wrote my books to change minds and to birng concepts to the people to break free of the chains in their minds- to free them from slavery to wrong thinking. YOu have not broken free, you have the key, but instead of realizing the truth, you complain about the chains rather than using the key to free yourself and others. CAITLIN, YOU DONT SEEM TO GET IT. Because so many of you are speaking in parables and sarcasm, you think I am, and all fall short of true revelation and awareness.

    • My guess is Caitlin has not “obviously read [your] books.” But why not tell her and us exactly how you propose to wrest power from the Rockefellers, the globalists, the Council on (not “of”, btw) Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and why not throw in the World Economic Forum? What’s your plan? Everyone to read your books?
      You do what countless others on the web do, every day, in saying you know more and are light years more aware than everyone else, yet you can’t move the ball down the field any more than anyone else. Tell us how you’re going to set us all free, Michael Lewis Kahn, instead of regaling us in here repeatedly on how you have this enormous ego while Caitlin and the rest of us are wallowing in self-doubt and getting it all wrong.

  • When you gather the planets’ most sociopathic, entitled, narcissists by promising slaves, FREE land (if you buy this swell rifle for EZ Credit) & only deluded, servile, suck-up landed RICH white males can “vote” for whomever they’re allowed… when, the very worst oligarchs, gather the worst, craziest, least aware, most sadistic bullies from failing European empires, to assure craven and complacent peons; easily sold race, religious & ethnic superiority (instead of living wages or any bargaining power, personal integrity or freedom), then you terrify them with Black, LatinX, Asian and FEMALE competition; hand them taxpayer truncheons, guns, snappy uniforms & attitudes; well, I’m guessing the founding fathers HIRED someone to figure this schtick out ahead of time?

  • Caitlin, another gem, thank you. You hit a lot of topics, and glad to see you step into the “clotshot” arena. It is so obvious from all the data out there that covid-19 was a total sham and that it was planned years ago to usher in a more totalitarian society. The kids are call the jabb centers Jabattoir – I wish I thought of that!. Yes, America has many, many, problems; the most egregious of course is the warmongering as it kills million of innocent civilians. What they are doing, either directly or indirectly in Palestine, the Yemen, Africa, and south America is so apprehensible, so abhorrent, that I feel ashamed to live America. The trouble is they have brought the rest of the world into their same closet. The corruption that has surfaced during the last eighteen months has surpassed anything I could have imagined. The question must be where the hell we go from here. What happened to the classical meaning of being a Liberal (the Left is another story). Once a Liberal had empathy, tolerance, anti secret services, anti big government, anti corporate monopolies, willingness to listen to the opinion of others, and the promotion of individual rights, and of course anti war. But today the Dems have taken on a totally reverse position on all these attributes and have turned Liberalism into a dirty word, like they have done with the word “Left”. And now the Dems want to jabb all our kids – well, that’s were I start getting really angry. So please help me and write about this, the most threatening, abusive, and dangerous attack on our children. Again, thanks for a super commentary…..

    • Weren’t the Dems pro-slavery? And when was their party last anti-war?

      • Yes, on slavery but disagree on ant-war as that use to be on their platform many years ago….

      • Amazing! we have the worst EVER attack of the American people and all you and others can do is to worry if the Dems were ever anti-war.
        For heavens sake discuss the current abuse of kids and humanity taking away our freedom and our individual rights. Please comment on what is going on today as the world is about to crumbles and you, Caitlin, sound as if you are controlled opposition.. keeping away from the most important topic of the day – why are you all so silent???

        • Well stated, friend. Caitlin, please, you have a platform here that folks take notice of. Are you worried that if you speak about this you’ll lose followers? Perhaps you will, but this is a moment where you MUST take that risk and speak out. All other issues, at this moment, pale besides what is going on globally with this covid ruse. Ruse because covid is just a tool in the push to make this country and this world a totalitarian regime, run not by governments, but by the force behind all governments. Please, Caitlin, You must shift your attention now.

          • Well said….. I hope Caitlin takes notice…..

            • Well, I guess everybody has to listen to their inner guidance, but I’m sorry to hear that yours doesn’t include speaking out about this gigantic fraud. To me your approach is like someone in pre-holocaust Germany speaking out about financial scandals instead of the scapegoating of the Jews, which had become the primary issue. I’ve been with you all along in your reporting until this last year when you didn’t turn your focus to the elephant in the room. This is not bullying, rather someone expressing an opinion and pleading for your assistance. But of course we must each follow our own inner voice.

          • Your comment is spot on! Caitlin, I cant believe your gut is always right….

        • You don’t find US imperialism the most important topic of the day, and neither should Caitlin?

          • No, that’s not what I said. The most important topic today is the Covid Hoax and the death and suffering this is causing. American Imperialism which is the policing behind the scam is second to that. We presently have the most horrific scenario with regard to the wellbeing of people world-wide and yet you and Caitlin decide it’s not important (by your commentaries) – where are your ethics…. The world is crumbling over this terrible hoax so this is where you energies should be placed. The proof of this hoax is so enormous that you must do your own research. Start with the Wuhan lab…..

      • Ian, I’ll answer you here as the thread is getting thin. I agree, my original comments may have been overly optimistic. I think I may have been summarizing my personal DNC platform because when I was a democrat I was against war and always joined anti-war marches, but now I/m no longer a party follower (as both are corrupt) I wait for the people to revolt which of course will never happen – but, the thought is there….. and hope is always valid….

    • The proof of the covid conspiracy is the same as the proof of Russiagate. Just a big circle of pundits and loyalists who lost an election telling each other that there is proof of an evil conspiracy out there somewhere. Well, there isn’t. It’s just partisans abusing science to push an agenda. There is no Santa Claus, there is no Russiagate, and there is no covid conspiracy.

      • You must be out of your mind… there are thousands of papers and commentaries confirming C-19 is a total hoax and if you don’t see this then you are blind. This is why Caitlin has steered clear of the subject because many of her followers believe like you do – alas I will be proven right. I trust you didn’t get the jab?

        • Saying COVID is a hoax isn’t the same as confirming it, especially when they wildly contradict each other.

          • You must be joking, we have more proving the covid hoax than we ever did proving JFK and 911 were inside jobs. Wildly contradicting the official narrative is the path to truth.

        • The Russiagaters are just as convinced as you are, and can also boast of having many others agree with them. In both cases, the proof just isn’t there.

          • If you don’t agree that C_19 is an unprecedented hoax of the worst kind, then I’m sorry this conversation will be my last entry on the subject.

      • On the other hand, please get the jab…..

  • It really is time for a great reset, but not of the medical dictatorship Technocracy kind. Science, medicine and economics today are all trapped in the past. Science, especially the technocratic transhumanists, still believe in a 17th century Cartesian mechanistic view of the universe and so think that we, too, should become more machine-like, medicine, or should it be called “medicism”, still holds up the long discredited (by Pasteur himself!) germ theory and refuses to acknowledge food as medicine or ozone therapy because that would end the patent-profit Pharma petrochemical empire and economics is locked in unfettered capitalism, reducing the world to serfdom, fast devolving into a techno-fascist neo-feudalism.

    • It is certain that a great reset is exactly what is needed, but not the one which has the name of it. And definitely not anything that resembles it. There’s the catch. The recognizable reconfigured as the novel is not different. Degrees of a thing are yet the thing.

  • Your “manage subscription/unsubcribe” links on your emails do not work… how do I unsubscribe ?

  • “Have you ever noticed how we usually try and solve problems by adding more, rather than taking away? More meetings, more forms, more buttons, more shelves, more systems, more code, and so on. Now scientists think they might know the reason why.

    A study of 1,585 people across 8 different experiments showed that our brains tend to default to addition rather than subtraction when it comes to finding solutions – in many cases, it seems we just don’t consider the strategy of taking something away at all.”
    ‘Society is right on track for a global collapse, new study of infamous 1970s report finds’

    “A steep downturn in human population and quality of life could be coming in the 2040s, the report finds.
    Human society is on track for a collapse in the next two decades if there isn’t a serious shift in global priorities, according to a new reassessment of a 1970s report, Vice reported

    In that report — published in the bestselling book “The Limits to Growth” (1972) — a team of MIT scientists argued that industrial civilization was bound to collapse if corporations and governments continued to pursue continuous economic growth, no matter the costs. The researchers forecasted 12 possible scenarios for the future, most of which predicted a point where natural resources would become so scarce that further economic growth would become impossible, and personal welfare would plummet.”

    • Lao Tsu:
      Tao Te Ching

      A New Translation by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English:


      In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired.
      In the pursuit of Tao, every day something is dropped.

      Less and less is done
      Until non-action is achieved.
      When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.

      The world is ruled by letting things take their course.
      It cannot be ruled by interfering. ”

    • I read that article, too, Amigo, and it soft pedals the collapse out to later.
      It already started around 2018 +/- a year, depending on what aspect (like CO2 emissions peaked in latter 2017). It Already Happened
      ​Many of us can see that we are being treated to false emergency narratives to make us comply with the established power order, and give up our rights, as established by existing laws. It is hard to see why, to see the real emergency, perhaps the real emergency is being hidden more effectively than the artificial emergencies are being promulgated. Not a bad bet, and we might even be complicit in obscuring the real emergency, ourselves.​
      ​ I propose that the real emergency is that global growth economy has already ended, and those who are aware of that are making feverish preparations for the day that the world realizes it, and the distribution systems based upon growth-economy become perplexed and dysfunctional.
      Expect the mandates of command-economy.​ How will this play out?

      • Failure to recognize the inherent dishumanity of the global growth economy has got us to where we are now. It won’t die easy in the minds of them schooled in the myth of perpetual abundance. “The world” won’t realize a goddamn thing. Only whine that its needs are not being met. Into that void will step the false gods. Only when the generations of abundance have finally gone will there be an opening. The present is not fixable, it is to be endured. One can do no more than act to preserve one’s own great grandchildren.

      • CO2 emissions peaked in 2017? Not according to data I’ve seen. It looks like there was quite a drop in 2020, but I see little reason to think that’s the start of a trend. I expect emissions’ll start rising as the world economy gets going again post-COVID – I hope I’m wrong.

        • Post Covid?

    • This could be like trying to get rid of weeds in your garden. The problem can be solved in three ways:

      1. Add chemicals to kill the weeds;
      2. Remove the weeds by hand;
      3. Let the weeds grow, too.

      People choose to add something (Solution #1: add roundup or 2,4-D) rather than to remove something (Solution #2: pull or hoe the weeds or Solution #3: remove the stress over the weeds’ presence).

      • You forgot
        4. Just call in airstrikes.

        • Ian, That would be Solution #1A, Add airstrikes,

        • Lol…

    • It’s the Doing Disease. Doing Nothing often gives better results unless you are already in the throes of Doing Too Much, then Doing Less is in order. It’s the First Mistake that gets things sideways in the first place.

      • NN – We must DO SOMETHING (even if it is wrong)!

    • I was reminded of the scene in The Birdcage, where they are trying to hide all their gay stuff to pretend to be straight, and someone puts up a giant crucifix on the wall, and someone says no! don’t add, just subtract! Heh heh…. good idea.

  • Great article. You might have added that Americans are quite possibly one of the most ignorant people.

    • Samoans are not necessarily more broadly educated than Americans, but they are aware of the ugliness of the empire.

    • Not sure what the paragraph about ice cream has to do with anything, but essentially this post is right on.

    • Americans are ignorant to the extent that their government makes them ignorant. It is not accidental, but a calculated effect of ceaseless propaganda.

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