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Summa Psychonautica: Welcome Home

Welcome Home


Just for this moment,
stop trying.
Stop trying to be better,
to get somewhere else,
to change anything about anything at all.
Set down your weapons and your tools
and your books about How To Be,
just for this moment,
stop trying.

Come lay your head down upon my soft lap
and allow that sacred space within your chest
(the one you guard with fangs and crooked daggers)
to open like a flowerhead.

Welcome home, Boundless.

I will stroke your hair
and coax that hidden eye in your forehead
(the one you protect with dead thoughts and habit)
to open.

Do you see now that you have been knocking
this whole time upon the inside of your own front door,
begging to be let in?

Sunflowers and octopus trees are growing from the rusty war planes,
and the vultures have all turned herbivorous.
The sky is filling with silent white birds,
white birds with your heart flower in their chests.
A passing tortoise looks at us and sighs,
relieved that we’re finally starting to get it,
and the sound is echoed by the earth and the sky.

You can smell the soil in your nose and feel it in your bones.
Everything crackles with color and presence.
The eel angels are singing,
and your heart is singing with them,
and you are now as you always were:




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  • this is beautiful…..you took me away for a glorious moment

  • this is beautiful, thank you for writing and sharing
    you took me away for a glorious moment

  • Pleasantly unexpected…thank you. It’s a shame we have traded our beingness for doingness, a tough bargain. And that goes double for all who would have us believe that daydreaming is meaningless. e.b.

  • Pleasantly unexpected…thank you. It’s a shame we have traded our beingness for doingness, a tough bargain. e.b.

  • Rock on Caitlin! I love the way you write and the fearlessness with which you do it

  • I love that your heart has poetry and art as well as social justice. Poetry and art are WHY politics is important: If the top 1/3 takes care of the bottom 1/3, 3/3 of humanity will be happy.

  • Thank you Caitlin, a very lovely meditation. (P.S. While I am commenting, please be more nuanced on Russia”gate”…….. confirmation bias is boxing you into a corner…)

  • So beautiful! I will write this down (with your name) in my black book. Who knows? Maybe another species will find it after we’ve destroyed Mother Earth and been gone for millions of years.

  • How beautiful.

    I can think of no better antidote to what Yeats wrote, a century ago, yet is always true:

    “The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity. ”

    God or the gods or the goddesses bless you!

  • This…

    I love you Caity. Thank you. I needed this.

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