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Check Out My Interviews On The Jimmy Dore Show And Progressive Soapbox!

I’ve been avoiding interviews like the plague for months. I find them very difficult to fit into my busy schedule and it creates more stress than it’s worth, but there were two shows I absolutely could not turn down because I love them so much and really respect what they do. Jimmy Dore is a remarkably consistent powerhouse who is arguably doing more to knock the gears off the machine than anyone else in alternative media right now, and Jamarl Thomas is one of the clearest no-bullshit progressive voices on Youtube. Both are good follows if you’re not following them already.

Here’s my interview with Jimmy, who does some incredibly beautiful readings of my book:

And here’s me with Jamarl; the video’s wonky but the audio is fine. Jamarl had his live streaming privileges censored by Youtube just minutes before our chat for reporting on some standard facts about Russiagate, and it’s worth listening to for that alone because this shit is getting scary.

These are probably the last interviews I’ll do for a while, so I wanted to put them in an article and make readers aware of them. Thanks Jimmy and Jamarl!

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  • Caitlin,

    Its too bad Sanders is fanning the flames of the Russiagate scam. This thing is worse then Orson Wells War of the Worlds hoax. I have a suggestion; write him an open letter expressing your concerns and which is signed by other Americans. I am willing to sign such a letter.

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