Here We Stand Naked and Dauntless in the Junkyard


I told him my womb was scarred from births and cruel men.
He told me his flesh had been whipped by monsters.

We grew eyestalks and earstalks and went out to the Dune Boons
where old boat and train bones are heaped.

He laid down his nunchucks and put his hands in the air.
I laid down my axe and my shield.
We began removing armor,
trembling in fear,
each piece sprouting into a chain tree in the earth beside us.

He gave me an owlish ointment to heal my scars.
I taught him to slay the clawtoothed echoes in his mind.

Now here we stand naked and dauntless in the junkyard,
making giant robots and having rap battles with crows.

I kneel before his heart in a horizonless worldscape.
He kneels before mine with an army of elk.

“I will love you until the day I die.”

“Nah. Let’s never die.”





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