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Everything Keeps Changing About The Skripal Narrative Except “Russia Definitely Did It”

The latest news update on the notorious Skripal case is that the source of the alleged Novichok poisoning may have been a cereal brought to the Skripals by a family friend who happens to work for a major Russian medical company, hospitalizing them both as well as a police sergeant for some reason. Less than 24 hours earlier, we were informed that the Novichok nerve agent was actually likely administered via the handle of the front door, which according to the New York Times would have been an operation that “is seen as so risky and sensitive that it is unlikely to have been undertaken without approval from the Kremlin.”

This is par for course in the immensely plot hole-riddled Skripal case, which since the story broke has been an endless barrage of ever-changing contradictory narratives the details of which nobody is certain of to any degree at all… except that Russia definitely did it.

We’ve been told that the Novichok was planted in Yulia Skripal’s suitcase. We were told that it was administered via the air vents in their car. We were told that it was delivered by a weaponized miniature drone. We were told that the Novichok was smeared on the family’s car door handle. Now it’s either the house door or Russian buckwheat cereal, depending on who you’re reading.

Nothing about the reports on this case are consistent except the adamant insistence in each and every one that it could only have been inflicted by the Kremlin. Of this the officials of Great Britain are so certain that a worldwide expulsion of Russian diplomats from allies of the United Kingdom was unquestionably the right move to make in a steadily escalating cold war environment. If you disagree and think a little more investigation is in order, then you are clearly a Russian puppet and should be depicted in Soviet-looking garb over a red-colored Kremlin skyline, as was opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn by the BBC last month.

Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t it so very, very interesting how the people investigating this attack still don’t know their asses from their elbows when it comes to any aspect of the case, but it is absolutely beyond question that the Russian government was definitely with 100 percent certainty responsible for the poisoning?

Even with two completely contradictory stories like the latest ones we’re being offered, Russia is definitely, definitely responsible. One traces back to a suspicious Russian national, the other an operation “so risky and sensitive that it is unlikely to have been undertaken without approval from the Kremlin.” They can’t both be true; either the nerve agent was placed in the cereal or on the door. But in both cases we’re led to be glaring at Russia for its heinous attack.

Very interesting indeed. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that Skripal had been living unmolested in the UK for years, and yet now just as the US-centralized empire begins worrying about losing its dominant position on the world stage a long-irrelevant former double agent is attacked by a terrifying nerve agent with a Russian-sounding name that both fails to kill him and implicates the Russian government (and, as an added bonus, could have been made by anyone). Very interesting how UK officials are now working to unite Europe against Russia at just the time where that is a strategically essential thing for the western empire to be doing right now.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: truth is the first casualty of war, especially cold war. The US-centralized empire has an extensive history of using  liespropaganda and false flags to manufacture public support for its agendas, and all of those things are essential components in cold war. There’s no reason whatsoever to give these people the benefit of the doubt when things smell fishy.


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  • I hope someone qualified might respond to you. Meanwhile, it seems to me that any of the cookery” apparatus, chemical precursors and any other associated physical ingredients, liquids etc. could be easily transported from Russia, Uzbekistan or wherever a fingerprint” can be made point to Russia. But why bother? An oligarch could easily have access to a lab in Russia (or Georgia, where the CIA has its biolabs) that has nothing to do with the Kremlin. But, another point, if this A234 or Novichok whatever family was never produced in Russia then how could there be a definitive fingerprint pointing there in the first place? A fingerprint, if there is one, will likely point to a US created Novichok albeit with perhaps a made in Georgia” stamp whose border being one inch to the south of Russia is close enough geographically for proof” of Russian villainy?

  • All the ”hate-Russia-Putin” propaganda is revenge for Putin giving aid to Syria. In addition to meeting with Kim Jong-un in May, and announcing withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria, – Trump has invited Putin for a summit meeting. Of course the Washington (CIA) Post responds: ”Trump’s secret summit offer shows he just can’t quit Putin” and ”Donald Trump isn’t Winston Churchill. He’s Neville Chamberlain.” Bonus, I found a presentation on Syria by Janice Kortkamp, which provides important background information, https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4348&v=sn-1o-q9oxU

  • Thanks for some clear thinking on this C.
    The muck in the MSM is beyond non sense.

  • The “poisoning” of the daughter, a Russian resident, seemed odd at first. But, on reflection, who in the msm would really be able to milk this affair, day in, day out, were it only a “poisoned” double agent and traitor. Who would care. The daughter transforms the case.

  • The British Empire and British Intelligence implanted itself into the brain of the USA before FDR’s body was cold. It never died. It has morphed into this undead, Frankenstein monster of a neo-British, 5 Eyes surveillance, City of London/Wall Street Empah. Interesting the British nexus points of all the “Russia-gate” nonsense, yes? Their empire is finally crumbling, obvious to see as they have in their desperation gone completely bonkers and are openly pushing this ridiculous poisoning narrative by the PM and FM.

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