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Going Rogue, Episode 66: The US Empire Has Been Trying To Regime Change Syria Since Long Before 2011

Five facts that show the US has been trying to regime change Syria since way before 2011, and we process our trauma from watching the propa-flick “Red Sparrow”.

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  • The “Freedom Fries” Country will be part of the puppet nations Bombing Syria with the U.K.. The U.S. need to ban Russian Dressing for salads at the Capital. Every Friday it is like Sports! Go Team Zio-pigs. 1000 Gaza Humans shot by snipers today and U.S. taxpayers did it. Reminds me of the Vietnam totals in the 60’s like a game to win while people die. Phuck Chuck Schumer & Co.. The D and R’s are Puppets. Obey Blue & White, & Red, White & Blue Pigs! Have a nice day! Free Assange and others. Truth is good. Educate etc.. Peace is not for profit. BDS P.S. TY Utopia Dreamers, and Good luck all. Burn a flag. Feel good! Enjoy.

  • Background:
    Ralph Nader has always said that what the politician fears most is when the left and right agree on the same issue, because then, the politician has nowhere to hide.
    Concerning the war on Syria:
    On the left, we have Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley and Lauren Steiner:
    On the right, we have Tucker Carlson & Nigel Farage:

  • This is a very old game …”We have been in a crisis with Russia already since at least 2014; indeed it has been brewing since the West’s misrepresentation of what happened in Georgia and the Caucasus in 2008 then it took off in 2011 with the West’s “Arab Spring” scenario. What’s happening now is just the latest phase of the war against Russia, a war which was described in The Economist in Dec. 1992, where they said the world war of the first half of the 21st century would begin gradually in 2011 and would in the early phase involve a group in the Middle East demanding a Caliphate. This war, according to The Economist, would eventually lead to Russia’s loss of all its territories east of the Urals and Russia’s eventual absorption by the (American-dominated) European, or Transatlantic, Union. Well, the war began bang on time – in 2011, with the so-called, much-hyped “Arab Spring”.” See Terry Boardman’s ‘Mapping the Milleneum’

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