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Going Rogue, Episode 75: “Russian Talking Points” Look An Awful Lot Like Well-Documented Facts

We talk bodies, Bellingcat, Iran, and how truth and facts are now “Russian talking points”.

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  • Another excellent and timely post.

    By the way, check out what this “academic” is doing, spying and classifying “alternative media” with a view to furnish a platform for further stifling of anti-imperialist/democratic dissent. It’s all very carefully camouflaged in Grade A bullshit, as George Carlin would say, but it’s toxic bullshit all the same, with a very dangerous angle.

    In any case this piece, which runs on Medium, too, by Kate Starbird, is a window into the mind of our inquisitors. Look at what this distinguished scholar is doing, and for whose benefit—not ours, that’s for certain. These are the people who provide the “respectable” excuses to write suppressive legislation or worse, anti-sedition laws, etc., and give similar fodder to the establishment media whores to stoke the lynching. Invest some time examining and then do comment. I think this trend is noteworthy and deserves broader exposure.

    Information Wars: A Window into the Alternative Media Ecosystem
    Conspiracy Theories, Muddled Thinking, and Political Disinformation

    Background: Examining “Alternative Narratives” of Crisis Events

  • all i see it’s more cover up and no truth russia ? what about the stolen elections and media coverage of killary/and monkey man in the billions of empty podiums and 227 million they stole from the people backing bernie sanders …..and now with fbook in the lines with cambridge analytica ….i am not falling for dnc/dccc.and corperate media ..”Bs”…and now say they can rig elections … all i see is the party of two for the rich ….

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