Hey all! This is just to let the people on my mailing list know that I won’t have any articles out for the next three days; gonna celebrate my two-year anniversary with my hunk of a “worse half”. Thank you all so much for your love and support. This has been such an amazing ride. See you soon!


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26 responses to “Happy anniversary! Taking three days off.”

  1. Javier Velilla Avatar
    Javier Velilla

    Esa mujer bella e inteligente se merece lo mejor. Felicidades !

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Michael Ingram Avatar
    Michael Ingram

    There is nothing more important than celebrating love. Imagine what the world would be like if we spent as much time loving as we do working.

  4. Thank you for your words. Enjoy your time off. Well deserved..

  5. Enjoy your break! You deserve it. Happy anniversary.

  6. We anxiously await more revelations as you go in for maintenance! Congrats and enjoy.

  7. paula iasella Avatar
    paula iasella

    Best wishes to the newlyweds!! You both have come along way in those two short yrs! Have fun!!

  8. Deborah Barr Stevens Avatar
    Deborah Barr Stevens

    Love celebrations are the best! Enjoy!

  9. Raymond Comeau Avatar
    Raymond Comeau

    Have a great holiday Caitlin you deserve that and much more.

  10. I’m glad to hear this. I love your columns, but I worry about you burning yourself out. Please be good to yourself.

  11. Jack Albrecht Avatar
    Jack Albrecht

    Excellent! Hard to believe it has already been two years. I wish both you and Tim some wonderful “down time!” Have fun!

  12. Do enjoy it please! Recharge the batteries… Thanks for the encouragement and hopes!

  13. Take a much needed break…… and come back fightin’——- WE LOVE YOU

  14. Good for you. Don’t read any comments while you are gone. In fact, don’t read this. Drink a lot and drive fast!

  15. Congratulations to you two! Enjoy yourselves and return refreshed and a bit healed. You will then be able to face the horrors of the world next week and help us get some perspective on them.

  16. Yes! Congratulations! I am new to this “following” and will surely miss reading your “new” stuff, but thanks for the opportunity to catch up on the “old”. I am sure the world will provide more fodder for your pen upon your return.

    1. …rather, during your absence, lol!

  17. Happy Anniversary…only 2 years??? Wow! You are an amazing team and the world is a better place for your being in it with us!

  18. Henrique Rupp Avatar
    Henrique Rupp

    Enjoy yourselves! Thank you for your articles! Superb!

  19. Well deserved break. You do excellent work and I love your writing style. I post your articles on my little FB news page thedrakereport.com. We bought the domain name and plan on expanding soon hopefully. But Happy Anniversary and enjoy the break bc damn the news is insane these days!

  20. Charles Mangerian Avatar
    Charles Mangerian

    Congratulations to you both! For all the good you do for the public by proclaiming the truth, you deserve at least a few days off!

  21. Enjoy, Caitlin! You are a champ! And so is your better half!

  22. Happiest of anniversaries to the both of you! I am so proud to be able to help in my small way, you are an inspiration!

  23. Take 3 weeks off – you’ve earned it!

  24. Enjoy yourself Caitlin, both of you!!!!

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