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Depraved Sociopath Bill Kristol Very Excited About Recent Iran Developments

One year after the CIA escalated covert operations in Iran, the protests across that nation are reportedly beginning to get more violent. This is happening on the same day the Iranian terror cult MEK hosted Rudolph Giuliani and Newt Gingrich in a pro-regime change rally that was so sparsely attended that half the audience consisted of bused-in Europeans unaffiliated with the cause.

“We are now realistically being able to see an end to the regime in Iran,” said Giuliani, who earlier this year infamously led a “Regime change! Regime change!” chant at a related MEK event.

“The Mullahs must go, the Ayatollah must go, and they must be replaced by a democratic government which Madam Rajavi represents,” Giuliani said in reference to MEK cult leader Maryam Rajavi.

“Freedom is right around the corner,” added Giuliani, who is currently serving as President Trump’s lawyer. “Next year I want to have this convention in Tehran!”

So things appear to be escalating. We saw very similar situations in the lead-up to both Libya and Syria, right up to and including the shady ties with the suspiciously well-funded extremist group. We can expect the CIA operations, propaganda and psyops to combine with the effects of starvation sanctions in a way which leads to widespread chaos, which we can expect to see erupt into violence of disputed origin, which we can then expect to see blamed solely on Tehran, which we can then expect to see elicit calls for humanitarian interventionism. Just like Libya and Syria. If the formula ain’t broke, why fix it?

And the bloodthirsty warmongers of Washington couldn’t be more thrilled.

“A democratic Iran not only would free Iranians from repressive theocracy but produce closer ties between our two countries; real security, economic , and moral benefits for both Iranians and Americans,” contributed Michael McFaul, an ambassador to Russia during the Obama administration.

“Very true,” tweeted Iraq war architect and PNAC founder William Kristol. “And great to see a bipartisan consensus for regime change in Iran! (It would be happily ironic if, totally inadvertently, tough sanctions followed by the JCPOA followed by withdrawal from the deal caused so much whiplash that the regime crumbled.)”

The word “bipartisan” is a popular buzzword in establishment politics, because since the two-headed uniparty has worked so hard creating the illusion of opposition among its leaders and very real hatred across America’s fake political divide, the sight of these two groups getting together on something can be spun to give the impression that it must be a very commonsense and important pro-human agenda. Really, though, what it generally means in practice is neoconservative Republicans and neoconservative Democrats getting together to do something horrible.

Bill Kristol used his influence in the Bush administration to advance the agenda that his Project for the New American Century think tank had laid out several years earlier for US military-enforced planetary domination. It began with the catastrophic and unforgivable invasion of Iraq, but according to US General Wesley Clark the plan once if got through to the Pentagon was to take out six more governments after that: Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and, finishing off, Iran.

Kristol lost some credibility as the actual horror of what the Iraq invasion had unleashed upon the world began to really sink in to social consciousness, but since 2016 he has rehabilitated his image by forming a close anti-Trump alliance with the birthplace of neoconservatism: the Democratic Party. Kristol is now one of #Resistance Twitter’s most popular pundits and a regular guest analyst on liberal cable TV due to his staunch support for neoconservative policies that this administration claims to oppose, including escalations against Russia.

Bill Kristol wants to rape Iran. Bill Kristol has always wanted to rape Iran. Bill Kristol has advocated disastrous regime change intervention after disastrous regime change intervention throughout his entire corrupt, blood-soaked career, and he has always been wrong. Every single time. If the regime change cheerleading of this virulent Never-Trump neoconservative failmeister doesn’t tell Trump supporters that they’re on the wrong side of this issue, I don’t know what will.


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  • Every word, Caitlin….. I relish every word you have carefully chosen to write….. every time.

  • The people who are promoting this latest experiment in intimidation are pretty open about what they’re doing, and why. “We’re the pro-Israel wing of the pro-Israel community,” exults neo-con godfather William Kristol. So here’s the crazy part—we’re not supposed to acknowledge that there’s an Israel Lobby, even though its main players talk openly about their activities! No, as Abraham Foxman pointed out in his book “The Deadliest Lies,” the existence of an Israel Lobby is a scurrilous falsehood made up by anti-Semites.

    Got that? There’s no Lobby, but you’d better do what the Lobby says.

  • Bill Crystal is only wrong if you believe he is actually looking for democracy and peace. If you believe what he really wants is chaos, desperation, poverty and massive refugee crises then he has been right every time.

    • Mark–have said more than once that the Iraq war has been a fabulous success as was the destruction of Libya, etc. The goal was to create instability, destroy those cultures, thin the population of a few million people of color who don’t speak English and prayer to a different monotheistic god. The only problem encournters was some ornery folk who fought back and a few countries that push back on the US thereby slowing down the process of total hegemonic world control. All the resources coveted; all the bodies that cn be experimented on with toxic drugs and food while being slowly killed off. Renewable products that wars destroy and ‘require’ replacement. The money making opportunities of war are tremendous–for a handful of goons!

      • One point needs to be clarified. The God to which Muslims prey is the God of Abraham that the Christians and Jews prey to. The Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet. It’s just that Mohammad came later and was the last prophet and helped end the warring of the Arab tribes, at least in theory. Same God different ways to dial him up, so to speak.

        • Yes.

  • Excellent Interview with long-time investigative journalist Sy Hersh
    who questions official narrative on Syria, Skripal & ISIS

  • Most Iranian people know what the US is up to. There is a small demonstration and a little violence in Iran which is whipped into a narrative of the Iranian people bringing down the government. It won’t work and it will fail. Sure the CIA will back MEK in one or more terrorist attacks in Iran but it will only keep the neocons and neolibs in the West revved up.

    Iran will adjust to more US sanctions by turning East to the SCO. As western companies leave Iran companies from Russia, China, Turkey, and India will enter. Iran and Syria are the final red lines drawn by the East where the West will be stopped. I pity Central and South America that is suffering at the hand of a frustrated US.

    We are in a five hundred year turn of history. A rising East is on the move and will not submit to the West again.

  • Iran has had a big target painted on its surface for many years. The US govt has sought to control Iran since the CIA-MI6 coup overthrowing a democratically elected govt in 1953. The Shaw, a vicious dictator was installed by the two governments. In 1979 the Iranians had a revolution to oust the Shaw. Again the US has done everything in its power, short of an invasion to destroy the theocratic regime in control there now. In the 80’s the CIA was running drugs to finance arms to arm militias and revolutionaries the force a change. The US helped Saddam Hussein(remember him?) to start a bloody war against Iran from Iraq. Well after fucking Iraq silly the US is itching to force a regime change again. Neocons, such as that vile excuse for a person Kristol and his gang of thugs are itching for a war. The manufacturers if propaganda to get Americans to consent to a war against Iran. The drums started beating in earnest after Trump shredded the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal, arguably Obama’s best piece of diplomacy of his administration. America doesn’t need enemies there are plenty of enemies here fighting against American’s interests here at home. Thee neocons are one such group.

  • Isn’t it odd that the loudest voices for “humanitarian” regime change in Iran are silent on the subject of regime change in the far more repressive Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? I’m just kidding. These clowns have not the slightest interest in humanitarianism.

  • Surely Kristol’s implementation of PNAC started earlier than described: ‘It began with the catastrophic and unforgivable invasion of Iraq…’. Didn’t it start with the unforgivable preparation and execution of the attack on Afghanistan at the beginning of October 2001? UK readers, in particular, should familiarise themselves with Prime Minister Blair’s address to parliament in which he sets out his war crime
    ( see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/1585238.stm).

  • The “Silence of the Lambs” reference was perfect , Caitlin :

  • Speaking of popular buzzwords in establishment politics and establishment media, could you please refrain from using their term ‘regime change’? What you ought to be emphasizing is that what it really means is ‘overthrowing the government’?

    It’s the same as when the word ‘assassination’ is used instead of the word ‘murder’, as in the case of JFK and so many other leaders who have threatened the PTB.

  • Damn shame the covert, top-secret agencies of the U.S. empire get away with murder decade after decade.
    I wonder if Netanyahu cut a deal with Putin during his last visit to Russia.
    The U.S. sent word to its Syrian mercenaries not to count on U.S. firepower in the future.
    Does this mean Russia gets Syria in exchange for letting the U.S./Israel meddle in Iran?

    • Good question. But we know the US, dishonest to the core and totally anti-democratic, will make and break deals at whim. Something to keep an eye on.

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