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Seeds Of Sedition: Free Printable Mini-Zines You Can Leave Around The Neighborhood

I want to try something a little different, just to see how people like it. I’ve made four printable mini-zines of a few of my recent non-time sensitive essays; all you have to do is print them out, cut and fold them as illustrated in the diagram below, and leave them on bus seats, train station benches, laundromat tables, and wherever else around the neighborhood people might pick one up and read it. I’m experimenting with different ways of throwing ideas which challenge establishment narratives over the echo chamber walls, and I figure getting literature off of the internet and into the real world might be a cool one to try.

All four zines are black and white and print on a single side of one sheet of paper. First pick one you like from these PDFs (if you want to look at the online essays in their original format before choosing one, “Babies” is here, “Humans” is here, “Hollywood” is here, and “Reality” is here):

Seeds of Sedition #1: Babies

Seeds of Sedition #2: Humans

Seeds of Sedition #3: Hollywood

Seeds of Sedition #4: Reality

Then you print out one and fold and cut it like this:

Try it out if you feel so inclined and let me know what you think. If I get positive feedback on this, I’ll make more.


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Latest comments

  • As much as I’d like to see your Russiagate destroying articles in paper format, I understand wanting to use these slightly less controversial pieces as gateways. I’ve done this exact thing with my articles and its fun. Leaving them on public transport is especially satisfying when you’re writing about transport. I made a zine from this article last year about the proposed ferry, buses and migration where I live in Tampa Bay. I cited another journalist named Caitlin Johnston (no e). I write about underground music and radical politics if anyone is interested in having a look around my site.

    • The article (“Internal Borders”) is linked in my name for these comments.

  • “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

    – Thomas Pynchon

    It’s tough to make sense of the world today, but recently a thought has been crossing:

    There’s nothing better for the cover-ups of the crimes of the century – yet to be investigated – and other Bush, Obama and Rodham crimes than a bunch of petty – yet passionate! – screaming and fighting about Russia, the FBI, ‘climate change,’ ‘immigration,’ Trump, etc….

    Flyers reminding of JFK & 9/11 might open some eyes?!!
    Before it’s too late and ‘History’ becomes what CNN reported…

    “September 11, 2001 seems destined to be the watershed event of our lives and the greatest test for our democracy in our lifetimes. The evidence of government complicity in the lead-up to the events, the failure to respond during the event, and astounding lack of any meaningful investigation afterwards, as well as the ignoring of evidence turned up by others that renders the official explanation impossible, may signal the end of the American experiment. It has been used to justify all manner of measures to legalize repression at home and as a pretext for behaving as an aggressive empire abroad. Until we demand an independent, honest and thorough investigation and accountability for those whose action and inaction led to those events and the cover-up, our republic and our Constitution remain in the gravest danger.”

    – Lt Col Shelton Lankford (USMC)

    • yes indeed

  • Take me back to the sixties or even early seventies , to OZ and IT. Those were the days! I wonder who would pick up these seeds of sedition today. Young people may have seen this stuff on youtube, but they just keep their heads down. No more heroes any more. Now which pop group was that?

  • Terrific idea, Caitlin. Good thinking. Good introduction to how magazines, brochures and books can be made. Good luck….. John

  • I will definitely use these. There used to be a site called “Whisper Campaign”, based on White Rose society. We used to print off the info, and distribute.

  • GREAT idea Caitlin. Beats standing on a soapbox on the corner 🙂 …

  • I don’t think Google likes your new idea:

    “502. That’s an error.

    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

    Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know.”

  • Great idea. However, the PDFs are set for A-size paper and need to be scaled/reformatted for 8.5″ x 11″ to print properly here in the US of A.

    • correction. A4, not A

    • Here is an online tool that works to re-scale. https://docupub.com/pdfresize/
      You need to select LETTER, LANDSCAPE, check SCALE, uncheck Constrain proportions.

        • Hi, Caitliin-
          I checked the new PDFs and they do print properly at 8.5″ x 11″. Because of the narrow margins, some text does bleed off the page if printed at 100%. If scaled to fit (96% on my printer), the folded pamphlet is still quite readable and properly formatted. The centerline along the 11″ edge is off by about 1/8″ but that doesn’t seriously affect the final product.

          BTW, here is one for you that a friend of mine did a few years ago: https://goo.gl/nw2ubh

        • OOPS! Here is A4 version: https://goo.gl/KfyTZ2

        • What software or website are you using to generate these? I used Pages ’09 but the latest version of Pages does not have the needed feature.

  • You weren’t born yet, but on June 5th 1968 my world changed as I discovered the whole world was lying to me. From there I began a Decarte’ian journey for the truth. I’m now running for Congress in the 17th District of the Great State of Corruption, Illinois. All my best to you.

    • Unless AIPAC is behind you you don’t stand a chance. That is the reality of the good old US of Israel. YOu all have a nice Peacefull day.

    • Guess my reply to bill Fawell regarding his running for congress didn’t pass the censors. I thought that this website was one that you could call a spade a spade guess I was wrong. You all have a nice Peacefull day

      • Shhhh, you can’t mention the J word.

  • French, German, Spanish, Italian versions would be good. French would work well in the cafes here.

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