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As Things Heat Up In Idlib, Remember: The US Empire Has A History With False Flags

Conspiracy buffs give me a hard time occasionally for not writing more about September 11; I guess when you have a following and talk about unauthorized narratives a lot it’s just something that’s expected of you. I don’t really have much useful to say about it though. Obviously there are so many gaping plot holes in the official story that the only thing holding it up are the authoritative commands of loud and aggressive empire loyalists insisting that we need to believe everything we’re told or we’re hurting the people who died on that day somehow, but fixating on it never seems to get things moving in a positive direction. Seems like all it ever gets is a bunch of people who already see it clearly nodding along, and everyone else freaking out like a bunch of tattletale children shrieking and pointing at a classmate who’s breaking the rules.

September 11 is such an aggressively protected part of the machine, not just by paid propagandists because so many neoconservative agendas were advanced by PNAC’s “new Pearl Harbor“, but by rank-and-file individuals because considering the implications of the official story being false can bring up a lot of psychological discomfort that many would rather avoid. It seems to me like a lot of wasted effort to keep bashing one’s head against the most heavily armored part of the establishment lie factory when there are others that are far less protected, and while the possibility of world war due to a false flag event in Syria is looming over us currently.

In a new memo addressed to President Trump, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity warn that the risk of a direct military confrontation between the US and Russia in Syria is at “an all-time high” as the Syrian government moves to recapture the province of Idlib from the Al-Qaeda affiliates who have taken it hostage. They are correct. Those dangers are compounded and complicated by the US government’s alternating between (A) insisting that the Syrian government is planning to launch an illegal chemical weapons attack on the occupiers of Idlib and (B) declaring that there will be immediate, violent retaliations against Damascus if any chemical weapons are used by anyone. This is further compounded and complicated by the fact that the Al-Qaeda affiliates in the area have every incentive in the world to stage such an attack on the civilians they’re holding captive, since the US government has already said it will blame Assad if one occurs. This is even further compounded and complicated by the fact that the US and its allies have an extensive history of using false flag events to manufacture consent for preexisting military agendas.

One need only to look at old US government plans for legitimizing an invasion of Cuba in the 1960s, casually discussing the possibility of the “real or simulated” sinking of a boatload of Cubans the way normal people discuss whether to buy whole milk or skim, to get a feel for just how depraved the culture of these institutions is. We know that the United States has participated in deceptions which ended up costing millions of lives for which nobody suffered any consequences, like how they used a nonexistent attack to manufacture support for the Vietnam War, or the false “babies in incubators” Nayirah testimony to manufacture support for the Gulf War, or the mountain of lies and manipulations used to manufacture consent for the Iraq invasion, all the way back to the sinking of the USS Maine. Combine this known willingness to deceive and manipulate in order to implement longstanding military agendas of human butchery with the fact that the US has powerful allies who are more than willing to get their hands dirty, like the opaque and unaccountable monarchy of Saudi Arabia and Israel’s murderous Mossad, and there’s every reason to believe that the US-centralized empire would not only pounce on an opportunity to exploit a false flag by a terrorist faction, but actively facilitate one.

It is fitting that the confrontation in Idlib is moving toward resolution on 9/11. So much nefarious behavior hides behind the irrational and unquestioned belief that secretive government agencies responsible for propping up an entire empire have some limitations on the amount of evil that they are willing to inflict on the world. This delusion is easily dispelled by research into publicly available information. Let’s be aware that Syria has been a target for US-led regime change since long before violence erupted there in 2011, and let’s be aware that there is no good reason to trust the US and its allies not to do something profoundly wicked to help make that happen.


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  • FOX News Presents WTC 7: Controlled demolitions. Controlled presentations. And yes, Shapiro “should be ashamed of himself and embarrassed” (to the point of begging God for forgiveness), but he does not work within or for the same world we perceive; he works within and for the secreted/hoaxing Elite (who mold our perceptions):

    Again: What benefits ensue? : Control of Narratives, which equals controlled reactions – as well as the sphere of questions. That way, everything becomes “Fair and Balanced.”

    • Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta: “There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, ‘The plane is 50 miles out. The plane is 30 miles out.’ And when it got down to, ‘The plane is 10 miles out,’ the young man also said to the vice president, ‘Do the orders still stand?’ And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, ‘Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?’”

  • I certainly agree that 911 is “heavily armored” – and for good reason as if armor was to ever fail the people would rise up in furious rage. I disagree that because it is so well protected we should let it go. Every article like this one helps. It is such an important event that has changed so much. Hundreds of thousands of people have died and countless more have had their lives destroyed in the wars that started because of it. These wars continue to this day.

    A Fox News report by Carl Cameron made shortly after the event is a good place to start for anyone interested. This report is very credible and it is hard to come away with any conclusion other than Mossad, at the very least, knew the 911 attacks were going to take place. This report (for the moment at least) can be found on Youtube – just search Carl Cameron 911. I also recommend Ryan Dawson and Chris Bollyn as credible sources of research on this topic. They and many others are doing their best to pierce the armor!

    • Thank you Wilfred. That was my point in my response to Caitlin’s article on 09/11.

  • ” …I think. United States policymakers have meddled in the affairs of Greece and other nations to the detriment of the people of those states. Furthermore, the same players in this horrendous game of control still call many of the shots. Kissinger is still….”

  • Hello Caitlin,
    I am no longer receiving email notifications of your new article postings. I recently made a
    donation about 10 days ago, and then my notifications were discontinued. I tried clicking on
    the link to your website to re-register, but the link just took me to your HOME page. I hope you
    can check into this. I hate to miss any of your articles. Thanks so much.

  • Americans making pals of terrorist started early and has stayed late. George Washington’s Administration made a deal with the Barbary Coast (Libyan) Pirates in a ‘change’ of sides deal. John Paul Jones, a navy captain,, did not know about the deal as he was busy fighting with the ‘enemy’ now our pals. A cannon ball hit his ship and sent splinter into his heart . The rest is song, myth and bull shit …… right where we are today!
    The only thing you are to believe is what we (the warmongers) tell you. Anything else is ‘fake news’ ….. trust us?

  • The hallmark of absolute power corrupted absolutely is the absolute expectation that the citizenry will believe, or at least tolerate, that which is absolutely unbelievable and intolerable. And with perverse pride and pleasure, they parade what is so obviously inconsistent and obverse, before a citizenry in a state of bad posture from the weight of the cognitive dissonance they must bear with a straight face.

  • Don’t forget the CNN Amanpour interview with Assad from 2005: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnxGwm0L3n8

  • United States of Terrorism CANNOT SURVIVE without endless TERRORISM.

    That’s why the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and so on are the BEST FRIENDS of the American People.

    Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!

  • Today is September 11. I take strong issue with the idea that we should not focus much attention on what really happened 17 years ago. Many people who are not ” conspiracy buffs” question how buildings collapsed and they along over 3000 engineers and architects have formed AE911 to call for a real investigation in the events of that day. Independent scientific studies have been done and along with other evidence demonstrate that we have been lied to big time. If we don’t bring the truth to the public and expose the evil liars who were involved in this atrocity, then there will continue to be false flags and manufactured consent and more and more wars. There will be nations after Syria and Iran and Russia that our government and it corporate backers that will pursue regime change. We will have further erosion of liberties by passing terrible laws like the Patriot Act. This erosion will eventually eliminate our ability to speak the truth which is something only a relative few really want. Support the Bobby McIlvane Act.

    • The question is are you willing to work with others who oppose US Empire even if they disagree with you on 9/11? And are they willing to work with you?
      We should work together and let 100 flowers bloom.

      • Please don’t declare that you are one of those believers of the gospel of “The two flying Aluminium / Plastic tubes that converted to dust three steel framed buildings, and melted the granite underground.”?

        Disagreeing with FACTS is not a very good sign!

  • Great article, Caitlin!
    The problem is that the supertanker of US hegemony was put into motion years ago and, apparently, nothing short of a nuclear strike on Emerald City is going to stop it.
    Again, will Trump order a strike on Syria after the upcoming false flag attack? THAT is the question.
    If he does not, there may very well be a military coup to remove him from office for dereliction of duty and, should that happen, will Russia strike the US preemptively BEFORE the new commander-in-chief takes office and orders the strikes? IMO, they’d be crazy not to.
    If he does attack, and Russia finally repponds to incessant US provocations by sinking ships or downing planes, how will Trump respond? If he retaliates, it’s going to end up being all-out nuclear war. If he does not retaliate, again, likely he’d be removed from office by military coup and, should that happen, Russia would be insane NOT to strike the US preemptively BEFORE the new commander-in-chief takes office and orders strikes on the Russian miliitary which would INEVITABLY lead to nuclear war.
    So, again, after the next false flag, what Trump MUST, MUST, MUST NOT DO is attack Syria! THAT would be the time for him to state that he believes that the US and UK Deep State have orchestrated a false flag with the intention to force him into ordering a strike on Syria REGARDLESS of the likelihood of that leading to nuclear war. He must, finally, condemn the “intelligence community” for EXACTLY what it is.
    Trump will then endure a firestorm of criticism, but HE HAS GOT TO DO THAT TO PREVENT A NUCLEAR WAR! I believe that the vast majority of Americans would indeed support him. He could call upon the populace to march on Washington to help him prevent the Deep State from starting a nuclear war. I want to believe that millions would show up, but that is just a hope.
    After making such an announcement Trump could also choose to resign immediately because he would not order an attack that he believed would certainly lead to nuclear war. “Let the next president order a nuclear war”, he could say as he walks out the White House door. Doing that would, I hope, politically awaken the masses in the US to the point where they would demand that whoever takes office NOT start a nuclear war.
    People have to somehow realize that some very desperate Elite have decided to start a nuclear war rather than allow the US empire to go gentle into that good night.

  • Caitlin writes:
    “It seems to me like a lot of wasted effort to keep bashing one’s head against the most heavily armored part of the establishment lie factory when there are others that are far less protected, and while the possibility of world war due to a false flag event in Syria is looming over us currently.”
    This has long been deeply divisive in the antiwar community in the US, what tiny bit is left of it, most having been consumed by Russophobia and Human Rights Imperialism.
    Not only divisive but sharply so. A segment of those who reject the 9/11 official story demand that you see 9/11 as the keystone of ALL US foreign policy and its revelation as a plot to be the magic bullet which will deliver us all from the Empire. AND they demand that you buy their story entirely, including the demolition of the buildings, an unlikely thing. The involvement of Mossad and CIA in manipulating the Saudis is not acceptable. You must accept the whole story and if you do not, you are a shameless capitulator to the Deep State. You are to be denounced and read out of the anti-Empire movement. On the other side there are those who will accuse those who fall into this category of conspiracists as fools and not to be trusted. They must be denounced and read out of the anti-Empire movement. The idea of living with one another does not seem to be in the cards. Sad.

  • JFK and 9/11 were satanic ritual murders. For fifty-five years our politicians and media have pretend it was “a magic bullet.” They have pretended it was “a dozen box cutters.” They have pretended an office fire pulls a building. They pretended WMDs were the motivation for invasion. We are all addicted to the lies of trauma. It opens doors for them and makes us passive obedient and comfortable. It drives us into an abandoned barn to hide out until sundown. Who does a child of trauma serve but the person she thinks will protect her?

  • When the demented neocons started blaming Saddam in Iraq for 911 I then knew we were headed to trouble.
    They have spread Al Qaeda and ISIS across the region and the US military has killed millions and the MSM provides cover.
    Recently US courts ruled that Iran was responsible for 911 – you can’t make up nonsense like this.
    Russian and Syrian intelligence point at plans in motion for another chemical weapon false flag attack in Idlib to blame on Assad and the MSM ignores and demented Bolton calls it propaganda.
    If the US bombing of Russians in Syria leads to WW3 then the US is at fault and at least it will get what it deserves.
    The rest of humanity is innocent and should act now to stop the US.

  • So, if we are supposed to tune in to our bodies and not identify with our thinking minds as much, how does that part fit in with this? I mean, activism requires going back into the thinking mind doesn’t it?

  • I’ve read several well-argued and foot-noted/supported reports – quite lengthy – arguing that 9/11 was a Mossad Israeli operation. It might well be that when the chlorine gas or whatever it is that the US puppets of Netanyahu suggest it is that Al-Assad of Syria will use in Idlib -it will actually have been planted operated by Mossad yet again!

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