I’ve published a collection of a bunch of my favorite evergreen essays and poems about life, humanity and consciousness. Available in PDF only for five bucks a pop. Print it out and let it get dog-eared in your purse or backpack, and leave pages around your neighborhood.


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5 responses to “New book by me! Rogue Nation: Psychonautical Adventures With Caitlin Johnstone”

  1. Ooh I like this a lot. Very impressed by your previous book… Woke. The artwork is flabbergawsometic. https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2017/12/12/i-wrote-a-book/
    Currently I tried to pay with paypal but need to link a credit/debit card which i cannot do, but please don’t hurry there will come another way and in the meantime theres enoug to read here; i cannot follow your speed of writing, but enjoy the poems and articles every few days! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  2. Surprising to hear the statement that your experience is not contingent on others (unlike the prevailing paradigm that puts us all in the same ‘boat’). When you realize and act from this perception your whole ‘experience’ changes in amazing ways. Stay in ‘your own business’ and out of ‘others’ and things will be just ducky.

  3. Probably wot read the book but am most impressed by the offer and selling method.

  4. (I neglected to specify to please notify me of follow-up comments.)

  5. Nice going! But why no epub? Most people are reading Kindles and epub readers like the Kobo. They love epub-formatted books. PDFs don’t do so well in those readers (lack of wordwrap, etc.).

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