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Why I Remain Hopeful When Things Look Grim

Hi. I’m sorry to my regular readers for not writing any articles in the last couple of days; I’ve just been staring transfixed at the fallout from the election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, and the words which normally come bubbling up on their own just haven’t been there for me.

Bolsonaro is a fascist. I mean that in a very real, literal and non-alarmist way. I’ve seen a lot of conservatives in both the US and Australia defending him as just another right wing nationalist like Donald Trump, which is partly due to the fact that he has been straightforwardly labeled the “Trump of the tropics” and the “Brazilian Donald Trump” by the English-speaking mass media, and partly due to the fact that the political left has been warning of the danger Bolsonaro poses using the exact same language they used to warn about Trump.

So in a way it’s understandable that the two men would be lumped into the same group in public perception. The right (the MAGA hat-wearing “Build the wall” right, not the tiki torch-waving “Pinochet did nothing wrong” right) would probably mostly object to Trump calling for a civil war in America in which tens of thousands of Americans would be rounded up and murdered, advocating the physical assault of homosexuals in the street, openly proclaiming that he wants America to be a dictatorship etc, but these are all things Bolsonaro has publicly spoken in favor of. But because they’ve been hearing him described using the exact same labels and dire warnings that were hyperbolically applied to Donald Trump, who minus the rhetoric and hysteria has turned out to be a fairly conventional Republican president, conservatives assume Bolsonaro is fine. All the most severe linguistic tools were used up against Trump, so there were none left in the toolbox for Bolsonaro.

Most of my readers are probably fans of Glenn Greenwald regardless of where they’re at on the political spectrum. If you think it’s unreasonable to be worried about Bolsonaro, watch this clip in which Greenwald, who lives with his husband and adopted family in Brazil, breaks down the situation in eight minutes. Really you only need to feel into the urgency of his tone in the video to get a feel for how dangerous things have become in that country for a gay, leftist domestic dissident journalist, all of which are features Bolsonaro views with a seething hatred.

So that’s happening. The world’s fifth most populous nation is about to come under the control of a violent fascist who wants to bulldoze the Amazon rainforest, an important carbon sink that has played an enormous role in slowing climate change. And, speaking for myself in the here and now, the world honestly does appear a bit darker as a result.

Standing in opposition to humanity’s ecocidal and omnicidal trajectory is, at its core, an act of faith. There is no logical reason that can be laid out with facts and evidence to believe our species can stop doing what it has been doing and change by sufficient orders of magnitude in time to avert our own destruction. It is rare enough for individuals to suddenly and drastically change their own deeply ingrained thought and behavior patterns; no matter how scientific and rational you think you are, to believe that we can all do such a thing at once is to believe in miracles. Maybe your miracle looks like everyone suddenly getting fed up with the status quo and using their strength in numbers to create a political system that benefits everyone, in which mankind begins collaborating with itself and its ecosystem in a radically unprecedented way, but you still believe in miracles.

Or maybe you don’t, I don’t know. Maybe whether this endeavor is winnable or not is entirely irrelevant to you, and you’re standing and fighting on general principles. Maybe in the war against delusion you’re one of those “Keep firing and take as many of the bastards with me as I can” soldiers who fights on to the last man not because he thinks he can win, but because the fight is intrinsically worth fighting until your last breath.

Either way, the only way victory is coming is if something never before seen bubbles up from the unknown. But guess what? Almost all of life is made up of the unseen and the unknown. Our auditory and visual fields only take in a very narrow spectrum of sound and light. Our brains process 400 billion bits of information per second, yet we are only aware of about 2,000 of those. The world our senses take in and form thoughts about bears no resemblance whatsoever to the world as it is actually occurring on the level of particles far too small to be seen with the naked eye, and science is still mostly clueless about exactly what the smallest of those particles even are. The mysteries of the brain are only just barely becoming known to science. The nature of consciousness itself, the means by which any of us experience anything at all, remains a complete scientific mystery.

What we know we don’t know dwarfs what we know, and what we don’t know we don’t know dwarfs what we know we don’t know.

Me? I believe in miracles. I have seen far too many in this life not to. I believe that the unprecedented has far, far more wiggle room than it needs within that yawning information gap of what we know to allow for the possibility of something unexpected bubbling up from a direction nobody was even looking in. There are plenty of gaps between the floorboards for the old patterns to fall through.

On the frontlines of the real revolution, the only revolution that has an actual shot at victory, stand the healers. Not the activists, not the journalists, not the teachers, not the preachers, not the artists, but the healers. The pattern disruptors. Those who are able to clear old, habitual conditioning patterns in themselves and in the collective and make way for life in its natural state. Healers are typically unseen and unrecognized, because our society only values the ability to make new things, not the ability to disappear them. But they are there, they are everywhere, working their ancient miracles in secret wherever there are people.

The most revolutionary thing anyone can do is relinquish their particular conditioned mental habits, because humanity’s conditioned patterns are what brought us to this point. This undoing, this healing, has nothing to do with having the right ideas in your head or espousing the correct ideology; it’s entirely a game of subtraction. Of finding those old, dense, fearful parts of our conditioning patterns which we developed over a lifetime of pain and trauma, making them fully conscious, and releasing them. Not to replace them with anything new, but to leave that freed-up energy available for responding to life as it is actually presenting itself.

The healers know that this is possible, and anyone can become a healer. All it takes is the sincere desire to become a truthful human being on the deepest levels possible, and a genuine curiosity about the ways in which that is not currently happening. This capacity exists within us all. It is unrecognized, unappreciated and unvalued by society, but it’s there; a doorway through which the unknown and unprecedented can be allowed to pour into our world.

But there are things in the realm of the known which give me hope as well. Trust in the plutocrat-controlled mass media is at an all-time low while our ability to network and share information is at an all-time high, which means that a populist takeover of civilization’s dominant narratives is more possible than ever. Whoever is able to control the stories that the public is telling about themselves, their society and their world controls the public; if the public starts coming up with their own stories and elevating the ones that are most truthful and beneficial to them, the dominator class will necessarily lose control of the masses which vastly outnumber them.

Indeed, propaganda narratives are the only thing holding the oppression machine in place. Stories. Fairy tales. The only thing keeping people from rising up and overthrowing the dominator class is the fact that too many of us believe the stories they’ve been telling us using their ubiquitous narrative control. Our chains are made of fairy tales. Made of language. You cannot tell me that’s not winnable.

Our species is getting progressively better at educating itself, taking care of itself, and becoming less violent. Spiritual teachers who’ve been coaching people on how to change their relationship with their minds say that they’ve recently noticed an overall increase in people’s ability to awaken from deeply conditioned ways of functioning. Are these changes happening quickly enough to avert catastrophe? On paper, probably not. In practice, who knows? There are far too many unknowns and hidden wild cards in the deck.

It is those wild cards that keep me going. By fighting untruth both in myself and in the world, I take the fight where it needs to be. By doing my best to stay as fully present and engaged with life as it is, I remain on the alert for opportunities when gaps open up which can be seized upon to shine the light of truth through. By maintaining my faith in the existence of unknown variables, I never give up, never let the fight go out of me, no matter how dark it gets. As far as we know, it is still very, very possible for us to win this thing.


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  • “On the frontlines of the real revolution, the only revolution that has an actual shot at victory, stand the healers. Not the activists, not the journalists, not the teachers, not the preachers, not the artists, but the healers. The pattern disruptors. Those who are able to clear old, habitual conditioning patterns in themselves and in the collective and make way for life in its natural state. Healers are typically unseen and unrecognized, because our society only values the ability to make new things, not the ability to disappear them. But they are there, they are everywhere, working their ancient miracles in secret wherever there are people.”
    I have been reading your articles for the last 6 months, and I am so grateful to have found you. You helped spur on my process of awakening, and this paragraph here took my breath away- and is a reminder to me that I need to buy your book sooner.
    Thank you Caitlin for the work you do, and for inspiring others- there are so many, many unknown factors, the true wilderness out of which everything comes. The more of us who tap into it, the more we can manifest it into being.

  • Ever hear of Albert Einstein? I think it would be fair to say that Einstein is one of the great virtuosos of logical thought, as well as abstract thinking.
    Did you know that Einstein wrote a short essay called “Why Socialism”? I highly recommend reading it.

  • What amazes me is that we have very good journalists digging into the rot going on that the mainstream media will not report. Lots of lying and deception by governments, and their dependent on government grant scientists, including the US dominated UN. Yet when it comes to so called “climate change” those same lying deceptive outlets are suddenly believed with no one doing an in depth study of it. Or is no one willing to do one because the main goal, as stated by many including UN officials such as Dr Christina Figures, is to replace capitalism with a kindler gentler form of economics where all are lifted. How did that work for the Soviets and their people who were crammed multi families to small apartments, crappy medical care, empty store shelves, tractors rotting in the fields etc and that’s with exhortations to keep up with decadent capitalist west. Make no mistake Communism and Socialism are essentially the same. What capitalism does is harness human greed while the others seeing no advantage to putting out extra effort only do enough to get by. Capitalism does leave people behind but how far behind would all the people be if greed empowered individuals who brought us many of the wonderful things we have today, like the internet and this forum, and the increased life span and overall health benefits never tried to improve things. We’d still be living in huts and crapping in the woods with few people living past 30. People look to the “success” of the first world socialist countries and fail to realize their standard of living was raised by capitalism and it’s influence after embracing socialism. The Soviets woke up late in the game and told their farmers that anything over and above a certain amount, whereas before the government took all and only left enough for the farmers to survive, they could keep and sell to others if they wished. Result was no more tractors rotting in the fields, and no more closing the schools during harvest time as the students were needed to bring in the harvest, and food production on a permanent increase. But, unfettered capitalism and free markets will destroy themselves and destroy innovation and invention as they rush to gain market share and crush their competition. Thus the need, in this case government, to assure competition reigns but allows for ideas and practices to be brought forth and not destroyed by greed gone wild.

    Let me repeat again. Instead of taking the governments and it’s paid for scientists word do your own research into the climate change question. The UN IPCC charter says it was formed to prove climate change. The EPA under Obama had activists, not scientists, writing and justifying it’s regulations. When Congress demanded to see the science behind the regulations the EPA refused even though it was legally obligated to do so. Under Obama the EPA had sue and settle where the EPA encouraged environmental groups to sue it whereupon the EPA would immediately settle thus covertly funding enviro groups. The 97% of scientists believe man made climate change is real is based on culling a data base of papers and doing a percentage based on pro vs con. The study done by cartoonist John Cook took a data base of 12,000 papers and took their percentages based on 168 papers. Papers not scientists. All of these 97 and 99% studies are all done the same way yet few wake up to the lie even though the information is out there and they believe the lie so they fail to investigate. The Arctic and Antarctic are not melting and the boogeyman Greenland isn’t either and is gaining record amounts of ice the last few years. The government itself claims Antarctica has been gaining ice for decades. The claims of Antarctica is melting is actually the Western Antarctic Peninsula melting due to vents and volcanoes underneath the ice. The oceans are barely rising and the islands said to be on the verge of drowning are overwhelmingly increasing in size. The Medieval and Roman warm periods have been a matter of record for over 100 years but recent research claiming an overheating world denies they ever existed as part of the effort to cool the past to make the recent warming after coming out of the little ice age look drastic. Reports of ship captains and researchers going back to the early 1800’s show periods of an almost ice free Arctic. Current Arctic sea ice coverage is 1.82 MILLION square miles according to the government and that’s at the end of the melt season as we now go into winter. Far cry from all those predictions of an ice free Arctic. Polar bears are at record numbers and doing fine. The hottest decade in recent time is still the 1930’s. Many of the areas of the planet have no temperature instruments so they guess especially in the Arctic. Many of the instruments, as documented with with location and pictures by Anthony Watts, are badly sited and show temperatures warmer than actual. Everything said here, and there is so much more to be said, is true so go ahead and try to prove me wrong or are you going to keep being played for suckers.

    • Snedley, agreed. Climate change is a big con. It is a naked power grab by TPTB.

  • Time to face it. There is only one way forward.

    • Ish, replacing corporatism with Marxism is not the answer. Freedom based on the Natural Law Rights of Man is the only way forward. Everything else is just “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

  • I would love to vote this Tues. in the U.S. Election for Fun!. Any candidate for Freeing Assange in N.Y. State? BDS? BDS! Truth is good.

  • I would love to vote this Tues. in the U.S.. Any candidate for Freeing Assange in N.Y. State? BDS? BDS! Truth is good.

  • The Democrats and R’s choke me up with the support for bombing Yemen, and allowing snipers to kill protesters. They choke me up with the House of Death. Have a nice day! Wage Peace. Get the f out of our way. Vote? Dope? I vote for AIPAC Candidates? Peace? BDS…Free Assange, Snowden and all from Fake News. Killary/Weinstein/2020 Mr. Bill 2024 Oh No!

    • Sell WMD to Others, and Wage Peace? Fuck your jobs D and R’s. Your Fired. Vote No D and R’s. Phuck voting. It is a joke. Power to the people. What country in the middle east has nukes and snipers that kill protesters ( every Fri. this past year or so)? Does the media report on BDS, or Truth in the U.S.? Are you living in the U.S. and mentally challenged? Do you live in the world? White Blue and Blood Red. Have a nice day or night!

  • Thank you. You touch just briefly on one of the things that does give me hope. What gives me hope is the massive amount of effort and money that they have to spend on lying to us. That’s true on both the left and the right. Those on the left are better at spotting the lies on the right, and vice versa. But there are lies across the board.

    This gives me hope because every time I see them lying, what it tells me is that they feel that they have to lie or else no one would support them. Thus, every lie they tell reaffirms the basic belief that the mass of ordinary humans wouldn’t accept what they are really doing, and thus what they are really doing has to be covered up and buried under the blizzard of lies.

    Thus, telling the truth is a powerful act in a world of lies.

    Remember also that almost no one ever seems to see a revolution coming. The activists who proclaim themselves to be a vanguard are surprised when the revolution happens. The spies and the police never see it coming. During a revolution, the “leaders” of the revolution are always scrambling just to keep up. It is only later when they write their memoirs that they can claim to have been leading. At the time, they are running like heck just to keep up with the front of the crowd.

  • Hi Caitlin.
    Although new to your forum, I’m already blown away with the insight and practicality you stand for. Among others, your take on the detrimental results from our present mind-set and the practical aspects of waking up from this mind-set. And, as you put it in this latest blog, how even though the situation has become alarming, there is more to life than meets the eye. I’ve been translating a book introducing a new scientific theory and can see where your mind-set and the one proponed by this theory come together. The book hasn’t been published in the original language yet, (awaiting evaluation) but the author has put some information out on the web here: http://www.firstunifiedtheory.com . If you’d like to see how your way of thinking can be backed by scientific theory, check it out. I suggest reading the “guide” first. I can’t help but think if others knew that making the changes you propose in their way of thinking is actually scientifically sound, it might help them take the first steps in that direction.
    Cindy Miller

  • Amen!

  • To the messengers of doom: So many things can happen, unexpected, surprising, never thought to be possible.

    What if the global financial system disintegrates and globalization ends?
    What if new strains of microorganisms (viruses, bacterias, archaea, fungi, protozoa, algae) cause concrete to fall apart and electronics to fail?
    What if science got it all wrong and until now undiscovered negative feedback loops reduce the impact of greenhouse gases and chemical contamination?
    What if a volcanic eruption clouds the skies, like in 1816?
    What if unprecedented natural disasters force governments to act?
    What if a pandemic reduces human populations to sustainable levels?
    What if scientists find a smart and not harmful solution to sequester CO2?
    What if an accidental explosion in one of the nuclear rocket silos, bunkers, or vaults incites nations to global mutual disarmament?

    Just to name a few possibilities. Some of them are terrible, frightening ideas which nevertheless would give humanity a chance to survive.

    And even if nothing like that happens, there is still the power of hope, love, and joy. If you feel it, your message will be distinctive, and you will be heard.

  • Thank you Caitlin. What a wise wonderful hopeful heartful lofty yet down-to-earth article. Will definitely be sharing. Wishing you lots of love and light and strength and peace!

    • I repeat your comments.. Thanks Caity <3

      • TY Caitlin…and others

  • Glenn Greenwald has nailed it!
    My friends that voted for Trump here in the USA all fit his description.
    They admit Hillary was the far more capable person. But that didn’t matter. Theirs was a protest vote, an “up yours” to the incumbent establishment, that they were convinced had ill served them these last 50-years. If Alfred E Neuman, or Ronald McDonald had been the Republican candidate, THEY would probably have gotten nearly as many votes as Trump!
    And every Trump voting block had a different reason as to why they’d been ill served; and sometimes these reasons were contradictory.
    Its been said that ‘you cannot sustain an empire in a democracy’. BUT the USA has been a growing imperial power since the 1820’s. Our elites want this. But, absent constant propaganda and narrative management, the masses would definitely NOT want the USA to sustain empire at citizens’ home front expense. This ‘sacrifice for sake of empire pinch’ has gotten evermore painful and apparent to us commoners these last 40-years.
    So, here in the USA, there’s always been a gravitational pull towards autocracy and fascism as the solution for commoner resistance to US imperial designs.

    • Even the “Hillary obviously more capable” thing is specious; exactly what has she done with her decades in public life? She’s demonstrated her aptitude for enriching herself and destroying a prosperous nation, but that’s about it (I particularly liked all the flat assertions of “most qualified candidate ever” backed up by no list of accomplishments at all).

      • I remember laughing when Hillary kept going around claiming her great “experience”, but of course she never listed her actual acomplishments. For good reason, as they were few if not non-existent.

        I remember when Hillary came upon the national stage when Bill put her in charge of Health Care Reform. Of course, she immediately rejected single-payer. Instead she came up with a horribly complicated plan that had one feature. It guaranteed profits for all of the for-profit players in the system.

        Hillary didn’t have accomplishments because that was never her goal. Her goal was to collect bribes and payoffs for the Clintons. Her goal was not to create a fair system of health care that would make the people of the nation healthier. Her goal was to promote the profits of the people who paid her.

        This is why I laughed hard when Hillary went around talking about her great “experience”, but could not put forward for instance a list of achievements that benefitted ordinary people from her time serving as the Senator from Wall Street.

      • She brought Heaven to Libya?

  • Democracy is wonderful………………isn’t it? If you don’t believe me, just look at all of its successes around the world. For example, there’s ………Amer……..er…………Bri………….er Fr………….er …………….Bra……………..er……………Au…………..er……………Mex…….er……South Af……………er……………Gre…………..er………………Ukr……………..er………………Can…………….er…………Sp…………………….er……………..Ita………………er………….. …Ger………er………..Neth………………..er…………Turk…………..oh, forget it. Just take my word for it. Democracy is wonderful…………….. at least in theory……………..isn’t it? (That wasn’t another lie, was it? Don’t tell me if it was. I don’t have my head quite deep enough to avoid hearing it.)

    • So what do you support? Royal rule by heriditary kings? Dictatorships? What is the alternative to democracy? Rule by you?

      For that matter, political scientists have clearly stated that America is not a democracy. Democracy is not just holding an election. Democracy is a system where the people hold the power, and the government does what the people want. Have you ever even tried to talk to your Congress-critter? Good luck with that, assuming that is you don’t hold a 5 digit check in your hand to give them. Without that check, you won’t even get in the door. I know, I’ve tried. Does anyone feel “represented” in D.C.? Anyone who’s not a millionaire?

      I can’t think of an actual functioning democracy in the world right now. I can’t think of a place where the government actually responds to the people and what the people want. The nations the come even vaguely to mind as possibilities are the nations that America wants to destroy in the name of its Oligarchy, aka Democracy.

    • “Democracy is a system where the people hold the power, and the government does what the people want.”
      Thanks for swallowing my bait, hook, line and sinker.
      Just exactly WHAT, Very Specifically, do “the people” want that would make whatever you want to call “the system” (the arrangement or Matrix) that we presently live in “better”?
      Put differently, if “the people” could collectively tap the heels of their Ruby Slippers together three times and instantly be whisked off to their carefully imagined “better world”, what would be the EXACT DETAILS of that better world?
      Take your time, but not too much. Humanity has already got one foot in the grave and the other on bana……er…… pipe-bomb that has an amazingly short burning fuse.

      • ISH, agreed. People talk about the coming “glorious revolution” yet they never say what will replace the current system.

  • The average life cycle duration of nations and empires seems to be growing shorter over these last couple of millennia. Maybe this is due to population density increase, resource depletion, better communications, technology in general, whatever.

    So, maybe this world cycle of autocratic nationalism/fascism (and the wars such will spawn) we’re entering will burn off sooner than in the past.

    Regardless, it appears that, as a species, we’re just too stupid to survive. And, given our paranoid, short sighted, intellectually adverse, historically amnesiac, and predatory nature, that’s probably the best for the universe at large.

    Perhaps this is the fate of all biological organisms that evolve to a higher intelligence. Maybe that is why we’ve not heard any interstellar radio transmissions from alien civilizations.

    • I’ve long been a fan of science fiction. Not the monster that ate the town sort of stuff, nor the stuff with lots of spacecraft shooting and explosions stuff. But the science fiction that looks at our world and tries to think and talk about it.

      There has long been a theme in science fiction that says that civilizations reach a point of technological development where they are capable of destroying themselves and fail to survive. The notion that only a few species/planets survive this stage. This of course was written by human beings on earth looking at atomic weapons and overpopulation and climate change, and of course wondering if we will survive. Many say we don’t.

  • Interesting–I don’t quite understand the polemics that have sprung to surface–it’s seems it all started with Trump and yet he has only been in the saddle for 2 years. There must have been some preparation prior to his entrance.

    As with your description of Bolsanaro–many of my friends still call Trump a fascist–while I couldn’t believe their arguments regarding Kavanaugh [when compared to the people I knew in school the guy sounds like a saint]. Whatever, what is a fascist, I believe it’s an Italian word which means the merger of the corporate and the government. While I would like to see some distance between the two–I don’t think we all know that fascism is the code term for the evilest man on the planet: Adolf Hitler [after 75 years some can’t seem to let Hitler go].

    I noticed Caitlin– that you didn’t mention that this evil fascist was violently stabbed in the street by one of Brazil’s cuddly leftists–while campaigning. Probably just an oversight. I also noticed that the guy is a 7 term congressman–so he has some experience–with government– if not with alternative lifestyles.

    What I also noticed [I really haven’t been paying a lot of attention to politics] is that he’s also considered an anti [there’s that word again] globalist–or what some people might call a nationalist–as Trump allegedly is and as Hitler allegedly was.

    So who is really opposing this man–and why? I didalso notice that our esteemed main street news [NBC, etc.]–seems to be carrying a lot of the weight on this issue of demonic fascism. Do we really trust these people? And what group, or international network, might object to this man’s audacity–to suggest that Brazil would seek to enhance it’s national hegemony–over the global requirements of the internationalists. Who’s losing control?

    But on your environmental position– I with you 100%. There’s an interesting book out–“Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations” which I was introduced to in a horticultural class I’m taking. Ladies and gentlemen–the essence of life–is not about: Politics, social media, wealth, war, conquest, sex, etc., etc.–it’s about Dirt.

    Without fertile soil and clean water we will go the way of history–as have so many other cultures and empires before us–who did not conserve and preserve the very basic elements of life. We are all caught-up in identity politics, trans humanism and the emancipation of the few–while the earth sighs. I would suggest we move away from the BS as quickly as possible–because beneath the surface– there’s very real diminishment in earth’s capacity [and perhaps willingness] to sustain life.

    I sense [could be wrong], that this guy Bolsonara, may have a feel for the challenges ahead [far beyond Mr. Greenwald’s concerns] and let’s just hope that he has rational and informed consul–because from an environmental perspective, time is growing short.

    • Ha, I know the author of “Dirt”. He’s a fluvial geomorphologist, even plays in a band called Big Dirt. Great book and great guy, but impressively single-minded… not that he is wrong about its importance.

  • A question dear Caitlin! I understand you have concerns about being shutdown, and that this blog may or may not be your sole income, and maybe even you have some debt, and of course children to support, or maybe you don’t have any of the above, but it is YOUR BLOG. This morning I visited a few past posts by you that I had commented on, and attached links to other information, have been removed, though other people comments remain, so am asking if you would like me to refrain from my posts? I chose your blog to attach these links because, it is firstly an Australian Blog, and secondly, very open honest personal admissions, along with Political hot-spots and the truth as near as is possible from you. I certainly don’t wish to endanger this blog, and would be very upset indeed, to see it shut down. I shall await your advice before any making further posts and shall respect your decision 100%!

    • Its hard to shut a website down. A corporation like Facebook or Google can ban users. Such corporations are heirarchial where if a vice-president issues an order the employees can only obey or be fired. But, it is much harder to shut down a website.

      The two notable examples I can think of were western attempts to block Wikileaks years ago, and Russian attempts to block Telegram. Both failed.

      Just recently its been in the news that they tried to shut down the Twitter alternative that the mass murderer in Pittsburgh had posted on. Despite all the noise, what isn’t usually reported or what is buried deep in an article is that while GoDaddy corporation did turn off their webhosting, they quickly found another host. Which only teaches not to use GoDaddy just because they advertise a lot.

  • I’m glad you believe in miracles, Caitlin, it must make it easier for you to keep on keeping on.

    But I’ve lived a lot longer than you have and I’ve never seen a single miracle and my experience tells me never to expect one from the political sphere. TPTB have it all sown up now, they control everything, and nothing short of hoards of people descending on them with pitchforks will make them give up one iota of their power.

  • Brazil—land of coffee bean
    And tangerine—
    Let the chorus soon convene
    To sing fore’er the Samba Queen

  • Sorry Caitlin,
    believing in miracles won’t save us.
    Better to be brutally honest,
    and keep fighting until the bitter end,
    that to encourage everyone to believe in miracles.

    • You missed the point: ACTUAL honesty – not just “brutal” doom-obsessed honesty – must recognize the unprecedented nature of the present human situation and the vast unknowns that exist within our understanding of the nature of reality. It’s not a matter of burying one’s head in the sand, replacing meaningful action with silly beliefs in miracles. Rather, it is about opening up one’s mind to a greater picture, trying to imagine the vastness of the possibility spectrum, and not being dominated and consumed by the mental habits we’ve been conditioned/programmed to operate under.

  • Bolsonaro will be a disaster for Brazil, we all know that, what you’ve said Caitlin will doubtless all come true .
    What I cannot understand is why, after the successful social programs of Lula and Dilma Rousseff, under whose terms they tasted the experience of liberty and freedom after the awful disasters of their past,

    That the masses would elect another Fascist after the crooks they’ve just had just beggars believe. How can people be so irredeemably stupid.

    It leaves me only to say that perhaps people get the Governments they deserve, how depressing!

  • Revelation: Global Government is here! For a FREE screening until 5th November 2018, follow the link: https://revelationmovies.com/free-screening-private/?inf_contact_key=d0376eedd8ca7613a83eb167363c9ab48611d0cd3073d1eeb798d2172ab38286

  • I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much, because the UN whom is a globalist whore for the powers that be is nothing more than a criminal itself (proved beyond doubt) by NEVER, and I mean NEVER charged the US, UK, FR, AU or Israel Zionists for the MILLIONS killed ILLEGALLY and in breach of International Law! They are cowards and whores to the first degree. Does anyone know Australia was charged, alongside the UK for MASS MURDER, by the ICC? Oh yes, 1966 Australia & UK invaded Indonesia to ensure a Political Coup, and rounded up over 500,000 CIVILIANS, men women children, forced by gunpoint into a mass grave dug by military bulldozers, then shot the lot, those that did not die got crushed to death by the bulldozers or suffocated by the dirt.
    No wonder Indonesia does not like us! I don’t like us either. Australian lazy fat scum bags, get off you asses and complain, LOUDLY!! or you can face death when Russia & China send their missiles…..time is quickly running out!

  • Good for you. Love the commitment and the logic behind it, keep swinging, and kickin ass. My whole philosophy is the Cool Hand Luke theory….Paul Newman is getting his ass kicked, but he keeps getting up, to everyone’s dismay… who are tellin him to pack it in. He keeps getting up to get the shit beat out of him, till he’s finally unconscious in the mud. That, motherfuckers, is the way to live.

  • Maybe Brazil will be the Nazi Germany sequel. A lot of Nazis made it their home. Brr, shiver 🙁

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