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Five Reasons I’m Excited About Tulsi Gabbard’s Candidacy

Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard has announced her intent to campaign for President of the United States, and the entire political spectrum is shitting bricks about it. Mainstream liberals and neocons are calling her a Putin puppet and Assad’s BFF, leftists and progressives are criticizing her associations with right-wing factions in India and anti-LGBT comments she made in the early 2000s, conspiracy analysts are criticizing her Council on Foreign Relations membership, and the Zionist elements of Trump’s base are openly promising to destroy her candidacy. A lot of others, myself included, got a lot more interested in the 2020 elections when she threw her hat in.

I’m not interested in defending Gabbard from the criticisms that have been leveled at her at this time; many articles have been written toward that end already, and if she’s going to run for the most powerful elected office on the planet it’s fair to scrutinize and question what kind of person she is. I’m also not interested in endorsing anyone for the presidency. What I am interested in is the way Gabbard’s presence in the Democratic presidential primary race is already in January 2019 upsetting the standard establishment script and forcing foreign policy debates that need to happen.

Here are a five thoughts on that subject:

1 – Gabbard will definitely be the most antiwar candidate on the debate stage by a wide margin, except in the highly unlikely event that someone steps up from way out of left field to run like Dennis Kucinich. Being the most antiwar candidate in anything associated with the Democratic Party is a very low bar, but her vocal positions on Syria, Iran, Yemen, Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Gaza, and previous US regime change interventions set her so far from the establishment orthodoxy that she’ll look as different from the other candidates as Ron Paul looked on the Republican debate stage.

2 – Make no mistake, it is this opposition to significant aspects of the US war machine that is the driving force behind the overwhelming bulk of the shrieking objection to Gabbard’s candidacy, not any of the more valid criticisms. We have learned from the mainstream acceptance of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that some criticism of the status quo will be tolerated when it comes to domestic policy, but it’s an excommunicable offense when it comes to foreign policy. The idea that the US should forcefully control world affairs using the carrot of alliance and the stick of military violence is so ubiquitous in both of America’s mainstream parties that it takes a Washington Post columnist getting dismembered alive to start a debate about something so self-evidently evil as the Saudi-led destruction of Yemen.

3 – Foreign policy is undeniably the area in which the greater part of US government depravity takes place, and as far as America’s permanent government is concerned it is by far the most important. Forcing a debate on an issue you’re not even supposed to bring up on mainstream media will get a lot of ordinary Americans asking questions that very powerful individuals don’t want asked. The DNC went from scheduling over 20 debates in 2008 to trying to limit it to six in 2016 because they didn’t want Sanders’ excellent domestic policy ideas getting out to the public and making their coronated status quo candidate look bad. Gabbard could have the same impact on foreign policy in an audience that has been aggressively propagandized by MSNBC warmongering.

4 – Gabbard’s progressive positions on issues like Medicare for All, environmentalism, $15 minimum wage, Wall Street accountability, the failed war on drugs, marijuana legalization, criminal justice reform and indigenous water rights will also set her further to the left on domestic policy than anyone on the debate stage besides Sanders should he run. This is a self-evident fact, but a lot of narrative control efforts are being poured into painting her as a right-winger. She will definitely help force the debate to the left, and her position on withdrawing from expensive interventionist war policies answers the “But how are you going to PAY for it??” questions the MSM talking heads are so fond of grilling progressives with on social programs.

5 – For me the most telling thing about Gabbard is the way she resigned from her position as vice chair of the DNC in order to endorse Bernie Sanders in 2016. Other DNC operatives remained inside the Committee and actively schemed to give Clinton every unfair advantage in the primary, but Gabbard showed integrity and refused to advance a biased agenda in violation of the DNC charter. It showed that she’s a real person operating within one of the phoniest places in the world, and that she’s willing to throw a spanner in the works of the machine when it’s in the highest interest. This unwillingness to march to the beat of the establishment drum for such proceedings could lead to some very interesting things as the presidential race heats up.

And that’s good enough for me. She’s not perfect, she’s a major long shot to actually win, but Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign for president will definitely shake things up in all the right places, and good things will come from it. Which is why all the right people are outraged by her bid today.


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  • Too many over the top adjectives to consider your writing as serious. Very few serious, intelligent, everyday folks listen to emotionally charged excess.

    • What an ad-hominem stupid comment!

      As for Caitlin’s article, it’s terrific and well documented. Accusing her of having delivered here “emotionally charged excess” merely suggests that “M. Eiford” hadn’t clicked onto any of the links. That person thus made clear that accessing evidence is of no interest.

  • Since Gabbard is a member of the CFR, why should there be any doubt that she will seek to establish the CFR’s goal of International government, entangling the United States further in the role of being the United Nations police force. Is Gabbard also going to advocate that the masses abandon all varieties of religion?

  • Right. Second generation politician. ‘Fierce’ opposition by the war mongers. Clicks all the right boxes. . . . she a real woman, attractive too, ‘anti-war’ , democrat, Hindu, distanced herself from the Clinton’s . . . lol! Wake UP Folks! No reform will EVER come from within government. Tulsi, the ‘anti – war’ candidate is about as anti war as candidates Obama and Trump. Remember? – candidates lie! The biggest reason she’s running is climate change. That’s Right. That’s the biggest problem the world faces! lol!

    Use your common sense and understand that all of this is complete theater. Think about all this air time and the carefully crafted STORY and how we are all being played. Again! The folks giving her all this air time and attention are the same ones that trot out the ‘candidates’ for us. Don’t be fooled by shysters presenting some banker bitch/boy as anything good for human beings.

    Ms. Gabbard serves the bankers/globalists just like every other politician on this earth. The ones you notice are ‘especially anointed’

    • Alohajim, spot damn on! TPTB Inc. release their latest political product and the useful idiots bleat with glee as they rush to Politics R Us to purchase the newest puppet.

    • Curious as to what or who you propose we do? Not that I don’t agree that all candidates are beholden to bankers/globalists. I just always wonder who you do support? What you think should be happening?

  • How many more times will we be led down this road by the DNC?
    I’ve seen this too many times before, a “progressive” candidate holds out all our fondest wishes, health care for all, end the dam wars, clean up politics, get the money out, fair election & on & on & on.
    IF she really is a true progressive, she has the same chance as that snowball transversing hell of getting on the ballot.
    Remember Bernie Sanders?

    I stopped buying the DNC “cool aid” after Clintons first term when he sold us out on trade issues.

    Now I’m totally put off by the entire CORRUPT, FAKE, RIGGED SO CALLED “ELECTIONS” where we get to “choose” which corporate owned , soon to be WAR CRIMINAL oligarch will rule us & if we don’t “choose” the “right” one, the electoral collage will pick one out for THEM not us!
    Remember Al Gore & the “supreme” court?


  • The council of FR is diagnostic. So before you welcome you had better check if Tulsi has slept with Henry Kissinger. Get sample smears!
    This Should have being done with BarryO as well and both are out of the same stable. Or CIA sty as the case may be so don’t waste time and effort getting huffy on me.
    Bon Chance.

  • Ah, the old feminist sore spot… “anything a man can do, we can do for eighty-seven cents on the dollar”. Anything to get a woman in the White House. regardless if she capable or a leader. But for no other reason than that, and men are bad…especially old white men, who are warrior poets like myself.

    This is a Socialist feel-good to turn the world into a big cheese glob, of pretentious sentimentality and victim-hood — with no individuals, just crippled needy groups. Supported by Bernie to crowd the electoral list with the same shade of red. Very much a Putin ploy that he uses at home.

    The great cheese glob of collectivism, and fuck individualism in the process. Fuck the state of one, and power individuality, and gaining that pwer to complete your own desires and dreams.

    This woman would hand flowers to terrorists and the assholes of the world, instead of killing the bastards. You can’t cure them; they hate and want to see the world burn down and get their 72 virgins, promise by that sick pedophile they call a prophet.

    Love is good thing, sometimes tough love is better, but you can’t cure everything with it — some people don’t have a capacity to hold love dear. Sometimes you need a big stick, a knife or a gun to face up to a PUTIN or a MbS, or an Iran that wants you exterminated.

    If Putin rules the world, your gonna like eating his soylent and green, and walking around in Berka Caitsy.

    Not enough room to talk about how unqualified Tulsi Gabbard is for this office at this particular time; but I don’t think that is the reason. It a zero-sum game. Flood the rooster with socialists; a socialist ruling party with a decoration of opposition.

    You have ever studied Mussolini? Stalin? They has a lessons to teach you about socialism, neophyte.

    Stop feeling so much, and leading with your emotions, discipline yourself, and start thinking critically.

    A couple of good books for you: The Tantric Mysticism of Tibet by John Blofeld, and anything to do with the Bonpo. And the Conscious Universe by Dean Radin…and one more…Technocracy Rising by Patrick M. Wood

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” — Margaret Thatcher

    …now that broad could lead.

  • I like Caitlin’s essay and I like the comments which raise suspicions about Gabbard. Her persona is so much like Obama’s when he was running for POTUS—populist and progressive rhetoric set out to catch the wind of leftist politics. So I will give her reserved support and expect that if she attains power she will also be corrupted by it. Her CFR membership and her support for comrade troops in the state of Pearl Harbor (where Obama lived in his formative years) do not sit all that well.

  • I tend to agree, however, criticism of Gabbard isn’t confined to the establishment. She may be anti-interventionist, however she refers to herself as a “hawk on terrorism” implying that though she’s firmly against regime change she’s not adverse to the use of weaponized drones.


  • I have been an admirer of Tulsi Gabbard ever since she quit the DNC and joined the Bernie campaign. That was a genuine demonstration of principled action. Her criticisms of the Endless War Machine are another such example. Her membership on the CFR is notable only in the sense that she opposes what most other members favor.

    When I read that Gabbard had announced her candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination, my reaction was much the same as Caitlin’s. Her chance of winning is about as close to zero as you can get without actually being zero. However, her presence in the race will bring foreign policy issues to the fore. That will be a very good thing for as long as it lasts. Americans will get to hear a well-spoken, intelligent woman express all the reasons why the militarized U.S. foreign policy is bad for America and bad for the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the other candidates may have to temper their own enthusiasm for such a policy. How refreshing.

    Gabbard is not perfect, but then what candidate ever is? I am concerned about her ties to Hindu nationalists and her support for the odious Modi. It will be interesting to hear how she will answer tough questions on that subject.

  • Caitlin, I know you are not a fan of Fox News, but you really should watch the first part of the Tucker Carlson show of Jan 14, 2019. As far as I can tell, Carlson’s show is the one and only place that a person can hear an althernative to the 24/7 warmongering and Russia-hating of the other coporate MSM:

  • Some very good comments.
    Unfortunately, in order to be a viable candidate, Gabbard is going to have to endure what Trump has endured since even before his election, right up to today– things like Chris Matthews saying that he wouldn’t be surprised if Trump “started talking to us in Russian”. Even Jill Stein had to endure accusations of being a Russian agent to the point of having to privide documents and testimony just because she was sitting at the same table as Mr. Putin.
    I could not endure the abuse that Trump has been subjected to since even before the ’16 election. You have to admit that he is a very tough nut to crack and is capable of giving abuse as well as taking abuse. Again, I am not capable of doing the same. Are Stein or Gabbard as tough as Trump? They’ll have to be. We’ll soon find out if they are.
    If I were Gabbard I’d first state right off the bat that I want to pull US troops, special forces and, most importantly, mercenaries out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, dismantle NATO, close Gitmo (for real, this time), close 90% of US military bases around the world, and would not continue the US’s Global War OF Terror. Doing this right off the bat rather than later in the campaign will FORCE public debate about her radical proposal to change US foreign policy.
    Second, also right off the bat I’d state that I intended to MAINTAIN the War (“defense”) budget in order to keep present employees of the MIC employed, keep the present contract system, but change the present DoD contracts to produce ifrastructure and other objects for a peace-based economy. In other words, these war corporations and their millions of employees and their spin-offs would in the future be creating bullet trains rather than bullets (ploughshares rather than swords), etc. Therefore, those human beings presently employed by the MIC would not fear that by voting for Gabbard they’d be voting for their own unemployment.
    Again, Gabbard is ALREADY being subjected to a storm of MSM abuse which will only get much worse right up to election day. And, again, I believe that Gabbard’s one and only hope for success as an anti-war candidate is to get the above said right off the bat in order to have as long a public debate about war versus peace as possible. Even if she is not elected, she will have been successful at getting these issues “on the floor” for public debate.

  • You summed up my reactions so well, thank you. It felt like something within me snapped awake when Tulsi stepped up to the plate. And no she’s not “perfect,” there are things I’m still unsure about, but when it comes to integrity and courage, she’s outstanding. These qualities have become conspicuously absent in American politicians. And yes, it was when she stepped down from the DNC that she took form for me.

    I have long been grateful for your unique contribution to the national (and international) dialogue, Caitlin. Hope you know how valuable you are.

    • I suspect we will get our wish. This country & our entire civilization is build upon a temporary resource that’s in decline.
      We litterally built our “houses” on SAND & the seas are rising!

      We are trillions in debt, debt that can never be paid, other countries are finding a work around Trumps sanctions & are buying Irans oil in other currencies like Yuan, bit coin & Rupee, the dollar will lose it’s reserve status & will lose much of it’s value.
      The US has lost millions of good paying jobs leaving the country a hollowed out shell of the manufacturing giant it once was, all we make now is SUFFERING, DEATH & prisoners.

      The economy is headed for collapse, the ecosystem is well on it’s way to collapse as well, our agricultural system is totally unsustainable & will fail & oil declines & all this bleating about “renewables” are a poor distraction from our real problems that those so called resource dependent “renewables” cannot even touch, overpopulation, resource decline, climate disruption & overheating & you cannot replace declining resources with a technology that’s dependent upon those same resources.

      We will collapse & break up into many, small little chiefdoms ruled by some vicious dominant male or in the south, some demented preacher & we will return to the “good ol’ days” of hard labor, hunger & fear.
      Enjoy what we have while we still have it, it’s going away forever.

  • Anyone who gets excited about any candidate is a fool on a fool’s errand. The system is thoroughly corrupt and there is no one who can change that. Nor should anyone try. The only honest, peaceful solution lies in disbanding the US altogether into hundreds of independent, sovereign nations/city states.

    • Not necessarily hundreds of nations, but 3 or 4 would be good.

    • I was right there with you up until “…. disbanding the US altogether ….”

      State, and national boundaries are illusions, anyway. But the idea of a unified collection of states is not inherently bad, not is it at the core of the rot.

      The corruption took root and grew because generation after generation was trained to believe in the myth of American Exceptionalism.

      Most Americans are like the person in a marriage who still believes their narcissist spouse is exceptionally wonderful. And because of generational abuse, these people don’t believe they deserve any better, and so they/we frequently make excuses about the people supposedly represent us who like “He/she isn’t perfect, but….” and fall for the slick, charismatic tolls of the oligarchy telling them what we want to hear time after time.

      Only when the American populations grows the f**k up, en masse, and collectively decides it deserves a good life in a country that no longer abuses people in other places who have resources we might wish we had… only then will it be possible to change the government and culture in any significant and lasting way.

      • Writer, “State, and national boundaries are illusions, anyway. But the idea of a unified collection of states is not inherently bad…”

        How are they an illusion, and if they are just illusions then how can an illusion unify with other illusions?

        America is done. As it should be. The experiment failed. Or better yet it was sabotaged. Either way there is no going back. It is a waste of effort to try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. So let us separate peaceably. It is the only just action.

        • They are arbitrary — just like time is an illusion. BUT we use time and measurements of time because they are useful.

          As we know, the U.S. was genocide is part of the very foundation of the U.S. because the mythos justified the means to enough people that the system lasted for over two centuries.

          The idea of unification — a Venn Diagram with 51 circles — is not evil or wrong. The “ends justify the means” as a guiding principle is putrid rot.

          The U.S. as it has been conducted is a farce and is crumbling. The U.S> can be re-formed on this continent. Eve if your model were adopted, there’d have to be some agreements among neighbors….and neighbors/ neighbors.

          If a union of different semi-autonomous areas on the continent has to be called something else because the “United States” carries icky connotations, then f*ck it, find a different name.

          • Writer, “…if your model were adopted, there’d have to be some agreements among neighbors….and neighbors/ neighbors.”

            The myth is that these neighbors need a third party (a federal government) to reach agreements among themselves. They do not.

            What is there to “unite” over?! There are irreconcilable differences that prevent a union. It is way past time for a divorce. Let us part ways peacefully and allow for live and let live. It is the only moral way.

  • Questions and Answers!

    Trump? Where is the demilitarized zone? Is the DNC part of Run DMC? A faction of the ADL, holding the CFR hostage to the NSA, collaborating with The Jesuits of the FBI…MI-5…CIA…Mossad…CEIB..FSB, the former KGB…. and the SPLC aka…Southern Poverty Law Center… Now if she can manage to sidestep the paradigm of institutions on the dole, the all seeing eye of the illuminated Masonic order… maybe there is a chance that hell will freeze over and a land bridge of sanity self perpetuating inexhaustible eternal motion machine, running on dark energy and dark matter… But I know nothing!!! Love the chutzpah of Caitlin’s energy… The old world order will not allow her in! That’s my opinion… but what is it worth to a million others? 0000000.0000000

    • War criminal/imperilalist John McCain is a good guy in Ms. Gabbard’s eyes. “Senator John McCain lived his life dedicated to serving our country. My warmest aloha and prayers are with his family, friends and loved ones during this difficult time. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard 10:16 PM – 25 Aug 2018”
      (That’s one of numbers of reasons to not be delighted about Tulsi.)

      I seem to remember a scathing piece in which Caitlin perfectly described the bunch of politicians who praised McCain — I shared the piece several times, so spot on it was.

      Now, one of that McCain-praising bunch is an exciting candidate for president??

      Either Caity got hacked, or she’s performing a social experiment to see how easily we can be herded by narrative.

      • Happens time and time again. Someone new and appealing pops up and promises a load of things ordinary people want, people get excited, vote for him (they’re all him) and before too long their true agenda becomes obvious – it’s just more of the same. Different puppet, same puppet-masters. Anyone who stays in one of the main parties and who thinks McCain dedicated his life to the US won’t raise my excitement level. How many times do people have to fall for this ‘I’m different, vote for me’ trick!

        • Robyn, I agree 100%. Representative Gabbard, democrat isn’t exciting except maybe in the context of not being Hillary Clinton.

          The “I’m different, vote for me” coming from either the dem or repub arm of the corrupt political mafia would be hilarious, except that it still works on a percentage of people. How many times, indeed!

      • She didn’t say McCain was a good guy, didn’t claim he wasn’t a war criminal or imperialist. She merely pointed out that his chosen careers (military and elected politician) fall under the category of “service to country.” The rest was consolation to his loved ones. I’d say she walked the line pretty well.

        • Wow, S. Black, did you get a cramp in your back from contorting to that degree? That kind of rationalization is an example of why we had why politicians get by with imperialism and war mongering. . Please stop.

        • S Black, except that neither politicians nor the military are “serving the country”. They are serving the zionist MIC globalists. If Gabbards is not smart enough to understand that then she is not worth following.

  • Not a word about Tulsi on India and her love for Hindu fascists, eh? Or other things?

    • Hi, other than her support for international yoga day, can you un pack this a bit?
      I read quite a bit on it lately and I think it is all rather conflated.


  • I hope this one will be a warm-up for her.
    The DNC will want her to run around and say left wing stuff to draw in the young ones. Then bam switcheroo and you be seeing Hillarys hideous grin.

    She knows its rigged against her.

    There will be a contest by msm who can ask the most pointless and patronizing question of Tulsi: So Tulsi, what’s it like to be a woman?

    • I’m not going to be sucked into another Obama redux….. Remember how Obama spoke out against the Iraq War, closing Guantanamo Bay, and ensuring the “public option.” The Democratic and the Republican Party is totally corrupt and controlled by the military/security/state no one who represents this duopoly and sits in the Oval Office will end the imperialist agenda.

      • CR, your last sentence says it all.

      • That mindset will not serve us well.
        The problem wish Clintons was they were/are political hacks, with morals.
        The problem with Bush was he was vapid tool, without morals.
        The problem with Obama was he was pure politician.
        The problems with Trump are many and various, but I believe he has good intentions – he is a patriot and seems to sense that there is something wrong about mass slaughter for profit.
        Tulsi has also good intentions (or else she is CIA plant), but may lack the toughness. Like Trump she cannot do it alone.

        Not everyting nor everyone is the same. Tulsi (like Trump) has traveled a different path (and that is the key, they are not inbred).

        • Jared, ROTFLMFAO! What morals do the clintons have?!?!

          • Exactly.
            I’ll pass off as sarcasm, but was actually a mis-statement.

            Meant to say: The problem wish Clintons was they were/are political hacks, *without* morals.

            I have a problem with typing.
            Wish I could fix that.

            • Jared, for the clarification. I figured that was a bad self edit – and I know about bad self editing and fat fingered typos because I am the worst at both! Or should that be the best at both?!

              • Case in point!: That should be “thanks for the clarification.”

              • Case in point!: That should be “thanks for the clarification.”

  • I’m not jumping on the Gabbard train–being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is a big deal. Here’s some of the ghouls on their roster: Both Clintons. Zgbniew Brzezinski. David Rockefeller. George Soros. Obama. Colin Powell. Madeline Albright. John McCain. Rupert Murdoch. David Patreus. Condoleeza Rice. Dan Rathers.

    • CR, “…being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is a big deal.”

      Exactly! Belonging to certain groups like the CFR are non negotiable deal killers to me.

    • I agree; CFR are bad guys. She’ll need to address that.

  • The fierce opposition to Tulsi was predictable. We can only hope she can overcome the inordinate odds against her when she faces sustained deep state neocon and AIPAC efforts to thwart her candidacy without falling victim to the despicable war-mongering cabal.
    She is definitely deserving of the integrity you ascribed to her and displays more insight and balanced intelligence than the slippery-tongued Obama who beguiled a nation with a false ethos. Unlike candidate Obama, she has a demonstrated record to match her spoken words.

  • A US candidate will never advocate for the people, including Gabbard and Sanders, though they will run under that pretense. It’s time we stop playing into these traps.

  • “A lot of others, myself included, got a lot more interested in the 2020 elections when she threw her hat in.”
    Yup, she’s the best of the bunch for sure. She might be the only Demonrat who can take Trump without a spoiler. However, don’t forget it’s only a figurehead position.
    Look how the FBI has schemed to get ahead of the release of info that shows them for the shadow govt they and the rest of the IC (and MIC) really are. CNN and MSNBC are now stating flat out that Trump is a Russian agent! Fox is reporting that we must wait and see. The people of America have been so thoroughly indoctrinated to believe the ironic myth that these intelligence agencies are unquestionably the voice of righteousness that they are UNABLE TO THINK the truth even when it hits them up side the head.
    Thinking badly of the FBI is a path the TV talking heads cannot go down, no matter what they do. I watched several of these clowns over the past few days lauding the FBI for its legacy. The FBI has been a fascist corrupt force since Hoover. He set the example. Data collection on everyone who wants to make a better world. Blackmail and leaks to destroy reputations. Making up stuff if the truth doesn’t work. Masters of entrapment. Always figuring out ways to lure honest people into things that may make them look bad because, you know, they’re into optics. They named their HQ after Hoover, fer chrissakes!
    They spend unlimited money and time doing nasty dirty things and then they propagandize the population to believe they’re saints. Watch Hannity. When he sees the crap they do, he tries to criticize them but just can’t understand the nature of the org itself so he has to come up with the loyal rank and file apology to soften any criticism. It’s pathetic. He’s too heavily indoctrinated to face the truth.
    The goofballs on CNN and MSNBC like Tapper and Todd think their liberals but they’re constantly supporting oppressive Gestapo tactics and lauding the FBI for it’s part in overthrowing elected officials – especially Trump. No cognition dissonance for these opinion leaders as they teach the masses to hold conflicting views like it’s normal. I guess it is normal now.
    The FBI is being exposed for the corrupt controlling force in American politics that has made a shambles of the constitution by replacing the power vested in elected officials with the power mad unelected selective law enforcement bureaucrats through the massive info they control. Mueller is more the president than Trump is right now. He represents the power of the Deep State. Gabbard or anyone one else must kiss their ring and tow their line – or else….
    For now, President Mueller needs to be deposed.

  • I’m in agreement with your “most telling thing” about Tulsi when she gave up her position of Vice Chairman of the DNC. Odds are good that she’d have moved up to the top spot IF she played the game. It was this act which first piqued my interest in Tulsi, followed later by her trip to Syria along with state Senator Dick Black (R-Va.). For those who might not know both she and Sen. Black reported that the “Assad is a butcher” narrative was bullshit. She was the first congressperson to present a “Stop Arming Terrorists” bill in the House, alongside the Senate version from Rand Paul, said bills aimed at Saudi Arabia.
    Most recently, in her interview in which she announced her decision to run, she emphasized “War and Peace” when naming the issues she’s most concerned with. I’m most interested in just what her actual stance is in that regard. If she speaks out against the aggressive regime-change imperialistic foreign policies currently in place I’ll work my ass off to get her elected. I could have missed it but to date I haven’t heard her say she’s running for the Democratic nomination, so who knows? Maybe she’ll dump the whole party and run as an independent.

  • With Warren and maybe Sanders running too, the Overton window is due for a big shift to the left. My Dream team would be Sanders/Gabbard, but that kind of thing only happens in movies.

    • Sanders / Gabbard is absolutely possible still. It’s very early in the process. In fact this ticket makes a heck of a lot of sense. They complement each other very well, and Bernie has been criticized for not being aggressive enough towards his opponents – well Tulsi is way more aggressive than Bernie and I’m sure she’ll have no problem being his guns (figuratively of course ). And then, she can carry the torch for the progressive movement for years to come, and obviously a run in 2024 or 2028.

      The brightness of America’s future may depend on this very election coming up in 2020.

    • Exactly what I was thinking while watching the video. Either way round would work, I think – either one as president, but I would prefer Gabbard as president because she would probably be more outspoken and energetic about making changes.

      Notwithstanding that, her candidacy will still bring a lot of attention onto the progressive policies that Bernie has been pushing for a while, and more importantly on the climate change issue that is now absolutely critical.

      This is very good news.

  • I agree that Ms Gabbard looks way out in front of anyone else, but I’m wary – think Blair, Trudeau, Obama, Macron, wolves in sheep’s clothing every one. I’ve seen enough of these physically attractive charismatic telegenic young/er aspirants with messages of change and policies for ‘the people’ who, when elected, turn out to be more of the same.

  • Kind of suspicious to hear Gabbard describe her and her brother and sister soldiers being in Iraq as “serving our country.”

    • Theater of the absurd is necessary in Washington, District of Criminals.

    • That’s how it’s typically referred. Just because the act of serving almost always means “serving the corrupt interests that control the levers of power in our scheme for global corporate empire” doesn’t mean that they are not also serving our country. To assume “our country” means “you and I” is to mistake our residency here for ownership of the country when we are but renters on this land that is governed for the corporations and by the corporations.

      Also, do you think the general populous is ready for a thoughtful critique of the role our “esteemed warrior heroes” play in this whole mess of a system? If so, you have a much more optimistic view of our citizenry than I do.

  • Gabbard is running under the banner of one of two branches of the corporate-controlled mafia which serves the ruling class; and, she’s participating in a pony electoral system which reinforces and perpetuates the duopoly, and, so, the corruption which is entangled throughout the current system, but Hey!!! I like what she says!! I’m on board!!

    • I’m with Robert David Steele that Donald Trump is the true disruptive influence in Washington, District of Criminals, and you’re correct that Washington is a corporate-controlled mafia, except I think what dwells below that foetid cesspool in D.C. is far more evil than swamp creatures, and Mossad thugs like pedophile, and politician controller Jeffrey Epstein. I may stick with Trump, and hopefully we’ll see some real indictments, not the distracting dog, and pony show, fake news Russia hacked our election narrative.

      • Yes, as narcissistic and reckless as Trump is, the chaos is preferable to the poisonous facade slathered on by neo-liberals and their “progressive” sheepdogs. Both arms of the duopoly accommodate the Israeli government. I agree also, about the infestation of pedophiles who get a free pass beneath the typical facade. Better that people are upset and awake, then lulled back into complacency while the oligarchy bleeds the life out of working people, with the demo-repub’s’ help.

        • There’s a saying… ” it gets worse before it gets better. ” The Trump presidency has been destroying the fabric of American society, dividing Americans more than ever before, ruining its international relationships, is terrible for our environment (Especially our water quality, and the health of our national parks), and that’s not to mention the rising costs of healthcare, the killing of net neutrality, and I could go on and on.

          But maybe this is what this country needed in order to truly evolve. Maybe we needed to see the corruption on BOTH sides of the aisle, fully exposed for all to see. And how the mainstream media is a pro-establishment, without a shadow of a doubt.

          Looking at it this way, and especially seeing that there can be a candidate, like Tulsi, that can bring the right and left together against this corrupted establishment- gives me a lot of hope that these times of chaos, injustice, and corruption will be given some rest, at least for a while. Our government has been corrupt since the Reagan years, and it’s peaking now with Trump.

    • I am as well. Tulsi is quite a fighter for “The People”, for “What would Help Seniors, Veterans, American Workers, The Environment & RECOGNITION of Climate Change that IS Happening, etc., etc. #MoneyOutOfPolitics

      • Yep

      • Please tell us Chris when in the earth’s history the climate wasn’t changing.
        It’s been both warmer, colder and far more violent weather long before we primitive creatures arrived on the scene.

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