During a brief exchange with Senator Dianne Feinstein about a controversial viral video in which she was seen telling off a bunch of small children for making demands about climate change legislation, journalist Ryan Grim reports that the senior US lawmaker told him something very peculiar.

“Feinstein told me she was surprised she went viral, because: ‘You know what somebody said to me?–I didn’t see any of this–they said anybody with a cell phone in their hand can get you on international news in two minutes. I never knew that,” Grim tweeted, adding, “She was chair of the Intelligence Committee, and had just come from a hearing.”

If Feinstein is telling the truth about this, it’s an admission from one of the most powerful politicians in the most powerful government on earth that she literally just found out how mobile phones, social media and the internet work. If she’s lying about this, one of the most powerful politicians in the most powerful government on earth just used an “I’m too old and befuddled to understand how these newfangled dongle widgets work” excuse for her behavior. Either way, this doesn’t say good things about the sort of person who is at the steering wheel of America’s legislative branch today.

Feinstein is 85 and looks like she’s held together by nothing but formaldehyde, contempt for the working class, and a wig. She is also worth an estimated 94 million dollars and married to a billionaire, and when she took office in 1992 news networks were running segments about the internet that looked like this:

So it is quite believable that she has been so pervasively cocooned within an elitist beltway echo chamber that she hadn’t the faintest inkling how ordinary people have been communicating with each other online for years, nor the curiosity to find out. But what does that tell you about the kind of life US senators live, and how distant they are from the citizenry whose interests they’re meant to be advancing?

Take this isolated ivory tower lifestyle and combine it with the fact that the average age in the US Senate is 61 years old, an age where ordinary Americans are preparing to retire from the work force, and you’re looking at a legislative body that is simply not doing the work required to stay informed about the wildly unprecedented realities of modern everyday communication. Given Capitol Hill’s intense interest in Russian internet behavior, just to name one example, this means the people who are making important demands and decisions about things like internet censorship are doing so with little or no information about the fundamentals of the matter at hand. There’s no way someone who doesn’t even know what a viral video is could know things like how small of an operation St Petersburg’s Internet Research Agency was in relation to the rest of the content produced online, or even what a meme is. And that says so much about the idiotic consensus building that happens in both houses of the US Congress every day.

The word gerontocracy is defined as “a state, society, or group governed by old people.” I get accused of ageism whenever I point out that the legislative branch of the US government most certainly fits this description, but if anything this obvious bias towards people who continue working long after an age when most Americans are forced to retire from far less consequential jobs is ageist in the other direction, by which I mean rigged against young people. And that disdain for the young was displayed openly in Feinstein’s viral reaction to demands from a classroom of children that action be taken to preserve the ecosystem which they and they alone will eventually be left with.

There is no legitimate reason for an 85 year-old lawmaker to be anything but humble and deeply sympathetic toward frightened children who’ve been told that there may only be twelve years left to make the massive, sweeping changes necessary to prevent cataclysmic ecosystemic collapse. There is no excuse for a powerful leader who is that close to death’s door exhibiting any kind of arrogance or dismissal toward the concerns of the generation that is going to inherit the fallout from her decisions long after her generation has squeezed the life out of our planet and then left it for the arms of the cold, cold ground. Yet that is exactly what she gave them.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years,” Feinstein told a group of students who came to urge her to sign on to the Democratic Party’s Green New Deal. “I know what I’m doing. You come in here and you say it has to be my way or the highway. I don’t respond to that. I’ve gotten elected. I just ran. I was elected by almost a million vote plurality and I know what I’m doing. Maybe people should listen a little bit.””

In other words, Feinstein’s answer to a bunch of schoolchildren who are concerned about the fact that their government has done essentially nothing to slow their planet’s slide into climate collapse is that she’s spent thirty years as a part of that government and participating in that refusal to take meaningful action. She is saying, Don’t tell me how to deal with climate change; I’ve spent thirty years not doing anything about it and it’s been working out fine for me.

Regardless of your opinions about the Green New Deal or the science behind climate change (and yes my libertarian readers I am exceedingly aware that you have some intensely strong opinions on that subject), there’s no excuse for a grown adult to have that kind of an ego trigger to the concerns of children who are having a perfectly natural response to the information they’re being given, much less a grown adult at the forefront of Capitol Hill leadership. There is no excuse for someone who is not long for this world to be curt and dismissive of the very real concerns of the generation which just arrived here. Yet that is exactly what happened.

And today Feinstein defends that condescending brush-off with a claim that she is so completely removed from the lifestyle of ordinary human beings that she doesn’t understand the barest fundamentals of a new media landscape that is all my two teenaged children have ever known. Doesn’t understand, and doesn’t care to understand.

These are the kinds of people who are making decisions in the most powerful government in the world: a gerontocracy with nothing but cold indifference to the generations it leaves behind or the way those generations live and communicate. They will suck the vitality out of the world like the Skeksis in The Dark Crystal and leave it a used-up husk if we allow them to.

Call me ageist if you want; Feinstein is too goddamn old and too goddamn insulated from the world to be doing her job correctly. It’s a combination that results in bad decisions, and Feinstein’s uninterrupted streak of supporting imperialism and oligarchy proves this. But this is exactly the sort of warped, life-leeching mummy that is elevated to one of the highest leadership positions in the most dominant and influential government on the planet. This is the sort of soulless death cultist that needs its fingers pried the fuck off the steering wheel of our world before we’ll ever be in any position to steer it toward health.


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64 responses to “Mummified Gerontocrat Says She Didn’t Know About Mobile Phones Or The Internet”

  1. HorseMachine6Gorillion Avatar

    The commentary is atrocious and pedantic for the mere fact nobody wants to admit they happily mutilate the peckers of children to validate their anger at the Jap Hag.

    Do the abused chosen children have to also repel vampires sent by their grandparents?

    How about we simply euthanize circumcised people as they are proven to created most, if not all, gerontocracies extant today?

    I mean…we have to look for solutions.

  2. Feinstein’s ignorance of the digital sphere at 85 suggests she was equally ignorant at 59. Unless she has some kind of memory default, the cause of her ignorance is likely something other than age. A more likely explanation is that there is no need for knowledge when one can succeed simply by doing as corporate lobbyists dictate. Knowledge is a threat, actually. It confers legal liability and interferes with sound sleep on a featherbed of donor money. On Capitol Hill, ignorance is well-rewarded bliss.

  3. I have no problem with Caitlin throwing pies at the geezers in Congress, but I do want to let her know that not many Americans are retiring. My husband is 67 years old and plans on working AT LEAST until he is 70 before he has to collect Social Security, and he hopes to continue working because he can keep putting money in his 403(b) retirement plan. I agree that Congress is entrenched and extraordinarily out of touch — I don’t use a smartphone, but I know they exist! And I know how the internet works.

    My experience of the same thing was going to town meeting — hailed in the U.S. as the very embodiment of democracy — and being disgusted by the white and grey heads there, overwhelmingly of nasty, greedy people who wanted to starve the schools (their grandchildren attended) of funds and deny monies to agencies which helped out the poor and disabled in their town. The Methodist minister shamed them for a few years until he left town, then I got up one year and shamed them for not voting funds to provide respite care so people could go to the store while someone watched their disabled family member. I got so sick of these unpleasant, entitled, old white people that I stopped going to town meeting, and now I’m a grey-haired old woman and am thinking it’s time I go back and see if they need shaming again.

  4. Dianne Feinstein (a walking corpse) tells the young lady to take Dianne’s ingorance back to whoever sent her. Okay. Parents are pretty evil sending all those youngsters out into the world, otherwise known as having children (which is not evil the last time I looked) and raising them to be principled. What a disgusting old hag! But she is professional. That is, She’s a professional scam artist.

  5. Part of the problem —a big part—is not so much her age but her own sense of entitlement. I remember sending her a note about some of my concerns about American involvement in some issue in South America, asking her to vote against it. The response got from her was more like that you might get from some 18th century British aristocrat. Basically it was something along the lines of “don’t you worry your little head about this. This matter is really one for your betters to deal with.” I was so outraged I immediately responded to this attitudinal email and told her that because of her attitude I’d never be caught dead voting for her ever again. Needless to say, I never heard back.

  6. Another datapoint documenting this woman’s (Dianne Feinstein) lack of regard for others, she stated it was not a violation of Vicki Weaver’s constitutional rights when she was assassinated by an FBI agent at Ruby Ridge.
    . . .
    The county prosecutor wanted to prosecute the FBI agent; the federal government sabotaged it.

  7. Caitlin, Don’t forget there will come a day when you hit your 60s, and you’ll realize that you haven’t gotten dumber, but much wiser about all the mistakes you made along the way, and better ways to do things. Age brings wisdom, for those who are not corrupt. That is the problem with the people in DC, not their age. They are corrupt beyond redemption, and age has nothing to do with it. If Feinstein doesn’t know anything about internet or whatever, what difference does it make. She’s going to do the will of whomever is padding her bank account and pulling her strings.

  8. I love this. I had not previously heard of gerontocracy, though it would seem inevitable in an oligarchy that doesn’t cull its own ranks. I’m old, but I refuse to be oversensitive to your hilarious wordplay because you are speaking the truth. Even some reporters of the Fourth Estate are getting very, er, entrenched, like Larry King, who says he wants to be cryonically preserved upon death. Did he really wait?

    No one who sits on the Intelligence Committee should be unaware of the speed of viral media. She should recuse herself yesterday.

    There is no way she won by that great a margin. The oligarchy is putting on a pretty good dog and pony show about Russia (and who, China, next?) , but most of us old people are noticing they aren’t fixing anything for next time, because they need the riggable electronic voting machines and the like to keep the mummies in office.

  9. One really good thing that Feinstein did was to produce the Torture Report. There may have been other good things that I don’t know about. Unfortunately she never (so far as I know) really fought to get it declassified and publicized. One really bad thing she did was to accept as true the “assessment” from the CIA and DNI, who managed to dragoon the FBI and NSA into it, of January 2017.

  10. Does this repulsive, compassionless retard of a woman, even know what a “banana” is?
    Exhibt A=Feinstein & the whole of the Western Empire!
    “One country after another is falling, being destroyed, antagonized, humiliated, impoverished. Entire continents are treated as if they were inhabited by irresponsible toddlers, who are being chased and disciplined by sadistic adults, with rulers and belts in their hands yelling with maniacal expressions on their faces: “Behave, do as we say, or else!”

  11. I love the windup punch at the end of your essay Caitlin. Please keep telling us how you really feel about these bloodsuckers destroying our world – a lot us reading you feel the same way.

  12. So the Paris Climate Accord addressed the issues in China and India? The US is not a planet, the kids are parrots. Tax incentives on individuals making good decisions makes much more sense than AOC’s ludicrous proposals. Take the state AOC represents and go tell the people you’re going to use it as a test site for her ridiculous 10 year plan, let them see what it costs and what they stand to lose in their lives. OR leave it up to the adults/states to decide what can reasonably be done based on current technology as it relates to what their constituents can afford. Al Gore told us we should already be gone…., we’re still here.

  13. I can’t resist adding one more video I was reminded of. Remember Airplane!, where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tells the kid who recognizes him that he is just the co-pilot? When pressed, he loses it and goes:

    “Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 Minutes.”

    Heh heh…

    skip ahead to 1:00:

  14. I found the article offensive because of its ageism.

    The fact of the matter is Feinstein has been bad ever since she has been a piglet. Now she is just an older pig. But she has always been out of touch with how most of us live. Her elitist position and views are independent of her age. Nor does her physical appearance have anything to do with her politics. Should we then celebrate Marco Rubio, because of his youthful appearance?

    All power to older people who continue to be productive! The problem with the senior senator from California is not her advancing years but her retrograde politics.

  15. Old age has nothing to do with it. I am 70 years old and use computers and Internet to earn a living. I think perhaps Feinstein was surprised that the working class had access to the Internet and social media and cell phones. She probably thinks we are still using mimeograph machines to publish our seditious libels against the ruling class! She gives older people a bad name and it’s high time she was put out to pasture to chew her cud. These imperialists have all got to go and the sooner the better.

  16. As a fellow 85 year old, who graduated from college with Senator Feinstein. I stopped voting for her, 8 years ago, because she was too old to be a Senator. In a more perfect world there would be an age limit of 70
    to run for national office.

    1. I am 70 myself and I think she’s too old. I live in San Francisco and know her record well. She’s disgusting.

  17. “…she’s held together by nothing but formaldehyde, contempt for the working class, and a wig”. That made my day! I fell off the chair!

    Cailtin is right big time on the idiots in Congress that don’t understand the internet and blame Russia for what they don’t and can’t understand. That makes it very easy for the CIA to set a trap that they walk straight into, a trap with a preset patsy called the FBI.

    And what a trap. A trap to energize the US march into Cold War v2. And it worked. Another demented Cold War that the elites can get rich on. We may not survive this one.

  18. I have to say that there seem to be several kinds of us old folks (I am 69). Those who have experiences, but live throughout the rest of their lives through those old experiences – and expect that others will accede to that sort of ‘wisdom’. Others have made a point of continuing to learn throughout their lives (and that includes more than learning how to use Instagram etc.). Ms. Feinstein seems to belong to the first group – she got wealthy and powerful and that seems to be the end-all of whatever means she and others have used to get to that level of personal ‘enrichment’. Others have not succumbed to that measure of moral ‘enrichment’, and have become the elders that are not part of any governing monolith. Pity we are not “permitted” to present to voters these latter persons – the nomination process takes too much $$$ to allow for this kind of wisdom to be heard.

  19. ‘You know what somebody said to me?–I didn’t see any of this–they said anybody with a cell phone in their hand can get you on international news in two minutes. I never knew that

    I think this statement implies that she did not know that somebody with a cellphone can get something on national news in two minutes.

    I have long been of the opinion that most US politicians and the commentariat do not understood that US borders do not normally block electronic or even print information reaching the rest of the world. Otherwise we would probably not see so many stupid and self-defeating statements.

  20. There are assholes of all ages, races and religions.

  21. I was a constituent of Feinstein for years. Her husband is a military contractor, who makes lots of money fomenting wars. I have written to her several times about her retrograde positions. Well, I am just a stupid uninformed youngster of 70, 15 years younger than Feinstein, so what do i know?

    Jill Stein is about my age. Medea Benjamin is getting up there too. There are a few of us old leftists who didn’t forget the peace, civil rights and anti nuclear movements of the 60’s to the 80’s.

    Feinstein in her early years presented herself as a good liberal. She held the mayor of San Francisco as he lay dying when a right wing former police officer shot him. She has been an advocate of gun control, partly based on that. But she has never been an advocate of gun control for our military. She is not worthy of our support. If I had been in the room with those kids, i would have said the same thing they said, and what would Feinstein have said to me?

    I was right over Iraq and the wars, Senator, you were wrong. And now you dismiss these kids, when you don’t even know what viral means in relation to social media. And no, I also, like the kids, didn’t vote for her in the last 20 years, not because I am too young, but because she is a political hack, opportunist and warmonger and corporate servant.

    Feinstein is not old and wise as one would hope. She is a dinosaur who just wont’ go extinct, until the rest of us are due to her lousy policies.

    1. Is there such a thing as a “good liberal”? They support capitalism and believe it can be reformed. We socialists know better. Never trust “liberals”. They will run for the protection of the ruling class at the first sign of resistance from below. They always have.

  22. Young or old, an asshole is an asshole. For most of us age entails a certain amount of wisdom gathering as we move through our short time here. We need to weed out the old wise ones from the old assholes, and add that to the vision of our youth. Something like Gabbard/Sanders would be nice. I don’t think it’s a problem of either old or young, I just think a whole bunch of people need to wise up.

  23. “You little snot-nosed punks need to do what I did–go out there and suck up to the right people and get elected senator. Then people will listen to you, because you’ll be rich and powerful, and you’ll see just how unimportant all this climate-change nonsense is.”

  24. Good commentary and great reading, thank you

  25. If I have to choose between listening to the wisdom and advice of children, or listening to those who’ve spent a number of decades on this planet, I will choose the elders every damn time. All people should have the right to voice their opinions, and there are times when young people have more knowledge about a certain topic than most older people; but overall, those who are more expeirenced will have more insights and will have a more holistic understanding of the world and how it works. My ability to understand the world that we live in is a direct result of my respect for the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of older people. This has served me very well in life as I’ve been able to avoid many of the pitfalls that other people my age have had to experience.

    Western culture is tremendously flawed in this respect, IMHO. I often wonder if our worshipping of “youth culture” is by design — forced on us by our thought leaders. When we refuse to listen to those who have lived through history, we lack the insights of those who have lived through many of the same events and conditions that we face today. This makes it very easy for the established powers to manipulate us into acting, thinking, and speaking according to their wishes. Whenever all of the “popular” voices are saying the same thing, there’s a high probability that we are being fed propaganda.

    Has anyone else noticed that we have simply exchanged one industry (oil and gas) for another (“green” energy — which really isn’t all that green)? Our climate issues are just as likely due to the alarming rate of deforestation and planned obsolescence, but we never hear about those issues because there is no money in them. All industries that lobby the government to eliminate competition and choice are suspect, and the green energy industry, along with all of their “climate crisis” acolytes, should be viewed with the same suspicion as any other industry that seeks to profit from government regulations and control.

  26. One should not listen to the foolishness of a confused elder but one should not listen to the foolishness of clueless youth either.

    1. Maybe one shouldn’t listen to the lame and thoughtless brain droppings of someone who posts behind a pseudonym like “Inforebelscum”.

      1. Adam, once again, an ad hominem attack is not a logical response. If you disagree with my post then it is reasonable to assume that you think that children should direct adults rather than adults directing children. If that is your position – or whatever is your position – then you should be able to defend it without personal attacks on others. If you cannot defend your position with reason then maybe you should rethink your support of said position.

        1. Bradley Cunningham Avatar
          Bradley Cunningham

          Well said, Inforebelscum.

          1. Bradley, thank you.

  27. It’s not a matter of the years anyone has clocked up, it’s their capacity to understand and to keep up and their capacity to fulfil the requirements of their job.

    But you have to wonder why Feinstein doesn’t retire and enjoy the finer things of life. What’s her agenda, I wonder.

    1. Like so many of our politicians, she has a Donald Trump-sized ego.

    2. A politician’s agenda.
      The rush of ‘power to control’ it gives them.
      Always has been.

      1. There’s a reason that there are as many sociopaths and psychopaths in DC as there are in the big boardrooms.

  28. I feel sure that Feinstein and most of her associates consider themselves to be an elite class of people endowed with the powers of royalty to rule over ignorant peasants. Sure, they get votes from the peasantry. Some vote for one line of bullshit and rest vote for the other line of bullshit. The only other choice is not to vote at all and I think that is attributed to about half the population

    Our rulers hang out with all their elite class friends and connections and insulate themselves with wealth, privilege, and all the bullshit they go around telling each other. I have to wonder how they can be so ignorant as to just ignore the facts about what is happening to this planet. How can they willfully support the death of this world?

    No matter what the reason behind it, they all need to be taken out now. This insanity must be stopped. Left as is, our fate is sealed. Unfortunately, ignorance abounds at all levels. It is going to take the right sort of cataclysmic event/s to force everyone into action. The frightening thing about it is that such an event can now easily be too overwhelming or, by the time it happens, it will be too late to recover.

    There’s an estimated 1,000 gigatons of frozen methane in the Arctic Ocean. It may already be too late to prevent 5% of that from releasing in one event. It will happen. When it does, that’s it. Then what do we have, a year, two years before people begin dying by the millions?

    That elite class might be able to stay above the suffering for a while, but their days will be numbered. Are they doing it on purpose? It seems like they are doing it on purpose.

  29. Loved your article. As usual, spot on. However there is a tiny point I consider that needs to be persued.
    That is this ; ” I’ve gotten elected. I just ran. I was elected by almost a million vote plurality and I know what I’m doing. Maybe people should listen a little bit.”” That little sentence says it all about the stupidity and ignorance of the American voters, who despite the evidence that these TROGOLITES are way past their use by date, and should be put out to pasture, the moronic U.S. electorate continue, year after year, to vote these dregs back into office.
    I’d bet good money, many of these kid’s parents voted for this dragon too. There is a saying, “you get the Government you deserve”. Clearly, that applies to the U.S. of A.

    1. I could not have said it better myself.
      Everybody bitches about these living fossils, but very few blame the people who voted for them for keeping them in power. In short, the whole narrative that the vast majority of the American People are peace-loving is a myth. In reality, the acitivities of the US government are indeed what “the people” want. After all, they have voted for them time and time again for at least the last 70 years.

      1. I live in California, and several of my friends voted for Feinstein. She’s been around a long time, has some liberal credentials on social issues and is a Democrat. That’s enough for most people, and they really don’t know any more than that about her. The problem is that most voters are not very interested in politics or what the politicians actually do. Ignorance and apathy abound.
        Name recognition is everything…. that’s why nearly the entire Congress keeps getting itself reelected year after year.

    2. Unfortunately, Robert, they’re not going to get interested until more planes fly into more buildings or the nukes start falling.

  30. Well written Catlin thank you, and I am surprised at your sudden realisation that TPTB in our political fields have no idea what they are doing – there are so many examples everyday; just witness the UK mess over Brexit. Do you think this lot really know what they are doing? They couldn’t negotiate themselves out of a paper bag!

    But as I am sure you will know, it is not about these pathetic political morons that purport to run the country because we all know that it is the ‘Deep State’. banksters and multinational corporations that actually run the world and they are full of high-rolling pyschopaths that know exactly what they are doing.

    Of course, none of this matters, because unknown to most, the propaganda that convinces the 95% falsely claims that they can actually make a difference in this world. Fortunately, they can’t – it is a golden rule of nature that her complex adaptive systems will evolve in their own way according to the myriad feedback loops which define our complex world.

    I have written a book about all this and the global crisis to come, why it is happening and the likely outcome which is imminent. A free pdf of my manuscript is available on request to: peter@underco.co.uk

  31. “frightened children who’ve been told that there may only be twelve years left to make the massive, sweeping changes necessary to prevent cataclysmic ecosystemic collapse.”

    It’s pretty difficult for me to generate sympathy for the Gerontessa, but it’s a little hard to take that a group of ten-year-olds who couldn’t have a clue about science, eonomics or politics to attempt to prescribe a specific course of action, and refuse to take “No” — or even “I’ve got a plan that has a better chance to work” — for an answer.

  32. What was the average age of the authors of our Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and The Constitution ?

    It is very hard to fix something if you do not understand it.

  33. Yep, I knew as soon as I saw your headline on my feed that this would be about the Duchess de California.
    Hey, if they are going to expect to be treated as royalty, and if families like the Bushes, the Clintons, the Daleys, the Browns, are going to treat these as hierarchical positions to be inherited, then we should give them titles. Maybe a couple of Americans will then wake up to the fact that while it took awhile, the Tories did win the American Revolution. Or maybe at least get the jokes when Monty Python describes the difference between a peasant and a king. If it wasn’t still true, the joke wouldn’t be still funny.

  34. A bit off topic to your discussion, but please take a look at Professor Valentina Zharkova’s work on solar output. A super solar minimum may well be immediately impending, and earth temperatures might drop significantly over the next couple decades. I wonder if you have heard about this.

  35. Well, well. Loved your description of this particular formaldehide preserved mummy, but hated your overall message of agism.

    At 64, I for one along with many of my older compadres in the now forming elders cacus of the Green Party still have plenty of life and activism left in us. And we’re quite as expert in the use of advanced communications tools, social media and political messaging as any young inexperienced whippersnappers! In fact, we’re far better at it than most younger folk plus have political savy developed through decades of activism and movenent building. I personally administer a couple of the larger leftist political thought and discussion groups on FB and regularly share your articles on both.

    We see a need for such an advocacy forum precisely because of the opinion you’ve just expressed so entertainingly.

    For any 55 or older intersted in joining, go to the GP website abd bavigate to caucuses, then join our discussion stack group at greenpartyeld-btz5631.skack.com.

    1. Have a nice day! As Forrest gump always said. Or did he say it only once. I’d better watch that one again!

    2. Good luck from the retired guy on social security who just built his own new computer and installed Linux. Some of us at this age were the bleeding edge types who bought the first home computers. The ones who had fun with computers before anyone ever learned to spell GUI. ……………. Used to be a member of the Green Party, before it was made clear to me that white males were no longer welcome. And I got sick of their safe-states strategy and that the only thing they do is play lapdog to the Democrats and run their recount campaigns for them. Its always fun to hear what the Green Party candidates have to say before they disappear from the battleground in about July of an election year. But, good luck with that. Maybe Lucy will let Charlie Brown finally kick the dang ball.

      1. Keep searching and creating, your dreams are of the substance of creation, and you never really knew it. You are truly blessed of God. If you ever find yourself in Colorado, You will be rewarded as you deserve.

    3. Cliff, mate calm down, I’m pretty sure NONE of this article is directed at YOU ! So why your all fired up about beats me, I’m 70 and tech savvy, but you don’t see me jumping up and down about this article and taking it personally. Lighten up old chap.

    4. Denigrating someone for their age and hair style
      is discrimination imo. The points made could be done
      without mentioning looks or age. Just the fact that Feinstein’s
      family has made gobs of money from military investments alone
      is reason to question her allowed leadership of the intelligence
      committee– there are, after all, other people in Congress who
      wear toupees/wigs–what is important is what they represent
      underneath that topping.

  36. I am going to call you ageist Catlin
    I am going to ask if you are doing conscious obfuscation of the core issues
    I am 70 and have been a techie since 1969 when I didn’t have an advanced degree. When I did get one it was in macro economics and long range planning which China was just starting to do its 5 year plans.

    I learned that those that own global private finance have controlled the Western world for centuries and if society does not confront this basic cancer in the social contract…..”the beatings will continue until moral improves”.

    If your postings continue to not tie everything back to the control of private finance over everything you have lost a reader. Are you part of the obfuscation problem or part of the solution?

  37. great article as always…love your work…but please spare us those annoying gifs…

    1. I loved the gif – summed it up perfectly 🙂

  38. Feinstein’s reaction proves: A. She and almost everyone in government don’t believe in climate warming or B. The change required is too monumental, so pay it lip service, do nothing and get out (i.e. die for the oldest, build and hide out in a high fortress in NZ or colonize Mars for the younger ones.

    1. Those who lacked knowledge were always the most beloved of God

  39. Another home run by Caitlin. And bonus points for Skeksis reference. Because that’s the age I am.

    Remember Sen. Ted Stevens and his “series of tubes”? That was 2006, and his incoherent stuttering about the Internet sounded better informed than Feinstein. What does her taxpayer funded staff do?

    1. ooh, how I admire quick wittedness and pc skills to include a video link; am barely able to post on this site, and not quite as old as Feinstein, nor residing in ivory tower. Like your comment : )

      1. Thanks. 🙂 I have a degree in computer science – from before the Internet. So, everything I learned about computers in school was obsolete before I graduated. I basically learned by clicking on stuff to see what happens. All I did was copy and paste the URL from a browser window with the video playing, to here.

  40. The surprise everyone gets when the finally realize God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and omni-loving. At least we can give her credit for the last, can’t we?

    1. You are saying that she is god?


    You may have broken her hip with this one.
    One way or another, it’s going to hurt.
    Well done!

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