Scottish scientist Robert Ogilvie Crombie feared succumbing to habit and walking through life in a trance, so he devised exercises for himself which forced him to do things in an un-habitual way throughout the day like performing all tasks with a different hand.

When having difficulty remaining present during meditation, Zen monks have been known to sit dangerously close to the edge of a cliff to ensure that they remained upright and alert the entire time.

In 1981 Harvard law professor Roger Fisher published a proposal that US nuclear codes should be kept in the chest cavity of a volunteer who accompanies the president at all times, so that the impersonal decision to kill millions in a nuclear launch would first have to go through the personal decision to kill a close acquaintance and cut his chest open.

We are teetering between the brink of extinction and a technological singularity which could transform and enrich our world beyond our wildest imaginings.

This is no time for sleepwalking.

Don’t blink, for the war machines are roaring and the permafrost is thawing, and this could all be over in an instant.

Don’t blink, because artificial superintelligence is a technological inevitability which could be upon us very soon.

Don’t blink, for the trailers are ending, and the show is just about to start.

Don’t blink, for your brain is the most advanced information processing system in the known universe, and you are striding through a world made of miracles.

Don’t blink, for you are standing on the most complex point in a universe of ever-growing complexity.

Don’t blink, for there are no perceptible limitations within your conscious experience, and everything is fundamentally a mystery.

Don’t blink, for dimethyltryptamine transports the human mind into alien worlds of unfathomable strangeness full of beneficent entities, and no one knows why.

Don’t blink, because what we know is dwarfed by what we know we don’t know, and what we know we don’t know is dwarfed by what we don’t know we don’t know.

Don’t blink, for each and every person you meet is an opportunity for the eyes of consciousness to see directly into the eyes of consciousness, and that’s not a show you want to miss.

Don’t blink, for true love is real and so is enlightenment.

Don’t blink, for you are capable of so much more than you realize.

Don’t blink, for the opposite of life is not death but habit.

Don’t blink; stay alert like a soldier behind enemy lines.

Don’t blink; don’t take one second of this howling God orgasm for granted.

Don’t blink; feel your ineffable body ensconced in your world-throne at all times.

Don’t blink. Show up for this.

Don’t blink. Pay attention.

Don’t blink. Lean in.

Don’t blink.

Don’t blink.

Don’t blink.










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19 responses to “Don’t Blink”

  1. ‘there are no perceptible limitations within your conscious experience’

    I didn’t get this part. I do perceive and experience limitations consciously. If you are trying to say that these perceived and experienced limitations aren’t real in some sense, it would be appropriate to substantiate that assertion.

    ‘Don’t blink, for dimethyltryptamine transports the human mind into alien worlds of unfathomable strangeness full of beneficent entities, and no one knows why.’

    Accidentally. Lots of things happen that way. The brain is a machine, if you mess with it in unusual ways, you’ll get unusual (and usually harmful) results. As for the claim that the ‘entities’ are ‘beneficient’ in practice, it seems questionable. I may change my mind when one of these so-called elves provides the substance user with a workable recipe for fusion power or a cure for cancer; until then, this is self-pleasuring as far as I’m concerned. Do it if you enjoy it and if there it doesn’t cause any significant harm, but don’t imagine or claim that it has any other value.

    ‘Don’t blink, because what we know is dwarfed by what we know we don’t know, and what we know we don’t know is dwarfed by what we don’t know we don’t know.’

    Size is a fuzzy concept, mixing objective numbers and subjective importance. Numerically, there are always many things we don’t know, which says nothing about how many of them are actually worth knowing. Also, technically, if we don’t even know that we don’t know something, it seems to me that we can’t know how much there is of that something.

    ‘Don’t blink, for the opposite of life is not death but habit.’

    This is a value judgement and describes what kind of life you consider worthwhile. Life in the normal, objective sense of the word is, indeed, the opposite of death/inanimacy, and it is full of habit: it boils down to a cyclic process of repetitively and continously using new materials and energy from the environment to maintain and reproduce the same basic anatomical structure, albeit with some cumulative effects and gradual changes over time.

  2. Even the (now) so disputed bible talks about “wise and foolish virgins” that were instructed of :“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” which more or less will translate into today’s everyday slang that is understood by warped minds: “Don’t blink”.
    Surely there is no time for sleepwalking, though unfortunately selfcenteredness, narcissism and superiority taught to “the virgins and all other two legged human conditions” in a world ruled by money changers, devil worshiper and chosen ones distracts muchly from this talk and as usual theory is much lighter to grasp for a lazy mind then practice.

  3. The Universe seems to make many attempts at something before it succeeds at going to the next level of complexity. We may be typical of most intelligent technological species in that most attempts at further progress are failures. We may get some satisfaction in the belief that some where in the cosmos an intelligent species will succeed.

  4. Personally, I pray for nuclear Armageddon daily. We all know, deep down, that this is how the world will end, and better sooner than later. Couldn’t happen to a nicer race. It is the human race in toto which is the problem, not just the nut jobs in power. The whackos at the top are merely a manifestation of the malific, malevolent, malignant whole of the race. The human race is a cancer on the planet earth, and the evil jerks at the top are merely the visible part of the tumor, as it were. I had a friend once (he’s long since disowned me) who held the idiotic theory that if only we could somehow get rid of all the bad people at the top (politicians, bankers, warmongers, capitalists, etc.) then all of us little people down here could turn the earth into a magic wonderland of unending joy. I patiently tried to explain to him the myriad errors in this simplistic, delusional, solipsistic mindset, but he was thoroughly brainwashed by video games and bad Hollywood movies, to think “big bad people BAD, little icky people GOOD.” Meanwhile, him and his hillbilly offspring sired some truly monstrous drooling autism babies, further polluting the world with useless eaters. Magic Wonderland my ass! Humans = Evil. PS: Some of us still haven’t forgotten (or forgiven) the horrendous crimes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and believe that the US is long overdue for a taste of its own medicine… Don’t blink – you stink!

    1. If humans are filth that needs to be eradicated, then surely it follows that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not crimes, but good deeds. There is no reason to criticise the human race more than any other species – we only fall short of our own standards, but no more than any other creature falls short of them, and there are no other standards. You sound like a school shooter, or a Hiroshima bomber if you prefer, and inhumane acts and attitudes like that are precisely what is bad in the human race.
      You are obviously displeased with your life, for some reason, and have let the resulting frustration find expression in indiscriminate and unjust hatred and malevolence towards everybody. You urgently need to change the course your mind has taken, for your sake as well as others’.

  5. “The Doctor: Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink.” ― Steven Moffat

  6. Caitlin – I LOVE YOU!!! (and I don’t think my wife even minds… she loves you too!)

  7. Don ‘t blink sit back and relax…

  8. william c wesley Avatar
    william c wesley


  9. James K Hollomon Avatar
    James K Hollomon

    Reading this is like seeing . . . “directly into the eyes of consciousness, and that’s not a show you want to miss.”

  10. Ditto – Brilliant! Thank you, Caitlin!

    I have to add that I appreciate the tribute to God. Joan Baez sings Steve Earle’s wonderful song, “God is God”. It’s a good thing. Not everyone has to believe in a higher power, or God “of my little understanding,” or Great Mystery to deserve respect, but it’s equally important to respect those who do.

  11. This. This right here is magnificent orgasmic word magic. I. Love. This! (I am new here, but have thoroughly enjoyed everything so far. But this is transcendent!)

  12. Brilliant! Immediate and nourishing and necessary.

  13. Along the lines of being a god organism, the T-duality of string theory predicts that every particle in your body, one of which is your soul according to Liebniz, contains a mapping of everything outside of itself to within itself :R->1/R. So that R= infinity, where god exists, maps to R=0.

    1. Dennis ONeill Avatar
      Dennis ONeill

      If one defines consciousness as the soul, Liebniz was likely correct. There’s a great deal of evidence that consciousness is non-local, everywhere present, a singularity, and survives in humans the death of the body, although very few who are reincarnated in the human realm remember their previous human incarnation. The University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies now has a database of approximately 6,000 well-documented cases of human reincarnation, some of which are nearly beyond a shadow of doubt. Erwin Schoedinger, whose wave equations, along with Maxwell’s wave equations I had to learn as an undergraduate, stated that “the number of minds in the universe is one.” He was quite visionary. Steven Greer, M.D., the founder of the Disclosure Project, and also an amazing visionary, frequently references the implications of the T-duality you mention.

  14. Just superb! Thanks for sharing

  15. Gold star award!!

  16. You are fucking medicine woman. You are my ally. I am yours. Keep the truth coming please. You see it so well. You share it so generously. Thank you.

  17. Tristan Syjes Avatar
    Tristan Syjes

    Magnificent cobber ❤️❤️❤️

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