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The Earth Is Kept From Spinning Off Its Axis By Unblinkered Madmen

You have got to be out of your mind.

You’ve got to be crazy enough to slap aside the hand that is offering you the Kool-Aid.

You’ve got to be mad enough to call it a spade when everyone else is calling it a sunflower.

You’ve got to be nutty enough to see a new world around the corner while everyone else says it’s impossible.

You’ve got to be off your rocker and skanking to ‘90s ska punk while everyone else is quite certain they’re hearing a calliope waltz.

The earth is kept from spinning off its axis by unblinkered madmen. By lucid lunatics. By clear-eyed crazies.

The only thing keeping the world from plunging into total insanity are those few who are insane enough to doubt its sanity.

Those few who cringe at the tinny bloviations of the Official News Man and strain to hear the whispers underneath the cacophony.

Those few who close their ears to the blaring screens and open their foreheads to the great big sky.

Those few who are loony enough to see dust and ashes on the faces of billboards and paradise between the gaps in the noise.

You’ve got to be absolutely bat shit mad as a March hare, to keep yelling at the Bastards when the world insists you pretend you don’t see them.

To keep forging toward the light when everyone is screaming that it is darkness.

To keep building heaven on earth while the world hides your bricks and buries your tools.

Thank you, berserk bulwarks.

Thank you, savage saints.

For daring to hallucinate when the world says regurgitate.

For daring to howl when the world says march.

For daring to dream when the world says die.

You are the madmen who will lead us out of this mad house.

You are the homeless wanderers who will lead us home.












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  • this one knocked my socks off…..it was prolly time to change em anyhow….. 😉 ……….

  • The One creates,
    Always striving for perfection and always apparently succeeding
    The Two commits to the One,
    but has a glimpse of an apparently perfect part of the Three
    and betrays commitment to the One
    while striving to possess the apparently perfect part of the Three
    Temporary possession of a part of the Three by the Two
    makes part of the Three imperfect
    The Two repents betraying the One
    and debasing part of the Three,
    but sees another apparently perfect part of the Three
    worthy of possession and repeats the process
    And so the Two spins around,
    always wanting the oneness, the togetherness, of the One
    and making commitments to the One,
    and always cheating on the commitments
    in order to possess apparently perfect parts of the Three

  • Your poems are dripping with the soul food I long for Caitlin. In a few days I will be an 88 year old hippy, who never “grew up” – thank God! Either we explode out of this stifling matrix, or we are done for……

  • I do not want to hog these brainwaves, but this is important: Caitlin & followers; March 15th the ides of march The blessed children plan to cut from their brainwashing schools to march as the Climate Kids on our rulers castles and demand they DO SOMETHING! to give them a chance to have a future on a Living Planet, let us all join in on the marches wherever you may be and lend support. Make Signs up, make demands. It is after all Now or Never. The Great Leaders will urge patience, “We are working on it they will say” We have heard that song many times before; It means “We won’t do shit!” Maybe we should all fill our pockets and purses with wooden nickels and rain them on the Pols, because the damned Almighty Dollar is the only language they speak…..All other ideas considered~~~~~


  • Ms. Johnstone—A Poem a day keeps sanity at bay….”Madness has an enormous pavilion where it welcomes folk from all the world, especially if their pockets be filled with GOLD.” Umberto Ecco…..It amazed me how quickly insanity popped into my head 35 years ago when we tossed the telly in the dump. Earlier life story, circa 1975: Friends and I headed from L.A. to Palm Springs mountain for an LSD trip out…I had just bought 100 hits of windowpane acid….I was licking the envelope closed and got at least 35 of them on my tongue Zip~Zip~Zip. On the bus ride up to the cable cars TIME STOPPED. Everything froze cold, Humans on board turned to bodies with nobody inside them. I could only hear the roar of the water flowing through the earth how long it lasted nobody knows, when time stops clocks have no use. GREAT TRIP! P.S. On the ride there all we seemed to pass was cemeteries, hundreds of them Funerals ongoing in every one…..The Now is the only place of existence, 1 second ago:History, 1 second ahead Nothing yet….This site is really enjoyable, it’s almost like finding a new HOME…..On Didgeridoo’s; my neighbors made them from Bull Kelp, decorated to the hilt, 10 played at a party in Anchor Point, Alaska a place to look outside in the morning rise and say: “Thank you Great Spirit for bringing me to live in this place, especially so after listening to the morning BBC news on radio…

  • Ok bright woman, I’ll bite.

  • Try this:
    Fascism & Violence | Under The Skin with Russell Brand, Henry Giroux & Brad Evans

  • Caitlin,
    Don’t ever stop singing from your soul. You are beautiful and inspiring for all of us homeless wanderers.

    • I second the motion Mary! Great stuff isn’t it!

  • Homeless wanderers where is your home?
    One knows deep inside that THIS is not it but waiting for SOMEBODY or SOMETHING to turn TO CHANGE is even crazier then the traditional devilish ruling that twists and turns REALITY into a pyramid of hell. A REGURGITATED asylum of the human condition behind closed curtains that block a view to a LOVING HOME for ALL and EVERYONE.
    To stick to LIFE as we know it is treason to all creation, of mankind and oneself – no excuses.
    To vote for the gatekeepers of DEMOCRATIC DETENTIONCENTRES does not bring freedom or democracy. To invest in Satanic gambles of the overlords for tiny crumbs of leftover cake is sane stupidity. To believe and built on a MAGIC of science that wilfully hides truth and deceives their victims serves only those who control it merciless. To rely on authority to solve ones and the worlds problems is mockery. To imagine that a fragile body will rule the universe and creation is beyond lunacy and plain delusion of grandeur. To conceive human intelligence as superior above all else is pure parody and lacks a substance that is attached to life itself.
    So where is your home homeless wanderer if not inside oneself? In a nightmare that does not seem to end because of a nagging fear of the unknown that is embedded and lovingly nurtured by life and creation itself?

    • Amen Jo.

  • Visionaries are always precious few in any given generation, but the path they show is so bright and wide which helps many to understand clearly and act accordingly for several generations. This essentially maintains the balance in the universal laws of nature. This is not a linear process, however, but consisting of paradigm shifts when time is ripe. I just have a feeling that we are going through a transition period heading towards such shift, which may not be smooth or painless as often the case.

  • Love this!
    One tiny little quibble. Its with the constant references to ‘the few’. True enough, there don’t seem to be a lot around these days. Although I suspect many are just keeping their heads down in a very hostile world. But once, in days before, we numbered so many we could throw a million strong party at Woodstock. Just saying that if it happened before it can happen again. Different next time of course. But a whole generation can rebel against the madness of the sane world. In fact, they must.

  • Seems the USA empire has eerily similar ethics to the Umbrella Corporation.
    And here I had thought it was just a movie.

    A bit of medicine for you fellow crazies out there:

    ‘Democracy is coming to the USA’ (Leonard Cohen)
    ‘Closing Time’ (Leonard Cohen)
    ‘Anthem’ (Leonard Cohen)

    • Everybody knows that the dice are loaded.

      ‘Everybody knows’ by Leonard Cohen.

  • No problem, ma ‘am. Happy to be of service. ***

  • I love everything you write. Your inspiration feeds my soul.

  • I used to think it was just me … glad to join a crowd with some synapses still firing!

  • Really? I thought it was the cumulative mass of American citizenry acting as Earth’s wheel weight?

    • “Really? I thought it was the cumulative mass of American citizenry acting as Earth’s wheel weight?”

      While a wheel weight provides balance, I was thinking more “anchor.”

      George Carlin said, “When you think about how ignorant the average person is, remember that half of them are worse than that.”

      The hoi polloi in the US probably aren’t any worse than elsewhere, but since they are the ones I see at close range, it’s hard to believe we’re not challenging for the Darwin Award.

  • I’ve heard that insanity is contagious. Let’s hope!

  • Love you, Cait!

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