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Infinity Eyes

First there was nothing, then there was everything, because nothing was really, really boring. Nothing was so boring that it created everything just to have something to look at.

Stardust grew mouths and genitalia and it’s been a hot screaming mess ever since. DNA squirts across the rocks of this spinning space ball, and it learns how to bite and to swim and drive cars.

DNA learned how to cover its body in scales and become enormous so it could eat from the tallest trees. DNA learned how to sprout feathers and soar through the air. DNA learned how to grow opposable thumbs and binocular vision and feelings of personal inadequacy and mortgage payments.

Lovers grab each other’s flesh and moan and mash body parts together, and then babies come out who are lied to about everything.

Dirt stands up on two legs and acts awkward for a little while, then it stops and everyone cries and the dirt returns to the ground. This happens billions and billions of times because nothing loves the show.

Nothing wanted something to look at, so it grew a universe which grew dirt which grew eyeballs which now look at each other. I look at your eyes and you look at my eyes, and nothing purrs “Oh! Well isn’t this something.”

We’re all here watching the big show and being the big show at the same time, watching ourselves get more and more complex as nothing tries to surprise itself. You’ll never surprise yourself nothing, wabba labba ding dang dong Bette Midler pork chop ha ha bet you didn’t see that coming.

And it’s love. It’s always been about love. It sounds hokey and dumb because everyone says it all the time, but they say it all the time because they feel it in their DNA. As your eyes look at my eyes and a manic confetti orgy celebration erupts from the source of the universe at the experience, this isn’t hard to understand.

Nothing is loving every second of this. The universe makes love to itself with sprouting seeds and hatching eggs and devouring teeth and community theater musicals and world wars and lonely bathroom stall despair, the fingers of somethingness stroking the clitoris of nothingness into ever-mounting ecstasy at the experience of existence.

Nervous systems and skin and eyes and ears and noses and tongues come roaring out of nothingness and tumble head over heels into wet, sticky, sloppy sappy love with sex and sunlight and music and flowers and food in a swirling jumble of everything enveloped in nothing. It would not make for a good romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, but it makes for a hell of a ride.

I look at your eyes and you look at my eyes, and they stretch all the way back through the howling primates and devouring dinosaurs, past the primordial soup and the Big Bang to the emptiness which ached long ago for this moment, right here. This love goes way back, my friend. This love created everything for this.

Go take those infinity eyes for a walk now. Feel the rejoicing behind your field of vision at everything that appears. This is the show, my friend. This is it. Nothing went through an awful lot of trouble to get those beautiful eyes front seat tickets to this. Don’t your dare miss a second of it. Don’t you dare close those eyes.









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  • “Stardust grew mouths and genitalia and it’s been a hot screaming mess ever since.” BARTENDER….I’ll have what she’s having!

  • How could something (everything) come from nothing? It could not, for there has to be, or, have been, some thing, first – for without there is, or, could not have been, any thing for some thing to come from. Nothing can come from nothing. Every thing came from something. Nothing existed, except one, and it/He//that created what was to be the beginning – of something. This is indisputable, for not even a spark of a “bang” can, or could have, originated from nothing. How we attempt to describe what was first, beyond nothing, and desired something, has been written – time and again. https://seaclearly.com/2009/11/25/does-god-exist-the-good-news/

  • Nothing is everything, now isn’t that something? Love is the glue of the Universe that pervades every particle and strand of energy , whatever we may say.It was here before we appeared and it will be here after everything has gone.Beautiful.

  • “In the beginning, the Creator told a great lie, because there was Nothing, Nothing at all. But the Creator spoke saying it exists. And behold, in order that the Lie of God might be God’s truth, the Universe at once began to exist.” Author unknown…. “Someday perhaps, some Alien eye or eyes will sweep the arch of some dark, distant sky and see a Nova flare, a pinpoint of light on a photographic plate, soon lost forever on miles of dusty shelves, where alien beetles feed, a meal for worms, sole epitaph to mark the curious end of restless man, who for a moment of galactic time sped on a speck of cosmic dust around a minor sun.” Author uncertain…..” I have flown to star stained heights in search of mythical kings, sure that everything of worth was in the sky, and not the Earth, so I never thought to make my way down, down, down where the iguanas play.”Song by Dory Previn, circa 1975…

  • Hermes hears your humanity. Loki loves your laughter. All will be well.

  • I get high reading your words when you write like this! thank you for the reminders about the realness and beauty of this illusion called Life….

  • Only nothing comes from nothing. There is no nothing. There is only the Divinely Creative Something. We are That. All of this is That. And there is nothing other than That.

  • I was a hidden treasure, and created the world so that I might be known. (Hadith Qudsi)

  • Look, open your mind, it’s Caitlin, man….a lady with powers and abilities far beyond those in the bloggers’ den, who as a self described rogue reporter and prolific writer, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and in the most unique and provocative way.

    Stirring prose and writing…thank you for releasing your own enlightened energy for others to connect with.

  • WOW, Caitlyn, I have had this theory for many years that we are god’s (for lack of a better word) nervous system, created to surprise him/her with pain and pleasure (both essential for each other) because being omnipotent would be so boring. Thank you for “fleshing it out” for me! Love this!

  • The choice to summarise all the processes of life in the universe, including not only love and sex but also devouring and world wars, under the general label of love, sex and ecstasy (‘the universe mak[ing] love to itself’) is not objectively justified; it’s even less justified to ascribe the non-life and pre-life parts (Big Bang, emptiness, nothing turning into everything) to love, sex and ecstasy in some sense. This sounds like an attempt to achieve the emotionally satisfying features of a religion. Like religion, it is factually unjustified. Unlike religion, which also appeals to the vacuous authority of a tradition and to false accounts, the only justification in this case is that this is how the author likes it. I imagine it might be pleasant, but I still think it’s a good idea to distinguish between ‘how things are’ and ‘how I like viewing things’.

  • Nothingness is the origin and cradle of perfection. Pure, innocent, infinite, void and only LOVE longing to extend.

    Other additives are these of Co-creators that left “boring” Nothingness behind pretending to be above perfection itself while rendering perfection helplessly to imperfection as a demonstration of their own broken image that denies life and its origin and rapes and trades love for a power that never is. To return to love NOTHING will need to be conquered like a floating log travels steadily downstream, forgetting all that it once was, is and ever will be.

  • I am trying to find the words to express the gratitude to you Caitlin for writing such thoughtful and thought provoking musings.
    You make my heart sing.
    Much love to you.

  • Thank you Caitlin, this sweet little piece stired this hardend little heart, in sending the dirt of bondage back to where it rightfully belongs, if not for just a while. Breath in breath out!

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