Three people are currently in custody in New Zealand for terrorist attacks on two mosques in Christchurch. As of this writing, 49 people are dead and 48 people are being treated for gunshot wounds. Explosives were found in two vehicles but none were detonated. It was the worst attack of its kind in New Zealand’s history.

One of the three individuals, a 28 year-old Australian man, live-streamed himself shooting mosque attendees and published a white nationalist manifesto explaining his motives. I don’t feel like linking to either of these things, the former because sharing it would be gross and the latter because the manifesto contains calls for further acts of terrorism and suggestions as to how they might be carried out, as well as instructions on how best to circulate white nationalist propaganda. It’s currently unclear to what extent the other two individuals were involved.

I’m not used to these things happening in my neck of the woods and I’m still a bit frazzled about it, but I’ve got a few thoughts on the matter that I may as well spit out even if they’re sloppy. Here they are in no particular order:

1 – The most common point of discussion I’m seeing online about all this is the designation of the “terrorist” label. Whenever an attack like this is perpetrated by a Muslim I see right wingers screaming at every media outlet that doesn’t label them a terrorist, and whenever a white person does it I see those on the left screaming at every media outlet that doesn’t label them a terrorist. And I totally get it; it’s unfair to see white people labeled “gunman” and “shooter” when a Muslim would not receive the same treatment from certain outlets.

But it is also important to remember that the threat of domestic terrorism is used by the empire to justify taking away civil rights on the pretense of protecting the citizenry. Demanding the expanded use of that term is ultimately demanding more surveillance, torture, arbitrary detention, and the erosion of legal and constitutional protections for everyone. It’s important to be aware of the potential propagandistic leverage in the language and causes we advocate.

2 – There is definitely a correlation between war propaganda and mass murder. I can’t cite any studies for that claim because nobody’s doing them, but there is no way that being told mass murder is acceptable day in and day out by highly adept manipulators doesn’t make a civilian more prone to committing acts of mass murder. Australians always get sucked into the western empire’s wars, and thus receive the same kinds of war propaganda through our mass media. There’s only so far you can twist a mind into accepting the unacceptable before it breaks.

3 – Relatedly, Islamophobia has been exponentially inflamed by the mass media since 9/11 to justify the empire’s need to keep slaughtering human beings who happen to be walking around on top of oil and geostrategic locations. In his manifesto the attacker explicitly stated that he chose Muslims as the group of immigrants to target with his racist vendetta because “They are the most despised group of invaders in the West, attacking them receives the greatest level of support.” The reason Muslims are so despised is because the flames of Islamophobia have been fanned by propagandists who need us not to care about the cold-blooded murder of a million Iraqis.

4 – The Christchurch attack was evil and horrific. And, also, it was no more evil or horrific than the violence routinely inflicted upon Muslims in the Middle East by the US war machine.

5 – The manifesto was really dumb, with the final three-quarters containing nothing but sermonizing on the need to start killing brown-skinned people to ignite a western racial and ideological war which will balkanize into separate ethnostates. The guy babbled on and on about the need to protect “European” nations (which for him included majority-white nations like Australia and the USA) and “European” heritage, without ever touching on the fact that Europeans were all constantly killing each other until a few decades ago. They all hated each other, and in many cases still do, because nothing unites them besides the relative absence of melanin on their skin. They’re a bunch of completely different nations with completely different cultures.

6 – The following three beliefs about “white culture” are stupid: (1) that it exists, (2) that it is under attack, and (3) that it is worth saving. There is no such thing as “white culture”; the absence of melanin is not a culture. There is Irish culture, Italian culture, Spanish culture, German culture, but there is no “white culture”. I feel no special kinship with anyone who shares my skin pigmentation in the way that two Black Americans or Aboriginal tribesmen might, and neither does any other white person who hasn’t gone out of their way to make a moronic, artificial construct out of “white identity”. Two descendants of American slaves have a shared collective history and experience unifying them, two Australian Aboriginals have tribal culture and tradition, but two white people have nothing beyond “Yeah we both need to put on sun screen at the beach or we’ll get cancer.”

White culture isn’t a thing, and if it was it wouldn’t be anywhere remotely close to being under attack, and even if it were it wouldn’t be worth saving anyway. White people have succeeded in murdering, raping, pillaging and bulldozing their way across the planet, and now our entire species sits on the brink of extinction thanks to the “advancements” of white society. We’ve got nothing to be proud of and it would be fine if we faded softly into obscurity.

7 – The manifesto gripes about miscegenation (interracial reproduction) and dwindling birth rates constantly, which shows you why white supremacists are also reliably awful misogynists. The reason birth rates are down in the west is because that’s what happens when you give women money, education and legal equality. When women get those things, we tend to take full ownership of our reproductive systems, and guess what? We don’t feel like having ten kids anymore. High birth rates are the result of desperate, powerless, under-educated women being forced to pound out children at a high rate by men who regard them as property in a hyperpatriarchal society that doesn’t care how draining having a lot of kids is for a mother, and that’s what white supremacists want to see western women reduced to. The fact that they also want to stop us from having sex with brown-skinned men is just another symptom of this slaveowner mentality.

8 – One of the things which gives me hope for humanity is how when horrible things happen, most of us rally around and start helping each other. There’ve been some really beautiful stories about what (white) passers-by did to help the shooting victims, and watching the outpouring of love for New Zealand and the Muslim community from all around the world has been making me cry all day. Humans are so fucking gorgeous. I really hope we stick around.


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128 responses to “Eight Thoughts On The Christchurch Attack”

  1. I’m of the opinion that the WHOLE thing was staged. PERIOD. As to the motive for staging such a thing, I’ll leave that to you. I’m ex Army. An AR rifle in.223 caliber at that range would burst heads like ripe melons. I have watched the video, and noted 1):- NO BLOOD SPLATTER/ ejected matter that is typical of high velocity rounds at close range. 2) Shell casings magically disappearing mid air.

    Can anyone explain this to me in a rational non emotional manner??.

    1. I don’t know how emotional this explanation of the christchurch shooters video is but, what you see is what you get. The inductive personality gets a view (reinforced by MSM narratives) that the shootings were real…The deductive personality gets the view that the visual construct was a mix-match of on-location video and an amateurish CGI cut and pastes. So the video is NOT a valid, verbatim record of events. ..Your opinion that the whole thing was..and still is.. being staged is in my opinion correct (based on the evidence). A bit of research and contemplation of THE SMITH MUNDT MODERNIZATION ACT , might add to your quantity of knowledge as to how these people are not investigated and prosecuted for these fraudulent acts, if not your understanding of WHY, those with the wherewithal to stage false flags; feel the need to do so.
      As “ex Army”, you might not be so willing to except the fact that rank and file soldiers themselves are subject to some of the most indoctrinating bullshit ever perpetrated on impressionable young people. Like the question line in Lenny Cohens’ song about 9/11. “Did you go crazy, or did you report? on that day they wounded New York” As a soldier, my guess is, you would have reported? absit omen … lucky

  2. poetinapaperbag Avatar

    Religion’s too stupid for words.

  3. Lawrence Jay Shirley Avatar
    Lawrence Jay Shirley

    Indiscriminate killing of others who do not believe as you do is wrong, wrong, and wronger! But killing others who are trying to kill you is generally not wrong. The Koran teaches the Islamic that it is their holy duty to convert all who do not believe or to kill them. Most Islamics do not take this any more literally than Christians take Leviticus to be literal, but there are Christian radicals and Islamic radicals that do take the words in their Holy Books to be literal. Some leaders of both Islamics and Christians often demand a literal interpretation. This has lead people to meaningless violence for at least the past 2000 years. The United States and Australia did not have significant Islamic populations for generations, but this is changing. The US Congress even has one Islamic representative who seems to maintain her oath to the Koran over her oath to the US Constitution. This fosters hate, distrust, and potentially violence just as in Great Britain, Islamics who feel that the Queen must convert or die would foster. But wherever hate, distrust, and violence is potentially prevalent, there is an opportunity for business and the elite to use those radicals to further their own agendas. From what I have read about Christchurch, Australia, it sounds just like the events from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Opportunists having no interest in either cause wish to further their agendas by using radicals to commit acts of violence to further the hate and distrust that is already prevalent. We see this mostly in the US where liberals who favor gun control create mass shooting incidents and then fraudulently blame the shootings on conservatives (who they call gun nuts) who want to own assault rifles. The liberals then call anyone who realizes what is actually going conspiracy nuts. SSDD!

    1. poetinapaperbag Avatar

      The entire operation was planned and staged by one of the Crisis Cloud/Crisis Solution enterprises…One of the contingencies is for the purposes of increasing the polemic while virtue signalling by building walls of flowers around the truth. The shooter video was purposefully fake to show those who tumble it that they are going to be beating their heads against the wall of MSM virtue signalling. The internet censoring and the theft by the usual suspects notwithstanding.

      1. Please, tell me where the quran says to kill ppl if they don’t convert honestly Ur ignorance is profound, n u honestly cudnt find a better time to say it! No

    2. Please, tell me where the quran says to kill ppl if they don’t convert honestly Ur ignorance is profound, n u honestly cudnt find a better time to say it!

  4. You make some great points but spoil the whole thing with the statement: “White people have succeeded in murdering, raping, pillaging and bulldozing their way across the planet, and now our entire species sits on the brink of extinction thanks to the “advancements” of white society. We’ve got nothing to be proud of and it would be fine if we faded softly into obscurity.”
    Saying “We’ve got nothing to be proud of and it would be fine if we faded softly into obscurity” kind of invalidates your point that there is no white culture because you include yourself (“we”) in the group you refer to as “white people.” What do you specifically mean by the term “white people?” Substituting “white culture” for “white people” is not much of a stretch. Are white people all so bad that they deserve to fade away? Islamic culture has contributed great things and committed atrocities as well. So have Native Americans. So have Asians, Mayans, Israelis, Africans, Polynesians, etc. Fill in the blank with any culture, country, race, cult or political group definition. People are all individuals regardless of whom they identify with or whom they are categorized by. Race, culture, country, etc. are all ultimately mere expediences.
    I generally agree with your writings but some of the points in this essay need to examined and maybe thought through a bit more.

    1. I agree that “white people” is not a very useful description, I simply took it to mean European. You are correct that all other cultures have been pretty horrible, but none have enslaved the entire globe, looting and pillaging and destroying nature to the extent that the European colonial system did and continues to do. It’s possible that all the other cultures you mention might, given the opportunity, have done the same, but they didn’t. It is the Europeans who have so disrupted natural systems that all life is on the brink of extinction.


    2. How has Islamic culture contributed to atrocities?

  5. Caitlin, I loved all your work, you’re usually brilliant, but it seems to me you slipped in this case. There is A LOT more going on here than just the simplistic narrative that the plutocrat’s media immediately provides us with (namely – ‘it’s those crazy white nationalists with their irrational hatred. We must clamp down on anyone who dares to raise any questions about the non stop massive immigration and the forced ‘diversity’ agenda, because, you see, they are nazi terrorists, that’s what they are) I thought you of all people should know better than to immediately buy into this manufactured official narrative of what happened. Here’s a much more in depth exploration of the whole event that reveals major major holes in the official narrative and shows that this has many of the hallmarks of a designed and orchestrated event (investigated by a brilliant researcher who has been doing this research for more than 35 years):

    The guy was not some lunatic nazi but a well trained hit man. You can see this clearly in the video (which has been censored since then, I wonder why..) in the equipment he used (including military grade body armour) and in the VERY professional and calculated way in which he loads new rounds of ammunition while taking cover like a well trained soldier.
    And please explain to me why would someone who supposedly hates muslims so much spend long periods in Pakistan and Turkey (where NATO has extensive training facilities)? Does this make any sense thing for muslim-hating nazi to do? And the fact that the Mossad just happens to have an established spy ring in Christchurch (revealed during the earthquake) is just a coincidence, I guess..
    Check out also the totally scripted and unbelievable interviews given immediately by friends and relatives of the victims, all repeating the same scripted talking points.

    Who do you think actually benefits from all of this? Does it in any way further the aims of those who oppose muslim immigration (like the perpetrator claims it does)? Or does it do the exact opposite? What is the (manufactured) ‘public outcry’ heard everywhere now? Isn’t it this – that you must be a nazi terrorist if you dare to raise any questions about the non stop massive immigration (and the turning of Europe into a semi African/Arab continent) or dare to mention crime and rape statistics (with African and Arab men tending to have a strange attraction into raping and sexually assaulting indigenous european girls at rates far far higher than the average in Europe). Isn’t this the main takeaway from this whole event? Major censorship and shutting down any debate or opposition to the forced “diversity” agenda…

    1. poetinapaperbag Avatar

      “WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?” …dR. Judy Wood PhD.

  6. Like Islamophobia , Islamophilia is a disease of the mind , as is Trump hysteria, for that matter. I came here through an article on another sight hoping to find something new , unfortunately i have been disappointed, yet again

    1. poetinapaperbag Avatar

      The entire operation was planned and staged by one of the Crisis Cloud/Crisis Solution enterprises…One of the contingencies is for the purposes of increasing the polemic while virtue signalling by building walls of flowers around the truth. The shooter video was purposefully fake to show those who tumble it that they are going to be beating their heads against the wall of MSM virtue signalling. The internet censoring and the theft by the usual suspects notwithstanding.

    2. How is ‘islamophilia’ a disease

  7. Re: #7, re: dwindling birthrates…can’t speak for the rest of the western world, but the US has been in a depression ever since 2001. Birthrates plummeted during the Great Depression, too. Sure, most women don’t want 10 kids if they have a choice, but in the US, they can’t even afford 2 or 3 anymore. Any assistance for families from the gov’t is strictly AT the poverty level, and you have to be AT the poverty level before you qualify. Raising kids at the poverty level just isn’t what most would-be moms aspire to, and what’s left of the middle class gets smaller every day. Read Ann Crittenden’s THE PRICE OF MOTHERHOOD, and David DeGraw’s THE ECONOMICS OF REVOLUTION.

    1. Not quite true , while birth rates among Americas uber wealthy are down , go to a mall and note the thousands of small children and pregnant women trolling the shops.?

  8. This piece linked below is in all probability the closest to the truth about the false flag shooting. It also explains much about Snowden, and Assange. If anyone believes that the security state just gets hacked easily, and then information released to “journalists” like Assange, and Glen Greenwald, they’re seriously delusional. The corporate developed, implemented, and controlled modern security state the modern version began with the U.S. OSS which morphed into the CIA, which became an amalgam of the Nazis SS, and U.S. intelligence beginning just before the end of WWII, and afterward the Vatican bank was created as one of the international security state’s money laundering centers.

    1. It is certainly NOT delusional to think that a huge security state which employs millions and does objectionable actions would suffer leaks from the likes of Snowden and Manning and Ellsberg.

      Those drawn to conspiracy theories for their own sake are in danger of going overboard in their thinking. There are plenty of active conspiracies possible in the world without applying dumbass illogic such as the massive security state is infallible therefore all leaks must be intended that entity.

      1. stephen briskey Avatar
        stephen briskey

        Infallability also must include deliberate leaks and limited hangouts such as Assange and Snowden…Assange showed that he had decided to take a ride on the tiger when he dismissed evidence of the destruction of the WTC as a dumb conspiracy theory. It seems now that the publics’ dwindling interest in Assange has had to be revitalized with his idiot arrest. All contingencies are catered for in psychological war..including making the polemic nebulous.

  9. Hey Caitlin, tho overall this is great, one correction for you.

    In Critical Path, Buckminster Fuller talks about a study on birth rates he did. More important than any other factor was not the status of women, but universal availability of affordable electricity.

    Apparently, when people can turn on the lights at night and have something to do other than sex, they do other things.

    I thought you might enjoy the train of thought this info may inspire.

    1. Interesting thought, but we had electricity and television in the 50s, and still had 5-6 children per mother. Current numbers suggest it’s female education that brings down population growth. Of course the old adage comes to mind, “correlation does not equal causation.” We can’t just send girls to school & expect the fertility rate to drop. Maybe women without kids just have more time & money for learning.

  10. NZ Threatens 10 Years In Prison For Possessing Mosque Shooting Video!
    I have downloaded it, if anyone wants a copy, please contact me! The authority can suck my dick!

      1. poetinapaperbag Avatar

        MOST effective way to to attract people to something purported to be “banned” ….is to tell people it is banned.

    1. NZ is one of the ugly fascist security state’s “eyes.” This piece linked below is in all probability the closest to the truth about the false flag shooting. It also explains much about Snowden, and Assange. If anyone believes that the security state just gets hacked easily, and then information released to “journalists” like Assange, and Glen Greenwald, they’re seriously delusional. The corporate developed, implemented, and controlled modern security state, the modern version, began with the U.S. OSS which morphed into the CIA, which became an amalgam of the Nazis SS, and U.S. intelligence beginning just before the end of WWII, and afterward the Vatican bank was created as one of the international security state’s money laundering centers.

    2. An unusual form of protest which I applaud.

    3. An unusual form of protest which I applaud

    4. They threaten because they have something to hide. A conspiracy perhaps???

  11. Sadly in the months to come there will copy-cats world wide doing the same thing with same sad results. We have the endless propaganda machine and govt. so-called elected officials spewing the same hate. We sure do in the New Amerika.

    The intell world that watches all this play out don’t even get in the way of these killers. I wonder why? Budgets?

    1. The spewing of hate is just propaganda cover for what is really driving these false flag shootings. This piece linked below is in all probability the closest to the truth about the false flag shooting. It also explains much about Snowden, and Assange. If anyone believes that the security state just gets hacked easily, and then information released to “journalists” like Assange, and Glen Greenwald, they’re seriously delusional. The corporate developed, implemented, and controlled security state, the modern version, began with the U.S. OSS which morphed into the CIA, which became an amalgam of the Nazis SS, and U.S. intelligence beginning just before the end of WWII, and afterward the Vatican bank was created as one of the international security state’s money laundering centers.

  12. Dear Mrs Johnstone: I’m a white grown-up male who lives in a small European country of white Christians that hasn’t got the resources to attack anyone, I have white kids and a white dog. The last few years the country is being invaded by young, mainly male foreigners of various colors, under the auspices of traitor politicians protected by thousands of dumb cops. The invaders are penniless, jobless, homeless, speak strange languages, fanatically worship different gods, operate by force on the genitalia of their women, they have them bundled up in table cloths, they abuse our white girls who dare walk by them, they have raped some, they have killed some people in muggings, and they are gaining more confidence with time, knowing that our judicial system is not equipped to deal with such overwhelming number of delinquents. Those who don’t want to bury their heads in the sand can see that since the arrivals endlessly continue, we the whites will eventually be in grave danger. We are clearly under attack. The violence that’s coming will not be a matter of choice. I have thought a lot about this article since yesterday, and I believe it’s a disgrace to your reputation as a clear headed writer. You took advantage of an isolated incident to generalize.
    I congratulate you madam, for bravely publishing all comments, positive or negative.

    1. Who’s generalizing? The very false beliefs and ideas expressed in this post is what lead to this hate fuelled mass murder. I won’t dignify this post by commenting further. The ignorance contained therein is there for all to see.

      1. Mihail has every right to express his concerns as he did as they are all based upon observable fact. What he overlooked was the also apparent fact, far too often overlooked, that the waves of human ingress he speaks of are essentially the longer term blowback from centuries of European and Anglo-American imperialism deeply affecting the home countries of those unwanted visitors. The chickens coming home to roost, so to speak.

        This preceding European invasion across the planet included significant action by the Portuguese who in some large proportion are not exactly ‘white’. So where does that leave the analysis? Most reasonably with the conclusion that ‘whiteness’ might be a red herring in all of this. However ‘white’ people alleging savagery or whatever dimunition toward .’non-white’ people triggers a reasonable question of what so-called ‘white’ people have to be so proud of in their whiteness. Carrying that superficial banner, purposefully or otherwise, they have variously prowled from Europe and systematically raped, plundered and transmogrified a major fraction of the planet. We now all lunch on a massive shit sandwich as a result of this catastrophically indulgent and still ongoing frolic. It cannot be usefully broken down into simple totalitarian terms as ‘white’, black, moslem or whatever. Such simplication is a pathway to ongoing destruction. A wild-haired wise man once observed, “for every complex problem there is a simple answer… and it’s wrong”.

        1. The historical facts are usually welcome Greg but at a time like this do you think I care? This is war and nobody knows my plight better than me. The last thing I need is the alternative media telling me that my great great great grand father is responsible for this massacre and I should bow my head in remorse and let the newcomers take over. I have that in the mainstream. There is millions here already and no end on the horizon. The first years everybody was happy to see Iraqis and Pakistanis, saved from the war zone. Now there is no happy people left. If you had seen one demonstration of thousands of angry immigrants unhindered by the police, demanding jobs and other benefits from an impoverished state that’s cutting back the social net, you’d know what I mean. The police always gases us by the way when we demonstrate but never them.
          And I repeat: if you want the guilty party of this deed, look for the spooks.

          1. Well, there is the other possibility of having the West stop bombing the shit out of other countries. It is not just history, it is going on now.

          2. Can’t you see that we are the victims of the same war machine that bombs other countries? I agree with you but how do we stop it?

      2. You don’t live there and have to deal with the massive disruption to your personal way of life. I guarantee if a huge influx of ANY kind of people, white, black, whomever, was foisted upon YOUR neighborhood, ruining traffic, increasing taxes, and putting a severe stress on all resources, you’d be bitching too.

        It’s why white people in Texas complain about white Californians moving there and ruining the state. It’s not about race.

        Just because someone is white does not mean they can’t have legitimate concerns about their own homes being overrun with overly demanding newcomers.

        1. We just heard the minister of immigration admit under pressure that last year 10,000 defeated Kurdish fighters entered the country to safety, so we now also have some experienced foreign killers hopefully repented and determined to never touch a weapon again. Does it matter what color they are?

      3. stephen briskey Avatar
        stephen briskey

        I’ll take that as a confession?

  13. Amazing that squiggles of black on white screen or paper can set off glorious explosions of color and excitement over rolling green hills in the mind that make the entire trip worthwhile. Although I might wish to have found you sooner, I am glad for this marvel of electronic printing that has allowed human creatures to touch minds over great distances with only the space of shape and medium intervening. It may be before the inventions of internet and TV and radio and mail that we did communicate directly over space and time, and maybe still do. There is the constant babel buzz in the head that makes one wish to have the skill of adepts invented by writers of science fiction to filter out only relevant messages. Anyway, I am so glad to have found you. Thank you for your inspiration. Love, Eliz

  14. An excellent summation of the situation. Thanks.

  15. Truer words have never been spoken. Well written ISHKABIBBLE.

  16. IMO, the killer’s manifesto and video should not be censored. Doing so just allows the media to weave a narrative that fits their agenda rather than the facts. For example, to support the war on terror the media limited access to Bin Laden’s manifesto regarding AQ gripes with the West and replaced it with the narrative that “they hat us for our freedoms” which has been effective in promoting our forever wars. This prevents any accurate assessment of cause and effect for terrorist actors, and how best to stop them.

    1. That’s absolutely true and extremely important. We must know the ideological roots of these actions in order to fight them as well as to prevent their use for false propaganda. After every such attack, people start arguing about which part of the political spectrum the killer belonged to, because a political position’s being associated with a mass murderer is always a powerful propaganda weapon against it. People are already trying to claim the killer is a leftist (absurdly), a Russian stooge (he did have pro-Russian sympathies), and the next assertion may be that he is, say, a Caitlin Johnstone acolyte. Such efforts must be counteracted resolutely, and for that, everybody must have easy access to the actual evidence.

    2. Absolutely, Glider. Absolute transparency would be what is best for everyone!

  17. I guess self-hating whites and envious others are your most generous donors. 🙂

    1. It makes no more sense to admire Whiteness than it does to decry it, especially since no one White is entitled to credit or blame for being White. Some Whites have been among the best of mankind, and some have been among the worst, just as can be said about any other skin-color group.

      1. Finally a sensible statement. Johnstone, on the other hand, sounded too close to decrying and blaming ‘whites’ and ‘whiteness’, which was bound to provoke reactions like Maja’s (well, Maja’s wording suggests that s/he was a White nationalist anyway, but stuff like that does push undecided and confused people towards White nationalism).

        1. I’m actually unsubbing from her channel because of it. She’s sounding too much like a virtue signaling SJW here….”Yeah, I’m white, but look how cool I am for bashing white people.”

          I am a libertarian…disagree with her on socialism but found her refreshing. But now that she’s parroting dumbed down “white people bad” crapola, along with standard, mindless feminist tropes (I am a woman, BTW)…ehhh…I wish her well, and I’ll check in once in a while, but this isn’t the smart, piercing analysis I was hoping to see on a regular basis.

          PS And just look at the idiocy in some of the comments here. Yikes.

    2. Hey now, i’m a big supporter and I don’t self-hate! I hate the REST of the “white race” up to and including its need to be called that (1. Go back in time to 1981, Belfast; 2. Find a guy with a bandana on his face, and another guy with one on HIS face, but also a military uniform. Ask them if they are the same race).

      Being real here: any other group rising to technological dominance and having the good fortune to be defended from boots-ground invasion by two oceans would probably ALSO have been an awful atrocity machine. But they didn’t and we did and since in amongst the killing and the worshipping the flying undead guy with the giant invisible dad we ALSO state that we have good ground to stand on as the arbiters of morality for the world we SHOULD hate ourselves. Not a little, but a lot. Or, if that’s too hard, facing up to a hypocrisy so big and bold that its hard to even see, then we should do the other thing: tell the world to suck it up, because we really DO like tyranny, just when its ours.

      1. Self-hatred is never a way to self-improvement either for an individual or for a group. Everybody has good and bad sides, it’s about identifying which ones are which and steering oneself in accordance with that. A complete negation of oneself as a whole is a pose and/or a pretext for resignation (well, unless accompanied by immediate suicide, which I generally would not encourage). Also, what you are saying applies to Americans, not to ‘whites’.

        1. What is a “white”?
          I, honestly, have never met a white person, even albinos are pink.

          I have met Italians, Irish, French, Germans, Russians, Welsh, Scots, Flemish, Swiss, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Croatian, etc ad nauseam. But they are all shades of pinkish-tan.

          “Whiteness” is a mythological category with shifting definitions. It has no reality outside the minds if those who have never in their lives done anything to be proud of, so they take pride in some imaginary group they are part of.

          “Whiteness” is a concept invented by a small ruling elite to divide the working class so that they could be more easily controlled. By indoctrinating one part of the working class to see themselves as “whites” rather than “workers”, the elites got those workers to identify with their oppressors, rather than unite with their fellow workers who did not lack melanin to confront their mutual oppressor for their mutual benefit.

  18. ‘ ‘everybody knows’ ‘
    Superman is Dead–
    after the Night of Dread–
    next Morning must Cope-
    in this World without Hope.
    ‘ ‘everybody knows’ ‘
    the truth will set you free
    but not so easily
    the mind and mental state
    are what’s used to cultivate:
    –Denial –Anger –Try –Then Cry –Until Accept–
    and that’s how it goes
    ‘ ‘everybody knows’ ‘

  19. On 7: In a collectivist clan-based society, more children used to mean more working and helping hands and thus more resources, greater prestige and a more secure old age. This stimulus being gone, childcare needs to be maximally aided by the state, but the billionaires would rather use the birth rates of traditionalist immigrants than pay more taxes.
    Finally – I like the terrorist’s message to Antifa and Communists: ‘I do not want to come to an understanding. Egalitarians and those that believe in heirachy (sic) will never come to terms… I want you in my sights.’ I fully agree about our irreconcilability and I reciprocate his attitude. More leftists should be as conscious as this fascist scum about precisely what the left/right divide is essentially about.

  20. On 5 and 6: Well, one might speak of a European cultural area of sorts, but it’s more of a continuum, and most of the commonalities are really within the Catholic-cum-Protestant area. More importantly, culture is not race-based: a White American and a Black American are both Americans and have much more in common with each other culturally than either one has with a Ukrainian or an Albanian. And most of the valuable cultural achievements that arose in Europe have been adopted all over the world, so there is very little of importance that can still be called exclusively ‘European culture’ any longer.
    The last ‘anti-white’ remark was too righteously PC and contradicted the rest. If ‘white culture’ and ‘white society’ don’t exist, how can they simultaneously be criminal and evil? Again, most of the (feminist, pacifist, anti-racist, socialist) values Johnstone is promoting and the technology she is using to promote them were developed in European countries or their colonies, so denying that any of their cultural achievements has any value strikes me as rather thoughtless, to put it mildly. Any reproaches she directs against ‘whites’ can actually be applied to humans as a whole.

  21. Re 3: On Islamophobia, I will just add the funny fact that leftist anti-interventionists pointing out the high proportion of Islamic fundamentalists among the Western-sponsored rebels in Syria and Libya have long been accused of being Islamophobes. That in spite of the fact that the opposing forces were also mostly Muslim, just with a significantly lesser presence of Islamic fundamentalists, so that this ‘anti-Islamophobic’ argument actually equates ‘(real) Muslims’ with ‘Jihadis’, just as so many recent ‘anti-Judeophobic’ arguments have equated ‘(real) Jews’ with ‘neocons’, ‘warmongers’, ‘Zionists’, ‘bankers’ etc. The push to marginalise such anti-interventionists and to exclude them from the left by labelling them as ethnoreligious bigots, in the spite of all evidence to the contrary, seems to be surprisingly powerful and successful. The longstanding lenience towards Islamic fundamentalism and chauvinism on the left, which used to be an understandable and seemingly harmless side-product of opposition to the semi-official Islamophobia of the Bush administration of the Empire, is now exploited successfully to benefit that same Empire. Admittedly, there seem to be right-wing anti-interventionists who really are motivated by anti-Muslim bigotry.

  22. Re 2: I think the connection with Western wars is more indirect. Western war propaganda doesn’t explicitly glorify the deliberate targetting and mass slaughter of foreign civilians. Western war propaganda claims to be *saving* foreign civilians and conceals the actual mass slaughter. IMO, modern white nationalist terrorists are more likely to be inspired, consciously or unconsciously, by the example of their Muslim fundamentalist counterparts, who are, in turn, motivated not by Western *propaganda* but, in part, by the true face of Western foreign policy. Thus, ironically, the White nationalists are the ones who are importing this and other practices and ideas from the Islamic world – except that, of course, illiberalism and anti-humanism are not somehow quintessentially and uniquely Islamic features, nor are liberalism and humanism essential and constant characteristics of the Christian world. All of humanity has its roots in an illiberal and anti-humanist condition, all of humanity has been gradually and painfully emerging from that condition, and various identitarians’ attempts to explain the world by attaching the observed phenomena to specific communities, whose primaeval, essential and unchanging characteristics they supposedly are, are profoundly at odds with actual history and reality.

  23. Re 1: Calling a spade a spade and a terrorist a terrorist is not ‘demanding more surveillance, torture, arbitrary detention, and the erosion of legal and constitutional protections for everyone’. It’s just telling the truth. There *are* domestic white, right-wing, White nationalistic lone-wolf terrorists. Just like there are domestic brown, Muslim lone-wolf terrorists. A terrorist is somebody who seeks to further a political agenda by targetting and intimidating innocent civilians, and that’s what these people do. These are just objective facts, and ignoring them for fear of their alleged implications means burying one’s head in the sand. What must be objected to is the notion that the right response to the existence of terrorists, and in particular lone-wolf terrorists, is more surveillance, torture etc.

  24. I watched the video of the Mosque shooting in Christchurch. It looked and felt familiar. That same feeling when I watched the Collateral Murder video leaked by Chelsea Manning. The same MO of the NZ Army murdering women and children in Afghanistan detailed in Nicky Hager’s book Hit and Run. The same feeling watching war footage from Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen. It makes you weep. To throw up. Before the searing, overbearing sense of injustice and anger sets in.

    Our Prime Minister along with most of the NZ public passionately say this is not us. This is not NZ.

    The problem is, it is. And like anyone with a problem, the first step to fixing it is admitting it.

    NZ has it’s army deployed in the middle east. We are told they are training Iraqis soldiers, which is supposedly a positive thing. I’d suggest it’s a bit like holding the bag for the man that entered the Mosque yesterday until he was finished. The army and the government are currently working hard to cover up the murders it committed in Afghanistan via an enquiry they were forced to initiate as a result of Nicky Hager’s book. With few exceptions, there hasn’t been an empire war we haven’t embraced.

    And the empire is at it’s best waging war. We play an integral part within the empire. Willingly. Changing that is the solution.

    From where do these beliefs in white supremacy come? The need to kill brown people. They come directly from our history. The almost complete genocide of the native American peoples by the colonisers. The murder, dispossession and theft of land from the New Zealand Maori by the colonial power, a history that isn’t taught in our schools. The story repeats. The Australian aborigine. The Palestinians. South and central America. The mass murder in Vietnam and Cambodia. Korea.

    This is our direct untaught history. This is our support for catastrophic wars in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen. A partial list of many more interventions in the past 100-years. Almost all, we in NZ, have supported. Inflicting what we saw in Christchurch yesterday, and worse, around the world. In countries where people have a different colour skin or look different to ‘us’.

    The only action to take as a result of the tragedy in Christchurch is to acknowledge our part at the root of the violence, and change.

    Withdraw all NZ troops from overseas war zones. Refuse to support these and future wars.
    Set in motion a complete revamp of our military away from killing and into a high trained force to respond to the increasing climate crisis and natural disasters.
    Assisting and building, not killing and destroying.

    Withdraw from the five eyes spy network.
    Dismantle the current vassals of empire that are our intelligence agencies.
    Build a new organisation focused on the security of our citizens.
    Stop mass surveillance of our neighbours for empire, giving support for CIA election interfering in France, drone targeting for US military and economic espionage et al.
    Reject the extra-national influences and re-make a national security agency to work for the interest of NZ citizens only.

    Prosecute to the extent of the law all war crimes including the currently under review murders in Afghanistan

    Celebrate the true tellers.
    The people and organisations that inform us what is happening in our name.
    Offer and facilitate haven for people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and those in the future brave enough to tell us the truth.

    Change our education system to teach history as it happen. We need this understanding.

    Fund in depth investigative journalism.
    Use existing monopoly law to dismantle narrow corporate control of media.
    Decriminalise and protect whistle blowing in law.
    Promote both as culturally healthy.

    Offer support to Venezuela’s elected president and condemn illegal attempts to overthrow him by coup or war.
    Say it’s not ok for empire to kill more brown people in similar and worse ways than we have just seen in Christchurch.

    This Christchurch horror isn’t something new. The only difference is the abhorrent truth is closer to home. Right now, empire is trying to do the same or worse to Venezuela.

    It’s time. Take a fucking stand. Show the world. Jacinda, the world is watching and you have the mandate. Our mandate. Use it to make real change. Anything less ensures more of the same.

    1. DAVID, as a Vietnam veteran myself, I support every word that you’ve written in your post. Every word, is right on the money. Though not for a moment, will the masses see them for what they are. Nobody likes to see themselves with the cloaking removed, and that’s what your post has done.
      Again, well done.

    2. Excellent comment Dave. Everything you said applies to Canada too.
      Thanks Caitlin for nailing it and telling straight.

    3. Write on, David. I’m doing my best,,,raising hell–can’t get to heaven without raising some hell. You know the drill. I have many friends who act/feel the same. Sometimes seems like we are out numbered by insane, empty lemmings determined to find the cliff to fall over. I talk and demonstrate with many lemmings and sometimes one hears. But real change is so slow and I doubt we have much time. But, never give up, if you have an oar, keep rowing , keep doing all you can. There have been some notice of the rough beast lurching toward Bethlehem. I still think we can stop it. We must. Trying to distract it or change its course won’t work. It is such a mess!

    4. I wish I had written this – expresses my opinion exactly. Thanks.

    5. poetinapaperbag Avatar

      SIX EYES

      behind the five eyes policy
      there lies more pure geometry
      so obscure its clearly hid
      inside a one-eyed pyramid

  25. The Anglo-Zionist imperial mentality is just a continuation of the colonial mentality of past empires. Rudyard Kipling waxed poetically about this mentality in “White Man’s Burden”. Within the U.S. it is taught as “Manifest Destiny and Monroe Doctrine”. It just boils down to a mentality of genocide and enslavement of others deemed lesser than yourself especially those who phenotypically are different from yourself. The folks who have this mentality live in fear of others because they believe everyone thinks like them thus the need to ‘get them before they get us’ nonsense. Therefore negotiating with these people is a lost cause(see all the broken treaties the Anglo-Zionist empire has committed with the native populations of the world).

    The scary part is that these people would rather die( go to war) than ever allow any system to evolve where actual democracy was the driving basis of society.

  26. “The manifesto was really dumb, with the final three-quarters containing nothing but sermonizing on the need to start killing brown-skinned people to ignite a western racial and ideological war which will balkanize into separate ethnostates. The guy babbled on and on about the need to protect “European” nations (which for him included majority-white nations like Australia and the USA) and “European” heritage, without ever touching on the fact that Europeans were all constantly killing each other until a few decades ago.”

    This is what the Anglo-Zionist empire created: a generic ‘white race’. This is how the US portion of the empire was able to use slavery for so long to become an economic powerhouse long after it was outlawed by the rest of the world.

    The biggest hypocrites of the so called Enlightenment period were the American colonist “founding fathers” like Washington and Jefferson who talked about the right of liberty while denying others that same right. Samuel Johnson put it best about his American contemporaries:
    “How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of negroes? “

    1. The American colonist”founding fathers” knew that outright slavery was coming to an end in the British Empire due to Lord Mansfield ruling in the Somerset vs Stewart case of 1772.

      The American Revolutionary War started in 1775, a war that the majority of the everyday common colonist did not want. Is it really any wonder why the majority of African-Americans in that period joined the British forces? Or that the original US constitution did not count slaves as complete persons.

    2. Samuel Johnson would see much familiar in today’s “libertarians” and their “freedumbs”. (Wage slavery is still slavery)

  27. First thought after the ‘NEWS’…

    Is Eric Holder in New Zealand??!

  28. “Australians always get sucked into the western empire’s wars, and thus receive the same kinds of war propaganda through our mass media. There’s only so far you can twist a mind into accepting the unacceptable before it breaks.”- C. Johnstone
    This should not be surprising to anyone.

    Australia former British colony is part of the 5 eyes Anglo-Zionist empire. Those British colonist behaved in the same way their cousins did in North America in particular how they treated the native populations

    1. Personaly, I find it unbelieveable, that with all the technology introduced to ensure our safety, these terrorists allegedly, were not on the radar.
      Pictures from the N.Z. attack show us automatic weapons were involved. Since when are automatic weapons available for New Zealanders ???????
      What sort of personal weapon policy does N.Z. have, is it similar to Australia’s ? So the question arises, from whence were the weapons and ammunitions obtained for this act, and how were these imported into N.Z. in the first instance, given all the ALLEGED security supposedly in place to prevent such acts in the first place ???????
      And lastly, was this act a FALSE FLAG ??????????? Consider all the above, the alleged technology, spying on all communications via the 5 EYES program, the spying on personal phones and computers, IF we are expected to believe the Government’s word, that all these systems are actually doing what they claim, then how did these people simply breeze past it all ????????????????????
      N.Z.nders need to look closely at their own Government and it’s relationship with the Americans, I suspect all is not well with that, and this event has been meant as a wake up call to the N.Z. Govt, let them know, what can happen if they don’t play ball with their masters. Remember the attack in Mumbai was similar. Think about it.

  29. “But it is also important to remember that the threat of domestic terrorism is used by the empire to justify taking away civil rights on the pretense of protecting the citizenry.”-C. Johnstone.

    Therefore those who commit acts of terrorism are terrorist no matter the nationality, ethnicity, or phenotype. The propagandist have used the word effectively to connote a particular image in the public conscious, however we should not let propagandist control the words we use, that is how they control the narrative. Case in point the US state department no longer using the the term “occupied lands” when concerning the ongoing european colonialism of the land of Palestine.

  30. May as well get all the good stuffin one place:
    While intelligence agencies were looking in all the wrong places, a conspicuous target slipped through the cracks, writes Suzie Dawson.

  31. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    ‘The true believer is eternally incomplete. eternally insecure” by Erich Hoffer .The ideal devil is a foreigner. To qualify as a devil, a domestic enemy must be given a foreign ancestry.

  32. “Humans are so fucking gorgeous” – if they just would activate and use their brains instead of feeding on what is served to them on shiny propagandised platters. History never was about what happened in the open and was written about in censored books proudly presented to the “public”. What always mattered was the mechanism of profiteering behind the cloak of deceit and unseen to the masses that are constantly fighting their own or other tribes for “nasty” differences. The colour of the skin is the least that matters for anyone with an open heart and mind and a living soul. New Zealand’s as Australia’s “culture” is not originated in white skin – never was. Their WHITE origin is that of being chained to an evil empire while being mostly white pretending to be superior. That is the only tradition and true culture “under the Union Jack”. Something not to be proud of at all.
    Subjects that since a very long long time take orders from the colonial thieves in charge stealing all that is not theirs – in foreign lands and at home while giving the whole cake to the Kingdom while fighting over crumbs. The only reason for any future pride would be if ALL subjects coloured or not finally shed their historical chains and dependencies and unite freely under their own nation, serving earth and universal law and not that of an ever dependent colonial image or other projected two faced impostors somewhere overseas. Blood is of the same colour no matter if the skin is black, yellow, white or mixed and should never be spilled at any time for any reason because it is life itself that is fucking gorgeous. ALL OF LIFE – which mankind has not grasped until now while being toooo busy creating havoc around themselves.

    1. A view from a different perspective?
      Editor’s note: This event has ‘Mossad hit team’ written all over it rather than the usual lone shooter scenario of the official theory.

  33. There are too many labels to separate the world into groups warring over trivial things and ignoring the big things. War and climate change which will eliminate huge numbers of these people warring over trivial things. How many people-in-the-street, be they whatever colour, religion, ethnicity, cultural background, gender, are in favour of war I wonder.

    Take any other country or (an imaginary one) where women don’t have the same rights as we enjoy, where discrimination rules, where the criminal justice system is corrupt and prison conditions are appalling, where Big Money controls everything, where the poor are without any social or financial support – whatever ‘lesser’ conditions prevail in a foreign land – how many people-in-the-street would cheer on going to war with them to ‘raise’ them to ‘our’ level. Or, in its more honest form, how many would cheer on going to war to gain control of another country’s resources (usually oil) or to replace their (nominally) socialist government with a puppet regime. This is CRAZY and just as murderous but on a way bigger scale than the Christchurch massacre.

    We all share our common humanity, our desire for peace and stability and a decent basic standard of living and a modicum of enjoyment of our life with our loved ones. Peace must be the priority for everyone because, without it, we’re all going down the same gurgler

  34. I think it would be best just to label these violent criminals 5 eyed monsters since nearly all of them are intentionally bread, often, believe it or not, starting almost from birth, by the so called 5 eyes surveillance fascist states, and that includes the Islamic terrorists. Interestingly enough, the brain that controls the 5 eyed daddy, and mommy monster that breeds these mutants is bred in a weird Israeli genetics lab. No wonder so much software, and surveillance, and militarized police training, and equipment comes from TelAviv. The heads of the 5 eyed monster parents is really, really ugly and the largest eye is the one that looks a bit like the compound eye of a fly in that it has four parts slightly off center of the mid-line of a very asymmetrical cranium located on the forehead, the occipital, and both temporal regions of the head. It’s the eye of the U.S. surveillance, fascist state, and that eye is known as the Panopticon; and the emphasis is on “con.” An abstract of this eye can be seen on the back of every U.S. criminal banking cartel’s Federal Reserve Note. The constellation of other ugly, misshapen 4 eyes are scattered about the cranial region. One watches over Europe, and the Middle East where it long ago had a POS named Balfour who devised a brilliant divide, and conquer strategy with Zionist terrorists, two others misshapen eyes watch over each other, since one was a penal colony the fascists who grew these eyes in a genetic experiment in Nazi Germany never can trust fellow criminals to do the white thing, as well as Indonesia, the far east, and Africa, because one can never trust installed murderous tyrants to be as brutal, or as compliant as one wants them to be as they are given the green light to rob their subjects blind, and offshore the loot in one of the many criminal offshore “banks” in the offshore ATM network the 5 eyes run, and the last eye is just to keep those wacky French Canadians in line because Napoleon seems like a bit of a precursor to nice old uncle Adolph. Bilateral symmetry being universally considered a great sign of human beauty is nearly non-existent in the mommy, and daddy monster, and the brain is for some odd reason inherently fear infested, sociopathic, and psychopathic.

  35. I still favor the solution put forward by the brilliant comedian Richard Pryor.

    — We should all “frack” each other until we are all the same color of light brown.

    Of course, those familiar with Richard Pryor’s stand-up comedy know that he didn’t use the word ‘frack’, but since this is a public place I made that slight alteration.

    Either way, it sounds like more fun than killing each other.

  36. For the first time I can remember, I have to criticize you for your blanket assertion that “white people” did all these terrible things. Many, many European, Euro-American, AngloZionist people have done such things and are doing them, but that behavior comes out of our history, and the accidents of gaining advanced technology for killing before other people had them. Writing like that inflames the anger and fear of the people you want to reach. I know that is not your intention; you have been one of the very few voices in the English-speaking world who often CAN connect with people on the Right, and I hope you haven’t thrown that away, because you will be quoted. And lastly, I think this may well have been a government Deep State operation. When you get these huge numbers of dead, it’s unlikely that some random loser could have been that effective.

    1. Its interesting, in that I’ve gotten to the point where I object to being called “white”. As Ms. Johnstone points out, I am not “white” but I am an American with German heritage. From what I know of my heritage, I am proud of my background, and lumping me together with a group called “white” erases that entirely from the discussion.
      Remembering that I am a German-American reminds me that I am descended from immigrants, and reminds me to remember to be kind to any others who are making the same sort of journey.
      Remembering that I am a German-American reminds me that my ancestors were once considered to be the hated ‘other’ in the midst of patriotic Americans. It never reached the point of the internment camps for Japanese-Americans, but it got close. Especially when the Democrat Wilson was stirring up propaganda for his U-turn on war where he entered WW1 shortly after having campaigned on “He kept us out of the war”. There were mobs attacking people and businesses with German sounding names. There was at least one lynching. People and entire towns changed their names to sound more Anglo in order to avoid the attacks of the mobs. All of this was hatred whipped up in support of Wilson’s joining The War to End All Wars. If only it had, maybe it would have been worth it. But it was Dr. King that pointed out that only love can defeat hatred. There will thus never be a war that actually ends all wars. But a society based on love could do so. But I guess now that I’ve said that the Romans will be around soon to nail me to a cross.
      PS, the wonders of modern killing technology say that random losers can be very effective at killing groups of people. That’s another connection between a capitalistic society where war yields high profits and these mass murders. The development of personal machine guns mean that even an untrained draftee can be an effective mass killer. We are only seeing this move from the battlefields to our places of worship.

  37. Your 8 points covered the story of the story very well and you misted-up my eyes at the end.

  38. “The Christchurch attack was evil and horrific. And, also, it was no more evil or horrific than the violence routinely inflicted upon Muslims in the Middle East by the US war machine.”
    Precisely. It is now apparent that what “the west” has been doing to the middle east is now “coming home” to domestic society. If it’s OK to kill any brown or black people in the middle east in order to eliminate any and all “threats” to the homeland (Fatherland), why not kill the same right here in the Fatherland?
    But let’s get first things first. Just exactly WHAT IS the definition of the word “terrorism”? The bottom line is that the Elite of the US and its vassal nations are NOT going to allow a public discussion/debate about what that word means because IMO ANY definition of that word is going to INCLUDE the actions of the US and many of its vassal states. The US is NEVER going to call anything it (or its close allies) does around the world “terrorism”, because The Greatest Nation On Earth, the land of the Exceptional People, is, a priori, simply not capapble of committing such acts!
    So here’s the bottom line. The US can literally kill anybody it wants, in any nation on the planet, and that CANNOT be a “terrorist” act, or “evil” or “horrific”.

  39. So a retarded alt-right dupe of the globalist one world government agenda decides to save the white race by randomly shooting Muslims in a NZ mosque and giving the Left the perfect pretext to push back and censor conservative and nationalist ideas and individuals, thus causing the right-wing nationalists to turn to violence and murder to defend their legitimate interests, which will inevitably lead to mass protests and riots and thereby create the civil war in America that the globalist cabal is so desperately trying to socially engineer in order to roll out the final phase of their one world fascist dictatorship of unaccountable tyrants with elite immunity.

    Say goodbye to the only sane solution available here: any kind of worthwhile discussion about immigration or national identity. The ruling elites and their media propaganda machine are going to make sure we all hear about this forever, the discourse will be poisoned even further now until it is impossible to have a reasonable discussion about whether or not these people should be in western countries. You will literally never hear the end of it. Every mainstream news outlet will blame this on the ‘culture of hate’ fomented by donnie dumpf once again, and if you criticize immigration, you are evil and probably planning a mass shooting. That will be the narrative now.

    The reality of the situation is that it doesn’t matter how infrequent these events are, just one is enough to fuel a threat narrative for years and stigmatize any public expression of the base level sentiments this guy had. Most people do not want masses of foreigners flooding into their countries, but you are now evil if you talk about that. it’s all going right back where it was before trump, except worse because shit like this happened.

    And while it’s entirely reasonable to criticize Islam and the beliefs of those people who practice it, these Muslim immigrants are not the problem, these people have no control over the policies that brought them into NZ or any other western country. And given that our leaders give them every reason to come here and every advantage in doing so, you really cannot personally blame third-world immigrants for coming here. You would do the exact same in their position. The war-mongering open-border globalist agenda of the corporate elites and their bought off politicians and activist groups who promote these policies are the true problem. Shit like this accomplishes nothing and just gives them more ways to poison the well.

    1. You nailed it, and I’m sorry to see Caitlin unwittingly contributing to the globalist plan with her programmed “white people bad” shtick.

      1. So when Muslims attack whites we bomb them. When whites kill Muslims we’re supposed to be forgiving and feel their pain. Whites are in for a rude awakening. What goes around comes around.

        1. Wrong on both counts. The only sane solution here 1) an authentic anti-war movement and, 2) an honest debate about immigration & national identity.

          1. and 3) an HONEST media so people have FACTS upon which to base their views and their votes.

      2. You’ve completely missed Caitlin’s point Jane and in doing have promulgated an essential tenet of the globalist plan.

        As Caitlin has clearly said, there is no such thing as ‘white people’. Inversely there is no such valid category a ‘non-white’ people. Indeed there is no such thing as ‘Moslem people’. To blur the distinct and glorious reality of geographical and cultural diversity into these global uber-catergories is dehumanising and grotesquely stupid. It is exactly the behaviour required of us all to enable the globalist plan you rightly rail against.

        Stop accepting being called white or non-white. Work out who you are, where you really live, what you really stand for and who you really stand with. Bear in mind that if/when the internet collapses, you should have a good number of these people within walking distance.

        1. You need to read what she actually wrote above. She first tried to claim white people did not exist as dominant culture, and then wrote:

          ‘White people have succeeded in murdering, raping, pillaging and bulldozing their way across the planet, and now our entire species sits on the brink of extinction thanks to the “advancements” of white society.’

          So if I missed her point, she has herself to blame for this contradictory and inflammatory writing.

          1. “‘White people have succeeded in murdering, raping, pillaging and bulldozing their way across the planet, and now our entire species sits on the brink of extinction thanks to the “advancements” of white society.’”

            Attila, Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, lately Japanese… who else NOT white accomplished traveling killing sprees in the last thousand years?

            Vikings, Crusaders, Belgians, Dutch, Spanish, Italians. British, Germans and US Americans are pretty White.

            We all need to be more cautious — more stingy — with the use of the word “they” and its equivalents.

          2. I think you need to read it better Jane. Concentrate on comprehending the essential difference in terms between ‘white people’ and ‘white culture’. The former indisputably exists. The latter does not.

            It is also an indisputable fact that ‘white’ people have killed and ravaged across an enormous proportion of the globe since the European reformation, starting with each other and then migrating their relatively odd fetish for dominion across the planet. On this solid ground Caitlin proposes that IF white culture WERE a real thing, it would have nothing to be proud of. You have mistaken a hypothetical premise with it being a factual one.

            Is there a causal correlation between lack of melanin and social psychosis? Who the fuck knows. On the evidence available at this point it is irrational to assert that there isn’t.

            1. “Concentrate on comprehending the essential difference in terms between ‘white people’ and ‘white culture’.”

              C’mon. Don’t be purposefully dense for the point of arguing. You know as well as I do that when you lump “white people” together and claim they are all about killing and domination, you are *inherently* making a point about their CULTURE. Duh.

              “then migrating their relatively odd fetish for dominion across the planet.”

              Seriously? So “white people” have no culture but collectively have this odd need to dominate the planet? Give me a break with your sophomore in high school level of analysis. Go look at the history of Asia over the past century and tell me that white people are to blame for Mao and Pol Pot. Just for starters.

              “IF white culture WERE a real thing, it would have nothing to be proud of.”

              You are able to sit and spew your racist bigotry here because of white “culture,” which developed the whole modern concept of science that enabled the technologies that give us the Internet.


    2. Funny how it is mostly those of a “white” phenotype in former colonial settler nations who are always overly concerned with nationalism and immigration.

  40. thank you Caitlin!!, reading your articles has become the only routine I might be enjoying right now!

  41. I read the shooters manifesto, it’s highly cheesy very cut-and-pasty and over the top with all the right white nationalist talking points, including an incriminating Q and A section just to drive the point home. Everything about the suspect is just sooo perfect for the left-wing establishment and global elites. Every last trope, right down to “Candice Owens radicalized me” to “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” before he started shooting sound very contrived. Why would he deliberate target for demonization two very powerful counter-cultural conservatives who have never even come close to advocating violence? And the prospect of a very fit young Aussie who looks a lot like an SAS officer being inspired by a Norwegian to attack a mosque in New Zealand in order to set off a civil war in the United States is starting to sound like the convoluted nonsensical bullshit that you always get when you dig just beneath the surface narrative of a false flag operation…

    And the footage from his head cam and it struck me as very military. Too military. Yet, no blood can be seen during the shooters first romp through the mosque firing and supposedly hitting many victims. Do people bleed when you shoot them with a semi-automatic firearm?

    When the shooter exits the hallway and enters the main room for the first time, lots of people are already piled in corners looking dead, face-down and motionless, as if they are waiting for somebody to come around and shoot them. Which is exactly what appears to happen. Why and how did they become piled up in corners?

    The shooter exits the mosque then walks back to his car and gets another rifle. When he reenters the mosque, a little blood can be seen on a wall near a mass pile of victims. Wouldn’t there have been lots more blood?

    The shooter goes around shooting into the pile of victims. You can see the impact of the shots hitting the victims but no blood. Could it be the wad hitting the victims, sans bullet? This would account for the visible impacts with no blood.

    I did notice towards the end a victim appeared to be shot in the head and you could see a mist of what appeared to be blood. This is the only convincing kill in the video. Weird??

    Where were the bullet holes in the walls? I didn’t see any, especially as he is walking down the hall and firing as people are going around corners. We should have seen drywall flying and holes being made. Lots of them.

    Where was the sound of police sirens en route when the shooter was walking back to his car for the second time? Whether the shooter had enough time to shoot up a mosque (twice) and then walk back to his vehicle is debatable, but we should have heard sirens and I can’t remember hearing any.

    But most of all, the shills, leftists, and media, did not even take their time. They all came out with their usual crap all at the same time, programmed like a machine. Nothing says false flag black op more than when leftists are lock step and synchronized.

    1. Debbie – is that you?? I hope so!

  42. “One of the most important doctrines of Confucianism is that of the proper naming of things, what is known as the “rectification of names”. This principle implies that naming is not only important in practical and communicational terms but it also creates meaning and configures relations and structures within society. Confucius believed that the failure to understand and deal with reality stemmed, at least partially, of the failure of calling things by their proper names.”

    By basing our behavior on made up and deluding words like “race” we condemn ourselves to live in a matrix of unexamined ideas. as Plato and Caitlin try to remind us. There is no such thing in reality as a “race”. Does that clear things up for you? If not, keep playing blind man’s bluff in a house of illusions…..

  43. One of the world’s greatest achievements has been women’s liberation and we are lucky enough to see it happening as it is still in progress. Yet the people who collectively achieved it are not even an entity, except when they are burning down other civilizations according to you. They have nothing to be proud of, should fade into obscurity and other nonsense. Have you ever experienced the absolute thrill of dating a nicely dressed beautiful woman who is at the same time educated and intelligent enough to challenge your intellect? You wouldn’t have, because she’d be white and you’d be proud. I know a great many white people and none of them would be in favor of such acts, however suicidal thoughts is no way to comfort the people in mourning.
    I do not know WHY? you failed to remind us that acts of such magnitude are routinely the works of dark agencies who have nothing to do with everyday people, black white or green.

  44. As someone who has hoped to expatriate from the Corporate States of Amerika to New Zealand, I appreciate your perspective on this, Caitlin. Your focus that we are all HUMANS, first and foremost, regardless of melanin, and religious beliefs, is exactly how I try to preach to the sheeples who are sucked in by the establishment narrative these days.
    As you say in essentially every article you write, we need to do everything we can to get everyone to prioritize integrity, transparency, and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for everyone. If the majority of us did that, we could end the corporate corruption of the establishment, and live in a more peaceful world.
    Bless you, Caitlin.

  45. Inclusive New Zealand! Forty-nine people dead and terfy lesbians are not allowed at the Wellington pride event. This is the world we have made: totally upside-down. Threatening women with violence is free speech and saying women are adult human females is hate speech.

    1. Wow, you even use a massacre as an opportunity to play the victim while transbashing.

      1. Well, I see a connection between New Zealand’s vaunted inclusivity (lesbians not allowed at pride event) and their actual non-inclusivity (murdering 49 people at worship). And I’ll bash trans all I please, thank you very much, a disastrous Big Pharma ideology as the ultimate homophobic and misogynistic propaganda imaginable. Educate yourself about what’s going on in the world: men raping women after being housed in women’s prisons and women’s shelters, young women mutilating their healthy bodies, sick parents transing their children and making them lifetime beneficiaries of medical intervention, etc. Or perhaps none of these “little” things bother you. I have found that trans supporters have no idea of what actually happens in the world of transgenderism.

  46. When the failure of humankind becomes so extreme, as it is now, there is only one real solution – radical honesty which begins with admitting and owning our collective failure. Nothing less will provide a solid foundation for the steps that need to be taken for us to recover our sanity. To pretend that we are not as sick as we really are, will only allow our cancerous disease of selfishness and domination to grow and consume all of us.

    What happened today is just one dramatic manifestation of our potentially fatal illness. We ignore these signs at our peril.

  47. What a disappointing analysis. You are fueling these fringe white nationalists with some propaganda you have also swallowed. First, you say there is no such thing as white culture or identity, then you blame all white people for “murdering, raping, pillaging and bulldozing their way across the planet.” Seriously? You can do better than this progressive, but ultimately racist, trope. PEOPLE murder, rape, and pillage. Not just WHITE people. By writing this uncritically, you give fuel to white nationalists who point at articles like this as proof of growing anti-white racism from the “elites.”

    Also, the idea that all black people in America have a common heritage or identity though slavery is weirdly patronizing, and ignores all the black Americans who immigrated here directly from Africa *after* slavery, all of whom came here willingly…many of whom, BTW, are some of the Muslims the white shooters have a problem with.

    (Strangely, white progressives have this bizarre idea that all Muslims are “brown,” when a good portion of them are actually black, and some are also white. Go figure. Who would have thought a religion might be racially diverse?)

    So let’s get back to this white identity thing you think we white people don’t have. If I said there was an overarching Asian culture, despite the fact that, e.g., Chinese and Japanese nations have been at each other’s throats for years, would you still agree that there is a common thread in Asian culture…perhaps based in part on Taoism, Buddhism, etc.? So would it be fair to say that Europeans have a shared cultural heritage as well, even if Spanish people and French people speak different languages and have different types of food?

    Western civilization, for all its faults, gave us free speech, democracy, and the women’s liberation you so vehemently defend. For you to then say that “white culture” (which you say is not existent) should just die off and we’d all be better off is frankly…STUPID.

    Furthermore, would it be fair to say that the Western elites, who have been rapidly importing people of a vastly different cultural background, that of Islam, are perhaps intentionally creating a lot of stress on the native European/white populations in order to foster the kind of resentment that results in these mass shootings?

    Is there a middle ground between saying that white people are responsible for destroying the planet, so let’s just kill off Western civilization and replace it with….apparently Islam?? And a white nationalist who thinks that defending Western civilization is worth killing other people over?

    I’m no white nationalist but as a female, I value what Western civilization has given me…something no other currently surviving civilization has given women – a real voice, and the ability to write (sometimes misguided) articles on a global platform such as this one.

    Please. Think more critically. You can do better than this brainwashed progressive anti-white people stuff.

    1. The problem Jane is that “race” and “culture” both exist and do not exist. Both. We have to realize that these words refer to our primitive notions of self and other, our tribe and others. Much confusion results from our attempts to make these human created vagaries more precise. Maybe some day we will learn to just accept that we are all together here with all other beings in an undefined, happy mass? Or is that too far out for a species prone to choose up sides and fight each other as a way of life?

      1. It may be too far out, but you have the right prescription.

    2. “Folks in the West are taught that their civilization has its roots in ancient Rome and/or ancient Greece. This is more a case of self-aggrandizement than serious historical research. While it is true that the city of Rome was sacked in 410AD, the Christian Roman civilization continued in the East for another 1000 years until 1453. The real roots of what we nowadays call the western civilization are to be traced back to the following time periods:..This civilization can be characterized by tremendous intellectual, technological and scientific achievement, arguably the most beautiful music ever composed (especially J.S. Bach) and many other artistic and architectural masterworks. Alas, it also has a darker side: imperialism, racism, genocide, slavery, religious and political persecutions and, of course, two world wars. So that record is checkered, to put it mildly, but it cannot be denied that in spite of its sins and flaws, western civilization also brought the world an immense intellectual legacy which inspired people worldwide. If you ask most western people what they associate with the western civilization they would probably name things like the scientific method, democracy, human rights, civil rights, the separation of powers, equality before the law, etc. People from other civilizations might view the western civilization in a very different way, but we can ignore that for our purposes. But what the so-called “collective West” (aka the AngloZionist Empire) is showing today is the exact opposite of what the West is supposed to stand for. Here are just a few examples:”

      Furthermore Anglos did not bring democracy to the Americas. The Iroquois Confederacy existed long before first contact and they were a maternalistic society where women selected the chiefs.

      1. To be clear, the Saker’s analysis went of the rails when he started talking about the ‘Trump’s election and talking about dictatorship of minorities nonsense.

  48. Oops, correction needed:

    “[The one-in-a-million] Humans [with hearts and brains like Caitlin Johnstone] are so fucking gorgeous.”

    The rest of us…. um

  49. Very good take on a very evil act.

    I do find it interesting that you felt it appropriate to put (white) in parenthesis when mentioning kind, brave, and merciful actions. It negates your protestations about whiteness not being a commonality in creating a personal tribe, identity, or culture. Many might say that those protestations stem from the privilege of being a member of the dominant group—not I, for that way madness lies.

    Chandran Kukathas, in the anarchist book, The Liberal Archipelago, gives multiple examples of groups that were separate tribes, cultures, or nations until they were pushed into a common sense of identity by colonization, balkanization, war, invasion, or segregation. The demographic shift of Muslim cultural groups’ fertility (supported, as you point out, by Muslim codes restricting female behavior) is threatening whites’ perceived dominance and creating a xenophobic urge to fight. The rapid migration of Muslim groups from war zones adds to the fire. The cognitive dissonance of suppressing the awareness of the violence of their nations overseas and of being, in fact, a global minority, spurs irrational fear and hatred.

  50. Very well done on relatively short notice, but one paragraph gives me the rare pleasure of mild disagreement. The second paragraph of point 6 contains, IMO, an internal inconsistency, asserting first that “White culture isn’t a thing,” but continuing that “‘We’ …. “succeeded in murdering, raping, pillaging and bulldozing [our]… way across the planet…” and it would be OK if “‘we’ faded softly into obscurity.”
    IOW, implying that there’s nothing cohesive about Whiteness, except when it comes to passing out responsibility for wrong-doing.

    1. She’s parroting the very propaganda that has fueled these white shooters in the first place – the idea that white men are responsible for all evil on the planet, and therefore must be replaced. And then we wonder why some disenfranchised white guys who have nothing to lose start to fight back. Duh.

      Caitlin, be smarter than this.

      1. The propaganda that fueled the shooters was that Muslims are somehow a threat.

        Funny how you can’t see the obvious…

  51. White terrorist.
    This shows how deeply uninformed these white terrorists are.If they truly understood that they are defending a white European open prison where debt slaves , including themselves, are kept in a false fraudulent propagandist environment wholly owned and controlled by a white elite group of banker families and a religious cabal, they would be attacking them instead.It looks like the Zionist-Jesuit Cabal are succeeding in using these deluded groups to foment war between Muslims and Christians with the agenda that they will eventually wipe each other out, and the satanic Jesuit Catholic One World Religion will take over.9/11 was the first lie, obvious really because the alleged perpetrator Saudi Arabia was not bombed in retaliation, but Iraq was! Disconnect? The real enemy amongst us are the Zionist-Jesuit cabal and their minions carefully hidden in government and security services to carry out the agenda.White terrorists need to grow up and sharply refocus. They are being used by the cabal to further the agenda. Also suspicious too is how the surveillance groups never picked up this as it rolled out, or did they?

  52. Yes to this – good, clear and (especially) useful thoughts on a horrible act. Thank you.

  53. The reason the supremists are conspiring to commit such acts is they are desperately trying to fight the evolution that has already begun, the blending of society.
    It would have likely begun earlier if Neanderthals would have won out over Sapiens.
    Caitlin, your points are spot on.

    Would be nice if humanity called for a one year moratorium on all weapons used against humans and all other denizens of the planet. All the way down to sport fishing equipment.

    Time for some hugs.

    1. That’s the problem. It’s not a natural evolution but a forced imposition by Western elites who are trying to foster more war and surveillance. It’s a simple formula, but even Caitlin is blind to it.

      STEP 1: Demonize Western culture, making white people themselves claim that white people are the cause of all problems in the world. (Caitlin did this above.) Foster white guilt.

      STEP 2: Start importing 3rd world people (primarily brown/black) into first world countries, primarily from Muslim countries, a culture that is inherently incompatible with Western culture.

      STEP 3: Begin and sustain a constant, coordinated advertising and propaganda campaign blaming white males in particular for being “rapists, plunderers,” etc. Embed this so deeply that it shows up in popular culture, even in Mystery Science Theater 3000 jokes. (See the recent episode The Land That Time Forget or something like that, where white people are called out for destroying the planet, etc., almost exactly like what Caitlin said above.)

      STEP 4: Most likely, get disinfo agents to promote white nationalism online. Get poor white guys who do NOT get opportunities and are losing their jobs to be more angry and disenfranchised.

      STEP 5: Either stage an actual false flag or sit back and wait for some of the disenfranchised white guys to react to go and commit an act of terrorism (WE ARE HERE).

      STEP 6: Use terrorist attack as a reason to take away free speech, remove more freedoms, and put into place an unstoppable corporate global superstate.

      That’s not an “evolution.” That is planned destruction.

      1. If the goal was to “demonize Western culture” then how come, quite literally, every single major media outlet does nothing but glorify Western culture, while demonizing or belittling other cultures? American Exceptionalism goes unquestioned, people chant “We’re #1”, when we do not even have a single high speed rail, we have shitty health care, lowering life expectancies, mass pollution, etc.

        It is a simple fact that the white people in the US, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, and elsewhere stole the land thru genocide. There is not another group on the planet who has stolen whole continents through genocide. Noone but Europeans had colonial empires within the last couple hundred years. I am sorry if historical facts trigger you.

        The Muslim culture is VERY compatible. The US made its first treaty with a Muslim nation, and the Constitution of Medina, written by Mohammed, was an inspiration to Jefferson (especially its freedom of religion clauses, based on the Koran, which Jefferson was also a fan of.)

        In short, ignorance is curable. It’s your choice to remain ignorant, or you could take the time to educate yourself beyond the Pamela Geller shit.

  54. Your 8 thoughts are very clear headed with correct direction.
    To remove contoured and colored lenses from the eyes and make people correctly view the happenings in our surround is the thought work of a highly concerned and intelligent person.
    Genius Ciatlin Johnstone, shine bright !!!

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